expensive brands

Omg guys!
I had to pour my bleach into a regular detergent container cuz the handle broke,
And this woman stole it while I went to the bathroom at the laundromat!
She is RAVING right now,😂😂
All her shit is fucked up! Her comforter,her jeans,her shoes,sheets,undies , EVERYTHING!
I’m cackling!!
What’s worse,she has a brand new expensive ass arm and hammer detergent in her cart,she just wanted to be cheap and petty.

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea

It’s okay if you write your journal entries in 10¢ notebooks or loose-leaf paper instead of expensive name brand journals.
It’s okay if you don’t use your journal every day.
It’s okay if you only complete an entry once a month.
It’s okay if you don’t write down every single detail from your life.
It’s okay if you use supplies that you find around the house or you find at the dollar store instead of using supplies from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
It’s okay if you only write in black ink.
It’s okay if you write in pencil.
It’s okay if you don’t use perfect grammar or spelling in your entries.
It’s okay if you run a studyblr and you don’t get good grades/marks.
It’s okay if you quit journaling for a while.
It’s okay if you can never fill up a journal cover to cover.
It’s okay if your journal is only full of negative things.
It’s okay if your journal is only full of positive things.
It’s okay if you don’t feel like journaling for weeks at a time.
It’s okay if your journal is ripped or damaged.
It’s okay if you only write instead of drawing or putting in stickers or photos.
It’s okay if you can’t write about exciting things.
It’s okay if you have writers block.
It’s okay if you have sloppy handwriting.
It’s okay if you lose joy in journaling or can’t seem to concentrate on it.
It’s okay if you have incomplete entries.
It’s okay if you never travel around with your journal or take it places.
It’s okay if you quit journaling.
It’s okay if you journal on the floor or in bed instead of at a fancy, organized desk space.
It’s okay if you have to trace or copy drawings from online.
It’s okay if you’re not the best at drawing.
It’s okay if you can’t come up with original ideas or creations.
It’s okay whether you decide to let other people read your entries or if you keep it completely secret.
You do you.

It is never okay to:
Read someone’s journal without their permission.
Steal someone’s journal
Give their journal to someone else
Destroy someone’s journal
Try to find someone’s journal or tell someone else where it might be
Rip a page in their journal
Write or draw in their journal
Hide their journal
Take photos or videos of their entries
Blackmail them
Share their private information.
It doesn’t matter if the journal belongs to a 6 year old or a 60 year old. Everyone deserves privacy, respect, and a safe place for their thoughts.

I’m glad we had this talk.

Much of the Goth subculture is so uniform that it’s easy to drift into a bore. Remember:

1. Try different ideas if you so desire. Not every goth has to look like a perfect “Tumblr” deathrock model.

2. Your clothes don’t have to be expensive brand new clothes. There are many alternatives to breaking the bank. You are not a “poser” just because you aren’t some rich kid who can drop $2000 on the perfect wardrobe. In fact - in my opinion that makes you quite the opposite of a poser.

3. It’s ok to be dirty! Eat messy! Dance and get sweaty! Rip the fuck outta your shit! Scuff those shoes! LIVE! Who cares if you have blood, food, booze or grime on your pants.

4. It’s ok to be thicker than Peter Murphy or Siouxsie. Most of us are!

5. HAVE FUN! Stop taking yourself so seriously. Dressing up, tarting up with tons of makeup and hair products and accessories is a blast! Life is too short and everybody poops, so…

Signs aesthetics based on people I know

Aries: black ripped jeans, silver necklaces and rings, drivning a modern car in the middle of the night

