me @ bighit : listen here, i need my boys to shine, not just shine-shine ya kno, i want the sun to shit his pants okay? Their outfits must be lit af, must bring fire to the red carpet idc, i want a katniss everdeen-shit-ish outfits get me? My boys are outstanding so does their outfits imma being clear?? I don’t want to know how much, i just want them to break necks, i want every-damn-one turn their heads to see them. You better call bbmas staff  and tell’em to bring some water bc bts will make stars sweating hard while questioning their sexuality and their path career. I want all the paparazzi and journalists loosing their shit around the boys asking to book them. I want all the stylists shakin realizing their error and directly send a cv to burger king okay? I want that the only sounds that my boys will hear during the red carpet are gasps, feel me enough ? My boys need to look expen$ive

Do i make myself crystal clear? bc i’m dead serious now

Drunk// Draco Malfoy Smut

Warnings: Swearing and Smut (WHat do you expect)

Word Count: 1900+

Pairing: DRaco X reader

Summary: Draco and Y/N get hella pissed at each other, while they hella drunk and have rough sex (So subtle:)

Requested: YE… Hi! I love your blog, your Draco imagines are prime 😍 could I make a request? Maybe a Ravenclaw reader x Draco imagine in which a bunch of students are out drinking having a good time and the reader ends up going home with Draco, they have a drunk argument before anything can happen but that angry passion is transformed into sexual passion (cough smut cough) ;) idk have fun with it!

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School starts at 10 tommrow, hence why i’m up at 2:00 finishing this smut. 

Christmas break started before Christmas Eve and ended after New Year’s Day. During those two events, there was drinking, drugs, and sex, a lot of sex. One particular party your boyfriend was keen on taking you too was one being thrown by his friend. Draco insisted on bringing you. He preached that it would be fun to party together. You had your doubts, but since you hadn’t seen Draco all break, you decided it was best not to throw away an opportunity to be with him.

You stayed at The Three Broomsticks Inn for Christmas this year. You always caused your parents stress when you came home. You also ended up losing focus on all the school work you had when you went home for the holidays. Instead of staying at Hogwarts, with no freedom, your parents gave you permission to stay there, at The Three Broomsticks Inn. It was very nice so far. But when Draco gets an idea that he wants to whisk you away and go to parties all break, you start to think of all the bad things that could happen.

Draco seemed to be happy with the idea of bringing a bunch of Slytherin kids over and getting drunk. Parties by any kid at Hogwarts caught like wildfire, so when some Slytherin kid decided to orchestrate a party Draco was all about going.

He pulled you along the cold pavement with his hand in yours. He wanted to show you off to all his friends, even if you were a half-blood Ravenclaw. The snow fell very peacefully leaving snowflakes in your hair.

You wore a red dress while Draco wore some jeans and a black t-shirt. Draco pushed open the door open and revealed 10 to 25 kids, drinking and taking shots. You walked in and was instantly greeted by some Slytherin girls. They brought you and Draco some drinks and seemingly never stopped.

Ten minutes in, you already had taken 5 shots. It wasn’t a huge party with music and lights, it was a laid back party that everyone got drunk at.

Draco seemed clingy all night. While you were talking to some girls, he would wrap his arms around your waist or try and steal kisses. Drunk Draco was definitely anything but sober him.

“We should go home and fuck.” He whispered into your ear while you talked to Pansy. You ignored him and kept talking to her, he was going to keep on trying and trying. You liked sober Draco better. Pansy looked at you both suspiciously. Pansy, out of jealousy got the worst idea ever. She saw you and Draco getting close and opened her fat mouth.     

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Okay, but could we get a Twin Suns Codywan kiss once Ben is out of the tank? Seems a good place to have some relationship building fluff between the two.

They both looked up at a swish and Ben couldn’t stop his smile growing when he saw that it was Cody who had come. It got a chuckle out of his brother before he patted Ben’s boot that he had just helped fasten. “Yeah, yeah, I get it, I’ll be by the shuttle okay?” He got up, smirking at his suddenly flustering brother.


“Just don’t do anything I’d do~”

He headed out with a bright laugh as he let the two alone.

