The fucking Americans killed HitchBOT!!

Hitchbot was a little Canadian robot who was hitchhiking across Canada.

It’s creators made it as an art project/social experiment. Everyone expected little HitchBOT to end up stollen, or dead, but this is Canada. Little buddy made it across the country in one piece, thanks to helpful citizens giving it rides.

HitchBOT ended up not only travelling across Canada, but also Germany and the Netherlands. HitchBOT was seeing the world!

and then HitchBOT made landfall in the good ol’ USA, with hopes of experiencing the American dream. It had a little bucket list and wanted to see Times square, and the Grand Canyon. But this was never meant to be… 

for two weeks, things went well. People gave HitchBOT a lift, and it made it from Marblehead, Massachusetts, all the way down to Philadelphia, where HitchBOT’s journey, and life, would come to a tragic end.

Shortly after landing in Phili, HitchBOT was attacked by neerdowells, it’s head removed, and it’s electronic components stolen. HitchBOT’s remote handlers swooped in and collected his remains, thus ending the epic saga of HitchBOT.

I can only assume that the results of the experiment are as follows

CANADIANS: Pretty cool guys
GERMANS: Pretty cool guys
Whatever people from the Netherlands are called: Pretty cool guys

Rest in piece, HitchBOT.

Now, seeing as HitchBOT was a Canadian citizen, I am personally treating it’s murder as an act of war. 


Zodiac signs: Expectation vs Reality

(check ur sun&moon sign)

Aries expectation: Argumentative little shit who wants to fight everyone

Aries reality: Sweet angel but could probs still fight you

Taurus expectation: Lazy and materialistic

Taurus reality: Will give u their jacket if ur cold

Gemini expectation: never stops talking

Gemini reality: Lowkey bigger daydreamers than Aquarius

Cancer expectation: Crybaby

Cancer reality: Strong willed fuckers who give the scariest death stares you’ll ever see

Leo expectation: Flamboyant narcissists

Leo reality: Actually rlly shy and self conscious

Virgo expectation: Perfectionist who never talks

Virgo reality: Will not shut up

Libra expectation: Super popular girly girl

Libra reality: Closet nerd

Scorpio expectation: Scary vampire

Scorpio reality: Shy af but actually rlly nice people

Sagittarius expectation: Wild, fun and carefree

Sagittarius reality: Resting bitch face queen

Capricorn expectation: Serious, smart and never smiles

Capricorn reality: Can say really stupid things at times lmao

Aquarius expectation: Air-headed daydreamers who are in their own world

Aquarius reality: Wise old owls

Pisces expectation: Cute innocent little fish

Pisces reality: actually badasses &probably fucked ur boyfriend/girlfriend

(not my original idea but this is my version)

my problem with overly girly cartoons/movies/dolls/shows is when they have a million super girly characters, like overflowing with femininity, not ashamed of how girly and pretty they are, and being tough while doing it…. But they won’t have a single girl who doesn’t fit that “girly” mold, from a really butch tomboy, to just a girl who’s pretty gender neural, they’re always like super ultra girly. So while they’re being praised for not demonizing girlyness, it’s being ignored that they’re still sending the message that girly is the only option

anonymous asked:

Hi. A while ago I ordered a book from you and asked if you could fold the corner of a page with a poem I could read to help with my anxiety. I didn't expect the sweet little note you added and I wanted to let you know that that note alone really helped me /always helps me. Your writing inspires me and I hope to be as talented as you. You are so kind and wonderful and thank you so much for the kind words and poem. I'm sorry you're feeling blue. I hope you feel better!

Awwwww I remember choosing that poem. I’m so glad those words mean something to you! So much love to you.

“Cool” (Luke Hemmings Imagine)  - Requested

Requested // hahtru on instagram

You didn’t know what part of you gave you the crazy ideas to do things, but you did know you never had control of it. I mean you had just turned 18 last week. How was this a time to think about getting a tattoo. I mean you’ve thought about getting one before, but the idea of having a needle in your arm over a period of time.. kinda made the idea go away. Your mind fought with itself as you sat in front of a tattoo parlor down the road from your house. Your head leaning against the steering wheel as you sighed to yourself. The part of your brain nagging at you to turn the keys and pull out of the parking lot was soon pushed away with a slight knock to your window. You jumped a little, not expecting any human contact at the moment. You looked up to see a surprisingly handsome face. You rolled your window down, trying to get a better look of the person who had just done the interaction.

“Deciding wether you should go in or not?” A blonde haired boy with a lip piercing chuckled, pointing to the shop in front of the two of you.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” you sighed once again, studying his face.

