expensive bullshit

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The world doesn't give you SHIT on a silver platter. Most people work hard as fuck to get where they are (doctors, lawyers, etc). Being rich can help you tremendously but you don't go up in the world just bc you're upper middle class.

something tells me that this anon has never been in a situation where they had to choose between their education and paying their bills 

so my old earrings were gross and crappy and the nickle turned black and they’d randomly react which was awful and painful so i bought a set of hypoallergenic ones like hell yeah

jokes on me, im allergic to hypoallergenic earrings too

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Give us more reasons why the switch is bad, aside from multiplayer subscriptions (which all other major consoles have)

Subscription service is WAY worse than other systems with the only upside is you being able to get a rom per month that you then lose at the end of the month

more motion control dumb bullshit

unbelievably expensive peripherals

the new announcement totally ditched the whole portable mentality that everyone loved in the original reveal that even i thought was neat

almost no games (AGAIN)

continued fucking up of online multiplayer which nintendo has yet to get right ever (and now you have to pay for it!)

no backwards compatibility

and generally the knowledge that no matter what stupid dumb bullshit nintendo pulls they will ALWAYS have a rabid fanbase ready to defend them

Can we please end this bullshit of attacking a person for not knowing every single fact of everything ever, like you do because you’re some kind of all-knowing God.

You should stay away from people that tell you that you can’t have this car or that car because the repairs are “expensive”. This is a bullshit excuse that they tell themselves on why they have stupid cars, you can’t compare a shitty car to a premium car made in Germany for example. Sure I might pay extra to fix my car, but at the end of the day I’m driving a premium car and that’s the price.