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In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, we are all faced with uncertainty about our future. Minorities’ basic rights, that were obtained through many struggles, are now at stake.
Now more than ever, it is important to know how to be an ally.

Allyship won’t be cut down to “listen and educate” anymore: we need to protect those who don’t have the privilege of not fearing for their lives from now on. We have to expect violence.
Following the model of my first guide about how to help when witnessing Islamophobia, here is a guide on how to be an ally to minorities in general: POCs, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, people with mental illness… for everyone whose life and choices are threatened by these dark times, you can apply these 4 steps.
Of course, the recommendations I made in the first guide remain applicable to any kind of harassment, too.
I hope it’s clear and can be shared easily, I wanted to make sure you could understand everything quickly. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

Please, take care of each other. If we don’t have any support in the authorities, we must at least have each other, and stand strong in the face of adversity. I believe in you.

Godspeed. 💞

Getting back into the swing of digital art after a month of inktober with some Rick scribs.

Can you pinpoint the exact moment I stopped listening to Hurt and Do You Feel It on loop and started watching Achievement Hunter?

(*≧▽≦)   hq!! ot3+ week day 2: roommates!!


how can a wanted traitor of a huge, and fashionable, crime syndicate stay out of their clutches? awful, awful 90s fashion no one would expect model status shiho miyano and shinichi kudo to be caught dead in 

companion to @edorazzi ‘s incredible tie dye disaster shinichi ! i feel like i should apologize to shiho…


Look who’s back! 5/10 of my Kacchako cosplay series! This time it’s meihem! 

This was a bit harder to do than the previous. Blizzard knows how to pack some crazy strong detail in their character design. Also anime characters tend to be simpler because of industry expectations. 3D models however, can have a ton of tiny nuances that you just can’t ignore. I couldn’t even start working on it until like 4 days ago because LIFE, but I’m back and I plan to finish this series soon! 

Most people scrunch up their nose at the thought of this pairing and honestly, idfk you guys it snuck up on me! Kinda like Kacchako did, and the reactions to both of these ships in their respective fandoms tend to be full of drama lol. The fanart for Meihem is so good though *sobs* and I really like the idea of Mei not being scared or intimidated by Junkrat and basically telling him to fuck right off, and him having this very new desire to win her over and prove he’s not so bad. He’d be “going legit” as he’d say. Basically, I don’t think that first impressions should always be lasting ones :) I feel like they come from two different worlds and that should be considered. And I like the way the fandom writes their banter, and how Jamison learns compassion and loyalty while Mei learns to let loose and be a bit reckless sometimes. I believe in second chances and character growth on both sides, so pairs like this always intrigue me! 

Other pairs in this series: Inukag   Fuugen  Zutara   Soma 

Thanks for sticking with me! Next up is KYORU (Kyo/Tohru from Fruits Basket!) you guys i’m cryin just remembering my Fruits Basket days ok i love them so much omg

Sending endless love to tall girls whose bodies dont conform to the expected standards for models and are therefore classified as “manly” or made fun of in any other derogatory connotation i love all of you and you are beautiful and special


Keyblade Trio Hogwarts Houses
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to what extent are deviations from expectations allowed before you’re “misrepresenting the disorder”?

(under most circumstances, i’d say “fuck the idea that you can misrepresent your disorder” and “medical descriptions rarely account for all the ways that neurodivergence can present itself”, but when we’re quite happy not claiming it as “our disorder”, and especially when it’s a disorder as concerned with representation as DID?)

- Ace

Douglas Booth photographed by Thomas Cookey for Wonderland February/March 2015

JB Imagine - Pranking (Fake Dating)

A/N : Hey guys hope you enjoy it, let me know if I should do a part two or sequel ? Be sure to follow and like for more. Also feel free to request one for yourself. Much love .xx

You and Justin have been fake dating for 4 months. It’s still something you can’t take in and well we can say neither can he. You’re probably questioning as to why is it something he can’t take in ? Well, Justin was expecting a model or famous type of girlfriend in which that definitely wasn’t you. You both had met by Hailey, after seeing years later since highschool and you moving. Who would have thought you would meet up again on a plane. Everyone loved you, as in Scooter, Za, Ryan and the rest of Justin’s friends along with his family. I guess your bubbly personality worked the charm on everyone except for Justin.

It was a hot sunny day out in LA. It was the perfect day for non other than a swim had I thought as I was interrupted from my daydreaming by my phone ringing. Surprisingly it was Ryan. He only calls me unless it’s something serious because other than that matter we speak everyday so this must be important. “Hey Ryan” I said happily. “Hey Y/N, I have something important to tell you so listen up” he said. “Thought as much. Go ahead” I said getting curious by the minute.

