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The King (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Summary: sugar daddy, art collector King T’Challa, I think that about sums it up. Inspired by THIS post.

Warnings: smut

A/N: So yet again, I have not done any of the 12 requests in my inbox. Sorry guys, just feeling a little selfish/selif indulgent as of late. Also this fic is around 3.1K words so it’s pretty long, just a heads up.

You meandered around the room, admiring the art on the walls as your heels clicked lightly across the floor. You were so proud of the work you had done to get this art exhibit up and ready in such short time. It wasn’t every day you got call from the King of Wakanda asking your museum to showcase his personal art collection so your bosses were up your ass to ensure everything was perfect, and it was. 

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If someone leaves, let them.
Don’t put up a fight.
Don’t make promises of change.
Let them go.

If you leave, expect nothing from them.
Don’t hope they’ll ask you to stay.
Don’t wait for them to change.
Keep walking.

How to be happy
  • Remember that other people are independent actors in the world and so what they do is all about them and not about you. Don’t take anything personally.
  • Since others act for themselves for their own purposes if you have expectations they will always, eventually, let you down. 
  • Acceptance of what is and can’t be changed will give you lasting peace of mind.
  • You can love yourself even if you are flawed and imperfect.
  • Learn to intercept and reject painful and destructive thoughts.
  • Understand that the voice of ego is not who you are.
  • Cultivate happiness by noting when you are happy and remembering how it feels.
  • Be kind, compassionate and generous.
  • Remember that all things change and cherish what you have in your life.
  • Let other people be wrong if they choose. It is not your place to teach them or correct them unless they ask.
  • Be humble. The humble person is at peace while the prideful person is at war with all the world.
  • Do not judge others or their path. You are not qualified to do so nor is it your right to do so. Moreover, it makes you unhappy.
  • Remember that everybody suffers even if you can’t see their suffering.
  • Forgive those who harm you or if you cannot forgive then put them out of your mind and heart. Do not dwell on perceived slights.
  • Know that worry solves nothing. Planning and action solve everything.
  • Pain, physical or emotional, is a signal that something is damaged. Finding out what it is and fixing it is the key to ending pain.
  • Remember that most of the things that you are afraid of will never happen, and most of the ones which do happen will not be as bad as you anticipated and for the few that are you will be able to handle them just as you have handled other problems in the past.
Family Ties

Bucky x Reader

WC 1444

Warnings Swearing, drinking, panic attack, hospital visit

AN This was based on the anonymous prompt: Could I request one where Bucky and the reader are getting married but her family refuse to give their blessing. Her dad says it’s Bucky or the family. She’s so torn over it she ends up in the er with severe anxiety. The team show up but her family don’t bother to even call. Tony’s fed up with their shit so he offers to be the one to walk her down the aisle  Nonnie, I hope I did it justice!

You took a deep breath before exiting the car. Quickly walking up the path leading to your parents house, you grabbed at Bucky’s hand, trying to calm him and, truth be told, yourself.

“Babe?” Bucky looked down at you. “You alright?”

You smiled, tightly. “Yeah… you?”

He chuckled, “I’m a little nervous. After all, I’m meeting your parents for the first time.”

You gave his hand a squeeze, “They’re gonna love you. And if they don’t, I don’t even care.”

He knocked at the door and you waited, holding your breath. The maid opened the door, and you hadn’t been there in so long you didn’t know who she was.

“Y/N, here to see mister and missus Y/L/N.”

“Right this way,” she motioned for you to follow her. Bucky just stood there so you gave him a nudge to get going.

She led you to the formal living room where your parents were sitting, having drinks. You stood in the doorway, watching them for a moment. Not much had changed; they looked the same, albeit older, both sitting there drinking in silence, your father reading the paper, your mother, just sitting there.

You cleared your throat and your mother looked up.

“Y/N, don’t just stand there. Come and say hello,” she scolded you, getting up.

Stifling the urge to roll your eyes, you approached her, still holding Bucky’s hand. “Hello, mother,” you kissed her on the cheeks, then turned to your father, who had also risen, “Hello father. This is James.”

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Boundaries || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Fluff

It had started at lunch. It was the first time in a while that you had been invited out for lunch with Jungkook, and you were excited to finally be seeing him again after he had been on tour for so long. You could feel the excitement building up inside of you as you neared the cafe he had told you to meet him at and a smile made it’s way across your face before you could stop it.

When Jungkook had originally invited you out, you hadn’t hesitated to accept the invitation, What you weren’t expecting, was to walk up to the cafe and see a crowd of seven boys waiting outside the entrance for you. The others smiled and waved at you as you walked towards them, but you couldn’t return the smiles they all had on their faces.

Of course you loved the guys, there was nothing more that you enjoyed then hanging out with them, but you had originally only planned to have lunch with Jungkook. You suddenly felt self conscious in the outfit you were wearing, having chosen a shorter skirt than usual as it was something Jungkook had told you he had liked seeing you in. You had been prepared for a date with just the two of you.

