expect to see the rest of the seasons

Isn’t it weird that in season 1, Jonas was kind of portrayed like absent minded and a bit of a dickhead? Like Eva kissed Chris and I never thought of Jonas as the victim who got cheated on? I just saw him as the guy who lied to his girlfriend bc he wanted to get high. And when Eva was upset and wanted Jonas to forgive her, I expected him to do so because “well why wouldn’t he??”. In season 2, Jonas was portrayed as the ex-boyfriend who was moving on and went down on girls (a great service). In season 3, he’s the best guy in the world, most supportive best friend any kid could ask for, basically he hung the moon. The audience is seeing the rest of the characters through the main’s eyes without even realising it and I think this has already been established here but now I’m thinking about how we’ll be seeing Isak through the eyes of the new main??? And I’m getting real excited???


The results are in! With 478 respondents who were given the ability to vote for up to 5 characters per person (1,644 votes total), you guys have decided who are the most liked characters from Attack on Titan within the Tumblr community! 

Of course, it is important to remember that this is only a sample size of the fandom, that all of these characters are loved, and that this was in no way intended to be contest. We were just curious! While certain results were expected, some of these actually surprised us a bit, and in a very good way! We’ll be curious to see people’s feelings again after Season 3 airs and how perceptions and feelings have shifted. 

Tumblr’s Top 10 AOT characters are:

1. Levi
2. Armin Arlert
3. Hanji Zoe
4. Eren Jaeger
5. Erwin Smith
6. Mikasa Ackerman
7. Jean Kirstein
8. Ymir
9. Annie Leonhart
10. Reiner Braun

For the rest of the results, please click here

Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to doing more polls moving forward! 

~Koogi’s Note/Epilogue~

***Very rough translation***

Good morning! Killing stalking’s Koogi here!

I think it’s the second time I’m saying hello. As I announced last time, today is the season’s end! As the season ended, I finished my college graduation ceremony (yuhu~)

I wanted to finish Season 2 immediately without a break, but I’m really sorry I did not. I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble preparing for Season 1 and I am sorry to have caused unreasonableness to the uploading team again… Something seems to have been a series of hardships and apologies.

However, as I have tried hard, my readers have been interested and liked it, and it has become a good thing!

Thanks, dear readers… (nod)

So about when season 2 starts! 

The exact comeback date will be announced via sns!

I am aiming for about the middle of March or the end of March!

In fact, I thought it would come out early March, but if I prepare too hastily, I have an ominous feeling… that I will have to take a week rest. I think that if I ended up taking a week rest, the flow would be cut off…

I hope you enjoy the story that will be heard in the future!

I want to see you soon!

Please expect the middle of March!

Thank you!!

expectations from the rest of teen wolf season:
- thiam endgame
- more scalia
- fucking seeing the death of gerard
- redemption arc for monroe and nolan
- (some way of bringing back allison?)
- every pack member, including the parents, to freaking stay alive
- official mama mccall and papa argent
- stiles stilinski (to just freaking play in an episode)
- stydia reunion
- derek hale & sterek interactions
- jackson & ethan interactions
- everyone to be a happy family of puppies

Ladybug and Cat Noir: most adorable superheroes ever

Last week I decided to check out this show not expecting much, but It’s super goofy and fun and I’m really enjoying it so far. Can’t wait to see where the rest of season 1 goes! 

Destined Pt.2 {Poe X Reader} Soulmate!AU

A/N~ I would first like to thank all of you patient people out there who read the first part and encouraged a second. This is dedicated to you guys! It took a long time to get done but here it is and just in time for Star Wars day! I hope y'all enjoy it! (And yes. There will be a part 3)

Part One

When you were younger your mother used to tell you stories about her soulmate, your father. The best story, at least in your opinion, was the story of how they met. As you’d sit at her feet grasping onto each word she’s said, you liked to imagine what it would be like when you met your own soulmate. And this? This definitely wasn’t it.

You stood in the middle of the street as a rock in a stream. Unmoving as people flowed around you, some grumbling at the inconvenience of having to take a few extra steps. Everything swirled around you in a blur of indistinguishable shapes and colors. It had to be him, your soulmate.

“Are you alright dear?” The woman was frail and spoke softly. It’s the same old woman from the market. You looked down at her trying to focus on the words she’d said. “Are you alright?” She placed a hand on your arm this time.

Were you okay? You didn’t feel okay. Honestly you felt ready to throw up. “I’m fine, but-” you looked around at the passing faces, not one of them recognizable.