Taurus: picnic on green grass a beautiful sunny day, chocolate bars

Gemini: plants, a room with white walls, glossy hair

Cancer: the ocean, people holding hands, soft ice cream

Leo: lipsticks with strong colours, many pillows in the bed, Netflix

Virgio: independent, sassy and sweethearts at the same time, eyeliner wings

Libra: glitter on the cheeks, oversized denim jackets, bubblegum

Scorpio: Late nights, hoodies, the moon, candles, messy hair

Sagittarius: The forest, bus travel, lollipops, big cozy scarf, coffee

Capricorn: tv shows, gym bags from expensive brands, t-shirts over long sleeves

Aquarius: baseball caps, planets, big eyes

Pisces: loose denim pants, cats, flowers

MichEmil Wedding Headcanons

- Sara is Michele’s maid of honor
- JJ is Emil’s (surprisingly the two are best friends
- Phichit and Chris plan the wedding
- Chris insists on sneaking some stripper poles into the reception
- “Just one, Phichit! Just one! … Or two”
- Michele, being fully aware of Emil’s terrible fashion sense, insists that Sara take him shopping for a tux
- Sara ends up insisting on a super expensive designer brand black tux despite Emil’s protests
- Michele’s tux is pure white
- Emil thinks Michele looks like an angel
- Emil keeps constantly pinching himself like is this real?? Is he really marrying the man of his dreams??
- Emil swears when he sees Michele come up the aisle he literally stops breathing
- If you asked him how beautiful Michele was coming up the aisle, he’d smile fondly and say words couldn’t describe it
- Michele giddily screams into his pillow every night leading up to the wedding
- While usually pretty closed off about his feelings the night before the wedding Michele spends the whole night blathering to Sara about how much he loves Emil
- “But do you see his eyes when he’s skating? They’re so sparkly and distant and they just draw you too him and he’s like a god when he jumps it’s so beautiful and when he smiles at me in the morning it’s the cutest thing and he’s just so adorable and”
- When Michele is walking up the aisle he feels as if the whole world melts away and it’s just him and Emil and no one else
- During the entire ceremony they can’t keep their eyes off each other
- When they kiss Emil swears he felt time stop
- Michele swears he felt the universe implode
- They stare lovingly into each other’s eyes while everyone bawls their eyes out
- When Michele throws the bouquet Mila catches it
- The reception is LIT
- Emil and Michele spin around waltzing clumsily and laughing when they trip over each other
- Everyone gets drunk af
- Even Seung-Gil is grinding his ass on the dance floor
- Phichit takes lots of pictures of Michele and Emil kissing and holding hands
- That night while Michele is asleep and lying on Emil’s chest Emil thinks again that he is the luckiest man in the universe
- The next morning when Michele wakes up to find Emil’s arms around him he finds himself positively euphoric with the realization that he is Emil Nekola’s HUSBAND

10 Things We’ve Noticed About Sagittarius

1. Accidentally roasts everyone, they don’t even have to try

2. “The only reason why I’m wearing this is because it’s an expensive brand and I want everyone to assume that I have more money than them

3. Is an independent person, but would NOT mind having a sugar daddy

4. Their laugh is really unique, very memorable

5. Someone: “Please stop swearing :(” Sagittarius: “Oh fuck sorry”

6. Will take no one’s shit / will not put up with foolishness

7. Constantly wishing their imagination matched the size of their budget

8. Has a lot of friends, but few people know who they really are

9. Tends to tackle too many responsibilities at once, overwhelming themselves

10. “I’m not saying that you’re toxic, but I’m definitely slipping under”

