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7 Thoughts about Power Rangers

On August 28, 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on Fox Kids. I was eight years old and whether or not I was the intended demographic for the show, I was instantly hooked. It all started with five teenagers with attitudes summoned by Zordon to defend the world against evil forces led by intergalactic baddie Rita Repulsa. Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John), Kimberly Ann Hart (Amy Jo Johnson), William “Billy” Cranston (David Yost), Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang) and Zack Taylor (Walter Jones) called on the power of the ancient dinosaurs and became a team of superheroes called the Power Rangers and the world was never the same.

Nearly twenty-five years later, those of us who became acquainted with the Power Rangers discovered there would be a reboot of the franchise in the form of a gritty re-imagining of the original team. While initially thrilled about the idea of seeing my childhood superheroes on the big screen, a part of me wondered just how loyal this new film would be to the original source material. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a totally kick-ass TV show but even the most die-hard fan has to admit there were some problematic elements in regards to the original series, many I will address later on in this recap.

On March 31, 2017 a couple of friends and I went to our local theater and saw the new film, Power Rangers. One of my friends admitted he was not even born when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first debuted and my other friend announced he would have been too old to watch such a show despite only being four/five older years than me. I expected them both to hate it and even braced myself for disappointment of epic proportions. The three of us exited the theater two and a half hours later each raving about how amazing the film was. Below, I will list seven thoughts I have in regards to the film. For those who have not seen the Power Rangers, there will be spoilers in this post. You have been warned…

  1. In the original series, Zack, Trini, Billy, Kimberly and Jason all knew each other and were the best of friends before becoming the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In the latest film, our heroes know of each other before discovering Zordon (voiced by Bryan Cranston) but they are certainly not friends. Jason (Dacre Montgomery) is a football star before he winds up in detention (and with an ankle bracelet) after a brush with the law. It is in detention where he meets Billy (RJ Cyler) and Kimberly (Naomi Scott). Trini (Becky G) is a recent transplant in Angel Grove and Zack (Ludi Lin) is a loner who rarely attends class. Instead of Jason being the rallying force behind the five teens coming together, it’s actually Billy who is responsible for the event that eventually leads them to each other…and the power coins.
  2. These ain’t your older brother and sister’s Power Rangers. Our heroes have been re-imagined as more of a modern day Breakfast Club. Jason is a star athlete who loses everything after a prank gone awry. Jason is prone to fits of anger which often-times leaves him incapable of leading the team. However, underneath all of the muscle and bravado there’s a good guy there will a strong moral core who feels the weight of fear, a fear of disappointing those he cares about, most importantly his father (David Denman). Our dear Kimberly, like Jason, used to be one of the popular kids until a sexting scandal rendered her an outcast at Angel Grove High. Billy is a bullied autistic teen who spends a lot of time at the rock quarry because it reminds him of his dad. Trini, the new girl, wrestles with the fact she is not normal like her parents and her two brothers. Zack is trying to deal with the fact that his mother is sick and could possibly die. Instead of our rangers having that established relationship with each other, we get to see them get to know one another before tapping into the power that will ultimately transform them into the Power Rangers.
  3. One of the things my friends and I would joke about in regards to the TV show was how Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack and Kimberly always were together wearing clothing the same color as their respective ranger identities. Anyone with eyes and a shred of common sense in Angel Grove could have put two and two together and figured out these five were the Power Rangers. The movies pays homage to this concept by having each of the rangers wear a pop of color corresponding to their ranger’s color. It’s both effective and subtle.
  4. Morphing is like totally hard, you know? The five of them discover the hidden power coins in the rock quarry and develop superhuman abilities almost immediately. Summoning the armor they will ultimately don in their battle against Rita Repulsa and Goldar takes a lot of time and even after a lengthy training montage (WE NEED A MONTAGE!!!!) our teenagers with attitudes are still not successful in becoming the rangers. I actually like this idea of them not being able to become rangers right away because it forces our characters to learn one another. A team is only effective when it accesses the strengths and weaknesses of it’s individual members. It is only after they are able to truly bond with each other they are able to tap into the power that morphs them into Power Rangers.
  5. Rita Repulsa is freaking terrifying. So yeah, the original Rita Repulsa was a total bad-ass but I never really found her particularly scary. The film’s version of Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) is wicked and not above murdering any and everyone who gets in her way. Rita even goes as far as to kill one of the rangers. No joke. Another added detail I quite enjoyed about the character was how she was the original Green Ranger who served alongside Zordon, the original Red Ranger. This also makes me wonder, when they debut the Green Ranger in the sequel (of course there will be a sequel) will it be Tommy Oliver…or Tommie Oliver?
  6. The Zords were awesome. I enjoyed the sleek look of the design and their free range of movements. In the TV show, most of the Zords were reminiscent of actual tanks and were big and blocky and a bit cumbersome. One of my favorite moments in the film was the creation of the Megazord and how each Power Ranger controlled a particular part of the machine, i.e. the legs, arms, etc. It really took some coordination between all five rangers in order for them to control Megazord.
  7. The last thing I want to address in regard to the Power Rangers film is how cool it was to see a black nerd character on the big screen. Growing up, I always resonated with the character of Billy because my favorite color was blue and Billy was very intelligent and he wore glasses. Billy was this nerd character who was accepted by those we would call popular. As the resident science geek, Billy also plays a vital role to the team. Another thing I thought was pretty cool was Billy being autistic in the film. I was talking to a coworker of mine yesterday and we were talking about the importance of having visibility in regards to autism in TV and film. Her son is autistic and how coll is it he has someone like him on the big screen as a superhero. Another thing I would also like to point out is the importance of having a LGBT character in the film. Trini is not only the new girl but she also likes girls and because of her sexuality she feels somewhat detached from her family. I also detected a bit of something brewing between Trini and Kimberly. Then again maybe it was all in my head. However, I was so glad they did not play out any kind of romance between any of the rangers in this film. I know there were talks about Kimberly and Jason possibly being romantically-involved in the film which would be a great departure from canon but first and foremost Power Rangers has always been the story of a group of friends coming together to save the world. I would be interested to see if future films do further address Trini’s sexuality because how great would it be to see a young woman fully embracing her sexuality and being a total bad-ass in the process. I know there will be a part of the fandom who will wonder why there needed to be an autistic ranger or a lesbian ranger. Some will even ask, why did they have to make Billy black? These are the same people who flip out whenever there is a character introduced on Sesame Street who has two dads or two moms or a parent that’s incarcerated. Representation is so important because in order to eradicate homophobia and racism and bigotry in our society, we have to acknowledge these people exist! So thank you Power Rangers for going there.

