So in love with my Dalek. Free pattern by Lucy Ravenscar. Its a difficult pattern but it worked out perfect. Using a hook size 4 instead of the 3,5 it turned out massive. Not 7" as the pattern said but 14" thats 34cm high. The Tardis is my own design

We have been talking about a fan related christmas tree for ever. My hubbie and daughter don’t like the traditional trees with the glass balls, and plastic is not my thing. But we all agreed on the fact that a fan related tree would be way to expencieve, because the ornaments are so high priced. So last year i made a bet with my hubbie after not putting up the tree do lack of time. ( it costs me 2 days every year to build it up and decorate, and it takes a full day to dismantle it and i worked 6 days a week) We made a bet that if i would manage to make enough fan related tree decorations and other not traditional items he will get the tree from the loft and put it up so i only have to decorate it. Gues who is going to lose his bet

A yarnstore for closure in hubbies moms town so we went there to day. Hoped to make a nice score for my stock but this was al i got. Its a very expencieve store with beautifull yarns, everything with wool or cotton, not a single pure acrylic yarn. But the prices way up and above normal store prices. So i only picked a few because with 20% off these “common yarns” were the only ones that were affortable. I told hubbies mom to keep an eye open for when the store goes into its last week and put the prices down further. I can’t afford skeins with 100 meters of yarn  that still cost €8,- to €20,- after a 20% discount. And i have to say those expencieve yarns looked wonderfull but felt like a cocos doormat so hard.