Jungkook stayed silent for a few minutes, just taking you in and looking you up and down. As you finally reached the group, he smiled down at you and pulled you in for a hug, kissing your temple. You couldn’t help it, feeling the stares of the other guys on you, and pulling away. You weren’t one for PDA, not really liking to express yourself in front of other people.

Now that you were self conscious about the skirt, the open display only made you feel worse. You put on a smile anyways, wanting to see Jungkook smile as you had missed him and this was something you were supposed to be looking forward too. Jungkook finally let you go and he smiled at you once more before leading you in with the rest of the group.

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All I Had - Part 2

Summary: Savitar kidnaps reader because in the future she was his lover, she was there for him when everyone rejected him. However, she died and now he’s in the present seeking revenge from the team while finding a way to be with her again.

Pairings: Savitar!Barry x reader

Word count: 1754

A/N: Hi guys! The much requested part 2 is finally here. You gave me a lot of suggestions and ideas and I’m trying to incorporate them through the story to make it something enjoyable to all of us! I’m not sure if you’ll like this part as much as the first one, but I really hope you do. Also, this one has a lot of dialogue oops. But anyway, I’d love to hear your opinions, they mean a lot to me x

Part 1 | Part 3


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I feel like there’s an important thing people are forgetting in this fandom:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Meaning, in this case,


I get it, Love Square content over-saturates the fandom. Trust me, I understand. However, many of you may be surprised to hear that I, in fact, ship it. I say that is ‘surprising’ because I’ve honestly been surprised by how many times people just casually say things to me as if I am in agreeance with them on hating it. I get frustrated sometimes when I can’t find content for other stuff, but I don’t hate it.

I remember once getting a message that seemed to genuinely believe I would only draw Love Square if I was drunk.

Um, no. I might joke about it but, honestly, that’s not the case. It seems to be this common idea that if your main ship is something other than Love Square then you must hate it. So I see so many people casually talking about Love Square like it sucks or is terrible or ‘oh god not another one’ to those who have other main ships and I think that’s not good behavior at all.

How can you expect those who ship it to like you if you talk shit about their ship all the time? And if you turn around and get mad when they say shitty things about your ship, you honestly deserve it by that point.

Love Square is what the majority likes. Accept this and move on. How can you expect them to accept you if you keep talking shit about what they like? And how can you expect them to accept your ship as a whole if people keep giving the impression that those who ship it are against them? It makes no sense.

Don’t talk shit about Love Square. Especially if you don’t want people to talk shit about your ships. You may also be surprised at how many of your fellow shippers also ship Love Square too. Don’t alienate them as well. This have been a PSA.

Letting go of expectations often means less arguments and more honest conversation. More honest because you’re not just saying what you think you’re supposed to say. Less arguments because you’re not upset because someone isn’t doing what you expect them to do
Accept who you are, accept who you’re dating, open your mouth and talk. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be what others expect you to be. The only thing you have to be is present.

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Unpopular opinion: I hate Nesta. I am someone who knew people like that and was taken advantage by them and treated poorly so even with her character development arc she's still my least favorite character. The abuse of her sisters (escpically Feyre) I also feel is ignored or glossed over by fans who love her.


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Child!AU in which their new mum cuddles with them for the first time?! (do any of the boys but the tsukinami's, IDC about them...)

Admin Mawile: Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ Most of them really need that. 


-It’s surprisingly easy to fall asleep in someone’s arms, he finds, and just as difficult to resist the comfort of a warm place to rest. On the up side, you’ve just found the one guaranteed way to get him to take a nap, even though it’s almost impossible to get him to get up, now. 


-He tries to push you away and insist that he doesn’t need to be babied, but it’s impossible to say no to affection for long, especially if you claim to be the one who needs it. Once he’s in your arms, he practically melts, wonderfully overwhelmed by the attention. 


-He’s probably spent a lot of time in your lap anyway, climbing onto and over you without hardly realizing it, but a real hug is completely different. He’ll stay glued to you for much longer than you may want, too captivated by the warmth and contact to be able to pull away. 


-As soon as he realizes that he’s allowed to be close to you, he latches on to your waist and won’t let go. Even if you completely ignore him, he’s all but purring from the attention, and if you actually hug him back, you will have more or less earned yourself a tiny stalker. 


-Physical affection tends to scare him away, too similar to something he was never able to fight back against, but when he can manage the contact, it’s so effective you can see him relax, curling into your arms like a cat and clinging tight to keep the nightmares far away. 


-It feels wrong to have someone dote on him like he’s not disgusting and dirty, but if you really insist, it’s impossible to say no to a genuine offer of comfort. It’s horribly obvious how badly he needs the attention, especially when tiny hands curl into your shirt and hold on like you’re about to vanish. 


-He’s rather reluctant to sacrifice his pride in such a way, but there are times when memories and loneliness force something a little more childlike. Hugs and attention bring back memories of his family, an aching void of love and praise that years without has turned raw and needing. 


