expedition sweater

Victor/Yuri: Your Love Is More Than Worth Its Weight In Gold

Five times Victor and Yuri kiss after the Grand Prix Final, and one time it leads to more. 3.5K.

The dress code for Phichit’s holiday party is somewhat of a cultural shock for Victor. “Why ugly sweaters?” he tilts his head, glancing up from the invite open on his phone. “You had parties like this in Detroit?”

Yuri chuckles as he towels his hair dry. “Yeah, they’re pretty popular actually,” he says, meandering toward the bed to sit beside Victor. Letting the towel hang loose around his neck, he rests his cheek against Victor’s shoulder. “The point is just being silly with all of your friends. Phichit’s sweaters were always a hit.”

“Yeah?” Victor ruffles his hair, uncaring that it’s damp from a recent shower.

“Mm,” Yuri leans into the touch. “He even won a gift card at our campus bookstore.”

“There are prizes?” Victor asks curiously, his ears perking up with interest.

“Not always,” Yuri shrugs, “but I won’t be surprised if Phichit planned something.” He pulls back slightly to study Victor’s face, noting the determination crossing his features. Their tightknit circle is nothing if not  competitive, after all. “Do you want me to help-”

Victor’s already on Amazon.

They end up expediting two sweaters to Barcelona since Yuri’s is packed in a box halfway across the world, and much to Yuri’s consternation, they’re a matching pair – “A couple look!” Victor says. Each has a Santa that’s tangled in lights with bulbs that turn on with a switch on the sleeve. Mr. Claus is embroidered along the hem and Victor seems gleeful at how obnoxious they are. 

“This is outstanding,” he holds his up, smiling like a kid, all sunshine and charm.

It’s infectious and Yuri can’t help but mirror it back with a grin of his own.

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