Both peered at each other, both a little bit uncomfortable but mostly relieved.

“I’m glad you’re out of the tank.” Cody finally settled on saying, moving over to the bed and placing his helmet down on it as Ben remained seated, watching him with those evergreen eyes. “You had us…me worried.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to worry anyone.” Ben sighed and gave him a rueful smile. “Though I ended up worrying quite a lot of people.”

“You did.” Cody rested his hands on Ben’s thin wrists, squeezing gently. Then he let his hands rest, stroking the bone bump of the wrist gently while watching the Jedi. “You look better though, no bruising.”

“The bacta took care of everything, I’m as fit as I can be which isn’t that bad despite what everyone else claims.” Ben confirmed, watching Cody’s hands with a small smile.

“Ben?” Cody leaned in a bit, heart in his throat but unwilling to wait.

“Hmm?” The redhead lifted his head up and then made a soft noise when Cody pressed his lips to the Jedi’s.

He pressed back carefully, trying out their fit and Cody could have melted in relief as he reached up and cupped the others face in his hands, stroking his jaw tenderly as he remembered it had been broken.

“You taste like bacta.” He offered in amusement when he pulled back, still holding the others face.

“Hey.” Ben smiled shyly. “I only gotten a generic sonic shower. I haven’t had time for much else since the council wants me back at the temple.”

Cody took a step back and helped him of off the bed and onto his feet, resisting the urge to wrap him into his arms. “So you’re leaving then?”

“Only for a week and then I’ll be back, they want a report, verbal and for the archives and to review my memories of what happened with Krell.” Ben tensed a bit as he added the last part.

“…Are you scared?” The commander whispered.

“…Just a little. He was…” Ben breathed out then smiled at him. “But I got everyone home.”

“You did.” Cody cupped his face again, stroking it tenderly. “But we are expen-”

“No.” Ben cut in hard. “A wise man once said, evil beings when we start treating people as things. You are not expendable. No one in this war is expendable Cody. You may have been constructed and be clones. But you are just as valid as I.” He wrapped his arms around the others neck and pulled him down. “And Force face it, you mean something to me.” Ben smiled a bit.

Cody blinked before giving into his temptation, wrapping Ben up in his arms and pulling him close. Bacta smell or not, this was the best thing ever.


Ben had almost reached the council doors after answering their questions when he stopped still, staring at the elevator doors with a small frown and pursed lips before he turned. “I would advice not going along with the Chancellor’s suggestion masters, killing a Jedi for infiltration purpose will not work well.” He murmured.

You could hear pins drop in the quiet.

“I see. More information you have?” Yoda wiggled his ears.

Ben squinted at him then sighed. “Only that the council is doing a lot of very stupid things lately and you may want to examine the reasons for those things…” Ben bowed again and continued to the elevator, not stopping to see the effect his words were having. Once the doors closed he reached up and rubbed the two lumps hidden beneath his tunics, smiling slightly. “…Lets go have tea with Jocasta, perhaps she has some fascinating gossip for me before I head out with Commander Snow and the rest.” He hummed.


“A thorn he has become. Delicate as he is, he remains a moral compass of his brother and keeps interfering in my pursuits. Not to mention he somehow foils plans on the field despite not being near it.”

“And your command?”

“Arrange for his death. Something…accidental.”

“That might cost you extra. Killing Jedi is hard enough.”

“Then it costs extra.”

but what if we really did have to summon Papa III back? so that we wouldn’t be so sad? basically everyone who got the VIP spirit boards. it would be like a found footage movie.

Paranormal activity: The Papaning

scenario 1:



“did you get all the pasta?”

“no? I told you I’m on a no carb diet!”

“……..what the fuck.”

scenario 2:

*a couple lays asleep*

“……………HONK HONK.



“honey did you hear that?!”

“hear WHAT?”

“……..TSK. TSK.”


I didn’t hear anyt- WOAH. DID YOU JUST GRAB MY ASS?”

scenario 3:



“ehhh, do you not recognize me?”


“well that’s not very nice! these robes are very expens-”


“nononononono! I’ll leave I’ll leave! sheesh. did you not summon me for a reason?”

“summon you?! is this a joke?”