-Once he accepts that you aren’t going to use contact against him, he pretty much constantly seeks out any attention you’ll give. Even if you’re not directly paying attention to him, being able to curl up in your lap and feel the warmth of someone kind is the ultimate privilege. 


-Physical attention is easy for him, casual and comfortable like his brothers have never been able to experience. He loves being close to you in any way he can, even more so when you’re the one to initiate it, even if it does bring back some strange, hazy memories of something similar. 


-He’ll cling to you no matter what, whether he expects you to accept him or push him away. He’s as needy as can be for comfort and attention, and if you’re not willing to hurt him, that just makes him twice as desperate to be held and loved and find a purpose in pleasing you. 

Didn’t go as expected

Fandom: Hamilton

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Gender of the reader: Male (ftm)

Summary: “Can you do a character x reader with the hamilsquad(Alex, Lafayette, John, and Hercules) where the reader is coming out to the boys as ftm trans and how you think they would take it” Requested by @isthereausernamenottaken Thank you so much and I hope you like it!

Word count: 629

Warnings: Modern!AU.

They’re going to accept me, I’m sure, I have nothing to worry about’ you said to yourself for what seemed the hundredth time. It wasn’t that you were afraid they would reject you, no, what you were feeling was the obvious nervousness that comes with the prospect of ‘confessing’ something as important to yourself as that to your partners.

“(Y/N)? What did you want to tell us?” Ushered Alexander, his own nervousness and worry increasing with each second you were silent.

“Guys, I’m… uh… I’m trans” You let out after another short silence. You were proud of yourself. You expected accepting smiles and a group hug, but what you got was three knowing smiles.

“I’m glad you told us, amour, though I have to say I already knew” Lafayette said sheepishly. Before you could say anything, two other voices joined in.

“You knew too?” Hercules and John said at the same time.

You stood before your boyfriends, your dumbfounded expression matching Alexander’s.

“You knew but you didn’t say anything to me?” Alexander asked surprised and slightly offended.

The four of them started a discussion on why they didn’t want to out you and that they would wait for you to tell all of them before saying anything related to that matter. It went on like this for a couple minutes until you recovered from the impression.

“Guys,” you called, shifting their attention from the conversation they were having to you, “how could you possibly know?”

The first one to talk was Hercules.

“It was one of the times I was in charge of the laundry. There was this thing that looked like a top and you know, I’m a tailor, I know a binder when I see one.” He explained grinning and puffing out his chest in pride: his job was more useful than people thought!

Then came Lafayette.

“When every other guy gets misgendered he either brushes it off or he angrily confronts the person that made the mistake. However, that time at the café when the waiter called you ‘miss’, what I saw was pure embarrassment and disgust, how that word upset you so.” He told you, taking your hand in his and giving it a squeeze. He had always been the more observant one.

Finally it was John’s turn.

“Well, when it comes to how I found out… it’s not anything special. You were talking on the phone, it seems it was an official matter and at one point you said something along the lines of ‘yes, sorry, my name is…’ and you didn’t say (Y/N). Of course, you could’ve been giving a false name, but let’s be honest here: you wouldn’t do such a thing.” Finished John with a laugh.

Alexander was speechless. How did he not notice? Was he such a bad boyfriend that he didn’t notice? He looked at you with eyes full of something akin to regret.

As if you had read his mind, you took his face in your hands and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“You’re always busy with work, Alex. The only times you can fully relax is when you’re with us, so it’s obvious you’re not going to be observant of every little thing. Also, as we’ve heard, they found out thanks to lucky coincidences.” Wanting to ease the tension, you decided to joke a bit. “Hey, if you had known too I would have been nervous for nothing!” You gave him a peck on the lips and grinned.

He hugged you and whispered ‘I’m proud of you’ to your ear, tightening the embrace.

The rest of the day was spent cuddling with your boyfriends and watching Try not to laugh videos.

Needless to say, it was impossible not to laugh with those four and their comments.

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Peter is short on money - living paycheck to paycheck, barely enough to keep himself afloat much less eat as much as he probably should bc of Spidey work & his metabolism. Burns though calories like they're nothing. Imagine Deadpool finding out that this precious bundle of light eats only 1 small meal a day, if he's lucky. He'd take him out to eat & stuff him to the brim every time they see each other and/or buy him bags of groceries & have him take them home, and/or hand him a wad of cash too.

[I shifted back and forth between present and past tenses way too much this time around and was too lazy to correct it, please forgive me! Also, I accidentally sort of wrote Peter and Wade’s first fight?? and they’re still not even dating yet. :0 Um, yeah. So here you go.]

Wade buys them both tacos and pizza in celebration of a successful day’s patrol. Peter doesn’t bother pointing out that there was far more goofing around than actual patrolling today because, dude, tacos and pizza. He always goes home later with a satisfactorily full stomach at the end of every “shift” with Wade. It’s one thing he misses almost as much as the man’s company itself every time the merc goes out of town for a few days on a job.

