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“...are you eating over your desk again?”

Carl the Animator: “Only a little.”

Ted the Animator: “How much is a li– are those blueberry pancakes?”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, they’re the bomb. They just hit the critical point of syrup absorption.”

Ted the Animator: “This won’t end well.”

*27 seconds later*

Carl the Animator: “…whoops.”

Ted the Animator: “Ah.”

*15 minutes and a lot of cleaning supplies later*

Ted the Animator: “Y’know, the inevitable happened even faster than I was expecting.”

Carl the Animator: “These are the sacrifices we all must make in the sacred name of pancakes.”

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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having a miscarriage (sorry guys :,(


~Did somebody order angst with a side of tears? {-this is long i’m sorry-}

(This subject hits a sensitive spot for me so I had to give them all a nice finish.^^ “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”)

◉ Yoosung

  • He was at the computer playing LOLOL when you approached him
  • He thought you were going to ask him to get off and eat dinner
    • “Just a few more minutes MC, there’s a rare monster.”
    • “Yoosung, I think somethings wrong…I’m bleeding…”
  • His face went pale and he tossed his headset on the desk
    • The baby?…”
  • You nodded tearfully
  • He placed his hand on your tummy before rushing you to the doctor
  • Yoosung is a mess
  • He’s trying to keep it together for your sake but his hands are shaking
  • When the doctor tells you two the bad news he let’s go and cries
  • You both are just hugging each other
    • “You’re still a very young and healthy couple. There’s plenty of time to try again. Please rest easy for the next day or two.”
  • He’s treating you like a delicate flower
  • Cooks and brings you food in bed and makes sure you eat it all
  • Really he’s just trying to preoccupy his mind because he can’t bare to think about it
  • You ask to take a shower
  • Yoosung passes by the door and hears you sobbing through the running of the water
  • He broke down there in the hallway
  • When you get out he just lays in bed with you and you are both crying and comforting each other until you fall asleep
        • -After-
  • He was nothing but ecstatic when you found out you were expecting again
  • He got a mug made with the sonogram picture on it and uses it at work
  • It’s a boy!
  • He’s not a very good sleeper (the baby)((well Yoosung too lol))
  • Yoosung stays up all night holding him
  • Or rocking him with one arm and playing LOLOL with his free hand

◉ Jumin

  • You hadn’t gotten out of bed all day
  • There was a lot of pain in your back and you just wanted to lay down
  • When Jumin got home from work and saw you were still in bed and hurting
  • He was pissed at his staff
  • No one called him?????
  • He sent for a doctor right away and then just laid with you on the bed
  • Stroked your hair
  • Said everything was going to be okay
  • After examining you he pulled Jumin aside
    • “There’s no heartbeat, Mr. Han…I’m so sorry…”
  • When he walked back into the room with tears in his eyes you knew…
    • “Oh God…Jumin…”
  • You just broke down in sobs
  • He met you on the bed and pulled you into him
  • Let you cry into his shoulder
  • He glanced at the bassinet at the corner of the room
  • He was so elated he bought it the day you announced you were pregnant
  • Jumin buried his emotions about it after that day
  • He stepped away from work completely because you stopped eating
  • He turned his phone off
  • which is very unlike him
  • And doesn’t let anyone visit the penthouse
  • Just devoted himself to caring for you and helping you recover
  • Which helps him recover
        • -After-
  • Nothing could wipe the smile from Jumin’s face when it was confirmed you both were expecting once again
  • Kissed you so hard
  • It’s a girl!
  • Literally so spoiled omg
  • She’s a daddys girl from the start, he soothes her instantly when he picks her up
    • “This was your big sisters bassinet…we miss her so much. But she watches over you now.”
  • Sings lullabies to her omg it’s literally the cutest thing ever
  • You stand outside the door and just listen

