expectations vs reality romance

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Ok reality vs expectation we expect Jikook to be in romance but reality says other wise I mean to live like 24/7 4 years make u behave differently like family they r bias to each other the touch freely in most unexpected places they r harsh cute sweet& says thing hit u in the face and most of all they love each other deeply w/o benefits that's what jikook in my opinion this ship get attention cuz jk rejected jm in their earlier days and it's simply he was shy take time to approach ppl (1)

I remember when v said he took shower alone after members sleeping and he was there way before v enter the group so when he start to open up to jm this is the change we see now& jk didn’t express his feelings all the Time like when he finally express his emotions 2 members /2016 like after how many years it’s not thatI hate all the stories & shippers analysis I actually enjoy them 2 much (my perv mind) but let’s just give idk logical explanation 🤔🤔🤔 Idk what Iam saying just wanted 2 share (2)


I mean…. I see where you’re coming from, yeah. Like I 100% know that jikook could very well be just friends. But like…. this blog is for fun…. u dont need to get so pressed….. 

As you said, they’ve lived together practically 24/7 for over 4 years, it makes you behave differently…. what’s to say they didn’t get romantic feelings for each other? It’s not hard to fall in love with one of your closest friends, it’s actually common as hell. And Jungkook was shy, but not in the drastic way you put it??? Jungkook has been open with the members since long before 2016??? like literally what lmao??? It’s been confirmed by Jungkook, Jimin, and the other members that JK and JM were super close pre debut. Like, Jimin was the first person JK went too when he missed home, and Jimin and Jungkook have been “late-night buddies” since pre debut??? like as you hang out with someone more, feelings can develop. Even if Jikook aren’t in a romantic relationship right now, there’s definitely something between them that is different than with other members. Either because they’re both from Busan, because they both love the same things, hell maybe they both watch the same anime show. But there’s something there that isn’t just JK warming up to Jimin after 5 years. Like I’m not going to be preaching about how Jikook is real and 100% fucking…….. but come on..,., “logical explanation”??? it’s pretty ignorant to think two best friends can’t fall in love. 

lmao honestly i barely understood what this anon was saying so sorry if my answers all over the place…. in summary: jungkook never hated jimin, they’ve been super close since pre-debut. jungkook and jimin could very well be together bc that’s something that happens when you’re close to someone.