Portrait of myself as Frida Kahlo.
Painted May 2015 by Lina Garay, inspired by an original piece from Frida Kahlo 1940.

theovercookedrunt asked:

Yo Dot, wanna ditch class and go get something to eat?

For once Lapis didn’t even catch us… immediately. Took us a while to figure out what they wrote on there, too… theovercookedrunt

“project voicebend just keeps getting better and better! they animate their own stuff sometimes and their production value went like way up KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”

haaa aahaha hA AHAA H

No major expectations

I am going into this weeks Arrow Episode 3x22 with little expectations. Well, I do have my theories on what is going on with Oliver and company but that is about it. lol I am just going to sit back and watch it all unfold and see where it takes me. I am actually excited to see what happens next. Bring it Arrow!