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Keep it or Leave it (Part 7)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None that I can think of… 
*If you do feel triggered by something, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 705

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1 Part 6 Part 7

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Monday morning worked as you expected. No one saw you with Steve’s shirt at the gym and Nat was already waiting for you at work when you arrived

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In response to this Analyzing Rhink: The kiss that started it all


This is beautiful on so many levels holy shit

@remembertherandler @rtr-gifs

People have explored this before, but this is something all together different. Quite the analysis and HIGHLY intriguing! I’m looking forward to the next part :)


Yes! @themouthking


god…… i love this fandom


This analysis was so fascinating to read. You made some points I’ve subconsciously made in my own head and put them into words. It’s quite clear that kiss didn’t go as they expected, and that it was so much bigger a deal than they were willing to admit. My theory on how things have developed since then is that going through all the materials and memories for their book, they’ve seen things from the past in a different light, and living in the more liberal environment of CA, they’ve finally…


@withasideofcrazy - you are right about this being an awesome fandom :). I keeps inspiring me in so many ways to be surrounded by all you amazing people with your amazingly thoughtprovoking texts. :)


I love analysis like this in any fandom, but this is particularly fabulous. Can’t wait for the next part!


This is absolutely amazing and fascinating. I’m so here for this!


This is amazeballs. And 100% true.


I haven’t been part of any other fandom, so I wouldn’t know if this is special for the rhink- fandom, but I love the kinds of conversations ya’ll have here and the psychological realism that I’ve seen in almost all the fic’s I’ve read, I love it! You people are awesome!



We are honored and grateful for all your notes and comments. So glad you found it worthwhile!

As someone who worked for 7 years under the conditions, i can say with absolute certainty it is heartbreaking and draining. I worked 20-30 hours a week for barely over minimum wage while taking the initiative to train myself to do the job of my supervisor and do it more effectively and efficiently than he did to the point where his department saw a rapid improvement in sales and loss. I never received any promotion or pay increase for this, despite how heavily my supervisors leaned on me. Some weeks I would be stripped down to 15 hours but still expected to do the work 30+ hours. At the end, I felt hopeless and broken. The work pace and demands of management caused severe emotional trauma as well as permanent damage to my body.

Meanwhile my parents could not fathom why i could not save any amount of money. With rent, car payments, car insurance, bills, groceries, gas, and other expenses. And God forbid I ever treat myself to anything. We are expected to be as financially stable as people who made percentage wise more money than we so and had less expenses. My body and soul aches from living in this ruthless, dehumanizing economy. The only time i was every able to save was when I was working 4 jobs and became a social hermit. I have no hope for my future the way things are now.

Season 2 was meant to be a stepping stone.

Look, I’m not gonna act like there weren’t problems. There was too much going on in the small timespace they had to really flesh out everything they wanted to, and the season really suffered for that. At face value, this season was weak and, for most people, failed to meet the expectations left over from the amazing production of Season 1. 

But it wasn’t meant to meet those expectations in the first place. 

As some people have pointed out, Season 1 was meant to take place over the course of a longer time period than Season 2. Season 1 was introductory, it was meant to set up the characters, the premise, and the villains. And it delivered. The story took place over the course of 1-2 months, and the worldbuilding was kept to a minimum in order to place a focus on the characters.

Season 2? This was meant to expand the universe. It was meant to explore different species and planets, as well as give us insight to rebel groups formed from Galra and connect them to those key aspects of our main characters. They also tried to carry this out over what can amount to no more than 2 weeks within the universe.

How are you supposed to meet those expectations when premise of these seasons aren’t meant to be similar in any remote aspect? What relationships between characters are supposed to develop within two weeks? Season 2 wasn’t supposed to flesh out every character and work through their relationships with the rest of the team. They didn’t have the time.

Instead, Season 2 took a different route.

It laid the building blocks for the seasons to follow, and made sure to connect them properly. It’s primary focus was to introduce new worlds and emphasize Shiro’s connection to the black lion, and it made sure to focus on that because he would be gone by the end of the season. It set up Keith to take Shiro’s place if anything were to happen to him, but it made sure to emphasize Keith’s connection with the Red Lion as well, in order to make the audience wonder whether or not a switch would actually take place.

