expect your hearts to be stomped on

{Special} College!AU Doyoung
  • major: pre-law / concentration: business law
  • minor: comparative literature 
  • sports: sometimes he says he’ll join tennis team to be closer to taeyong and taeyong begs him not to do that. anything but that.
  • clubs: book review club, uni orchestra 
  • everyone knows doyoung as a talker, he talks really well and no matter what he never seems to get nervous when there’s a crowd listening to him
  • which is why when he says “lawyer” everyone is like,,,,,,,,,,of course
  • his original plan was to become a professor because he likes books and discussion on literature
  • like,,,,no joke he’s always staying thirty minutes late debating on theories in books with all his teachers
  • and some teachers love it while others are like doyoung please i am just a teacher i need to go- and he’s like “have you considered that moby dick is actually trash? here’s 54 reasons why:-”
  • his older brother is an alumni of the school and everyone is like oh ~ you’re gong myungs brother??? and everyone in the pre-med department always wants to talk to doyoung about gong myung and doyoung is like yes. he went on to be a doctor. no. he isn’t married. no he ISNT LOOKING- 
  • he lovessss to bother taeyong when they all go out to eat and he’s just like “more handsome every day i see?” and taeyong is like someone save me. sicheng. yuta-
  • but doyoung just throws his arms around taeyong and is like ^^ let’s study together!~~~ and taeyong is dying but everyone else is living because it’s so funny,,,,
  • dorms with jaehyun and everyone is like wow,,,they’re so mature they’re probably in there studying and being studios students!!!!
  • while in reality they’re sitting on the floor playing video games and doyoung is betting jaehyun all his lunch credits for the weekend on some wii sports resort golf
  • but he really does give off the studios vibe,,,because out of everyone on campus he dresses so???? formally like
  • you’ll never catch him in sweatpants and a big t-shirt (see: taeil) like doyoung wears collar shirts, those dad pants that are jeans but made of corduroy??? maybe a tie if he’s feeling it,,,,,, flip flops on campus? he’d rather DIE he’s wearing those oxfords and u know it!
  • is lowkey trying to give advice to e v e r y o n e like “mark,,,,,i know ur going to soccer but wear knee pads - i don’t care if you’ve been playing for ten years sweetie” to “johnny. that color of green on you is ugly.”
  • people find him intimidating because yes,,,,,he can be straightforward and blunt
  • but,,,,he’s a sweetheart who looks like a curious kid with round eyes and a kind smile 
  • and as much  as taeyong might spend running away from doyoungs affection,,,,he loves having him around because doyoung never makes anything awkward
  • he’s a natural leader tbh and he can make a conversation out of nothing it’s crazy,,,,,,,
  • and you,,,,,,know who doyoung is because you’re friends with ten who is always telling about how much he LOVES doyoung
  • how silly he is,,,,,how fun he is,,,,,how he acts like a cute bunny sometimes
  • and you,,,,,do not get it
  • because you’ve seen doyoung and the way he looks so sharp and intellectual and how when he talks he sounds like he knows,,,,,,everything
  • you’re not even sure you’ve seen doyoung laugh
  • and ten shows you the pics on his instagram of doyoung laughing,,,hand over mouth,,,looking silly with hair a mess and soft skin,,,,
  • but you’re like,,,,,,,you’re still sorta intimidated by him you just??? don’t get how someone can be so naturally good at being social and confident
  • and ten waves it off he’s like doyoung has his insecurities too,,,you know he IS human too??
  • and you’re like nope,,,too handsome- i mean too smart to be human
  • and ten hears the handsome but pretends not to and you’re like coughing into your palm because leTS not admit that maybe you’re intimidated because you know if you spoke to doyoung you’d become a blubbering mess
  • because wow he’s ,,,,,,,,,, attractive ,,,,,,,,, and so much more intelligent that anyone you know TT 
  • that is until one day you’re looking down at your homework, stoic expression and ten throws his bag down beside you on the quad and sits down and is like whats up
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,i have to give a speech for a class,,,,,,,,ten,,,,,,,i cant
  • and ten,,,,looks like christmas came early or something because he’s like DOYOUNG
  • and you’re like ?????? what about hi-
  • and ten is like DOYOUNG CAN HELP YOU OMG this is great you two can finally meet and fall in lo- i mean help each other ok ill introduce you right now let me text him
  • you aren’t fast enough to stop ten’s exited hands and before you can grab his phone ten is like sent!!!!!! 
  • and ur like ten,,,i don’t wanna bother him or an-
  • ten: doyoung says he’d love to help!! he’ll meet you in the library at 7
  • and u just sit there,,,,looking at ten whose give u the mOST GIDDY expression
  • and ur like fine ok and u get up and ten is like its gonna be grEAT and ur like,,,,,a little nervous because u,,,,,,have never been around doyoung,,,,,,,,
  • and ur like ten come with m-
  • but then u hear the familiar voice of johnny calling ten over and ten is like id love to but i gtg and johnny comes jogging over like whats going on
  • and ten is like “they’re going on a blind date~ except it’s not blind im hooking them up with doyoung”
  • and you’re like TEN I SWEAR TO GOD WHAT DID U JUST SAY
  • and johnny is like HEY cool doyoung and you would look cu-
  • and ur like so red u can feel it like a damn sunburn on ur face and ur like stomping away before johnny can finish
  • shaking your head and ten is just like LOVE WILL BLOSSOM
  • but ur just likea mess in ur head because this dumb speech,,,,dumb ten,,,,dumb e m o t i o n s because once u come to terms with the fact that u have to see doyoung
  • like up close ,,,, and personal,,,,,,,,,,
  • ur heart cant stop doing leaps,,,,,,,,,,how c*rny 
  • and 7 comes around much faster than expected and you’re in the library,,,,sure that doyoung wont be there right on time-
  • but he is,,,,,of course he is
  • and he’s sitting there,,,,,striped button down,,,,neatly laid out notebook and pen,,,,,,pretty side profile as he looks over something on is phone,,,,and wow his hands,,,fingers so long and pretty
  • ok snap out of it cmon
  • and somehow you manage to force yourself to go over there,,,,,doyoung looks up and you feel your legs turn to jello as he smiles and stands up as well putting his hand out to shake yours and introduce himself
  • LIKE you don’t know who he is but u stummer out ur own response and doyoung sits back down and puts his hands together and is like well! speech writing is tough but ive given a couple of them so i think i can be of use to u!
  • and ur like,,,,,not even sure what to say because what the HECK he makes u so nervous and its like chill he’s just another person,,,,a goofy person according to ten,,,,,,,,
  • but doyoung just smiles kindly and goes “is there anything you specifically need help with?”
  • and before you can even think you just blurt out; “ i can’t,,,,,,,,,talk”
  • and doyoung blinks but lets out a small laugh,,,,covering his mouth with his hand and he’s like “well yes you can, you just did. also,,,”
  • he leans over the table a bit and ur heart literally goes ! and he motions to his lips and he’s like “you have a mouth, and you can make noise, so i think you’re good on that. any other problems?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,dsfklsf,,,,,,,,, “i,,,,i just cant do it in front of people,,,,,lots of people.”
  • doyoung sits back and with a knowing nod says that that is a problem for a lot of people,,,,,but that instead of worrying about that you should first work on writing the speech
  • embarrassingly you admit that you havent and doyoung just grins and is like that’s why im here to help, so tell me about your class
  • and yes,,,,you’re nervous,,,,,but doyoung somehow makes it really easy for you to explain what you want to do because he’s ,,,,, just so good at making things understandable
  • and he’s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sweet
  • a part of you had always just assumed he’d be the kind of straightforward, blunt, cold kind of personality
  • but even with his slight jokes and his corrections and critique like,,,,doyoung isn’t mean or even off-putting
  • and your nervousness isn’t about asking him for help or even the speech anymore,,,,,it’s more of just,,,,,,,,,,,that feeling of a crush,,,,
  • when it hits ten though doyoung apologizes and says he has to go because of another late study group he has and you shake your head telling him he’s helped you aLOT
  • but before he leaves he pulls out a page from his book and hands it to you,,,,on it is his email and cell and he’s like send me your speech and ill look it over and we can decide another time to meet to talk about it
  • and ur so,,,,shocked you go “you- this isn’t a one time thing?” and doyoung grins again,,,,,,,,,that smile of his,,,,,,,,,,,and he’s like “did ten tell you im some kind of flake? really,,,,that guy,,,,,of course it isn’t a one time thing i said im going to help, right?”
  • and you want to tell him that no no ten has only said that he’s great,,,but you’re still shy and doyoungs smile and kindness is making it even harder to respond 
  • before you know it doyoung is halfway out of the library, turning to wave and you’re so caught up that when you lift your hand to wave back he’s gone
  • and you mumble to yourself that you forgot to thank him,,,,,,you really should
  • ofc the next day ten practically forces you to sit down and tell him e v e r y last detail and you’re like he,,,,,,,,,,,,,,doyoung is nice
  • and ten is like I TOLD YOU he can be a pain in the ass with his sarcastic comments but he has a good heart
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,,,,ten and ten is like hmm and ur like ten i think ive always had a crush on him like those ‘ill admire u from afar kinda things but ten,,,,oh my god i think i might start liking him seriously if he really is this sweet”
  • and ten damn near spits out his iced coffee but he just grabs your hands and is like YESSSSS I HAVE AWAITED THIS MOMENT 
  • and you’re like wkfgfjr what and he’s like please ur lil crush was more than obvious but wow,,,,,,,,,,,a love on campus,,,,,a tutor and his student,,,,,,,,just like a drama i love it
  • and ur like ten please its not like he’ll like me - and ten is just like shh we just need to wait and see
  • and,,,,doyoung follows up on his promise. even in his tight schedule he finds the time to sit down and read over your speech and send you edits or meet up in person to talk
  • sure a couple of times you’ve had to meet him in the city at one of his internships,,,,,once you had to come over to the orchestra recital hall to talk to him,,,,,,then there was that time you meet outside a hospital???? that apparently doyoung’s brother was working in
  • and ,,,,, every time doyoung never failed to show you how much he was putting effort into really helping you
  • from having you read out loud to him and telling you ways to get over nervousness to fixing small grammar errors and helping with vocabulary
  • you could really see,,,,,,his intellect and social skills and,,,there probably isn’t anyone better on campus to help you than him
  • and finally as the date of your speech approaches doyoung suggests reading the speech in front of him and a couple of friends
  • so you end up all cramped into a small study room,,,,doyoung, ten, johnny, taeyong, yuta, winwin, taeil, mark, haechan, and jaehyun,,,,,and ur hands are shaking a bit 
  • but doyoung reaches out,,,smiling and somehow your body calms down and you go through your whole speech without a single mistake and doyoung is just like wah,,,,do you all see this??? my work has paid off,,,,,,they’re perfect!
  • and he gets up throwing an arm around you and pulling you into his side
  • and ten winks and ur like GFgFDSS
  • but,,,,,,,when you look up to see doyoung looking so happy you can’t help but feel that being right there beside him,,,,,,is a spot you want to keep
  • the day of your speech doyoung sends you a text of encouragement,,,,,a picture of him giving you the thumbs up too and you smile and go into class much more confident than you ever thought you’d be
  • ,,,,,,the speech,,,,,,it’s great
  • you do so well you even manage to surprise your teacher and when you’re out you practically skip out of class,,,,taking your phone out to text doyoung that you did it!!! you got the A!!!!!
  • but,,,,,when you meet up with ten later he kind of bites back his lip when you bring up doyoung because apparently,,,,,,,he’s not feeling to good
  • and you’re like he’s sick??? and ten sighs and is like,,,no it’s just he has this really big speech of his own coming up,,,,it’s for his brothers alumni party,,,,,,,,,he said it wasn’t going to stress him but it turns out a couple of law school recruiters are going to be there so it’s messing a bit with his confidence
  • and you frown,,,,knowing doyoung,,,,,you’ve never seen him falter in his self worth and you decide that he helped you so you’re going to go help him
  • so with ten’s instructions you find yourself in front of doyoungs dorm,,,,a box of white chocolate cake,,,,,,and your heart going a thousand miles an hour
  • and you knock only to hear some kind of noise from the inside and the door opening by itself
  • and you can see doyoung’s shoulders hunched over at his desk and quietly you let yourself be known,,,,doyoung turning around in his chair,,,,bags under his eyes and you’re like “ten,,,,,told me about your speech” and he just waves his hand as if to brush it off
  • and is like “what about you - did it go well?” and you wonder ,,, maybe he didn’t look at his phone,,,,,,didn’t see your text so you nod and you’re like i couldn’t have done it without you
  • and doyoung smiles but its small and wavering and you’re like “doyoung,,,,,i ,,,,,i want to thank you for being there for me and helping me,,,,,,, i,,,,,,”
  • a sudden surge of adrenaline makes you stand a little straighter and you can’t believe you’re going to say this but you do