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Random YOI skating hc’s that @kevystel and I have yelled about:

  • Phichit is responsible for introducing Yuuri to all kinds of music in college and they have bff skate jam sessions ranging from Queen to TSwift and Beyoncé and Sia. Most of them end up on Phichit’s Instagram. Phichit’s seen Yuuri dance around their apartment and knows this kiddo’s got moves. Yuuri is the secret weapon to Phichit’s Insta success and his fans love seeing shy, smiling Yuuri let loose on the ice after practice.
  • Chris and Viktor’s Insta video of them jamming together to Marina’s Primadonna is campy as hell and hits a little too close to home for Viktor and his relationship with the media but he does it anyway bc he loves Chris. He also does it to fuck with the RSF over Twitter.
  • While Chris has a lockdown on Gaga exhibition skates, there is totally video of Yuuri doing a Just Dance jam session with Phichit. The minute they all see Yuuri go full Dramatic to Bad Romance they all lose their minds.
  • Whenever Poker Face comes on at skating galas, Chris and Viktor break out into an impromptu duet. Everything they do is ridiculously over the top but they have so much fun together.
  • Yuuri has such a graceful and quiet persona - he skates to things like Tchaikovsky’s Octobre (bby juniors Yuuri!) and Chopin - but his Intense and Dramatic inevitably comes through in things like Dvorak’s Serenade and Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in E.
  • When he breaks out the Dramatic exhibition skates everybody loses their shit and come away shaken and in love and smiling whenever they think about it for the next few days.
  • Ex: his very heartfelt gala skate to Love Me Like You Do where he’s totally relaxed and pulling out all these jumps and beautiful spins and the judges can’t quite believe what they’re seeing. Yuuri can’t see shit, but it doesn’t matter bc sometimes he just needs to skate his heart out and pretend the audience isn’t there.
  • Viktor has absolutely done a gala skate to the Russian version of Once Upon a December. It features an all-white tailed jacket ensemble with blue and gold accents. Yuuri miiight keep it in his YouTube favorites list and miiight have cried a little over it. Lilia is disgusted by the whole thing.
  • After the Sochi banquet, he built a new exhibition routine to Indila’s Derniere danse, completely expecting Yuuri to be competing in the rest of the season. It’s full of come-hither looks and hair flips, spins, and seductive step sequences. He choreographed most of it dancing around his apartment. Lilia, again, is disgusted.
  • Yakov officially gave up trying to steer any part of Viktor’s exhibition skates years ago. He knows when to pick his battles, and this is just Not Worth It.
  • Viktor absolutely had a t.a.T.u phase and you can bet money he skated to Ya Soshla S Uma complete with high pony tail, a lace choker, a mesh top, and a plaid mini-skirt thing. Yuri Plisetsky who?
  • The Classics: Viktor skates to anything and everything Tchaikovsky, the waltz from Masquerade, Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade, La Bayadère, Onegin, that Rachmaninoff piano concerto. His Olympic-winning Swan Lake FS is iconic. Yuuri has it saved in HD and it has it’s own place of honor in the massive Viktor Nikiforov file on his laptop.
  • The Tangos: Viktor’s tango skates are intentionally suggestive re: gender. It doesn’t matter if his hair is long, short, or if he’s in suits/shirts or all glammed out, he’s completely arresting to watch as Viktor Nikiforov, skating artiste. Yuuri’s inevitable tango is so intense Viktor practically has a flashing neon “I Am So Gay” Moment™ while rinkside, and he choreographed the damn thing. This one is their go-to track for dancing around the living room/skating together at the rink when they have it to themselves.
  • Yurio’s exhibition skates are always A Lot in terms of lights and music and punked-out costumes with leopard prints and spikes. (This is literally canon anyways.) There’s definitely fog involved. Yakov has officially given up on trying to get Yura to do anything subdued for his exhibition skates. 
  • After the GP exhibition skate, Yuuri and Viktor frequently get asked to perform Stay Close to Me together. Phichit cries every time they break it out. He just loves them a lot and wants them to be happy. Yurio throws up in his mouth a little and complains on the phone to Otabek later but watches the whole thing without complaint.