Wade nearly always buys way too much and fobs the leftovers onto Peter to take home, and more than once he’s “forgotten” wads of cash in the takeout bags as well—“change,” he tells Peter even though the younger man knows there’s no reason any sensible cashier would hand back this many twenties on a fast food order. Just like he knows it’s all because of that one time he unthinkingly mentioned how he hadn’t been able to eat his favorite breakfast cereal in the morning for days because he couldn’t afford more milk yet and he was grumpy about it.

The first time Wade did it was not exactly smooth sailing for either of them. Peter had only noticed the money after he got home and immediately had texted Wade about it. That was when the “change” excuse came up, followed way too quickly by, ‘u should hold onto it, buy yourself something fancy. finders keepers amirite? ;)’

Peter had only stared down blankly at the screen in his hand for a few moments, breathing heavily through his nose, and then carefully typed with what he considered to be an excellent amount of chill—no, his hands were most definitely not shaking, thank you very much—‘Wade Wilson, I am NOT your fucking charity case’ and flung the phone away from him halfway across his tiny apartment. Fortunately, it was the Stark phone and made of much sturdier stuff than the one Aunt May had saved up for him, so it didn’t so much as crack the screen, though there was a little chip at the corner of the casing from where it had knocked into the wall and left a dent in the drywall from the force of his throw.

The text notifications came pinging in one after another for a few minutes after that, though thankfully no ringtone. Wade was smart enough to know better than to call him in that moment.

Two hours later, Peter finally stretched himself out of the gargoyle-like pose he’d hunched himself into on the flimsy fold-out table, staring blankly at a random spot on its scuffed surface the entire time and thinking about nothing at all. The leftover fries had long gone cold and soggy by then. Standing and staring blankly at the phone on the floor for several more minutes then, he finally found himself shuffling forward and picking it up, waiting until he’d changed into his pajamas and huddled himself into his blanket nest on the bedroom carpet before swiping it on and reading the messages there.

- shit

- imsorryimsorryimsorry

- please don’t be mad. prolly too late huh? fUCK

- it’s not a pity thing i swear

- bb boi please talk to me

- please

The next text was timestamped twelve minutes later, which made sense. Peter thought he remembered during his blank time staring at nothing hearing a lull followed by a few more pings several minutes after the first round had stopped.

- ok. you’re probably not even reading these yet rn. that…yeah. that makes sense. i get it. ill try to quit bothering you but

-uh, lemme try to compose myself properly for a sec and get back to you.

Another later timestamp, this one another eight minutes after.

- Baby boy…I KNOW your not a fuckin charity case. The fact that you think I thought that means i fucked up bad. I’m sorry. Really REALLY sorry. You’re not charity. You’re fuckin Spiderman dude! You’re my goddam hero! You’re smart and quirky and badass and laugh at all my dumbass jokes. what’s not to cherish about that? i…ok yeah, I already said it anyway. I CHERISH you, ok? sorry if that’s a creepy af thing to say. its true. #bromance

- anyway. the money…I still don’t want it back. Hope that doesn’t make you madder. Like I said its not a pity thing, i just…I lose my FUCKING MIND thinking about you not eating for days alright?? that shit’s not ok. THAT’S WAY BEYOND NOT OK. sorry for yelling. shit. Look, Im gonna be way too real with you for a sec and I’m scared that’s gonna scare you off but I gotta…I was *this* close to stalking you so I could find where you live and stock ur fridge up before the boxes told me that was a really bad fucking idea. in hindsight handling it this way instead was a dick fucking move but I had to SOMETHING before I did something worse, you get me?

- shit, you’re probably freaked out now. Peter was not. i’d be freaked out if someone said that shit to me. sorry again.

- um…i’m really bad at this. obviously. I’m trying to be a good friend and instead I’m being a creepy mofo talking about stalking you and shit. Smooth Wade, smooth. Peter couldn’t help it—he snickered. I wouldn’t actually do it ok? I know your secret identity is important to you and I wouldn’t mess it up like that. I just…uh, tryin to illustrate a point, i guess. That THIS is important to me. You continuing to be your cute funny badass self and not keeling over from hunger pains. so…will you let me still feed you once in a while? pleeeeeeeease?? <3

At last, he got to the last text. Once again, another gap between the timestamps, though this one was only four minutes.

- Also I hope I didn’t weird you out too much with that stuff earlier and that we’re still friends. I understand if it was crossing the line though. If it was lemme know and i’ll never ever do anything like that again, Spiderman, promise. Cross my <3 and hope to die. Can’t die, but you get the point. Peter did, and he giggled again in spite of himself.

Peter couldn’t have explained to anyone in that moment what he was feeling. It seemed he’d run the gamut of them in the past few hours, going from indignant rage and depression earlier to feeling nothing, then guilty about the way he’d reacted as he read Wade’s apologies and attempts to explain himself, then at the same time really warmed and almost sort of bubbly to realize he meant this much to the older man, and okay, maybe a smidge weirded out too at certain parts, but even those were so sweet and genuine and quintessentially Wade that it made Peter even happier, which probably said something messed up about him too, but whatever. Human emotions were confusing and weird and stupid to Peter at even the best of times, so trying to figure out the perfect response here was turning quickly into a feat beyond imagining for him.