  • “and i was wondering if we could go ,,,,out ,,,,,on a date,,,,,sometime,,,”
  • you open your mouth to say that you’ll even treat since he’s given you so much of his time but doyoung’s eyes darken
  • and before you can he goes “im sorry. school will always come first for me.”
  • it’s not,,,,,a harsh rejection or anything,,,,,,,,,it isn’t even unexpected
  • but doyoung’s voice sounds so cold and heavy that you cant help but feel choked up,,,,,rather than that embarrassed too,,,,,and you look at him
  • doyoungs eyes shifting to the cake in your hands and then back to your face,,,but for the first time he doesn’t look you in the eyes
  • instead he turns back in his chair, tells you he needs to go back to preparing and that if you could close the door tightly on your way out that’d be good
  • you,,,,,don’t budge for a moment but when you come to you drop the cake on his bed and mumble out “it’s for you.” and do as you’re told, leaving the dorm eyes wet with tears
  • and ten doesn’t believe you when you tell him it,,,,,,,, he says that doesnt sound like doyoung,,,,,like yes he’s always putting school first and whatnot but doyoung would never,,,,,,,,,he’d never be so curt
  • but you just tell ten that there isn’t any use in lying,,,,,,,what would doyoung find in you anyway and ten seems ready to lecture you again but the look on your face makes him stop
  • and you tell ten that it doesn’t matter,,,,,,, a crush isn’t anything anyway
  • the rest of the month goes by slowly,,, you still have lots of your own work to concentrate on and you don’t think about the unanswered text from doyoung 
  • you try not to at least,,, ,and your other friends distract you,,,, ten does his best too and you’re happy even though seeing doyoung on campus still makes your heart sink
  • but you don’t expect that you’d be sitting in study hall one interview and you’d get a call from ten 
  • “can you come down to outside the main faculty building? doyoung - just come ok?”
  • confused you pack your things and make way to the big building at the end of the campus ,,,,, when you call ten and text him where he is there isn’t any response and you furrow your eyebrows wondering what the hell this is about
  • until the door opens and you turn “ten what the he-”
  • doyoung’s tall, lean frame comes stumbling toward you,,,,exhaustion and sadness apparent in his face
  • and you barely get your arms out in time to catch him 
  • the warmth of his face against your neck makes your body react and quietly as he stands there in your arms you ask whats going on
  • and doyoung doesn’t say much,,,face rubbing slightly against your neck and you don’t know what you should do 
  • finally he pulls back and you reach up to fix the hair thats gotten into his eyes
  • doyoung takes your hand though and while looking at you goes; “i was wrong.”
  • and you’re like ???? about what
  • doyoung doesn’t look like he has the words yet and he can’t say anything because the door opens and for the first time before you is gong myung
  • “doyoung, the speech-”
  • you look at him,,,doyoungs eyes squeezing shut and he’s like “brother i can-”
  • but you just grab his shoulders and smile at gong myung telling him doyoung will be back in a couple of minutes
  • slightly confused gong myung disappears back inside and you realize that this is the big alumni speech ten had told you about and you’re like “doyoung,,,,c’mon you’re the one who told me that i can,,,,i can because i can speak and i have a mouth right - so do you doyoung you’re the most eloquent person i have ever met what is going-”
  • your paused with the feeling of doyoung’s lips on yours,,,unmoving he stays like that for a while and your mind blanks
  • doyoung pulls back only to tell you that it’s not the speech,,,it’s the thoughts ,,,,, the thoughts about you
  • about how he blamed school just because he was too scared to just say yes,,,,
  • and you’re not sure what - but then it hits u and you’re like,,,,,,,,doyoung,,,,,,,,nOW iS NOT tHE T ime TO WORRY ABOUT thAT
  • and doyoung is like !?@#@?#$? but i was so mean i did want to go on that date wit-
  • and doyoung is like yES I THOUGHT I HURT YOU
  • doyoung’s face brightens,,,,,the sparkle in his eyes returns and you shake your head because god ten was right this,,,,this boy really is kind,,,,,,even behind that constant confidence and laugh,,,he really thinks about the people around him
  • and doyoung is like i can do it. im gonna go in there and kill that speech.
  • and you’re like YES you will!!!! i believe in you!!!!
  • giving a little fist pump doyoung grins and turns to the door,,,only to spin on his heel back to you
  • holding your face with both his hands and kissing you once more before disappearing back inside
  • you wait a bit and your phone goes off with just a winky emoji from ten and you’re like huh but the doors open again and doyoung comes running out
  • arms engulfing you in another hug that leaves you blushing when he pulls back and behind him is a smug looking nct ,,,,, esp ten whose face basically screaming: I SAID SOOO
  • but also gong myung,,,, and you take like three steps away from doyoung because igflkdfsd skinship in front of his brother no no no
  • and gong myung is like “is this the person who made my brother such a mess?” and you’re like,,,,,,,,oh my god how do i answer that
  • and doyoung is like “dont make me bring up your significant other from high school brother.” and gong myung is like WELL I HAVE TO GO NOW
  • and doyoung comes closer and is like “so,,,,about that date? are you free now?”
  • and you’re like akjsfdf shouldnt you go with your brother and all the important alumn-
  • and doyoung shrugs and is like “i think my speech blew them away, now i have to mysteriously disappear and keep them guessing - right?”
  • you almost outright roll your eyes at the thought but also,,,,,you ARE free,,,,,,so,,,,,
  • taeyong as he watches you and doyoung giggling together: thank god he found someone to distract him
  • ten: i agree,,,,but also isn’t seeing him happy making you kinda happy ;)
  • taeyong: suddenly i cant read and i must go bye
  • anyway doyoung and you go grab some drinks and take a walk at a nearby park,,,,,even though it’s simple it’s kind of the perfect first date
  • doyoung insists that he’ll take you somewhere better but he needs time to plan and you’re like it’s ok,,,,these kinds of things are my favorite
  • and he smiles a bit and you’re like,,,,you’re thinking of something arent you?
  • and reaching out for your hand doyoung whispers “these kinds of things,,,,,,like just being by each others side?”
  • and you bite back your lip,,, stuttering because,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,,how can he just boldly say that?!?!?!
  • but doyoung finds it adorable and pulls you closer and is like “i like it too, i like having you here. when you weren’t around anymore,,,,,,it felt,,,,,empty.”
  • and ok ten is like,,,,,,,,,he is your biggest fan he literally sits you and doyoung down the next day and is like “i bless this marriage” “ten we aren’t-” “i bless this marriage but doyoung oh my god if you do anything to hurt them i will personally shave your head in your sleep and leak every video i have of you singing in the shower do not test me.”
  • but everyone else is happy too,,,,,yuta is like DAMN i didnt expect this and doyoung is like why not and yuta is like because you’re so uptight about everything. mr school is my life. mr school is my significant other. mr. school and i kissed for the first ti-
  • doyoung with his hand over yutas mouth: we geT IT narcisist nakamoto 
  • the only normal one about the situation is taeil but he’s also like be careful doyoung is sly~ a real playboy~
  • and you’re like really?!??!
  • and winwin is like yEAH all the old ladies from the campus cafeteria say hes the perfect son in law. he has all of them swooned.
  • you; oh. you meant that kind of playboy LOL
  • doyoung is,,,,everything you expect him to be as a boyfriend: caring, and helpful
  • but,,,,also too caring + helpful sometimes with the way he keeps shrugging off his blazer or cardigan to throw around your shoulders because the library is cold or switching out your soda for water because we need to stay healthy
  • but he’s doing it from a place of love,,,he really is
  • teaches you note taking tricks and when he takes you supply shopping he’s like “you are super special to me which is why im telling you where to get the best highlighters in seoul and you cannot tell ANYONE. A N  Y O N E.”
  • doyoung’s fashion sense doesn’t change,,,, not even on dates to the movies or amusement parks or the beach
  • like you and the guys planned to do some night time fireworks and everyone showed up in basically their pajamas but doyoung? nope. the oxfords were still on,,,,,even in the goddamn sand
  • but doyoung,,,, is the life of the party he really makes everyone laugh and you,,,,,,,,get to have inside jokes with him
  • that always leave you laughing till your stomach hurts and doyoung has to pull you into his lap and apologize and ur like ,,,babe im not just laughing because it’s FUNNY and he’s like YES but im too funny. im too powerful. you need to control me
  • and you’re like blushing and somewhere johnny is probably like “i taught him that” JKJK 
  • doesn’t look like the type but is totally a late-night snacker
  • you two will sometimes meet just to eat convenience store bread and chips and talk about how college is the WORST with your legs entwined on the bench outside of the law department
  • and it’s like midnight no one is on campus but you and doyoung are perfectly ok in the dark munching away your problems together
  • doyoung thinks flowers are the most romantic thing and if he ever goes into the city and comes back he always comes back with flowers
  • and they’re different every time and you always get shy when he gives them to you because everyone around you is like ooooooo and doyoung is so proud of himself and you,,,,just melt how is he so cute
  • once,,,just to see his reaction,,, you brought him flowers and you gave them to him after class and it was his turn to get all shy and it was the best moment ever
  • you made taeil record the whole thing and whenever doyoung gets cheeky you just bring up the video and you’re like look. look here. you’re a giant cute baby dont even argue. look ur ears turned cherry red
  • isn’t a big clothing sharer but he wears glasses when studying sometimes so you steal them every now and then to wear and ,,,, doyoung thinks you look so cute in them that he just lets it happen tbh
  • sometimes though he’ll start an argument over it just to be like “let’s settle it with a tickle fight”,,,,,he just wants to tickle you tbh
  • doyoung sometimes narrates what you do to make you blush like if you’re doing some work on your laptop he’ll be like “and they look at the screen,,,concentrated,,,focused,,,looking hot and smart. i would kiss them if they weren’t so busy,,,” and it gets u everytime 
  • because you turn to look at him and doyoung leans over to get a kiss and ur like AH IM TRYING TO WORK and doyoung is like well switch of your cuteness then i cannot help myself 
  • sometimes he talks to himself and you love it like you love doyoungs voice so much,,,,
  • like when u just had a crush you thought it was nice but now it’s just music to your ears honestly
  • has pet names for you and calls you them in public because doyoung likes to show of your relationship
  • not corny enough for couple sweaters or anything but couple phone wallpapers are a must
  • admitted that he said to one of his professors that ever since he fell in love he’s kind of grown an interest in romantic novels and you’re like wait wait fell in love 
  • and doyoung is like yeah,,,,,i love you,,,is that not obvious?
  • and you almost fell out of your chair,,,, but,,,, you love him too of course,,,
  • you always tell his not to cover his laugh because he has a habit of putting his hand in front of is mouth and you’re like,,,,,,,,i love your smile and laugh dont hide it
  • and doyoung ,,,,, when you compliment him its like the whole world is just the two of you and doyoung just wants to hold you in his arms because ugh he loves you so damn much
  • doyoung is a good talker but he’s an even better kisser
  • and kisses turn from innocent pecks on each others lips while you’re over at his dorm to full blow make outs with doyoungs big hands under your shirt
  • and the books thrown off his desk,,,him standing between your legs and the feeling of your lip between his teeth,,,,
  • doyoung does have a soft spot,,,his spine,,,,and when you settle kisses down it it makes him shiver and he becomes so cutely submissive,,,,,
  • sometimes you’ll sneak up from behind and kiss right below the back of his neck and seriously doyoung almost faints LOL
  • he likes to cook for you if he has time,,,,he cant cook a lot but he has some dishes and also he looks so cute because he always hums to himself and its just,,,,,,,,,so nice and sweet of him
  • you guys vibe so well with each other that just walking around for hours without going anywhere is exciting for you two
  • just looking at the scenery, holding hands, and talking,,,,,makes you two happy
  • ten tells doyoung that you used to think he was stoic and mean and ur like tEN and doyoung is like really?????? do you still think that??? do you not love me???
  • and you have to kiss him like 9403 times before he stops whining and bringing it up and ur like side eyeing ten for this whose just like WHAT I THOUGHT HE SHOULD KNOW
  • plays his flute when he’s stressed and you keep pestering him to teach you but seriously ever since you started dating its too hard to do anything when you’re around each other because you’re both so in love that it just turns mushy and its like yes teach me how to play the flute but also come here and cuddle me kinda situation
  •  taeyong secretly misses all of doyoungs attention but at the same time he thinks you make doyoung a lot brighter and better and hes thankful,,,,,,,,,like really thankful
  • doyoung is the kind of boyfriend who when you trip over something he doesnt hide laughter but he helps you back up and scolds the twig you tripped over for hurting you LOL 

