expect a lot of these idk

When life gives you lemon pt 2

Daichi & Sugawara:

Make some glass of lemonade for their kiddos aka the whole Karasuno volleyball team but with lots of lovey dovey moves and sweet giggles so it took longer than expectation

Kageyama & Hinata:

Sitting (not so) patiently for their parents I mean their captain and vice-captain to finish the lemonade with bright eyes just like puppies waiting for their food excitedly

Tsukishima & Yamaguchi:

Tsukishima: squeeze them in the eyes of enemies

Yamaguchi: TSUKKI NO

Tsukishima: tsukki yes

Asahi & Nishinoya:

idk probably rolling on the floor with those lemons they dropped earlier (feat Tanaka, of course, and Ennoshita watching not-so-amusely from afar)

Kiyoko & Yachi:

Makes honey lemon slices for the team like a great manager they always are

Also makes lemon face mask then having lovey dovey gAaAYyyYyYY time including Kiyoko teasing her cute younger girlfriend every here and there

Kuroo & Kenma:

Kuroo forcing Kenma to gulp down the lemonade he made

Kenma running away because he doesn’t like the sour taste

Just like a dog chasing around a cat except both of them are cats

Please help the kitten.jpeg

Matsukawa & Hanamaki:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) makes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ‘lemon’ scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡

( ͡° ͜ʖ

( ͡° ͜

( ͡°

( ͡


Iwaizumi & Oikawa:

Also makes lemon scene just kidding they’re obviously investigating where did the lemon comes from just to found out it was from the alien trying to have their attention kidding again they practiced volley using those lemon kidDING AGAIN HA  honestly idk what would they do like probably giving them away to everyone in the team evenly and told them to eat those lemons because it’s good for their health????? or Iwachan using those lemons for something to throw at every time Oikawa causes a scene

Lev & Yaku:

Lev: Senpai I heard lemon could gain height quickly do you want to try

Yaku: What

Lev: *Stacking several lemons on Yaku’s head until it reaches around his height*






Later Lev found dead in a ditch

Bokuto & Akaashi:

Akaashi sighing in distress trying to calm his Bokuto-san which managed to squeeze the lemon juice on his eyes when he’s trying to make a lemonade because he feels responsible to make it for his ““““kids”““““““ aka his whole volleyball team

Little did he knows he’s the whole Fukurodani volleyball team’s only kid

Ushijima & Shirabu:

Doesn’t even bother to receive and continue to practice because victory is more important than lemon.

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[Fantasy AU] When Jameson is feeling really down/lethargic bc winter, Shawn will steel himself and go into town to bring him gifts to cheer him up. Jameson really appreciates it but asks him to maybe stop doing that bc it's not good for his health, and he'll also appreciate his presence and comfort, some flowers or a bit of cuddling just as much - Kata (you'll get the Pain in a lot of fuckin hours when I get home. Pls save me from the monster that is the education system)

Okay Shawn is a mood tho bc I too shower my datemate in gifts when they’re upset and idk what to do.

Shawn ends up stealing bringing Jameson an entire bouquet of flowers, and Jameson can’t help but silently laugh because while he did say he wouldn’t mind flowers, he wasn’t expecting an entire bouquet.

Jameson strings some of the flowers in his hair and in Shawn’s hair, and Shawn offers to scatters the rest around the grotto to make it more lively, which Jameson is grateful for and lets him do just that.

hey so, i really dig this particular style of animation but I don’t know what it’s called:

  • thicker lineart but with obvious weight, interesting usage of curves and angles
  • characters are fairly colorful but it’s more muted and retro-style, it blends with the background. sometimes colors are even more stylized for effect depending on the scenes, overall aesthetically pleasing
  • its generally pretty cartoony
  • character designs are diverse but they all retain some sort of charm, im not sure how to describe it but theyre all pretty funky and flowy and i really like that
  • usually big, oval-shaped, expressive as FUCK eyes
  • animation itself is pretty smooth and stretchy, usually traditionally animated. lots of facial expressions, very fun to look at

i know for a fact that not every early 2000s cartoon had this style but i really like it, idk if theres a specific name for it. 

Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

oh and also thnx for comin to the streams when i was making this >:’))

(Continuation of this post!)