I am thirty-two years old and I have never felt more like that eight year old sitting on the floor of my living room watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers than I did last night sitting in that movie theater. I recommend Power Rangers to all of you who share the same memories as I do in regards to the TV show. Even if you were never a fan of the show, the story is amazing, the acting was great and it was packed with action. My friends and I definitely had a great time and this is a film I would definitely consider seeing again in theaters and also purchasing once it comes out on DVD. If you have any thoughts or comments in regards to my thoughts, fill free to comment. GO-GO-POWER RANGERS!

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JK teasing Jimin for not having a driver’s license and then shouting orders at him during the game was probably  the most realistic depiction of a married couple I’ve seen yet. (Not surprisingly, fics and head canons about this have already come out in the last 24 hours and they’re all as cute you’d expect them to be. I mean, why worry about coming up with new plots when you can just wait for KM to do it for you?)


Anon: in the latest run bts, jungkook did his mouth thing again when jimin was touching namjoon through the holes in his shirt, hes so cute             

First of all, Jimin: why would you do that? Secondly…

I honestly do believe the whole Jeonlous tongue thing is a tic (and boy does JK have a lot of them). BUT it does seem like certain things (like Jimin) exacerbate the problem a lot. It’s kind of hard to say otherwise at this point.

^ Also, check out that double take from JJK lmao It’s like he’s making sure his eyes are seeing what he thinks they’re seeing.

jwiminnie said: SAJEON NIM Asgsgjshdjskgsjsks did chu see how kook/min were flirting way in the corner in the recent bts run???? Omfg jimin legit threw himself into jk’s chest I can’t eVEN. And jeon was so touchy and the lil shit deadass marked his prey in front of cameras and shit wtf jjk ctrl ur hormones       

Jimin has this thing where he subconsciously? habitually? curls himself into JK’s chest or rests his head against JK’s shoulder, and he just.. kind of casually leans into his touch. Not to sound dramatic but I think Jimin’s got life all figured out..    

Teach You - Chapter 4

airing: Bucky x fem!Reader
Summary: He was a punk, and she was… what? She was everything society asked for. But he was different, and nobody liked people that were different. So what happens when two different worlds collide? Are they really that different?
Words: ca. 1000
Warnings: None

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

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hey mom, I'm not in a very good place rn. I'd describe myself as soft butch, and I actually like the way I look rn, no make-up, short hair and all, but everytime I go out I get anxiety because I feel like people are judging me. It stresses me and makes me hate my sexuality sometimes, I know you're busy and your prompts are full but could I please have a small sanvers fic with maybe a teen soft butch in it? I feel like I really need good rep rn... if u dont want just delete this, its okay

She’s in the field and she’s got her game face on – shoulders set, stance relaxed but ready, eyes sharp – and when J Cole’s Hold It Down blasts out of her back pocket, her work partner cocks a grin at you.

“Your kid?”

She grins at the term and answers quickly.

“Adrian, I’m on the job, what up?”

“Can I bring a kid to our dinner tonight? Remember that girl Val I was telling you about? She’s trippin cause she had a rough time in school today – “

“Yeah, course you can, kid.”

“You gotta go.”

Maggie grins at his sensitivity, his perceptiveness. “You could be a detective yourself, Ade. See you both tonight.”

She chews the inside of her cheek – a habit she’s been picking up from her girlfriend – and shoots a quick text off to Alex, telling her to expect one more tonight before pocketing her phone and sighing, squatting to analyze the tire marks leftover by the latest Cadmus lackey getaway car.

She pushes tonight’s dinner – a biweekly thing, dinner with her girlfriend and her college boy (she never tires of reminding him how proud she is that he’s in college) – to the back of her mind until she walks through the door of her apartment several hours later to find in her kitchen Alex, Adrian, and a short kid – must the the Val girl Adrian was talking about – with a dapper, short haircut, make-up free face, collared shirt and khakis, skin darker than hers but lighter than Adrian’s, smile just as bright.

Alex has the look of panicked glee of a pale five year old being caught with her hand in the cookie jar; Adrian’s holding the handle of a smoking frying pan with one hand and pointing at Alex with the other; and the new kid is frozen mid-laugh, eyes wide and nervous at finally meeting the detective she’s heard so much about from Adrian.

Maggie appraises the situation with a single glance and grins.

“Alex tried to cook.”

“I – “

“All good, Danvers, we’ll order in, but I gotta say, I’m still surprised your skills in the lab don’t transfer to the kitchen – “

“Hehe, your skills – “

“That’s enough out of you, young man.”

“Yes, Agent Danvers.”

Maggie laughs and shakes her head at their banter as she drops her gun and jacket on a chair and strides over with her hand out to greet the new kid.

“Maggie Sawyer,” she says, leaving the usual NCPD part out because the girl is looking more nervous by the second.


“But you prefer Val?” Maggie asks, and Adrian nods behind Val’s back in case she isn’t brave enough to say yes. She is, and she nods, and Maggie smiles warmly at her.

“Okay, Val, so. What’re you hungry for, aside from whatever my woman charred on the stove?”

“Hey – “

“Is it not true, Danvers?”

Alex scowls playfully and Maggie leans in for a kiss. Adrian squeals and leans into Val. “Told you they were the cutest couple ever. My real life OTP!”

Val smiles, but there’s sadness behind it.

“Bad day, kid?” Alex asks, and gestures her to the couch.

“She likes this girl,” Adrian knocks his shoulder into Val gently, and she shoves him with an embarrassed laugh on her face. Alex ooohs and Maggie squeals, and Val almost cries, because she’s never met grown-ups who were this excited to hear about her crushes on girls before.

“She’s really pretty,” Val confesses in a single breath, collapsing onto the couch with her knees spread wide and heat spreading across her shyly smiling face.

“Okay, tell. Everything. But first, tell me what you want for food.”

“Whatever’s fine. Pizza, maybe.”

Maggie chuckles as she takes out her phone to order. “Always with the pizza in this family.”

Alex kisses her and Adrian squeezes her knee when they catch her family comment, and Val flushes to be so easily included in such a term.

“Nothing, I just… she’s really good at math – “

“A definite turn on – “

“Oh, is that why you like coming to my lowly easy-bake oven lab, Danvers?”

“Ladies! There are children present!”

“I’m not a children, I’m sixteen!”

Children,” Adrian, Alex, and Maggie all chorus, and Val rolls her eyes and continues.

“There’s the math thing, and she’s just really sweet, she always sticks up for the kids who get picked on, and she’s got these gorgeous curls and she’s – “

“Super duper femmey, and totally into soft little butches like yourself,” Adrian says and pokes her in the belly gently. She swats at his hand and shrugs defeatedly.

“I dunno. I mean, I’m not just into femmes… but she is super femmey… but maybe she wants someone harder than me? Or like, femmier than me? Like, less gay, maybe, or more gay, or – ”

“So, basically, you’re creating a girl who’s anything but you in your mind, right?” Maggie grins with a tilted head, and Val sighs.

“I guess.”

Maggie squints at her and exhales sharply and wets her lips and speaks.

“You know before I met Danvers over here, it was… I dated. A lot.”

“Don’t worry Alex. You won,” Adrian whispers, and Alex slaps him five softly without taking her eyes off Maggie.

“I dated, but it was… it was women who didn’t get me, you know? They saw leather jackets and a cop badge and a bike and darker skin than theirs – god, too many white girls, sorry babe, but that’s a story for another day – so they expected me to be a certain type of way, expected me to be… well, more butch, you know? Like, all the time. They were interested in the role I could play – and I can play it, I can be it, and I like it, I love doting on women – “

Val smiles and nods and Alex blushes and Adrian snickers.

“But that’s not all I am, you know?” She shrugs. “Sometimes I like a little lace under the leather. And we’ve got different styles, you and me.” She gestures to Val’s hair cut, her looser clothes, with a grin. “And I love it. Your style. It’s absolutely fantastic. And you look really at home in it. And that’s the thing. You? How you feel, how you are? That’s the only thing that matters. So if she likes you, she’s gotta like your soft butchliness. And who wouldn’t, I mean look at you, you’re perfect.”

Val scoffs and Alex beams at Maggie and Adrian squeezes Val’s knee.

The doorbell rings and Adrian squeals. “Pizza!”

Maggie glances at Alex, and Alex nods with a grin before getting up to get the door.

“Your girl like pizza?” Maggie asks, and Val nods.

“I saved her the last slice last week at the school paper’s party when she was late from class. She was really happy.”

Maggie slaps her own thigh in excitement. “Damn girl, see, you got game! Wanna invite her over? We can watch crappy Netflix movies, and the three of us will check out if she checks you out and it’ll be awesome.”

Val smiles at the thought and pulls her phone out of her back pocket.

“Do you guys do this for all of us? Open up your home like this?”

Alex beams over the small stack of pizza boxes when Maggie looks up at her, and Adrian grins widely, proudly, gratefully, at them both as he cracks open a box and digs in immediately.

“Only to the cool kids,” Maggie teases, and Val nods, and types out a text to her crush, because she’s nervous but she’s perfect just like she is, and what’s there not to like, right, Maggie said so, and also, pizza.

Pizza with new family.

Even if her crush declines to come over, she’s pretty sure it’s going to be a good night.

Should Have Seen It Coming - Jonsa Modern Oneshot

Wee but smutty…..😜

Robb should have seen it coming. He should have been suspicious when his best friend Jon could no longer hold an intelligent conversation whenever Sansa would join them at the pool out back. His words would falter and he would stammer through his reasons for choosing Dorne University or when they were talking football. His eyes would flit from Robb to where Sansa would be laid out on a lounger or rubbing lotion into her skin.

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Monsta x reaction-playing in the sea during your date

Request: Hello can I make a monsta x reaction request in which you’re at the seaside on a date and decide to go play in the sea :)


Watching you play in the sea was one of the cutest things he had witnessed, giggling while watching you splash water around. It was ultimately the best end to a date in his opinion. It was only later when you had gotten a cold had he decided to tell you off.

“Ah Jagi you’re so cute.”


Watching you smiling in the water had motivated him to join you in the fun but once he got a feeling of how cold the water was he settled watching you from the sidelines, occasionally shouting at you to be careful of the imaginary shark in the water.

“How are you not frozen?!”


He hadn’t thought about the aftermath of getting soaked from head to toe along with you while pretending to be whales in the water, he had thought it would have been a perfect end to a date but watching you get out of the water clothes soaked through had him thinking differently. 

“Wow so did you know showering together saves water?”


He couldn’t help himself when his motherly side came out, worried about you getting a cold from the freezing sea but when you slipped and fell backwards splashing a bunch of unsuspecting kids he nearly cried from laughing.

But what if you get co-AHAHHAHAHAHA”


He certainly knew how cold the water was just by feeling the sea breeze on his face so he just watched you having fun, feeling content while waiting patiently until you were ready to leave. 

“Yeah you have fun with your cold later, ha”


He had suggested going in the water absentmindedly not expecting you to agree and he was suprised when you ran ahead of him, canonballing into the water. He quickly followed you after reganing his composure and the two of you spent the next few hours throwing handfuls of water at each other.

“Finally somebody who gets me!”


You were both holding hands and walking near the water, talking about their latest comeback when you had tripped on a random rock and fallen into the water, causing I.M to start laughing. Unknowing to him you pulled him in with you resulting in both of you laughing and starting a mini water war.

“Ohmgod ahahah-WAIT NO DON’T”

-Admin Charlie

Lucky Mascot

So I’m working 50+ hours a week at the moment, and i’m a single parent and I’m basically a mess of stress and self-pity so I haven’t had a chance to update Mission Medic (not that anyone cares!)

But reading @iwillbeinmynest ‘s latest fic (which it won’t let me link to) put an idea in my head so I wrote this on the bus this morning (and that tells you a lot about the quality to expect! Sorry) x

Team mascot, lucky charm, that’s what they called her.  All because the first mission she went out on was such a success.  The team had no injuries, bar the odd scrape; there were no losses; and everyone was in and out, getting what they needed, in record time.  After the second mission went the same way, Clint started insisting it was definitely due to their new mascot, said that they needed her along just like he needed to always wear his lucky pants on a mission.  The team didn’t hang around together for very long after that admission but the name stuck with her, and when she managed to snag a high-level Hydra operative as a prisoner on her third mission, it was confirmed.  Even Bruce, ever the scientist, would act sceptically but liked to ensure she went along.  When Bucky decided on the third mission that he needed a hug for luck, Steve did tell him he was pushing it, and gave him a look that she didn’t quite understand, but she was happy to play along with that one too. Of course, she protested – it was down to the skill of the team, to luck, hell even to the position of the planets, not to her.  But secretly she loved it, who wouldn’t!

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Summary: You thought your time back home was going to be the best time, but a sudden disruption in Mother Nature throws you back into a position you never thought you would be in again.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Natural disaster, sex mention

Word Count: 1,816

A/N: This is pretty long. Hurricane Matthew inspired this one (I’m from Florida). By the way, I’m okay! It wasn’t bad at all. We didn’t get directly hit like the predictions were saying. However, there are many people that aren’t so lucky. The coast of Florida suffered greatly today, such as Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. It doesn’t stop there. The Caribbean, especially Haiti, is destroyed. I encourage you all to focus your attention and bring awareness to these poverty stricken countries. Here are two posts that can help you, help them. If you can’t donate, please reblog them. Just spread the word.

