There is nothing worse than dealing with a depression caused by your greatest happiness. How scary is it really, to admit that your happiness and enjoyment of life relies on one individual. You’re not sure whether this is true love or just some infatuation with the idea. But regardless of all that, we give and give and give until we give them the power to destroy us. Why are we like this?

Okay, but can we take a second to acknowledge the fact that Andrew “I don’t care about exy” Minyard canonically went through bad withdrawal to play both halves and win games he had no personal investment in?

I mean:

  • Andrew doesn’t like being touched.
  • On top of being sick from withdrawal, Andrew is weak by the end of the games.
  • Weak enough that his teammates swarm him and manhandle him thinking they’re helping him and hiding his withdrawal.
  • But that has to be super triggering for Andrew and Neil later realizes that Andrew was too weak then to push his teammates off and yet he puts himself through this week after week, game after game.
  • When Andrew’s on his drugs, he responds to Nicky trying to hug him by pulling a knife on him because he’s so uncomfortable with being touched by him.
  • But before that, after the first in a string of games ending with Andrew in withdrawal, Neil watches Andrew and with no idea Andrew doesn’t like to be touched we get this quote:
  • “Neil expected him to fall, but Nicky slung an arm around Andrew’s shoulders and yanked Andrew close to him. It let him take some of Andrew’s weight without it being too obvious what he was doing. Andrew looked ready to say something about the unasked-for help, but Nicky didn’t give him a chance to argue. He pumped his fist and whooped.”
  • Andrew voluntarily makes himself physically sick and weakened and vulnerable and uncomfortable game after game for a team that assumes putting himself through withdrawal for the games is worth it for Andrew just for the sake of not being high all the time (like Matt and Renee say might be his reason when Neil asks why Andrew would put himself through the withdrawal for a game he doesn’t care about before Neil even knows the extent of what Andrew is putting himself through)

Because apathetic Andrew “Monster” Minyard already cared so much at that point and he was putting himself through that hell for the team because:

  • Wymack asked and Wymack gave him the first home that wasn’t totally shitty.
  • Because we know from Cass that Andrew would put himself through hell and on the brink of death to keep a home with a parental figure who gave a damn about him.
  • But even Wymack assumes Andrew only listens to him so he can get away with more shit and get booze and that it couldn’t be out of anything resembling respect.
  • Andrew knows they need to win to have more games so that Riko can’t start killing off more of the team.
  • Andrew supposedly only cares about Nicky, Aaron, Kevin, and Neil and only as property and not humans whose well-being and company he values, yet he was also looking out for Allison and motivating her to play so that they would have enough players.
  • Andrew might not give a shit about exy one way or the other, but he sure as fuck gives a shit about the team not falling apart and especially keeping his inner circle safe and having Wymack want to keep him around so he can stay with his created family of “monsters” and Bee, even if that does mean having to put himself through withdrawal and manhandling.

Anyways, Andrew Minyard is a fucking gift to the Foxes and the team doesn’t appreciate it or even realize it.