Congrats if you made it this far! Here’s a playlist of dramatic!skate programs for funtimes and here’s my general YOI playlist

anonymous asked:

Zuko is my favorite ATLA character, but I'm wondering about his skillset in comparison to the rest of the Gaang. Aang is the Avatar, Katara is a self-taught master waterbender, Toph is the greatest earthbender ever and inventor of metalbending, Suki is leader of a prestigious group of warriors, and Sokka is a cunning fighter and strategist. But poor Zuko tends to lose a lot, and -aside from lightning redirection - his abilities don't seem to improve like thee others'. Thoughts?

1) Aang is the Avatar, yet he struggles immensely with earthbending, and even though he has the talent to firebend, you hear Zuko telling him to be more aggressive, and Jeong-Jeong telling him he lacks discipline. Even Pakku gets annoyed by Aang’s learning style.  

2) Katara is not self-taught, not entirely. Yes, she figured out the mechanics, but her bending (until we watched her fight Pakku) really wasn’t more than defense mechanisms to flee an invading enemy. She blossomed into the master that she is under Master Pakku. Like he said, hard work and determination are more fruitful than raw talent.

3) Toph, for years I imagine, had very feeble attempts at earthbending, until she learned from the badgermoles and developed her own style. However, Toph is also someone I’d describe as a prodigy. Raw talent, hard work— and she’s leagues ahead of any other earthbender in the world. 

4) We never saw Suki develop into who she was. I imagine it wasn’t without being knocked down. 

5) Sokka lost all the time??? Or the fight was over before he got to it. Season 2 was when Sokka started coming into his own, thanks to what Suki taught him, but if he was ever faced with a fighting style he didn’t expect (Ty Lee) it was over. Season 3, Sokka learned from a master and grew, same as the rest. 

6) Zuko’s difficulty with firebending in season 1 and most of season 2 largely stems from his refusal to bend it properly. He seems to know the basics and how to fight strategically and aggressively, as we saw when he fought Zhao, but Iroh still reprimands him for not using his breath and requires him to stay at the basics. He struggles because his aggressive style makes him tire quickly and he’s negligent with it. 

However, we do see Zuko handle fire very adeptly on numerous occasions outside of his Agni Kai with Zhao: on Kyoshi Island, at the perfuming nunnery, against the pirates— these are all scenes where he’s holding his own and at points, close to winning, but the fight is lost due to outside forces (beyond his opponents). He loses in the North Pole to Katara because, well, what firebender will last in the dead of night, surrounded by water and ice, under a full moon? And in season 2, we don’t see him bend a whole lot, not outside of his fight against Azula— and again, anger got the best of him. We do, however, learn that he’s a very, very talented swordsman in his duel with Jet. Under Ba Sing Se, he seems out of control with his firebending, but he’s necessarily losing because of it (though that could have something to do with Azula’s participation.)

Season 3 also starts out slow with Zuko’s bending, and it fizzles out the moment he switches sides because he no longer has anger to fuel it. As soon as he meets the masters though, everything changes for him. 

My point is… None of the characters in atla are where they are at without a master and hard life lessons regarding who they are and what they want. Zuko took longer on his journey, but by the end, he is no less adept than any member of the Gaang. 

Jon Snow does not ship JonSa (part 2)

Warning: This is just a silly interpretation by a silly fangirl. If you want serious and in-depth analysis, don’t waste your time reading this.

Okay, it’s fangirling time!

I watched Kit’s interviews and though most of his answers are horseshit (he is in promo mode after all), I believe some parts are true. And I think some of his answers are his motivations in playing his scenes.

  • Kit said Sansa is cleverer than him (Jon).
  • Sansa is an irritant.
  • She knows her power. She can pipe up whenever she wants.
  • Jon can’t execute her (so harsh Kit!), or banish her, or get rid of her in some ways because she’s his SISTER.
  • She twists him in a way no one else can.
  • She challenges him.

Using my shipper decoder, I think Kit means: Jon realizes he is feeling some inappropriate affection for Sansa and he doesn’t like it. “She challenges him.” “She’s an irritant.” “She twists him in a way no one else can.” “He can’t execute her, or banish her, or get rid of her in some ways because she’s his SISTER.”

So I watched their scenes again (shipper goggles on), and now I think I see things clearly. LOL!

Remember GRRM’s original outline where Jon and Arya fell in love but are tormented by their feelings because they still believe they are half-siblings? I think we’re watching it folks. But it’s only Jon (for now) who’s acting tormented.

I remember two instances last season, when Sansa felt like she’s not getting through to Jon. The first was when Jon and Sansa were arguing about going to castle Cerwyn. Sansa stopped following Jon when he keeps shutting down her suggestion to get more men. Jon walked towards some fighting men while Sansa went another direction (to write a letter to Littlefinger after seeing the ravens of Lyanna Mormont).