I’m glad lots of people liked that first one i didn’t expect it to blow up wow. so here’s another one! idk if i can make more because there’s not a lot of footage to work with :P but have this! i also included the one from the previous post just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet heh.

Isn’t it kind of fucked up that some people become so used to being treated like shit that they start to expect it? Like it’s kind of heartbreaking that there are people that are so genuinely shocked and surprised the moment that they’re treated with kindness and empathy. And it’s so hurtful that this sweet, loving person who just happens to suffer from things that they can’t control has been conditioned to believe that they and their emotions are nothing but a burden to others. And idk. It’s something I think about a lot.

people seem to forget that victor is actually really smart, polite, reserved and observant in favor to always make him a constant silly, wide-eyed dork who is extra af. 

i mean, nothing wrong with that (we know he has these moments with yuuri in specific, although they’re not as common as fanon appears to see), but we mustn’t forget that victor nikiforov is a genius who does everything knowing exactly how the media/other people are going to react to. 

victor nikiforov is not a selfish child who does as he pleases. victor nikiforov is a grown-up man who will do what he wants when he knows he’ll get a better result over something people expect him to do. you don’t have to erase or exaggerate one trait or the other because victor is that guy with a heart-shaped smile as he gives someone a reality check. he is a deeply rich character with lots of traits to be explored.


so i decided to make my own Redbubble !! i’ve uploaded some old stuff and some new stuff (mostly stickers, phone cases, and a couple of prints), and will continue to add more as i continue to make art! maybe ill even design some shirts or stickers??! WHO KNOWS! 

feel free to check it out >> HERE << if you’re interested! or, if theres an art you’d love to have on something that isn’t up there, let me know! 

thanks so much for ALL your support, it really, really means the world to me. and now back to our regularly scheduled arting LOL

“That was a one-time thing!” x

 Okay but theories here - (I’m assuming the spotify stuff is for the teaser because if it isnt i may cry)

- They mentioned Rose several times in the teaser, and Rose is one of the last albums left on Spotify?? Even though Noir was the first to go, so you’d think they went by most recent.  

- The whole point of Rose was spreading an important message

- Viruses spread things quickly.  all kinds of viruses.  

- “If you go back to Rose, the opened data files which are not saved will be lost” so basically if you dont commit to the end, you’ll lose all your progress

- “Enter the exact code name to start the new project”

- Stop: Noir and Rose.  It’s Blue.

B.A.P’s got a message/ a new project, and they’re about to spread it EVERYWHERE


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Sometimes I think people underestimate just how smart Bakugou is. He's really observant and was able to piece everything together about Izuku's quirk. Idk I just really like when he displays his intelligence because you wouldn't expect it on a character as hot-headed as Bakugou. The guy is just smart okay.

YEAH, BAKUGOU IS ACTUALLY IN CREDIBLY SMART. me and a few other people went into detail about it [here], but just to elaborate a little…..

Bakugou is the third in his class, behind only Momo and Iida, two characters who grew up in rich families. Momo in particular has to know a lot in order to efficiently use her quirk, because she has to understand the molecular make up of an object in order to create it. And Iida is ridiculously studious, to the point of it almost being a parody.

these are the two people that Bakugou is behind in terms of grades. 

even characters like Izuku, who’s known for his amazing analytical mind, and Todoroki, who also came from a wealthy and influential family, are both behind Bakugou.

in the databooks, Bakugou’s got an intelligence rating of 4 out of 5. that’s pretty damn amazing. 

Bakugou is incredibly intelligent. again, in the databooks, it’s mentioned that he has the ability to change tactics on the spot when the need arises. 

during the Heroes vs. Villains exam, All Might even notes that, despite his rage, Bakugou is still very calm. a part of Bakugou, regardless of his raging emotions, is calm and analyzing the situation and making changes as they need be. 

during the same battle, the kids even notes that, despite Bakugou’s attitude and looks, he’s actually really, really clever. that move he just did takes more than just talent, it takes a complete understanding of his own quirk, and a total control of the output of his blasts.

this is another great example of how smart Bakugou is. 

he wants to go after Black Mist. not because he wants the fame or glory for beating him, but because Black Mist is the key to beating the villains. they only got in due to his ability, and Bakugou figured out, very quickly, that in order to trap or beat the villains, they’d have to capture Black Mist first.

