expectation of love

memorable things from hwiyoung’s vlive:

- minion overalls + pink beanie combo + white tshirt + chain necklace
- honestly though this was such a Look™
- hwi spending 94% of the video eating and drinking
- that one guy walking behind him that lowkey had me scared he was gonna get stabbed
- literally everyone staring at him
- arms flexing as he eats kimbap 👀👌🏻
- hwi spilling the kimbap sauce like 376 times and using 82829 rolls of toilet paper to clean it up
- mysterious ghost holding the camera???/?/? *x files theme*
- that one rude af person who kept asking for black hair like chill it ain’t up to him write fnc a letter stop spamming this wholesome broadcast
- over 400k hearts!!! ya’ll pulled through for my son thank you 😭
- hwiyoung serving looks
- acrostic poems by the river so romantic
- hwi smiling like a shy dork lots of times honestly I lost like 73 years of my life
- in conclusion a good wholesome vlive that you should watch and give lots of love :)

okay so that was actually another really good episode

What really sucks about the way Joss Whedon writes is that he sort of has this idea that if he writes about women being strong and confident, that is all it takes for women to appreciate his work. Like, even if the villain constantly belittles a woman for being a woman and people are constantly harassing her and sexualizing her, it’s okay because she’s strong and she can take it.

The biggest difference between Whedon’s version of Wonder Woman and Jenkins is that in Whedon’s version Wonder Woman is A Woman. She (and the audience) must be constantly aware that she is a Woman, that she is Sexy, that she is overcoming incredible odds because she has the terrible disadvantage of Being Born A Woman.

Whereas in Jenkins’ film Diana simply exists. There are some points made by other characters about her being a woman, like when Steve won’t sleep with her because he feels it’s improper, or when his secretary says, “Oh yes, put specs on her, like after that she won’t be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen”, but Diana is almost completely unaware of her status as a Dreaded Woman. Her excitement over a baby? She’s literally never seen one before. Her little makeover seen? Spends the whole thing looking for something comfortable she can fight in. She basically never mentions the difference between men and women, never even says that women are better or whatever because she was raised by them. 

Joss Whedon would have never let Wonder Woman forget she was a Woman. She would have constantly been making comments about it, wether positive or negative, as would everyone around her. In Whedon’s heyday that might have flown a lot better, but now women seem to be a little sick of grrrrl power. They just want power. They just want to exist, both on screen and in life, without constant reminders that they are Women and that they must pay for that at every turn.

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye

  • Sangwoo: So after keeping you locked in my house by breaking both your legs, torturing you, making you kill someone and constant psychological torture, I try to do a nice thing for you by driving you to have a mental breakdown in making you jealous of a girl which leads you to stab her multiple times in a blind murder rage.
  • Yoon Bum: Yes.
  • Sangwoo: And you're telling me that you didn't like it.
  • Yoon Bum: Not particularly.
  • Sangwoo: I don't know why I bother.
There is nothing worse than dealing with a depression caused by your greatest happiness. How scary is it really, to admit that your happiness and enjoyment of life relies on one individual. You’re not sure whether this is true love or just some infatuation with the idea. But regardless of all that, we give and give and give until we give them the power to destroy us. Why are we like this?