The second one was the night before the battle of the bastards, when Sansa warned Jon not to fall into Ramsay’s trap. Jon answered Sansa sarcastically and she left Jon alone after telling him she won’t go to Ramsay alive.

On both instances, Sansa felt like she’s talking to a wall, so she just gave up and distanced herself from Jon.

The same thing happened in the first episode of season 7. First, Sansa objects to Jon’s policy, Jon shuts her down. The next scene Sansa warned him about Joffrey, Ned and Robb, then Jon sarcastically answered.

Jon wanted Sansa to feel like he dismisses her ideas, so she’ll leave him alone. The problem is, Sansa is not taking the bait.

When Jon reprimanded Sansa about speaking up against him in front of their bannermen, she took it in stride.

Sansa then warned Jon about Joffrey who doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice, but Jon took her warning as an insult. On that scene, Jon stopped walking while letting Sansa walk ahead. Then when Sansa noticed (no, you’re not tricking her into walking away Jon!), she walks back to where Jon is.

She then gave him the best compliment ever, telling him he’s as far from Joffrey as anyone she’s ever met. And that he’s good at ruling.

(Okay, I think my shipper goggles just gave me x-ray vision, because it looks to me like Jon’s heart grew three sizes! Lol! I think Jon is experiencing tightness in his chest and shortness of breath.)

Heart enlargement is bad so Jon decides to think of something unromantic, to restore his heart’s original size. And the first thing he thought of was… horseshit!

Jon was able to walk away again after horseshit, but Sansa is not letting him leave. She grabbed Jon’s arm and he lookes partly surprised and partly exasperated (because he still can’t escape).

(Btw, this shipper goggles has new features. It allows me to read minds, and I can hear Jon internally screaming when Sansa touched him. “How dare you touch me!!! Don’t you know that I cannot deny you anything you ask for when you’re holding me???”)

She’s not letting him go, so he decided to pick a fight by insulting her.

I really want to bludgeon Jon here, but I had a mini-epiphany:

Jon/Sansa is not as similar to Ygritte/Jon as I originally thought.

When Ygritte was mean and condescending to Jon, it was because she wanted to get his attention. When Jon acted that way to Sansa, it’s because he wanted her to go away.

I realized when Jon sarcastically asked “And what would make me smarter? Listening to you?”, he was not questioning Sansa’s intelligence. Jon knows “Sansa is cleverer than him.” My silly fangirl interpretation is that he wanted to make her feel that no matter how smart she is, he’s not gonna listen to her. (So she’ll go away…)

I think if Maester Wolkan did not interrupt them to give Cersei’s message, Jon’s wall would have crumbled. Sansa was holding him, asking if listening to her would be so terrible, giving him her version of puppy eyes. Who could resist that? Not Jon.

So Jon’s last hurrah! The scene where Sansa warned Jon not to underestimate the enemy from the South. I agree that the Others are much bigger threat to the North, but Jon can’t just ignore Cersei. Cersei might not be able to send an army to the North, specially in Winter, but she could still send an assassin to kill Sansa or Jon (or Bran and Arya when they return home).

I don’t understand why Jon said Sansa sounds like she admires Cersei (except maybe to point out to the viewers the Cersei/Sansa parallel). The only reason I can think of (ship-wise) is that he wanted to get back at Sansa when she compared him to Joffrey. Only, Sansa did not take what Jon said as an insult and she didn’t walked out on him.

I think Sansa speaking her mind show how much she trusts Jon. When she’s with Jon, “she can pipe up whenever she wants” because she knows no matter what she say or do, even if Jon disapproves, she will always be safe with him.

Now, speculation time!

We know Jon will be leaving for the South soon, probably next episode.

I was wondering how come Jon is willing to leave Sansa with Littlefinger just to get the dragon glass? Didn’t he promise that he will protect her? Couldn’t he just send one of his trusted advisor/friend (Davos) South to negotiate for him? I mean Sansa sent Brienne to ask the Blackfish for help. Sure Brienne failed, but I think Davos could negotiate better than Jon.

Of course the real reason why Jon needs to go South are:
1. Plot. He needs to meet Damny.
2. (Shipping plot.) He needs to get away from Sansa.