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One Night Stand

Finally, a part 2! I’d been planning this for a while, but with all the requests i’ve received it’s been hard to do so. But here I am, and maybe this will become a series? I’m not sure, depends if you guys requests so!

Imagine Prompt: can i request a oneshot please? id like one where you and bellamy secretly like each other but you two are really sarcastic and you fight a lot and one day you two were on a mission and they had to sleep next to each other in a cave and bellamy surprise the reader by putting his arms around her in his sleep and spooning her. just this with a lot of sass and sarcasm, please? thank you :)

Warning: none. kind of…

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When you woke up, you felt oddly warm. A sense of safety flushed through you and you couldn’t quite figure out why. There was a body next to yours, and as you blinked in the brightness of the sun that surrounded the cave and blinked away the blurriness, you began to try and move only to find you couldn’t.

Strong arms wrapped around your waist, tight and protective to the point you couldn’t move. You furrowed your brows, still slightly asleep as you tried to pin who exactly was with you. You hadn’t had anyone on ground and you definitely wouldn’t sleep with someone on a… one.. night stand.

“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

Bellamy’s words echoed through, the memories of last night flashing through as you became wide awake. You snapped up, forcefully ripping Bellamy’s arms of from around you. You heard him moan in shock as he too woke up. Shy and bashful, you hugged yourself as Bellamy groaned awake and sat up next to you.

What would you say? Everything that had happened last night was something you’d never expected. And despite how hard you tried to push down the secret feelings you’d developed for the boy, they were there and they only increased after the events of last night. But there was no way Bellamy would like you back, which was why you’d never acted on those feelings.

“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

Or would he?

“Uh, good morning.”  Bellamy’s deep voice echoed around you and you felt your muscles tense. Was he going to act like none of this had ever happened? But, maybe that would be best. You didn’t think you’d be able to confront him or your feelings, so maybe acting as if none of it happened would be okay.

Standing up, you murmured a good morning. Ignoring the feel of his eyes lingering on you as you walked to the opening of the cave and stepped out. You let your eyes wander over the sunshine that no shun brightly and the warmth you could now bask in. Turning back into the cave you quickly began packing up your things. “The fogs gone, we should head back to camp. People are probably starting to worry.”

Bellamy said nothing but let his gaze linger on you a moment longer, before he too began to pack up. The walk back to camp was silent, and long. Even after an hour, which felt like you should’ve reached camp by now, you were still an hours walk away. And the silence was agonizingly painful as well as awkward. It almost felt as if you were alone, because of the dead silence, if you could miss the awkward stares and bumps of the shoulders.

Eventually, a short half n hour later (so they were only a half n hour away) you’d gotten tired of walking and leaned against a tree. Huffing in tiredness, and rubbing your feet in pain. Normally you wouldn’t be so whiny, but you hadn’t had to walk this long in a long time, seeing as before this you’d never been allowed out of camp.

You heard a huff of annoyance from behind you, but you chose to ignore it. Figuring Bellamy had been just as tired as you, and was annoyed by it. But you were hugely mistaken, when he began speaking. “Really, Y/N?” He snapped.

With narrowed eyes, you looked over at him shaking your head. “Really what?”

“You need to stop right now. We are almost back to camp and the sooner the better.” 

