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Chicago Convention Q&A’s:  Lana Parrilla

Most of this is what I can remember from my addled mind because i’m sick and exhausted from the con and traveling.  So please don’t expect any exact quotes out of this.  I wasn’t taking notes.  We had two panels with Lana.  One that was about 15 minutes long (they split her and Bex’s half hour panel so they weren’t on stage together).  

  • Lana was very confused by the chair on stage for her coffee (it had been brought up for Bex).  
  • She also had surgery on her toe on Friday because apparently it had gotten infected and she said the London doctors just had made things worse.  She was very excited to show off her latest in wounded toe footwear.  
  • Apparently she’s been very sick this week but didn’t want to show it because she was being the cool aunt to her niece on spring break and didn’t want to let her down.
  • She apologized that her accent was thick because she’d just been in Brooklyn.  She said that when she was a kid everyone just wanted to get out of Brooklyn because it was a very different place where you were dodging bullets and now it’s cool and everyone wants to go back.
  • She was asked about what her Latina’ness means to her and she talked briefly about how it was so important to her and that she wishes she could go back in time and shake her father and ask why he never taught her Spanish.  She’s upset she doesn’t know Spanish even after having lived in Spain but that her father was of a generation where they wanted their kids to speak English and be more “American.”  
  • She was asked who in the OQ relationship was the big spoon/little spoon (Sean had been asked this the day before).  She either didn’t know what was being asked or pretended not to know and said “big spoon” and put her hands up in the air.
  • She was asked who Regina would be with if she couldn’t be with Robin.  She asked the audience for suggestions which came up with a lot of answers Emma, Red, Charming (more on that in a moment), Maleficent… she said Regina would probably just have to try them all.
  • There were about four references to Evil Charming which seemed to surprise and confuse her and she asked the audience how many people shipped that and seemed taken aback about how many.
  • She said that Snow is the person she was closest too but that she’s grown to respect and like David even if Regina would never admit it.  That Snowing is really the only example of True Love that Regina’s ever seen and she respects their marriage so much.
  • She said that she and Ginny are very good friends.  They drove up to Vancouver for the pilot together and went swimming in their underwear in a lake (that there are pictures if people go WAY back in her twitter timeline).  She thinks that informed the Snow and Regina relationship.
  • When asked about a Snow Queen hug she said “We haven’t hugged yet?”  The questioner pointed out that not since the flashbacks and Lana mentally counted back and said they’d hugged when they met and “… at her father’s funeral after I murdered him…” and you could see her kind of freeze and make that face she makes when she remembers what a fucked up character she plays.  She than mumbled something about how amazing it is that people forgive her.
  • She said there was some “probably” some Snow and Regina stuff coming up.
  • She said there was some Evil Queen coming up.
  • She called Jared her son.  He apparently has a girlfriend “Sorry Jared for announcing that!” but than added that he would if he was there.
  • She loves horse back riding and got very good at it after taking lessons 3 days a week when she lived in Spain.
  • FMK:  Kill Belle, Fuck Ruby, Marry Emma.
  • She made the audience answer her favorite EQ dress question for her.
  • She gave a line reading of the “I shall destroy you…” and asked if anyone had anything else they wanted her to say which got a lot of both “How to get the savior to taste my forbidden fruit” and “he smells like forest.”  She ended up saying “Fillet the bitch.”
  • She said that she’s actually a fan of the show and watches back old episodes all the time, sometimes for acting prep but sometimes just to watch and calls A&E about the timeline all the time.

Part 1 of ?

Castiel woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his door.

He grumbled as he rolled out of bed, not even bothering to check the time on his alarm clock. Judging by the sunlight streaming in through the window, it was early afternoon, and a late night was no reason to be angry with someone for waking him at such a reasonable hour.

That didn’t mean he wasn’t annoyed, however. Each time the person on the other side slammed on the door, Cas could feel an echoing pounding in his head. The migraine was back, and with a vengeance, it seemed. He’d been having those more frequently these days, sometimes barely managing to keep it at bay with his prescription.

He’d been up late into the night working on his latest novel. Naomi was expecting the manuscript any day now, but Cas really wasn’t sure about the storyline in this one. After all, what kind of hack writer wrote himself into his own work?

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HMS Campbeltown, thoroughly buggered against the Louis Joubert drydock at Saint-Nazaire; the only German-held drydock on the Atlantic coast large enough to service a battleship.

