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Time for an unpopular opinion ™ with the rat!

Taking insp from another artist’s work is not the same as reposting or tracing.

I don’t own my style, it’s a slow burning stew of inspirations from other artists and I’m always adding ingredients. 

 The idea that someone owns a style to an extent that another artist using similar colors/shapes/aesthetics/animals is seen as a personal attack…is beyond incomprehensible. We all got here taking from others, art is not a one person development. 

Seeing discourse on my dashboard right now, vilifying an artist for taking that inspiration from a very popular artist….scares the hell out of me. It raises the question of who owns the way a line is drawn? Who owns brushes we can make and customize on a second by second basis?

If you’re so terrified of your style being copied to the point of actively discouraging others from learning from it, perhaps it was never that unique to begin with.

This is not an attack, it is a defense of artistic freedom. 

  • Sungwoon: I want to spice things up.
Jisung: You know I’m allergic to chili.
Sungwoon: No, I mean in the bedroom—
Jisung: Doesn’t matter in which room I eat, Sungwoon, I’m still gonna be allergic to chili!

man i haven’t got a clue why any of you follow me when there are super incredible and talented people around this fandom BUT that doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate you guys. I mean this is like me standing on stage yelling about old men in love and it’s decidedly better to have some people sitting around for that than screaming into emptiness

so like thanks guys, you are cool and i hope you have a really good weekend!




Amazon can be such a joke sometimes.

I put a couple big read expensive items in our cart for the kids to watch the prices. In the last 4 hours, they’ve changed 3 times- up, up, and back to the original price.

I miss real sales, not “discounts” on purposefully inflated prices.

so that half hour boot huh

“The ugly truth is that I’m not that great a guy and you’re exactly like me. I dunno, maybe you matter so little that I like you. Maybe…it makes you matter. Maybe I love you. Maybe something about your mother. Don’t jump a gift shark in the mouth.”

evil masterminds at work


get you a man as supportive as scott mccall


fangirl challenge - [16/50] female characters ♡ sutton brady
I didn’t go to FIT. I’m sorry. I should have told you. I went to Penn State, and I lived at home, ‘cause it was the only thing I could afford. I have no fashion background at all. I never even worked in a mall. But I’ve devoured fashion magazines since I was a kid, and I have impeccable taste. I want this more than I’ve wanted anything in my entire life, and I would work my ass off for you.”