“wait….wait….he looks….he looks like that guy from that band.”

“AHA. so you do know of me!”

“uhhhh, I think our son might?”

*comes out of his room*

“….hngnrng…why is everyone yelling……..WOAH. AW FUCK YEAH!! IT WORKED!!!

scenario 4:



“……wakey wakey little one.”


“here, I brought you something to drink. sometimes one can get thirsty in the middle of the night. it’s 3am.”

“….P….Papa? what t-”

“shh shh! no talk. drink.”

“Papa this is booze.”

“and? a little bit of wine actually can help you sleep!”

“I was sleeping. you woke me up. get out of here!”

“did you know that 3am is known as the witchening hour?”

“Papa please-”

“guess how many times you have to say Beetlejuice to-”

“BEETLEJUICE? Papa come on!”

“PERFECT. just one more time now!”

“I have to work in 5 hours! NO.”


*rolls back over*

“……….do you know how many unholy ghosts there are?”





OLICITY AU, Falling for an Angel #7

What happens if an angel falls from the sky? Oliver Queen is a respected club owner in his hometown - Starling City. His life abruptly changes when one night he finds a beautiful girl claiming to have fallen from heaven. With her wings tucked into a jacket he helps her navigate her now human life while trying not to fall in love. Nothing can go wrong even if she drinks all of his coffee and cries in the shower, right?



Special thank you to:

@pleasantfanandstudent and @loveyoubeyondhope

Thank you for the great response to this fanfic!!!! I love your comments and sweet messages <3

Warning 1: Oliver and Felicity are straight in this story just because I say so

Warning 2: Alcohol drinking


Felicity sat on her bed, woken up by the loud sound of Oliver’s alarm clock. All night long,  she has been hugging Oliver’s jacket with her feathers in it, just to feel closer to her old home she still misses terribly. When she lost her wings, the remains of them didn’t lose their magical power, that’s why she was able to use them to help humans. If she could use them to go back to Heaven she would have, but that was not an option. They could only be used safely to help good people, out of her own good will. She wasn’t sure what happened if she was forced to use them or her intentions were not pure, but she never wanted to find out. She only trusted the old angels and their instructions when they taught every young angel about the power of their wings and warned that they can only be used for good. They were all knowing after all. For a second she wondered if they knew that she would fall, but she quickly shook that thought off.

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Do you love me?//(N.M)

As I waited for Nate to get home I made his favorite meal. Steak and mashed potatoes on the side. As well as rolling a few joints for him. Tonight was going to be the first night we would have intimacy. Not once has he pressured me to do anything I wouldn’t want to do and I’m grateful. There is this feeling I can’t get rid of I need him in every way.

As set up the plates I here the door slam shut.

“Nate baby is everything okay?” I questioned him as I walked into the living. He sat on the couch head in his hands, and groaned every so often. Nate finally made eye contact with me.

“Y/N, do you love me?” He questioned with uncertainty.

“Of course I do! Why would you ask such a question like that. Nate no matter what happens between us I will always love you” I told him straddling his lap.

“W-why haven’t we done anything? Was he more smarter, caring, and athletic than I was. Is that the reason you don’t want to get to the next level in our relationship?” Nate replied looking anywhere, but my face. Lifting his chin up with finger, and giving him a gentle peck on the lips.

“Yes. I gave myself to my ex boyfriend, but you are the one that holds my heart. Only you” He kisses with passion as I rotated my hips on his lap. Small moans escaping his mouth as the kiss started to get more rough.

“Shit…Y/N… I need you now” Nate flipped us over in the couch before we ended up falling on the floor. My giggles filled the living room.

“This was not how it was supposed go. I had a game plan all set up” Nate groaned as he lay beside me. I soon straddles his lap again, yet he still didn’t pay attention to me. I rotating my hips, and saw Nate jolt his hips up.

Nate’s hands wandered under my shirt as he unclimbed my bra. His eyes turning a shade darker full of lust. He kneaded my breasts as he kissed gently not to hurt me.

“Nate please do something!” I whimper as he leaves a trail of hickeys down my stomach. Small moans left my mouth as he slowly pulled down my pajama pants down my legs. He gasped before looking back at me.