how i organize
  •  one-subject notebooks. 
    • These saved my life. I know everyone’s always saying to keep your stuff in one place and keep track of it all at once, and the way to do that is (apparently) thick, 5-subject looseleaf notebooks and 3″ binders. These have never worked for me, and here’s why: the larger the notebook, the more it catches and rips and doesn’t close right. 
    • Plus, the larger the notebook, the longer you use it, and the longer it has to survive that wear and tear! (Bonus: without having to worry about the notebook being destroyed, I also don’t have to buy the more expensive and durable brands; now I only pay for quality of paper and pretty colours!)  
    • So, I use one-subject notebooks for each class and go through multiple (I’ve never noticed a significant cost difference). A single one-subject notebook lasts me 4-6 units, or about one quarter/half a semester. When I complete a notebook, I simply begin the next, and carry only the newest one with me places. The previous notebooks are kept in my study space so I can always reference them as though it’s one large book, and I rarely need the previous chapters for in-class work. 
    • I start with one notebook per class plus one notebook purely for scribbles or rip-out looseleaf paper, and keep a supply of empty notebooks at my permanent study space.
  • central grade collection. 
    • I do this because it’s easy to reference back to. Soooo many terrible teachers who simply don’t trust their students. Feels nice to whip out a test to prove you were right (and aced it!). Calculating the grade myself makes me more aware of what’s going on with my academics. My biggest downfall this year was not paying attention to my grades!
    • I used to use an accordion folder for this, but this year I’m going to try combining that with a digital file.
    • Whenever I receive a grade back, the paper copy goes in a physical folder and the percentage/grade itself goes onto a file on my computer.
    • The physical folder is organized by classes. As I receive grades back, the newest goes in the front, so each class is naturally ordered chronologically. I tried organizing it further by putting flags to tell apart tests, quizzes, essays, etc. It worked well but eventually I just didn’t bother.
    • The computer file is actually multiple files (again, one for each class). An excel spreadsheet or a simple word doc works well. I specify the material as much as possible (for example, “Unit 1: Trig. Quiz 1: Identities. Date: 7-4-2015″ using both words and numbers) so I can easily search for it later. Next to it goes the numerical and letter grade. I’m thinking of incorporating a note-taking system as well, listing what went wrong and such.
    • This sounds like a lot of work, but it takes very little time and is well worth it. Logging the grades take about 5 minutes, tops. I often find myself putting off work by organizing grades. Obviously it’s hard to log things instantly, so I keep a stack of “to be graded” on my desk until I get around to it.
    • Oh, and keep the physical folder safe in your room/dorm. Carrying it around for spiteful moments is not worth the risk of losing all your grades!
  • separate days.
    • I don’t know about you, but my school has something similar to a block schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Fridays all have the same classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays have the same classes as well. My method works for real block scheduling, too, for even/odd or on/off days. I once had a chronic problem of bringing in the wrong day’s homework. Not anymore!!
    • Basically, just keep the two workpiles separate.
    • I have two cabinets on my desk: one for MWF classes, one for TTh classes. On my desk at all times are my “daily” tools: laptop, charger, planner, pencil pouch, water bottle, etc.
    • In the morning, I always put my dailies in first so I don’t forget, then I check the calendar. Tuesday? Shove in the TTh stack. It’s as simple as that.
    • When actually doing my homework, obviously, prioritize. There isn’t a hardfast “do your homework the day you get it” rule, especially since studying is a process! But when nothing’s especially urgent and I don’t have a favourite assignment, I literally flip a coin.
  • computer files have to be neat.
    • I have so many subfolders I don’t know what to do with them.
    • Separate everything, again, and again, and again. And label it all to hell and back. You can never have a file title that’s too long.
  • You know how you can make multiple accounts on your computer? Admin vs user? Yeah, do that.
    • Make your admin account your free-time, slacker account.
    • Make your user account your work account.
    • Make all the settings admin-only accessible. Don’t get distracted by downloading random crap while doing your homework. Put restrictions on internet usage, gameplay, etc. To get distracted, you have to make the effort to enter an admin password every time you get off task.
    • Bonus: during presentations, you never have to worry about accidentally opening something embarrassing. Everything embarrassing should be in your personal account!
  • Lastly: don’t stress! 
    • When I stress, everything gets disorganized. My mind gets cluttered and so does the rest of my life. I used to stress so hard about grades.
    • If you don’t think you can make the deadline, don’t. One grade is not worth a night of sleep and mental health.
    • If the grade is super important (not all grades are like this: prioritize!) work on it as hard as you can. Don’t stress; put all that stressful energy into the work. Focus your ass off. If you can’t do that, it’s time to stop.
    • Talk to the teacher the next day. Take responsibility for your mistake. Apologize, and do not give excuses. Show to your teacher that you care more about the learning than the grade; it will pay off in the long run.
    • The day after missing a huge assignment is rough. Don’t let it get to you! Dwelling on this assignment only sets you up for failure on any other assignments you have that day. Focus on those and not on what you did wrong. Have yourself a good break, snack, jog, and get back in there. The world isn’t over!
some general tips for people with executive dysfunction

1. invest in a can of dry shampoo!!! they’re not particularly expensive (mine is batiste brand, i got it for $8).  showering a lot can suck for low energy people, esp people who are trying to get their hair to adjust to getting washed less offten (hair gets oily very quickly after long periods of being washed every day) and this can save lot of time while also making you feel clean!! 

2. BANANAS ARE A GODSEND. i get very sick in the morning, and im also perpetually low on energy, which usually makes me opt out of breakfast. but bananas are quick, easy, filling, and (fun fact) make you less nauseous somehow? idk. they’re great. if you never eat breakfast like me, try to start buying bananas more often as its a really good backup 

(this one’s kind of big so ill break it down so its easier to read) 

3. clean stuff as soon as possible rather than waiting for it to build up. it doesn’t have to be huge, time consuming tasks. just small steps to save yourself from some stress in the future. 

