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My Little History with Jashi

So I started Season 5 of Samurai Jack, like everyone else. When I saw the daughters of Aku, and how they focused more on Ashi in the beginning. I thought to myself “They’re going somewhere with her.” Not now. But I’ve seen enough shows to see how this goes. 

Anyway, I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed when I saw all the daughters get axed a couple of episodes later after encountering him. I guess a part of me was expecting more development within the girls. Mainly Ashi, considering how they focused on her at times during her training. But after seeing her “die”, I was just like “Oh well, guess I was wrong. Shame really. Wanted to see where they would go really.”

But then Episode 4 came out and was “Oh, fuck no, nevermind, she’s still alive we’re good.”

And thus began the… Bonding(?)…Development(?) Honestly I didn’t know to call it. What type of relationship do you call it when you try to get along with the person that just tried to kill you last episode? Anyway, as they interacted I found it funny how Jack trying to get Ashi to open up. While Ashi just kept giving Jack a glare. (Which I dubbed the constipation look. Lol, Damn it BnH XD) Anyway, throughout the episode. I didn’t really see anything between the two. At least not at first. But sometime throughout the week, I figured, “Eh lemme indulge my curiosity” cause my crackship mind was at work and I honestly wanted to see what Tumblr had to offer. 

When I got on Tumblr, I was kinda surprised (Though thinking about it now, not really) to see that there was a bit of Civil War going on as to whether or not Jashi should be considered Platonic or Romantic. The argument being Jack is literally 50 years older than Ashi. Despite his lack of aging. Oh yeah…forgot people would consider that a bit of a problem. But the hate for it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would. At least in my opinion. 

To be honest, I didn’t really ship it either at first…Okay that’s not necessarily true. I DID, but again that was my crackshipping mind at work. Plus I found their interactions cute at times wherever possible. But unlike most people. I was amongst the few that was completely with wherever Jack and Ashi’s relationship went. Be it Platonic or Romantic. I was fine with the end results. 

But then Episode 6 came out.

…Can I just take a quick moment to say how much of a Cinnamon Roll/Bae Ashi became that one episode? Seriously, having her meet the people that was helped by Jack over the years. And her realizing what she should finally do. It just touched my heart legit. And seeing her convinced Jack not to commit suicide did it for me. And apparently I wasn’t the only one. 

Imagine my surprise when a few days after Episode 6. I get on Tumblr today and find a lot more Jashi ship pictures. As if majority of people had an overturn on their views. Who knew that all it would take was one simple episode to change the fans’ minds. 

Don’t know if I ship Jashi seriously now…Oh who am I kidding? I probably do. But one things for certain. I love how closer the two have become. Regardless of their relationship status. 

Marco is a Trans Girl - The Megapost 2.0

So you’ve likely seen my big post on the theory that Marco Diaz from Star vs The Forces of Evil is a Trans Girl. It was made back in July of 2016 when Season 2 was just starting, and since then a lot of things have changed and we now know a lot more about what’s going on behind the scenes.

This post is meant to be an updated explanation of Trans Girl Marco theory, but now more in line with how things are actually happening. The gist of it being that Marco Diaz is coded as a closeted transgender girl.  Expect less theorizing and more meta talk. I’ll be going over all the clues that indicate Marco is trans, as well as how the starcrew came to the desicion as Marco developed as a character.

I can’t give enough thanks to the members of the crew such as @arythusa and @hug-bees​, whom have both done as much as they possibly can to communicate with the show’s growing LGBT fanbase, and given us so much insight into what’s going on

Full post below the cut.