“Is something wrong?” I slowly move up on to my elbows. He pushes me back down before he kisses my inner thighs.

“Nothings wrong lil mama just your so wet for me. I don’t know if I can do this. What if I’m not good enough? What if you leave Y/N?” He stands up before leaving the room. The bedroom door closing. I get dressed and go into the bedroom.

“Nate…?” I knock a few times before opening the door. There sitting in the bed was Nate with his head in his hands.

“Nate, baby please look at me” I kneeled in front of him taking his chin in my hand and lifting his head up. He would not meet eyes no matter how hard I tried to make him do it . “Nate I wouldn’t leave you for something
as small as this. I love you and it will take more than bad sex to get rid of me. You are the one I want no one else” I kiss him gently before pulling away. He pulls me back in kissing me harder than before.

“Let’s take it to the next level lil mama” Nate strips down to his boxers before tearing off my clothes.

“Nate that was expen- sh I’ll by you something better and sexier” Nate said before kissing me again.

“Get on all fours Y/N. Head down facing the the door. Good girl” I did all he said before I heard him grabbing a belt out of the closet. “Ass up and Baby you have my permission to be as loud as you want. Let’s se if we can get a noise complaint” I could practically hear the smirk appearing in his face. His demanding tone making me whimper and get wetter.

Nate massages my ass before grabbing the belt and tying my hands behind my back. His free hand moving towards my clit before pinching it roughly. I whimper loudly as I hear Nate chuckle.

“I guess we don’t need to do foreplay when you are already dripping” Nate slams into without warning. I moan before putting face into the pillow drowning out any sounds escaping my mouth. Nate grabs a fistful of my hair and lifts head up.

“Y/N I want to hear how good I make you feel. Keep your head up lil mama” I connect our lips to slow kiss, and his thrusts start slowing down.

“Ooh Nate… baby… I want” I couldn’t finish my sentence before I ignited a load moan from my throat causing Nate to groan.

“What do you want Y/N?” Nate asks before picking up speed causing the head board to hit the wall with force repeatedly.

“Top… I…. ooh.. I want top” Nate soon unbinds my hands as lays on his back. I straddle him before sliding down his erection. I roll my hips into figure eights causing Nate to throw his head back a load groan escaping his mouth.

“Fuck… Y/N don’t stop I’m so close” Nate starts thrusting his hips up and I begin to bounce on him meeting thrusts. Nate soon reaches my g-spot triggering my orgasm. I see Nate trying to trigger his own as I slow my bouncing and ride him slowly. Warm spurts of cum spill into me as Nate holds onto my hips for dear life.

“Nate, are you okay?” Nate just chuckles before lifting me off him.
Nate cuddle and close to him before speaking.

“Better than okay.. mind blowing” he kisses my forehead and flips me into my back. He lays between my legs with his head on top of my breasts.

“My very own personal pillows and just how I want to keep” Nate mumbles as he looks up at me. “I love you Y/N and one day I will make you my wife.

“I love you Nate” I kiss his forehead as we drift off to sleep. Tonight will be forever engraved in my mind.

Double Date!

11. “It’s not a double dat. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

Double Date!

Watching Natasha apply mascara was aesthetically pleasing. The red head was just so graceful, it mesmerized the brown headed gal.

“I still don’t understand Natasha.” The elfin girl murmured, as she ran her slim fingers through her locks. Her brown gaze had fallen on her friends choice of dress. Shaking her head when her gaze had faltered to the high thigh cut in her black number.

“What isn’t there to understand (Y/N)?” Natalia begun, as she screwed her mascara in place. Her blood scarlet nails danced to her eyeshadow pallet. “Steve and I have a date,” She started again, her tone of voice drained as if she had explained this the nth time. “And his friend Bucky is forced to tag along.” She grabbed the dark brown shade and smeared it across her lids. “So Steve kindly asked if I knew someone single to mingle with Barnes.” The young lady finished her second eye before standing away from her beauty desk. “His friend just got back from Brooklyn as a surprise so Steve didn’t want to rain check our date, or stand up his friend.” Natalia went in her closet to grab her black heels, before re entering her shared room. “You’d be doing me a favor.” Her voice changed. Latching the ‘friends do everything for each other’ tone.