“Tattoo or piercing?” He asked, looking back at you.

“Tattoo,” You replied blankly.

He nodded his, looking up at the shop again, “I could take you in. I mean it might look intimidating from the outside, but promise me. The big bad guys in there are more like oversized teddy bears.”

The younger guy’s sentence made you laugh as you looked up at him once more, “Alright…” You sighed, glancing at him for an answer.

“Luke, my name is Luke,” he chuckled.

“Y/n,” you said, grabbing your purse and pushing open the car door. Luke motioned for you to follow him and you did, trailing along as he threw open the door and walked into the shop.

“Ray!” You watched the blonde haired boy throw his bag behind the front desk before leaning against it, “Ray, you here?”

“Of course, when’s the last time I took a sick day?” you heard a voice reply before seeing a man, mid 30’s, walk from the back of the parlor. He had tattoos covering the skin you could see and a beard that had turned grey as he got older, you assumed.

Luke chuckled to himself before looking up to see the man had reached you two, “You brought a girl?” The older man smiled, looking between you guys.

Luke looked over at you, ready to open his mouth before he was cut off, “I’m Ray, owner of this shop and this little shit’s uncle,” he snorted looking at the teenage boy.

You chuckled along as the two guys looked at each other, messing around even though the age difference was rather big.

“So what did you drop in for?” Ray asked, cracking a smile and pushing his nephew off of him.

“I was on my way here and I saw her sitting in her car,” Luke chuckled, “I think she’s probably scared.

You rolled your eyes at the teenager, blushing a little. Yes, you may have been a tad scared, but it was nothing to tease you about. You were getting a tattoo for crying out loud, it’s a permanent life choice!

“Well, do you want me to get you ready?” Ray asked, looking at you.

You nodded your head slightly. You wanted this. It may hurt, but you were sure you did. Luke followed your lead to the back of the building. You walked into a room and Ray motioned for you to sit in the black chair in the middle of the room. You did as you were told, laying down as Luke took a seat next to you.

“Nervous?” he asked, chuckling at your slightly scared face.

You nodded your head as you turned it from side to side, your eyes widening as you looked at Luke then back towards his uncle who had turned on the needle, warming it up and testing it slightly. Luke looked at you, the fear coming off of you was probably noticeable from a mile away.

“Hey,” he whispered quietly, taking your hand in his, “It’s not that bad, no need to get yourself worked up.” The young boy pulled your hand up to his mouth, pressing a kiss to the top of it slightly.

Ray turned around, looking at the two of you, “Ready?”


“Thank you so much, it’s so pretty!” you smiled, bouncing around the lobby of the tattoo shop.

“It’s no problem really, and it’s on the house. Luke never brings girls into my shop so I trust that you must be special,” he chuckled, patting his nephew on the back.

You looked over at Luke, a blush placed on his cheeks as he stared at his shoes intently.

“Well, I guess I should go. It’s getting late and I haven’t even eaten dinner yet. Thanks again Ray, It means a lot,” you smiled, turning on your heel to leave.

“I’ll walk you out,” you heard behind you, you looked over your shoulder to see Luke walking towards you.

You walked over to your car, leaning against it, and looking up at the body in front of you. You watched as Luke shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, his head hanging low but a smile playing on his lips.

“Your uncle is really cool you know,” You smirked as Luke’s head shot up to look at you.

“Really i- uh- I mean he can be a little strange sometimes but yeah, I think so to,” The two of you chuckled and Luke looked into your eyes, “You think maybe you’d wanna do this again sometime, I mean without my uncle and somewhere a little nicer then a rusty tattoo shop?”

A blush formed on your cheeks, this time being your turn to stare at your shoes, “Yeah, I think that would be great.”

“Cool,” Luke said, grinning at you now.


You didn’t know a thing about the blonde haired boy with a pierced lip and crazy uncle, but you knew you really wanted to find out more about him., preferably sooner than later you might add.


hey hey its me again
my boss only gave me 66$ for a check and i was expecting something a little closer to 300$ AND i probably wont get paid again for like. a month or more so im gonna be doing commissions to take the edge off of that
im disabled, not cis and wont be able to look for another job until at least october

tier 1 - 5$ || sketch page, simple feral drawing, simple bust, icons
tier 2 - 7$ || simple waist up, airbrushed bust, matching icons
tier 3 - 10$ || flats / airbrushed full body, painted bust
tier 4 - 15$ || portrait with background, ref (with or without text)

i also do pwyw commissions and have ychs and adoptables.
my turn-around time is typically very fast (same or next day)
i’ll do mostly anything? gore, nsfw, humans too
if interested please send me an ask or an email, my email is dieselv2014@gmail.com
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A short story about how I fell in love with a guinea pig.

although I love big fluffy pigs 
you probably noticed I don’t have one.

