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I don’t post a lot of personal stuff but I tweeted this, so I figured I’d say it here too. I’m trying to continue forward with entirely gender neutral pronouns. So just keep it in mind if you refer to me in like an ask or something. You can still call me Sparky or Peach or whatever. I don’t expect everyone to get it right 100% of the time, but it’d be helpful to me if you guys tried your best if you interact with me. Okay? I might reblog this another time just for people who dont always see it. Thanks!

To My JSE/Markiplier Community Friends!! <3

Just wanted to make this post to thank every single one of you who has liked and/or reblogged my recent posts - my remixes, my poem, stuff like that! It has amazed me how much support I’ve had, you guys have shared around my posts way more than I thought I deserved, and so many of you gave me lovely positive comments that I didn’t even expect! :D

And the way that you guys have tried your best to help me show my creations to Jack/Mark is amazing! I love just how many of you, even people who didn’t know me before, helped me out and liked/reblogged my posts! It surprised me just how many people cared about me ^.^

Okay, I’m gonna get a little personal now. This particularly means a lot to me because I struggle a lot with caring about myself as much as I should. Thankfully, I don’t hate myself like I used to (mostly thanks to watching YouTubers and these communities!), but I still definitely don’t care about myself enough. I don’t really expect others to, so for all of you to support me like you did blew me away and made me super happy. So thank you! <3

Also, just to thank any of you guys who has ever liked/reblogged my posts in the past, and of course you guys who talk to me and put up with me xD And even if you never talk to me, you still matter to me ^_^

I just want you guys to know that I think you’re all awesome and I love all of you! I’m so thankful to be part of these communities and to know people like you guys! <3333

“Aros/aces don’t go through the same things gays/lesbians/bi’s/etc. go through!!!1!!1!” wow…it’s like there are different things each orientation goes through…who knew…

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Okay, wow, "sane" people? If you want to make a point about expectations of diversity in media being reasonable, maybe don't shit on mentally ill people to do it? Bigotry and ignorance are not mental illnesses.

We didn’t make that post. I didn’t reblog it. Bethany, Ely, and I have all been dealing with a lot of stuff lately, and I’m sure it simply slipped her notice. I will delete it, as this is the first time that I am being made aware of it. I have not been on the blog all day. I’ve been laid out with the flu. I was sleeping from 11-8 yesterday and from 12-5 today. I have not had time to be on the blog until just recently. I am still sick. 

All of our mods are mentally ill. This is not an excuse for reblogging that post uncritically, but it is something important to know. We will never intentionally be ableist or be bigoted against mentally ill, chronically ill, or neurodiverse people, but we are only human, after all.

If you have a problem with a post that we’ve reblogged or made, feel free to let us know. We always take into account the voices of our followers, and in this case, you are right. We should not have reblogged that post uncritically. It’s ableist, and it was a mistake. I’m going to talk to Bethany about it, but for the future, please don’t come at us so aggressively.

Again, we did not make the post in question, but I will delete it. If you have a problem with a post we’ve made or reblogged, let us know. We always consider your concerns. Just please don’t be so aggressive about it.

- Mod Ash

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Thomas grumbled unhappily as he tapped the side of his helmet to pull up the time. Shit. It was a lot later than he expected. He was suppose to call in a few hours ago - a protocol that had been set up since he had started, just to let the others know he was okay and that his case was running longer than predicted.

This was suppose to be a simple illegal drug smuggling case, but ended up being a full blown kidnapping and hostage situation. Sure it was a lot more interesting, but it would still be better if his Uncle Dami wasn’t off doing whatever he was with the Justice League. It wouldn’t have taken him as long to do with his usual partner.

The hooded teen stiffened at the sound of someone landing behind him on the roof and he quickly turned around, prepared to defend himself if necessary. He blinked a few times when he spotted who it was.

“Er… hi?”


OKAY I DID IT. *throws self out the window*

Now that my game is halfway finished, I went ahead and launched a Kickstarter.

My forever undying gratitude to anyone that helps back it or even spreads word of it.


You can see the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2803995/the-godseeker

Thank you~!!

Oops this is years old and I forgot about posting it bc it made me sad. But relevant to the werewolf posts from last night??

Josie!! Didn’t eat a lot and she got pretty sick after becoming a werewolf it was vry hard on her body. But when people (Lauren) pointed it out she was basically in denial. She didn’t know what else she could do?