Your jaw opened in bafflement and with a huff, you let your foot fall and you slipped back on your shoe. You turned to him, crossing your arms over your chest as you glared at him. “Yeah, I did need to stop. I wasn’t the one who asked you to come on this damn mission, that had been an absolute fail by the way. And i’m tired, and i’m sick of being near you.” Suddenly, all your pent up feelings came pouring out at his complete ignorance to your side of things. You tried to tell yourself to remain calm, and reason things out, but your irrational side got the better of you.

“You should know by now that I take whatever lead I get and that when we go out, we do what needs to be done and get back. There isn’t time for resting!” He practically yelled.

“No, actually, I wouldn’t know.” You reprimanded. “I wouldn’t because ever since we landed down here, you haven’t let me step one foot out of that camp. God knows why.” 

He stayed silent for a while, both of you wondering what had started this fight and why it’d become so tense. It was a stupid thing to argue over, and the both of you knew, but for some reason every angry thought came to your mind, whether it had to do with Bellamy or not, and you couldn’t control yourself. 

“Sorry for caring.” Bellamy spat.

Your eyes widened and you let out a dry laugh, “care? Since we landed you’ve been treating me as if i’m an annoyance. Why care about a pestering princess right?”

“You are an annoyance!” He yelled, despite himself. And with shock, you took a step back. Not quite expecting such harsh words to come out of his mouth, you opened your mouth to say something but came out empty. You picked up your backpack, not quite sure what to do. “Wait, Y/N…” Bellamy tried but you interrupted him.

“No, uh, it’s okay.” You whispered, staring at the ground. “I get it. I don’t know why I ever thought that… we… no, sorry.” You let the words slip out before you ran off. Your feet carrying you faster than you ever thought they could, and before you knew it you’d ran so far that you didn’t know where you were. You’d never been in these woods before and without a tracker, you found yourself lost. The world spun around you as you tried to figure out where you were.


Bellamy huffed, after walking around searching for you, and not able to find you, he figured you’d gone back home. He was worried and regretted all the words he said, because in the moment he hadn’t meant any of it. He’d just been frustrated that the two of you hadn’t discussed what had happened the night before.

You’d been ignoring his advances and gazes, he’d become frustrated with you to the point he became irrational.

Letting out a deep breath, he signalled to be let in and walked through. His eyes already searching for you, and expecting to see you walk up to him with a stomp to your step. Only you never came, and instead in your place Clarke came up. Seemingly relieved to see Bellamy standing there.

Her eyes searched around him, and he blinked in confusion. “Bellamy! I’m so glad you’re okay!” She said once she reached him, smiling up him. Bellamy smiled at her shortly, his eyes going past her for you. His heart began to race when you never showed up.

“Where’s Y/N?” Immediately, Bellamy snapped his eyes down to Clarke. His heart picking up in fear as he stared baffled down at Clarke.

“What do you mean where is she? She’s not here?” Bellamy asked in a panicked rush.

Clarke furrowed her brows, shaking her head. “No, the last time she was here was when she left with you yesterday.” She explained, her face contorting in concern. “What happened Bellamy? Where is Y/N?”

At the frantic mention of your name, a crowd of your friends had gathered. All staring at Bellamy expectantly as he stared at the ground in pure fear. How could he had been so stupid? Letting you go over a stupid fight like that. 

“Bellamy, where’s Y/N?” Jasper piped up, coming to stand next to Bellamy.

“We were out, but then I got in such a stupid fight with her.” He said, his voice deep as he blamed himself. “She ran off, and I searched for her but I figured she’d headed off back here.”

Clarke’s eyes widened with realization. “Bellamy she’s never been out of-”

“Out of camp before.” He finished, nodding. “I know.” Nodding to himself, he grabbed his gun and began marching towards the gates. 

“Where are you going?” Clarke yelled.

“Going to find her.”

- Part 3?
Report Card

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Summary: After an explosive fight with your parents, you turn to your friends, but they’re too involved with another mystery to notice your pain. You leave the school, never to be seen again.

A/N: yay, angst. This wasn’t requested but feel free to request one :)

Pairing: reader x no friends, parents, core four (+ Cheryl and Kevin)

Warnings: Fighting, swearing, mention of suicide

The moon peaked through the curtains in the kitchen and streams of light made rays, reflecting off of the marble floors and countertop. Dirty dishes were scattered lightly across the counter and the sink was empty, with soap bubble residue near the drain. Droplets of water were falling from the faucet, hitting the sink at the same time the clock ticked in the living room. But you couldn’t hear that, or notice the beauty in an ordinary setting, because screaming took place in your eardrums instead. You sat on the old couch in your living room, with both your mom and dad standing in front of the television. The TV was muted, but a movie you’d vaguely remembered seeing was playing. It was more intriguing than the scene playing before you. Your dad was visibly red, the veins in his forehead popping out. Your mom was fuming and she had streams of tears pouring down her cheeks. A piece of paper was in your trembling hands and it was a pale blue and gold color. Your name lined the top corner and underneath had REPORT CARD printed crisply, bolded and underlined.

“We told you to study, we commanded you to stay away from your friends! They are a distraction to you and your work! Don’t you want to be the best? You are not a B student in this house, under this roof! Even an A is unacceptable! We think you need to leave your friend be, you’re much better without them. Maybe then you’re grades can get better.”

Your mom paced the room, her hands clenched into tight fists, shaking in the air. Your dad took a seat in the chair near the door, and it creaked as he sat. You looked back at the sheet. All A-’s and the one B in chemistry. Good grades and scholarships were all they cared about, and they expected the very best. But this was your best.

You looked back at your mom and she stomped to get in your face. She grabbed your cheeks in her hand, your face squished together and lips puckered painfully.

“You are a disgrace to us all.”

She said the words calmy and annunciated, putting emphasis on all the right words, which stabbed your heart in all the wrong ways. Her hands ripped the sheet from your palms, giving them paper cuts as it slipped between your fingers. Your dad stood from the chair, made harsh eye contact, shook his head and walked towards the staircase. Your mom followed in heat, crumpling the paper and throwing it on the tan carpet.

The words played like a scratched record in your mind, and the tears fled your eyes at the same speed the seconds passed from the clock.

You walked into school with red washed eyes and a hair thrown messily into a bun. A sweater Jughead gave you one night was a blanket for your torso and you felt comforted, the most you did all weekend. You called, texted, even tried to visit everyone, but you never got an answer. Betty, Archie, Jughead, and fuck, even Cheryl.

You turned the corner of the hallway, books clutched tightly to your chest like a lifevest and you saw the five standing around a table. Kevin walked into the room with another paper and threw it onto the table. They mumbled amongst each other, not acknowledging your presence.

“Hey guys…”

Your voice was quiet and broke halfway through. They turned around to wave but turned back forward. The backpack straining you fell to the floor and you set your books next to it. You shuffled quietly to where they were, and once again, it was a new mystery overtaking the town.

“What’s all this about?”

Jughead looked up at you and scoffed.

“If you’d read the paper, you’d know.”

You knew it was sarcasm, but it hurt your already damaged heart. It hurt more when everyone else let out a breathy laugh, Cheryl and Kevin’s carried farther and louder. They talked, making plans to meet up, without even turning to you. They slowly dispersed, Betty collected the papers and walked out of the room. It was only you, in a quiet room, left in your thoughts.

You are a disgrace to us all.

You heard the words again, but it played over and over, in everyone’s voice with an intensity, until your feet took you outside the school and dragged you down the snowy sidewalk.

Veronica was the first to notice your lack of presence. They all sat in Pop’s, talking about what happened that day and how they solved this week’s adventure. She looked up from her double chocolate shake and looked around the table.

“What’s going through your head, princess?”

Archie squeezed her shoulder and looked at her with confusion.

“When’s the last time we spoke to (Y/N)?”

Everyone stopped their own side conversations and looked down at the table, wracking their minds for an answer.

“I think Monday.”

Jughead looked up from his burger and met eyes with Cheryl, who was nodding. Betty slightly raised an eyebrow and looked at everyone sitting.

“I didn’t see her in the other classes we had. She typically was the first person to be in chemistry.”

As it sank into everyone’s mind, Mrs. Lodge came to the front of the booth. Her eyes were glossed over and she held the town newspaper in her hands.

“I’m so sorry everyone, I know it’s probably so hard for all of you with (Y/N).”

Jughead jerked up in his seat, and everyone gave her a look of shock.

“Mom, what happened?”

Mrs. Lodge let a tear slip from her eye and she placed the newspaper in the middle of the table. Archie slipped his arm from Veronica’s shoulder and read the title of the article aloud.

“Local Riverdale teen found dead in Drive-In, later revealed to be suicide by town’s star student (Y/N)-”

Archie couldn’t finish reading the article without choking up. He slammed the paper down and covered his face. Everyone in the booth slowly started letting out choked sobs, except for Jughead and Cheryl. They sat numbly, losing somebody else in their life they didn’t know they needed until now.

Complicated Hearts.

Request from @bucky-hackneyed:Can you do a Bucky x reader where Bucky is kind of an asshole to reader when she tries to flirt with him and then he tells her he doesn’t like her and she’s all heart broken?? But then Bucky catches feeling and then it fluffy stuff?

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,563

Warnings: Hurtful remarks, mild language, angst, heartbreak and fluff.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

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“Earth to [y/n]!”

You were supposed to be training with Natasha in the gym of Stark Tower but you found yourself unable to tear your eyes away from the hot mess that was currently at the weights station. The redhead waved her hand in front of your face to try and snap you back to reality and after a few moments of doing so she succeeded as you shook our head and turned your gaze back to your friend.

“Gees, you’ve got it bad!”

“What?” You furrowed your brows in confusion having not even realised what it was you had been doing. “I have no idea what you are talking about Nat.”

“Yeah that’s right, feign innocence, but considering I have just been stood here for the past few minutes watching you I know exactly what, or rather who, you were looking at. You are like it every time he is in the gym.”

Could she really blame you though? Bucky Barnes had the stature of a Greek God and that jawline of his….damn it was sharp enough to cut something……

“[y/n] you’re doing it again.”

Now you really couldn’t deny it because you were perfectly aware that both your eyes and your thoughts had once again drifted over to the newest member of the team. How on earth were you supposed to concentrate on your training session with Natasha when such a beautiful sight was proving to be far too much of a distraction?

“I’m sorry but come on! The guy is ridiculously hot…that amount of hotness should be illegal.”

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Request: anon: Hi, I love your work, especially your Jaemin boyfriend headcanon. Because of that, would it be alright if I requested a boyfriend Chenle? Thank you so much and all the best of liuck for the future xxx

Genre: Floof

Warnings: Cuteness Overload // Slight Explicit Language

Author’s Note: Gender Neutral

This is purely based on my own personal opinions. Agree or disagree, either way, enjoy!

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- LELE !!!!!! MY PRECIOUS BUN !!!!!!!!!!!!

- K let’s get right into it

- From the moment you met him you knew he was something special

- I mean this kid is all smiles and giggles

- It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around him

- He’s the human embodiment of happiness

- He warms up to you instantly

- And you do, too

- Cause like,, it’s impossible not to when you’re that close to the actual sun

- Once it finally hits him that “”holy shit he has feelings for you””

- 10x more dolphin screeches giggling

- And suddenly everything you do makes him blush

- And I mean everything

- Sit by him on the couch? He’s blushing

- Say his name? A rosy tint instantly covers his cheeks

- If you so much as look at him !!!! His entire face is flushed

- And his “little crush” is no secret

- The entire dorm knows

- In fact everyone knows except for your dumbass

- So you know damn well that all of his hyungs are helping him sort out some kind brilliant plan to confess to you

- When in reality no one knows what the hell they’re talking about

- “I’VE GOT IT! We fake kidnap Y/N, and Chenle can swoop in, take us out, and rescu-”

- “Yuta, why the hell would we do that…”

- “He’s trying to confess, not scare the shit out of Y/N”

- They spend hours and hours arguing and ultimately getting nowhere

- So he decides to wing it

- The two of you are at the park just sittin on the swings

- You’re blabbing around somethin or other and he completely cuts you off

- “Y/N… Can I tell you something…?”

- You look over to see him fidgeting like a madman

- And he looks painfully uncomfortable

- “Yeah, Lele. Anything.”

- Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.DEEP BREATH.

- “Ivelikedyouforsuchalongtimeandiwantedtoknowifyoudgooutwithme”

- “…wut……”

- And after another 2-3 tries you’re finally able to understand him

- When you say yes he lets out this ear piercing cackle

- And all the families at the park start staring

- But he doesn’t give a shit !!!!

- The person of his dreams just agreed to go out with him !!!!!!

- Now onto dating life with Mr. Chenle

- For starters

- He asks you to make him ramen oN! THE! DAILY!

- “Chenle, it takes not even 5 minutes to make”

- “Which is exactly why you should make me some!!!!!!!”

- You seriously can’t say no to this kid

- It just doesn’t happen

- And every time you try he whips out the aegyo

- And no matter how cringy it may be you still give in

- Because it’s Chenle

- Sucker for skinship omg

- But don’t expect much of anything in front of his bandmates

- This smol baby is just too shy

- But when it’s just the two of you ???

- hA! Good luck getting him off of you

- He!! Loves!! Hugs!!

- He gives you back hugs literally every 5 minutes

- He likes to do this thing where he nuzzles his face into your neck

- And then takes your heart and stomps on it because he’s just too precious for this world

- Also !!! Loves !!! Kisses !!!!!

- He likes to hold your head with both hands and plant chaste kisses all over your face

- On the tip of your nose

- On your forehead

- On your cheek

- And finally, he gets to your lips

- He just barely presses his lips to yours

- Almost like he’s afraid that if he presses too hard he might break you

- When honestly its probably the other way around jus sayin,,,

- And EVERY! TIME! he pulls away from a kiss he bursts into a fit of laughter

- Not because it was bad

- But because the boy laughs at anything and everything

- Oooohh don’t get me started on cuddling,,,,

- He’s one of the youngest in NCT

- Which means he’s constantly babied

- SO when the two of you cuddle he likes to be the “big spoon”

- Ohh the irony,,,,

- But every once in a while

- Especially when work is getting to be too much for him

- He really just needs you to hold him

- Start running your fingers through his hair and he’s out like a light

- And this cutie

- He unconsciously clings to you in his sleep

- Like he’s afraid you’ll leave him if he didn’t hang onto you for dear life

- But c’mon

- Who in their right mind would leave such a precious baby

- All around your relationship is just soo lovey dovey and kinda sappy

- But it’s just your way of showing each other how much you truly care for one another (’:

Remus Lupin + “Fighting doesn’t make you a hero.”

At first when he’d gone undercover he was still the same Remus Lupin you loved. He smiled at you when he checked in with the Order and gave you long kisses on the forehead and lips and cheek and everywhere else his lips could reach, but now six months into his stint with the packs and he was moody.

He didn’t smile, and his eyes would never leave his shoes when he’d give his report and forget about the warm smiles and sweet kisses, his knuckles wouldn’t even brush against yours. At first you understood, James had pointed out the obvious, that being under cover, away from his family and friends was taking its toll, but after eight months you were done.

Not with him, but with his work.

“Remus,” you said once the meeting adjourned, this week the meeting was held at the McKinnon’s homestead, “Can I talk to you for a moment?” For a second he looked like he was about to protest, shrug you off and leave into the night once more.

But he didn’t. “Sure.” You pulled him into the living room. Though it was a large room with old cushioned couches and worn wood tables it had a homey feeling to it.

“I don’t want you going back.” You hadn’t thought of how you’d tell Remus but you hadn’t wanted it to come out like that, ungracefully and awkward.

“What?” He raised his eyebrows in a mother like fashion he’d most definitely picked up from James. “Remus you’ve been under cover for eight months and we’ve learned next to nothing-”

“That’s why I shouldn’t leave!” He wasn’t yelling but his voice had picked up a shrill tone at the end and the look he was giving you, as if you were stupid, caused you to unintentionally square your shoulders. You weren’t stupid.

“I rather learn nothing then continue to see you like this!”

“Like what?”

“This!” You motioned to his whole body. “Remus you don’t smile, you don’t look anyone in the eyes, it’s like you’re eleven years old again and you’ve just gotten to Hogwarts!”

“That’s not true!” He was right. It wasn’t true. This new Remus, the timid one who didn’t speak clearly and hunched his shoulders together was so much worse then the eleven year old boy who was scared everyone would find out what he was and chase him from the castle grounds with pitchforks and clubs.

“You’re right,” you told him, “You’re so much worse.” He glared at you for a moment, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish’s as he searched for a good argument. He grabbed your shoulders, not hard or violently, but in a way a parent would hold their child at arms length so the kid couldn’t turn away from them.

“If I don’t do this who can! I can be a hero like James or Sirius, the Ministry won’t take me. Doing this, I can make a difference.”

Fighting doesn’t make you a hero,” you told him. Why did Gryffindors always evacuate fighting with heroism? “It makes you a just another person to bury.”

“And? I’m a werewolf, this is war, the only good thing I can do is get information and die!” You push his hands off your shoulders and squeeze your eyes tight. You’re not sure if the tears are from frustration or your heart breaking due to what he says.

“If you really believe that fine! But don’t expect me to be there when they put you in the ground Remus Lupin!”

“Fine!” He shouted. He pushed passed you and stomped out the door, leaving you to fall back onto the cream colored couch and cry your pretty little heart out.

tags: @dicckgrayson // @v-writings // @norwegian-fox // @astrangeevent02

It’s Only Castles Burning

Pairing: CastielXReader

Word Count: 4745 

Summary: Established CastielXReader. Powered up with the souls of purgatory, Castiel forsakes his friends, exacts punishment upon his foes in Heaven, and begins to do God’s work on Earth. Feared by everyone he encounters, he seeks out the only person who ever seemed to truly understand his motives as hitchhiker leviathans progressively overpower his will and corrupt his vessel from within.

A/N: One-shot written for @roxy-davenport​​ / Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge with prompt pairing Leviathan!Cas X Fem!Reader (see also Godstiel and Dom!Cas), claiming, biting smut, movie Amityville Horror 2005 (in which Cas’ vessel is the metaphorical evil house), and quote “Get your hands off her!” Contains NSFW/18+/adult content – specifically, oral (male receiving), pinned spooning, and mentions of cowgirl/denied orgasm. Italicized quotes are direct excerpts from SPN episode 7X01 Meet the New Boss and 7X02 Hello, Cruel World and are not mine – fic is set during the time period of these episodes with canonically dark themes and descriptions of physical violence consistent with Cas’ character arc and the leviathans. All things considered, I think I managed to keep it a tiny bit fluffy (you know, considering what happens in 7X02).

Scanning the pallid faces of the Winchesters and Bobby Singer, Castiel perceived only fear. These humans he once called friends did not love him, did not respect him.

“Stop, what’s the point if you don’t mean it. You fear me, not love, not respect, just fear.”

Castiel won – victor in the battle for Heaven and Earth against Raphael. In affront to the misgivings of his so-called friends, he also managed to out-maneuver the King of Hell at his own manipulative game. Castiel deserved this power – this glory, and they had the audacity to deny it to him. The betrayal disappointed him, but the frustration of utter terror radiating from their souls rather than awe of his newfound authority infuriated the seraph turned God. However, Castiel was a just and merciful God, and although disloyalty demands justice, these men were one-time allies - flawed men deserving of mercy.

