expect nothing but greatness

Watched the episode. Kitchen scene was beyond expectation - so great. My dash will be nothing but gifs of this scene for some time. Thank you to all the wonderful gif makers you have reinvigorated my queue. I love pancakes! I love this ship. might be a little bit giddy….

The regina/zelena stuff was dull. Their fighting was boring. Regina is bossy and unlikeable. I didn’t really take in all the stuff about the crystals … my mind was elsewhere. No, not in the kitchen. I was irritated beyond belief that Regina ended up with that wand!! That little fucker was sent back for Emma and yet Regina manages to whisk it away to her vault. Grrrrrrrr. Very annoying.

Was very interested to see that David seemed to recognise something in Henry’s author scribbles. Very intreaguing.

Loved Snow’s little dig at Regina regarding her own wedding. And i love it when the writers go meta - this ship has sailed with a pirate on board indeed. Subtle.

Sad to see Zelly lose her powers but it was a good sacrifice and they are cleatly preparing her for exit from the show.

The Black Fairy continues to be a bore with no substance. Its her ep next week, maybe she’ll finally show what the fuss is all about.

But overall… my god, that magnificent kitchen scene!!! More sexy pancakes please.

Good morning everybody ♡

The last couple of days were pretty exhausting for me, jobwise. Even more so yesterday I was looking forward to train. Compared to other training sessions it was kind of frustrating though. I was not able to lift as much as the last time and I just could not get the pump. After doing what I had to do, that is getting a sufficient stimulus for muscle growth, I stopped - reluctantly.

See, sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Be that as it may. Accept it and move on. I could have pushed through yesterday but that would have led to even more fatigue. It would have been a chore and I don’t want that to happen. Training to me is something epic, something that makes me very happy. If, for some reason, it does not satisfy me, I try again. Knowing that the next level is out there waiting for me.

I ate well and had a good night sleep and I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. Heading to the gym for arms day, I expect nothing less from my arms than to explode!

Have a great day!

Today On A Special Mauritius Plotdale...

Plotdale - The Very Special Mauritius Episode

[Sandra’s hospital room with Robert, Aaron, Chas, Liv and Sandra]
CHAS: *gives Aaron a big hug* Oh love, it’s so good to see you. I’m so sorry the plot kept me from being there when you got out of that, in the end, completely pointless prison storyline. I hope you weren’t tortured to much.
AARON: It was pretty bad. It’s my own fault for crying so well. I missed you too though mum.
CHAS: (LUCY: It’s so nice that all of our time off converged to screw up the plot more and allow our characters to spend this time off screen together)
AARON: (DANNY: Yep. It really was great timing. Hopefully when we get back the pace of the plot can settle down a bit)
AARON: *goes to give Liv a hug conveniently out of earshot*
CHAS: Robert *major side eye* I trust you haven’t told him about the incident yet. I mean I really want to tell him myself but the plot won’t let me.
ROBERT: Don’t worry Chas, even though I was totally going to be honest with him at the prison, once the plot stopped you it also stopped me. And it’s only gotten worse from there.
CHAS: Worse how, Robert?
ROBERT: I’m sorry, Chas, the plot says you have to stay in the dark about this one too. I’m just going to look panicked and shifty around you for this entire trip.
CHAS: Perfect. I love watching you squirm. Especially now that the plot has destroyed all of our relationship development and I hate you again. I’m just going to give you evils the whole time you’re here.
ROBERT: I would expect nothing less.
AARON: It’s so great to see you Liv. I’m so glad the plot gave Robert a reason to rush us off here. And when I say rush, I mean it. Should have seen how fast Robert was driving out of the village.
LIV: It’s great to see you too, big bro. Shouldn’t you two be more careful when it comes to cars.
AARON: You’d think so. Don’t worry though, I think Robert’s Porsche has Plot insurance. I do really miss the Audi though. No idea what happened to that one. 
LIV: You know, just because my mum was a plot device for me to be off screen, doesn’t mean you had to drop everything and leave too.
AARON: Sandra’s a plot device for all of us, and I do want to be here. Thanks though, Sandra.
PLOT DEVICE SANDRA: No problem, anything for the plot.

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You know what direction getting-back-together aus never go in? The it-didn’t-work-out route.

