I found the most amazing thing at a thrift store today

This guy!  He was only 59 cents which was so worth finding out what exactly it was

He looks like a new friend to me

more potential new friends!


he came with this package I wasn’t sure what to expect

I definitely didn’t expect 2 of the tiniest glowsticks

tiny glowsticks for a tiny rave

so I figured out you’re supposed to put the glowsticks inside him

cute friend

best friend


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PROMP: you and Chris have been best friends for years, but the jealousy can bring a lot of things out.

PAIRING; Christoffer Schistad x reader



‘’Earth calls y/n’’

Eva’s voice interrupted the stream of your thoughts.

‘’Eva, sorry, I was not listening’’

You apologize a bit embarrassed, you were very distracted. Christoffer Schistad was staring at you from the other side of the room, his eyes fixed on your figure, his lips curved in a smirk, typical of him. You had been his best friend for years by now, but something was in the air in the last period and you were dying to find out what was that.

‘’Too busy talking with your best friend, I don’t know how you two can do this’’

Eva was staring at Chris too, the drink in her hands almost finished and her lipstick on the edge of the glass.

‘’Do what?’’

You asked while pushing a boy definitely too drunk away from you. The room was filled with people, the pre-drinks at William’s place were always crowded and loud, and you loved it.

‘’Are you fucking kidding me, y/n? You two speak each other with your eyes, everybody can see it’’

Said Eva, her eyes fixed on you. Before you could answer, someone touched your shoulder.

‘’Plus, William is included in this strange magic’’

Said Vilde, taking part in the conversation, you just shrugged your shoulders but a smile appeared on your face. It was true, you couldn’t deny it: you, Chris and William were a trio, an unbreakable bounding had been connecting the three of you for years, you were simply best friends.
You were their age and, when the boys started to invite Eva’s group to the parties, you immediately became friend with them.
In that moment, William attracted your attention: he was smiling at you vividly while Noora was dancing with him. You smiled back, knowing what he meant: he was happy to show you that, finally, he managed to make Noora his girlfriend. You couldn’t be more satisfied with that, you were well aware of how much your best friend wanted to be with that amazing girl so you soon started to ship them.
You turned your face toward Chris and he was still staring at you, his hair a bit messy and a beer in his left hand; he moved his head in a way to make you understand that he wanted you to go to him. Before you could take a step, someone spilled a cold drink on your leg. You turned around with all the intentions of yelling at that idiot but what you saw made you stop: and handsome boy, probably younger than you, with blue eyes was staring at you and looking not so sorry.

‘’I’m so clumsy, my apologies’’

Said the boy putting a hand on his chest, his voice woke you up from the surprise.

‘’Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal’’

You said with your flirty voice. It was not hard for you, to get what you wanted. Being the boys’ best friend it was quite usual to be with the Penetrators for you, so you just learned all the tricks to be a fuckgirl. Someone in school also used to say that you were a female version of Chris, but, unlike him, you never used to be presumptuous about it.

‘’How can I make amend?’’

Asked the boy, you faked a shy smile but you took his hand and started to walk away from the people.


Chris’ voice made you turn while you were on the stairs; you looked the boy at your left and then you smiled in triumph at your best friend. He inspired and then nodded, he seemed quite disappointed. You were so confused by his reaction that you almost had the temptation to go to him and ask what the hell was going on, but the boy you were with started to walk toward an empty room.

‘’Shall we?’’

He asked with a mesmerizing smile, you smiled back and he took it as a ‘yes’. William’s room was almost your room because of the great amount of time you had spent in it, watching movies and talking with him and Chris.
Chris. His face was all you kept thinking about during all the time that the boy kissed you, your body pushed against the wall and his hands on your ass. He was a good kisser, nothing to say about it, but you were not involved.
‘y/n, what is wrong with you?!’ You yelled at yourself internally while the boy was torturing your neck with bites and kisses.


You couldn’t handle it any longer; the boy stopped kissing you and looked at you in disbelief and confusion.

‘’I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well, to much alcohol’’

You lied, he shook his head.

‘’I thought you were the biggest fuckgirl in town’’

He said, disappointment and irritation in his voice, you almost laughed, you knew how to deal with the assholes; you pushed him back, opened the door and, before leaving the room, you turned toward him with your most polite smile.

‘’My dear, I’m just not interested in fucking you’’

You said, he didn’t say a word while you were coming back to the party. Your eyes were searching for your best friend. The party was almost at the end, the house was quite empty and people were too high or drunk to even talk.

‘’Will, have you seen Chris?’’

You asked to him, your best friend gave a quick look around and then looked at you.