  • pick up clothes from the floor the second you take it off and put it in the washing machine. you don’t have to turn it on or do the washing now, but now its off your floor which is great!
  • throw stuff in the trash can the first time around instead of having it pile up. take empty cups/plates into the kitchen right away (you can go around the house, or even just your room and pick up dishes whenever you need to take a break from working or studying)
  • quickly do your bed first thing!! it doesn’t have to be extremely neat, honestly just dust off your covers, fold it at the foot of your bed and fluff your pillows a bit!! it took a minute but now your room looks a lot cleaner!

4. break up everything into small tasks/create routines that are very specific! my example will be showering.

  • when i shower, i break it up into very very specific parts. the first thing, probably the hardest, is getting myself in the shower. focusing on how showering is not a stressful activity, how it feels good and how good you feel after can definitely minimize the amount of time i spend psyching myself to get up, as overtime the idea of showering becomes an intrinsic part of your day rather than a task or chore. 
  • after i get myself in, the hardest part’s done, and i can relax. i do my routine, which at this point, has become a no brainer. my routine is: shampoo, conditioner (but i dont wash it out), body wash/soap, face wash, brushing my teeth (yes i brush my teeth in the shower fuck off two birds with one stone), and then finally i wash the conditioner out! this is weird but if im done extra quickly, i’ll let myself just stand there until the water runs cold bc idk i really like showering?? 

starting a new routine is always difficult but just stick with it. you can start introducing a routine one task at a time, you can remember to just wash your hair and then get out if thats all the energy you have today. and dont be ashamed about music in the shower!!! i played music on my phone in the shower every day for a year maybe? ive stopped now bc my last phone’s headphone port broke bc of water damage but anyway thats not relevant 

5. keeping a calendar and planner is great in feeling good and organized. you dont have to get a super expensive bullet journal, just start small. i got my current calendar as a christmas gift (theres food puns every month i love it) and my school provides planners. dont feel obligated to use it EVERY DAY and constantly have the best handwriting. just keep it on your desk in class and at home for whenever you need it

6. music and podcasts are good for any time. waking up but feeling super anxious and you dont want to get up? music/podcasts drown out your thoughts and can help you start your day in a nice way. studying and feeling really bored and annoyed?? listen to your favorite songs. trying to go to sleep but your annoying brain wont shut up? nice chill podcasts, or even just longish youtube videos help. 

  • music (especially instrumental music) is best for when you need to think and focus on a task. podcasts are good for menial tasks that dont require you to think that much, as podcasts are more engaging and have you focus on something so you feel less bored/procrastinatey!!! 
  • my favorite songs to listen to when studying are actually playlists ive made! (here and here) and my podcast/video recommendations are off topic and grumpcasts/long game grumps videos, but i understand that this isnt for everyone (cw: lots of swearing, dark humor, stupid casual racism/sexism/transphobia/ableism but its just something i put up with bc i really like michael jones)

i can’t really think of anything else right now!! these are just all the things i do that actually do help a lot

i see lots of sentiment in the studyblr community that basically says “your future self wont be pleased with your pathetic excuses right now :)” and stuff like that and just…please remember that executive dysfunction is never “just an excuse”, it is a legitimate reason for not being able to complete tasks. feeling frustrated with yourself is normal, but you should never be made to feel guilty for not being able to do something, no matter how menial or how crucial. you’re great and you can do this <3

The Ice Cream Scandal

cause Brazil just wasn’t weird enough and we didn’t hate the president as much as we could yet so 2k16 just went ‘fuck it’

I can picture y’all reading the title and going ‘the fuck this time? did the dude say he didn’t like the national ice cream or smt?” but oh no

he likes it. Maybe not the national tho

Temer apparently likes it so much he tried to buy over 500 cups and cones

for his p l a n e

Accompanied by 120 jars of nutella (that’s like 30+ kilos of nutella)

and i mean I feel ya right I’d do that too if I could JUST NOT WITH PUBLIC MONEY????

and it wasn’t cheap ice cream either it was a pretty expensive brand here 

anyways people got mad obvs and it was cancelled but still The Ice Cream Scandal left us…. Memes. And I just have to show you my favorite one: