I missed my laptop so much.

{ For some reason.. with the art meme I reblogged. I got 4 messages, and 3 of which are..

Involving Kiku to wear a dress. well maybe two, but its funny to say }

inionnaforaoise  asked:

"Psst... Kyo!" Slides him a card that said 'Sorry, but you just walked into my house. So I'm going to walk up to you and stab you 37 times in the chest' on it with the Llamas with Hats on front. "Give him this, but ye didna get this from me."

Ah. Was he now a part in some illegal ‘very specific greeting card’ business. Oh dear, the old lady at the store warned him about these kinds of things. Well, he’s in too deep now.

“Understood,” he says, with a wink. “Not from you. Just another specialty card.”


Bernardo has been trying to enjoy the party. He can ignore the cold- he has performed in much colder conditions wearing much less. What he can’t seem to ignore is the fact that he is the oldest person in presence. It’s one thing to joke about being old but another thing completely to actually feel that way.

It doesn’t help that the young man next to him is talking about his kid and about the fact that his wife is probably expecting another one soon.

Lorenzo: I can’t believe it’s been that so long already. He’s can already eat some solids, would you believe it?

Bartender: They grow up fast, that they do.

Bernardo can’t seem to make any significant contribution to the conversation. Not without sounding somewhat bitter. 

He loves his career, his music, his fans. He loves his friends, which he seems to make wherever he goes. 

But he has to admit, he wishes he had a family of his own.