◉ Zen

  • You had been throwing up all day
  • But it wasn’t the normal morning sickness you had been feeling
  • There was a lot of pain and you just knew something was wrong
  • Zen came home from rehearsals to find you on the bathroom floor
  • He immediately freaked out
    • “BABE! Why didn’t you call me?! What’s going on?!”
  • He ran to your side
    • “I think something’s wrong…”
    • “Oh my god…Ok, let’s get you into bed. C-Can you walk?”
    • “I don’t know, I have a lot of pain right now”
  • He picked you up and carried you to the bed
  • His mind was racing, he didn’t know what to do
  • He kissed your forehead
    • “I’ll be right back, okay. Just rest”
  • His hand lingered on your tummy
  • Stepping into the other room he pulled out his phone
  • He could barely dial, his tears were clouding his eyes
    • “Yes, hello?”
    • “Jumin…It’s Zen. I-I need a favor”
  • After explaining what was going on, Jumin didn’t hesitate to agree to send a doctor right away
    • “Please let me know if you need anything else. All of us will have you in our thoughts.”
  • He was a mess waiting
  • Though he tried not to show it
  • He paced around the living room taking deep breaths to calm himself before planting a smile on his face and returning to you, he wanted to be strong for you
    • “The doctor is on the way. I’m going to get you a glass of water and you have to drink it all, okay babe?”
  • It seemed like forever until he arrived
  • You described your symptoms and he took a good look over you
    • “Yes, these things are to be expected with the loss of a pregnancy early on…Make sure she relaxes for a while and call me if you need anything else.”
  • Zen couldn’t find the words to say
  • He felt so powerless in that moment
  • He got so excited when you both found out that he posted a selfie of you two with the pregnancy test
  • He felt this guilt in his chest, maybe if he hadn’t been working so much…
    • “I’m…so sorry, Zen” you cried
    • “Hey hey hey, cut that out,” he wiped your tears, “everything is going to be okay. I’m here with you…”
  • He let the director know he would be taking a few days off and pretty soon word got out to his fans about what happened
  • Gifts, chocolates, flowers, and sympathy cards all came pouring in
  • You got a lot of letters from fans that had also lost babies, and reading them together at night really helped you get through it
  • Jumin sent over a maid and chef to take care of things for a while, and although Zen grumbled about it to you, he was thankful
        • -After-
  • Couldn’t stop himself from shouting to the world that you’re pregnant
  • This time around he did his best to stay home more, as much as you tried to tell him it wasn’t necessary and you were fine
  • It’s a girl!
  • He’s constantly holding her
    • “You’re the most beautiful child to ever grace this planet. You’re not allowed to date until you’re 45. Don’t worry, daddy will protect you from those beastly boys!”

◉ Jaehee

  • It had only been five weeks since you found out the pregnancy took
  • You were feeling kind of odd and excused yourself to the bathroom
  • When you came out, face red and sobbing Jaehee rushed to your side
    • “MC! What’s going on??”
    • “It didn’t stick…we’re losing it…God, I’m so sorry…I don’t know what I did wrong I-”
  • She cut you off and grabbed your face in her hands
    • “Shh…Don’t ever say that,” she was crying too but kissed you, “You.Did.Nothing.Wrong. These things happen. That’s what we knew going into this, right?”
    • Mmhm
  • She wiped your tears
    • “It’s okay. Are you in pain?”
    • “…Not much”
    • “Alright. Well, let’s get you into bed.”
  • She made some tea and you spent the night watching DVDs together in bed snacking
  • She could be sad but keep a level head and positive mind
  • She spent the night reassuring you that it would happen for you both one day
        • -After-
  • Threw a small get-together when it was confirmed that you were expecting
  • All the RFA members were elated
  • It’s a boy!
  • Jaehee is super mom
  • She’s got this babies schedule down to a science
  • She knows how much he’s eating and how much he’s pooping and when and how long he sleeps
  • If there’s every a change in his patterns she freaks and calls the pediatrician lolol