At 01:34 on 28 March 1942 HMS Campbeltown (bought from the US Navy disposal list at the cost of a few British islands) smashed into the drydock at Saint-Nazaire. Her Commandos and crew, launching their own little invasion of occupied Europe two years before everyone else, ran ashore under a hail of fire and set about demolishing the dock machinery. Of 611 men 169 were killed (64 commandos and 105 sailors), 222 were evacuated by small craft and 215 were captured. Five men somehow managed to evade capture and travel overland through France down into Spain and on to Gibraltar, a British territory.

For the Germans it was an interesting morning, they set about searching the ship, standing on it, marching their latest prisoners around it, etc. For those captured it was a nervous morning, Campbeltown had a bow packed with explosives. One hour and a half later than expected, at noon, Campbeltown bid farewell to this world, taking much of the drydock as well as 250 German soldiers and French civilians with her. The dock remained unusable until 1947 and the German battleship Tirpitz never ventured from its Norwegian fjord.

Den Mother - part 1/?

Avengers/Bucky x SingleMom!Reader

Warnings: adult language

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

It had been a few months since Pepper had gotten you your job as…well…I suppose you could say you were the caretaker of the Avenger’s Tower…You never would have guessed that superheroes could be so messy! She tried so hard to convince you to just become a SHEILD agent after all…SHEILD had wanted you! They had approached you on multiple occasions at this point! But no! You needed stable work hours and assurance you’d be going home every night. The first week you spent staying around the tower later than the team really expected you to, just to get everything clean to the point that you could actually functionally do your job. But after that task had been complete you were gone by 5:00pm at the latest, and you had been very firm about your working hours, despite multiple attempts by Tony and Clint you never let your work cut into your personal time.


“Well good morning Domnita.” Pietro greeted you as he entered the kitchen, watching you set down plates of bacon eggs and toast for everyone who was in the building

“Good morning Piet.” You replied with a friendly smile as you began to collect the dishes off the stove.

“Domnita when are you going to let me take you out for a drink?” He asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat in his usual spot to eat.

You tapped your finger to your chin for a moment, pretending to think on the question. “How about when Clint starts missing a target?” You answered with a wink.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t bring me into this!” Clint chimed in as he rounded the corner, grabbing the coffee from Pietro. “You sir, don’t need any more caffeine. You’ll be bouncing off the walls….Mom, why are you letting Speedy drink coffee?” He teased while Pietro used his speed to win his cup back.

“Because he’s a big boy and can make his own choices….and I’m not your mom.” You laughed back while you poured two cups one for Clint to take and the next she just held up by the door off to her side of the table.

“Oh you are so our mom.” Clint chuckled in return as you began moving around the kitchen, making cups of coffee and handing them to the various avengers that walked in, you had the timing just about perfect, like a well choreographed dance between yourself and the everyone as they all woke…Until Bucky had to go and ruin it by waking up earlier than you were used to and walking into the kitchen from a different door than he normally did, which caused the coffee you were about to hand to Steve to fall to the ground, spilling all over you before shattering on the ground.

“Shit!” Bucky exclaimed, instantly backing up and looking down to you. “Why don’t you watch where you are going.”

“Hey, you were the one who walked into me.” You paused, over the last month of bickering with the infamous winter soldier you were starting to run out of robot names for him. “Cylon.”

He humfed before pushing past you to make his own goddamn cup of coffee and grab a plate to take anywhere you weren’t.

You looked down to your ruined white shirt with a sigh before bending over to pick up the pieces of the mug. You never were able to figure out what it was about Bucky that bothered you…you knew it wasn’t the different times different lifestyles thing cuz well…Steve had already bent down to help you pick up the pieces to his coffee…Steve was always sweet like that, always trying to help you do stuff…If the team insisted that you were the mom, he must be the dad.

“You know…Sometimes he makes me wish I took the SHEILD agent route…” You muttered under your breath before throwing the broken ceramic away and tossing a towel on the floor over the liquid, mopping it up before tossing the towel in one of the laundry bins you had placed around the tower.

“He’ll come around.” Steve comforted with a sheepish smile.

“No….This is enough…it’s been a month! I never did anything to deserve this…I’m ending this.” You stated matter of factly. “I’m going to talk to him.” You added before storming out.

~ ~ ~ ~

“What the hell is your problem with me?” You asked, leaning against the doorway to the common area, watching him eat the breakfast you had made for him, your arms folded on your chest, your brow furrowed.

