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(High School Musical AU, based off this scene)

anyway, what better way to celebrate that voiced PV and that the kids are legit teenagers now than with a HSM AU because like. Popular jock boy with heart of gold meets super awk+insecure genius nerd and forges an unlikely but beautiful bff bond while falling in love? Oh I’m sorry were we talking about troy & gabriella or taishiro

Today’s warm up: Courtship. 

Starting to take warm up and cool down suggestions on twitter and planning to do the ones that seem interesting to me. Someone asked me to draw puffy courting pigeons, so… there ya go haha

Sorry for not posting much or being around for the past little while! Things have been super busy and I’ve been out of town (and also Hydra Con is coming up in a week and I’ve been rushing crazily to get stuff prepared and I am dying, yo). Expect more stuff up soonish though! 

Big Bang Reaction to: iKON Member Hitting on Their Younger Siblings

 Yo! Expect more from where this came frooom!😜 Kay, how Would GD & T.O.P React to an iKON member being all over Their Little sister? (Your choiccceeee💛) XOXOTheAnonie♡♡♡~

Hope you don’t mind, but I changed it to gender neutral and the entirety of Big Bang, & also their younger sibling referred to as ‘you’ (-:

Jiyong (G-Dragon)

Being the elder, Jiyong wouldn’t be up for watching this happen. When he first witnessed Bobby of iKON throw his arm around his younger sibling’s shoulder, he’d practically burn Bobby’s skin off with his glare. Knowing that you’d seen had seen his warning, you wouldn’t act out when Bobby hugged you, and that’s when Jiyong would saunter over, wiggling his finger back and forth. He didn’t want to be rude, but he was protective, and he’d quickly make sure Bobby knew where Jiyong stood.

“Aah, no no no. Don’t touch them. You, too, dongsaeng, come with me- no, we’re gonna hang out together. Don’t you wanna hang out with your oppa?”

Seunghyun (T.O.P.)

Seunghyun would watch the interaction of his younger sibling and Hanbin, knowing already that Hanbin was a nice kid. Nonetheless, he’d still stand up from his chair and hover around the area, making his presence known- much to their embarrassment. If Hanbin didn’t take the hint quick enough, Seunghyun would join their conversation, ignoring the glare you would shoot him.

“Oh, what a coincidence! I didn’t even see you guys there. Anyway, dongsaeng, we have to… uh… I dunno, be somewhere that’s not here.”


After first seeing their younger sibling talking with Jinhwan, he’d think nothing of it- Jinhwan was a nice kid, after all, and that you were responsible enough to trust. Though, when he saw Jinhwan pull the laugh-shoulder-touch move, he’d look shocked, immediately knowing what he was up to- after all, Daesung used that move when he was younger. Jumping up from where he was, he’d march over to the two of you, effectively acting as weird and abnormal as possible in order to scare Jinhwan away.

“Yah! Guys, what do you think of this face? Look, I can talk with only my eyes- Y/N can do that too. This look, they can do it, Jinhwan are you watching? No, watch me, and then watch them do it- yah, of course you’re doing it, dongsaeng!”

Seunghyun 2.0 (Seungri)

Without a doubt, I think Seungri would immediately go into big brother mode. As he heard Hanbin compliment you, unable to do anything else, Seungri would launch into action. He’d pat Hanbin on the shoulder as he appeared besides his siblings, putting on the most sickly sweet smile you’ve ever seen. Hanbin wouldn’t know what to say and Seungri would tell him, like in the gif, not to act like that around you.

“Hey, don’t do that sort of stuff with Y/N, alright?”

Youngbae (Taeyang)

Taeyang would hear the lame pick-up line Bobby put into use and roll his eyes. He’d listen for a while, trying to see what your deal was with the rapper. After he heard enough, he’d rise to his feet and walk over to the two of you, obviously irritated. He wouldn’t take anything out on Bobby, more on you for allowing the flirtation to continue. With a warning look, Taeyang would say that the two of you had somewhere to be- it’d likely be the last you saw of Bobby, who was too intimidated by someone like Taeyang to try again.

“What’re you guys talking about? Yeah, sounds exciting… Y/N and I need to leave.”

Purple Kim Namjoon Moodboard

“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the edge of the world.”

Not Requested

Everyone needs to admit Kim Namjoon is just a squish like oml. He’s so cute, honestly. I’m bored again, about to cut and dye my hair Poseidon blue and dark purple, and do not know what to do, so expect more mood boards today! Yo, I know who to do my bad boy au series about now.

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“being nice won’t take you anywhere”

yes it will.

i am not denying that people will still hurt you, will use you, will treat you like shit. but even if  only 1 out 100 people will treat me back nicely, it is worth for me to be a nice person.

because the bad things won’t matter when you see how people will actually get fond of you, will like you, will get used to you and will start to treasure you.

if you want to be surrounded by nice people, people who are good for you and your mental health, you have to be nice.

always treat others like you want to be treated. this way you will be happier.

i am just saying.

anonymous asked:

I´m still confused with your living situation. Are you and Ethan living in dorms or still at home? And when you are moving to Ethan, do you mean in his dorm?

sorry for the confusion- when i graduate in May, we will be moving into a house together. then u can expect more vids yo