ur just here to see some good old fashioned memes and occasionally, mcfreakin lose it (this reference will be dated in about two days, but that’s just a testament to the thriving but unstable shitpost economy. is this a shitpost renaissance or the precursor to a great shitpost depression??? time will tell)

You may post about politics or serious issues every once in a blue moon, but for the most part, your true priority is creating or spreading warped surrealist/existentialist humor (or alternatively, terrible memes.) The names may be deceiving, but neutral shitposting is truly the most pure form of shitposting that there is. It is shitposting untainted by any true involvement with reality. In neutral shitposting, there is only a goddless and bizarre combination of words and images that inexplicably results in humor and comraderie.

2o ii took the one quiiz and hone2tly thii2 ii2 about what ii wa2 expectiing 

it pisses me off when people eat my food and then tell me it’s not as nice as it is “supposed to taste”. i actually enjoy my food so why do you have to try and make me dislike it?

idc if you don’t like it as much, don’t make me feel bad about being coeliac bc i can do that by myself.

It’s 10 am, I’ve had three cups of coffee and it’s raining outside. I have to go to work, but it won’t be any fun in the rain.

I’m in love with a girl who’s never been in love with anyone before. It’s difficult and amazing but I really need to practise my patience and let it take time.

I have started to feel really overwelmed with useless stuff, social constructions and unnecessary expectiations. I understand Christopher McCandless more than ever.

Maybe I should do few more months on the anti depressants. They really worked.