You were so excited for your trip home to Florida with your boyfriend, Tom. It was homecoming weekend for your school, but you both had decided to take a weekend trip because it was time to get away from stuffy New York. You were looking forward to the sun, the beaches and the food. You were packing Wednesday afternoon when news broke out that a tropical depression had formed in the Atlantic. You didn’t think much of it because you were certain that it wasn’t going to come to South Florida, where you’re from. There hadn’t been a hurricane hit Florida in 11 years.

Tom walked into your room, “Hey, you heard about the storm in the ocean?”

“Yeah I did. It’s not a big deal. They come and go. There’s nothing to worry about.” You said as you kissed him softly and continued to pack.

“Okay if you say so.” He replied, grabbing you at the waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

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Title: Next Time
Summary: Daichi is sick and tired of trying to kill his ex-lover-gone-rogue Sugawara.
Pairing: Daisuga
Rating: M 
Notes: Based on @owls-007‘s beautiful Daisuga Ninja AU. Writing this gave me serious Naruto fanfiction flashbacks. Those were the days.  Also, rogue medic-nin Suga gives me life, and maybe Daichi is a really excellent tracker/ANBU Captain? I have no idea, this just came pouring out of me. Also no fight scenes i’m a lover not a fighter

Once Daichi catches wind of that chakra signature – one that he thinks he should have forgotten years ago but somehow knows he will recognize no matter how long has passed – his mind works in frightening, singular clarity.  He changes directions, once heading east, now heading north, pumping chakra into his legs to the soles of his feet, willing his body to move faster.

This is when he is at his best – when he can shut off his overworking brain and let his abilities take over.  That’s why he likes solo missions better than working with a team; when he’s by himself he doesn’t have other lives he needs to worry about – other backs to needs to have and other necks he needs to stick his out for.  He’s a shinobi, and a good one, and his first instinct is to survive, survive, survive, and he knows those chances are greater when he’s alone.

Unfortunately for him, as ANBU captain, the solo missions he gets assigned to are few and far between, having been deemed too valuable to have his talents squandered on missions that a lower-ranking shinobi could take. And the missions that were ranked high enough, critical enough, for him to be assigned to were also too dangerous for him to take without a squad backing him up.

But as luck would have it, or perhaps fate, now happens to be one of those rarities.

His target is fast, this Daichi knows from experience, but Daichi is faster. Daichi doesn’t have to worry about teammates slowing him down so Daichi ignores the burn in his legs from his straining muscles, ignores the wave of nausea – the telltale sign of chakra exhaustion – that crashes over him. He follows the trail blindly, knows exactly where he’s headed.  He can feel the pattern that warm chakra leaves darting through the trees; but even if he couldn’t, they’ve rendezvoused at this location once before – just months ago.

The distance between them gets smaller and smaller, until his target is only a few hundred meters away and rapidly drawing closer.  Daichi’s eyebrows shoot up behind his mask.  His target has stopped moving all together; Daichi has to admit that he’d been expecting a much longer chase but he can’t say he doesn’t appreciate it. He’s already running on empty from his latest mission, completed just hours ago.  He’d stepped into the weapons shop in the small, unaffiliated village, to stock up on more kunai and scrolls for his two-day journey home, when a few low-level nin at the counter asked if he had heard anything about the rogue-nin spotted near the border.

Immediately he had known. Dangerous as he was, the rogue shinobi was a devious man – had been that way since they were kids.  Devious, yes, but usually not so reckless.  It might have seemed random to the men at the shop – to any of the villages, really – but Daichi knew better.

The only reason he would have allowed himself to be seen was if that’s what he wanted.  He’d chosen to let his presence be known because he wanted Daichi to seek him out.

His calling card of sorts.

His favorite game.

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It’s completely inappropriate to the subject matter, but Mr Finnemore’s latest Double Act follows the ‘vacation novel’ naming convention, so I had to make a mock cover for it – naturally, following the cover design convention in which the designer was briefed by the publisher but apparently has not read the book.

Seriously though, it’s an excellent half hour, you should listen to it (just don’t expect any diamonds or black helicopters).

Sweater Paws - Calum Hood Imagine

| Request |

| Masterlist

| Word Count: 1,150+ |

| Dedicated to the lovely @honestyhood! I got this idea by the picture of calum below! | 

You and Calum have been friends since the two of you were 9 years old. Meeting him in elementary school was probably one of the best things that had happened to you. He was always there for you.

From when you broke your ankle, when you were 11, to helping you through your parents divorce when you were 15. He’d be there no matter the time of the day, often sneaking out and climbing through your bedroom window and spending the night with you.

One night, while you were studying for an exam, you were suddenly aware of how stressed you were, and started freaking out. Your hands began to shake, thoughts were flowing through your mind, you heard a buzzing. Unaware that it was your phone ringing, Calum calling to let you know he was outside, as the two of you were supposed to go get a late night dinner, which would ultimately end up in the two of you going to your local diner.

You tried to calm yourself down, using the breathing techniques Calum had taught you, but it didn’t seem to work. Suddenly there was a knock on your window and you looked to see Calum, in his Amsterdam sweater. You rushed over, opening up the window, letting him in before engulfing him in a hug. That’s what you needed right now. You needed your best friend.

Your other friends often told you that you would eventually fall for Calum, but you didn’t believe them. You’ve been friends with Cal for 9 years now, and if feelings were to be developed, they would have happened already, at least that’s what you thought. Little did you know that Calum was the one with these feelings.

He had been harboring these feelings for sometime now. About a year and a half ago he started to notice the little things about you. Like how when you laugh, you can see your eyes light up. Or the way when you’re really excited you start to move your hands while you talk, sometimes very subtly or sometimes in all these directions.

He started to realize that he found you to be really attractive, and he got butterflies in his stomach when he saw you were calling him, or he received a text from you. He began to realize he wanted to spend all his time with you, and took any chance he could to spend that time with you.

But, he would never tell you how he felt as he knew you didn’t like him back. He’s known you for 9 years now, he knows the signs. When you like someone you lean into them when you talk, you talk about the person a lot, or at the mention of the person’s name your eyes seem to light up. And those were only a few of the signs. So until he was sure you had the same feelings, he would keep his feelings hidden.

“What’s wrong, darling?” he asked, rubbing your back softly in a comforting way.

“School.” he nodded in understanding. He held you out in front of him, smiling softly.

“How about you take a break from all that studying, and we go for that dinner we planned?” you nodded, wiping your eyes at the few tears that fell. You pulled away, going over to your closet and pulling out the first sweater you saw. Turns out it was one of Calum’s. “How is it that most of my sweaters end up here?” he chuckled, you just laughed with him, slipping on the sweater.


Calum had been on tour for almost 6 months now and you missed him. Things were getting bad again. School, work and family life was getting stressful, and you needed your best friend. He wasn’t done tour for at least another 3 weeks, and you didn’t know what you would do for those next few weeks.

