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The Founders, Explained With Gifs

George Washington: 

John Adams:

Alexander Hamilton:

Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

Thomas Paine:

John Hancock:

John Jay:

Paul Revere

Patrick Henry

Abigail Adams:

Aaron Burr:

Richard Henry Lee:

Albert Gallatin

Sam Adams:

Benjamin Franklin:

Raoul/Christine Headcanons

Christine really likes the way Raoul looks in his Navy uniform

They move to a home on a lake and Raoul teaches her how to swim

Christine attempts to teach Raoul to sing in return but it quickly becomes clear he cannot carry a tune.

But secretly she thinks it’s adorable when she catches him singing badly to himself when he thinks he’s alone

Christine tries her very best to knit Raoul a scarf but it ends up three times too long. He wears it anyway though to please her and because he loves it

When the motorcar is available commercially Raoul hastens to buy one because he thinks it’s the coolest thing but Christine refuses to get into his “death machine”

Once she does though she decides she loves it too and insists on learning how to drive it

And then Raoul can’t get her to let him drive

When she gets pregnant Raoul is the type of expecting father who tells the baby stories when he thinks Christine is sleeping but really she is trying super hard not to smile

I have a lot of feelings about them. I could go on forever.


January 20, 1997

Kip is a fourteen-year-old boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He was adequately groomed and casually dressed in a green sweatshirt, black corduroy pants and a black leather jacket. He was oriented as to person, place and time with no evidence of delusional thinking or other thought disorder symptoms. His attention and concentration were adequate for interview purposes. His speech was logical, coherent and goal-directed He was initially sullen but became more cooperative as the interview progressed. He became tearful when discussing his relationship with his father. He reported his mother views him as a “good kid with some bad habits” while his father sees him as “a bad kid with bad habits.” He feels his father expects the worst from him and was not supportive of counseling because of the expense and his belief that it will not be helpful. Kip reported he often feels angry but does not know why he feels this emotion. Kip reported he makes explosives from gasoline and other household items and detonates them at a nearby quarry to vent feelings of anger. He denies intent to harm people or property. If he has a “bad day” at school, he feels better after detonating an explosive. I cautioned Kip that gasoline is very dangerous and advised he not use it for such purposes. When asked with whom he can talk about personal issues he identified his friends and, to a lesser degree, his mother. He cannot discuss his feelings with his father for fear he will become angry with him. He feels he has little in common with his parents and finds talking to them difficult. He is receptive to ongoing therapy. Occasionally tearful when discussing his relationship with his father. Kip is very angry and vents this anger by antisocial acting-out and detonating explosives. He is at risk for accidentally harming himself or others with explosives. He is also high risk for continued antisocial behavior. He is angry toward his father whom he regards as very critical of him and has inadequate strategies for venting this anger. A See in one week with a focus on appropriate strategies for managing anger and improving communication between Kip and his parents.

January 27, 1997

Good week. Temper under good control. Bill making a strong effort to be more positive with Kip and they had a good talk yesterday. No further use of explosives or playing with weapons. Feels less angry and is pleased with his father’s efforts. Less angry and less depressed. See in three weeks.

February 26, 1997

Faith reports Kip is doing very well. Kip is feeling less angry and recently achieved a 104% in math class. He met with Dr. Crumbley this morning who assigned thirty-two hours of community service will require he write an apology letter to owner of car he hit with a rock and pay for damage to car ($50.00). No prosecution planned though, if he is arrested within six months, he will be prosecuted for this event and the rock throwing Faith feels Bill is making an effort to be more positive with Kip though he sometimes continues to add a negative comment after praising Kip. Kip predicts he will be able to stay out of trouble in the future. He is not practicing specific techniques for managing anger Suggested he consider riding his bike, running, shooting baskets or tearing old magazines(old phone books or newspapers) when angry.  Good effort by Kip to manage anger. He continues to feel depressed several days per week but denies suicidal ideation.

April 30, 1997

Kip and Faith in. Kip angry and upset about two suspensions in the past week. Last week he was suspended for two days for kicking a peer in the head after this boy has shoved him. Kip is angry that the other boy, who started the altercation, was not punished. Yesterday, Kip was suspended for three days for throwing a pencil at another boy. The teacher, Mr. Boom, saw this as an assault, therefore the three-day suspension. Both Kip and Faith have questions about how these incidents were handled by school personnel. Recommended parents consult with school officials, perhaps  Mr. Nelson, to inform them of how much progress Kip has made and show them the excellent grades and positive teacher comments from this past term. Kip may have overreacted but feels unfairly treated by school officials. It is important he feels supported by his parents and that school personnel acknowledge his improved behavior and performance.