◉ Saeyoung

  • You two were going to your scheduled check-up together
  • It was going to be the first time hearing the heartbeat and you both were elated
  • Saeyoung was dancing around the room as you laid on the table waiting for the doctor to come in
    • “Stop snooping through the cabinets before someone comes in and sees you!”
  • He had stolen a wooden tongue depressor and put it in his mouth
  • And was now grabbing gloves and putting them on too
    • “Excuse me ma’am I’m doctor cotton swab please spread your legs for me I need to inspect you. Stop laughing, that’s very unprofessional. I didn’t go to medical school for this!”
  • The knock on the door interrupted you and he jumped to your side as the doctor walked in
  • Trying to pull the gloves off before he saw
    • “Good evening you two,” he didn’t glance up from his paperwork, “Mrs. Choi, I’m a little concerned about some declining levels I see from your test…”
    • “What does that mean?” Saeyoung had a lump in his throat and he grabbed your hand
  • The smiles had faded from your faces
    • “Let’s just check one thing here before I go any further”
  • He put the gel on your tummy and placed the device on your skin, rolling it around with a furrowed brow
  • It was silent
  • The doctor sighed and removed it from you
  • He started to say some condolences but he didn’t even finish his sentence before you were sobbing
  • Saeyoung leaned down into you, running his hands over you in a soothing manner
  • It was tearing him apart to see you like this
  • On the drive home it was silent except for your crying
  • You noticed him gripping the steering wheel pretty tightly
  • When you got home Saeyoung pushed his own grieving aside, all he wanted was to be there for you
  • Though his usual way of cheering you up was jokes, and he couldn’t bring himself to make any
  • He only let himself cry when you were asleep
        • -After-
  • He was very very protective of you when you told him you were pregnant again
  • If Yoosung breathed too heavy around you he was smacking him
  • It’s twin girls!
  • Dr Cotton Swab™ passed out in the room when he saw two babies wiggling around on the monitor
  • He’s a master diaper changer
  • He keeps a timer by the changing table and is always working to beat his records
  • Falls asleep in the arm chair with them
  • A lot

◉ V

  • You had some intense cramps and V could tell you weren’t feeling well
  • He was pleading with you to take you in and be seen
  • It wasn’t until it hurt so bad that you stumbled (almost passing out) and grabbed onto him that he wouldn’t take no for an answer anymore and had someone drive you both to the hospital
  • It was hard for him to even get the words out to the doctor
    • “I think my wife is…having a miscarriage” his voice wavering
  • He didn’t let go of your hands the whole time the doctor was talking to you
  • He wished so badly that he could see your face
  • When the sound of your soft cries hit him he brushed your hair to the side lovingly and let go of his own sadness welling inside of him
  • V was so gentle with you when you got home
  • You both kissed each other and wiped each others tears away
  • And fell asleep in each others arms
  • The next day you didn’t want to sit still
    • “Are you sure you’re feeling up to this?”
    • “I’m sure. I don’t want to be cooped up right now… Let’s pack some food and go to our spot.”
  • It was a place you both frequented, a beach
  • V couldn’t see the sunset anymore but the sound of the water and the fresh air was therapeutic for both of you
  • You didn’t want to cry anymore and you both just cuddled and sat together quietly
        • -After-
  • Kissed you so many times when you finally told him you were going to have a baby
  • It’s a girl!
  • He was so nervous about being a new dad and being blind but he quickly adjusted
  • Has supersonic hearing, like, if the baby yawns from across the house he freaks out and runs to her
  • Jumin is constantly over playing with the baby and buying her ridiculously frilly outfits that you and V thank him for but stick in the closet never to be seen again

◉ Saeran

  • You were hurting the night before, and he pulled you into bed and held you close, hoping you would just sleep it off and be better in the morning
  • When you woke up you felt a wetness and sat up to reveal blood
  • Saeran freaked out and immediately began inspecting you
    • “Are you hurting bad?? Oh God, MC.”
  • You shook your head no, you weren’t hurting much anymore…
  • And that thought made you break down in sobs
  • You knew what had happened now
    • “Don’t move, I’m calling the doctor”
  • He was frantic and his hands were shaking
  • When he finally got a hold of him on the phone and explained what had happened, he was furious at the nonchalant tone he had
    • “I’m very sorry but there’s nothing we can really do at this point. There’s no reason to bring your wife in at this point. You just have to let these things run their course and call me if she starts to feel her pain worsening.”
  • He almost threw his phone against the wall and shattered it
  • That’s what he wanted to do
  • But you were more important than his anger right now
  • He found you back in the bedroom trying to clean the sheets while crying
    • “Stop stop stop…I’ll take care of that. Let’s get you cleaned up…”
  • He kissed your head and drew a bath for you
  • Letting you soak while he worked in the bedroom
  • The sound of your crying was like a knife in his heart and he allowed himself to silently sob while he cleaned up everything
  • You both were a melancholy mess and couldn’t even bring yourself to tell anyone
  • You spent the whole rest of the day and night laying with each other, both of your hands rubbing your stomach together
        • -After-
  • He still couldn’t fight that feeling in his chest when you said you were pregnant again
  • He felt at any moment it would be taken from him again
  • It wasn’t until he felt that first kick that he cried and kissed your tummy with joy
  • It’s a boy!
  • He won’t let the baby sleep in the bassinet you bought, he sleeps with the baby always
  • Loves when he has the baby and you both snuggled up with him, you both are his whole world
  • Secretly has the picture of that first ultra-sound still in his wallet, and looks at it often, wondering what it would be like to have both of his children alive in that moment
  • Makes Saeyoung use gobs of hand sanitizer before he comes near your child
First thoughts on 12x18...