As if he sensed something, your phone started ringing and you saw it was Calum.

“Hey, Cal.”

“Hey, darling. How are you?”

“Okay.” you replied.

“What’s wrong?” you began to explain to him what was happening, ending off with,

and I just really miss you.”

“ I miss you too, darling.” he replied, his voice quiet and soft. “We’ll be reunited soon though. Only a few more weeks and then we’ll be together again, and we can go to the diner and the beach and it’ll be fun okay? I promise.” You could practically hear the smile on his face.

“Okay, Cal.”

“Great, now, tell me about the latest episode of teen wolf.” you laughed, before dwelling into what happened on the latest episode of teen wolf.

A few hours later, an hour after you hung up with Calum, you were dozing off on the couch when you heard a knock at the door. You glanced at the time, 12:15 AM. Who would be knocking on the door at this time? Both your parents were on business trips, leaving you alone for the week and you weren’t expecting anyone. You didn’t really want to see anyone but Calum, and that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

Quietly, you walked over to the door, hoping the tv wasn’t loud enough that the person on the other side could hear it. You looked through the peep hole, a small excited noise falling from your mouth at who you saw on the other side. You swung open the door, attacking your best friend with a hug.

“Calum!” you exclaimed as his arms wrapped around you. You squeezed him tighter, breathing in his scent. You missed him dearly, and now that he was home, things could change, and for the better. When you pulled away, Calum couldn’t help but admire you.

There you were, in nothing but his Amsterdam sweater and some shorts. You were barefoot, and the sleeves were long due to his own stretching of them, and from what you did while he was away. He thought you couldn’t look anymore perfect. He always adored seeing you in his clothes, and you just standing there, looking cozy and cuddly just made him fall for you even more. 

“You said you still had a few more weeks till tour ended!’ you said, as the two of you walked into the living room, and taking a seat on the couch. You instantly cuddled up to your best friend, his arms coming around you in a tight embrace.

"Wanted to surprise you, babe.” you just shook you head, resting your head on his chest as the beginning of Grease Live started.

Calum knew he was in love with you, and maybe he would tell you one day. But that wasn’t tonight. And it may not be tomorrow or even 3 months from now. But what he does know is that you’re his best friend, and as long as he had you as that, then he was happy. As long as he had you with him, he knew he’d be happy.

Always Read the Margins

Chapter 2

Chapter 1 here, all parts here

Genre: Chaptered. University AU, fluff, eventual relationship that can be taken as either platonic or romantic

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

Warnings: Probably a few swear words somewhere

Phil had been dreading this moment.

The feedback on his latest essay was due, and he waited nervously outside his supervisor’s office, steeling himself to knock. His proposal had been accepted a few weeks ago, which meant the hard work of his master’s had finally begun. Hours and hours in the library, endless empty coffee cups strewn around his bedroom, and all-too-frequent skipped meals had finally ended in what he hoped was a passable-essay.

Now he was about to find out.

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Let Go

Pairing: Glenn Rhee x Reader; Glenn Rhee x Maggie Greene
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 4065 (opps)
Requested: Yes
Warnings: Angst, violence, swearing (as usual)
A/N: I tweaked the request a little because I am not caught up and it’s been a while since I’ve watched the The Walking Dead so I apologize for any mistakes and my shit writing. P.S. Some things from the original story line are different because it fit with my story better. 

Originally posted by umbrella-official

There wasn’t much to do at six a.m on a Saturday morning except watch some random infomercial. Which is exactly how Glenn found Y/N. She was curled up on the couch while some lady on the TV droned on and on about the latest state of the art kitchen gadget. 

“Y/N, baby, why are you up so early?” Glenn questioned. At the sound of her fiances voice Y/N jumped; she wasn’t expecting him up for another hour or two. “Baby?" 

Sensing the slight irritation in his voice Y/N motioned for him to come join her on the couch, which he did. Glenn sat on the couch and pulled Y/N closer to him, now with her head laying on his chest he asked once more; "Why are we up so early?" 

Y/N yawned once before speaking. "I just couldn’t sleep is all.” She yawned again before settling against Glenn’s chest and letting his heartbeat lull her to sleep. 

Glenn smiled down at her as he watched her eyelids flutter before settling and her breathing became even. He took the time to admire his fiancee, from the way her eyebrows pulled together during an unpleasant dream to the way she fit perfectly in his arms. 

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Imagine getting stuck in Jurassic World while in labor, meaning Owen has to deliver the baby

Requested by: Anonymous

You liked traditional. You liked normal. Even though nothing about your life was normal you still enjoyed it.

Being married to a velociraptor trainer, working in a dinosaur themed park, and expecting a baby any day now was far from normal.

“Ugh…,” you laid your head down on your arms which were resting on your desk. For the past couple hours you had been getting terrible contractions that you knew you should’ve told Owen about but you didn’t.

He was busy. He didn’t need to worry about you right now. At least that’s what you told yourself.

Right now you were in your office, filling out paperwork for the latest dinosaur attack. One of the trainees almost got bitten by one of the velociraptors, and any time an attack or near attack happens you have to fill out a report.

As soon as you finished formally explaining the trainees’ ignorant action of how he thought holding his hand through the cage bars would be awesome, an alarm started to blare.

You instinctively covered your ears then put your hand over your belly as another contraction hit. ‘Crap,’ you thought to yourself as you realized the contractions were getting closer together.

Owen ran in, looking around for you. “Hey, we gotta stay in here for a little while,” he said once he reached your desk.

“Why? What’s going on?” You frantically asked. Owen just waved his hand as if to say 'it’s no big deal’, “An herbivore got loose. They know they aren’t really that dangerous in terms of eating people but you know, protocol and whatnot.”

“How long are we going to be in here?” You asked. Owen shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest, “They said it’s pretty deep in the jungle so we might get out of here at midnight at the earliest.”

You calculated how far away midnight was. It was only 10am in the morning so that’s 14 hours away. At the earliest. You started to panic and you didn’t hide it very well.

Chanting 'no, no, no’ under your breath repeatedly and clutching your stomach like a lifeline as another wave of pain hit you, you looked around aimlessly.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Owen walked around the side of the desk and kneeled down in front of your chair. Tears streamed down your face and splattered your hands and stomach.

“I’ve been having contractions,” you admitted. Owen’s eyebrows raised. “For how long?” He hoped it would only have been for ten minutes, he hoped that maybe this would be a long birth, he’d heard of 48 hour labors before. It was possible.

“Since 8.” Owen chuckled at their situation and said, “You should have told me. Now I’m probably going to have to deliver this baby myself.”

You laughed, thinking he was joking but then you saw the serious look on his face. “Do you even know how?” You screeched. Owen shrugged.

“I know how. I just have never had the opportunity to do it,” Owen squeezed your hand and looked you in the eyes, “Everything is going to be okay. I know you wanted an epidural but it’ll be fine.”