Sorry it’s sad here’s some happier bbaby Josies from the same day to feel better.

Digimon Tri: Ketsui Thoughts

The movie is out now and I watched it and am super hyped, so here are my thoughts on it! Spoilers ahead, duh.

  • There was a lot of light and fun stuff, way more than I expected, but I guess it’s fine, especially since it seems the next one will be far from it.
  • The plot only picked up towards the end and left us with more questions than before, and now I want the next movie.
  • The Spy Guys actually made guns especially for Digimon and the reality of it is creeping me out, even though they’re pretty useless as of now.
  • Takari, Taito and Koumi were strong again in this one. Bless.
  • Meiko seems to be Koushiro’s main rival in the quest for Mimi’s heart and I am absolutely down for it.
  • What do we call it? Meimi? Mimei?
  • Jou actually got a text from his girlfriend? We need to consider the possibility that she’s real.
  • We saw Jou’s parents! For the first time ever! Though I hoped for his brothers and Mimi’s parents as well…
  • I loved the character development for Jou and Mimi and I hope their problems keep being a thing in the background like it was with Taichi/Yamato in this movie. Neither of them really got an answer after all.
  • Hikari voted for most mature of the group, taking care of everyone’s problems again.
  • Leomon died in the human world this time? Does that mean it won’t be able to come back? Poor Ogremon won’t have anything to come back to if it gets healed from the infection! :O
  • Himekawa turns out to be a really interesting character and I definitely want to see more of her!
  • Why did she smile when Leomon died tho?! This is unacceptable I need answers!
  • No mentions of Daisuke, Miyako and Iori whatsoever, are you kidding me Toei?! Ken turned up all stylish in his Kaiser outfit with Imperialdramon and noone went ‘Hey, don’t you need Daisuke for that? Is he here too?’ You can’t hold out on us forever!
  • The Nishijima/Himekawa ship seems to sailing pretty smoothly too, I can’t believe they’ve known each other since elementary school and used to be together! But I kinda smell angst coming their way…
  • More hats for Takeru… Why…
  • Whoever is animating Rosemon’s boobs… STOP.

Okay maybe I’m just being salty here but lately I have had some tags and comments on my art pointing out mistakes in a not so nice manner. Sometimes even going so far as to just outright laugh about it. Partly this is due to my older art getting reblogged a lot lately so it reaches audiences that might have started to expect a different quality from me. But it also happens on newer pieces and that just makes me feel down, even if they are just doodles and not supposed to be perfect.

There seems to be this notion on tumblr that an artist has to be at a certain level and stay consistent and I can tell you that is not the case. Artist grow and they fluctuate. Sometimes I have days where I can almost draw anything that comes to mind and sometimes I have days where even a simple left facing character just won’t look right. And I’m still growing as an artist. So things that I made a few months ago might look weird now, but was at the best of my abilities then. And that okay, because that is what artists do, they grow. And they fluctuate. And they most likely know that they still have to learn a lot.

And I’m not saying that giving critique is bad, because it isn’t it’s even highly appreciated. But laughing at something in the tags and saying it looks horrendous is not critique. It’s just being mean.

Please remember that artists here on tumblr mostly make art that you can enjoy for free and that most of them aren’t professionals most of the time and even if they are that they can still feel really insecure about their art. If you see something about someone’s art that could use improving then just shoot them
a message and be nice about it!

And this doesn’t just go for visual art but other artforms like writing as well. Because a mean comment on something that you have created can really discourage young artists and make them afraid to post things here. And frankly even artists like me that have been on this site a bit longer also feel it whenever someone is being mean about what they created.

Just remember that there are actual people taking their time to create content that you can enjoy and that they do this for free and most likely do it for fun next time you want to make a comment in the tags.

I’ve seen several people reblog that “Ireland legalized gay marriage and got a double rainbow. Texas banned it and got a flood God has spoken” post. I can definitely see why people might think that’s funny *except* that I know that lots of people have died because of the flood. Like fourty people or so have died because of the flood in Texas. That joke is not funny or okay and I expected the people I follow to think more critically than that.

Like the reason it’s disgusting when Christians say that natural disasters are a punishment from God is because it is disgusting to say stuff like that about other people’s suffering. Don’t go as low as them for a joke.