‘’He probably left, he said he was tired’’

He answered, you nodded and hugged him, was time to go for you too.

‘’I can drive you home’’

Offered William, you freed yourself from the embrace and gave him a kiss on his check.

‘’Don’t worry, Jacob said that he will drive me.’’

You reassured him, Jacob was one of the Penetrators boys you were closer with, even if you used to get along with them all.
While you were saying goodnight to the girls and Jacob was driving you home you couldn’t stop thinking that Chris seemed so strange that night, you tried to keep him away from your mind but it was practically impossible.



You called your best friend at the end of the school day, he seemed to be in rush.


He answered turning to you, his voice was quite bored.

‘’You left yesterday’’

You said carefully, you knew how complicated was to make Chris talk about his feelings, his problems… making him open up was practically a mission, every time that something was wrong you and William had to give him space and be patient.

‘’I was tired, I still am’’

He said running his hand through his hair, you bit your lower lips, you knew he was lying.

‘’Chris, are you coming?’

William’s voice made him turn left and you saw it: on his neck there was a big purple hickey.
In spite of the fact that you had no right to feel jealous, that’s how you felt in that moment. You were constantly informed about the sexual life of the boys, you also used to help them with the girls when they were not that good, you experienced the birth of the Penetrators and you never felt like this. Chris was sleeping around and William either, period, that was the normal condition; but in that moment, you felt like someone else touched something you wanted to call yours.
You couldn’t resist and you touched it, retiring your hand a second after that. This contact made him look at you.

‘’Yes, I imagine that you must be very tired’’

You said sarcastically, your voice lower than how you planned it to be; he rolled his eyes, he seemed more sorry than bothered.

‘’Why are you acting so strange? You have always talked to me about the girls you screw as I’ve always told you about the boys I hook up with, why did you lie?’’

You were staying calm, of course you were; it was a bad idea to yell at Chris, you had learned it by seeing him when he was mad at his friends, he was not a tempered person.

‘’I just needed a distraction’’

He said biting his lips, he was holding back.

‘’First of all, you don’t have to give me explanations, the girls you sleep with are none of my business. Second, distraction from what?’’

You asked, your voice suddenly full of rage and your hands gesture matching your words. He seemed to be so in conflict with himself, a thousand of thoughts crossing his mind, then he gave up.

‘’A distraction from you’’

He admitted, his left hand covering his mouth, he looked so tired and sad. You opened your eyes and looked at him in total surprise.

‘’Chris… d-does this mean what I think?’’

You asked hesitating, you wanted to be sure. He nodded and made a step forward, now you were closer.

‘’I’m not good with this shit, you know that, y/n, but I suppose I have feelings for you. Yesterday night, when you arrived you were so stunning I just wanted to kiss you. When I called you I wanted to tell you the truth, I was tired of looking at you from the other side of the room and wanting you without having the possibility to have you. Then you went upstairs with that boy, I just could not handle it. A girl kissed me randomly and I decided to bring her home, but all I could think about was you. I’m sorry, really.’’

It took a moment to you to assimilate all of the new information, then a big smile lighted your face up. You thought you had never saw Chris in that way, but you wanted to kiss him so bad in that moment.

‘’I know, I screwed up our friendship, I..’’

He couldn’t finish his sentence because you were kissing him. You never expected to feel such a rush of adrenaline while kissing Christoffer Schistad, but your heart was beating so fast you were scared he could feel it. Chris was nothing like you imagined: he was calm, his hands were delicate and his touch cautious, like you were something precious. You crossed your hands behind his neck and ran your finger through his hair, your lips opening and letting his tongue in. Suddenly, the kiss became more desperate, more passionate. He moved his hands on your hips, caressing them under your t-shirt, you felt shivering going down your back and attached your body to his, you wanted more.

‘’Okay, I suppose I can leave, then’’

William said from his car, he was laughing. Chris interrupted the kiss and turned his head toward his best friend.

‘’Bye, William’’

He said, his voice bothered and amused at the same time. He turned and looked at you, you smiled on his lips and waved at William while he was leaving. You caressed his check, your body still close to his.

‘’I wasn’t expecting that’’

He said smirking, you rolled your eyes but you were still smiling at him.

‘’So, Penetrator Chris has a heart’’

You said touching his chest under his hoodie, he smiled and looked at you so intensively that you felt like he was undressing you with his eyes.

‘’Don’t try to ruin my reputation, babe’’

He said giving you a quick kiss on your neck, you closed your eyes and moved your head back to make him continue that.

‘’God, we already are at the part where you call me babe’’

You teased him touching the back of his head; he stopped kissing your neck and looked at you.

