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About Touka, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on her unnatural selfless love and the foil with mutsuki. I was always thinking it was strange that her character developed so much off screen; do you think there is potential for more Touka character development? Also, what are your thoughts about her eventual death (will it get postponed at least for a while so her character develops more)?

What, who said anything about Touka dying?

A few characters developed a great deal offscreen between Tg and :Re. It happens in mostly believable ways, so I don’t think particularly even Touka’s example is surprising. Ayato went from this to this after all.

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I went to a 50th wedding anniversary not too long ago and it was definitely a memorable expeience. The two celebrants have been close friends of my family since before I was born. So I got to see a lot of familiar faces, eat lots of great food, and enjoy a lively night. There was a video presentation halfway through the celebration. It showed photos starting from their wedding day half a century ago to photos from birthdays, Christmas parties, family vacations and many memorable moments throughout their lifetime together. As these photos are fading in and out on the big screen the song ‘It Might By You’ by Kai is playing in the background. I don’t know if everyone is familiar with that song but the lyrics in the chorus are 'Something’s telling me it might be you, all of my life’. The video suddenly cuts to their vacation last month in Hawaii where they are renewing their vows. The video ends off with the minister telling the groom to kiss his bride with the Pacific Ocean and palm trees in the background. As the video comes to an end all you can hear throughout the crowd is people sniffling from tears of joy especially from the two celebrants followed by a loud applause from everyone.

I’m starting to really grasp what is actually meaningful in life to me. I’ve always had a vague idea of what that was but it’s started to really sink in now but I’m still learning as I go along. I grew up being taught that money is always number one by people in my life and society in general. As much as I enjoy making money, it’s not worth as much if you don’t have people to enjoy it with. It’s so much more valuable when you have loved ones who love you back to make memories that last a lifetime. Those memorable moments are absolutely priceless and no amount of money can buy that. My future wife and I will be lucky to reach our 25th wedding anniversary let alone our 50th wedding anniversary. I know not everyone will agree with this and to each their own but at least for me, that’s what life’s about.

—  T H E K H O O L H A U S 
The Lighting Thief Musical

Bring On The Monsters

this is the last song

holy shit guys 

“don’t feel bad ‘cuz we’re usually about to die”

“the sea doesn’t like to be restrained” guys

percys bring on the the real world’s are phenomenal

this that song where all the parts overlap

im shook

this musical was an expeience and i loved it so fucking much.

like the movies sucked and this was leagues above it it was loyal to the book and im guessing a lot of things happened out of song which i can understand that if you dont read the boos you wouldnt really understand but holy shit i loved this musical and its a blast of nostalgia im gonna go read the entire series again. i hope that they make the sea of monsters but they most likely wont but ican dream. holy sit i need to go to bed  but

10/10 would listen to again

To be a child character in YGO is an invitation to be brutally traumatized.

DM-Mokuba. you can’t tell me he’s NOT after all that-kid’s been kidnapped god knows how many times, had his soul ripped out, not to mention the shit he probably went through under Gozaburo’s care. He probably got off light in comparison to everyone else but still…

GX-There isn’t technically a child character, however Ed and Judai did have traumatic expeiences as kids-Ed finding his father’s dead body and Judai with the entire Yubel incident. And his was so bad he ended up having it blocked/erased from his memory.

5D’s-Rua and Ruka. Especially Rua-he was tortured into unconsciousness by Divine(while his sister watched helplessly), fought a Dark Signer on his own, nearly plunged to his death after his duel with Lucciano(which again, Ruka had to watch happen), then the fight with Aporia where he straight up dies and Ruka nearly dies. And don’t even get me started on the manga.

Zexal-Haruto. On top of whatever was afflicting him during the first season and everything done to him then(Tron you’re still an asshole for that), he ends up having to witness his brother die. On the moon. You can hear him screaming for his brother and god that scene is heart wrenching.

Arc V-Reira. He has severe PTSD due to having lived in a war zone at one point in his life and the events of the show are not helping this poor child at all.

Plus any of the kids within the Xyz dimension who somehow managed to survive that slaughter.

Yugioh, traumatizing children since 1996.

most common things i hear as an autistic person
  • “oh wow, i didn’t know you were autistic!”
  • “so does that mean you have no emotions?”
  • “but if you’re so smart how come you can’t do (subject)??”
  • “you don’t act like an autistic person :/”
  • “is that why you like a lot of childish things?”
  • “i understand you’re autistic, but you have to start liking grown-up things.”
  • “you should learn how to stop being so sensitive!!”
  • “high-functioning or low-functioning?”
  • “stop flapping your hands, it’s embarrassing!”
  • “I thought autistic people were smart.”
  • “so you’re retarded then?”
  • “go back to special needs.”
  • “why are you talking to us then? we’re not special needs.”
  • “erm, i thought autistics didn’t have empathy??”
  • “does that mean you have an obsession with trains?”
  • “it’s not THAT hard to understand!”

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This is just a question I like to ask other bi or pan people, but do you ever feel that there's a chance that loads of people are bi/pan? Like, a majority, that's it's a natural state not unlike many animals have shown, and that many people hide it?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying a majority, but I think a lot of people who expeience attraction to multiple genders might choose to just identify as gay or straight (especially if they have a strong preference for one gender over the other), because that tends to be easier.


