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Will Roland x Reader (Twitter Convo) Dick Jokes

Notes: Okay so this really is super lame and I’m sorry that this sucks but I had this request and the next imagines I have lined up are really lengthy so expect better ones. Also, school gets out soon so expect better content in a week’s time!

A/N: You are playing Jenna in Waitress btw


Just saw the amazing show Dear Evan Hansen! The cast was amazing and it was wonderful to see my friend Mike give a fantastic performance! :)

You smiled at the tweet in confirmation and pressed the blue button that read ‘Post’ and put your phone away as you were called over by the director to run ‘She Used to Be Mine’.

After a while at rehearsal, you were finally able to check your phone again and saw more notifications displayed on the screen than you had ever seen. Your eyes widened as you saw the reason for all of the attention.


@y/t/n Wow I am saddened by this. I knew you were coming to the show and acted extra Jared-y simply for my favorite Broadway actress :(

You were shocked. Will was honestly your guilty pleasure crush. Sure, he was nerdy as hell, but damn that boy was talented and hilarious. You quickly wrote a reply to his user and smirked as you read it over.


@will_roland You were alright I guess. I was expecting more dick jokes honestly.


Okay @y/t/n we could have more opportunities for dick jokes on a date. Thursday after our shows?

You blushed completely red as you read the message.


It’s a date @will_roland

Hayes Grier Imagine

It’s just a small update that i wrote in the middle of class yesturday. Expect more updates( better ones as well) soon.

I sat silently as the crowd of football fans cheered around me. “Is it like this every game?” I asked as i turned to Nash. He nodded, “pretty much.” My focus returned to the field of sweaty boys when a whistle blew. The crowd stood up and cheered. We had one and everyone filled the field as they cheered. “Come on, let’s go surprise your boyfriend.” Nash exclaimed as he grabbed my small hand in his larger one. Since I live out of state, Nash thought it would be a good idea to surprise my boyfriend Hayes at his football game when I came to visit. We made it down to the field as Nash dragged me through the crowds if people as they congratulated the players. “There you are.” Nash exclaimed as we reached a small clearing. “Hey Nash.” Hayes said as Nash high fived him. “Y/N?” I smiled and looked up from my feet as my name way called. “I can’t believe you’re here.” Hayes cheered as he brought me into a right hug. “Thank your brother.” I whispered into the hug. Hayes let me go and turned back to Nash. “Really?” Nash nodded. “You seemed to miss her so, here she is.” He said laughing. Hayes smiled and slipped his hand into mine. “I’m glad you’re here.” He whispered as he kissed the top of my head. “Glad to be here.” I replied as we headed back to the rest of his team.

Its been a year since Leilani and I got our act together to basically start a new life. Everything we went through, including the things that took a turn for the worst, seemed to get better. Although it wasn’t easy, we still managed to make the best of everything and just learn from it. The drug game? I gave it up and began to focus on something else which granted me much success. All that talk about Leilani and I moving and starting a new life together sounded like bullshit before but, it actually helped us. Here we are one year later    feeling better, living better, and expecting a little one to pop out real soon. It’s kind of scary but I’m prepared and I would assume that Leilani is too.

for grace, having some crappy shirtless Neverland!CS fic. (and i’m expecting a better one from you soon)

Well, Emma thought. She had indeed told him to collect some firewood.

She was most definitely not spying. Not at all. Why would there be any reason to be hesitant? They’d only kissed. That was all. At any moment she could walk out and strike up a conversation, or tell him to haul ass back to the group. Sure, Emma could do that. No problem. 

Spying on a shirtless pirate hacking away at logs from behind Neverland’s many tall trees was another option. 

It is hot as hell out here, she argued. 

Why was she even debating the removal of Captain Hook’s upper clothing?

She drew her eyes back to his crumpled shirt and jacket and silently cursed.  It’s your own damn fault for wearing leather to a jungle, idiot.

But here he was. And here she was. And Emma couldn’t. Stop. Staring.

He was muscular, but that was beside the point. It was the tension in his shoulder blades, the way they moved slowly as he bent to organise the wood into a neater pile. His broad shoulders hunched in deep thought, the frown he wore almost as noticeable as his lacking state of dress. He swung the sword and his muscles tightened, showing off years of training and fighting experience. He stretched and Emma bit back a moan. 

The temptation to run her fingers along the pirate’s back was almost unbearable, and Emma dug her nails into the tree to hold back the trembles - No, I am not shaking. For god’s sake, get over it. You’ve seen tons of guys without shirts. They’re all the same.

But Killian’s imperfect torso was slick with sweat, lined with scars and yet still she felt a desperate craving and a heat crawl up through her body. Into her bloodstream like a cure only Killian’s touch could give. 

Why the hell had she come back?

Emma couldn’t remember. All she could see was trails of dark hair waiting to be tangled among her hands, and the slow torture of wanting to touch his bare skin was an ache she could feel in more than one place. It was primitive, heated and unquenchable. 

All because I told him to get some firewood. Happy now? 

She was.

She was not happy at all. The conflict between wanting to embrace him, and wanting to distance herself as much as possible was heading for a collision. It was waiting to be decided; fight or flight.

Not today, she thought. A little sadly, but not without careful thought. Her son needed saving and she needed to focus. She was the Saviour, and Henry was counting on his family to bring him back home. 

Emma stole one last glance at Hook, who was now scooping up his clothes and shrugging into them like armour.