“I don’t have anything to wear.” (Y/N) grumbled, she was always a sucker when it came for helping her one and only sister out. Her hands crossed over her chest, while watching the said lady smirk deviously.

“Don’t you even worry.” Natasha commented.

Before (Y/N) even had the chance to protest. She was already being hurled around from one place to the other. Her brown locks being pulled and shoved in various places, while her cloths came off in a jiffy, makeup plastered like a pro on her face.

“Remember, heel, then toes.” Natasha commented, opening the door to the restaurant letting her friend enter first.

She watched as her friend clutched her purse every time one of her foot had left the ground. Her dress hugged each and every curve in her body. Her breasts pushed up by Natalia’s push up bra. While her hair styled to make sure she would be very comfortable.

“Nat,” Steve stated, standing up from his chair to greet his girl. He moved past his friend, who sat in his chair ignoring his date.

“Hey Stevie boy,” Natalia’s sexy voice danced to her mans ears. He kissed her cheek then greeted the girl trailing behind Natasha.

“I’m Steve,” He ran a hand behind his girlfriends waist and shook her friends hand. “This is Bucky.”  Steve motioned to his sulking friend who sat mumbling dark words.

“Nice to meet you.” (Y/N) smiled warmly while she shook his hand in approval.

“Me and Natasha have to go get a few things from the register, we’ll be back.” Like that the couple had walked away, (Y/N)'a gaze traveled her friend to make sure she wasn’t ditching her with Bucky. Once she was sure Natasha wasn’t leaving, her gaze had fallen to Bucky.


“It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.” His reply came in. He didn’t even have much of a facial expression. Just glaring her way.


“Exactly, so shut your damn ass and sit here let’s just get this over with.”

(Y/N) wasn’t much of a fighter, she just sat where Bucky had pointed to and didn’t revert her gaze from the menu. It’s obvious the man beside her didn’t exactly like her, so she wasn’t going to make this date any harder then it had to be. Ignoring him wasn’t that hard, she had a brother who use to annoy her to no end. Ignoring people was now a special talent.

The couple came back after a few minutes, receipts in hand. They sat across from each other, hands still entwined under the sheets.

“So-” Steve begun, ushering his hands over to Bucky and his 'date’.

“I couldn’t get enough of her,” Bucky grinned, slinging an arm around the girl. Sarcasm dripping from each letter that left his lips.

The said girl stiffened beside him, not liking how strong his grip was.

“Fucking annoying.” Bucky grumbled, letting the girl go while he slouched down in his seat.

Natasha and Steve exchanged worried looks, (Y/N) still had her gaze locked on the menu, while Bucky was winking at a blond waiter, lips between his teeth.

Once their drinks were ordered, a blond male came handing them out to the two couples. His lingering looks never leaving the Beauty with her head hung low.

“-And to the most magnificent looking lady this earth has yet to see-” With that said all four heads turned to the waiter. “A water, to patch her thirsty throat.” He winked sarcastically, earning a corrupted string of giggles. He bowed, then threw an imaginary kiss her way, waving bye before placing the trey between his arms.

Her cheeks were tinted pink, while her fingers laced with the straw.

“Well…” Natasha begun, eyeing Bucky, then Steve. “That was interesting.”

“Sure was,” Steve continued. “What are you guys ordering?” He sensed the awkward atmosphere around the three bodies, having enough of his friend brooding to himself.

“Since your paying, I’m having the most expensive dish.” Bucky shut his menu then placed it in the middle of the table, dipping his wine glass between his lips.

“I’ll just have the salad with noddles or something like that.” Natasha commented.

“I’m having an Italian dish, the noddles.” Steve smiled, he was happy he shared an interest with his girlfriend. Ignoring Bucky and his tactics to make this the worst date.

Then their gazes fell over the smiling lady, who sat beside Bucky. “What are you ordering (Y/N)?” Steve asked nicely, pointing to the menu still open up beside her.

“Oh… I don’t know yet…” She trailed. Which to be honest, she didn’t even understand half of what the writing meant.