AU where Harry and Louis are madly in love in London, where Louis is a wildly successful chef in a famous restarting, who is only getting better, and Harry is still trying to get his big break as an actor.

One day Harry gets a call from a huge film producer in LA who wants him, offers him a position as a lead in a huge new tv show, and Harry wants it so so bad, but Louis is HERE, in London, and Harry figures if he keeps trying he’ll eventually get something here.

But Louis sees how much harry wants it, and does the selfless but horrible choice; he breaks up with him. Tells him he expects amazing things from Harry and doesn’t want to hold him back.

So harry is absolutely DEVASTATED, but he goes to LA to follow his dream like Louis wanted him to. They film a whole season of the show that is supposed to be the best new thing, but when it’s finally aired, it gets cut after the pilot because viewership is too low. And Harry’s been over here with only work to distract him from his heartbreak but now he doesn’t even have THAT any more, and he’s pining for this boy who left him, but he feels like he can’t go back home because Louis expected him to be this great success and he’s nothing but a terrible disappointment. He can’t go back like this, Louis deserves more than a boy who ran away only to wind up a failure.

So he’s taken up a job as a server to pay the bills, although he can barely find it in himself to keep trying out for parts when all he’s known for is a failed pilot episode. And one day months down the line, he’s serving a couple their quail compote and in the door walks Louis Tomlinson. Of course the chef of the restaurant is star struck because “that’s Louis Tomlinson, the top chef in London!” And Harry’s just standing there trying not to cry because Louis looks so much better even than Harry’s memories of him. And Louis locks eyes with him and Harry DOES start crying then.

But suddenly he’s enveloped in Louis’ arms and Louis is crying too and whispering things like “you could have come back” and “I watched the episode you were amazing” and “please let me not be too late” and all the fears Harry has of coming back a failure sort of melt away because THIS is so much more important than any career decision.

And Harry does get his big break in acting two years later, back in London, in Theatre instead of television. Louis sits in the front row for every performance.

I am pushing myself every day, to be a better person, to learn, to be someone worth something some day. Trying to do it all, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter. None of it does. Nothing I do ever will, it never has. At the end of the day, I’m just a small girl with dreams that are way out of her league - stuck between living in the moment and planning the next 10 years of my life, between being okay with not having life figured out and crying myself to sleep because i have no idea what to do. Trying so hard and still not being good enough, having people who expect great things but tell me I’m worth nothing.

On good days, I’m okay with everything I’ve achieved. I’m okay with who I am and who I have become. I’m okay with not having my life figured out at 19. There’s gotta be more to life than being right and making sound decisions, there’s gotta be more than just following a plan.

But on the bad, all i can think about is turning 20 in two short days, and being nowhere close to achieving what I’ve always wanted. Nowhere close to being someone who’s on a path to greatness, no one who deserves a damn thing in the world. On the bad nights, I can’t figure out if my existence has even a tiny bit of importance. So what if i do my hardest every day? The bad days make me question everything I do, have ever done. Make me question every decision I’ve made, I keep thinking that if I just vanished, nothing would change. On the bad days, every mistake, every little error is a demon of its own, telling me I won’t ever be enough. And with each bad day, a good one seems to get further and further away.

I’m stuck and i don’t quite know how to rescue myself.
No one can say things worse than what I tell myself every second of the day.
So what do you do, when you are your own nightmare come to life?

—  And to think I couldn’t wait to grow up
Love Potion (Anon Request)



Summary:  Nozomi has had this theory about love potions for a while, so she sets out to prove it. And who are better subjects to test it on than the infamous Yazawa Nico and Nishikino Maki? Hogwarts AU.

Words: 3,692

Night had fallen at Hogwarts and classes had long since ended for the day. Dinner had been served for the evening in the form of a huge feast in the Great Hall, which never failed to satisfy the hungry stomachs of the young witches and wizards of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Afterwards, a majority of the students had decided to retire to their beds for the night, while a select few remained awake in the comfort of their common rooms.

Nico had been seated upon one of the black-leathered couches in the Slytherin Common Room for the last hour, feet propped up on the charcoal black coffee table as the fireplace crackled and popped just a few feet away from her. A small bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans that she had purchased at Honeydukes during the trip to Hogsmeade a few days back was in the hand that rested lazily in her lap while the other hand dug around in said bag, popping a random flavor into her mouth every now and then.

