experience based art


My headcannon!Gabriel is that he’s actually super chill dad, but I’ll be damned if he will tolerate a cheap makeup job. 

Did you really think that makeup would last through first period, Adrien? For god’s sake he taught you better than that.

::starts response to post about ‘problematic’ media::

::realises life is too short for this shit::

I keep seeing stuff about college aus and it got me thinking about art school aus specifically

  • “everyone has to take this really hard drawing class freshman year but both of us are photo majors who can’t draw” au
  • “our floor’s workroom got really messy and now our ra is making us clean it” au
  • “hey stranger can I have some of your hair I swear it’s for homework” au
  • “hold still I need to draw you” au
  • “you overheard me talking smack your piece in the student art show and now you’re defending your artistic choices to me and wow that’s actually a really cool concept” au
  • “we met each other at the art store and bonded over whining about how much money we have to spend on paint” au
  • “I was too cruel during class critique today and accidentally made you cry and now I feel awful so I’m going to try and comfort you” au
  • “oh shit I accidentally threw out your sculpture project I’m so sorry I thought it was trash” au
  • “hey this is awkward but can you be my nude model for my homework it’s an emergency” au
  • “everyone’s dorm room has a whiteboard wall outside of it and you keep drawing exceptionally rendered dicks on mine” au
  • “help me come up with a bullshit deeper meaning for this painting because I have nothing and my professor will slam me in critique unless I don’t explain it” au
  • “we’re drunk and we were trying to paint but now we’re just throwing paint at each other” au
  • “let’s go out and do ridiculous shit in public for our performance art class” au

anonymous asked:

I have social anxiety and I'm known in school as the 'weird art girl'.. How should I make friends? I only really have three close ones but I'm shy even around them;;... Any tips?

Alfred: Ever heard of, ”You can’t love others until you learn to love yourself”? Well, it’s not a hundred percent true but I believe the result would be better if you actually like yourself! Even if it’s just a little tiny weensy bit of love. Tell yourself that you did a job well done in drawing today! Congratulate every little achievement you’ve done, okay?

  Now that you don’t entirely hate your own guts, try to talk to someone you want to be friends with. Push that little thing in you to talk to them. I know you can do it! Find potential buddies, the one where in your instincts tell you that they’re cool to hang out with. Ask them for what time it is, or if there’s homework for today (ask them if they did it too, haha!) Anything really, as long as you two are talking. You may not be the “bestest” buddies in the end, but at least you’ve given them a “Hey, I’m not that bad to talk with. I’m super friendly!” signal. Maybe they’ll ask you the same questions too someday and would want to engage in silly senseless conversations with you. So there you have it! A friend! 

  As for your little problem with your three friends, don’t be shy! Open up to them! They are your close friends for a reason, right? They’d probably like it if you were a little more active in their convos.