June 02, 1997

Behavior under good control but his mother is concerned he seems too cynical and disinterested in participating in Summer camps. His father continues to make a strong effort to reach-out to Kip and to be positive with him. Discussion with Faith about possible use of antidepressants. She agrees Kip is having ongoing difficulty with depression symptoms and is receptive to considering a trial of an antidepressant. Kip reports, “Eating is like a chore.” He complains that food doesn’t taste good. He often feels bored and in irritable. He feels tired upon awakening most mornings. He reports there is nothing to which he is looking forward. He denies suicidal ideation, intent or plan of action.

June 18, 1997

PROBLEM: Depression. DATA: Dr. Geisler started him on Prozac 20 mg. A.M. twelve days ago. He is sleeping better and there have been no temper outbursts. Kip is taking the Prozac as prescribed and reports no side-effects. His father is making a good effort to spend time with him and Kip is pleased with this change. ASSESSMENT: Kip appears less depressed though it is certainly too early to assess the usefulness of the Prozac. PLAN: See in three weeks.

July 09, 1997

PROBLEM: Depression. DATA: Faith in with Kip. He missed two days of Prozac while camping with friends but is generally taking it as prescribed. She reports he is less irritable and generally in a better mood with no temper outbursts. His energy remains low but he is sleeping well and his appetite is normal. He is getting long well with his parents and his father continues to make efforts to spend time with him. ASSESSMENT: Kip appears less depressed and is generally doing well. PLAN: See in three weeks.

July 30, 1997

PROBLEM: Depression. DATA: Kip continues to do well. He is taking Prozac 20 mg. A.M. daily with no sideeffects. He does not appear depressed and denies depression symptoms. His mother reports his moods have generally been quite good. He recently returned from a family reunion in San Diego and was very well behaved and seemed to have a good time.

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*slides trope over* Panicky Expectant Father?

put a fanfic trope in my inbox and I will tell you:

  • how likely I am to write it - *picks trope up off table* ……SWEET MOTHER.OF.CRAP. *clutches trope to my chest* 

  • what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for -McHanzo of mcfrikin course. Whether it’s adoption or surrogacy, there’s a waiting period in which both Hanzo and Jesse nearly drive themselves and each other crazy with anticipation. They both go down the whole “i’m not good enough of a person to be a dad”/”i don’t know how to be a dad omg what if i fuck this up?”/”my dad sucked i don’t want to be a sucky dad”/”i killed my brother-fatherhood does not sound like a good plan” downwards spiral. But they want to be fathers, so bad that it hurts, and now they’ve got one on the way so there’s no turning back now. “Since when’ve we ever backed away from a challenge?” Jesse coos one night, brushing lose graying strands from his husband’s eyes, watching the emotion behind them change from worried to resolved. Over the wait time, they work together to heal from those old wounds and seek help from the other parents of Overwatch (Ana cannot wait to be a grandma and showers them with almost too much affection and advice, and Torbjorn actually offers some great insight and support as well. Everyone else reassures them they’ll have plenty of crazy Aunties and Uncles to help).
    Hanzo starts collecting books that the others recommend, Jesse starts building a crib, they sit down with baby name lists every night at dinner -scratching off, adding new -the kid was going to have quite a mouthful enough of a name as it was. A
    nd then,
    the day comes… and they meet Baby Shimada-McCree Jr., and the whole world stops. 

    They can do this.

TL;DR: that baby is raised with all the love, support and care of a big loving misfit-family, and two very, very good dads.

JJ stating that Rey will find the belonging she wants, but not in the way she expects, doesn’t automatically mean she’s being thrown into a romance or she isn’t being reunited with her blood family.

Do you think Rey expects her father to be the mythical Jedi Master Luke Skywalker? Do you think Rey expects her uncle to be the infamous smuggler Han Solo? Do you think Rey expects her aunt to be the leader of the Resistance? Or her cousin to be a leader of the vicious First Order? Do you think she really expects any of that? No, of course not. All of these characters, these images of myths she thought were fictional yet she idolized as childhood heroes, never crossed her mind as being real, let alone related to her. She just wanted her family to come back, and to live a normal life of love and belonging. She didn’t think she was anything special. She didn’t think these issues between the First Order and Resistance affected a lonely scavenger on Jakku; it turns out, she’s directly in the middle of it all! 

Rey finding the belonging she seeks, but not in the way she expected, doesn’t mean the belonging isn’t with her blood family; it means she didn’t expect her blood family to be the very stories she thought were myths and legends. Honestly, how much more fairy tale can you get? 


“So, let me get this straight,” Frank, your father, said, gesturing between you and your girlfriend. He pointed at Wanda. “You’re a Avenger… that can move things with your mind?”

Wanda nodded in response. “I can also create forcefields and shoot some kind of… magic, if you will, from my hands.”

You were expecting your father to be mad, but instead, he just smiled. “That’s awesome.”