and as Kirishima berates him for not helping the others in the class, Bakugou easily replies with “Well, if those villains assigned such weak mooks to us, then no one else should have any problems either. It’ll be fine.”

he quickly and calmly realizes that the mooks that they’re all fighting are more bark then bite. the other students should have no problems fighting them, and Bakugou has full confidence in their ability to do so. 

within just this one scene, Bakugou was able to come up with a plan to defeat the bad guys, and come to the conclusion that the rest of the students should be fine since the mooks they’re all fighting aren’t as dangerous as they seem.

it’s this ability to understand the situation and come up with tactics so quickly and calmly that convinces Kirishima to follow after Bakugou.

Bakugou is not just an angry thug. he’s incredibly smart. he’s the third in his class, and he’s probably that kid who finishes tests first and has to wait for everyone else to finish. at least if this panel is anything to go by

look at him playing with his fucking pencil, not a care in the world

Bakugou is not just an angry thug. he’s intelligent. he’s smart

it’s no wonder that Bakugou was able to figure out the truth once he was given all the pieces to the puzzle. 

when Izuku first told him that he got his quirk from someone else, Bakugou had no context for that statement. the second he was given more information and context, it all became clear.

Bakugou is anything but dumb angry muscle.

bts said there’s a lot of pressure right before releasing an album bc they never know what to expect and they want the fans reactions to be good and I just wish……. I could see their faces when they see that they had an all kill on Korean charts, spring day is on the top 10 singles on iTunes and the music video has reached almost 3 million views in just 6 hours after releasing it ….. like …. they did so amazing ….. I wanna hug them … and tell them that I love the so much ……

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do you have any hcs about how andrew and neil come out and how does the public react and stuff??

Do I ever!!! Okay, so this is probably gonna be a shortened version of my idea that I have thought about way too often, way too much. But maybe I’ll get super out of hand with it. Who knows?

  • Kevin Day is getting bad publicity and the media is dragging him for something
  • (Maybe a drunken incident and his drinking problem? Idk exactly… This isn’t really the important part, it’s just set-up)
  • So, anyways, exy’s golden boy is getting a lot of negative media attention
  • Neil feels bad and wants to help shift some of the focus off of Kevin
  • Especially after Kevin told Wymack he was his father for Neil when Neil needed attention shifted off of him
  • Neil talks about this with Andrew, trying to figure out what he’s gonna do to distract from Kevin as much as possible
  • He’s not at all expecting Andrew to make suggestions or want to get involved
  • He’s just thinking out loud and maybe seeing if Andrew wants to shoot down any ideas as the worst that he should definitely not do
  • But Andrew likes being needed by the monsters and Kevin is his baby bird to look after
  • And he doesn’t really give a shit if people know he’s with Neil
  • Like his life isn’t their fucking business, but he can handle people knowing and it’s not like it’d be the worst thing the media’s broadcast about him
  • So, he pitches the idea as casually as if he were suggesting they order pizza later

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can u do headcanons off that post you made about percy opening up an aquarium?



