When you, the writers, make FitzSimmons canon, we kindasorta expect a little something extra with the sciencing and all. We’re not that hard to please but I feel that you’re taking us for granted. C'mon guys, one casual kiss or even a handhold will keep us happy for two weeks. We’re very easy to please, but please, don’t take that for granted.

Everything is fantasy
When you are far enough from it

The cityscape brings no comfort
No resilient measure
Of redeemable character
Behind bright buildings and starlight

I don’t know what I expected
A little piece of literal reflection
Mixed into my chaotic calm

Like a mirror I want to break asunder
For having given tease
Of perfunctory perfection

It is always too good to be true
If I could only quit giving a fuck

// I was planning on making the update today but sadly my stylus broke, so the update will come between this week and next week. Maybe sooner if I get my stylus sooner. But! I’ll ask this now instead of waiting until I get my stylus back and do the update. There may or may not be an event that @calibriskeleton and I will do involving Jay and Cy’s history together, which was planned to be mentioned in the update. I’m only asking if it is okay to do this event, since it may be seen as shipping to certain people. If you guys so not want me to do it, I will decline and continue with the history of Aria and Cy.

Just a side note, this blog will update around two-three times a week (at the most four times) once I get my new pen. So expect a little more activity instead of just plan silence!

When NPC’s tell me“Goodneighbor is a rough, lawless, depraved neighborhood full of addicts and mercenaries.”  it just reminds me of the Skyrim guards that warned me “Stay out of Riften, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” because quite honestly I found both places rather pleasant and the people very likeable.