“Be thankful for my mercy.”

Despite their indiscretions, he spared their lives with a warning he knew they were not likely to heed.

“I hope for your sake this is the last time you see me.”

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Headcanons of Katsukis ex s/o is now dating Izuku. Due to not feeling important in katsukis eyes. But now izuku treats them amazing and how a relationship should be.

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Bakugou makes it obvious that he doesn’t want anything to do with either you or Deku. He hates seeing the two of you together and being all lovey-dovey. He finds it disgusting whenever you and him were holding hands, hugging each other, making one another smile, and sharing your lunches together. He always turns his head away from you and the fucking loser that you left him for and leaves the room if it’s possible. He never wants to be in the same room as you anymore because it was unbearable for him to watch you fall in love with someone else.
  • But there are times where he would watch you and Midoriya from a distance, wondering where the fuck did he go wrong? What did he do that made you decide to break things off with him and date the one person he hated most out of everyone. He thought everything was going well in the relationship and that you were happy with him because he was the happiest he’s ever been when you came into his life. So why did you plant these little seeds of happiness in his heart and ripped it out of his chest and stomped on it when he least expected it? Why did you hurt him? Because he never would have hurt you.
  • Every time Bakugou looks at you now, he hates the stupid smile that you wear on your face and the stupid laugh he’d hear each time Midoriya would say something that you thought was amusing. He found it irksome and becomes easily irritated when he sees you being happy with him and he was a ticking time bomb whenever the two of you were nearby. Sometimes he’d promptly tell the both of you to shut the fuck up which effectively immediately causes an awkward atmosphere to arise in the classroom.
  • Bakugou hates to admit it but he becomes a little envious of Deku because what the fuck did he have that he didn’t have? He was better than him in every single way so he couldn’t understand what you saw in him. It wasn’t until one day that he confronts you when you are alone to seek the answers he’s been looking for. He couldn’t move on until he got some closure from you because it’s been driving him completely insane the day you turned your back and walked out on him.
first lady, six.

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pairing: taehyung x reader.
word count: 4.4k
content: angst, inappropriate language, ice hockey!au
a/n: first off, i’d like to dedicate this chapter to the amazing @jangjangboom7​ that has been dealing with my shitty self lately and still being so wonderful and i love her for that; also to the lovely @uberbabetae​ that’s my yelling partner at hockey matches and rival for the day, you’re the best and i love you; last but not least to the absolute angel that @seaseok​ is! i love you, beautiful being! i also wanna thank all of you for the love you’ve been given first lady, y’all have a special place in my heart!now prepare the tissues and enjoy.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Voices surrounded you the whole time and now that your eyes began to feel lighter, the voices finally seemed to carry a clear message with them. You felt Yoongi’s angst when he asked how could it be possible - you had no idea of what it was but for your brother to react just like that, it had to be something hell serious for sure. You felt you father’s concern when he asked why did you pass out if the whole problem was your knee and it didn’t take much effort to catch up with the nurse when she said that it was just too much pain for your body to process.

But, more than anything, you felt your mother’s sorrow as she requested silence.

You also felt how incredibly warm your left hand was compared to the right one and that’s when you knew you should try to break through the darkness and fight to open your eyes.

A painful grunt came from the back of your throat as your irises welcomed back the artificial lightening of your room and it all fell silent for a moment.

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Chase You Down (3)

Bucky x Reader

Based off of Chase You Down by RUNAGROUND

Summary: The infamous Brooklyn mob boss, Bucky Barnes, has a tendency of sleeping around and killing people on a short fuse. So what happens when a certain girl catches his eye and turns his already shitty world upside down?

BEFORE YOU READ: this is a semi-oc fic! You can still insert your name into the fic, that’s not changing. However, ‘you’, will have some characteristics that ‘you’ might not actually have in real time. It just fits the story better if I actually describe it instead of leaving holes in the story. Enjoy!

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence, fluff, plot twist. Agra means ‘love’ or ‘dear’ in gaelic.


Word Count: 1.6k+

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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“Where the hell is she? I know she’s suppose to perform tonight. I remember booking her!” I shout at Steve, running a hand through my hair, glancing at my watch. Y/n’s suppose to be up on stage in ten minutes and she’s nowhere to be found. I down the rest of my whiskey and shake my nerves away.

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can't it be me instead? chpt 1

chpt 2, chpt 3, chpt 4, chpt 5, chpt 6, chpt 7, chpt 8, chpt 9

Summary; the love of your life, Rocky, get’s a girlfriend suddenly and it feels like your world is falling apart. With the help of Moonbin, you try to win him back, but in the end you’re not sure if that’s what you want.

Genre; Angst, Fluff 

(based on the Japanese film ‘Heroine Disqualified’)

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Unpopular opinion/rant:

Chaol. Westfall. Did. Nothing. Wrong. I shall explain for all of the people that I can hear gasping. Celaena Sardothien, the assassin who is notorious for being blood-thirsty and terrifying, gets LET OUT OF SLAVERY. Chaol probably lost a lot of friends in the castle guard force to Celaena and the rest of Arobynn’s assassins. And his best friend promises to liberate her and let her live in the castle with him. You can see what he might be thinking. He’s sworn to protect the prince and he tries to do that with everything he’s got because he is the most loyal friend ever. That’s the problem everybody had with him. That he was loyal to the King in Crown of Midnight when Nehemia’s death threat came. But I believe that nothing that happened that night was his fault. If you were in his shoes, who would you trust: The King, whose son is your best friend for over a decade, and who has given you a home, a job and a family when your own kicked you out and disowned you. Who gave him a position of power and trusts you with his life, and the life of his son. Who provided you a chanc to be someone you were proud of. OR The most famous assassin in the country, who has murdered people you knew and has never apologised or been anything but salty at best towards you. Then, she started flirting with your best friend and when you try to protect him from her, the deadly assassin, he pushes you away. She causes you to split further and further away from your best friend. She then breaks his heart in two and makes a move on you, and you fall in love, ostricising you from Dorian completely. After you’ve slept with her once, she then expects you to hand over the county’s secrets and everything. I know who you would pick. And that means I’ve proven my point. But I’m not done yet. Celaena then BLAMES YOU for the death of her best friend and scars you for life for being loyal to the man who gave you a chance. Not only that, but she then stomps on your heart and breaks it into pieces. Then you find out that Celaena is fae - a species you’ve been taught to fear and despise your whole life. And because you are a good person, a good friend, you then BETRAY the man you were once loyal to just to protect this girl who is fae, who has maimed your face, destroyed your heart and taken your friend from you. You sacrifice your dreams, your job and your pride just to send her to Doranelle. And after the terror and horror of Heir of Fire, of watching Sorscha die and Dorian be possessed, Celaena returns as Aelin, blaming you for Dorian and demanding to be a part of the plans. You don’t even know her anymore - she’s become a different person. And she’s replaced you. So I’m not saying that everyone should hate on Celaena/Aelin. I love her. So much. I’m just saying, don’t hate on Chaol. And no one should be comparing him to the sexist, dominating and uncaring male that Tamlin was and is.

Broken Crown - Part 4

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

A/N: Apologies for taking so long. Please forgive me. I’m trying my best. 

Summary: Life without Y/N is hard on Jon and their Kingdom. 

Part One - Part Two - Part Three 


He had never known a Winter so cold until the one without her. By his side is where she was meant to be, and yet, the world was cruel enough to not allow that. They had just gotten back to the life they wanted for each other. He had hope that they would try for another family soon. Now, there was the possibility that he’d end up alone again. 

Jon Snow, the bastard turned King, now wears a broken crown as his wife fights to stay alive. 

From the moment, the sun rose to the time it set, Jon’s friends and family could find him sat next to her bed, fingers curled around hers while his head stayed bowed in silence. His stream of thoughts was an endless sea of sorrow as he considered what would happen to him without her. 

At this point, he could care less about the kingdom as long as Y/N came out of this alive. He’d go off and live in a cave with her for the rest of his life if it meant he could have her. 

With Sansa nursing her newborn and Ser Davos focused on making sure their kingdom was secured from any dragons, they had delegated the job of being Jon’s shoulder of support to Tormund; and the job had proven to be more difficult than fighting an entire army of wights.

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[Murdoc x Reader] Hades and Persephone Pt. 3

Ayyyy actually managed to write this quicker than I thought.

- - -

The next three days would go by painstakingly slow.

You weren’t in the best mood after you found out the person you used to consider a close friend knocked you unconscious and kidnapped you, stowing you away in Kong Studios. You stopped talking to him after he openly admitted to the crime, which had hurt him dearly, but no words could describe how much he had hurt you. At the time, you didn’t care if you ever spoke to him again; Murdoc was someone you thought you could trust, but he managed to completely tarnish the sanctity of your friendship the moment she snatched you up from the streets. He’s tried many times to console you, to talk with you, to hear his side, but you didn’t want to hear any of it. Why would you, after all that’s happened?

And yet, despite having abducted you for unknown purposes, he remained true and showed that he still cared for your well-being by bringing you food and drink regularly, whether it was for breakfast, lunch, dinner or the occasional snack. Plus he brought you a TV with a DVD player to keep yourself entertained since you didn’t want to use the in-home theatre just doors away. You found it incredibly strange; you’ve seen many cop shows and documentaries about kidnappers and how they would abuse and/or torture their victims until they killed them or were rescued, and you were certain Murdoc would do the same to you.

But he was the exact opposite of what you expected.