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“When I’m called ‘treasure,’ I feel scared I might be assacinated [laugh]. There’s still a monarchy in Denmark, so I should avoid getting involved in conflicts. But I think everyone calls me like that because they like our works or characters I played. So, of course, I’m glad for that. We make films for everyone, not for ourselves. There’s nothing we can expect more than the words ‘It was great. I love it.’ from everyone.”

- Mads Mikkelsen



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Requested by anonymous: GOT7 JB smut when he’s being dominant/rough so he fucks you hard while dirty talking in your ear and giving you multiple orgasms and he enjoys touching you everywhere

Genre: smut
Group: GOT7
Member(s): JB (Jaebum)
Content: rough, dominance, dirty talk, blowjob, fingering, just really detailed smut
Warnings: rough sex, dominance, deep throat.

“I’m so proud of you.” He whispered in your ear. “Maybe I’ll just have to reward you tonight for such a great accomplishment.”

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i am a flawed human. very flawed. i just manage to show people the best parts of me. and they are fooled into thinking i have this golden life. this golden mind. and that, it’s not like i too, have despairing thoughts when the darkness finally surrounds me at night, that i too desperately hope for a change in my ‘perfect life’. see the thing with being perfect, is that everybody has these great fucking expectations for you. you can do nothing to spice up your miserable, monotone life.

- thoughts from my golden mind


‘The most fatal thing a man can do is try to stand alone.’

 color palette by palette-time from evil eviler evilest.

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Hey what do you expect of Krashlyn now that Ali is on the Pride?

I expect nothing because I like being surprised :) But I think a lot of great saves, some good defending and a couple goals by Alex.

But you know what happens when they’re on the same team..

A little bit of Happy-Huggy A Team

Something like Helpful Krieger..

Or maybe Subtle Krieger.. 

I like Wavy Krieger too..

I would really much appreciate Touchy Ashy

And PLEASEE a lot of Aggressive-Defending A Team..!

I woke up this morning with an interesting question: “What if I started living exactly how God wanted me to live? What would I gain? What would I lose?” We are often told in our various youth groups and churches that we should live how God wants us to live, but what are we really gaining from this transaction of subtracting ourselves and adding God? Below are some 25 side-effects of living the life God wants you to live; shall we begin?

  1. You do not have to worry anymore.
  2. You are confident in Christ.
  3. You are both wise and knowledgeable.
  4. Because you are working for God rather than self, you work hard.
  5. You are respectful, kind, and loving.
  6. You seldom judge, but you correct with love.
  7. You have few friends, but many admirers (e.g. Esther).
  8. Even when temptations come your way, you have no incentive to cave.
  9. You eat healthily and you exercise daily because your body is a temple.
  10. You are neat because cleanliness is next to godliness. 
  11. You are humble, and people are drawn to your character.
  12. You are patient and content with your season.
  13. You lose feelings of shame, fear, doubt, and sadness. 
  14. God’s plans for you never feel delayed, but rather right on time.
  15. The Bible becomes your second home. 
  16. You honor your parents willingly and frequently.
  17. You dress modestly, and in turn, elegantly. 
  18. You are fearless and can face any trial because God is on your side.
  19. Young people look to you, and older folks sing your good praises.
  20. If God wills it, you become a great spouse and parent.
  21. You serve others expecting nothing in return.
  22. You are wealthy because you are wise with your funds.
  23. Your speech is music to everyone’s ears.
  24. Because you are humble, you move higher.
  25. You are the Proverbs 31 woman.

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(Not My Gifs)

*Neville’s Pov*
Neville squeezed his eyes shut as he placed the last ingredient into the cauldron. He waited a minute before opening them again. Honestly he expected it to explode immediately but nothing.

“Great job” you gave him a small grin and you patted him on the shoulder.
“See no explosion or terrible accident this time. You’re improving”.

Neville couldn’t help but smile. You’ve been helping him a lot in potions lately. You were a Slytherin but you weren’t like a lot of your other house mates. You were nice to Neville and wanted to help him get better. Its been a while since someones gone out of there way to help him like that.

