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little things you may have forgotten about aristotle and dante

  • ari hates cokes
  • dante said that only good looking models get paid and ari got embarrassed asdfghjkl
  • the first thing that ari remembers after the surgery is dante
  • ari doesn’t know Any beatles songs
  • ari’s long hair and how he likes it (because dante has long hair)

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Had to split up my posts. Lol

I decided to take a few with Bendy interacting with my old college text book.

The Illusion of Living book in game is obviously a reference to The Illusion of Life. Being the mighty ham, I am I HAD to do this.

Fun fact: Our professors might of made us read maybe 2 chapters for school and gave us photocopies of everything else.

I’ve read the whole thing cover to cover, if you can get your hands on a copy I definitely recommend reading it if you have any interest in animation or the history of Disney and animation.

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What do you think Stiles and Lydia's house would be like as adults?

Okay I hate how specific my head canons for this are. 


  • Yellow house
  • Small
  • Deep red door/shutters. 
  • There’s a small backyard patio that Lydia literally makes Stiles do all the work on, so like they have a deck with a grill and a big table (bigger than their kitchen table) and Lydia sits out there grading papers and bossing Stiles around while he does literally all of the gardening and heavy lifting, 
    • He wants to hate her for it but he gets very, very nicely rewarded. 

Living Room:

  • Stiles gets to pick out the couch, that’s his one job, and Lydia builds the rest of the room around it. 
  • One of her art pieces is hanging up above the couch. Stiles does it when she’s out of town, and at first she’s mad but she grows to really like it and it actually inspires her to paint more, which it turns out is really amazing stress relief for Lydia. 
  • They have nerdy-ass throw pillows. 
    • Like, one of them has Shakespeare on it. 
    • One of them has the periodic table of elements
    • One of them has the cover of Stiles’ favorite book that his dad used to read to him when he was growing up. 
    • So on, so forth.
  • There’s candles everywhere, which they totally intend to use but once they get a dog they’re banned from lighting them because suddenly everything in the house is a fire hazard. 
  • Lydia’s got cozy blankets hidden behind the couch and she likes to wrap herself up in them when she’s got a cold. All you can see is the top of her hair and a red little nose. 
  • There’s really fancy, expensive looking art/photography books on the coffee table for guests and Stiles always puts his coffee cups on them. Which, one one hand, yay, coaster, but on the other hand Lydia payed $80 for that book when they were in Paris??? Like???
  • They have an alcohol cabinet in the living room that they rarely ever touched but Stiles keeps stocked. He always knows what people want when they come over, due to his bartending days in college, which makes him an excellent host. 


  • Pretty small
  • Stiles whines about lack of counter space frequently but then Lydia has to sit really close when he’s cooking so like. What’s the real loss, here?
  • There’s a small circular table that comfortably seats two and less-comfortably seats three. They keep saying that they’re going to get a bigger table, but they never do because they ultimately not being able to host stuff. 
  • (If they do people over, it’s in the summer, on the back patio, but other than that, their house is their space and they like it that way. They go to Scott’s for most holidays, anyways.) 
  • The fridge is covered in a collage of their lives. Postcards from Isaac, magnets from Kira, pictures of the pack members printed out and lovingly stuck on there. 
    • There’s a really nice picture of all of them together on the little table next to the front door, where they keep the mail and put their keys in the little dish next to the fake flowers, but this is where all the lovely, goofy pictures are. 
  • The window is perched over the sink, looking out into the backyard, and Stiles likes watching Lydia’s face in the morning sunlight as she washes their plates after breakfast on Saturday mornings. 

Lydia’s Office: 

  • Almost everything is white or soft blue
  • This is her sacred room, it’s very soothing to her 
  • There’s shelves and shelves of books, a desk made of black wood, and an extremely comfortable chair that goes with it. 
  • There’s pretty and simple art on the walls so that it’s not completely bare, but not nice enough art that Lydia feels distracted by it while she’s working. 
  • It’s usually very neat but also covered in stacks of paper, upon which Lydia keeps her reading glasses. (Whenever she can’t find them, they’re always in her office.) 
  • Stiles is rarely allowed to come in, and if he is in there, he has to sit on the white couch and be quiet. 
    • Same goes for the dog. 
  • It has a window seat, which is why Lydia loves it, and she’ll frequently just go read on the window seat on the days that she doesn’t have much to do. 
    • She sketches Stiles from memory on rainy days while she sits in the window seat. She is on a quest to get his nose right– feels like she can never quite capture its spirit
    • She’s A+ at drawing his mouth though, probably because she has a very intimate knowledge of it. 


  • Light wood, no carpet. 
  • There’s black & white pictures in dark black frames leading all the way up the stairs. 
    • Lydia is very proud of the way they’re arranged. 
    • She thinks they’re very aesthetic. 
  • The stairs are lined with pictures of the most important people– Stiles’ mom and dad on their wedding day, Lydia’s mother holding baby Lydia, Scott and Stiles as little kids, Scott and Stiles as teenagers, Allison laughing and wrinkling her nose as she holds a dandelion, Malia, Kira, and Isaac posing together at a long-forgotten Christmas party, Mrs. McCall hugging Stiles around the middle at his college graduation, Stiles and Lydia and Scott at Lydia’s thesis defense, Stiles and Lydia sitting with his dad at the kitchen table on Thanksgiving, several pictures of Scott’s little girls, together and separately, and finally, at the very top, Stiles and Lydia on their wedding day, a candid that Kira had caught with her expensive camera that had somehow come out better than anything their official photographer had snapped of them. 


