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This little shit is Pudgington.He’s a one legged toad who wants to promote body positivity and racial equality. Pudge is a pro feminist and resides in Florida, home of the gators, sun, and serial killers.

Expect more Pudge from this blog and his instagram (run by my little sister).

His instagram is SirPudgingtonToad

homecoming - p1

((hi everybody!! welcome back to the rev au!! always wonderful to talk with you all and i hope you’re having a wonderful time here!! bc i sure am. :’) anyways, here’s this installment. enjoy! ♥♥♥ part 2 to come soon!))

summary: When Victor and Yuuri announce that they’re going to vacation in Japan for a week in the summer, they don’t expect their teenaged rink mate to come stomping up to them after practice.

“I’m coming too,” Yuri Plisetsky snarls. “No way I’m letting you two go overseas for secret practice sessions or something. What time is your flight?”

Yuuri sighs when he gives him an answer. It’s good that his family home is an inn.

word count: 2k+
rating: t
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Adrinette Monday Day Twenty

Today’s prompt is personality swap. Wasn’t sure how to draw it… so I did a little change up to parts of the Origins for a basic understand of how a personality swap!AU would work. Also, read the notes after the story for further ideas into this universe.

Oh, and for those who follow my *ahem* blog, I have posted another part to Nothing Else Matters.

Rating: K
Genre: Fluff
Pairing(s): Adrinette
Summary: Just a simple idea for Personality Swap Prompt.
Warning: No warnings… though, no offense to Chloé fans. There is still room for redemption in this swap idea of course! I just didn’t write that far.  

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IᑎTᙓᒪᒪIᘜᙓᑎᙅᙓ ᙎITᕼOᙀT ᗩᙏᙖITIOᑎ
                                         𝒾𝓈 𝒶 𝒷𝒾𝓇𝒹 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝓌𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈. 

Ok wow um well–here we are! I honestly didn’t expect to make it this far when I first made Koumei. I started in this fandom as a Sinbad, thinking he would be my main blog. We all know how that turned out. After him I made a Sphintus (who thinks he’s too pretty to ever do anything) and then Koumei. I honestly just felt like here was a character who needed more love and now here we are, my most active blog and 100 followers! I’m so flattered and grateful to all of you for the support and love you shown me for my muse! So without further ado, here is my 100 followers bias list!!

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[1HC] Parking Lot Boy [Drabble]

Originally posted by taesyong

He walked across the parking lot and got into his Audi Q5. I thought, “Damn he’s hot.”

Pairing: Johnny x Reader

Genre: [Haven’t decided]

Type: Drabble

Word Count: 661

A/N: Jen @syugatae made do the 1HR challenge and this is what happened. I promise this will actually turn into something. Also, I’ve decided to post my writing on this blog now, so expect more I guess?

There was something about him, you weren’t sure. You’d only met him once, briefly saying “hello”. Your calculus teacher had given a quick recommendation, saying he was one of her brightess students and his availability would be at your disposal. You nodded, not particularly interested in the offer, but you stored the proposal away in the back of your head just in case. You had been struggling for the past semester, your grades reaching an all-time low; a C just wasn’t acceptable. Although your parents begged you to inquire a tutor, you declined, attempting to justify that learning the material yourself would lead to a positive outcome.

But here you were, your third quarter grade already looking grim with no hopes of recovery. You were not fond of the idea of being tutored by someone younger than you. You in fact had always felt uneasy when it came to collaborating with those who were younger. Sure, your friends list included a few juniors, even one or two sophomores, but now with graduation months away, you felt too mature to interact with those youths.

Yet, there was something distinctive about this situation and it was making you question your mentality. You in fact, and everyone knew, were into older boys; men would be a better term. Nothing too drastic, but you prefered those three to five years older. It was some bullshit definition about maturity and high school boys were just the opposite.