“Thanks to you” Neville said grinning “if it wasn’t for you I’d be failing potions”.

“Well it’s been an honour helping you Neville Longbottom” you laughed sweetly “but really don’t thank me it was my pleasure”.

“You’re brilliant” Neville smiled at the cauldron proudly. There was no Slytherin he liked better.

SNK Readthrough: Volume 17 Part 6

I recall being in a huge panic in the weeks leading up to this chapter. The Flaming Chicken Titan was heading to Orvud, Eren was depressed, Sasha wasn’t hungry, and post-cavern Historia was an unknowable force of rebellion and possible anarchy.

Turns out all that worry was for nothing. I was expecting a fantastical climax to the great arc and instead Rod was destroyed with little more than a whimper. It was a great victory for the Survey Corps, but reading back through after more than a year, I have little to add.

What this chapter did provide in huge, deliberate doses was a goldmine of humor. I’ve decided to make this readthrough post about some of those.

1. It’s called taking matters into your own hands

The scene of Eren repeatedly punching himself was played for laughs, but opened some interesting discussion about the use of self harm in the titan transformation process. I also agreed with @the-hunter-eren who noted that Eren’s depression was not a laughing matter.

2. That feeling when you can’t draw faces

Erwin reveals his artistic side when he makes an amazing likeness of the flaming chicken titan. The musculature is well done but he loses it towards the end, putting a cartoon face on an otherwise realistic body. Still, it’s not bad considering he’s only been a leftie for a few weeks.

3. I choose you, Eren!

Erwin the pokemon trainer was my favorite posts from this chapter.

4. Levi just too smol

I first saw this here. Personally, I feel for Isayama. When I do my own edits, trying to get Erwin and Levi together in a horizontal frame always proves challenging :D

5. The SNK Ice Bucket Challenge 

Levi was filled with hilarious quips in this chapter, but “Stay back, Garrison” was my favorite. His and Erwin’s deadpan calm throughout was often contrasted with the Garrison Captain’s panic.

6. Caution: Grumpy when wet

Seriously, just look at Levi. LOOK AT HIM! It’s no wonder Erwin is snickering in the background. And why is he still dry? That’s the real mystery here.

tinathemagescholar  asked:

I stopped writing a long time ago- there is an issue of mental illness, perfectionism, and the fact that I started to concentrate on improving in Photoshop. Now I want to get back into the swing of things, but.... All the other problems are still there.. There is also a problem of me not wanting to read?? All that I have read this year is nonfiction. This is maybe because my envy prevents me from reading? Also, i could not design a good character to save my life.. I am sorry but... Can you help?

First of all: Whoa buddy I get you. My ability to write has basically been the litmus for how Well/Unwell I’ve been for the last couple years. When I’m feeling bad, I just can’t write at all– every word feels stupid before it can even reach my hands to be written and dies in my head. 

The fact that you’re feeling like writing again is awesome! But let’s be real here: You haven’t written in a long time. You are probably rusty. But writing anything is a huge step compared to writing nothing. Let yourself baby step this. DON’T EXPECT TO BE GREAT OUT OF GATE. Be gentle with yourself. If it helps, you can imagine writing again like exercising after letting yourself get really out of shape– going straight to trying to bench 200lbs will only hurt you and disappoint you. Give your muscles time to be built back up. You will get stronger in time, not overnight. 

Some more real talk: 
We all wanna be the very best (like no one ever was). Nothing wrong with that. But… does it matter if other people are better than us? 
Should you stop doing something that you enjoy just because you probably won’t be world class at it? 
It can be damn hard to be happy for other people’s success when you’re stuck in a rut. I get that. And you know what? You have my express permission not to read any fiction until you really want to again. Put your blinkers on and focus on you. 
Also, reading non-fiction is excellent! Personally, reading non-fiction almost always makes me feel really inspired to write, because the real world is an interesting and inspiring place. Don’t worry about it if that’s what you want to read right now. 