  • Their bedroom is the room of the house which had taken the most compromise. 
  • It’s a soft white color with gauzy white drapes that blow prettily in the breeze whenever the windows are open. 
    • Stiles says it reminds him of the veil in Harry Potter. 
  • There’s a very tall king sized bed with a very simple, modern bed frame and a dark headboard. 
  • The duvet is deep, dark blue. The sheets are white. The large decorative pillows that they throw over the bed are another shade of blue. 
    • Lydia loves these. Stiles hates them because it makes it harder to leap onto the bed with finesse at the end of the day. 
    • He usually ends up taking them off when he comes home from work, kicks his pants to the floor, and settles into bed to do nothing. 
  • There’s two bedside tables with matching lamps. 
    • Lydia’s bedside table always has a book on it, marked with her spot. She tries to read a little every night but for the most part does not succeed. It also has a nice candle on it and an old silver clock that was her grandmother’s, and a picture of Stiles and Scott. 
    • Stiles’ bedside table usually has money from his pockets, candy wrappers, mugs, and folders from work that Lydia is always tucking into his second drawer down in an effort to straighten up because “it’s not like you’re going to do work in bed anyways, Stiles!” 
    • It’s also got a picture of him and Lydia at the winter formal sophomore year and another one of Lydia with his dad. 
  • Stealing this from @rememberiloveyou: Lydia, for their anniversary one year, bought a huge wooden slab and painted “I love you” “I know” onto it in beautiful white brushstrokes and very fancy handwriting. It hangs right above their bed and is Stiles’ favorite part of the room. 
    • He had been begging her to let him have a Star Wars poster. This is the compromise. 
  • There’s a little chaise lounge in the corner which is supposed to be for decoration but ends up being where Stiles shoves most of his clothes when he’s too lazy to walk over to their walk-in closet and throw them in the laundry bin. 
  • Lydia’s bureau was a gift from her mother when she moved into her first apartment with Stiles and it is boss
    • Antique, enormous, with a huge, ornate mirror that is her pride and joy. 
    • It has one of those soft, cushy stools. 
    • Her makeup drawers are so organized she wants to cry. It is literally her happy place. 
  • There’s a bunch of blue rugs that stretch across the hardwood floor. Their dog likes to sleep on them. In the winter, Stiles cracks up as Lydia jumps from rug to rug to try to avoid how cold the floor is. 

And then there’s a guest room that is easily the fanciest room of the house and is Lydia’s pride and joy. Stiles didn’t give a rats ass what it looked like so she just sorta went off and made it super decorative and modern. Also, they’ve got a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower because Lydia loves taking baths. 

hopeiseethegoodstuff  asked:

Does Tony try to spoil Steve with a lot of courting gifts? Is Tony old fashioned when he woos his love or does he ignore “dating rules“ because they changed way to often over the decades?

Tony doesnt believe in dating, he thinks its a waste of time. Obviously humans only use dating as a chance to get others into bed, and there are much easier ways to sleep with someone than having to call them multiple times, pay for expensive dinners, put up with families and pets and odd habits— all just to fuck someone? 

No thank you.

He tries to spoil Steve, he buys him old books, expensive art supplies, and gets all his clothes made by Tonys favorite tailor, but he doesnt understand the constantly changing rules of “Dating”, especially since up until Steve he hadnt really had the desire to spend the night with someone he had drank from. Thats not to say that Tony hasn’t slept with (more than) his fair share of men and women over the decades, but he had never wanted to spend the night with them.  

But he likes sleeping next to Steve. So he spoils him with new pillows and beautiful blankets as well. 

(those might be more for Tony than Steve. Who ever decided that polyester felt good enough to sleep in? Tony prefers the highest count cotton, or when he is feeling particularly slutty, silk.)

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Why would you do a basically comic for 20 or 30$?? I could literally buy about 3 or 4 mangas for those prices. You should try 15 or 10$ because that's how much usual comics go for. Unless you're doing it all in color and depending how many pages. Be realistic, a lot of fans are probably college students too who struggle to pay stuff let alone buy your amazing work for a high price.

I’m not sure where you live, but where I live in America one manga costs about $12 with tax. The money offer was a guestimation on the higher range, just in case.

The printed volumes will have a cover that’s not paper (though I’m not sure if I could do hardcover, we’ll see), as well as be in color, which is more expensive than black and white. They will also include some character commentary and doodles/small comics in the back. I’m not sure how many pages will be in each one, and that is not a definite price. I will know for sure how much shipping is and how much it costs to make one when I order the first prototype. If it looks good then I will take pictures and show you guys the quality.

But if it costs like $20 and shipping is another $3/$4, that’s why it would be around the price I set. I can’t charge $15 for a book that took $25 to make, you know? I’ll give you guys definites if I am able to do this.

Images 1, 2, and 4 are early concept works for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Image 3 is an early concept work for Rey. Notice the similar hairstyles, as well as the forehead markings in images 3 and 4.

While The Hollywood Reporter isn’t exactly the most credible source, this article was surprisingly accurate for being published in January 2014. It correctly connected Adam Driver to the film, as well as other actors who were seriously considered for roles, namely Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch. 

What makes this especially interesting is that there was indeed a rumor that Rey was going to be a woman “who is either of mixed race or black.” Image 3 depicts Rey as a mixed race or black woman. The additional rumor was that this particular character was going to be the “daughter or granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi.” 

I’m not saying Rey Kenobi, but… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(The only image I claim is Rey’s. The other three are pictures I found and lightly cleaned up. I couldn’t trace any of them to one definite uploader.)