His steely eyes looked up to you with a glare as he swallowed a bite of eggs, placing his plate on the side table next to him. “You really want to know?” He growled as he rose, gliding across the room with an angry stride. “I’m not sure what…But there’s something you’re hiding. You expect everyone here to put their full trust in you…But you’re hiding something. Hell! You cook for us every day but you don’t even dare to sit down to dinner with us. You don’t belong here. ” He stepped closer, looking into your eyes, you could feel your heart race, his breath close enough to move strands of your hair as he stalked past you.

At that moment you weren’t sure what came over you, all you were sure of right now was that you were angry…no, not just angry…seething! You reached your hand out, grasping Bucky’s wrist a little tighter than he ever expected you to be able to. His eyes darted down to your hand before back up to you, anger putting a fire behind his cold eyes. “You’re right. I don’t belong here. I would have taken SHEILD’s offer a long time ago if I didn’t have shit to take care of at home.” You were about to scold him further but the sound of your phone ringing pulled your hand away from his wrist.

~ ~ ~ ~


Bucky found himself walking through central park, metal arm covered by a long sleeved shirt and hands firmly in his pockets as he wandered down the paths, taking in the park in all of it’s glory on this wonderful spring afternoon. Most of the world didn’t know who Bucky Barnes was just yet, and he liked it like that, less people to bother him. For a while he was actually beginning to feel his mind calm down and become peaceful…Until he saw you just sitting there on a park bench by a playground. Your hair was tied back into a messy ponytail that danced against your neck, and unlike the semi professional look you wore at the tower you were currently rocking jeans and a t-shirt, a look he liked much better on you. You just sat there, watching the kids play with a smile on your face and for a moment Bucky couldn’t help just standing there, watching you with a growing scowl on his. But after yesterday he just couldn’t help himself, and you looked so different…He moved silently, positioning himself behind you before finally speaking in a low voice. “So this is what you do on your day off?”

You jumped, startled as your attention quickly snapped from the monkey bars to Bucky behind you. “Bucky! What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same.” He was about to make a snide remark insinuating that she was some kind of pedo but before he could open his mouth to he heard a small five year old boy calling for his mom while running over to you.

“Mom, I’m thirsty. Do we have any juice left?” The child asked you.

Bucky’s eyes darted between you and the boy, finding the matching features. “Mom?” He finally asked with a voice stumbling with shock and awe. “You…you’re a mother?!”

“Bucky, this is Noah.” As you spoke you watched the winter soldier’s eyes grow soft as he sunk to eye level with your son. He pulled his hands out of his pockets to better balance himself as a small friendly smile grew on his face, now understanding why you were always so protective of your personal time.

Noah noticed the sun play and shine on Bucky’s metal hand and his eyes instantly darted down to it. “Woah! Cool robot hand!” Your eyes grew wide, quick to scold him for being so rude, but the interaction just got a laugh out of Bucky.

“Please don’t tell any of the team about him…I don’t want to put him at risk..or make him a liability.” You asked with the kind of concern only a mother can have for her child.

“I’m sorry…For what I said.” Bucky said sheepishly as he rose to his feet. “You do belong at the tower…Of course I won’t tell the others.” And before he knew it Noah had grabbed Bucky by the metal hand and asked him to come play with him, tugging him toward the playground eagerly. And to your surprise, he agreed.


Video of the Day: “SAM SMITH - LEAVE YOUR LOVER”

Did Sam Smith just came out in his latest music video? Just as the title of the song suggests, it’s a passionate plea for Smith’s crush to leave their love and be with him. But while you may expect that it’s about his female friend, you’re totally wrong ;)

It’s still unknown whether this is his coming out, as he has remained tight-lipped on his sexuality. Take a look on his music video above.

HIs debut album “In The Lonely Hour” is out in the UK May 26th and U.S June 17th.

BOYSKISSLOVEYour place to be!

It’s completely inappropriate to the subject matter, but Mr Finnemore’s latest Double Act follows the ‘vacation novel’ naming convention, so I had to make a mock cover for it – naturally, following the cover design convention in which the designer was briefed by the publisher but apparently has not read the book.

Seriously though, it’s an excellent half hour, you should listen to it (just don’t expect any diamonds or black helicopters).

Imagine getting stuck in Jurassic World while in labor, meaning Owen has to deliver the baby

Requested by: Anonymous

You liked traditional. You liked normal. Even though nothing about your life was normal you still enjoyed it.

