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for the love of god don’t ever use Chinese characters if u don’t appreciate our culture at all…. it’s so infuriating idc if u know what it means lol it doesn’t justify ur use of our language it doesn’t hide the fact tht u’re only using it because it looks Oriental And Cool™. nvr understood the whole yin yang trend and the shirts with chinese characters trend lol u white ppl and ur ugly trends. ur so-called knowledge of Chinese culture is probably just knowing who Bruce Lee n Jackie Chan are lmao,,,, and tht we eat rice as staple food n have strict parents n study everyday n have small eyes. yup dem basic stereotypes,, mhm

bet yall white people rushin to cover up ur western-centric views of us Chinese n deeming it as ur so-called knowledge of our culture,,, so u can proceed to use our culture as ur aesthetic haha

basically dont ever use another language as ur aesthetic without trying to appreciate their culture it is v demeaning and belittles their entire history. languages r integral to a race’s culture AND history, hence dont ever be insensitive abt it lol

Got7 MTL Dating A Foreigner

Request: “GOT7 MTL dating a foreign?”

A/N: Please note that this is purely based on my opinions about the members :) Tbh I think as long as they can speak fluent korean all the boys would date them.



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I mean he can speak so many languages and it’s very open minded. I think that he would go specifically for a foreigner when it comes to dating. Not that he wouldn’t date a Korean, but I think he would be able to relate much more with a foreigner who had similar experiences.


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I think similar to Jackson, he would like to have someone who he feels he can relate. Also he would love to have someone from a country whose people are open and carefree. He would like to know about your culture and would tell you about his. I think he would enjoy to have a foreign s/o I feel like there will be so many inside jokes tho. 


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Mark would have no problems dating a foreigner, specially because he lived in so many different places. He would accept his s/o culture easily and would love to talk about your initial experiences in Korea. Also I think he would like that you would have similar perspectives over initial situations which would make him feel more comfortable around you. 


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I think Yugyeom is the type that would really want a foreign s/o. He’s very influenced by foreign artists and I think that makes him more interested in foreigners in general. He is a carefree and open minded boy and would think dating someone from a different country is very exciting. He would make an effort to make communication easier, but would love if you made an effort to speak Korean.   


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I feel like he would date a foreigner as long as she can speak Korean. Actually I think that’s what he loves the most he would think it’s very cute, and loves when he can tease you about your Korean just to see you blush. If you didn’t speak Korean though, he would use his English with you, but would prefer that, since you’re in Korea you’d speak the local language savage jinyoung mode on


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As long as you can speak Korean he would take a lot of interest in you. I think he would love to take you to meet famous places in Seoul and show you local food. He would feel somehow responsible for you and he would love it. I f you didn’t speak Korean, even if he took an interest in you he probably wouldn’t try to take you out because of language barrier. 


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Youngjae would be nervous, he doesn’t speak too much english and I think he would mostly laugh out of nervousness and maybe ask Jackson and Mark for some advice and nice and cute words to say to you, but again if the person doesn’t speak Korean then their chances are very low


Seventeen are in LA for two weeks. They will have ~42 meals. I’m excited that Josh can experience all the things that he’s missed while being in Korea. Let them visit all the mundane traditional American restaurants like Ihop and Inn n out. Take a trip to walmart just to make hot dogs in their hotel. Probably eat some damn good mexican food. I hope Josh takes them to all the big, common, chain places and also to the little “hidden treasures” he found over the years. I hope that he takes him to all his favorite places that he had to leave behind when he moved. I hope that, just for a while, they don’t feel like celebrities. And that Josh just feels like he’s back home. But this time he gets to share his old life with his brothers and bongbong. 

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Have you ever been discriminated against while in Korea ? My friend is a teacher in Busan and she says people treat her like an animal in the zoo sometimes. Is that true? Is is really hard to be a foreigner there?

