expensive weirdness

gazette as family members

ruki: rich goth aunt that’s always buying you expensive brands

uruha: weird uncle that’s always going on about aliens and other conspiracies

reita: the son that always looks like hes up to no good but is actually a cinnamon roll

aoi: the salty grandpa that is fucking done with this family

kai: the proud dad that knows this family is a mess but it’s his mess


Riko and Allison at winter banquet, in a Riko/Raven!Allison au that nobody asked, but that is my new obsession.

I have way too much hc about this please help me to escape from Rikison hell.

Hired Help (Part 2) (Deadpool x reader)

Part 1

Language, obviously, because it’s Deadpool.

“Run, run, run,” Deadpool muttered under his breath, pushing you up off of him with a loud grunt so that you rolled right into the pile of shattered glass.  “I think I just saw someone!”

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Inspirational post: both are me, left is before and right is after. Four years, almost 90 pounds gone, no miracle cure or expensive diets. My best advice would be: talk to a nutritionist!! We eat portions that are way too big for us. I didn’t cut anything out, just ate a little less of everything. I hope this helps someone 💋🖤🌹🥀🍁🦊🦄🗡😊

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That pic of Tarjei where he's filming his new TV show gives me some rich bad boy vibes haha! Somebody write the fic *cough* *cough* haha :D


The slicked back hair and narrowed gaze? He’s seriously giving me some wealthy bad boy son of a powerful business man vibes. I can just picture him rolling up to the school in a Porsche or Lamborghini or some outrageously expensive car with the weird doors that open up instead of out, and then he climbs out one black skinny-legged jean clad leg at a time and just- grins at all of the teenagers staring at him. And maybe winks.

And when I’m thinking this, I’m thinking he’s out and proud, so he doesn’t flinch away at the obvious appreciation a couple of the guys (and so many of the girls because that’s Isak fucking Valtersen it doesn’t matter which way he swings he’s a fucking god.

But he doesn’t return it either because standing in the midst of the stares and grins, is a tall boy in a cool denim jacket and Raybands- hair quiffed and shiny- greeting his arrival with an expression that would seem bored to anyone else, but that’s only because they can’t see the mirth underneath. (Let’s say Even circa beginning of the season when Isak watched him stride through the yard to his friends.)

And Isak wouldn’t hesitate, strutting through the schoolyard with a cool gaze, nodding at friends and admirers and until he manages to make his way to Even, who just throws an arms around Isak’s shoulder and they make their way into the school’s entrance.

And everyone just watched them go because Isak and Even? 

They are the fucking power couple of the school.

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(not the same anon) additional cover story for the cullens: they look so young because they're super devout vegans and eat a LOT of kale

RIGHT?? That would also explain why the Cullens eat nothing in the school cafeteria. Kale wasn’t a thing in Forks in 2004, probably. 

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lonely anon here, you're probably my favorite writer and the only tumblr I check on a regular basis, keep up the good work. also I'm jealous of your scepter 4 swag, how did you get your hands on it?

Thanks anon! My favorite place for Scepter 4 swag is Super Groupies – they specialize in what I like to think of as ‘stealth anime merchandise’ and they’ve done several K collaborations, my favorites being the S4 watch and the S4 purse. Daily Dream Closet also did a recent K collaboration featuring a long S4-like hoodie (and I bought all three aforementioned things because I am a sucker and went out in an entire Scepter 4-inspired outfit). Neither place ships overseas but can be purchased from pretty easily using a shopping service. For most of my K merch I just keep an eye out on Tumblr and Twitter when it’s announced, check sites like AmiAmi and CDJapan first to see if there’s an option to buy from a site that does have US shipping and if not go the shopping service route. You can also always check Yahoo Japan auctions for things too, there’s a lot of stuff that’s sold out that can still be found there (I’ve been tempted by Super Groupies S4 hoodie a couple times but it’s expensive and the S4 logo is awfully tiny, I don’t want to pay that much for what’s basically a plain blue hoodie with a teeny logo).

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What do you think went wrong with the Vita? Software and hardware wise?

Here’s a very concise summary.

One, Sony made the mistake of trying to compete with smart devices, which was a bad idea even when the Vita launched. by boasting about touch screen features and having a 3G model, Sony tried to market it as some sort of hybrid gaming/smart device but nobody fucking wants that. Most people even then who wanted a smart phone had one. Having a 3G model just confused consumers. Something most people don’t seem to get is that whatever the most expensive sku of your product is; that’s the price that’s gonna stick in people’s minds publicly. So the Vita seemed weird and expensive when they should have just went all-in on it being a portable.

Two, after the world-crushing amount of piracy on the PSP, developers were very cagey about making games for it. That’s why so much was ports, and why it never really seemed to get a fair shake of development, even from Sony at times.