The Keith & Allura development was weak here because it was only meant to serve as the starting point for what is meant to be an important arc between the two of them (Shiro was the closest with both of them, after all). The season left hints to Lance’s insecurities because they’re meant to be explored more in correlation to Shiro having wanted Keith to lead Voltron, and Keith potentially wanting to pass that torch to Allura instead. And, although it was very subtle, there was some implications that if they had actually been successful in their battle with Zarkon, Hunk may not know whether or not he wanted to remain on Earth after he returned. 

I have my problems with this season, too. There was much that could have been taken out or rearranged in a way that would have been much more satisfying, and frankly, may have served as better foundation for the next season. But that isn’t my point. My point is that despite the flaws and misdirection at times, this season laid the foundation for what’s to come, and plans to connect everything. 

We just have to be willing to give it the time this season lacked.

OK but guys we’ve all been talking about how we expect at some point for both Victor and Yuuri to be able to skate together on the same rink, right? And it was more or less assumed that this had to happen… maybe during the competition’s finale. But you know, I’m perfectly fine with them returning to Japan after the Grand Prix, and one day Victor just taking Yuuri to the Ice Castle, (like he may have done before when we see them both just messing around in the beach), but now they start to skate, with no people around them, just the two as their own audience, enjoying each other’s presence, and maybe just maccachin watching from the sidelines, (please let the doggie be ok).



(Ok but to be real here, we know the Hasetsu triplets, would not miss the chance to record their routine, live, for everyone to see, because who would want to miss it?!)

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i'm not even gonna lie throughout that whole video i half expected them to start making out or some shit. it was probably all the innuendos

some of the looks they gave each other… listen…… they are in l*ve. and honestly? id be lying if i said i didnt pick up on some really heavy vibes throughout this entire video. as it progressed they continually broke more and more barriers not only between us but between each other as well. whether it was phil instinctively unzipping his pants right in front of dan and realizing his mistake to move out of the camera’s view but not dan’s view, or phil making a point to comment on dan’s curls and tell him how obsessed he is with them, or maybe even dan obsessing over the concept of tattooing phil’s penis, they displayed so much affection for each other and so much comfortability in each other’s presence. also dan? sarcastically telling phil that the aqua colors complimented his eyes and looking dead into the camera to mock us but also to mock himself? the equivalent of him basically saying “yes im obsessed with phil and i know you make fun of me for it, heres something classic dan would say” ?thenks dan for my life. but also thenks phil for my life when dan started going on about cole sprouse and phil told dan he wasn’t allowed to embrace cole. the point i’m trying to make is if you told me two years ago that in 2017 id be watching a video of dan and phil constantly making innuendos and offhanded sexual remarks/comments about each other, bitch i wouldve never believed you! its the little details that matter! the subtle things!


One more stop on the fanfic tour. When I think I have seen everything from them…

  • person: shows me basic human decency and bare-minimum levels of respect
  • me: omg they're so nice 😄 and lovely ☺ and kind 😊 and wonderful 🤗 and just completely unproblematic ❤ you'll love them they're a ray of sunshine 💛 that brightens up my day 💜
Lapidot Moments - The Masterpost

The “Lapidot Moments” series is an ongoing project that aims to discuss all of the possible hints and evidence for the Lapidot ship.  It covers the actual episodes of Steven Universe themselves, as well as possible hints from the Crewniverse and even topics such as the use of actual Peridot and Lapis Lazuli gemstones in crystal healing.

Please don’t look at this post expecting a simple bullet-pointed list - each point is followed by a link, which will take you to a post discussing that subject.  Everything being said is therefore being backed-up with some written analysis and/or images and GIFs from the show.

This masterpost will be updated (and possibly subsequently reblogged) each time we get more Lapidot hints/episodes/evidence.  

If anyone thinks that I’ve missed anything, please do let me know!  My inbox is always open.