When I got mocha they had big fluffy ones (that people were 100% certain I’d get) but nope, I saw this foot sleeping in a pigloo (that was it, just the edge of a foot!) All the other piggies were playing and being adorable but no, I went for the anti social sleeping one.

When they picked up the pigloo all the pigs ran to one corner expect for this little brown one (mocha) ran to the opposite corner and when I first saw her that was it, I knew right away that was my pig.

best decision ever.

you honestly know when you find the right pet :3 instant connection.

Characteristics of Genuinely Low Self-Esteem

1. Social withdrawal
2. Anxiety and emotional turmoil
3. Lack of social skills and self confidence,
4. Depression and bouts of sadness
5. Less social conformity
6. Eating disorders
7. Inability to accept compliments
8. An inability to see yourself “squarely” - to be fair to ypurself
9. Accentuating the negative
10. Exaggerated concern over what you think other people think
11. Self neglect
12. Treating yourself badly, but not other people
13. Reluctance to take on challenges
14. Reluctance to put yourself first - or anywhere
15. Reluctance to trust your own opinion
16. Expecting little out of life for yourself
Source: http://www.self-confidence.co.uk/articles/top-ten-facts-about-low-self-esteem/


hi hello
im doing these cheap ych commissions
theyre only 3$ and can be any species

please consider buying one, im disabled, not cis and wont be able to find another job until at least october
my boss only gave me 66$ when i was expecting a little closer to 300
my email is dieselv2014@gmail.com but you can also send me an ask here! thank you
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so i finally got around to making a pewey playlist, and it’s called bird dorks! hey shut up life is too short to pretend you don’t like putting song lyrics on drawings >:3c

i had an awful lot of songs i’d already been listening to, that, Of Course, reminded me of pewey, so i got the idea to make a cute lil playlist about it! the point of this is to be a silly little mix filled with the corniest songs you can imagine. im not gonna lie, a couple of the songs on here were actually added for jokes to begin with. a special thanks to my friends for recommendations for some of the songs on this! and just as a heads up - all of the songs are generally happy except for out of touch so uh, look out for that. heh. i hope you enjoy this godforsaken atrocity because i certainly had fun with it

1. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - Dead or Alive // 2. I Won’t Say I’m In Love - Disney’s Hercules // 3. Burning Love - Elvis Presley // 4. Got To Get You Into My Life - Earth Wind & Fire // 5. The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis & The News // 6. Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra // 7. A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley // 8. Heatwave - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas // 9. Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows // 10. Out Of My League - Fitz and The Tantrums // 11. Could You Use Me - Crazy For You // 12. Shall We Dance - Crazy For You // 13. Just the Two Of Us - Grover Washington, Jr. // 14. If I Were a Bell - Guys & Dolls // 15. Upside Down - Diana Ross // 16. Stutter - Maroon 5 // 17. How ‘Bout a Dance - Bonnie and Clyde // 18. The Bird and The Worm - Owl City // 19. Love Hangover - Diana Ross // 20. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ - Scissor Sisters // 21. Out of Touch - Daryl Hall & John Oates // 22. Let’s Groove - Earth Wind & Fire // 23. Then He Kissed Me - The Crystals // 24. I’m A Believer - The Monkees // 25. Touch Me - The Doors // 26. Someone To Watch Over Me - Crazy for You

listen here

keep in mind that tracks 11 and 12 are two parts of the same song! also, tracks 25 and 26 are in reference to this post!