He was your type in terms of physical features. Standing at six foot two inches, his face held that boyish charm, and he had nice hair. Why was it the hair that was attractive? It was stupid, it really was, but it hung nicely around his face, not too long either. In terms of personality you were unsure, as you had had said less than ten words to him. From the outside and the photos that were scattered on his Twitter, he looked like a fuck boy. The type to spend an obnoxious amount of money on new Adidas or go to parties with the basic girls. He was in fact from a family wealthy family, but they also produced intelligent children. Therefore, it made sense he was enrolled in AP classes and from what others had mentioned, he took home excellent grades.

You hastily paced past your classmates, some you knew and others a mystery, attempting to reach your car before the chaos began. You silently cursed at others who moved like turtles. You were the hare in this situation, except you were trying to win the race with no detours. You were tempted to push everyone down, yet you refrained. Nearly out through the two sets of doors, you heard your name. The voice was unrecognizable, but there was a sinking feeling inside your stomach telling you exactly who it was. But you trekked on, too determined to reach your car.

You continued to weave your way through the hoard of students, too rambunctious for your liking. The silver BMW was in view and your hand went to the unlock button on your keys just as a hand grasped your arm, restricting you from moving on.

“Did you hear me?” you stood still, not wanting to turn around. So, your response was a casual shrug, trying to pull away from the boy behind you.

You inwardly laughed, amused by the situation. You were dying for the opportunity to talk to him and you were given many opportunities, but now your mission was to avoid him. Your simple crush had become an obsession and you wanted nothing more than to break the attraction towards him. In your mind, you had told yourself you were just another girl and there was no relevance if he spoke to you.

“I asked you if you heard me.” He paused waiting to see if you were to respond. But you remained silent so he continued. “I’m guessing you did by your response.”

anonymous asked:

hello ok hi can i request some relationship headcanons for tsukishima??? I'm really sorry that this isn't specific you can ignore this if you want to! Thank you in advance!!!! I love your blog so far, your writing is very good!! ~ bean anon

(Actually this is totally specific enough, no worries! Thank you for the compliment. Also I think this is my first Tsukki request and he’s bae so thanks for this. + side note i still have more but i’ll save them for later.)

Tsukishima Kei;

- You can almost expect PDA with him, I feel that he would be very unapologetic about literally nearly making out with you in public even if he’s annoyed when other couples do it

- Also he will tease you a lot, it’s not because he’s trying to be mean. That’s just his sense of humor and he literally only does it because of this and to get a reaction

- Don’t ask him about clothing advice he will say something looks bad just to see what you’ll do. ‘that color is obnoxious’, ‘what’s that design even of’. Even though he has no idea what he’s talking about, might end up calling you something like ‘striped shirt’ as a joke

- I don’t think he would make a mixtape for you, but you could definitely bond over music and he might randomly plop his headset over your ears so he can show you a song. In fact, it’s a life saver in the early bits of your relationship. ‘I like that band too, what’s your favorite song?’

- He likes to make you watch the Jurassic Park movies with him so much that you might get a little sick of it, but you are saving Yamaguchi from this pain so you’re kinda a hero and as thanks Kei will probably give in to watch whatever you want later on

- Does really subtly sweet/caring things. Like I don’t think he would give you a flower or anything to your face, but you might find something somewhere in your house randomly or he’ll ask you if you’ve eaten yet as soon as he sees you. its actually a little sweet


In my headcanons, definitely.  (They’re my OTP, so… yeah ^^;;)

I made a huge post about my general opinion of the couple on my personal blog a while back, but here are some more headcanons about stuff they do when they’re spending time together:

They like to curl up in the library together, with Vio reading aloud.  Even if Shadow’s not interested in the subject of the book, he likes just hearing Vio’s voice and being near him.  (In the college AU, Shadow will play video games or listen to music while Vio reads.)

They also play chess and card games pretty frequently.  Shadow enjoys games of strategy more than you might expect, but he has a hard time sitting still when he’s thinking, so he gets up and paces a lot between turns.  (They both cheat at cards, but they both know it, too, so that just makes it part of the game.)

What Dating Shownu Would Be Like

Happy extremely belated birthday to the lovely @thewhoshirt !! I hope you and everyone else who reads this enjoys this! I’m finally back from my very long, unannounced hiatus! Requests are always open, so please feel free to drop by our inbox and request something! I have started working on requests, so expect this blog to be a l o t more active from now on (this time it’s for real lmao).