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Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

Good Girls
Good Girls

Dancing on the line of a dangerous love
You could break me overnight
But there’s no one like us
Insatiably insane
Equally exchanged

Dancing in the light of a canyon sun
Racing every wave
Going North on the one
The promises we make
I still haven’t changed

Baby come back I know my way around your heart
Don’t start thinking
Things have kinda changed
They’re different from what they are
You know better
That nothing is better than what we felt together at home
You can find me
Back in California and sleeping with all the lights on
Won’t you come and turn them out
Come and turn them out (X3)

Making more than love on the West side of town
You could draw a line from the top to the ground
I’m selfless drunk on you
What more could I do

Throw it all away cause you do what you want
You took a little time, let ‘em talk to you too much
Good girls don’t exist
But I expected more than this

Baby come back I know my way around your heart
Don’t start thinking
Things have kinda changed
They’re different from what they are
You know better
That nothing is better than what we felt together at home
You can find me
Back in California and sleeping with all the lights on
Won’t you come and turn them out
Come and turn them out (X3)

Baby come back I know my way around your heart
Don’t start thinking
Things have kinda changed
They’re different from what they are
You know better
That nothing is better than what we felt together at home
You can find me
Back in California and sleeping with all the lights on
Won’t you come and turn them out
Come and turn them out (X4)

Finally a take on the girls and a quick one at that. Similar to the first one, I messed around with both the movie and books/graphic novels to get this mess of a scribble. Shh! I hope ya’ll have a good day. Moving on!


It’s two o'clock on the edge of the morning,
she’s running magical circles around my head…

that ‘70s show + sing street


Voltron Genderbend Klance

I love these two babies so much- @space–weeb and I are gonna cosplay these particular versions of the au (I’m being Lance and she’s being Keith) and ahhhh

They’re both so pretyyyyy. While I am going to be getting a Lance jacket of my own, I’m pretty sure we’re actually gonna do like a SUADWM kind of thing for our outfits. Expect more art of these girls because I’m also using them to practice my human anatomy and stuff cx

And yes Lance’s fingernails are purposely colored red because we’re going to get our nails done on Friday, and I also have another cos to do for SuperbitCon the Saturday after next 0w0 ANYWAY yea if I could’ve done Keith’s hands you would see that her fingernails are painted blue.

Okie i’m done rambling now lmao

promise me this:
when he leaves,
you will not unwind yourself
like a pen on paper.
you won’t become poetry.
hurt is not beautiful,
it’s just hurt.
and tearing a piece of yourself
off just to give him
something to remember you by,
that’s not something
i’m willing to write poetry about.

when he leaves,
and he will -
as love rots like a flower -
you will wake up and mourn
and then you will continue
to be alive.
you will put on your favorite shirt.
not his favorite -
you won’t do anything
because of him.
you won’t become an emergency.
you’re going let all of that
heartbreak crack the wood floor.
you’re going to erase him
as if he’s just chalk.
it’s not hard to get rid of him
if your hands are soft like water.

you’re going to find happy.
happy hurts like a blister,
an open wound where your heart
is supposed to be.
but you’re going to find it.
he’s not the only source of joy,
stop acting like he is.
he’s nothing more than a boy
who broke your heart.
don’t give him anything more
than what he’s already taken from you.

when he leaves,
i’m going to uncurl myself
from this pain.
i’m going to write a poem about
healing that i haven’t began yet.
and i’m going to force
the world to bend to me.
i’ll crack its spine
if i have to.
i’m going to find
everything i lost,
and i’m going to stitch
this old wound back up
so it’ll be torn open again by
someone who deserves it.
when he leaves,
i’m going to say,
“did you expect me to be
anything more than i already am?
did you expect me
to be more than just
a girl?”

promise me this:
you won’t call yourself a wilted flower.
you won’t belittle yourself
because that’s what he always did.
and when someone else
comes to your door,
asking for your secrets -
let them see.
don’t close yourself off.
tell that truth for me.
learn to hurt,
and learn to overcome it,
and learn to open up like spring.
you’re spring.
you’re that change we need.
come alive,
and leave winter buried with the dead.

—  “when he leaves” - e.p.h.


Someone asked for Miia to have her heart beating in a cartoony fashion so that’s what I did.

I got to be honest with you all, I’ve never watched this show, But I have always had a thing for this character in particular. she just looks so cute!

I have a lot of commissions in the works so expect to see more soon.