I think Jon will learn next episode that he does not need to protect Sansa from Littlefinger. However, Jon might feel he needs to protect Sansa from himself. Jon does not ship JonSa so he’ll think it’s better if he goes South. (I wish Bran would come home and tell Jon of his parentage so Jon won’t feel like he need to go South himself, but alas, plot.)

If Jon is going South soon, then I expect some more lovely shippy JonSa scenes before he goes away. Because seriously, if you’re about to leave the love of your life (lol! Shipping goggles) and you won’t be seeing her for a long time, I would think you’d be more sweet and you’d give more heart eyes before you say goodbye. (Of course my speculations have a bad habit of biting my ass so…)

The rest of the season will be crappy for my JonSa heart because who doesn’t fall in love with Damnerys? (I mean, not counting all the Khals she burned and the Masters she killed of course.) Everyone kneels to this goddess of destruction.

I can only take comfort in knowing that if Jon does not ship JonSa, he would be so much more repulsed when he realized the truth about J0n3rys.

Oh well… For now, I’m gonna enjoy using my shipping goggles before it shatters.

Klance - A SHORT Headcanon (I promise)

Here’s another headcanon sparked by a conversation with @librebananr (check out their blog if you haven’t already), where we were talking about how we needed to see more of the reactions from the rest of the team about Keith being part Galra. This one is set before the last headcanon I posted.

Imagine, in season 3, Keith and Lance on their first mission alone since they discovered Keith being part Galra.

Throughout the mission, Keith is a bit self-conscious and awkward, thinking Lance will tease/be wary of him, essentially treating Keith differently. However, Lance acts completely normal. Keith still expects SOMETHING to happen, yet it never does and right before they head back to the others, Keith /has/ to say something. Lance, however, just looks as if he’s questioning Keith’s mental well-being.

“Well, it’s not like you JUST turned Galra. It just explains why you’d ever think that mullet looks good!” Keith is shocked for just a second before he quips back.

After they arrive back in the Castle, there’s just a shot of Keith smiling as he breathes a sigh of relief and Lance just walks up to his side and nudges him.

“Come on, Hotshot! The others are waiting!”

There! I told you this one was short! I don’t need them to have a big heart-to-heart, but they just need a moment like this when Keith can find out what Lance actually feels about this revelation. Requests are still welcome, though the time it takes for me to write them can vary a lot - you only need to send me a few words or a situation for my mind to play with, though I’m happy to chat if you’ve already got an idea that you’d like me to expand on!

a lot of people are super angry about malec not getting more scenes after they were switched, and people are even more angry about what happened to magnus. but im pretty excited for these storylines to develop.

i think its important for people to remember that malec isnt the main part of the show. couples should never be what drive a show. and i know. malec hasnt been treated with the same level of respect as straight couples, and they did tease that malec would be very good this episode, but their interactions are always so real and raw. what did you guys expect to happen after magnus was just tortured? a make out and cuddle session? alec was respecting his boundaries, and genuinely asking how he could help. theyre a mature couple who dont push each other, and theyre a very very solid in their love. that scene was all i could ask for. i also think people are worried that magnus didnt get to talk about his feelings but ?? y’all he has eight more episodes to do that. almost every writer and producer of the show (and harry himself) has said that magnus will be dealing with this the rest of the season. it was super fresh for him in this episode. lets just wait.

and now onto magnus in general. i get it. its hard watching your favorite character go through something traumatic. its hard to like an episode where something like that happens. but y’all. its a tv show. bad things have to happen to the “good guys” in order for the show and everybodys plotlines to progress. you cant expect everything to be happy clappy all the time, thats just not realistic. and then i see people talking about how the body switching was useless and only for jaces herondale plotline. but its definitely not?? magnus is the most complex character on this show, and in 2a they were teasing at his past. now we will get to see his past with his mother and great demons and everything, along with him healing. we’ve been asking to see who magnus really is since the beginning. 

magnus bane is his own character. and now he’s finally getting his own plotline, where the fans will be able to truly understand him. i get y’all wanted more malec. but magnus is so much more than part of a ship. just try and remember that

Koogi’s Note for Season 2

When I first saw the author’s note it was saying “epilogue” so I asked of you to what does it means. Luckily I got a reply by @sangw0ah who is so kind translate the whole thing. So here is the koogi’s note:

Good morning! Killing stalking’s Koogi here! I think it’s the second time I’m saying hello. As I announced last time, today is the season’s end! As the season ended, I finished my college graduation ceremony (yuhu~) I wanted to finish Season 2 immediately without a break, but I’m really sorry I did not. I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble preparing for Season 1 and I am sorry to have caused unreasonableness to the uploading team again… Something seems to have been a series of hardships and apologies. However, as I have tried hard, my readers have been interested and liked it, and it has become a good thing! Thanks, dear readers… (nod) So about when season 2 starts! The exact comeback date will be announced via sns! I am aiming for about the middle of March or the end of March! In fact, I thought it would come out early March, but if I prepare too hastily, I have an ominous feeling… that I will have to take a week rest. I think that if I ended up taking a week rest, the flow would be cut off… I hope you enjoy the story that will be heard in the future! I want to see you soon! Please expect the middle of March! Thank you!!