-Admin Jojo

Originally posted by maleidolnet

  • He would be so shy at first
  • He strikes me as the type to like someone so much he doesn’t even know what to do with himself
  • Get ready for a lot of shy glances from him
  • And him either looking away or pretending to look elsewhere whenever you catch him
  • But rip because the goofy, sheepish smile that starts to tug at his lips always gives him away
  • This boy would honestly be such a smiling and laughing mess with you
  • Whether it be initiating some skinship with you
  • Or just seeing you this boy  just can’t stop himself from going :DDDDDD !!!!
  • Always cooking your favorite meals
  • Constantly checking up on you to see if you’re doing okay
  • Whenever he’s away for a long time he tends to make videos or take pictures of himself to update you on what’s going on
  • Sometimes he tries to take cute pictures for you with the most cheesiest captions that just end turning really dorky and awkward
  • But it’s okay because he’s cute and you love when he’s like that and tries for you
  • Back massages when you’ve had a long day at work
  • Lots of cuddling!!! ft playing with your hair as he hears you talk about your day
  • He’ll probably never admit to it out loud, but having you close to him and listening to your voice is his favorite thing in the world
  • It’s what makes him realize that despite all the bad he could go through, you were worth it all
  • Let’s you take videos and pictures of him
  • Lowkey loves when you tease him
  • Intense eye contact when talking to you at times
  • “You’re giving me that look again’’
  • “What look?’’
  • “You know.. t h a t look”
  • “Oh, sorry, it’s just… I love you so much I can’t help it :D”
  • Gross Hyunwoo go away
  • Expect lots of dancing
  • Whether it be him trying to impress you
  • Wanting an opinion on a choreography
  • Or just wanting to dance with you as a way to not only have fun, but be close with you
  • Dancing is heavily involved in this relationship
  • Lowkey clingy
  • Especially if he hadn’t seen you in a long time
  • Likes when you sit on his lap
  • Tends to step out of his comfort zone for you
  • Sings you to sleep
  • He’s the type to brush your hair to the side and slowly lean in for a kiss
  • Lots of back hugs!
  • It’s one of his favorite ways to show his affection for you
  • Improptu date nights to the city
  • Okay but hold on can we just take a moment to seriously discuss how cheesy this boy would be?
  • He would tell you to put on a really fancy outfit for your date
  • Only to end up going to some arcade 
  • Or maybe play some Walmart Bingo
  • Most likely something really dumb, but fun
  • Bet you it’ll be something he either stumbled upon on the internet or he listened to Minhyuk’s advice because he thought it was a pretty good idea
  • he’s just an overall dork, honestly
  • And constantly looks for ways to make sure you have fun 
  • He always gives you the best gifts!!
  • You don’t know how it’s possible
  • Or how he even does it, but he gives you the best gifts
  • Pays really close attention to your habits and mannerisms
  • Highkey finds them adorable, tbh
  • He’s always able to sense when you’ve had a bad day???
  • How???
  • This pretty much results in him spoiling you
  • If you let him, he would practically make you have a garden by how many flowers he gives you
  • He gives you lots of stuff animals, too, so you can pretend it’s him when he has to leave
  • He’s just really in love with you okay

Requested by @onlywhenwedream, I hope you like it <33
Okay, this ended up a lot more detailed than I initially intended it to be, and I turned your request into my post-fall-fluff-and-marriage fantasy, sfhlsdjkfhlsjkdglhfzj sorry
Anyway, everyone, feel free to request something if you want to <3
(Also, I didn’t expect so many requests, so if I take a while to get to yours, don’t worry. Thank you <3)


My art blog

i-am-hiding-in-a-turret  asked:

You deserve much more you are my all time favourite blog and your content melts my heart! I know it's against cannon but please could we see more or reglus somehow? He's an amazing character who deserves more love and recognition!