The moment he said 'epidural’ your mind went into hyperdrive remembering the fact that if your were at a hospital they would give you pain medication. But thanks to the fact that you didn’t tell anyone you were having contractions, there was no hospital. So there were no drugs.

Another contraction hit and this one really stung. “Yeah, they’re really close together. Come over here,” Owen instructed as he lay an emergency blanket on the ground.

He came up behind you and started to pull your leggings down, “Whoa whoa, what are you doing?” You asked.

“I need to see how dilated you are so we know when you need to push that little sucker out,” Owen continued his mission and took your underwear off as well.

He then wrapped his arms around your arms from behind and gently lowered you down to the blanket. “Okay ma'am I’m going to need to check you over,” Owen winked at you, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Well it’s looking good on this end, what about up there?” He asked.
“It’s amazing. I can’t even tell I’m having a baby,” your sarcasm leaked through like ooze. Owen laughed at your wit, then whipped his head to the door as a visitor walked in.

Vic Hoskins walks in with a smug grin on his face until he saw you and Owen. “I’m sorry, what is going on here? I thought we had this conversation. Save it for the bed-”

Owen quickly cut him off and said, “She’s going to push a baby out in a minute. "She’s pregnant?”

“Well in a minute I won’t be, if that makes you feel any better,” you added. You knew why Hoskins was acting like that. Owen didn’t want to tell Vic about the pregnancy because he just would’ve fired the both of you. They don’t really like hiring people with families in the carnivorous part of Jurassic World.

Hoskins sent you a glare, “I could fire the both of you, and I-”

Suddenly you involuntarily let out a loud shout of anguish. “Owen!” Owen took a quick look down and said, “I think it’s time to push.” He started smiling and Hoskins still wore a frown.

“No! No pushing! This is an office space with-” you interrupted him again with another shout. “If I don’t have this baby right now I’m going to kill someone!”

Vic backed away and Owen stared at you, “are you ready?”

After taking a few breaths to get yourself ready for the rest of your life, you nodded.

anonymous asked:

Thor accidentally sat on the to remote once. His immediate reaction was to throw his hammer at the loud noise...except he missed the tv. He broke five Windows, three lights, the coffee table, a phone and Clint's fingers.

Is This Yours? (Thor/Barton x reader)

Could you do Thor with 35 (Well, I wasn’t expecting that) please?

Yay!!  This works with one of my requests!!!  Thanks, my friend!!

The flight in from your latest mission took forever, and by the time the team had arrived at the tower it was the beginning of early morning.  Thor had been sitting next to you on the jet for the entire 12-hour flight, not saying anything about your snoring as you laid against his shoulder for three of them, or when you fell over across his lap to sleep for another four. He knew that you were both physically and mentally exhausted, and he wasn’t about to wake you for fear of your reaction and the danger than could ensue.  He wasn’t about to incite that kind of anger; not again and not for much, much longer, if ever at all.

“Steve, if you could…” he whispered, seeking help with moving you but not waking you as the team began to disembark from the jet.  Steve slowly slid his hands under you and lifted you to him, but then stood in place, looking at Thor expectantly.

“Where am I going?”

“Let us put her on the couch for now.  I would feel uncomfortable entering her living quarters without her permission.”

After resting you on the couch, satisfied that he had done so without waking you, Steve left to unpack the gear and to make his way to his own room for what was left of the night. Thor had decided to stay with you so that you didn’t wake up alone and not knowing how you had gotten there.

“Hey, man,” Clint called to him as quietly as he could while still being heard, “I’m gonna throw together some breakfast, now that the sun is about to come up.  You want anything?”

“Perhaps the usual.  I think that I will just try to sleep some here until she wakes.”  Thor looked around the room for what might be the most comfortable place to rest, but given his large stature and broad build, nothing really looked to be appealing. Finally resolving himself to sleep on the floor next to you, he grabbed a few cushions from one of the other couches and made a makeshift bed with a light blanket that you had lying around for cuddling during movie nights.  

“Head’s up, Thunderboy!” Clint peeked his head from the kitchen and tossed a foil packet to Thor, who caught it as it was heading directly to land on your head, remembering that the only time Barton’s aim was a little shaky was when he was hungry.  He gingerly tore away the foil, shoving the first chocolate pastry into his mouth and finishing it within mere seconds.  Grabbing the second treat, he held it in his mouth while arranging the blanket to lie down and cover himself, not realizing that he was leaving a trail of crumbs with every movement, some of them directly over you.  

When he was finally ready, he all but dropped himself down onto the floor with a loud grunt, forgetting that he was trying to not wake you.  Just as his head reached the pillow, a loud voice boomed across the room, coupled with the sounds of traffic and music attacking his senses.  Without skipping a beat, he grabbed Mjolnir and threw it at the offending sound, completely surprised and immediately thrust into a protective stance next to you.

The sounds of breaking glass and furniture echoed throughout the room, followed by a high-pitched scream that sounded nothing like the archer that was next door.  The shock bolted you from your sleep, shaking your head and groaning at the large pieces of chocolate pop tart falling from your hair. “Thor, seriously?  Did you throw crumbs everywhere or just sprinkle them over my hair specifically?”

“I think I need to go to the emergency room,” Clint groaned, stumbling out towards you with his hand held tightly against his chest with a twisted expression filled with pain.  “That damn hammer crushed my fingers.  I hope you know how to shoot, Thor, because Cap’s gonna be pissed.”  He paused for a moment, seeing you picking what seemed like an entire pop tart from your hair, five broken windows, three lamps, one of Tony’s antique coffee tables, and what was left of Steve’s phone on top of it.  “Should I even ask?”

The television was still on, as Thor had completely missed his intended target in his surprise.  “I believe I may have sat upon the remote control device, thereby turning on the television when I was not expecting it. I see now that I may have overreacted.”

“You may have overreacted?” Clint snapped, holding up his moderately deformed hand, now swelling to almost twice its size and turning a dark shade of purple.  “What was your first clue, genius?”

Thor too looked around the room at the damage, growing concerned at the reaction that Tony would surely give him for destroying a part of his house.  “My first clue?  I believe it was when you squealed loudly and not unlike the children who meet Steve at the hospital each week.  It was quite impressive.”      

aessire  asked:

[whispers] Can I request the writer AU for Nalu- //I mean, it's not even an AU, but IT SEEMS CUTE //okay, I'll go-


Prompt: I’m a writer and when it gets close to my deadlines I neglect taking care of myself so you’ll pop in my house every so often to make sure I’m doing okay.