  • okay yes yes yes but Sirius Black and Lily Evans being bros at Hogwarts
  • Eleven year old Sirius trying to juggle with oranges he stole at breakfast. He accidentally throws one right at Lily Evans’s nose. She takes her new wand, waves it a bit and accidentally gives him horse hooves
  • This is how they become bros
  • Thirteen year old Sirius black getting his ass whipped by thirteen year old Lily Evans in wizard chess
  • Lily and Sirius partnered for charms where they’re meant to be summoning cushions and it just ends in them starting a class pillow fight
  • Fourteen year old Sirius taking really ugly close-up photos of lily while she sleeps and she wakes up like sirIUS I’m GOING TO SHOVE THAT CAMERA DOWN YOUR THROAT YOU PIECE OF SHIT
  • Sirius and lily taking the piss out of James because of his stupid hair thing and his freaking walk that looks like he’s dancing

‘it’s like he’s prancing or something’
‘yes lily.. He really is prancing. Rather like a deer I would go as far to say, don’t you agree Evans?’

  • Lily and Sirius sliding down Hogwarts banisters screaming
  • Twelve year old losers want to prove that they’re not scared of the forbidden forest so they both go out there in the middle of the night like: ‘first one to come out is a WUSS’
  • It ends with McGonagall finding both of them in her dressing gown half way up a tree, with lily writing her will on a piece of bark and Sirius waving a large stick screaming ‘THIS WAS A MISTAKE’ repeatedly
  • Drunk Lily in sixth year and an even drunker Sirius Black gives her piggyback across the grounds while she stretches her arms wide and screams
  • ‘Mr Black, Miss Evans, your homework answers are exactly the same, I suspect one of you copied the other. My money is on Mr Black’
  • It was Lily but who would believe him
  • No one
  • He got detention and Lily laughed about it for two weeks.
  • Lily taking toast up to Sirius when he doesn’t wake up in time for breakfast
  • Sirius with his head on Lily’s stomach watching as Remus gets utterly thrashed by Mary in Gobstones while yelling unhelpful things like: ‘YOU SHOULD TRY AND WIN THIS ROUND’ and ‘PUT HER SHIRT OVER HER HEAD AND STEAL HER STONES YOU’LL FOR SURE WIN’
  • For her birthday Lily gets a shit-ton of daises because (ironically) they’re her favourite flower and she grins because she knows exactly who they’re from
  • Mulciber calls Lily a Mudblood at the end of sixth year and Sirius Black emerges from nowhere and punches him so hard in the mouth he loses four teeth and his gums forever look a little lopsided
  • Being partnered for potions like:

‘this goes in here’
‘no it doesn’t’

  • It all ends in them wrestling on the table while Remus laughs, Peter gawks and James feel conflicted about who to cheer for
  • Sirius getting a letter from his mum and when Lily reads it, then picks it up and throws it into the fire before saying ‘you’re more than that’
  • Fourteen year old Sirius-no-one-is-better-at-pranking-than-me-Black laughing his ass off when Lily makes the board disappear, flips a desk, breaks a window by throwing a vase through it and turns a third of the class into rabbits before climbing on James’s desk and screaming ‘FUCK GOBBLINS’ and prompts the only reaction out of Professor Binn’s on record.

‘Black, late to class again I see. Probably doing your hair, am I right?”
“yes in fact you are Evans. I care about my appearance, clearly you do not”