How to tell Wade that everything is fine now, that of course they’re still friends, and even that yes, embarrassing as it is for him to admit considering how much he already seems to rely on the older man to stay well-fed, he will continue to let Wade buy him food and even turn a blind eye the next time Wade wants to sneak him some extra cash because it really is extremely helpful and he knows he’s too proud to the point of stubborn to ask anyone for help when he needs it and he doesn’t want Wade to worry unnecessarily about him anymore? How? How do words?

Biting his lip softly, Peter types the only thing he can think of and hopes it’ll convey enough until he’s brave enough and coherent enough to say what he really needs to.

- It’s Spider-Man.

- With a dash and a capital M.

- Get it right, ya dork.

He continues to stare down at the screen, and not thirty seconds later sees the loading dots that mean Wade is typing. The man must have kept his phone close by this whole time just waiting for Peter’s response, and that makes him feel a bit more guilty for making him wait so long.

- well excuuuuse me, princess More loading dots mean Wade still has more to say.

- And the correct term is hyphen, thou illiterate nerd.

Peter dissolves into a fit of both laughter and tears, relief comingling with joy as the dam breaks, and he exhausts himself on them until he has none left to give. It feels good, like he’s glutted himself too much on just feeling, and Peter’s always been what his aunt would call a “sensitive soul” but even he didn’t know something like that was possible. It wrings him out dry like his panic attacks do, leaving him floating not on calm nothingness like he’s normally used to, but instead on a sense of profound contentment as he snuggles down deeper into his blanket nest and cradles his phone close to his chest before dropping right then into a warm, pleasant sleep.

Homestuck Personal Arc Discussion - How the Conclusion Failed Its Characters (Pt. 1/?: Jane Crocker)

This series is not meant to belittle or otherwise shit upon the obvious tremendous amount of artistic effort that went into Homestuck’s final updates. I think everyone can agree the conclusion was visually & aurally stunning, and I would even say that what writing that was present was also top notch. This series is purely meant to explore something many people have found fault with: the failure to deliver on arc conclusions for just about every single one of Homestuck’s main characters despite a significant amount of build up and narrative foreshadowing that such conclusions were planned. I won’t be chiming in about the main plot/plot holes/etc, either, this is purely character discussion.

What Is A Character Arc?
Also known as an “inner journey,” a character arc is generally what separates a main protagonist from a secondary, minor or background character. The successful completion of a character arc is often what allows a character to be considered “round” vs “flat” – meaning that by the end of the story they have changed in some fundamental way.

Homestuck is a coming of age story, featuring young characters thrown into impossible situations expressly meant to challenge them and grow them as people. This is actually stated in the narrative several times, but more importantly, shown to us via what actually exists of each major characters’ arc. My argument then is that these arcs were truncated with a narratively lazy conclusion, not that they didn’t exist at all – and this is a large part of why so many people are finding the conclusion unsatisfying.

Pt. 1: Jane Crocker

Few people would deny that Jane Crocker caught the short end of Homestuck’s narrative stick; she is used to introduce us to the B2 Universe, her primary conflicts and motivations are laid out for us early on, and then… nothing ever happens with them, ever. She is waylaid partway through her story via a subplot wherein she is mind controlled by the Condesce, and – more importantly – never recovers any significant agency after being released from HIC’s influence.

So, what were Jane’s primary conflicts? Let’s talk about it.

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Recognizing and Repairing Your Relationship with Money

Understanding, and actively working towards improving, your relationship with money is beneficial to your overall financial health. The current state of this relationship may not even be your fault, but it is important that you cultivate and foster a positive money mindset. Holding onto negative views and bad experiences is limiting your financial success and the ways that you act towards money. Here are some things to consider as you work towards building and maintaining a healthy relationship with money:

Your money history

  • Your family’s financial situation
  • Memories of having or not having money
  • How you viewed the financial situations of the people around you (how did you feel about your wealthy or not so wealthy friends and/or family members?)

How do you feel about success?

  • Do you feel like financial success is attainable or do you have doubts that you need to work through?
  • Believing that you are worthy of and can achieve financial success is part of the battle. How do you define success?

Are you comfortable with your current financial situation?

  • Are you content?
  • Are you unhappy?
  • Are you settling for “good enough”?

Now as an adult, how do you view people who are wealthy?

  • Do you envy their success or view them as greedy?
  • Do you believe that you, too, can be wealthy or does it seem far fetched?
  • Are you happy for them, do you feel bad for yourself, or both? Neither?

After you think about your answers to the questions above, think about what steps you can take to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. You can’t rewrite your money history, but you can work on changing your limiting beliefs and creating a better financial future. If you have thoughts or ideas of lack, work on changing your mindset to expect, invite, and accept abundance.