Three, Sony didn’t market it very strongly.

Those are the big three problems

AU in which the Dingles are a family of florists instead of mechanics and Robert ends up in their shop one day. He needs an arrangement that can convey the idea of “I’m sorry I cheated on you and destroyed our marriage, but if your dad fires me I’m suing for wrongful termination.” It’s a very involved message, but Aaron is skilled.

Except Robert keeps coming back, at least once a week, always needing something weird and expensive and Aaron is like, impressed by just how much Robert manages to fuck up on a daily basis. It’s inspirational.

In the meantime, only the first two arrangements were real and now everyone in Robert’s life has received bouquets. Vic has received three. Diane is using them to decorate the B&B. In one unforgettable occasion Adam has received one because Robert is bad at panic decisions.

Can you imagine the absolute panic Todd would feel if Dirk Gently ever texted him asking him to pick up some tea on the way home?

Todd’s seen Dirk’s apartment. It’s not exactly clean, but the tea cupboard? The tea cupboard looks like an explosion of brightly coloured boxes, some of them in foreign languages, some of them with weird symbols that Todd isn’t sure are even human.

Todd would rather go another round with the shark kitten than try and guess what kind of weird expensive leaves Dirk requires suddenly. Todd has never been more intimidated in his life.


Her father was late like always. And the place he’d chosen to have lunch in was one of those crazy expensive ones with weird servings.

They’d returned from the cabin yesterday, and the tension hadn’t been as bad after Revan’s drunken words, but it was definetily still there. They’d talked a bit, but it was hard with all the others around. She was going to go to his apartment tomorrow and hopefully they’d be back to normal. She’d began to more and more think of the possibility of telling him how she feels. Maybe if she’d just work up the courage…

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud male laugh, one she knew. Apollo was strolling towards the table while having what seemed to be a fun conversation over the phone. He winked at the waitress passing by and Neptune was already ready to leave.

Apollo: “My darling one!”
Neptune: “Hi dad.”
Apollo: “How’s the nooboo Patil? Did you find out the gender yet?”
Neptune: “I’ll find out on Tuesday.”
Apollo: “Call me right when you do, alright?”
Neptune: “Sure.”
Apollo: “You’ve spoken to your mother lately?”
Neptune: “Last night, actually. Why?”
Apollo: “…She won’t answer my calls.”
Neptune: *Snorts* Can you blame her?“
Apollo: *Sigh* Neptune…what happened between me and your mother is,-”
Neptune: *Holds up a hand* Let’s not have this conversation? I’ll ask her to call you, okay?“
Apollo: *Nods*
Neptune: "Or you can just talk when she comes here next month.”
Apollo: *Laughs* If she’ll only let me past the door.“

She got a text from Zojja and quickly answered before the waitress took their orders. When she left, there was a moment of silence before he asked the most random question.

Apollo: "I did talk to your sister, however. Something about this…Revan?”
Neptune: *Stares*
Apollo: “…I did some googling.”
Neptune: Dad.”
Apollo: “He seems…nice. Very nice. I was only wondering if you two…you know?”
Neptune: “Yeah, we’re getting married next month!”
Apollo: “Splendid! I’ll make sure to plan a big performance for the wedding. I think I know which song already.”
Neptune: *Laughs*


🌸🌈💰 Self Care Haul 💰🌈🌸




**not pictured is a bikini top because I set it down somewhere and now I can’t fucking find it 😝😝

💎💎total: $308.00

If anyone has questions about any of these items feel free to message me!

It freaks me out that most of these are small and not outrageously priced and without the boosting items it still comes out to over $250 🤔. Do you know how long it would take me to make an extra $250 that I could blow on stuff like this? I’ve never gotten nice quality skin care products before, I can see myself going a little crazy in the upcoming months. It is nice to actually be able to go through my shopping list and cross stuff off rather than debating with myself on what I can afford and what I should and shouldn’t buy. And high end stuff now too! Before I started lifting, I’m pretty sure I had only shopped at Ulta once.

I’m not sure how to go about hiding all these new bags I keep getting from my mom🙃🙃. They’re not expensive but it’s still weird for me to have four or five. The brown one is a new lifting bag, I like my old one but it just didn’t feel natural for me to carry and I’d noticed some flaws with it so I wanted to try something new. I might sew up some of the little inside pockets that stuff gets caught in but I can fit a lottt more stuff inside and it’s easier to conceal with✌. As for the personal bag, I went to a concert and had to throw my old one away! I didn’t even know the concert was happening until like an hour before so I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to bring my bag in, but it’s whatever. I’d been thinking of getting something smaller for a while and it’s not like I had to pay for it.

I’ve started to notice a pattern of me rambling at the end of my hauls,  I think I’m going to start making separate posts and stop bugging you guys with this 😂