Being married to a velociraptor trainer, working in a dinosaur themed park, and expecting a baby any day now was far from normal.

“Ugh…,” you laid your head down on your arms which were resting on your desk. For the past couple hours you had been getting terrible contractions that you knew you should’ve told Owen about but you didn’t.

He was busy. He didn’t need to worry about you right now. At least that’s what you told yourself.

Right now you were in your office, filling out paperwork for the latest dinosaur attack. One of the trainees almost got bitten by one of the velociraptors, and any time an attack or near attack happens you have to fill out a report.

As soon as you finished formally explaining the trainees’ ignorant action of how he thought holding his hand through the cage bars would be awesome, an alarm started to blare.

You instinctively covered your ears then put your hand over your belly as another contraction hit. ‘Crap,’ you thought to yourself as you realized the contractions were getting closer together.

Owen ran in, looking around for you. “Hey, we gotta stay in here for a little while,” he said once he reached your desk.

“Why? What’s going on?” You frantically asked. Owen just waved his hand as if to say 'it’s no big deal’, “An herbivore got loose. They know they aren’t really that dangerous in terms of eating people but you know, protocol and whatnot.”

“How long are we going to be in here?” You asked. Owen shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest, “They said it’s pretty deep in the jungle so we might get out of here at midnight at the earliest.”

You calculated how far away midnight was. It was only 10am in the morning so that’s 14 hours away. At the earliest. You started to panic and you didn’t hide it very well.

Chanting 'no, no, no’ under your breath repeatedly and clutching your stomach like a lifeline as another wave of pain hit you, you looked around aimlessly.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Owen walked around the side of the desk and kneeled down in front of your chair. Tears streamed down your face and splattered your hands and stomach.

“I’ve been having contractions,” you admitted. Owen’s eyebrows raised. “For how long?” He hoped it would only have been for ten minutes, he hoped that maybe this would be a long birth, he’d heard of 48 hour labors before. It was possible.

“Since 8.” Owen chuckled at their situation and said, “You should have told me. Now I’m probably going to have to deliver this baby myself.”

You laughed, thinking he was joking but then you saw the serious look on his face. “Do you even know how?” You screeched. Owen shrugged.

“I know how. I just have never had the opportunity to do it,” Owen squeezed your hand and looked you in the eyes, “Everything is going to be okay. I know you wanted an epidural but it’ll be fine.”

The moment he said 'epidural’ your mind went into hyperdrive remembering the fact that if your were at a hospital they would give you pain medication. But thanks to the fact that you didn’t tell anyone you were having contractions, there was no hospital. So there were no drugs.

Another contraction hit and this one really stung. “Yeah, they’re really close together. Come over here,” Owen instructed as he lay an emergency blanket on the ground.

He came up behind you and started to pull your leggings down, “Whoa whoa, what are you doing?” You asked.

“I need to see how dilated you are so we know when you need to push that little sucker out,” Owen continued his mission and took your underwear off as well.

He then wrapped his arms around your arms from behind and gently lowered you down to the blanket. “Okay ma'am I’m going to need to check you over,” Owen winked at you, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Well it’s looking good on this end, what about up there?” He asked.
“It’s amazing. I can’t even tell I’m having a baby,” your sarcasm leaked through like ooze. Owen laughed at your wit, then whipped his head to the door as a visitor walked in.

Vic Hoskins walks in with a smug grin on his face until he saw you and Owen. “I’m sorry, what is going on here? I thought we had this conversation. Save it for the bed-”

Owen quickly cut him off and said, “She’s going to push a baby out in a minute. "She’s pregnant?”

“Well in a minute I won’t be, if that makes you feel any better,” you added. You knew why Hoskins was acting like that. Owen didn’t want to tell Vic about the pregnancy because he just would’ve fired the both of you. They don’t really like hiring people with families in the carnivorous part of Jurassic World.

Hoskins sent you a glare, “I could fire the both of you, and I-”

Suddenly you involuntarily let out a loud shout of anguish. “Owen!” Owen took a quick look down and said, “I think it’s time to push.” He started smiling and Hoskins still wore a frown.

“No! No pushing! This is an office space with-” you interrupted him again with another shout. “If I don’t have this baby right now I’m going to kill someone!”

Vic backed away and Owen stared at you, “are you ready?”

After taking a few breaths to get yourself ready for the rest of your life, you nodded.