Also sorry about the caps I’m just too excited about everything.

EDIT: Well everyone’s telling me the commemorative photo was before the banquet and it’s making more and more sense as I think of it. Sorry guys, the emotion of the moment. Still, it doesn’t change much about my meta, as others have pointed out. Yuuri just vanished after the banquet and didn’t make it to any other international competition throughout the year. He didn’t even try to contact Victor. Still no explanation why for the Russian legend.

The feeling that this left Victor with is mainly the same. That wonderful guy who asked him to go to his home place and coach him is suddenly not skating anymore. He’s nowhere. Imagine Victor longing to see him in the Four Continents Championship. And then in the World Championship. If he made it to the Grand Prix Final that must mean he was one of the six best skaters of the year, even if his performance there was not the best to prove it. He was definitely expected to be in other international competitions of the season. Victor was expecting him to be there. But the guy just never showed up again. IMAGINE THE FEELING.

And the rest of the story goes mainly as described above~

Rant ahead…what is the deal with people complaining about season 3 of rick and morty?? I honestly think it’s getting better and better with each passing episode. Think of how long and hard everyone worked to bring this season to us. Everyone did their part to make sure it was the very best it could be before its release. I’m sure everyone was very proud of how it came together. And suddenly all these trolls are emerging from the cracks and hating on the writers for making it “too emotional” or whatever. Um…. it’s called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. And GOOD STORYTELLING. I think it’s fantastic. Cartoons are kinda my life, so I appreciate every part that goes into the making of a good show…but for those who just watched rick and morty in the beginning for the fart jokes or whatever (dont get me wrong, i love me some fart jokes) but where did you think the show was going to GO from where we left off in season 2?! This season, we were promised that the show would be darker than ever. I think in just the first 4 episodes, they delivered. Not dark as in violent, which i’m guessing is what most dude bros were hoping for??, but dark instead in a really mind-fucking bottled up kind of way… if that makes sense. Like, Morty standing up for himself, Beth’s unhealthy coping with the divorce. Rick’s jealous undertones when he realizes he’s not mortys hero, and Summer giving zero fucks to name a few. (And i mean, there’s some great violent parts too so what’s got everyone so mad?) I just think people are being waayy too salty and they were clearly expecting something else?… My advice to you is, if you don’t like the new season, watch something else. Making the writers feel like crap after they worked so hard to bring us this doesnt make you a rick and morty fan… it makes you a dick. And anyone that thinks this season is the “fault” of female writers, you can lick lick lick my metaphorical balls. 🖕 I am proud of each and every person who lent a hand in the making of season 3. Keep up the great work, rick and morty team! I cant wait to see the rest of this season.

SnK Episode 36 - Thoughts

Okay so… I just finished watching exactly 2 minutes ago at the time I’m starting to write this.

Holy fuck.

Oh my god.

What the shit.

T H IS   E P I S O D E

So first of all, TWO-lives plays during the recap. I couldn’t ask for anything better to be honest.

The dialogue between Bertolt, Ymir and the others did not stand out to me that much. Bertolt’s lines of suffering are worth noting, but.. the others didn’t catch my attention that much.

HOWEVER, Marina Inoue did a fucking awesome job at the Gesumin lines. I’m 100% sure this is what a LOT of people were hoping to see and.. it definitely delivers.


Mikasa’s death stare was fucking horrifying like Bertolt my man I feel you. Jesus fucking Christ did you see the makeup animation in their eyes. Mikasa looked like the Devil of All Earth himself. Holy shit.

Okay, throughout the Yumihisu talk there was this purple flower thing which isn’t the same as the rest of the flowers we know from the anime-exclusive subtle hints that we had in Season 1. Anyway apart from that….

ERWIN MAH BOI. HONESTLY the scene with him leading in the Titans was executed FLAWLESSLY. I have NO COMPLAINTS.