In chronological order

The Return

Log Date 7 15 2

Same Old World

Barn Mates

Too Short To Ride

Beta and Back To The Moon

  • Peridot and Lapis are so happy and relaxed around each other in Beta - it’s arguably the happpiest we’ve ever seen either of them.  They’ve set up a home together, give each other some quite telling looks, and Lapis is shown to be the only Gem who has ever truly taken an interest in what Peridot likes doing: http://jenhedgehog.tumblr.com/post/150739546058/beta-lets-take-a-moment-to

The Kindergarten Kid

Video Chat

Gem Harvest

The New Crystal Gems

General analysis from various episodes



Let’s make a point shall we?

The Main 7 movie cast vs. show cast in Google Image search

Let’s start with Clary:

Okay let’s try Fairchild:


Okay let’s try Herondale:

(okay Dom has some serious catching up to do but he’s still closer than Isaiah)

Moving on to our lovable nerd/vamp,


Onto the Lightwoods, 

Isabelle first:


(yes we all expected that, and it was acknowledged so here have a fucking cookie)

Now that I’ve awarded you for stating the obvious let’s move onto a canon man of color


And then we have our amazing Alpha wolf

Luke Garroway:

Hmmmmmmmmm 🤔

Maybe Lucian Graymark??? I mean it could be my error since that is his true name. Let’s see:

OH WOW!!!!! Ummmmm I wonder why that is? 

I’m so shocked by this (read not shocked at all)

Keep making excuses if you like. I gave you the receipts, all the proof is here. Hate me for it if you like I don’t really care, this isn’t about me. But realize there is nothing to argue anymore, stop trying to find excuses and do something about it. If you can do it for the other characters you can do it for Luke. Isaiah is a blessing, please notice his hard work and love for the character. 

Thank you!

a list of all the bad things that have happened to takashi shirogane
  • was kidnapped by the galra for a year
  • lost his arm at some point during said year
  • has ptsd because of being captured
  • was immediately strapped down and almost sedated by the garrison shortly after his return to earth
  • turned out his arm was a goddamn weapon
  • had to fight a bunch of shitty galra dudes to rescue the other prisoners
  • is put in charge of a bunch of teenagers and is then expected to be a defender of the universe
  • at some point had to injure his friend to save him, and then fight a giant fucking orb monster
  • implied that he had to fight other monsters as well
  • he and pidge nearly died when the orb monster crashed into the planet
  • had to fight sendak in order to protect lance
  • had to fight sendak AGAIN shortly after
  • had to fight the laser eyes monster thingy on the balmerra
  • also had to fight the galra. more. 
  • someone thought it would be a good idea to leave him alone with sendak so of course he has a fucking breakdown 
  • has to sneak into the galra ship thing with allura, fight the galra, and then watch as allura sacrifices herself for him which was probably pretty upsetting
  • had to fight the galra more, lost his goddamn lion, and had to go sneak into the fucking ship
  • has to fight haggar, fails completely, and is probably traumatized more then he already is
  • gets severely injured by haggar
  • crashes into an alien planet while still injured
  • has to run from the weird purple lizard thingies
  • almost gets killed by the local wildlife
  • has to hide in a hole to escape the monsters chasing him
  • almost gets killed by the local wildlife part 2
  • nearly dies from his injuries
  • has traumatic flashbacks to his escape from the galra prison
  • finds the guy who helped him
  • watches as the guy who helped him FUCKING DIES to save him
  • realizes that they’re being tracked by zarkon
  • has to deal with keith being a little shit and running off with allura
  • fights zarkon a bunch
  • realizes that oh shit zarkon’s tracking my lion
  • has to bond with his lion and learns tragic backstory
  • would have died if not for black
  • has to deal with slav being slav
  • everything that happens during the fight with zarkon


hamburgertrousers  asked:

i was really confused cause i was trying to reblog that post and im like "tumblr why aren't you a functioning site" but you deleted it which explains my problem lmao. Anyway, I think a lot of the problem is that they are on the record as saying there's basically no planning to overwatch's story and they're just making it all up as they go. And I think between first strike being canceled, the character ages in that photo being wrong, and now this, that it's starting to show.