The Memory Remains is is one of those episodes where I can’t really tell how much of the problematic-ness was done on purpose, and I don’t want to be ‘that person’ that goes around saying that nothing is problematic and everything is perfect, but I also doubt that the ‘wrong-ey’ things in the episodes were accidents, because accidents don’t happen accidentally and there is a pattern, and patterns rarely happen accidentally. Basically - was the fact that all the main characters were white men done on purpose? The waitress Carmen and the health inspector are there, kind of in the outskirts on the scene, we barely hear their voices, the camera barely fixates on them, and when it does they don’t really get their ‘own’ shots, but we look at them through other characters’ eyes. In an episode with so much focus on looking through eyes (we repeatedly see things through a mask’s eye holes), I think it’s probably done on purpose.

It’s a claustrophobic episode, both in setting and ‘atmosphere’. Almost everything happens in enclosed spaces (the bunker, which is literally a bunker; a fridge cell; a basement with a literal tiny cage in it…) and the vibe of the episode is claustrophobic, a virtual enclosed space of lies weaved by white dudes. Reminds you of something? The episode Thin Man was the same, in Thin Man there was a dude wearing a monster mask that others mistook for a real monster (but… who was a real monster, although human), there were secrets and lies and the monster was a dude with an inferiority complex and whatever. After Thin Man aired we discussed about the episode being about white men only, the only female character killed right away and just a plot device, and it made sense - it felt jarring, and claustrophobic, and wrong, just like this episode feels, because everything is supposed to feel wrong and jarring and uncomfortably enclosing, because the episode is about cages and traps and acting wrong.

When Ketch and his men leave, the lights and shadow form a bar pattern, just like the bars that were supposed to keep Moloch trapped in the basement. The episode is about people being trapped, and Dean and Sam are trapped by the British Men of Letters’ scheme, Ketch has trapped them with the fake messages from Mick and now the bunker has become a cage, they’re under surveillance… it’s like when they were arrested, but now they are ‘arrested’ in their own home, and they don’t know it. They think they’re free, just like Lucifer thought he was free (and apparently now thinks he can get free, either with the help of that demon at the end of 12x17, or Dagon, or his child), but Lucifer was under Crowley’s control, just like the Winchesters are under Ketch’s control. Judging from the promo for 12x19, I’m betting that Cas also thinks he’s free but is under heaven’s control (again, poor thing).

Speaking of Lucifer - he’s a parallel to the Winchesters, but also, obviously, to the actual monster Moloch (*insert goat imagery related to the devil here*). Pete freed the monster from its cage, just like Lucifer has been freed from his original cage by Cas+prevented from going to the cage by Crowley. I’m not sure whether Pete is a mirror for Cas or Crowley or both - both Cas and Crowley wanted to use Lucifer for some goal (fighting the Darkness in Cas’ case, I-don’t-think-we-know-the-full-extent-of-it in Crowley’s), but Pete only claimed that his goal was ‘saving the town’, he just wanted very egoistical personal gain. If he’s a Cas mirror, he’s a dark mirror; if he’s a Crowley mirror, I don’t know.