Okay, to be honest, I expected Barricades to play in this scene. Looks like it will be used in the ED Credits of the finale after all. Oh well. Also, APETITAN, although it’s obvious Araki seems to get off to this song (relatable tbh) was used very nicely here. A lot of people predicted that the PV1 song would be used for Erwin leading in the Titans and it looks like they were right. Excellent job.




Okay, well… Eren and Mikasa’s subtle interactions were great. The fucking dust could that was created by Reiner throwing the Titans was terrifying and on-stop and… THE FUCKING FLOWERS. I KNEW IT. I KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO DO THIS. Before Eren and Mikasa look up to see the Smiling Titan making its return, YOU CAN SEE THE FUCKING PURPLE FLOWERS. YOU KNOW THIS SHIT IS INTENTIONAL AND YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS

Oh fuck.. oh fuck me that preview for the finale. The animation.. everything.. REINER’S REACTION TO THE GRAND CLIMAX WHICH WE’LL SEE NEXT WEEK.. fuck this is absolutely amazing. Honestly next week is going to be a historical event.

Overall Rating: 10++/10

@yol101 – I hope you dont mind me screenshotting this so I have more room to respond to you. 

Personally, we’re not expecting more than longing stares between Jon and Sansa in S7 because they only have 2 episodes together that we know of this season. Jon is going to be in Dragonstone then north beyond the Wall for the rest of the episodes. 

If they were going to be endgame, this actually works in their favour. 2 episodes is enough time to build up the angst from last season, close to the boiling point but not quite yet. We’ll see the tension that, according to Kit, “goes beyond sibling squabbling” and then separating them after that will add to this unresolved tension between them. After all, absence does make the heart grow fonder, especially because I personally believe Bran will make it back to Winterfell before Jon gets back and Sansa will be one of the first to know about his birth parents, resolving for her any conflicted feelings she may have at that point.

It’s not really about keeping expectations low. It’s more about how narratively speaking, teasing out Jonsa for an entire season and really drawing out this tension makes for better storytelling, as there is a whole other season left to conclude everything. It would make a kiss and declaration of love so much more satisfying to watch if it’s done so at the end. Slow burns make for great television. 

Now, people are speculating an angsty Weirwood kiss, and while I so hope for that to happen, I’m expecting more of a ‘so close, yet so far’ kind of farewell between them. 

I hope that answers your question <3 

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Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters (part 2)  The difficult case of Yuuri Katsuki

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Now onto our protagonist : Yuuri Katsuki

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Let me start by telling you this is a hard case because if Yuuri physically looks like a certain skater I will show you in a second, both mentally and their path is radically different and ressemble much more some other skaters.

Physically : 

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Meet Yuzuru Hanyu 

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Yuzuru Hanyu is the actual top man, with his training mate Javier Fernandez, of the figure skating world and will probably dethrone Plushenko of his Legend status in the long run. 

He’s 21 years old, reigning Olympic Gold Medalist, one time world champion, two times world vice-champion (behind his training mate Javier Fernandez), first man to break the 100 point bareer in the short program, the 200 points bareer in the long program, and the 300 points bareer of the short and long program combined. His top score culminate right now at 330 point and some decimals.

He’s also the first man to land a clean quadruple Loop in history in competition (he did it on the first weekend of october 2016).

Physically, Yuuri looks a lot like him, especially face wise. But until we learn more about Yuuri, I’d say that’s where the comparison can stop.

Mentally they are extremely different :

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On the ice, Yuzuru is a warrior who has next to zero inhibitions. He thrives in competition and in hardship. He survived the terrible earthquake that destroyed his house in Sendai in 2011, he battles asthma since he’s a child. After a terrible collision with the chinese skater Han Yan during the warm up of the long program in Cup of China in 2014, he still skated (sparking a big controversy). We use to “joke” about how no matter what he’ll be in any big competition unless he has two broken legs and someone litterally tied him to his bed. (Considering he hid how bad one of his foot injury was all season in 2015-2016 from everyone, and that it was the very first time in years that he FINALLY seriously treated it, it’s not so much a joke as a very big source of stress for his fans).

He hates to lose and the only one he accepts to lose to is his best bro and training mate Javier Fernandez, and even then losing is a pill that he has a hard time to swallow and just makes him want to train even more right now-no-time-for-press-conference-let-me-do-my-missed-quads-again!!!

