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Okay I have a headcanon that Alex plays the drums/ukulele/both because Drums = punk rock phase Ukulele = badass DEO agent with tiny ukulele? Yes. Plus they'd give her thousands of gay points, I mean, Alex with a bandana on her head, sweating, playing drums? Maggie would spontaneously combust

Maggie knows that Winn can sing. 

She knows that Kara can sing.

Hell, she knows that Alex can sing.

What she doesn’t know?

What she doesn’t know is that Vasquez is wicked on an electric guitar, and that Alex?

Alex is just as intense, just as singularly focused, slamming on a set of drums as she is taking shots at bad guys during the day, as she is fucking Maggie during the night.

So when Winn tells Maggie she absolutely has to show up at the bar on Friday night because who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of secret agents in a band, Maggie expects some cute little duets from Winn and Kara and some dorky, adorable harmonies from her girlfriend.

She doesn’t expect to find Alex with a red bandanna on her head, eyes fixed and focused, ribbed tank top fitted and showing off just the right amount of skin, just the right amount of twitching, corded arm muscles, banging out intricate rhythms behind Winn’s voice, behind Kara’s voice, in tandem with Vasquez’s guitar and Yve’s bass. 

Her jaw hits the floor and she thinks vaguely that she might be in danger of drooling –  she’s a little late to the show, and Alex has already started to sweat, staining the edges of her bandanna, highlighting the contours of her arms just right – and she hears Brian chuckling next to her.

“Not every day you get to see a fine woman like that lose control while keeping perfect control on a drum set, is it, Detective?” he asks, his eyes just as fixed on Alex as hers.

“Would you like to see this fine woman lose control while keeping perfect control on your face, Brian?” Maggie asks, without so much as turning to look at him, and he laughs. Maggie has protected him too many times, gotten him out of too many scrapes, to be intimidated by her tough stance, her dismissive words.

“Enjoy, Detective,” he grins as he heads back to the bar for another drink, and god, for once, she listens to him.

Because she’s forgotten about Kara and she’s forgotten about Winn, and she’ll have to pay attention to them, Vasquez, and Yve later – because everyone will want to know what she thought – but all she can think right now is Alex, Alex, fuck, fuck, fuck me, Alex.

And apparently, Alex is thinking along the same lines. Because when they finish their set with a perfect, sexy as all hell flourish from their drummer – god, god, her woman is a fucking drummer – Alex hops down from the makeshift stage right to Maggie, right to slinging her arm around her, right to a slightly breathless grin, a very breathless kiss.

“What’d you think?” she wants to know, but her eyes tell Maggie that Alex already knows.

“I think I need you to take me home as soon as humanly possible,” Maggie breathes, and Alex grins, because that’s exactly what she’s been planning on doing.

I just got around to watching episode 3 of Vrains.

Is anyone else disappointed that Yuusaku doesn’t just live in the back of Kusanagi’s hot dog truck?

I didn’t really agree with the idea that basically Sana used Isak to get back at Sara. I don’t even know if she genuinely wanted to help Isak in the first place. I thought she wanted to seek Isak’s help and comfort when she texted him instead of replying to the photo in the last clip but, it turns out, she just had to make up an excuse to get to Isak’s facebook. I’m all for exposing that fake-ass Sara and that two-faced Vilde but I was hoping it won’t be of any expense from her friends who are her actual friends… I hope Sana realizes that Isak might get hurt again because of this but, I guess, everyone is not always expected to do the right thing. I do really hope Sana is being smart about this and have an actual plan…

“What if you’re too much for me?” I said while keeping my head down and staring at my worn out shoes.

“The stars cover the sky at night. Do you think it’s too much? No. But is it beautiful? I guess it is.” she replied as she tries to hold my chin and lifting it just so she could see my face.

“It’s just that, I never prayed of having too much then you suddenly came. It was like expecting for a little rain but a storm fell instead.” I replied wanting to make her feel uncomfortable only to stop the argument. I got no reply but a long tight hug silenced my worried mind. A forehead kiss stopped my anxious heart. I knew it was her - the rain that would make me leave my yellow umbrella hanging on the back of my bedroom door.

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I'm living for your little pirates verse! What about Wes being jealous about Beth being born and Harrison comforting him?

Thank you so much for being a fan of my Little Pirates series. I’m really glad that people are enjoying my darlings. With that being said, your prompt is a little on the tricky side, mainly because when Beth is born, Harrison is 4 years old and Wes is 2 years old, and while Wes is totally capable of being jealous of Beth, I don’t think Harrison is quite old enough to provide that comfort for him yet. So, for this one, I’ve decided to venture outside the Little Pirates side of this universe and into the Ever After side, which is all stories about Harrison, Wes and Beth when they’re older and very much coming into their own as people. So in this one, Harrison is roughly 31, Wes is 29 and Beth is 27. It’s mainly focused on Harrison and Wes reminiscing on their childhood and comparing it to Harrison’s own children in regards to jealously. Anyway, spoilers (I guess?) to the fates I have designed for all three of them. So here’s 3,600+ words on older!Harrison and older!Wes talking about…a variety of things but mainly childhood jealous towards siblings (thanks Laura for letting me bounce ideas for this prompt off you. you’re my mvp.)

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but how about lance making a huge stuffed toy for himself to sleep with

it’s a copy of his Lion, of course, with as many details as he could master, very soft and perfect amount of squishy

Lance sleeps with it every night, hugging tightly, and it makes him feel less alone

Keith knows about it and mercilessly (but friendly of course, cause they’ve become best friends and love each other dearly and also there’s something blossoming between them) teases him

one day Lance has too much of his jokes and sews a Red Lion toy for Keith

Keith scoffs and, of course, accepts the gift, but doesn’t even put it on his bed, just beside it

Lance pouts and constantly reminds Keith to at least pet it, if he is not going to sleep with it (which is its primary function) and says it was made with love

(keith manages to walk out of the room fast enough so Lance wouldn’t see his blushing face)

comes a time when Allura sends Lance on a solo mission

the mission goes very bad

all the paladins rush to the rescue, fighting tooth and nail, but they’re too late

the worst thing is, they can’t even retrieve Lance’s body, cause it’s buried deep under planet’s lava-covered ground

no one says it out loud, but they’re pretty sure the quiet muffled noise at the back of their heads, sad mourning sounds, is Blue’s equivalent for crying

Keith comes back to his room, feeling numb

when he lifts up his blanket, he sees his Red toy lying on the side, one huge plush paw covered by a piece of paper

it’s Lance’s handwriting

it says, ‘Sleep with her until I get back from the mission! <3″

Keith sobs. he pulls Red to him and wraps his arms around her.

she’s as soft as Lance promised.

Keith thinks about how Lance’s lion toy will never be hugged again by him.

from this night on Keith sleeps with two lions in his bed.


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