  • okay, so, Percy lowkey thrives in college
  • Why??? Bc New Rome’s university is specifically catered to demigods and any issues they have with learning. He’s not gonna have to deal with asshole teachers calling him lazy like…it’s a good setup for him okay
  • I could see him maybe transferring in like junior year once he figured out specifically what he wanted to do with his life but also we don’t know about their departments and programs…so maybe he’d just stay idk, we know from the fact there’s like ex-legion members that are still duty bound living in the mortal world that it’s probably like an Actual Good School, so idk. Not life or death specifics wise so headcannon as you will.
  • Anyway, Percy and Annabeth have an apartment in New Rome and Annabeth commutes to her school (what was the sweatshirt in sotd??? I can’t remember rip). They’re cute and in love yadayada
  • So anyway, Percy does really well in college but also he’s a masochist, so he decides to push his luck with a double major 
  • Like. Okay. Percy never expected to really make it to college, so he never really put in a lot of thought of what he wanted to do with his life- but now he had to actually, you know, decide. What does he like??? Uh, basketball, skateboarding, and ocean life. Canon.
  • Like…the boy has literally snuck out multiple times in the middle of the night just to cut animals out of garbage or fishing nets, he’s not as outspoken as Grover but he always feels strongly about protecting the environment, that whole scene in the Atlanta Aquarium in moa??? Maybe he’d put off the idea of making a marine career at first because it feels cliché for the sea god’s kid, but he’s eventually going to figure out that this is what he’s passionate about
  • He’s gonna remember his promise to save those creatures from Atlanta and OH BOY
  • so his double major: Marine Biology and Environmental Education (with a focus in Oceanography)
  • He does pretty well as stated and gets a few internships at different zoos and aquariums in California to help him out (not sea world he’s gonna fight them)
  • So anyway by the time he graduates and everything he’s got like two relatively decent jobs bc he’s suspiciously great with the animals??? So he gets promoted from intern lmao
  • He keeps up there for a few years but then Annabeth gets a job offer down in Florida, right
  • And like…Florida isn’t exactly a Dream Land for two 26 year olds but there’s always a lot of building going on down there and this promising startup company wants Annabeth to head them which is like the deal of a lifetime tbh so she jumps right on it. They get engaged before they move there officially and Annabeth’s first paycheck from this place is enough for them to buy a spot of land for her to build their dream house like y’all….I love them 
  • But okay back on track: it’s Florida. Percy doesn’t exactly have any trouble finding work with his degrees lmao
  • But he finds himself getting a little frustrated with the people he works with?? Like. He can’t just exactly say “Hey boss we need to warm up the tank temperatures a little bit the fish keep telling me they don’t feel well”. He can’t tell the vet that the dolphin is swimming weirdly because she’s depressed by the fact a boat propeller killed her baby. And he’s really fired up about the fact that like…the animals are being kept there indefinitely. Like he doesn’t think that’s right and he can tell the animals aren’t happy
  • And every now and then he’s reminded off all the drugged up animals in Atlanta and he is just….angry™
  • So who’s to say what was the actual tipping point for him but he decides to start up his own place
  • To the surprise of no one, Annabeth’s company handles the construction of the place
  • Some of the builders get a little confused because Hazel’s on site messing with the mist for a while but once everything is finished it looks hella great
  • His big plan is to run a marine life sanctuary/rehabilitation center mainly- he’ll let people in for aquarium tours while the animals are healing from whatever issues they have but he sets them free once they’re in the clear. Hazel was messing with the mist during construction because there’s an entire hidden wing of the place where they can also take care of any mythical sea creatures that need help 
  • Obviously none of the mortal workers or tour groups know about this place but it’s fine okay it works out fight me
  • By this point Grover has started up his own wildlife/environment charity foundation so while Percy is still getting his sanctuary on it’s legs G-man sends some of his workers to volunteer there so that’s great
  • The mortal workers are all so,,,baffled by this fucking boy lmao
  • Like first they think he’s an intimidating boss because he wants everything done in Very Specific Ways and they’ll see him get pissed off at government reports of the ocean and shit but then someone will come into work early and find him in a pool stroking a fucking shark and softly saying “Shelia, you didn’t deserve any of that and I am so sorry you had to put up with his loser ass” asdfghhjl