Let me preface this by saying that I am a queer white woman, which means my experience here in Korea is obviously not the same as all other foreigners. My race, sex, gender, sexuality, body size, Korean language ability, etc. are all factors of identity that influence how I am treated. People of color, for instance, face far more discrimination than I do, but white men face considerably less. My identities give me privilege in some ways but make me a victim of stereotyping and microaggressions in other ways. I cannot possibly speak to all the various intersecting systematic issues of discrimination at play here because everybody’s experiences here are unique and I can obviously only speak from my own personal experiences.

That being said, here is a list of the various microaggressions (annoyances? not sure what to call them) I’ve encountered as a foreigner here in Korea:

  • spat at (and on) by old men on the street
  • young boys pretending there’s ‘a smell’ when I walk by
  • constant, blatant staring everywhere I go by people of all ages
  • people assuming I don’t speak or understand Korean and deciding it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about me when I’m within earshot
    • complaining about having a foreigner in the same cafe/restaurant/ subway car (as if I’ll somehow infect the space??)
    • comments on my outfit, hair, etc. (both good and bad)
    • shop owners, servers, etc. directing their comments and questions only at my Korean companion(s) even when they’re about me (ex: asking the person I’m with if I can handle spicy food)
    • boys in bars/pubs talking about my body in objectifying terms and daring each other to ‘practice their English’ with me
  • taxi drivers and street vendors trying to scam me under the assumption I can’t read the signs/taximeter
  • proposals of sex by people wanting to ‘ride the white horse’

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You heard of Katieaegi from Instagram? That bitch stans/protecting EXP knowing good and well that Koreans don't like them and she uses her Korean boyfriend as an excuse. Anyway, she still ranting on Instagram bout how "racist" people are to EXP. then she brought a black gg kpop group and was complaining that people wasn't complaining bout them either. Personally I didn't think it was a good idea either but she's only bringing them up because they're black

thats funny…because if i recall correctly, black people in kpop, and in Korea in general do get a lot of shit. Alex from Rania got so much backlash because she wasn’t Korean, yet no one said anything about the other foreign members like the Chinese girl, or the countless other non-korean members in other kpop groups. Alex gets treated like dirt even by her own company and it’s no doubt because she’s black. The problem people have with this Exp bullshit is the fact that these guys have no experience with Korea or kpop culture, they didn’t have to experience the rigorous process that trainees had and still have to endure, and they don’t even speak the goddamn language and its frustrating how Americans, especially white Americans can just see something and just feel entitled to take it just because they want to. They get the funny glamorous parts of kpop but they don’t get the criticism from Western cultures or the hard work that goes into it.

So to make a long story short: Fuck anyone who defends this bs
Hetalia Characters and Kissing (part 3)
  • Switzerland: Awkward, tries to be very gentle but can accidentally get rough, doing things like scraping the other person's lip with his teeth.
  • Liechtenstein: She's never been kissed beyond a very swift, chaste one, and Switzerland intends to keep it that way.
  • Netherlands: Actually a pretty good kisser, pretty relaxed and in the moment. He can get pretty dominating.
  • Belgium: Soft and gentle, her mouth tastes sweet and she tends to go slow and let the other person lead.
  • Romania: Will sneakily bite the other person's lip or slip his tongue into their mouth, and tends to have wandering hands, but is pretty good about telling if they aren't into it and backing off.
  • Belarus: She's always in control. She's rough and a little forceful but in a way that is generally enjoyable, always leaves the other person wanting more.
  • Ukraine: Sweet but not always sure of herself, loves kissing though and will likely hold the other person in a warm embrace as they kiss.
  • New Zealand: Gentle, not at all sloppy. He might initiate the kiss, but even then will likely follow the other person's lead.
  • Australia: Reckless and wild, he's sloppy, he loves biting and grabbing and wet tongue kisses. Kissing him is a whole experience.
  • South Korea: He absolutely loves kisses, and will kiss people any chance he gets. Will initiate and take the lead, unless the other person decides to assert some dominance, in which case he'll back down and be submissive.

So I was exploring an underground shopping centre trying to find a book for a friend…and I found Artbox. WHOOPS.