My point it basically just the Overwatch team is letting their window of opportunity to pull in the reigns on this thing slide every time they waffle about what they want to do with it; they want to have their cake and eat it too with regards to being in control of the story as well as mould it to audience expectations; and they’re reaching a point where trying to remind people that they having some big overarching lore planned they’ll maybe tell them someday is more and more like trying to jump onto a moving train.

If you have a story you want to tell and flipflop about telling it for so long it turns into lore vaporware while the IP itself is out and being interacted with in a dynamic way by your audience, the longer you wait to be like “okay so this actually how it happened” the more you’re setting yourself up for Other M syndrome.

Please give me some pointers on little demon fashion!
Asked by 秋花さん

Some points to note are— As expected, the most basic would be that a demon’s favorite color is black— And preferably, the more items the better♡ Because if you go with the simply-coordinated outfits that are the trend now, you’ll just end up all dressed in black♪ That’s why winter is the perfect season for little demon fashion♡ Tights and boots are definitely perfect!

What sort of loungewear do you wear at home?
Asked by 松海鳳さん

Sorry, this— Is it alright for me to say this? Somehow it’s a bit— I feel like Ruby-chan or Yocchan will get mad at me for this— but well since you asked I’ll just reveal the answer♪ Just as everyone imagined!! Sweatsuits and jerseys!♡♡ I still love wearing my middle school’s jersey even now~♪

To the book-loving Hanamaru-chan, just how many books do you have in your room?
Asked by 紫鮫さん

Ah— what should I do, I never really counted them before— I don’t know zura… Hmm, maybe, I have 2 large bookshelves and 3 smaller paperback-size bookshelves so— around that much♡ Ever since childhood, I would always go to Numazu’s bookshop on my off days and buy entire paper-bags filled with books— I remember being filled with joy over it!

Since you like reading, do you talk about books with your fellow book-lover Hanamaru-chan?
Asked by ラプラスのbox小宮さん

Maru-chan and I actually have rather different taste in books— As one can tell, she prefers comparatively serious literary fiction, while I like books written by female authors. Things written from a female perspective. But— At the very least I talk about books with her more than I do with my little sister Ruby, so occasionally it feels almost as though Maru-chan is my real sister instead— Well if I say that, Ruby would certainly get mad♡

When you paint, what sort of things do you mostly paint?
Asked by ともちさん

From the start— What I painted was mostly sceneries, and occasionally images of still life— But after coming to Uchiura, I’ve started painting portraits a bit. Compared to Tokyo where I’ve lived all my life, Uchiura is filled with overwhelmingly beautiful sceneries such as the sea, mountains, forests and Mt. Fuji— So even I find it strange that I’ve switched to painting portraits instead♡ Now— I want to paint everyone’s smiles.

I want to know the level of Chika’s talent in table-tennis♪
Asked by かっちゃん!さん

Needless to say, I’m at the level of the Olympic athlete Mizutani— or at least that’s what I would like to say, but that’s obviously a bit impossible— Tehehe♡ But I can smash quite well! Lately I’ve managed to beat Kanan-chan all the time!! Without trouble!! Plus when we were kids, I always lost to the older Kanan-chan. I’m definitely the champion of table-tennis in Uchiura♡

Are there any stars or constellations you like?
Asked by 燃え上がれ、俺の小宇宙よ!さん

I like the winter constellations, because the sky is clear and you can see the stars quite well— And though it might be overly common, I like the Orion and Cassiopeia constellations♡ Back in elementary school— When I first found them during the early moths of the winter constellation, I was moved by how those two were easy to find— and came to like stars because of that. It tells us the position of the North Star even when out at sea, isn’t that role romantic?

Does Starbright have any other horses as friends?