Oh, God, I’m a cliché,” he said in despair. “Why do I care? If Dad decides he hates me because I’m not straight, he’s not worth the pain, right?”
“Don’t look at me,” said Jace. “My adoptive father was a mass murderer. And I still worried about what he thought. It’s what we’re programmed to do. Your dad always seemed pretty great by comparison.”
“Sure, he likes you,” said Alec. “You’re heterosexual and have low expectations of father figures.”
“I think they’ll probably put that on my gravestone. ‘He Was Heterosexual and Had Low Expectations.’ 
—  City of Heavenly Fire
A new perspective into Han’s death scene , how he will impact Ep VIII + IX and what really motivated Kylo to kill his father

Han’s death scene has always been confusing to me. I felt like JJ was trying to allude to multiple things that lay just below the surface, but I could never quite understand what they were. However, it has finally all clicked together and the result is this post, where I will be taking an in-depth look at Han’s death (frame by frame) and how it will impact Kylo Ren during the future episodes. 

The first thing I want to make clear is that Kylo Ren did not expect to see his father there. In fact, he was actively trying to avoid speaking to him, even though he could feel his presence. This means that everything that follows was not premeditated, but completely a spur of the moment, with both Han and Kylo earnestly reacting to each other respectively. JJ confirms this in his recent commentary, although I have only seen short clips of it.

I’m going to skip to where I think the dialogue and acting becomes more than self-explanatory.

When Han says “come home, we miss you”, this is the first time we hear not Han’s words, but Leia’s. This is actually what causes Kylo to break down and finally be honest with his father. There is evidence in the movie that Kylo still cares for his mother, although it is fleeting (he does not want Snoke to use the starkiller weapon on the resistance base). It’s important to notice here that Han does not believe that Leia’s wishes can come true. He is saying these words out of obligation. Don’t get me wrong, he wishes that he could be optimistic like her, but in his heart of hearts, he knows that this is only wishful thinking (look at his concerned face when Leia says “bring him home”).

There is a long pause before Kylo speaks, and it is during this time that Kylo realizes that there is only one way to confirm whether his father is earnest about taking him home and starting again. He is sad because he is afraid of rejection once again. If you have read my previous post concerning Luke, then you know that in my mind, Kylo was betrayed before by Luke. He decides that he must test his father’s loyalty here, because he cannot bear being betrayed again. It’s not about killing Han in order to finally be part of the dark side, although this might be part of it. Personally, my perspective has changed and I think it’s a lot more intimate than that.

At this point, I just want to say that Kylo and Han’s perspectives change. So what may be true for one character is not necessarily true for the other. I just want to make that clear before we drive into the rest of this, quite frankly, extremely complicated scene.

Kylo says that he knows what he has to do. I believe that he is referring to the decision he must make in order to fully commit to the dark side, finally severing himself from Ben Solo. It may also mean him killing Han in order to do this but he is hesitant. There is a part of him which wonders whether he should accept the light and return. But he doesn’t know if that’s possible.

He needs Han to confirm whether it is or isn’t, thereby solidifying both of their fates.

Kylo asks if his father will help him and Han replies yes, anything. Kylo looks at his father as Ben Solo, unsure of how his father will respond to what he is about to do.

When Kylo pulls out his lightsaber, he is testing his father’s loyalty. He wants to see whether Han will take the lightsaber. From Kylo’s perspective, he wants to see whether his father will freely accept that he must kill his own son.

Yes, that is what I think is actually going on here.

You see, if Kylo just wanted to kill his father, he wouldn’t have offered him his lightsaber. Kylo wants Han to decide his son’s destiny. He wants Han to show him which side of the force he really belongs to. The reason he gives up his own freedom of choice, his independence, is, I think, because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for the crimes he has committed. He is selfish and scared, full of regret and remorse which is why he feels ‘torn apart’ and ‘pain’. So if Han chooses for him then he can justify his turning to dark side as him, ‘having no choice’.

When Han readily takes hold of it, so quickly and easily, from Kylo’s perspective, he sees this as confirmation that his father means to kill him, because it is the only way to ‘save’ him. In other words, it finally confirms to Kylo, that his father believes he cannot be saved. Kylo sees that he cannot return to the past and be as he was, as Ben Solo. That door really has closed. He needed his father to confirm this to him.

The minute Han’s hand grabs hold of the lightsaber, we cut to seeing the light disappear. I’d just like to take a moment to talk about lightsabers in TFA. Whenever a lightsaber is touched in this movie, it symbolizes change. With Rey, it symbolized how she had left one world and entered another. Here, the same thing is happening.