‘’y/n, I want you to be my girlfriend. No games with you, no tricks.’’

He said in a serious tone, you almost were surprised to hear this voice, you never saw him like this before.

‘’I feel flattered by the offer, I shall think about it’’

You answered trying to stay serious; he smiled and brushed his lips on yours, his hands were still on your hips.


He asked softly biting your lower lip, the look of triumph in his eyes while you gave up.

‘’Okay Christoffer, you can call me babe from now on, I’m definitely your girlfriend’’

You answered; he smiled vividly and touched your hair. Before he could kiss you again, you stopped him.

‘’Chris, I wanted to tell you, I didn’t sleep with that boy, I couldn’t stop thinking about you yesterday’’

You confessed, your checks going a little red while he looked at you in total relief.

‘’That’s better, I’m the only one allowed to make you feel pleasure’’

He said, his eyes filled with lust. You gave him a smirk and slowly touched his neck.

‘’I can’t wait for that’’

You teased him with your hands running down his chest. He looked at you, his lips barely touching yours and he said.

‘’Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, but I want to do the things in the proper way’’

He caressed your left check and gently brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear, you looked at him, the curiosity shining all over your face’s expression.

‘’So, what’s your next move?’’

You asked laughing a bit and looking at him in his eyes, he smiled before asking you:

‘’Y/n, will you go on a date with me?’’

You laughed in surprise, your eyes wild open and your stomach already upside-down because of the happiness.

‘’Really? Christoffer Schistad inviting a girl on a proper date?’’

You teased him, there was no meanness in your voice, just sarcasm and pleasurable surprise. He took your hands in his while smiling and intensely looked into your eyes before saying in the most serious tone:

‘’You have no idea of the things I would do for you, y/n y/s’’

the recruiter at the staffing agency was like “why do you put LGBTQ instead of LGBT on your resume?” and i basically had to explain queerness as a concept today with no preparation which went about as well as you might expect

i ended up finding an article in TIME on it and sending it with my thank you email like “by the way if you were still confused this is a little more clear!” im a mess lmao

whenimaunicorn  asked:

You’re passing a horn of mead around the fire when one of the shieldmaidens from another kingdom proposes a salacious game from her homeland. She sets before you Ubbe, Bjorn, and Ivar and tells them to close their eyes and not to move no matter what happens. She instructs you: “choose one of them to slap, one to lick, and one to fondle.” Make your choices, and if you’re brave enough, describe what you do in more detail (Where? How hard? How do they react?)

You bite your lip trying to decide what to do. Your gaze travels over the three men in front of you. They all have their eyes closed and are waiting for what is to come. They are completly at your mercy and you feel a heated rush at being in such a position of power. You wonder how the girl has talked them into taking part in this game, but have no time to follow that thought any further, for the other shieldmaidens are watching you with expectiant eyes.

Without thinking much about it you follow you first impulse and tangle your fingers into Björn’s beard. You’ve always had a thing for beards and his is the most impressive one of all three. You can hear the other girls start to giggle behind you as you lightly tug at it before you let your hand travel up to his cheek, caressing it with your fingertips. Björn leans into your hand, seemingly enjoying your touch. He even seems a bit disappointed as you pull away from him.

It is only then that you realize you’ve made a mistake. To fondle Björn means you have to slap either Ubbe or Ivar. You know you don’t want to slap Ubbe. He’s just a good person through and though. He has always helped you with your training and always respected your decision to fight along the men while so many others have just laughed at you. No, you just don’t have it in you to slap him. Ivar on the other hand…. well, he deserves more than just one slap, but you have seen many of his tempers and you are scared how he will react. You slightly shake your head to fight down your fear. This is just a game after all and he has agreed to it.

To buy yourself some more time you empty you horn and go over to Ubbe first. You smile to yourself and let the tip of your tongue trail up his cheek. He sucks in a deep breath. “Y/N? Is that you?” He asks. “You always smell like lavender.” You just giggle and leave a peck on his brow before pulling away. 

You pour yourself another horn of mead and take a long sip before you slowly walk over to Ivar. The mead is starting to affect you, soothing away the tension that has started to build again. You feel the expectant eyes of the other shieldmaidens on you and take a deep breath. With one swift motion you raise your arm and slap Ivar across the face. His eyes fly open and bore into yours. You can’t read anything in his expression. And then, before you know what is happening, he has grabbed you by the waist and pulls you into his lap. You can feel his hand slide down to your ass while he leans closer to you. “Come to my room later so that I can return the favour.” He growls into your ear and gives your ass just the tiniest slap of his hand.