What are some things that you can do right now to begin changing your money mindset and developing a positive relationship with money?

Imagine (26) - Percy Jackson

Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys:I’ve sent in like 4 requests I’m so sorry 😅. But while I’m at it… Here’s another 1! Can u do an imagine where Luke (pjo) sneaks back into CHB after he has already turned to the bad side and asks the reader to go with him back Kronos but she is loyal to the Gods so he gets all mad and yells at her until she’s crying and as he turns to leave she says I miss u or something and he falters and switches back to the other side for her. Idk u can modify it and make it better.

(Not my gif)

Luke Castellan

When I’m alone, I think. When I think, I remember. When I remember, I feel pain. When I feel pain, I just can’t stop hurting.

“Luke, I- I can’t do this, ” you said while looking down from the cliff, legs feeling wobbly. You see, 3 giant creatures were headed towards both you and Luke while you were on a mission, and heights weren’t exactly your forte.<

“I’ll help fend them off, you get this to Camp Half Blood,” you instructed and passed a scroll to Luke before taking a step back, unable to conquer your fear of heights. 

Luke shook his head aggressively, refusing to leave you to your demise.

 “I’m not leaving you here,“ rebutted Luke as he grabbed your wrist to prevent you from moving further behind. 

“I really can’t do this,” you replied, breaking into cold sweat.

Luke still refused to let you go. His hands made his way from your wrist to cup your face. Bending down to face you, you could see that sense of desperation in Luke’s face. He couldn’t leave you behind, he needed you. 

“Yes you can. Look, we’ve always conquered everything together, I don’t see why this is an exception,” he said, pleading you to overcome your fears. 

“Just trust me on the count of 3,” he added and you remained silent to his words. From getting away with pranking Mr. D to rescuing demigods, you’ve somehow always conquered it with Luke. Perhaps this time round, you could overcome this with his help. You trusted him. 

“1-” said Luke and you closed your eyes. 

“2-” You gulped down your throat.

“3!” You took a leap of faith with Luke and the next thing you knew, you were in mid-air, heading straight to a waterfall.


You found yourself in the pool of water with Luke holding your hand, and hurriedly swam up to catch for air.

“I’m not dead!” You exclaimed and smiled broadly at the thought of ditching the monsters and overcoming your greatest fears. You could have sworn that you’d almost wet your pants a few minutes ago.

“I told you, we’ll conquer everything together, always.” Luke flashed a smirk and within seconds, his lips were on yours. 

We promised to conquer everything together, but why did you now leave me alone?

“Are you alright?” Asked Percy while you were doing combat practice with him.

“I’m fine,” you replied, forcing a smile.When a girl says she’s alright, she really isn’t. I mean, how could you possibly be fine when Luke was the mastermind  behind Zeus’s lightning bolt incident and had now fled from Camp Half Blood to join Krono’s Army?

“Percy, she’s obviously hurting, a lot more than you think,” Annabeth whispered to Percy. Being best friends with Luke, she knew how much you and Luke had meant to each other. Unfortunately those words couldn’t escape from your ears, and you cleared your throat as a response.

“Annabeth, I’m right here,” you waved and said sarcastically , causing Annabeth to shoot an apologetic look.

“But seriously, I am alright!” you exclaimed and gave a pat on her shoulder, causing Percy and Annabeth to exchange worried gazes. 

That was probably the most pretentious tone and expression they’ve ever seen in their entire life.

“Y/N, if you need to talk, or need anything, I’m here,” Annabeth gave you an assuring smile. 

“Thanks Annabeth, but I believe that Grover need you guys over there right now,” you pointed them to look in Grover’s direction, where he was frantically waving for their attention.

“I hope it isn’t about helping him to chase girls again…” grunted Percy as they made their way to Grover.

After Percy and Annabeth had left, you started strolling around the compound, feeling a mix of emotions, with the exception of happiness.

Sad because you didn’t know Luke’s intentions to join Kronos. Angry because you felt like you could have prevented Luke from doing so. Confused because you didn’t know why Luke had acted that way. 

You found yourself standing on a patch of grass, unofficially claimed by you and Luke because of all the times you’ve confided in each other and had heart-to-heart talks at that same spot. 

“Y/N,” You heard someone calling your name from behind. A voice you haven’t heard in a long time. A voice you’d missed. A voice you’d loved.

“Lu- Luke?” You uttered and turn around, unable to believe he was standing right in front of you. 

“It’s been long, Y/N.” He said, eyes full of emotion.  2 weeks and 4 days to be specific. 

“Is- Is that really you?” You said, lips trembling. You were unable to believe that Luke was in Camp Half Blood, standing right in front of you.

“One and only,” he replied, flashing an easy smile.

You immediately ran over to him and wrapped your arms around him, hugging him in the tightest way possible. He did the same. 

“I knew you’d come back! Don’t worry, I’ll be with you no matter what Chiron and the others decides to do-”

“What?” Luke scoffed.