It’s getting too cold here to just walk around and explore so I’ve been relaxing in cafes studying Hungarian (in Korea…yeah I know its a bit weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

I’m flying back to Australia in a few days, can’t wait but also I’m a bit sad that I’ll be saying good bye to Seoul - it’s been a great month full of adventure and new experiences \ (•◡•) /


20170419 Instagram | Brave Girls Official

bravegirls.official 당신은 깡패입니까….?

얼굴깡패 ❤️
브레이브엔터테인먼트 유튜브채널에 내일 18시, 브레이브걸스의 ‘웰컴투조선’ 체험기 1탄이 공개됩니다.
많이 보러 와주세요^^*
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Are you a gangster….?

Face gangster ❤️ (t/n: gangster in korean slang is used as praise/compliment, meaning that one is a pro/amazing/excels at something) 

Tomorrow at 18:00 on the Brave Entertainment Youtube Channel, Brave Girls “Welcome to Korea” experience will be released. Please watch it a lot! ^^*

#girlgroup #bravegirls #facegangster #activepromotion #koreanfolkvillage #welcometokorea #notice

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i really hope you don't want to move to korea because of kpop :-(

NO oh my god

listen this moving to korea thing….it’s not like i’m moving there permanently i just want to live there for about 2 years to experience the culture and people and if i like it there sure i might move but probably not

like i’m contemplating between england, korea and japan and since i’m going to uni in england the only way to experience korea and japan is to work there which is scary but eh
and then i’ll see which one works best for me and for what i want to do

i’m obviously not moving there because of kpop like why would i go to the extent of learning the language, finding a job there and trying not to die (lmao korea is expensive) just because of some bands that i’m probably gonna lose interest in sooner or later (hopefully not but yanno….it might happen) 

Cosmetic surgery in Korea

Has anyone ever gotten cosmetic surgery in Korea? I am going to get fillers under my eyes for sure because I have serious bags/dark circles. But I also want to do body contouring! I want fat removed from my thighs and put in my breast. If anyone has any experience with surgery in Korea please let me know! Also I know some people are against cosmetic surgery, if you want to tell me risks associated with these procedures then that’s fine. But please don’t just leave hateful/ disapproving comments.

“Let me talk about why I started traveling. I started hosting travelers in Prague two years ago. One time, I hosted people from Russia, America, France and Korea all at once. None of us knew each other before, but we clicked so well so that we spent the whole week going out, having a few drinks, cooking and just doing everything together. I saw how nice it was, and I decided I wanted to do it, too. So I quit my job and have been traveling for two months. I used to be a game designer but I don’t regret quitting. I’ve experienced more in those two months than I had in my normal life in two years.”

“제가 왜 여행을 시작하게 됐는지 말해줄께요. 전 2년 전부터 프라하에 있는 제 집에서 여행객들을 재워주기 시작했어요. 한번은 러시아인, 미국인, 프랑스인, 한국인 이렇게 4명이 동시에 제 집에 머물렀어요. 원래 서로 모르는 사이였어요. 근데 너무 잘맞는 거예요. 그래서 한주내내 밖에 나가서 놀고 술도 좀 마시고 요리도 하고 그냥 모든 걸 같이 했어요. 그 사람들을 보니까 이게 얼마나 즐거운 일인지 알겠더라구요. 나도 여행을 해야겠다고 생각했죠. 그래서 일을 그만뒀어요. 그리고는 2달간 여행을 해왔어요. 제가 원래 게임 디자이너였거든요. 근데 그만 둔 것에 대해 후회하지 않아요. 지난 2개월간 여행하면서 경험한 게 제가 일상에서 2년 동안 체험한 것보다 훨씬 더 많거든요.”