  • Lily flips him off and McGonagall is in disbelief because she is head girl and Miss Evans I expected more.
  • ‘Alright so there are goose feathers everywhere, which one of you three did this?’ *both point simultaneously to James*
  • Sirius citing Lily as a source on his witches in the 1700’s and by source he means she ranted to him for thirty minutes about the treatment of witches by not only muggles but WIZARD MEN and he wrote it all down and turned it in
  • Fifteen year old Lily really likes coffee but never knows how to get it and Sirius showing her how to tickle the pair and OH MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC and she hugs him and he sort of… stands there like so shocked before wrapping his arms around her waist and his mother pretended like she didn’t know who he was at Hogsmede yesterday but everything seems a little better now
  • ‘Evans look over there’ *smears peanut butter down neck and turns around pretending like he didn’t*
  • ‘Oi Black look over here’ *produces scissors and threatens to cut off his eyebrow while simultaneously throwing cornflakes *
  • They always talk each other up to their crushes like ‘yeah Millie Sirius DOES have huge muscles’ and ‘James I heard that Lily has THREE BOOBS. Evans would you stop kicKING ME PLEASE’
  • At graduation right after Sirius gets his certificate and he grabs the magical megaphone like ‘SUCK IT EVANS I GRADUATED BEFORE YOU’ and Lily’s all ‘Black that’s just because ‘B’ is before ‘E’’ but he’s too busy yelling ‘THIS IS A SIGN I BLOODY KNEW I WAS SMARTER THAN YOU AND THE SAME GOES FOR YOU MOONY’
  • Basically Lily and Sirius being bros at school and having each-others backs is highly important u need to realize this 
Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 5.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Demon AU - Featuring all BTS

Genre: Romance / Drama. 

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 7 / 8

You didn’t know what to expect, Yoongi didn’t tell you specifically what you were going to do, only that would be going back to the manor with him and from there you’d be taking off to wherever place in which the collect had to be done.

It made you excited as it made you nervous thinking about it. Yoongi told you you’ll be going after you had your breakfast, you were having toasts with jam, eggs and a big cup of coffee all by yourself in his room. Getting your back comfier you thought how much you liked his bed, being in a place that was just all him, after cleaning your lips you put the little tray aside, rolling on the bed, trying to pick up his scent, you could truly say you also loved how he smelled, but you knew it wasn’t the same thing he sensed while doing it on you. It was something made you scowl with envy and craving, you wanted to be able to sense him like that too. 

Yoongi told you he had a few things to do before going,  he had still the runaway demon closed in the dungeons but apparently it wasn’t it. The killings had stopped but barely, now they had resumed which made them think the runaway demon was still on the run and this just a distractor. Yoongi wanted to see what could they get out of the captive demon but it hadn’t been very fruitful.
You wondered if you were conceited, rolling around in bed when Yoongi had that burden, but then you’d be going to help him today, at least try your best at being useful. You stared at the katanas on the wall, how the blade was slightly curved, the grip simple and yet with a beautiful design, you wondered what would be like holding one of those with your hands, how much would a katana weigh.

The doors opened letting Yoongi in, he just stared at you for a few seconds before approaching the bed.

-I thought you’d be ready by now-

You smirked, trying to hide your nervousness with a bit of arrogance. -I was waiting for you-

He smirked back. -Yeah? For what?- Yoongi saw your playfulness flowing out of you, you knew he couldn’t resist to it, so you waited until he went closer to you, a sigh of surrender escaping his lips before sitting down.

-No reason, just for you- you whispered near his hear, wanting to tickle him a little with the movement of your lips. Yoongi groaned.

-You should be preparing Y/N- he observed, his shadows pushing you to him making you gasp. -Unless you prefer changing the schedule for today-

-No- you decided immediately. -Today I want to learn, I want you to teach me things-

He turned his head, the dark orbs staring at yours seriously -I know, I… I guess I was trying to push back these things as much as possible at least while you are a human-

-Why?- you asked also in a whisper. -I mean, you had showed me other things too, remember?-

-That was only showing, this time it won’t only be like that, so be prepared, I won’t go easy on you Y/N-

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Shipped- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by brosillustrated

Ok so I’m old. We’ve established that. So I don’t know what a social media person is, but I know what a YouTuber is so I hope it’s similar anon? If this isn’t what you want, please let me know! Enjoy guys!

Warning: Tyler Seguin is a warning ok?

Anon Request: If it’s not too much to ask, can i request an imagine where she’s a famous social media person and she posts a pic of her and tyler seguin together. It’s cute and all and fans are all “omg i ship you guys!!” Hahaha hope that made sense??? Thank you!! :)


              You never expected to be this YouTube famous.

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