I don’t even know what happened. I remember taking a huge hit off a huge bong and finishing my fourth cup of wine then the room started spinning. So of course me being an idiot. I decide to go for a walk to Bens house. Im paranoid as fuck and I keep thinking im going to float away so I move from one tree to the next holding on. Then I get to the cross walk and Im holding onto a lamp post because Im afraid a cars gonna hit me. I finally get to Bens and I collapse on his front yard and his mom drives me home. I get home. My family is not home they’re at a bbq so Im completely alone and I just start convulsing and getting sick. It  was so fucking scary. I like had no control of my body not even my own  fucking mind. Anyway it finally settles down after two hours and my mom comes home and she didn’t suspect a fucking thing. I got away with a weird/horrible experience. Plus I finally had the chance to be there for two very important individuals in my like and I fucked it up. So moral of the story is not to drink wine and smoke weed at the same time. Take breaks in between. 

Aggravation Rating: 7/10

Welcome back everybody! Who’s ready for some salt?

Quick update for everybody: I am now in college, hence the absence as I moved in and have been adjusting to my new course load and life in general. Now that the initial adjustment has been made I’ll be picking up reviews on a more “as available” basis. But let’s get into it shall we? Let’s talk about Meren!

Now the experience counter commanders were an interesting thing, and I know I’m more than late to the party here but I want to share my thoughts on Meren because I’ve had a bunch of expeiences (haha) with her that I think were less than enjoyable. Now it’s been a while so let’s see if I can remember how I do this. I start with stats right? Okay, Meren is a 4 mana ¾. That’s nothing to turn up your nose at. At 4 toughness, she survives combat pretty dang well, so investing in her for the first cast is not a huge tempo drop. Now, there’s plenty of commanders whose stats are more efficient, but there’s an important comparison I want to make later where this is a main facet. So we have a tolerable body on a relatively cheap mana cost. But as always the real frustration comes from the ability, so what’s wrong with Meren?

Well, for one thing, she has maybe the easiest ability of all the experience commanders to trigger to get counters. Death triggers are incredibly easy to abuse and generate in EDH. Hell, if you’re playing black and green you’re almost guaranteed to be playing some form of graveyard interaction anyways. Add in to that the number of creatures that can easily sacrifice themselves for value, such as Sakura Tribe Elder and Caustic Caterpillar (more on that later). Since experience counters remain on players indefinitely, the fact that Meren is so easy to trigger means she can easily begin to get her engine rolling, while the other experience commanders can be very hard to get going. But this doesn’t matter unless her ability is good right? So what does she do?

Here’s where my real frustration with her comes in. Unlike the other commanders who utilize experience counters, Meren doesn’t even need them to be an operational commander. Here’s the comparison I want to make. In my opinion, Mizzix of the Izmagnus is the most potentially broken of this cycle of commanders. Cost reduction effects are consistently broken and Mizzix has her share of absurd combos. But the thing about Mizzix is that she requires a good amount of setup and preparation to reach any utility whatsoever, and often doesn’t return dividends until a turn or two after you play her. Meren is different. Without instant speed removal, Meren is at the VERY least a 4 mana ¾ that returns a creature card to your hand. Given the number of utility creatures which Meren has access to, it’s more than likely that she will be able to return some value on her investment just by being played. This is a very important distinction to draw between broken and extremely powerful: Mizzix can be broken in her good scenarios and can often win the game with one good turn. But Meren is an engine in a card. In Mizzix’s worst case scenario, she does nothing. In Meren’s worst case scenario, she gets you value or just provides a decent body for the mana you spend.

And when we get into Meren’s best case scenario? Dear god. Again, Meren is a one card engine, providing either the ability to recast cards or straight up bringing them back for free. The number of games that I’ve played where I was locked out of the game by one target being recycled over and over again is higher than it has any right to be. It doesn’t even need to be something big like a huge threat creature. I’ve lost games entirely because rebuying a Caustic Caterpillar over and over again decimates my mana ramp, equipment, or utility enchantments. Games of EDH start out as races to establish a powerful base, and later become fights to maintain power and remain in the driver’s seat. This hinges on the fact that your opponents can’t have infinite removal… except with Meren, they can. Trying to win with artifact mana? Caustic Caterpillar hoses you for two mana per turn. Trying to win with a voltron strategy? Fleshbag Marauder says hello. A combo deck winning through spells? Good luck trying to get rid of the same hate creatures over and over again. Add in to this targets like Eternal Witness that widen the range of value to any card and you have an engine that requires no setup, provides instant value, and has a best case scenario that is easy to turn on and is practically game breaking for you.

My only reservations about Meren are that she depends on other cards to be powerful. Like any death trigger, she needs to come into play on a board that can supply her with triggers to feed off of. This isn’t particularly hard, but it is a consideration, and graveyard hate isn’t exactly uncommon in EDH metagames. In addition, Meren has proven to be a very efficient commander, but is much less broken than some of the other options for graveyard based strategies. Commanders like Karador offer more broken options in more polarized ways than Meren, in much the same way Mizzix offers more potential to be explosively broken. Meren’s efficiency however makes her a target of constant removal, and the major weakness of the experience commanders is that they have to remain in play for a while to maintain their value (Meren circumvents this a bit as I mentioned, but she still does want to stay alive for a while).

Overall my frustrations with Meren stem from the fact that unlike the other experience commanders, she will almost always get value just for being played, which to me counteracts the idea of what the experience counters mean. I hope you guys enjoyed my first review back, here’s to more to come!