“When I got to high school, it was different from what I expected, kids were segregated and fought amongst their different groups. Also, since I wasn’t getting good grades, I felt that I wouldn’t achieve any positive result for attending that school. So I really really really thought hard and cried about it and was like ‘Mom, I am going to drop out of school and next year I will go to a private institution for a year and get into college that way’ and I left school my Sophomore year. So for a semester, I took some time off and at the beginning of this year I signed up for the private institution and last month I took the college entrance exam.“
“Have you ever regretted dropping out of school?”
“No, never. I hung out a lot, learned how to bake bread while working part-time at a bakery, and went to computer school as well. Personally, I think it was better for me to try new things than to just waste time in school. I am a jealous person so I like to be ahead of others and if I wait to take the college entrance exam at the same time as other students who are still in school, then when we are at age 20, I would be at the same level as they are.”
“Did you ever think you would fall behind because you dropped out?”
“Oh right, I didn’t.. Why didn’t I? Since I was very young I always thought, ‘My life will be a success,’ so maybe that’s why I hadn’t ever thought I would fall behind.”

“고등학교에 갔더니 제 생각과는 너무 다르고 애들은 서로 편을 갈라 싸우더라구요. 게다가 제가 공부를 그렇게 잘하지 않았어서 그 학교를 계속 다니면 별로 좋은 결과를 얻을 것 같지 않았어요. 그래서 울면서 진짜 진짜 진짜 고민 많이 하며 힘들게 생각한 후에 ‘엄마, 나는 자퇴하고 내년에 재수학원에 가서 1년동안 공부하고 대학갈 거야’ 라고 말하고 고1때 자퇴를 했어요. 그리고는 반년 놀고 올해 초에 재수학원에 들어가서 이번에 수능을 봤어요.”
“자퇴한 거를 후회한 적이 있나요?”
“아니요, 한번도 안했어요. 놀기도 열심히 놀고 빵집에서 알바하면서 빵 만드는 것도 배우고 컴퓨터학원도 다녔거든요. 저한텐 학교에서 그냥 그렇게 시간을 보내는 것 보다는 어릴 때 이것저것 배워보는게 더 좋았다고 생각해요. 그리고 제가 원래 좀 질투심이 많아서 남들보다 더 앞에 있고 싶은데, 자퇴 안 한 애들이랑 같은 해에 수능을 보면 나중에 20살이 되었을 때 제가 그들과 똑같은 선에 있는 거잖아요.”
“자퇴하면서 뒤쳐질 수도 있단 생각이 든 적은 없었나요?”
“아 그러게요.. 왜 안했지? 진짜 어렸을 적부터 ‘내 인생 성공할거야’ 라는 생각을 해와서 그런지 뒤쳐질 거란 생각은 안 했었네요.”

UT_Only was **AMAZING**

I am just a smol ghost and easily overwhelmed and I don’t have a good connection or uploading pictures yet but I wanted to say thank you to all the organizers and @riverj17 and everyone who came to say hi and tell me they liked my comics ;__;

I feel so happy to be a part of this great fandom and to have had such a wonderful opportunity to experience a convention in Korea. It was so fun!!! Thank you!!!!

My Summer Vacation in Korea

Okay so i just came back from Korea 2days ago and i have so much tea to spill (LOL) I met my male korean friend who i have been talking for 3 years now, online and met for the first time in Korea last week. It was the best trip ever in my entire life, we sigtseeing together, ate together and shopped together + Lotte World was the bomb.

Anyway i travelled with my childhood friend and my childhood friend told me that me and male korean friend were flirting too much. I did not realise before but after thought about it, he were very flirty with me and saying stuff like “this is my favourite place, but too many couples” and starred directly into my eyes while saying that. The flirtation was too much for my childhood friend that she gave us permission to go on 1 date. So our first date was in myeungdong in parisienne cafe (looks like from a kdrama) We chatted and he asked what i thought about blasian kids, and he touched my collarbones, placed my hair back in my ears and stuff >o<

On our way to my hotel he asked if i would give him kiss on the cheek, so i gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he did as well, So when i was infront my hotel room i went in for a kiss on the cheek again but he was slick and turned his head around so our lips touch instead (very slick move) But damn y'all the story just got better from here because when me, my childhood friend, my korean friend and his bestfriend went out for sightseeing and food, then my childhood friend gave me and my korean friend permission to spend alone time together. So we sat on a bench infront of a bank and chatted because it was our last day together before he has to go to work. We talked about our feelings for eachother and suddenly we kissed, like deep kissing all the way to my hotel.