Asked by 鈴生昴さん

Right now, it’s alone in its stable— so while it’s sad, it doesn’t have any other horses as friends, but it seems like it’s friends with the cats and penguins raised on the island. Hehe— Isn’t it amazing, for it to have penguins as friends— Living in a hotel is also interesting in that aspect. So Cute♪ I’m certain it’ll make friends with the sea lions and dolphins while living here too♡♡

If you were to keep a pet, what would it be?
Asked by ハマチャさん

I’m absolutely terrified of dogs so— maybe a cat? Ah, but then if it got mad and lashed out with its claws with a snarl that would be scary too… What should I pick. Something smaller— I know, a rabbit might be great♡ It doesn’t bark or bite, and doesn’t scratch— I want to sleep together with a fluffy and kind rabbit♪ ♪♡☆

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine January 2017 issue

The Cooper Falling Body

“The details are pretty thin on the ground and are really just a couple of sentences. About half way through the last century (judging by the clothes), the Cooper family moved into a new home somewhere in Texas. They took a photograph to mark this occasion and this thing appeared in the left of the frame upon development. Aaaaand that’s it. I’m told that the original snap has been cropped, which explains why the family is now not centred, as one would expect them to be. However, there is some degree of vignetting, which points towards the photograph being uncropped. Hmmm.

Another possibility is that a doll or something was being dangled in front of the camera to make sure the boys looked into the lens, but would anyone really let an object into the frame so much? Surely it’d be just as easy to dangle the doll above the lens.

I’ve had a quick Google, with a variety of keywords, but more details than the above evade me, so if anyone can squirrel more than I have been able to out of the internet it would be very enlightening to read. Furthermore, the farthest back it seems to appear online is April, 2012 – although I can’t find the original source.

Whatever the truth behind this photograph, it sure is an intriguing image.”

Via Ephor/Imgur

Strictly Professional (Part 7)

Summary: Misha takes you to the movies. Smutty goodness ensues. (I should just give up on summaries at this point)

Pairing: Misha x Publicist/PA!Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: I guess kind of public-ish sex, oral (male receiving), Misha is a touchy little tease, language, fluff

*nsfw gif further below the cut*

Strictly Professional Masterlist

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You were surprised when Misha called a few days after your first and asked if you wanted to go to the movies. You expected some place a little more private, given the fact that you and he could barely keep your hands off each other. But you didn’t mind; any time spent with Misha made you happy.

He picked you up at your apartment and drove the two of you to the nearest theatre, his hand on your thigh the whole car ride there.

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To lose or to be broken

This was inspired by four post (1, 2, 3 & 4) made by the talented @asktheboywholived . I couldn’t stop myself from write something i had twirling in my head involving them.

Thanks to @stripygirl for being my beta.

  • He was terrified 
  • he could feel the blood in his veins pumping quickly
  • the hair at the back of his neck standing
  • a chill going through his spine
  • his hands were shaky
  • his forehead damp in cold sweat
  • he knew that at some point this was going to happen
  • but he never expected it to be this way
  • nor so quickly
  • being a double agent was a risky move
  • he knew
  • Dumbledore had told him about it
  • and he had accepted anyways
  • ‘You should watch your steps even more now, Mr Lupin’
  • at that moment that sounded like a threat more than an advice
  • 'I may have to remind you that there are more lives on the line than your own’
  • and that was what weighted more on his consciense right now
  • the fact that he knew what could happen
  • even though he didn’t want to believe it
  • but he wasn’t strong enough to let go of his small piece of heaven
  • he couldn’t set free that overwhelming and healing light
  • that Sirius brought into his life
  • he was too much of a coward to face that heart-breaking truth
  • he was being too much selfish to think about that
  • but his friends were involved
  • his brothers
  • him
  • his eyes shutted close in an almost painful way
  • his hands climbing to the sides of his head
  • pulling his hair with so much strenght
  • trying to ground himself
  • to forget the fear a bit and search for a solution
  • one that didn’t mean leaving him
  • nor having he being taken away
  • but the only thing that came to his mind was the way those broken lips contorted themselves into a snarl
  • full of mixed blood
  • showing fangs that had torn apart throats and limbs many times before
  • as well as dreams and futures
  • the same way it did with him when he was only four
  • the same way it was planning on to do it again 
  • and take everything away
  • his mind was falling down a rabbit hole full of fear and insecurities
  • in wich those yellow eyes scanned him up and down
  • and mocked him
  • and showed him what fear is made of
  • because those were the eyes of a predator
  • and he was now able to see that all those years
  • he believed himself to be one but was actually a prey
  • and he was being hunted down just for amusement
  • his ears were still ringing
  • not being able to catch any sound of his surroundings
  • except for that husky voice repeating over and over again in his head
  • making him feel sick
  • the laughing tone in each of those question making his insides twist
  • growls rising from the back of that throat with excitement and arousal
  • he was being played at
  • because Fenrir was a real monster 
  • who didn’t actually think rationally a lot
  • but he could follow clues
  • and Remus had been too careless
  • and Fenrir took the hint
  • when the plan on attacking the one of the quarters of the Order came
  • and Bellatrix said that his dirty little cousin was there
  • Remus’ eyes flickered with surprise and fear for a couple of seconds
  • but then his sight landed on Fenrir 
  • a smirk that showed fangs being licked the same way he did after hunting
  • goosebumps all over his skin
  • Remus knew that game too well
  • but he tried to avoid it
  • leaving fake clues
  • being more viceral
  • more of an animal
  • play better his role
  • being what Fenrir expected of him
  • but he wasn’t fooling anyone
  • not even himself
  • and he knew what Fenrir was going to do
  • because he clearly told him once
  • 'You have a special place in my heart, y'know. I’ve never wanted to hurt anybody so badly.’
  • and he was scared
  • and he was shocked
  • moment after moment poping up on his mind
  • each little detail that gave out the facade
  • all the mistakes he had made
  • it all had come to this
  • 'How sane do you think you can keep yourself when I finally get my claws on that little friend of yours?’
  • 'What would that pure and noble blood of a traitor taste like?’
  • 'Should I give him my gift perhaps?’
  • a game of chase and be chased
  • in which Remus was the victim and Fenrir was the killer
  • but the main target was Sirius
  • because he was the only way to really break down the werewolf boy
  • and Fenrir rejoyced on that knowledge
  • but there was less and less time for games each day
  • and being bored was not an option for a monster
  • nor being merciful
  • and the chord was being cut
  • there wasn’t any other thing to do
  • and Remus had to choose
About Sans' "powers"