Han taking hold of the lightsaber symbolizes, to Kylo, that he can never return to the light, that he can never return to his parents. It is crucial to see that he needs confirmation in order to finally commit himself to the dark side. In his mind, he has no choice because he can only be either Ben Solo or Kylo Ren, and his own father finally confirms that he can no longer be Ben Solo. This makes him able to commit the most terrible of crimes and decide to be Kylo Ren.

Going deeper still, there’s a very good tv series called Penny Dreadful, and in it they show different types of love, which is very relevant here.

Kylo, I think, sees it this way. I think he knows that his parents love him really, on a sub-conscious level. But while his mother would do anything to save him, he believes subconsciously that Han loves him in a different way. He loves him enough to kill him.

So Kylo kills his father, believing that Han has betrayed him, or rather, made him realize that there was no choice, and that he really was no longer his son but the enemy.

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But that’s only Kylo’s perspective.

Now here’s Han’s perspective, and why his death is going to be so crucial in the upcoming episodes.

Han is surprised that Kylo takes out the lightsaber but he looks at kylo with a little relief and he sees it as a symbol of surrender. So from Han’s perspective, he takes hold of the lightsaber as acceptance of that fact. Almost as if saying ‘let’s go home.’

The light dies, and we see that Kylo is looking at his father as if Han has confirmed something to him. We see the darkness and resignation in his eyes. We even see anger and disappointment (you can almost imagine Kylo thinking, you really would kill me. You really would abandon me again). Han is confused and concerned because he doesn’t understand what has just transpired. 

We get the close-up of the hands. This is showing the inner conflict between the different perspectives. Han realizes that Kylo is not letting go and there is a moment where he seems to finally register what Kylo meant by ‘help me’ and the real reason why he pulled out his lightsaber. He meant “are you willing to kill me”. Han realizes too late his mistake.

This is what makes this scene truly tragic. Miscommunication and misunderstanding, something which plagues every parent when it comes to their children. I know this is on a totally different scale, and again, you can say that I have read this scene entirely wrong, but I believe that’s what’s really going on here.

Kylo says “thank you”, as if he has finally gotten the truth, and we cut to seeing Han’s expression, which is that of dismay and shock at how blind his son is towards the real truth. It’s not just pure surprise; it’s his realization that his son is completely ignorant of the most important thing of all.

With his last strength, he lifts his hand in order to try and convey to his son that he has misunderstood. You see pain and anguish on Han’s face. Not just that he is dying or that his son has killed him. But because his son failed to understand him. Failed to understand that he was accepting him, despite everything that he had done. The most important thing to Han, in that moment, is to prove to Kylo one thing.

That last touch between father and son, to me, reads this way. Han is trying to say this: I would never betray you this way. I would never kill you, you are my son. I am sorry that I ever gave you reason to think that I would. I forgive you. I love you. 

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Kylo is devoid of emotion, because he doesn’t register what Han is attempting to convey. In that moment, he does not realize that he has made a colossal mistake.

It’s only after Han falls that Kylo seems to, on a completely sub-conscious level mind, register a little of what his father meant. It’s only a moment however, and soon his attention turns to Rey and Finn. He feels immense anger, and eventually takes it out on them, but this anger actually comes from the fact that, on a subconscious level, he knows that his father would never have killed him, and also, that he has lost perhaps the only person who was more loyal to him than to the jedi or resistance (unlike his uncle).

I believe that Kylo will eventually realize what really transpired on the bridge and how much his father loved him and that will change his perspective on his father but also about the possibility of returning to the light, and how he actually always had a choice.

If you haven’t yet seen my other post about Kylo and the jedi massacre, please take a look at that and then this post. Also take a look at the scene again after reading this and tell me what you think, what you agree and disagree with.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please like and re-blog! :D:D:D

And here’s a cute picture of BB-8 to cheer you up, cos’ I am feeling heavy and depressed after writing all of this haha!

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KND Top 10 Favorite Characters

#5) Benedict Wigglestein  Uno, Jr. (Father) 

Hands down the best and most intimidating villain in the KND series goes to Benedict Uno aka Father. Just hearing his name would give me shivers when I watch this as a kid. He was the perfect main antagonist to the Kids Next Door. He represented the corrupt and unfairness Adults placed on Kids. Father was all sass and power (which I loved and feared). His VA (Maurice LaMarche) is a genius. Father has to have one of the best and unique voices on the show. If CN greenlights G:KND and if Father will be in it, I hope they get the original VA, because I can’t imagine no other voice fitted for the role. I never expected to sympathize Father until I watched Operation Z.E.R.O and saw his origins. Neglectful and abusive fathers tend to create the evil in their children. I found it interesting that our main character Numbuh 1 is related to our main bad guy (though the Uncle and Nephew conflicts have been played out before) and I wished we saw more of that relationship after the reveal. Overall Father is my favorite villain and is a dynamic character that deserves to make my top 10. 

P.S Remember Sector Z :(