  • The sanctuary tours become a small local success pretty quickly because Percy’s so outspoken about trying to get these animals better and it starts off as people going “okay we’ll go once and then feel good that we spent some pity money on a dolphins health” but like. When they’re just getting started out they only do a couple tours a day so Percy leads them himself and they’re SO FUNNY. All the kids love him and they’re actually Learning about stuff so when they keep begging their parents to go back no one can really resist. 
  • Like it’s very easy for him to make the educational lectures take on an entertaining spin, and he has an answer for almost every question ranging from Actually Informative to ‘what’s that manatee’s favorite color’. 
  • So this soon becomes the Town Hotspot and the place starts Thriving 
  • Most of his workers are marine vets, volunteers from Grover’s foundation, and young adult demigods who are in the ‘I Didn’t Think I’d Live This Long What Do I Do Now’ stage. He literally worked out a program with Camp Halfblood to send people down there if they didn’t want to stay at camp but also didn’t really know what to do, and since they’d mostly be working in the mythical creatures wing that Hazel misted up, they wouldn’t really have to worry too much about monster attacks while trying to get their lives together
  • Percy’s sanctuary makes it’s first splash in the news when he decides it’s finally time to Fight The Atlanta Aquarium 
  • Grover’s foundation is a Pretty Big Deal by this point so when he gets Grover’s help on it the media lowkey starts following it because like…what is this little sanctuary doing trying to take on an accredited aquarium 
  • But he’s too fired up about those drugged up creatures being forced to perform so he goes hard okay
  • And listen don’t @ me with Frank got those fish centaur guys to go rescue everyone like….that was a HUGE exhibit lead by two corrupt gods and was also situated on dry land like…nah. Plus Percy is pretty sure that if they were mistreating mythical creatures (that were literally the gods’ children), they were probably mistreating the normal animals too. So he won’t drop this fight and Phorcys and Keto can’t exactly just, kill him flat out now that Grover’s got the media involved because it would look to suspicious, and then fucking Poseidon hears about this and decides to Get Involved and helps Percy dig up enough receipts on them so he wins in the court of public opinion, and it’s a whole thing but they ultimately quit and hand over the animals. 
  • And once they get all the animals there and situated…Woo Boy
  • Practically everyone’s working overtime because they’re ever so slightly short staffed on vets so he’s looking for new volunteers every day
  • They were f u c k e d by the amount of mythical creatures and there’s like. Not exactly a branch of veterinary school that covers them??? So he calls Frank down there, Grover shows up with a couple other satyrs and Poseidon sends a few Nereids to help out and they just gotta. Fucking help these animals withdraw from the sedatives and then try to get them to talk omg. It takes some time for all of them to calm down and actually trust Percy and his workers but it eventually works out. 
  • Frank finds that as stressful as the whole thing was he actually really enjoyed helping out, and he’s been a little lost figuring out what he wants to do as a career so he just…lowkey doesn’t leave Florida and starts showing up every day lmao. Percy’s not exactly gonna turn him away, you know?
  • They had to stop tours while they were getting all the new animals in and figuring out what was wrong with them, but once they open their doors again the people are WILD 
  • Because of the press and everything. Suddenly their little local fish rehab was saving animals from bad people in other states!!! Everyone wanted to see the new animals!!! So that ended up bringing in a lot of money 
  • And then people from out of state were coming in because they really wanted to see if the animals were actually being treated better
  • So suddenly Percy’s little sanctuary is like. On the Map™
  • And Percy has never been fond of being in the spotlight or anything, but he’s not a dumbass- he knows that the more well known the place gets, the more money they’ll make, which will lead to them being able to help even more animals
  • So he makes a point to donate some percentage of all money to Grover’s foundation 
  • Starts getting vocal on social media about the EPA and everything going on with the environment and stuff. One time he very passive aggressively @-ed trump in a bunch of tweets about climate change and it trended for like a week lmao (’Percy….you can’t just do that’ ‘I have literally looked Zeus in the eye and told him to go fuck himself before, the president has no power over me’)
  • Every now and then the place will host protecting the planet seminars for like, preschool or kindergarten classes on field trips like they’ll talk all about things they can do to Help Out and he’ll tell them all about how marine life is effected by what humans do and he’ll go out of his way to show them animals with injuries from like those plastic six-pack holders and shit it’s a whole thing
  • I’m sorry I’m just imagining Percy taking a tour group into a huge amphitheater with a pool in the center and going ‘and this is where we’d keep and show off our whales….IF WE WERE ASSHOLES’ lmao