Rating: T 

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Mirajane Strauss, Happy

Lucy hated to be rushed, she despised the pressure. Which is why the woman liked finishing her work early. She had recently been hired again for Sorcerer Weekly, which she figured would interfere with her usual guild life, but decided not to worry about the issue. Jason had given her a new position; all she had to do was write about the missions with her destructive friends. The people who read her first stories found it greatly amusing and endearing, so it became her exclusive practice. 

Unfortunately for Lucy, Team Natsu’s latest job had taken much longer than she expected. It took them three hours to track down all of last month’s bank robbers, but it took them a full three days to find an elderly woman who had been missing?! They truly were a hopeless bunch. She recently returned from said job only a few minutes ago, and all the blonde wanted to do was sleep. But, looking at the clock, she noticed she had eight hours to write the centerfold story that appeared only once a month. Lucy knew the story had to be flawless, considering she was a perfectionist. Collapsing onto her soft bed, she let out a long sigh, and closed her eyes.

“I can’t write while I’m this tired, but I’m going to have to learn real fast or I’m in deep shit. Think, Lucy.” 

Maybe you can ask for help! … No. My friends are just as tired. I can’t do that. What I really need is some coffee.

 She began to sit up, but immediately regretted the decision when her head collided with another. Quickly opening her eyes while groaning in pain, she wasn’t surprised to see Natsu leaning over her bed.

“Whoops! Sorry, Luce! Maybe you shouldn’t get up so suddenly”, he laughed.

“Why were you leaning over me in the first place?! Weirdo…” Lucy rolled her eyes, pushing him to the side so she could stand.

“I was just wondering if you were feeling okay, you know, it was a long mission. You should sleep, you’ve got those dark circles under your eyes.” He watched as she pulled the coffee grinds from her pantry. 

Lucy let out the best laugh that she could muster. “Nah, I’m fine! I have a lot of work to do though, so would you mind getting out?”

“Wow. Rude.” Natsu sulked as he climbed to the sill of her window. Lucy continued making her coffee, completely used to his strange exits.

He stopped before jumping out. “Lemme know if you need anything, okay?” He yawned, it was obvious the trip had an effect on him as well. 

She smiled in his direction. “Thanks. But I really am fine.” After a short pause, he leaped out of the window, and proceeded to the guild hall. 

The man’s blue cat greeted him at the entrance to the hall. “What took you so long? I want to go home and sleep~” It was close to one a.m, and the only person in the building was Mira, cleaning up after a surprisingly short night.

“Sorry, Happy. One sec.” Natsu walked over to the S-Class mage.

“Hey Natsu! Is there something I can help you with? Oh, how was the job? You guys were gone for longer than usual.” Mira smiled, always sincerely interested in her guild member’s lives.

“I’d rather not talk about that ridiculous old hag”, Natsu sweat-dropped. “I was wondering. When does that issue of Sorcerer Weekly come out again, the one where Lucy’s story is in it sometimes?”

“Tomorrow I believe. Why so curious?” She asked.

“I don’t think she has anything written yet…And I know how she gets when she writes. Once she starts, she doesn’t stop until it reaches what she calls ‘Celestial Standards’.”

“Oh dear. She really shouldn’t overwork herself, she’s already been working for three days straight!” Mira put away the last glass.

“I’ll keep in check with her. No worries, Mira!” Natsu smiled.

“I’m not worried. She’ll be fine with you around.” She giggled and waved goodbye as she grabbed her coat and left.

Natsu looked around and noticed Happy had decided to go home without him. Come on…Well I guess he was really tired.

Natsu walked back to Lucy’s apartment, and peaked through her window. He saw she was at her desk, already hard at work. A cup of light-colored coffee stayed stationary in her left hand unless brought to her mouth. He heard her mutter under her breath. 

“Stupid fucking job. Why’d I even sign up for this. Why. Whyyyyy Lucy.” She banged her head against her desk, letting out a long wail.

Natsu couldn’t help but laugh, but feel bad for her all the same. She hadn’t taken a break in weeks from jobs and her writing. A frown formed on his face. If she wasn’t happy then why was she doing this?

He turned his eyes back to her, and saw she was already writing a million miles per minute, a fiery look in her eyes. He even saw her smile for a moment.

She loved to write. Writing was her somewhat benign disease for which there was no cure. Natsu settled on the sill of the open window, Lucy oblivious to his abnormally quiet presence. He continued to watch her process for an hour or two more, before Lucy seemed to hit a wall. She threw her pen across the room, an agitated yell soon followed. And then the tears. Natsu couldn’t stand to see her cry, so he made himself known, jumping into her room, and grabbing the tissues by her bed.

Lucy started, but immediately relaxed after seeing him. He held out a tissue, and she took is with a wavering hand. After sniffling, she blew her nose.

He took her hand at sat her down on her bed. “Let me at least help you out. I’m not really that smart, but I can try to help you get past your block!”

She sighed, and knew he wasn’t going away. She was secretly relieved for his company and help offering. She pulled him down to sit next to her. “I’m sure you’re plenty smart, Natsu, and…I could use some help.”

They spent the next few hours bouncing ideas off of each other. For a few minutes they laid in her bed, and laughed about their regretted mission, then she would get up and write some more. By around eight a.m, one hour before she had to turn the piece in, she finished. 

Natsu watched as she put her pen slowly back into the ink. She stared at the words for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only two minutes. She spoke two words. “Celestial Standards.” 

Natsu smiled, and picked up the papers. “Truly incredible, Luce! I’ll take care of turning this in, you get some rest, okay?”

“But you haven’t slept either! I’ll go to turn it in.” She moved to grab the papers from Natsu’s hand. Her movements were lethargic and her voice sounded slurred from lack of sleep. Natsu shook his head, sweeping the papers towards him. 


Lucy tried to stand up, but almost immediately slumped to the floor, her eyes slowly slipping shut. “Damn you, Dragneel…”

Setting the papers down for a moment, he picked the woman up and laid her on the pink bed. “Take a break, jeez.”

Gathering the papers, he noticed an extra paragraph at the end that he didn’t recall Lucy talking about. 

My team means everything to me. If they were to disappear again…I don’t know what I would do. They are my everything. In fact, one of them helped me write this. This is dedicated to him. For always looking out for me, for being by my side. For being my best friend, forever. P.S: But maybe if you hadn’t been screaming “Old hag” instead of her real name, we would have found her more quickly. Just saying.

Natsu laughed out loud, looking back at the sleeping figure. 

“You really do make my life a different kind of interesting, Luce.”

The creation of The Caretaker

Submitted by Congar:


The sound of the Discord notification interrupts the queue of Undertale Remixes and Choco drops her pen as the sound startles her.

“Good morning, how’s it going?” wonders the message, a green and smol looking avatar of Minty smiles at Choco, wishing them good morning as well.

The replies rattle off like popcorn, “OMG. Just. Wait. For. A bit. I swear. I’m soon done.”

The green avatar pops up again, it looks like it’s holding back an explosion of joy, “Really? Can’t wait.”