Let me just say it was very steamy longass kiss with us pressing on the buttoms for the elevator to go up and down. I swear it was already hot in the elevator but came steamy and hotter. (No kdrama kisses here, lol) We really could not let eachother go, so we ended up kissing outside again but infront of my hotel.(Mt mouth was so dry when i came back up to my hotel room) So right now we are in a distant-relationship but he said he wants to come to my country as soon as possible. But overall my experience in Korea was amazing and can’t wait to come back next year.

Talking To Vernon in Your Native Language

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: fluff?

Word Count: 795

You were talking with Vernon from Seventeen. It was crazy that you got to meet him but you did and he was right in front of you. You two were talking in English since it is the second language you knew and also the language that Vernon knew. It was good that you could actually communicate and talk with him since he was one of your favourite idols. You had only seen him on screen before actually bumping into him in a cafe. You were in line to get a coffee when you saw him walk in.

He was a nice person as he talked with you, smiling. Just like on screen, he was such a awkward and cute guy, it made your heart flutter to have him here with you. His cute smile lit up your world.

It was nice talking to him since it didn’t feel that awkward. You had quick lunch with him at the cafe since he was only there to get some drinks for his friends but he wanted to sit down and actually talk to you for a bit. To him, you were a very friendly and calm fan whom he genuinely liked.

Vernon made you laughed a few times because he was clumsy but it was cute because of the faces he would make afterwards. He almost dropped his phone too which was scary. “Is is alright?” You asked him and he answered yes, a bit embarrassed.

“I’m sorry for acting so stupid right now. I’m just a bit scared because I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time with a fan before even though it’s only been like 10 minutes.”

“10 minutes with you is more than enough for me.” You said, over joyed to just have him with you right now. He smiled big and so did you. It made him feel more comfortable to see how okay it was for you to have him with you.

“So how are you liking Korea? Are you planning to come to our concert tomorrow?” He asked and you started to explain to him how your experience in Korea has been like for the past week in Czech. your native language.

You didn’t realize that you had change from English to Czech since you’re so comfortable with speaking both. Until you saw the strange look Vernon was giving you, you looked confused at him. “Is..something wrong? Did I say something bad? I’m so sorry I-“ You started to apologize, thinking that you had said something bad about Korea, offending him but he stopped you before you could continue apologizing.

“No no, you didn’t say anything wrong..I don’t think so? I don’t know..I think you started to speak in a different language, I didn’t understand what you were saying for like the past minute, I’m sorry.” He explains and then you get a bit embarrassed for mixing up you’re languages.

You tucked your hair back, looking down at your lap with a smug smile and flushed cheeks. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know I started speaking Czech. I just got my languages all mixed up.” You mumbled with a little awkward laugh.

He smiled, thinking it was cute. “It’s fine, I think Czech sounds cool. Did I pronounce it right?” You nodded, starting to get a little less embarrassed.

“Teach me some words in Czech, it sounds cool.” He asked you and you did, surprised  that he liked hearing it and just the language in general.

It was bit hard teaching him since he’d forget the word after a minute which made him cover his face in embarrassment and laugh but soon after he’d remember it again. Vernon did learn a few words and he taught you some Korean which was pretty fun to learn from Vernon. He even tried teaching you part of his rap in one of Seventeen’s songs before he had to go back to his other members.

“I have to go but it was really nice talking with you. Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow..?” You questioned as he got up. Did he want to meet up with you again??

“Yeah..at the concert?” You asked again and you realized you got your hopes up just a little too much.

“Yeah, of course. I’m pretty close to the stage.” You smiled and he smiled back. Although you two didn’t get anywhere further than just idol and fan, you weren’t expecting it to but it was still nice to actually talk to an idol like Vernon.

“Great. I’ll see you then.” He said goodbye in Czech which was both impressing and cute to you. He left, leaving you a bit sad but still thankful to know he was there with you for a while.