“You don’t expect them to accept you with open arms after what you’ve done do you?” You asked, causing Luke to chuckle.

“Y/N, I’m not retuning to Camp Half Blood. Neither am I going to apologise for what I’ve done. I came back for you,” explained Luke.

“What are you trying to say?” You released him from your grip, not liking the direction this conversation was going towards.

“I want you to be with me. I want you to join me in helping Kronos’ army.” Luke said.

Your heart instantly shattered. 

“Are you out of your mind?!” You said angrily and pushing him away from you. 

“You know, you could have made it easier for both of us if you just come back!” you added and was on the verge of tears.

“Y/N, I love you,”

“I love you too, until you had the guts to ask me to betray my family and join you in your evil ways. I’m not helping you,” you said coldly.

“Why do you not understand?!” It was Luke’s turn to get angry. 

“Excuse me? You’re the one who isn’t getting it. How could you betray your family?”

“My family? You mean the gods who doesn’t give a crap about us,” Luke shouted and punched a tree.

“Is this it? Why you join Kronos? To get back at your father?”

“They deserve this Y/N. Nobody ever cared,”

“I cared. I’ve always cared. Maybe that wasn’t enough for you huh,” you said.


“No!” You shouted.

“For old times sake, I’m going to let you leave and never return again.  And just so you know, the amounts of sleepless nights I’ve had without you, the number of tears I’d shed while you were gone, and the amount of faith I had in you, are all wasted now because of you. I hope you’re happy,” you said. 

“Goodbye Luke,” you added and closed your eyes. Trying so hard to control those tears and contain the sadness.

“Goodbye Y/N,” said Luke as you heard his footsteps drifting away from you.

You knew the moment you opened your eyes, everything would be different. You had to stop missing and harping on Luke. He had became an enemy. 

It took you a whole minute to collect your emotions and opened your eyes. As you opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was Luke. He’d never left.

“I’m sorry, I’ll stay and fix this. I’ll apologise to everyone and help Camp Half Blood. I don’t want to win this war without you.” He said and pressed his lips against yours. 

“Idiot,” you finally sobbed and hit him repeatedly on his shoulders.

“Welcome back, Luke Castellan.”

One Night Stand - Jack & Conor Maynard Imagine

A/N- the reader is jack twin/conor sister, think shes pregnant after having a one night stand with joe? and she goes to josh because she knows her brothers will get angry, josh and her go and get a test unaware that fans are actually following them / they posts pictures on twitter, they get back to the apartment and jack pushes josh up against the wall shouting at him, y/n tells them the truth there and then?

Long story short, the boys invited me on a night out which i happily accepted. I’m a Maynard, what do you expect? The night was going great, loads of drinks, dancing all fun and games until the next morning when i woke up in someone else’s bed.. not along might i add. Taking a look around i instantly knew where i was as i had been there a few times to film videos. Joe has always been a good friend to me, i could pretty much say i was the closest to him out the rest (a part from Josh, i was very close to him too) but it wasn’t close enough for a relationship. By the looks of it we both had too many drinks as none of us was clothed. After we both processed what happened, we ended up laughing about it and promised not to bring it up around the others, but that had to change a month later. 

“Josh what happens if i am pregnant?” Dramatically falling back onto his bed i let out a long sigh due to the fact that i was late. 

“How can you not remember if you used protection or not?” Josh questioned as he re-positioned up right against his headboard on the bed.

“I dont know maybe because i was drunk” 

“Well did you see anything when you woke up?” Trying to remember back to that morning, i didn’t remember seeing anything. 

“Ugh no! I swear if the pill has failed me im screwed” 

“I wouldn’t want to be you or Joe right now. Jack and Conor will kill you both” He let out a laugh causing me to hit him in the leg.

“This isn’t funny Josh! My brothers will literally kill him” They both warned the boys not to try anything on with me when they first introduced me. A few of them said they wouldn’t only because dating me would be like dating Jack. Understandable as we were twins. 

“Well there’s only one thing you can do and that’s go to the shops and buy a test” 

“Come with me?” I looked over to give him puppy dog eyes as i didn’t want to go alone. 

“Y/N i hate it when you do that face, i can’t say no to it” Josh sarcastically sighed picking himself up off the bed starting to get his shoes and jacket on. I chuckled and followed. 

After looking around the shops and picking up a few tests and paying. I went straight to the bathroom because this couldn’t of waited. I needed to know now as it was starting to eat me alive. What feels like a life time, the 3 minutes were up and i nervously looked at the sticks i used. Negative. Negative. Negative. Well the smile on my face couldn’t get any bigger. I let a sigh of relief out now knowing no one was going to get hurt. I wanted to jump and scream with enjoy but i remembered i was in a public toilet, that wouldn’t look right. All i can say is thank god for the pill. I kept the spare tests in my bag just for emergency’s in the future. You never know what will happen. 

“Well you don’t look scared or shocked so i take it it was just a scare?”

