The First anime: Gives character arcs to really minor characters, expend Lulubell, gives fillers about the dynamic of the science division, shows more domestic moments, sometimes misstep but overral try to expend the universe. Keeps the dark tone and the humorous one which is important since Allen points out in the manga they need to have fun and cheer up in order to handle the attrocities they’re living.Mostly keeps every lines as they can.

Hallow: Who are the Galmar? Who cares, move on! So we have a scene with Johnny and Komui on the boat, let’s give it to Lavi, people cares more about Lavi anyway. What do you mean this is supposed to be fun don’t you know there’s wAR and PLOT. wtf why do you want to see Kanda be worried about Marie GOTTA  G O FAST