what i remember of my Big Bang concert experience

•Big Bang apologising through the MC for being late
•Seeing TOP’s blonde hair irl for the first time
• TOP’s voice sounding so much deeper irl
•Taeyang’s improvement in speaking English
• Daesung telling us “saya tak nampak” which means he couldn’t see.
• Daesung asking us if we could see his eyes and the proceeding to do A GLORIOUS HAIR FLIP TO SHOW US HIS EYES FOR A FRACTION OF A SECOND
• Seungri asking us to ‘joomp jooomp’
• Seungri’s “MALAYSIA HALLOOOO” 👋👋👋
• Seungri telling us he loved Malaysian food, Malaysian weather (VIPs laughed bc the weather here is super hot) and Malaysian ‘LAAAAAAAAAADIESSSSSSSSSSSS’ 😂😂😂
•GD sounding so attractive speaking in English
• GD first words being ‘thank you’ when he was about to introduce himself and fans cheered super duper loud for him
• OT5 speaking fairly fluent English for the whole concert
• i think it was Taeyang or Seungri?? saying how we KL VIPs sing along very well
• Taeyang harmonizing with voice of an angel when fans sang the chorus of Haru Haru (oh my godddd)
•Taeyang harmonizing basically
• Seungri’s solo stage
• when GD appeared on Seungri’s solo stage
• when Seungri randomly called ‘GD oppaaaaa~’ and GD just stared at him for awhile
• Daesung’s amazing solo stage (omggggg his ad-libbing was amazing i swear)
• the fanchant for Daesung was SO LOUD OMG
• the crazy light show during DoomDada
• the blonde Seunghyuns harmonizing during the bridge of 'If You’
• there was a fanchant for Daesung a second time that lasted for so long Daesung had to signal for us to stop 😂😅
• Seungri saying how Daesung is a superstar here in Malaysia
• Seungri calling Daesung sexy and asking him to 'show us what you got’
• Daesung initially doing a sexy dance but in the end still derping out lmaooo
• Daesung telling us that his mom loves us, his father loves us and his family loves us 😂
• Taeyang calling us Malaysian VIPs Big Bang’s 'chabssaltteok’ (like in the chorus of Bae Bae) and saying how “we are perfect for each other”
• TOP asking us “You like?” multiple times
• TOP asking us “You like?” in Bahasa Melayu but i think there was a mistranslation haha
• GD laughing at Seungri’s cheesy love song
• GD sitting by the stage near the fans and just chilling and taking pictures
• Taeyang running to the side of the stage just to throw his hat to the fans and then running back just before they ended the show

In DESPERATE NEED of practicing making my writing look Pretty so inspired by swaghowell if U REBLOG with UR face tag in the tags I will do some descriptions like an author would do!!! (MUTUALS R easiest for me to do but I can do some nonmutuals too!!! ❤️) and PLS I’m a child im not the best im trying my best
ExAmple: (ABOUT PHIL) Specks of flavescent sunshine are etched in the cerulean seas of his eyes that are enclosed by flutters of eyelashes. Tentative, sable hair falls upon the smooth porcelain of his cheeks, which are held up by a smile that’s pulled up by curves reminiscent of a fallen leaf.

So, I managed to kick myself into doing a follow forever because-oh my- I got to 1.5k!! OMG, I want to thank all my followers and assure you all that I still have the requests from like…ages ago that I’ll finish…eventually. (Behold, my paint skills)

Rockin’ peeps - I adore you - What would I do without you?


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'Little Women' Series Produced By Michael Weatherly In Development At CW
The CW is taking on a literary classic in one of its first script buys of the 2015-16 development season. The network has put in development Little Women, a drama from rising writer Alexis Jolly, N...
By Nellie Andreeva

The CW is taking on a literary classic in one of its first script buys of the 2015-16 development season. The network has put in developmentLittle Women, a drama from rising writer Alexis Jolly, NCIS co-star Michael Weatherly and CBS TV Studios.

Written by Jolly, Little Women is described as a hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott, in which disparate half-sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy band together in order to survive the dystopic streets of Philadelphia and unravel a conspiracy that stretches far beyond anything they have ever imagined – all while trying not to kill each other in the process. Jolly and Weatherly executive produce. The project hails from Weatherly’s Solar Drive Productions, which is based at CBS TV Studios under an overall deal Weatherly inked with the studio last year that also includes his services on NCIS.

Little Women has undergone a number of screen adaptations over the years, including features starring Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Kirsten Dunst and Christian Bale (1994), Meredith Baxter (1978), Elizabeth Taylor (1949) and Katharine Hepburn (1933). In TV, there were animated series in the 1980s. Last fall, ABC put in development a modern-day take on Little Women as a potential limited series with Natascha McElhone attached to star and Jordan Roberts to write.

Jolly, who most recently completed a rewrite on the Amazon feature Tiger, Tiger, and sold his original Black List spec script, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (a biopic based on the life of Fred Rogers) to Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen’s Treehouse Pictures, also has drama Dark Match, dealing with the families at the center of the origin of professional wrestling, set up at FX via Nina Jacobson’s Color Force production banner. He is repped by APA, Echo Lake and Lichter Grossman Nichols Adler. Weatherly is with Anonymous and McKuin, Frankle, Whitehead.