Like that, small talk was initiated between the three adults, occasionally earning a 'yes,’ and 'no’ from the blushing girl. Her attention would be given to the male waiter -Who in return gave her the same amount of attention.

“What would you guys be ordering today?” The blond waiter came, a note pad and pen in hand ready to scribble down the orders.

Everyone said what they had wanted, Bucky true to his words, had ordered the gold dish for three hundred, not even once flinching at how much his friend would be paying in expens to his day.   

“And you, princess?” The waiter bowed, then waited to write her order. “What shall the princess order today?”

“Honestly… I’ll just take a salad, I’m not that hungry.” Her blush adored her cheeks, rivaling the pink hue of her plump lips.

“Salad it is!” The waiter exclaimed. Running his pen over his ear. He waved, then walked back to the kitchen. The young lady’s gaze hadn’t even left his retreating figure. She was sure- just as much as Bucky and the rest- that the waiter had flirted with almost half the restaurant, but if her supposed 'Date’ wouldn’t give her the time of day, she could settle on the flirty waiter.

Once he had entered the kitchen, her gasp came short noticed, looking down at her lap, she found her water covering her dress with ice cubes littering the tiled ground.

“Sorry,” Bucky’s sly smirk didn’t go unnoticed once her gaze was turned to him. “Was reaching for the salt.” He pointed to the salt that was next to Steve… she didn’t do much, but the look Natasha and Steve shared was beyond confused.

Natasha was sitting across from (Y/N), Steve sitting across Bucky’s seat. The salt wasn’t even near his date. “Bucky… what’s going on…“

"Nothing,” He protested, watching as Natasha gave his date paper towels to clean herself.

“I’m so sorry Nat…” The girls eyes kept changing from the dress to the ginger, This was her dress after all!

Once she finished cleaning her red number, the waiter had came back with the dishes. Giving Steve his pasta, then Natasha her pasta and salad, and Bucky’s carrot good sprinkled dish. “I’ll be back with your salad.” True to his words, the blond waiter had came back with a salad. “Need a refill?” He asked, pointing to her water.

The young girl shook her head, then stood up once the waiter had left behind the kitchen again. “Hey, I have to leave.” The girl continued on to explain watching as her friends ate their food, “I have work, And it’s getting pretty late.” To further prove her point, the grandfather clock had chimed half past midnight, “Here is my share,” She took out a thirty bill and packed her salad to go. “See you soon, Nat, Steve it was amazing meeting you.” Like that, the young lady had turned around and left. Leaving an angry James fuming to himself.

She didn’t have enough time to hear her friends say anything else. Once she was out of the building, her legs took her over to the bench just across the street.

“Damn Nat…” The young girl joked to her self, taking Natasha’s high heels off. Then unpinning her hair from the crazy braid. “Your one crazy girl.” The brunet stated, gathering her things before walking barefoot to her apartments. Small droplets of water fell endlessly in a typical rhythm.

“Where are you going?”

She knew the jerk of a voice anywhere, she didn’t even need to turn around to know he was probably glaring at her childish behavior.

“Hey, sweetheart,” She didn’t even know it was possible to have so much sarcasm in two words, “I asked, where you headed.” His footsteps were much heavier, splashing against the puddles of water from the drizzling rain. “Doll-”

“My name is (Y/N).” She cut him short, stopping mid intersection. “I’m headed home, you should do the same.” Her reply was blank. Wanting nothing more but for him to leave her alone.

“That’s not cool, Darling, how you left your date-”

“Date!” She exclaimed, water droplets already soaking her dress to her body. Her salad and shoes were most likely wet as well. “You ignored me half the time, then dropped my water over my lap.”

“Well, then I have to make it up to you, Doll-”


“-(Y/N), I love the way your name sound, wonder what my name would sound like from between your lips-”

“Bucky leave me alone before I call Natasha.”

Like that, the bickering -soon to be couple-walked around New York City, with the rain hauling down on them.

“I Said leave me alone!”

“I can’t, I don’t want to third wheel Steve!”

“Then just go out with someone!”

“But I am!”

“Oh my gosh!”

“You know, that actually sounded sexy hot.”