“Im not pregnant” I sang throwing my arms out with enjoy. 

“Now thats over, can we head back before your brothers decide to ask questions” I chuckled knowing how protective they were and we then started to make our way home. However, the response we got when we arrived home was one we both did not expect to say the least. 

“What the fuck have you done to our little sister?” Jack arguably spoke pushing Josh against the door with force. Don’t get me wrong this was a little funny because Josh look petrified even though he’s a lot taller than Jack but Jack had more strength. I glanced to look at Conor but his eyes did not move from the direction of the two boys. “You’re meant to be our best friend” 

“What are you on about?” Josh questioned. Even i was confused. 

“Jack let go of him” 

“Shut up Y/N. Ill deal with you in a bit” I was a little taken back with the way he spoke. What had gotten into him all of a sudden. “Do you think it’s ok to use my little sister? Huh? Just because she’s around here all the time doesn’t mean you can use her!” Now i was really confused.

“Seriously Josh you could at least of told us something was going on” Conor added, not said a vile as Jack’s words but you could still hear the anger and disappointment. 

“What are you guys on about seriously?” 

“Don’t play that game with us” Jack let a dry laugh.

“Honestly Mate-”

“Don’t use the mate card in this” I kept looking between the 3 of them trying to get an understanding. 

“Do you really think we wouldn’t of found out? Found out that you two had sex and now she’s pregnant?” Now this makes sense. “And we had to find out by pictures over twitter? How low can you two get?” What me and Josh didn’t realise was that there were fans who had found us and had taken photos of us buying the tests. And now the internet knows. Isn’t this just peachy. 

“Oh god” I cursed at myself as them words weren’t meant to come out loud. I sighed knowing my little secret couldn’t stay a secret anymore. “Jack let go of him. He was just being a friend to me” Conor turned to look at me confusingly while Jack looked between me and Josh looking for answers.

“I don’t think you can keep this up anymore Y/N” Josh spoke.

“What are you on about?” Jack asked letting go of his grip and fully turning towards me. I looked down nervously knowing what was about to happen wasn’t going to go down well. 

“Ok you both have to promise me you’ll stay calm”

“No promises” they both said in sync. 

I took a deep breath and just let it fall out my mouth. “Basically im late. Instantly thought i was pregnant but don’t worry im not just a scare-” 

“Why think that? You haven’t had sex” Conor questioned. 

“That’s not entirely true” Even though i was old enough Jack and Conor always cringed when my sex life was mentioned, only because i was there little sister. (Well only little to Jack by 2 minutes) The two of them stared blankly at me waiting for me to continue. 

“Remember that night out we had a month ago? I didn’t exactly go home on my own. I went home with Joe” Both of their eyes grew wider in shock .

“Joe?” Jack repeated. 

“Yes Joe” 

“Oh he’s got it coming, I’m going to kill him!” Jack rushed to get his shoes on before practically running out the door with Conor following.

I immediately got my phone out to warn my best friend.

I would hide if i was you, Jack and Conor found out and they’re on their way over. Stay safe lmao text me asap x

Oh bloody hell, i better run! x

All right, I’m not gonna lie to you guys.  This got stuck halfway done in my drafts and I completely forgot about it.  But hey, better late than never, right?

So I love vaguely nerdy things that you can wear out in public without attracting too much attention.  Especially vaguely nerdy things that keep you warm!  If you’re after a really comfy hoodie from your favorite show that will hold up through the wash, check out the instructions below the cut!

Materials you will need:

  • 2.5-3.5yds hoodie fabric (sweatshirt fleece, microfleece, etc)
  • A small quantity of knit ribbing (x2)
  • Separating zipper
  • Dye (optional)

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anonymous asked:

Reader comes out to Ciel as transgender and he supports them?

You’re sort of nervous about telling Ciel, but surprisingly, he doesn’t really react.  He just shrugs.

“So you’re not the gender I thought you were?  Alright,” he agrees readily.  “What are your pronouns, then?  Oh, and should I call you by a different name?”

You give him that information, and continue staring as he nods again.  You’re not sure what you were expecting, but it wasn’t this calm, totally accepting reaction.

“Okay,” he says.  “If I accidentally misgender you, call me out on it, okay?  I should get it within a week or two.”

He moves to sort the dried herbs he just bought.  You catch his wrist before he can.

“Um… you’re really calm about this,” you say.  “You’re not… surprised?”

Ciel looks down at you, then shakes his head and smiles.  “Believe me, I’ve seen far weirder things than a soul in the wrong type of body,” he reassures you.  “Don’t worry. One of my old friends in the mafia was trans, so I’m far past the whole ‘thinking it’s weird’ phase.”

He steps away from you, moving again for the herbs, before he pauses.

“Oh, by the way?”

He uses your correct name, you notice, and smile before he continues.

“If anyone gives you shit, tell me, okay?  I’ll fuck them up for you.”

Overall, this went a lot better than you may have otherwise thought.