  • Like yeah, they do get an occasional injured whale but he always gives them top priority when that happens bc he doesn’t want them there too long. More than once he’s discreetly used some ~sea powers~ to try and get them out in under a day. They put trackers on the whales though- the mortal vets believe it’s just to make sure they make it back to their pods when released, but it’s really so that if a dolphin or something swims up to Percy like ‘hey bitch whatever your guys did the other day stopped working come help’ he can find them fairly easily lol
  • One of the Hip Young Teen Demigods™ working for him convinces Percy to make those trackers into one of those fun apps where anyone can go on and see where certain whales are and learn some little fun facts and shit. Annabeth sets that up and adds a little feature where like each month there’ll be a new quiz and depending on how well you do you could get like cheaper or free tickets for the tours and stuff
  • Sorry I just imagined Percy taking Estelle on a behind the scenes tour and letting her swim with some dolphins and now I’m crying 
  • She comes down to visit whenever she can….we know this
  • One day her teacher is covering current events and is like ‘the government wants to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency’ and she’s like ‘my big brother Percy said he and Mr. Grover are gonna get in a fist fight with the president if that happens’ asdfgghj
  • Oh my G o d she reaches the little mermaid phase that every child has so he takes her to the mythical wing to meet some actual mermaids- there’s a few staying there because after they got captured by the Atlanta place they were too scared to go back to the open ocean and he and the other workers haven’t managed to talk them down about it yet. They REALLY liked seeing Estelle though and went out of their way to make her laugh. Estelle loved it and told Percy it was much better than the mermaid actresses the aquarium her school went to had and Percy was like B O I. 
  • So he’s been feeling bad about these mermaids being stuck in one tank anyway so he talked to them about swimming around with the other animals during tours (you know the mortals would just think they’re just actresses bc of the mist…like damn they though Mrs. O’Leary was a poodle lmao), and the mermaids are a little nervous but decide to do it
  • It’s a HIT with the tour groups and it works out really well!! because!! The mermaids start socializing with other ocean creatures again and get used to everything, so after a while most of them finally feel comfortable going back to the actual ocean!! 
  • ALSO this DOUBLE works out because the mortals just see them as actresses and whatnot but every now and then Percy or one of the demigod workers will hear a kid be like ‘but they have gills!!! that one’s skin is blue!!! look at their teeth!!!’ and they’ll notify Chiron to send some satyrs down 
  • All in all Estelle saved the day there lol
  • Do you think this boy’s not gonna fight Sea World??? please
  • Honestly if he finds anything sketchy out about any aquarium, like, anywhere, he makes a point to try and liberate the animals
  • He’s obviously very hands-on with the actual care of the creatures
  • Like asdfg I’m just imagining the vets being like ‘this shark is dangerous and agitated we need to sedate it to find out whats wrong’ and Percy just hops in the fucking pool and starts petting it and is like ‘he’s afraid of needles Carson just come over here and help me clean out his gills’ lmao
  • A sea lion that’s been there for a few weeks is acting weird and won’t let the Vet get near it and the vet‘s freaking out but Percy strolls in with a bucket of fish going ‘She’s upset that you forgot her birthday, you dick’ lmao
  • Percy, holding eye contact with the vet as he deliberately strokes the jellyfishes: “Some of us can handle it”
  • Like the vets are just constantly so exasperated and mildly terrified by his actions but like…they all work, for no understandable reason, there’s no reason this BUFFOON should still be alive, why do all the teenage workers keep laughing at them whenever Percy pulls a new stunt??? 
  • lmao the demigod workers get the biggest kicks out of the mortal vets freakouts it’s so funny to them and sometimes they wanna talk about Percy’s abilities at work so instead of saying ‘son of poseidon’ they’ll call him ‘dr. dolittle’ but that spurs the vets FURTHER because he’s not even a doctor!!! he doesn’t have a veterinary degree!!! what the fuck!!!
  • it’s just a whole Thing
  • “I’m gonna sue Sea World” “Why” “…Because I hate them”
  • Oh my God Percy in the middle of giving a tour but Poseidon is in the fucking tour group and keeps shouting out facts before Percy can finish a sentence and Percy is just like father,,,,,,,I will ban you from the premises if I must, and they banter the whole time and the rest of the tour group thinks its fucking hilarious
  • someone films them arguing over Fun Octopus Trivia (’Son you CANNOT POSSIBLY be trying to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about!!’) and it fucking trends because they’re so fucking heated about ocean facts like nerds