Here are some suggestions, all of which you are free to take or leave:

  • Write a LOT
    Here’s the thing: When you have unlimited time to dick around with your project, more second-guessing and overworking and panicking and ruminating happens than actual progress. When I was doing my thesis, my mentor knew about my nervous disposition, and combated it by setting a weekly goal of 8-10 paintings. They were small paintings, but it still kept me so busy that I had no time to freak out. 
    See how much writing you can do in a week that keeps you busy but not overwhelmed. Maybe that’s 100 words, maybe it’s 20,000, I don’t know your life. Then, make that your goal. Don’t worry about quality, just churn out shit. Make little projects that you can set on fire if you decide they were duds. I’m talking short stories, I’m talking describing the room you’re in, I’m talking responding to prompts with a couple hundred words. 
  • Avoid Criticism 
    Okay, I know that critique and constructive criticism and editing are all important… but don’t do that to yourself right now. Avoid re-reading work unless you are in a solid emotional state. Don’t say anything mean about yourself. Don’t say anything mean about your work. (Caveat: you MAY call your work ‘shit’, ‘garbage’, or ‘my (genre) trash book’ IF it takes the pressure off to write The Next Great American Novel. However, you are only allowed to do so if you are enjoying the hell out of making your shit, and it feels like a garbage party that you are loving.) 
    Also, you don’t have to show your work to anybody. You can if you want, but for me personally, promising myself that something I make never has to see the light of day can be comforting. 
  • Seek Support 
    Is there anyone that you can talk to about how you are feeling? It can be family, a friend, a therapist, anyone who would listen and be kind to you. You can talk to them about your difficulty with perfectionism and what gets you down, or you can just find a buddy who will cheer aggressively if you text them your day’s wordcount. If you can’t think of anybody, you can message me (Evvy) and I will cheerlead you so hard.

As for character design… don’t worry if your characters aren’t magnificent just yet. Baby steps, right? 
My favorite way to design characters is by drawing them over and over until they feel right, because drawing is easier than writing for me. You probably will figure out that you have your own particular method as well! 
A game that I think can be fun is to get a list of character traits, and then randomly (RANDOMLY, like from a hat) select three, and make a character that combines all three. From there, you can ask questions like ‘how did they become the person who they are now?’ or ‘which trait do they rely on most heavily?’ or ‘what would they do in X situation?’ 

I hope that some of the ideas here are helpful. Please remember: You are doing your best. Your best is good enough. Your value as a person is NOT connected to how well or how much you write– if you never wrote again, you would still be perfect. Go easy on yourself, and do your best to have fun with it. 

Good luck out there,



Beautiful, elegant, gripping. This is stunning. Great band, expect big things from them. 

Gracie Johanssen is one of the strongest females on television. [Contains spoilers.]

I have been wanting to gush about this amazingly dynamic character for what seems like forever now. I honestly cannot get over the development process she’s been through, and I’m so happy that the show has decided to expand her character.

A lot of people in the Orphan Black fandom would probably tell you that their favorite character is a clone, or perhaps the likes of Delphine and Felix.

Mine happens to be one, courageous Prolethean girl named Gracie Johanssen.

You’re talking about someone who’s been forced to live her entire life under the customs of her parents in order to succeed their expectations. She’s been locked in a cell just for making mistakes, and has even had her lips stitched shut, BY HER OWN PARENTS, might I add.

And as a further punishment for her apparent sins, Gracie’s own father put someone else’s babies inside of her, thus forcing her to go through the troubles of pregnancy.

Once Gracie had the chance to escape with Mark, the strings that had been holding back the girl’s happiness for so long had been cut. Honestly, I had never been so happy to see a smile on her face, one that was genuine. Gracie had been through so much back at the Prolethean compound, and she got through it all.

We were met with this faithful, loving wife who continued to look out for Mark despite his revelation of staying with the army. She truly believed that the man she fell in love with was still there, and tried to look past his flaws just like he did for her.

Although, as I suspected, Gracie found out about his clones. I was afraid to watch everything unfold, to see Gracie break emotionally over this. But instead, she did her grieving, she packed up her things and she went home. There was no running back to him because she realized how STRONG she was as a human being and that she deserved better than to be lied to.

At this point, I’m expecting nothing but greatness from this character. Gracie has overcome so much tragedy as a young girl, and really, it’s inspiring to watch. She’s lost her child, her husband, and trust of her people. And yet, she’s still fighting.

Take notice to Gracie Johanssen; her story is only just blossoming.