I’ve been in a Regulus mood recently!! I will try to write more about him, even if it’s hard since the stories are in Remus’ pov. You can expect more Reggie soon!;))💕

anonymous asked:

i have completely distanced myself from tvd when they sent kat to hell (i still lowkey haven't forgiven them) and i haven't watched it since but i'm literally only going to watch for katherine's return so should i get my hopes up that the episode will be good? what are ur expectations/thoughts? i have no clue whats gone on in the recent series but i'll sure be checking ur blog when the episode airs for the gifs!!

tbh i really don’t know what to expect, i mean the last season hasn’t been THAT great, it bored the hell out of me (i at least thought that the devil will be more interesting… he’s not), but everyone from the production + the cast said that the final episode is really good, and Paul also said that it made him tear up, so idk. One thing i know for sure: i won’t get my hopes way too high, i learned my lesson tbh

and it’s better to be pleasantly surprised than to see everything crash and burn around you because of the disappointment that you feel thanks to your hopes being too high


anonymous asked:

Bless you and this blog, I love it with all my heart. Baby Mys deserves the world but so are you! Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart ♡♡ You are really cute and adorable ♡♡

Thank you so much! I love running this blog and bring the world more Mystras! We can never have enough of him

Adorable and cute? Me? Hahahaha… really thank you so much, this message made me extremely happy

Just Imagine

What scents do some of the KNB boys prefer?

Akashi Seijuro: Refreshing Scents

Though people probably expect him to have a preference of sweet or sultry scents, he gets enough of that from the people around him at parties and corporate events. He’s found that refreshing scents like Mint, Lemon, and Green Tea are a lot easier on his nose, and make his day seem a little brighter.

Kasamatsu Yukio: Light Fruit Scents

He doesn’t know why, but the light scent of fruits drives him crazy and calms him down. It’s a strange combination, but it’s the only way he can explain his urge to bury his face in your hair, and also kiss you senseless. He’s particularly fond of Grapefruit.

Kiyoshi Teppei: Sweet Cinnamon

Although he doesn’t mind any scent you use, he finds that the smell of sweet cinnamon brings out his devilish side. The combination of sweet and spicy always has him pressing kisses everywhere. He usually starts on your forehead, then moves to your cheek, but once he reaches your neck they get a bit more intense. The spice triggers something deeper in him.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Vanilla

Though fairly obvious this sweet smelling scent always catches his attention immediately. He prefers the scent to be light, but just smelling the sweetness wafting in the air makes him wonder if it would taste better then his vanilla milkshakes.

Midorima Shintaro: Fruit Tea Combinations

The mixture of sweet fruits and refreshing teas had him addicted immediately. For him it’s the perfect match; sweetness with something extra to entice him. It’s a scent that has him standing closer then he normally would, perking him up in public, but making him wanting to be even closer in private.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Peach

He enjoys all sweet scents, but there’s something about the smell of peaches that make him a little hungrier then usual. You’ve been warned, smelling like peaches reminds him of a certain candy and he’d likely want a taste to see how you compare.

Nakayama Shinya: Light Florals

It might be surprising that with his unconventional taste that he prefers a generic scent, but it’s true. Light floral scents make him breathe a little deeper, wanting to take in more of the scent. It also makes his eyes a little darker. After all, when he presses so close to you, he can’t help but notice how you feel pressed up against him.

anonymous asked:

Finn anon is so adorable oh my gosh- Jun stans are a blessing to this earth cause the boy needs more love and Finn just seems so cute in general. Also, mommy I'm really really happy today because I got my results back for an exam and I did better than expected, and I also won a writing competition within my year at school and it was inspired by your Hogwarts Beauty & Brains headcanon for Dino (the bit about him falling asleep in weird places with books on his face) - Baby Slut anon


(I should make him an official admin on this blog) (although I don’t think I can do that cause it’s a primary blog and not a secondary one)

and yay!!! good grades!! Mommy’s so proud of you <33

and holy shit okay 1) it’s so amazing that you WON (I have never won anything like that in my life it’s so amazing I am so PROUD of you) and 2) that it was inspired by me??? amazing. flattering. flawless. 

I am just so awed. that is so amazing. 


anonymous asked:

more positivity !!!! w heezes i totally was not expecting to get so many of these slkjdfhg

@xingheir // a hhhhh m super glad to be seeing your ling on my dash again !! a hhh back when you were twelfthson, i really love your portrayal ( i rly love ling too !!! ) you do him so much justice & i’m so happy to see such a wonderful blog such as yours hanging around !! slkdjhfg you are such a talented writer & woa  H your graphics are pretty rad !! thank you for being such a positive influence on my dash !!

@phthonos // envy is a vital part of fma && i rly felt for him at the end & i feel like you have him so spot on. he is by far one of my favorite homunculi bc he was so interesting. i loved learning abt him & what he truly was & everything. you do such a great job with envy & i’m really glad that you’re around !! slkdjhfg

@featherdicks / @amicrest // i have been following for god nows how long on all of my blogs && you are such a joy to see on my dash ! your writing is phenomenal & i’m just blown away by how you pick up different characters with such ease ! thank you for being a part of my dash & for sharing a mutual hatred for retail customers & florida’s humidity.

A Touch of Reality: A Jerza fanfic

Title: A Touch of Reality

Pairing: Jerza

Rating: K+/T

Note: I’m slowly catching up on all my requests. Still a ton more to go, however. Partially inspired by @missyplatina‘s fic, “Virtual Flames”.

Summary: Well, who would’ve expected that her online friend would end up being him?

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I had a long weekend thinking about things, sorting through some issues, and reevaluating my priorities.  There has been some drama as of late, nothing that I want to stir up again or get into but it was enough to make me take pause and step back for a bit.

I try not to step on anyone’s toes, nor do I expect anything from anyone in return.  I do what I do for fun and I try to extend that fun to others.  When it starts to turn into a lot of drama or more of a chore, it’s time to reevaluate.

I have always struggled with my Danny muse.  He never came as easily to me as Kono and I sometimes find myself trying to force replies and/or feeling guilty for my lack of time I spend with him.

That coupled with other things, has brought me to my decision.  I am cutting my Danny blog.  I apologize to those that I interacted with on that blog, but I feel I am doing you an injustice as it is.  Replies are extremely sporadic and it’s not fair to my partners to lie in wait for so long.

I was almost at a point of walking away altogether.  Abandoning everything and just giving it all up.  But I do enjoy writing and I love the friendships I have made over my time here on Tumblr. 

I won’t let certain people spoil things for me.  If I do that, then they ultimately win and I don’t want that either.  I want to keep writing and having fun with Kono and the people I have grown to love here.  My Five-Ohana. 

So, my apologies again to the people I interacted with as Danny.  I did enjoy our threads and conversations, but I feel I can’t do him justice and it’s time to let him go.

Thanks for reading and for your support.


x-posted @konokalakaua50

fic: fracture (1,900 words, maccready/m!ss, AU)

so i was talking with @asexualshepard, as i do, and we had the chilling realization that if the sole survivor hadn’t hired him in goodneighbor, there would be very few options left for maccready, and fewer that didn’t end in death. one of those was the potential for him to rejoin the gunners, and off the cuff of that thought was me, saying, “what if he rejoined the gunners but he and the ss found one another anyway?”

and then… and then i wrote almost 2k of it, because. erm. nobody stopped me?

the ss here is rook - who has a tag on my blog here, but for quick reference looks like this - although he’s never actually mentioned by name. honestly, i feel like i could write more of this? but for now, here’s this mess. muah.

MacCready isn’t expecting to find anything in the attic - the truth is, he doesn’t want to be headed up there at all. Right Wide is one of six slipshod residentials in this particular territory, but it’s got shitty roof access and busted out windows, and MacCready expects the whole place to collapse in on itself at any time.

He finishes his backward trek up the first flight of stairs, and makes an abrupt about-face to start his next - the last one before the attic floor.

Tessa knows he doesn’t like heights, of course she does. He’d been in the room when she’d assigned him to Winlock again (and wasn’t that proof enough that he was on her shitlist), had dismissed them both with a flick of her bare wrist and an order to ‘rough him up a little bit, teach him what we do to quitters.’


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