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Here he is trying to stop crying and congratulating Javier Fernandez for Spain’s first World gold medal, and being comforted by his friend (and also told by said Javier “I may have won this time but you’re still my champion”. Yes, beware of the Yuzuvier friendship. It will make you roll on the floor with no teeth because it’s too sweet and too fluffy HOW IS IT EVEN REAL!!!)

Off ice, Yuuri and Yuzuru also differ a lot. Yuzuru had stated he’s not a big eater and he actually tend to lose weight and muscle very quickly. 

Yuzuru is also very nice to fans but had to put more and more polite distance between him and them because he’s so famous now he needs a bodyguard during competitions. (and it’s entirely justified. I’ve seen it first hand, we don’t want him to have to deal with the huge crowd that follows him everywhere.) On that point, he ressembles Viktor a lot (though without the winks).

What they do have in common :

Yuzuru idolizes Plushenko almost as much (but in a less romantic way) as Yuuri idolizes Viktor. He had a “mushroom” haircut for a long time to copy his hero’s hairstyle, he did the Biellman Spin because he did it etc etc. And everytime he gets to share the ice with the Legend his fanboying is showing.

Plus now the admiration goes both ways and Plushenko loves and is a big fan of Yuzuru.

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So in conclusion, when Yuuri is skating, his face and physique does look like Yuzuru. But actually, even on a body type level, Yurio is closer to Yuzuru than yuuri.

His best performances :

His SP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His LP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His SP at the Sochi Olympics Games 2014

Skating style :

Meet Daisuke Takahashi

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We didn’t get to see much of Yuuri’s skating style yet but from the little we saw, and considering that Kenji Miyamoto worked with the animation staff, Yuuri’s skating style looks a lot like Daisuke Takahashi’s, another unanimous legend of figure skating.

Bronze medal in the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010, Daisuke is incredible on ice. He oozes charisma, his musicality is off the charts and he’ll probably melt a lot of panties on his way. If he wasn’t the best jumper, his strength was in his feet, how beautifully he could interprete music and make his fans cry.

Personality wise, Daisuke was full of insecurities. Like a lot of the most artistic skaters, if he wanted to win he still wasn’t the most driven by competition. He retired in 2014 after the Olympics where he honorably finished in the top 10 and still permanently marked his sport.

If you want to know more about him I direct you toward @magicaleggplant , she’ll talk about him much better than me.

“Story” and personality :

Meet Tatsuki Machida

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Now if there’s one skater that ressembles Yuuri the most, personality, physically and skating style wise, it’s Tatsuki Machida.

The story we see in the first episode actually seems to be taken right away from Machida’s : after qualifying for the Grand Prix Final, he finished last, messed up Nationals after it and didn’t make the cut for the World Championship the same season while still being a student.

Machida had a rollercoaster of a career. He was wildly inconsistent but still managed to finish in the top 10 at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. His biggest accomplishment competition wise was to win the silver medal at Worlds 2014, after skating the two programs of his life perfectly. He got beaten by 0.33 points by Yuzuru Hanyu. We all thought that we would get to see the rest of his rise the next season (as he openly said he was going to get the gold medal out of Yuzuru’s neck next time during the press conference) but his studies took a toll on him and even though he qualified for the Final in 2014, his competition was a disaster. 

During Nationals a month later, while his silver medal got him a spot for the World championship that season, he surprised everyone by announcing publicly that he was retiring. And when I mean everyone, I mean everyone, skaters who were expecting him to do an acceptance speech ended up in tears on the ice because they had no idea he decided to retire.

Machida is called the Philosopher on Ice. He’s very book educated and he loves to read (and sometimes to go on litterary ramble that loses everyone) and he’s a very artistic skater. As well as a beautiful diva. Which might be where him and Yuuri differ the most but we still have a long way into the anime to go before we can disregard that part of his personality.

Machida, because he had a very nasty stalker, is also the distant (but very polite !) type with fans. Another thing him and Yuuri have in common. 

Probably his most iconic performances :

His SP at the World Championship in 2014

His LP at the World Championship 2014

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that Yuuri was inspired by Daisuke Takahashi and Tatsuki Machida more than he was based on Yuzuru Hanyu. Which makes sense since the origin of Yuri on ice was started 5 years ago, before Yuzuru became THE face of figure skating and especially japanese figure skating. Before him, Daisuke Takahashi was (and still is) the one who filled the rink arenas during competition and he’s a very beloved skater all around the world. Machida might have provided a more “dramatic” story.

Viktor Nikiforov

Yuri Plisetski