“Okay since I’m your best friend and I thought I should tell you this because it would be even funnier. Justin is on his way and he intends to prank you” He said excitedly. “Go on..” i said wanting to hear more. “So play it cool when he comes and backfire his prank” he said. “Consider it game on. I’m so going to post this on my channel. I have to go set up. Thanks for telling me Ryan aha you’re the best” I said as I quickly hung up.

I went to my room to grab 2 cameras in which I setted up in the house in order to catch footage of our prank. I didn’t forget the thought of wanting to swim. I grabbed my neon pink triangl bikini, threw on my floral kimono and headed to the pool with my phone to keep me occupied along with my sunglasses.

I layed down on the sunbed in the partial shade area and checked my instagram. 10 minutes later, guess who drops by…?

I didn’t dare turn my gaze towards him and instead pretended his presence wasn’t here. “Hey Y/N” I turned around to see that Ryan had tagged along with Justin. I guess he’s going to witness this go down. Justin rarely spoke to me because well I’m his fake girlfriend and the only time we talk is when were forced to. In which does hurt me because even though I may be acting for him, deep down I’m actually in love with him though I doubt he’d feel the same.

“Oh hey Ryan. It’s so good to see you” i said as I stood up to hug him. I swear I could see a sting of jealousy in Justin, probably because I’m just in this bikini or maybe… Nah I don’t think so. “Same here” he said. He then winked at me as I sat down and he sat next to me on my left. My gaze had then met Justin’s presence and in which shall I say I was thankful that I was wearing sunglasses so he could barely see me look at him because he was shirtless in just joggers and nike high tops. That was enough to kill me.

“Uhh hey Y/N can we talk” he asked as he rubbed the back of his neck. Game on. “Yeah sure” I said as I locked my phone and sat upwards to face him sitting on the sunbed on my right. “Okay so I have no idea how to say this but..” he trailed. “But what Justin ?” I asked curiously as to what was his idea of pranking me. “Okay just here me out alright? ” he said playing it as if he did something wrong. Ain’t working babe thanks to Ryan. “Okay so 2 weeks ago remember when we went out for my birthday to that new club ?” he said. “Yeah…What about it ?” I trailed. “Well, uhh I got drunk and I guess so was Hailey.. We ended up doing it and now she think she’s pregnant” he said trying to sound serious. Really ? Of all people he uses Hailey ? That too of all things saying she’s pregnant ?

“Are you fricking serious ?” I questioned. Time for my backfire. He nodded his head as he looked down. “OMG. Okay good than I don’t have to feel bad. We’re even now” I said smiling at my remark as i let out a sigh of relief as I stood up to head to the kitchen. Footsteps were following me and so the fun begins.

“Wait. What do you mean even ? What did you do ?” He asked getting pissed and curious at the same time. I opened the fridge to get myself a bottle of water as I turned to him. “Well my stories a bit similar. Anyways remember like last week or so I told you I went to Cameron and Nash’s apartment to film a video for my channel ?” I asked. “Yeah…” he trailed. “Well while Cameron and I started making the video like towards the end or so we didn’t actually complete the video though uhh instead we may have had a makeout session and uhh we also did it” I said plainly trying not to laugh.

“And ?” He questioned. “Justin. I think I may be pregnant” I said serious. “Are you being serious right now ?” He questioned tensed. “Yeah Justin. I’m so sorry. I know we’re dating and everything, we both screwed up but I’m sure we can work this out” I said trying to convince him into the prank. “No we can’t Y/N. What the fuck man ? This was all supposed to be a prank and you’re telling me you’re fucking pregnant with some shitty Youtubers kid ?” He said with jealousy clear in his voice. Ryan must so be enjoying the front row watch. Justin then walked off running his fingers through his hair roughly. Oh my gosh even when he’s mad he looks hot.

“Oh come on Justy. We can work this out” I said as I wrapped my arms around him which was a first of me in which he was probably shocked of my actions. “No we can’t Y/N. You have no idea how fucked this is right now. This was all supposed to be a prank” he said as he left my embrace and walked back to the pool area where he last sat.

“Okay Justin” I said as I sat in front of him trying to gain his attention. I then did my next unexpected move and sat on his lap which was also another first for me. “Justin. Listen to me. I have something else important to tell you ?” I said as I lifted his chin. “Can this get any worse ?” He asked as he made eye contact with me. “I think it may..” i said as I lowered my head. “Okay just tell me what is it ?” He said sadly. “Justin..You’ve just been pranked by your own girlfriend” I shouted in his face as I got up to high five Ryan. “Thanks Ry” I said as we both turned to Justin to see his reaction. “Remind me again as to what made me all of a sudden fall for you ?” He murmured to himself.

chrissyteigen: John and I are happy to announce that we are pregnant :) As many of you know, we’ve been trying to have a baby for a while now. It hasn’t been easy, but we kept trying because we can’t wait to bring our first child into the world and grow our family. We’re so excited that it’s finally happening. Thank you for all your love and well wishes. I look forward to all the belly touching! Xx