What could I provide more of to increase your Destiny Tumblr experience?

sincerly asking, 
While I may be a strange lady with 3 eyes and goes on and on about raisins and smokes a shit ton of weed, 

I do care about our tumblr community even if I have strange ways of showing it some times, 

How do you think i could better add to our community?

What would you like to see done here online in the interwebs that does not currently exist, or some things that do exist that you’d like to see more of.

You know what I’ve realized? The fact that we can’t unfeel something. We just get used it. Like suppose we’re sitting on a cold surface, it’s cool at first but then it starts getting warmer. It’s not that the surface suddenly got hotter, it’s just that we got used to the coldness. Or when someone gets stabbed with a knife. It hurts at first but then the pain disappears. It’s not that the knife is gone, it’s just that our body gets used to the knife piercing our skin. And now that I think about it, you know when you’ve been sad for so long that suddenly you don’t feel anything anymore? Not happy, not angry, just nothing. It’s not that the sadness is gone. It’s just that we’ve got used it. Or when someone keeps treating you like complete shit and after a while, you just don’t acknowledge it anymore cause you’re used to it. And that’s just really fucking sad. The fact that we get used to something so much that we completely forget it’s there.
—  3 am thoughts // D.P
In Love

Waking up to the sound of you showering
& you playing our favorite songs
My heart would get so warm
It was so cold those foggy mornings
I would curl into a ball & pretend to be asleep
just to feel you wake me up & you
would be the first thing I would want to see
I would hear you tell me “I know you’re up dork”
I look back & smile
I’m sorry I never told you that & I’m also sorry you’ll never know
I still replay those foggy mornings
I know those mornings might not even cross
your mind anymore, but they cross mine
Those are the moments where I felt fine
& not feel like my whole world crumbles
everyday because you’re not here

My long-time partner cheated on me & he didn’t even tell me - I found out. For the longest time, I analyzed what was wrong with me. Was it something I did? Something about me? I felt like I just wasn’t attractive anymore & that’s why he did it. I picked myself apart to find what was wrong. I tore myself up to see if I was truly ugly on the inside & out. It was some of the worst months of my life.

I see now that there is no justifying what he did. It wasn’t me, it never was. I shouldn’t have let him take away any more of my time, emotions, or self-value. He didn’t deserve me & I was too blinded by my love to see it. This was how it had to be proven to me & I accept it now. I’ve learned, lived, & moved past it to the point where I feel nothing about it anymore, not even anger or sadness.

If you find yourself in this situation, please don’t tear yourself up like I did. I understand the raw emotions you may feel; there’s a period of darkness, but don’t let it take over you. Take your time to reflect, process, & absorb what’s happening. Just remember: you deserve better, always.

Life is meant to be experienced.
This experience, however, will not be the same for everybody.
There is no one single way,
One path,
Or one simple switch between on and off.
One will go through their own life, at their own pace, taking things as they come and go;
And that is their life to be experienced.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin