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High School vs. College
  • High school: *doesn't matter what day of the week it is*
  • College: Alright! Got all my stuff for Wednesday *gets to class* OHMYGODITSTUESDAY.
  • High school: *turns in homework next day*
  • College: *turns in homework two weeks from the assigned date*
  • High school: *complains to friends at school about life*
  • College: *avoid all eye contact possible*
  • High school: *teacher* MLA is life. MLA is love. MLA is forever.
  • College: *professor* what is mLA!?
  • High school: May I please be excused to go to the lavatory located twenty feet from this classroom as my bladder seems to be full?
  • College: *leaves, doesn't come back till next week*
  • High school: *feels like jail*
  • College: *feels like the matrix*
  • High school: *present power point on government branches with all the presidents, and everything has dates and essays*
  • College: *presents power point about Pokemon with gifs and theme music*
  • High school: *Addresses teacher by last name*
  • College: *OHMYGOD WHAT IS THEIR NAME?!? It's been like 3 weeks?!*
  • High school: *is mean girls*