The Last Five Eps: What we know, what I expect and what I hope to see

Hiatus is always a hard time to be in fandom. Lots of waiting, lots of impatience, lots of missing our ship and our show. But this hiatus was… dare I say it? Pretty nice. I hesitate to say easy, simply because we’re all so anxious to finally get to see these last five eps. But the fandom has been so excited and that’s really made things kind of fun. I’d put this hiatus behind the summer hiatus between season 2 and 3 in order of “Best Hiatus’”. If anyone ever had such a list, that is. 😉

But now we’re looking down the barrel of these last five episodes and the end of the season is rushing up at us. This is where things get wild. Historically speaking. Last year was a bit of a flop but most seasons, the last five episodes is where Arrow really shines. So I wanted to go over what we know, what I’m expecting, and what I’m hoping for.

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Finally back from my business trip yeaaaaaah !

My friends i was gone for more then three days (four together, heh) in Switzerland taking care of a very annoying company problem with some machines with a colleague. During this trip i was unable to really sleep, rest, or even draw (after a 11 hours long shift, when you are cutting metal, you are happy you can walk let alone draw). So i was able to do mostly only a few sketches and a few sites of story too Hextale.

With this announcement, also cames a few good news for the near future considering projects and comics.

1. Knight vs Charalgamate - made my beloved @xxmileikaivanaxx and me

- We have been talking about this possible meeting for some time now, and its finally happening, i am super excited for this, for it will show you another tale of my undertale OC of “The Knight”, other then that i am more then proud too announce that the beloved character of Charalgamate from Nightmaretale will be more then present in this collab filled with madness and carnage !

- With everything planned, it will be a most interesting project that i look up too with big expectiations !

2. Start of Hextale - made by me

- Hextale will start somewhere during the start of Autumn, i know i have been very secretive and quiet about this project as off late, but i didnt wish too start working on this project, until i had everything written. Which was the history of the world (Monster War, Monster x Human history, important events in the world like Gaster, Chara and Asriel, fall of Frisk and so on) and on that note, i can proudly say i am done ! 

- At this point Hextale is already getting its own rough story, that i wish too follow and then slowly expand upon, not going for the “keeping up to every point” style of approach and im hoping it will turn out very well !

- All of the main characters are done with a complete design overwork + the side characters for the main story have finally been done as well. Examples can be found in such characters as “King of Men, First bearer of Determination”, “King of the Highlanders, Theodor the Immortal” or the “Six Fangs, the ancient dragons”

- another thing is that the written story of “Hextale - Blood and Bones” is already in the making and i would like to give the next part in the near future, if some of you still havent seen it, please i would be very thankfull if you took a look and judged the initial work here

3. Step by Step - made by @keru-the-green and me

- As off this point, its a wonderfully going project that i am doing with Keru, but as of this point, my dear friend has to do his part, we are still working on Arc number 1, but as for me i would like to let our fantasy and our wish expand and take you on the whole journey of our two personas

- Cant say much for any kind of story drive, for we have none, we are just trying to make a freaking awesome story :D

4. RP Answers with the Knight

- As off now i am RPing through drawings with the very talented @eclipticart like god damnit, go check her out right now !
- Written RP´s that i havent really recalled yeat (IMMA SO SORRY, PRAISING THE SUN SO HARD FOR FORGIVENESS) is with @scartale-an-undertale-au
- Wil maybe again open up the Ask-Box too allow some asks for the knight…maaaaaaybe, probably…definitevly….GOD DAMNIT !  :D

As for me personally, i will try to get back too work on art as soon as i can. While ill be looking for a new job, for the old one showed me really its “bad side” and i no longer wish to work for my current company.

Also i got enough iron bits in my right arm at this point (still pulling some buggers out) and all i can think off is too rest and enjoy moments of peace. I sadly cannot judge how it will affect my art for the future, but since i tried to sketch Hextale even in Switzerland, i think you guys dont need to worry of me stopping doing art xD

So i quess thats it for this update, announcmenet whatever thing.

OH YEAH ! Im not doing this too often but i wanted to give a BIG FREAKING SHOUT-OUT to this guy on internet called “Gildedguy” who is simply a master of animation ! Here is the link !

My friends thank you so much for reading and for sticking around my blog, even if the activity lately has been really small ! Thank you as well for your kind words, all of your fanarts and most importanly for your presence in my life and your undying support.

Special small shout-out too @ksenya-the-artistic-cucumber thanks for being soo awesome !

Please all of you, stay safe and keep an eye on those close to you !

Praise the sun ! AND HAIL THE EMPEROR !

With much love and a gentle smile,