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Den Mother - part 1/?

Avengers/Bucky x SingleMom!Reader

Warnings: adult language

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

It had been a few months since Pepper had gotten you your job as…well…I suppose you could say you were the caretaker of the Avenger’s Tower…You never would have guessed that superheroes could be so messy! She tried so hard to convince you to just become a SHEILD agent after all…SHEILD had wanted you! They had approached you on multiple occasions at this point! But no! You needed stable work hours and assurance you’d be going home every night. The first week you spent staying around the tower later than the team really expected you to, just to get everything clean to the point that you could actually functionally do your job. But after that task had been complete you were gone by 5:00pm at the latest, and you had been very firm about your working hours, despite multiple attempts by Tony and Clint you never let your work cut into your personal time.


“Well good morning Domnita.” Pietro greeted you as he entered the kitchen, watching you set down plates of bacon eggs and toast for everyone who was in the building

“Good morning Piet.” You replied with a friendly smile as you began to collect the dishes off the stove.

“Domnita when are you going to let me take you out for a drink?” He asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat in his usual spot to eat.

You tapped your finger to your chin for a moment, pretending to think on the question. “How about when Clint starts missing a target?” You answered with a wink.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t bring me into this!” Clint chimed in as he rounded the corner, grabbing the coffee from Pietro. “You sir, don’t need any more caffeine. You’ll be bouncing off the walls….Mom, why are you letting Speedy drink coffee?” He teased while Pietro used his speed to win his cup back.

“Because he’s a big boy and can make his own choices….and I’m not your mom.” You laughed back while you poured two cups one for Clint to take and the next she just held up by the door off to her side of the table.

“Oh you are so our mom.” Clint chuckled in return as you began moving around the kitchen, making cups of coffee and handing them to the various avengers that walked in, you had the timing just about perfect, like a well choreographed dance between yourself and the everyone as they all woke…Until Bucky had to go and ruin it by waking up earlier than you were used to and walking into the kitchen from a different door than he normally did, which caused the coffee you were about to hand to Steve to fall to the ground, spilling all over you before shattering on the ground.

“Shit!” Bucky exclaimed, instantly backing up and looking down to you. “Why don’t you watch where you are going.”

“Hey, you were the one who walked into me.” You paused, over the last month of bickering with the infamous winter soldier you were starting to run out of robot names for him. “Cylon.”

He humfed before pushing past you to make his own goddamn cup of coffee and grab a plate to take anywhere you weren’t.

You looked down to your ruined white shirt with a sigh before bending over to pick up the pieces of the mug. You never were able to figure out what it was about Bucky that bothered you…you knew it wasn’t the different times different lifestyles thing cuz well…Steve had already bent down to help you pick up the pieces to his coffee…Steve was always sweet like that, always trying to help you do stuff…If the team insisted that you were the mom, he must be the dad.

“You know…Sometimes he makes me wish I took the SHEILD agent route…” You muttered under your breath before throwing the broken ceramic away and tossing a towel on the floor over the liquid, mopping it up before tossing the towel in one of the laundry bins you had placed around the tower.

“He’ll come around.” Steve comforted with a sheepish smile.

“No….This is enough…it’s been a month! I never did anything to deserve this…I’m ending this.” You stated matter of factly. “I’m going to talk to him.” You added before storming out.

~ ~ ~ ~

“What the hell is your problem with me?” You asked, leaning against the doorway to the common area, watching him eat the breakfast you had made for him, your arms folded on your chest, your brow furrowed.

His steely eyes looked up to you with a glare as he swallowed a bite of eggs, placing his plate on the side table next to him. “You really want to know?” He growled as he rose, gliding across the room with an angry stride. “I’m not sure what…But there’s something you’re hiding. You expect everyone here to put their full trust in you…But you’re hiding something. Hell! You cook for us every day but you don’t even dare to sit down to dinner with us. You don’t belong here. ” He stepped closer, looking into your eyes, you could feel your heart race, his breath close enough to move strands of your hair as he stalked past you.

At that moment you weren’t sure what came over you, all you were sure of right now was that you were angry…no, not just angry…seething! You reached your hand out, grasping Bucky’s wrist a little tighter than he ever expected you to be able to. His eyes darted down to your hand before back up to you, anger putting a fire behind his cold eyes. “You’re right. I don’t belong here. I would have taken SHEILD’s offer a long time ago if I didn’t have shit to take care of at home.” You were about to scold him further but the sound of your phone ringing pulled your hand away from his wrist.

~ ~ ~ ~


Bucky found himself walking through central park, metal arm covered by a long sleeved shirt and hands firmly in his pockets as he wandered down the paths, taking in the park in all of it’s glory on this wonderful spring afternoon. Most of the world didn’t know who Bucky Barnes was just yet, and he liked it like that, less people to bother him. For a while he was actually beginning to feel his mind calm down and become peaceful…Until he saw you just sitting there on a park bench by a playground. Your hair was tied back into a messy ponytail that danced against your neck, and unlike the semi professional look you wore at the tower you were currently rocking jeans and a t-shirt, a look he liked much better on you. You just sat there, watching the kids play with a smile on your face and for a moment Bucky couldn’t help just standing there, watching you with a growing scowl on his. But after yesterday he just couldn’t help himself, and you looked so different…He moved silently, positioning himself behind you before finally speaking in a low voice. “So this is what you do on your day off?”

You jumped, startled as your attention quickly snapped from the monkey bars to Bucky behind you. “Bucky! What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same.” He was about to make a snide remark insinuating that she was some kind of pedo but before he could open his mouth to he heard a small five year old boy calling for his mom while running over to you.

“Mom, I’m thirsty. Do we have any juice left?” The child asked you.

Bucky’s eyes darted between you and the boy, finding the matching features. “Mom?” He finally asked with a voice stumbling with shock and awe. “You…you’re a mother?!”

“Bucky, this is Noah.” As you spoke you watched the winter soldier’s eyes grow soft as he sunk to eye level with your son. He pulled his hands out of his pockets to better balance himself as a small friendly smile grew on his face, now understanding why you were always so protective of your personal time.

Noah noticed the sun play and shine on Bucky’s metal hand and his eyes instantly darted down to it. “Woah! Cool robot hand!” Your eyes grew wide, quick to scold him for being so rude, but the interaction just got a laugh out of Bucky.

“Please don’t tell any of the team about him…I don’t want to put him at risk..or make him a liability.” You asked with the kind of concern only a mother can have for her child.

“I’m sorry…For what I said.” Bucky said sheepishly as he rose to his feet. “You do belong at the tower…Of course I won’t tell the others.” And before he knew it Noah had grabbed Bucky by the metal hand and asked him to come play with him, tugging him toward the playground eagerly. And to your surprise, he agreed.