Friendly reminder that Sans isnt’t strong, or has hidden powers, or anything like that. He’s the weakest monster we encounter. The thing that makes it so hard for us to beat him is because he’s smart. He can’t use bodily strength, because he almost doesnt have any, so he has learned how to use his brain instead. The way he fights is in some ways similar to his Pacifist route-personality. He’s a prankster, both when he and his friends are out of harm’s way, and in battle. All the tricks he uses are basically pranks of some sort, the opening attack, the way he poisons you, killing you after you accept his mercy, his special attack… Instead of trying to beat you by only using physical strength and powerful attacks, like Undyne for an example, he does the things you least expect him to do and catches you off-guard. And at that point of the game that’s way more effective, because 1. Your LV is ridicilously high, and if not even Undyne the Undying and MTT Neo could beat you, noone can. 2. Because of how many people you’ve killed, you’re KARMA is very bad, and he uses that against you. The harm you’ve caused to other people is coming back to hurt you, too. Your sins are literally crawling on your back.
The KARMA is what removes the INV frames and drains HP even when you’re not hit. Without that, Sans wouldn’t be able to do much damage. He is attacking you with your own power, and that’s what makes him look so powerful.
So, no, he’s not a silly, lazy dude who likes puns, who turns out to have god-like powers. He’s a silly, lazy dude who likes puns, who is also ridiculously smart and knows exactly how to beat you without using any bodily strength. And that’s what I think is so epic about his battle. He’s not playing by the rules.
Because of how weak he is, he’s forced to think outside the bullet-box and use techniques you have never seen before. Gaster didn’t give him any amazing super powers, he gave them to himself.

m37457y  asked:

Do you have formal teaching attire, or do you wear casual? If formal, could we see maybe?

I don’t have to wear any specific attire at work. Since it’s an elementary school I’m expected to be professional but I have a lot of leeway because, well, there’s not a lot of good points about wearing a suit if 43 little crayon-covered, booger-dipped and sticky hands are going to be grabbing at you for 8 hours. 

I usually just wear white shirts and some kind of a sweater/track suit top with pants. I can’t wear jeans at school, but I have khakis/other alternatives. 

this is about as professional as it gets (school ceremony or meeting with some big wigs)

but usually it’s more like this

/im bad at taking photos sorry