He was…caring, gentle even, always making sure if you had what you needed and often asked if there was anything else you would want at the time. Not to mention he came in the check on your regularly around the clock when it was outside bringing you food and drink. You didn’t have an extra change of clothes since your belongings were still at your flat, but Murdoc managed to provide that as well in the form of extras from what you assumed was from the other members of his band. It was better than sleeping and wearing the same set of clothes everyday, so you couldn’t complain.

You have tried to escape when Murdoc wasn’t around, immediately trying to window but found that it was locked from the outside. When you went out into the hallways for a shower, you looked for alternative route out. Since your room was in the basement, or at least what could be considered the basement, you hoped to find a door that lead out like a normal cellar would. You found none, and the only way out was through a door at the top of a staircase that was always locked. So while you were being cared for, you were still trapped. So that eliminated any chances you had to escape.

During your stay, you became aware of your surroundings, mostly the various sounds that go on up above you. It was mostly walking, music, banging, yelling…It wasn’t hard to figure out who Murdoc was, given the trademark clacking of his Cuban heels could be heard anywhere. There were three other sets of footsteps you couldn’t recognize; one was similar to Murdoc’s but lacked the telltale clacking of heels, another set was heavier and precise, and there was one that was light and quick, like a child. They moved around a lot up there, and you often heard Murdoc yelling at someone which was sometimes accompanied with a scream or two. You weren’t sure what the banging or thumping was…although there were times you heard something being dragged across the floor on the occasion.

The studio itself was….odd. It felt more like a haunted house rather than a studio, especially with the other strange noises that went on at night outside of the band’s activities above you. Creaking was something normal in any old building, but you could have sworn you heard something moving out in the hallway, but whenever you checked the hallway was always empty. It didn’t help that you had a constant view of the graveyard just outside the studios, so that did nothing for your thoughts. It unsettled you, to say the least.

You became particularly bored when the fourth day finally rolled around. You had seen every DVD Murdoc had given to you, and there was nothing on any of the cable channels that caught your interest. On a whim, you decided to go check out the theatre since you hadn’t the entire time you were there, and it’d be better than being cooped up in your room the rest of the day.

After slinking out of your room you made your way towards the theatre; You heard more movement above you, but you had gotten used to it as you continued on your way…that is, until you heard the knob at the top of the stairs jiggle a bit. You dismissed it as Murdoc coming back down to most likely take your dirty dishes upstairs from breakfast…until you heard it. The distinct sound of a smack, followed by a yelp.

“Ow! What was that for–?”

“You bloody dullard! I told you to never go near this door!” You frowned. That was Murdoc’s voice…but who was the other person? Better yet, what were they doing up there? You stealthily eased up the stairs listening intently.

“What for? I just–”

“If I catch you anywhere near the door again, I’ll shove that keytar down your throat ! Got it?!”

You heard another yelp, softer this time, just as you heard Murdoc stomp off to regions unknown. “Bastard…” The other mumbled, and you could hear him shuffling off somewhere. You felt your heart leap to your throat as you suddenly became impulsive as you lifted your fist…

And knocked.

There was a long pause of silence that followed afterwards, but the shuffling stopped the moment your knuckles hit the wood. You held your breath, waiting pensively…unsure what you expect from the mystery person on the other side. When you didn’t receive an answer, you lifted your fist to knock again…only to hear another knock from the other side.

You gasped as you stepped back, but quickly covered your mouth before you could make a sound. Your swallowed hard, your hands were trembling, and your body felt hot. You tiptoed towards the door, delicately placing your ear against the cool wood…you didn’t hear anything, but you saw a shadow under the door.

They were still there.

“Hello?” You called, acting on another impulse.

“…Hello?” The mystery man mimicked, causing your heartbeat to increase. “Hello, is someone in there?”

“Y-yes.” You replied, trying to stop calm yourself. “Um….can you open the door, please?”

“Uh….yeah. One sec.”

You stepped back as you heard the locks click from the other side before the door swung open. The person who stood before you was tall and lanky to the point he almost towered over you. Spiky but messy blue hair, wearing a simple t-shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers. But what startled you was the fact that…he didn’t have eyes. Not any normal ones, anyway. His “eyes” were two black pits in his head that stared down at you. He blinked a few times before he squinted, as if he had to really focus on what he was looking at. “Oh. I was wonderin’ where that shirt went.”

You quirked an eyebrow as you looked down at your attire, which only consisted of a baggy blue tank top and sweat pants. “Oh…sorry. Murdoc gave it to me to wear.”

“He did?” It was his turn to raise an eyebrow as he studied you. “Are you a friend of his?” He asked slowly, almost suspiciously. It was then when you also that he was missing his front teeth.

“We’re friends, yes.”

Another pause, although you grew nervous and started messing with the helm of the shirt as you didn’t know what else to say or do. To be honest, you weren’t thinking when you called out to this man and to get the door open. Were you trying to escape? Or were you trying to sate your own curiosity as to who else lived in the studio? You could try to leave - this gent seemed nice enough to point you to the nearest exit but…what would you do after that? You didn’t know where you were or how to get back home, and the only one who had the answers to your dilemma was Murdoc. And you knew he wasn’t going to be keen on letting you go home. At the same time…what was stopping you from telling this man that you were kidnapped by that very same man? What was stopping you from asking - no - begging for help, pleading with him to take you far from this place? And after what he’s done, why did you still consider Murdoc a friend?

“Were you down there the whole time?”

The tall man’s voice brought you out of your thoughts as you nodded. “Y-yes. I’ve been here for a few days, actually.”

Another short pause, and he started to ask another question…until you both heard the familiar sound of Cuban heels against the wooden floor. You felt your heart drop, and you could tell your companion felt the same way as his head whipped behind him, only to find Murdoc standing just feet away staring at you both. His expression was unreadable when he looked at you, although his expression immediately turned into a dark scowl when he turned to the blue haired man next to you. His hands were balled into fists, which trembled as he marched towards him. “You little–!”

“Murdoc, wait!” You immediately got in front of the cowering human tower behind you, Murdoc immediately stopping his warpath as his expression soften. “D-don’t be mad at him…I…I asked him to–”

“Asked him to what?” Murdoc cut you off, completely bewildered.

Your mind was racing, but somehow you were able to think of a lie quickly. “I don’t know how to use the theatre downstairs and I needed help…I didn’t want to bother you and he was around at the time so…”

What were you doing?

You were covering for the guy, yes, but why did you make up that lie of all things? This was your chance to escape! You could easily run past Murdoc and get to the exit - regardless of if you didn’t know where you were or not, you could have ran to the nearest house or store or somewhere and asked for help! “You don’t mind, do you?”

Murdoc studied you, and you could see an almost….saddening look on his face before he heaved out a sigh. “N…no. I don’t.” He scratched the back of his neck before he extended a hand towards you. “Come on, then. I can show you how to use the theatre.”

“How come I can’t do it?” You turned to see your new friend frowning with his arms crossed. Although Murdoc could have sworn he saw a hint of triumph in those black voids he calls eyes… “She asked me, didn’t she?”

Murdoc immediately growled, clenching his fist tighter. “Stay out of this, Faceache–”

“No, Murdoc, it’s fine. Really.” You reassured, not wanting the tension to escalate further. You backed away from him before you beckoned for the blue haired man to follow you before you began to descend back downstairs with him following. “Oh, um…I didn’t get your name.”

“2D.” He replied with a smile. “My real name’s Stuart Pot, but I answer to both. What’s yours?”

“[Y/n]. It’s nice to meet you!”

Murdoc could only look on as he watched his lead singer essentially take you away from him. While he couldn’t afford raising any further suspicion, it still hurt him to see you walk off with someone else. He tried to ignore it, he truly did…but his biggest fear may have been unfolding right before his eyes…

- - -

Part 1

Part 2


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Prompt: Yay!  How about an imagine where the reader wakes up from a nightmare, screaming, and Bones is there to comfort them back to sleep? :) @outside-the-government + Anon

Warnings: Some violence, blood, & a panic attack

Word Count: 1101

A/n: Don’t know how I feel about this one but oh well :/ And just for a few tiny reasons, you’re going to be Jim’s sister. It’s not super important but just keep that in mind. And I’m trash at writing action type things so read at your own risk.

IMPORTANT: I am currently juggling 3 fanfiction accounts, including this one, and even more stories. Add that to school and work, and I can be pretty swamped with stress! I’ll update ASAP but I can’t promise exact due dates. Thanks for understanding (^-^)

It all started with an away mission. You, Leonard, and a handful of other crew member’s were sent down to an uncharted planet to check out the organisms and such that inhabited the area.

So far, the planet was pretty bland. There was nothing too interesting, and the mission started to feel more like a chore then an adventure. Not only that, but Leonard seemed to be ignoring you. He would walk as far away as he possibly could, only giving short, one worded answers when you asked him a question. He had never done this before, so it was really starting to worry you. When you confronted him about it, he snapped and got angry, telling you to leave him alone. You quietly followed his orders and walked behind the group, a couple of feet away.

When the little group was walking along a cliff was when things got worse. A quiet rumbling made you freeze. The ground started to shake, making you slightly lose your balance. A cracking sound filled your ears and your heart stopped when the loosely packed rock beneath your feet gave away.

A scream ripped itself from your throat when gravity started to bring you off the cliff. Your fight or flight response took action and your hands shot forward and grabbed a hold the part of the ground still connected to the surface. Your legs dangled from the cliff, having no place to rest.

“Help! Someone, please help!” You yelled. Your arms started to shake from holding up your body weight.

A familiar blue-shirted doctor walked into your view, but he did nothing to help. He just… stared, not lifting a finger to get you away from danger.