  • “I notice there’s not a single statue of fountain in the likeness of the god of the sea, even though this is an aquarium? Odd design choice.”
  • Poseidon finally pushes Percy too far when he tries to correct his speech on sea turtles and Percy, knowing damn well his father can’t just reveal he’s a god to this group of mortals, goes “Hey, Dad…remind me again, which one of us has degrees in this field??” and Poseidon’s jaw DROPS and the tour is like oooooohhh shit!!! lmao
  • This leads to like a solid 15 minutes of kids going “hey yeah Percy’s saved so many sea animals!!! What have YOU ever done!!” and Poseidon is just completely flabbergasted he finally concedes and lets Percy finish in silence lmao
  • this was on the video,,,,,there’s a viral video of Percy letting the god of the sea get shredded by 10 year olds that think Percy’s the coolest dude around,,,,iconique 
  • Rachel Elizabeth Dare??? Being the sanctuary’s biggest benefactor??? It’s More Likely Than You Think
  • We know she’s gonna spend most of her money donating to charities and foundations and her two favorite are Grover’s thing and Percy’s sanctuary 
  • Every now and then one of the demigod workers will decide they Actually Like What They’re Doing There so Percy will write them college recommendation letters and help them figure out what they wanna major specifically in and if they’re staying in the area he’ll work their schedules around their school hours so they won’t have to worry about finding a new job/going back to having to worry about monster attacks 24/7
  • Some of the others might only be there for a little bit while they figure things out but either way it’s a safe place and relatively enjoyable work so most of them are pretty happy so the program he runs with the camp is like. Highly recommended. A lot of the kids view it as like a gap year
  • So what I’m saying is…it’s a sanctuary in more ways than one
  • Every time people try to rate like, the safest aquariums and whatnot his is always at the top of the list
  • He’s highly praised for how quickly and thoroughly his team is able to rehabilitate animals
  • They’re always providing educational information about marine life and the environment and once they get Big he’s able to start funding programs to clean up the ocean and stuff
  • Remember Frank was hanging around??? Percy eventually puts him as the lead on-call doctor for the mythical creatures wing. Do to Percy, Frank and the demigod workers constant working to help these guys get better there’s a significant drop in demigod-ocean-death numbers
  • Got shipwrecked??? Man some mermaids saved us!! A thirty foot long sea dragon winked at me!!! Some fish centaurs gave me some brownies!! 
  • Like,,,the word gets around, you know? It’s rad
  • Oh my God sometimes Bessie pops up and Percy’s like ‘you know damn well you’re fine’ but she misses him asdfgh
  • Tyson showing up every time Rainbow gets a cold 
  • Imagine Percy giving tours and all the creatures raptly follow him in their tanks and the group is flipping their shit but he hardly notices 
  • baby chase-jackson growing up around all this 
  • crying
  • takes the kid to work with him all the time I’m…..
  • some of the mortal workers thinking Percy’s not actually THAT good with the sea animals, he’s just good at showmanship or whatever but then they’ll sneak into work when he’s supposed to be the only one there and he’s just hand feeding an elephant seal and saying “TELL ME ABOUT IT, Janet” asdfgh
  • His fucking toddler is a few feet away in a pool, petting some electric eels but completely fine….these poor mortals honestly lmao
  • All in all though like….Percy as an environmental activist who runs a marine life sanctuary and rehab. This is what I support. This is what I’m about. This works very well like I could keep going if I wasn’t falling asleep presently
  • I love and miss Percy but anyway…this is canon like I’ll call Riordan myself if I gotta
  • fin

@probablyfakeblonde said I can finish some of her sketches (thank you so much, I know I say it a lot, but honestly I needed a way to destress and this was a perfect!)

I did a lot more then I expected, so I’ll have to post them separately.. 

There are far too many people who misinterpret Wuthering Heights as something to be seen as romantic when it is the farthest thing from it. Jane Austen and her novels, those are romantic. Emily Bronte’s novel is Gothic and is meant to depict horrifying, unlikeable characters. We’re meant to see Heathcliff as a big giant asshole so irredeemable that he dies an asshole and never receives forgiveness from anyone nor does he ever ask for it. His love for Catherine can’t even be considered his redeeming point because it is borderline obsessive and way too unhealthy. We are not meant to sympathize with him nor really anyone in this novel. If you go into it thinking it will be some sort of great romance, you will be severely disappointed. This novel explores just how truly selfish and evil we can be as humans, the depths one can go in the name of love (a misplaced sense of purpose), and just truly the ugly side of human nature. It’s not supposed to be pretty. It was meant to be ugly in every form and that’s what makes it so great.