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A gift for my fashion-loving, inspirational lil’ shit, @raspberry-yogurt. Sunspot invited X-Men and Avengers out for a relaxing day on his obscenely expensive yacht, soaking up the sunlight in sunny Panama ;) 

I still don’t get why some people see Molliarty as a dark and awful ship. Compared to other couples Jim and Molly are freaking weird and hilarious. I mean, just imagine two characters like Sherlock and Irene being so perfect and graceful and sophisticated, while they sip expensive wine on a yacht, and now imagine Jim “the-most-dangerous-criminal-of-the-world” Moriarty and a screaming Molly Hooper driving a stolen car with a furry and puffy cat aboard and running like crazy from the cops

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the thing i don't get is that louis would always take alberto with him, even on holiday. and daniel (and oli) was with him every single time he was with danielle or the baby. did they want the pictures to look more ~organic by having him without security? because if he knew well enough for years to have security always with him, surely he wouldn't choose to go without now?

who knows…

tbh they’ve always tried to make louis and el*anor look like a ‘normal’ couple… by getting a non celeb as his gf back in the day is made fans relate to her and made them think that they could get one of the boys, just like she did. they did normal things a normal teenage/early 20′s couple would do. they went to starbucks and disneyland and kissed at the olympics and wore matching clothes and rode trains with their parents… it was all very un-celebrity like of them so that fans and people could relate to them. ‘oh i get starbucks with my friends, i go to disneyland with my boyfriend too, i went to the olymipcs, we hang out with my parents as well, it was so cute when my bf and i wore matching pjs as well’… like they made them relatable… alberto was around during el*anor but he was a lot less visable until later on.  

with danielle is was much more high profile. industry events and expensive yachts in mexico and parading around the GP in monaco and constantly getting papped in their expensive neighbourhood and showing pics of inside the big mansion they rented. it all screamed that they’re both celebrities… so they ‘needed’ a visible guard because they are both celebs.

i dont know what direction they’re going with elounor 2.0 but so far it’s back to the ‘private normal couple’ type of releationship we saw in 2012ish.. where they went on trips that were ‘private’ but we all knew about them, and they wear matching tracksuits which now, when you’re mid-20s is just 1. not cool 2. desperate and 3. kind of weird imo but whatever… so my only answer is that they didnt have a guard because they dont want to play up to that celebrity status couple again. but thats just a guess.. because my god louis is more well known now than he ever was so he fucking needs one more now than ever.