Usually, Leonard would be the first person on the case if there were ANYTHING dangerous going on, especially around you and his close friends. He would always fawn over you especially, when you were hurt or scared. Leonard was always there for you, but it seems like that changed.

The two of you had a staring contest, your hands starting to slip from the rock you were gripping. Leonard just stood, watching your fingers lose their grip with an emotionless haze over his eyes.

Finally deciding to say something, you pleaded to him, emotion starting to weasel it’s way into your voice.

“Leo, please!”


His answer startled you and it almost made you lose your grip. He didn’t let you comment and kept talking.

“You really think that I care that much about you? That I love you as much as you think I do? No. I never loved you. I just kept you around for show. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be dating the Captain’s sister? It really got me a good image around the ship. Besides, I’d prefer Jocelyn over you anyway.”

That really struck you deep. One of your greatest fears was that you weren’t good enough or that Leonard may prefer his ex-wife over you. You had seen her only once before but in your opinion, she looked better than you in everyway. Leonard had noticed your discomfort and instantly listed off the reasons why you were better, which was, in his opinion, everything. But hearing his confession now, tore your heart in half.

You looked up at him, an expression of complete betrayal on your face. To your horror, he only smirked and stomped on the land that was keeping you alive. As expected, it gave way and you became airborne, falling down to the rocky surface below.


You shot out of the covers on your bed, quickly draping your legs over the edge. Your lungs felt like they were collapsing in on themselves and you couldn’t breathe.

Great, a panic attack.

You buried your head in your hands, trying to take a proper breath. Tears rolled down your cheeks like a waterfall. No matter what you did though, you couldn’t stop thinking about the dream.

Was it true? Did your whole relationship mean nothing to Leonard and you were only being used as a show dog? God, you couldn’t even think about what you would do if it were true.

You didn’t even hear the shuffling on the bed until a warm hand pressed itself onto your back. You sprung to your feet and whipped around, seeing Leonard with a confused and concerned expression, eyebrows knitted together.

You stumbled back, a hand pressed to your forehead, still sobbing. Your back eventually hit a wall, and you crumpled down onto the floor. Your heart was completely out of control, trying to figure out how to work again.

Quick footsteps ran across the room and stopped at your side. A soft hum sounded for a second before stopping. You assumed Leonard had scanned you over to see what the problem was.

An arm wound itself behind your back and one beneath your knees, lifting you up. The two of you didn’t actually go back to the bed; Leonard just sat on the floor, cradling your body to his.

“I need you to breathe sweetheart. Okay? Follow me. In through the nose, out through the mouth.” His voice was soft, yet demanding, knowing the consequences if he didn’t get you calmed down.

He held your head to his chest, right above his heart, while he rubbed circles on your skin with his thumb. You felt the rhythm of his breathing and tried to follow it. At first, things were shaky, but after some time, your lungs started to fill with more air.

He would constantly praise you over your efforts to get your breathing under control. It made you feel better, and even made you crave more compliments.

A good hour passed and all that was left of the attack were hiccups and a silent flow of tears. Leonard didn’t ask you to tell him about the dream, seeing how it would probably make the situation worse, so he resulted to keeping you close and letting you know how much he cared.

You ended up falling asleep from exhaustion, still clinging to his shirt; knuckles white and dry tear tracks on your cheeks. He easily carried you back to your shared bed and climbed in with you. You were unconsciously still gripping onto his shirt, not planning on letting go anytime soon.

Leonard called in for a personal day so he could stay at your quarters and be there when you woke up so you didn’t feel alone. He made a mental note to ask you what went on in the dream, but it could wait.

Your comfort was more important.

The Morning After 2

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1183

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean

Summary: It’s been a year and a half since the night at the motel. You’ve long moved past Dean and tried to find the happiness you’d once had with Sam. But what happens when Dean suddenly shows up again?

Part 1: The Morning After

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Chris having a tiny crush on Jason, Jason being like "man, you legit came on because I needed a sub when I got married." But they're still friends and stuff, and Matt and Steph either have no idea, or help Chris get over his mini crush.

Chris was a logical man. Despite his more artistic endeavours and nonsensical actions, he was smart and had only gotten better at examining the facts of a situation; an occupational hazard of working with the Patricks. And here were the facts: he had a crush on Jason. Jason was not interested in men. Jason was married. Jason had been somehow perceptive enough to notice Chris’s mooning stares and slightly way too much eagerness to please and had kindly let him down. Those were the facts.

Of course, that didn’t make the sting of rejection any easier. Neither did having to see his object of affection at work everyday. But Chris was a big boy, he’d get over it. He wasn’t going to cry because his crush was straight and happily married to a very lovely woman. He was fine.

“You alright?” Stephanie had pulled him aside and quietly asked. Chris had confessed his crush to Steph shortly after Jason had returned and she’d been nothing but kind to him. It was because of her delicacy with the matter and her kind words that he’d been able to take getting his heart bruised (not broken, broken would imply it was more than just a dumb little workplace crush and Chris didn’t want to open that can of worms). She’d watched Jason pull Chris aside at the end of the stream and make a subtle comment about how happy he was with his wife and that he’d never consider looking elsewhere. The guilt alone had been enough to make Chris feel awful.

Chris shrugged and let Stephanie wrap an arm around him. “I mean there was literally no other way that could have gone.” He mumbled. “Still, it’s never fun getting your emotions hurt.” Steph replied and sat him down at the kitchen table. “It’s alright to be disappointed, even if you had no expectations. We’re all a little romantic at heart and that’s not a crime, Chris.” He peeked up at Steph from where she was making tea.

He considered her words; any minor joy he might have gotten out of imagining him and Jason dating had been immediately stomped out under guilt and upset. Just the idea of a world where Jason was single and interested and it all worked out had made him feel like a bad person. But… he’d done what was right. He hadn’t tried to step between Jason and Gen, and he was going to take rejection gracefully. As Jason’s friend, it was the least he could do. “….hey Steph, got any cute cousins?” He asked and grinned at the laugh he got in return. ‘Maybe a bruised heart wasn’t too hurt to keep beating.’ Chris thought, and the artistic and logical parts of him agreed.

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Ok in Dumb Alien Branch AU I expect him to be like a dramatic anime antagonist/anti-hero and does all the cliche stuff like "WHY ARE YOU SO NICE TO ME?! I could KILL you!!" But Poppy's just like "pal you didn't know how to work a can opener I think I'm pretty safe". Like just imagine the cliche "what are... these feelings?" Scene, and Guys just like "that would be love. It feels as if your heart has been ripped from your chest, stomped on, then put in a blender. You're gonna love it!"

I’m just imagining him being like Peridot. Locking himself in a bathroom immediately after showing up, constantly yelling at everyone out of fear and assuming everything is a weapon.

Pffft Guy explains love to him and Branch is just unnerved.

Branch: W-why are humans so masochistic? I mean no offense to you personally but what the fuck is wrong with your species??

Guy: *Gasp* your first curse word! I’m so proud of you

Branch later admits to Poppy that the human concept of love is terrifying to him and Poppy is just TRYING to tell that no, its a good thing, its a happy thing but its literally like that one kid who’s afraid of the monster under his bed and the mother has to go yell at that one annoying uncle who told him about the monster ‘as a joke’ in the first place

and Poppy just calls up Guy and informs him that he should really leave the explaining emotions thing to her.

Why I'm FUCKING MAD at the signs
  • Aries: you're too fucking dramatic. Stop blowing everything out of proportion. The world doesn't revolve around you.
  • Taurus: you complain all the fucking time but never change what bothers you. Get your fucking ass up and stop coming up with new excuses.
  • Gemini: you're so damn mean. Who the fuck hurt you? You lie and talk shit about people the moment they leave the room but expect everyone to be straight up honest with you? This isn't how it works.
  • Cancer: you're such an unforgiving, petty little crybaby. I'm sorry for what I said three years ago. I apologised a million times. Move the fuck on. You're so damn whiny.
  • Leo: you're an insensitive fucking prick. You hurt others without even noticing and stomp around on the pieces of their broken hearts cause you, with your big fucking ego, expect everyone to make way for you.
  • Virgo: you're the devil in an angel's disguise. You lure people in like a siren, learn about their weakness, then ruin them by a calculated plan. You think you're smart cause you know how to play others? You're just being a manipulative asshole.
  • Libra: your inability to make decisions is so fucking annoying. I'm running out of patience with you. You're so unsure of everything, even of yourself. Stop being so goddamn insecure about who you are and what you want. You're not going to get anywhere in life if you keep relying on what other people tell you to do.
  • Scorpio: you're too fucking demanding. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and yours is never satisfied, which is why there's a special place in hell reserved for you. You always want more and complain when shit doesn't immediately work out for you. Have you ever heard of patience?
  • Saggitaurus: you're so loud, even when you're not talking, but that's rare anyway. You always have to make everything about you and prove your point and make sure you have the last word in an argument. That pisses people off and you don't even realise cause you expect everyone to love you just the way you are. Here's a secret: Some people won't love you the way you are. Learn to accept that.
  • Capricorn: you can be so motherfucking dull, like the human equivalent to a fucking rock. Generally smart and witty, you seem to be unable to feel empathy most of the time. You bottle everything up and constantly block everyone who tries to be kind to you, then complain about being lonely? Doesn't really make sense, huh?
  • Aquarius: you're such a self-loathing, dramatic pseudo-deep shit-talker and a walking cliché. Probably a hippie. Probably a hipster that says "I hate hipsters" and an artist that makes fun of other people's art.
  • Pisces: you're a dependent little baby and a hypochondriac. You're unable to pull yourself together and always create drama to distract people from your flaws which you never admit to have. Also, stop spending so much money wtf