Now let’s talk about Dean - Dean’s behavior is supposed to feel jarring and wrong, he’s concerned and scared about Cas so he distracts himself - the waitress (at a place filled with tiny Cas things* and large BS written everywhere), even called Carmen which reminds us of Carmen Porter from 2x20 and that is so not a coincidence, the burger, which Dean is overenthusiastic about just like when he came back from Purgatory (“it’s a treasure” then, “this is heaven” now - and the word heaven isn’t a coincidence, either, not with what the next episode is going to be about - again, I’m tending towards a Naomi-like situation where Cas is more under heaven’s control than he realizes, in some way or another).

* It’s like a compendium of everything - coffee, burger, “Gus’” like in season 9, the comet-ish-like logo, I mean, there’s even a fish…

The emphasis on the initial letters makes me think we’re supposed to read is as “BS C(a)S” aka bullshit Cas - Dean literally has sex with a woman to fill in Cas’ absence, and it’s quite explicit in the episode, it’s not just the letters or whatever - Dean is upset because Cas has disappeared, Dean acts on his coping mechanism things, it’s linear. It was supposed to be an episode about being closed in a dark place.

Changing the topic - the heaviness of dysfunctional white dude family brings us to the Stynes again. The entire season is run through by the Stynes, from the nazi elements to now a family who has a dark secret and basically owns the town (just like the Stynes were “gods” in the town). The intertwinement of the Bishop family and the British Men of Letters basically spells Stynes 2.0 - the Stynes invaded the bunker and ‘tainted’ it (back in those times we wrote about a possible adiós to the bunker just like we’re doing now…) just like Ketch and his men have done, with the difference that the Stynes trashed up the place, while the British Men of Letters acted so that Dean and Sam wouldn’t notice. Dean’s photographs feature heavily in both cases… (the two scenes are also parallel to Amara’s visit to the bunker, when she did trash the place up a little but also saw Mary’s picture and eventually brought her back - Amara, like Ketch, kind of collected into about Dean connected to Mary; the Stynes kinda did the same, as they dug up the same pictures, but they didn’t care).

So, I think the BMoL arc is going to have a lot in common with the Stynes arc, with the due differences - I expect a ‘reverse’ of the dark elements of the Stynes arc (Dean doesn’t have the Mark but has grown up a lot since those times, etc etc - extradiegetically, I’m pretty sure the witch twins and Jody are going to be fine lol, I’m pretty sure they learnt the lesson).

Basically I saw this episode as the love child of Thin Man and The Prisoner (there were vibes and references to other eps, but those two stood up imo), which suggests that the story will proceed in a way that will put the characters in situations similar to the ones back in late season 9-late season 10, except that the characters have gone through experiences that are going to have them react to the situation differently. Thoughts?

TLJ new designs and some considerations (#reylo)

If you’ve seen the new design for TLJ, you probably noticed that they didn’t couple the characters randomly. What I find interesting is that they seem to have studied similar designs or ‘linked’ designs for the characters who are most probably going to interact a lot in the next movie. Let’s go with order:

Kylo Ren/Rey: well, we all saw this coming. It’s almost a given we will get these two interacting, even if just to fight each other again, in TLJ. 

What’s interesting about this is that not only they put them side by side as they did for another couple (FinnRose) that is ‘supposedly’ going to have an ongoing romance of some kind throughout the rest of the trilogy (hint?), but if you look at the pictures, the first thing that catches the eye is the contrast between the two. Rey, with a white/light background and Kylo with a dark/black backround. Rey, wearing light-colored clothes, Kylo in black. And of course, the lightsabers: Rey with her blue lightsaber and Kylo with his red lightsaber, and not only that, but their weapons are also pointing in opposite directions. Doesn’t this remind you of some other promotional picture?

Right. Veeery subtle. Yin and Yang, anyone?


Finn/Rose: rumors had it these two characters are going to have a romantic storyline of some kind. After seeing this picture, I truly believe it. Not only they are specifically put side by side (it could be Poe or anyone else, really, but they picked Finn), but here too we have similar design and colors. Just look at their clothes: they’re both dressed in shades of the same colors and they both wear similar jackets. These design are definitely not made randomly.


Poe/BB8: here come the best buddies. Of course, in the case of Poe and BB8, we can exclude the romantic intention of the design. But it’s interesting to notice how Poe’s clothes remind of BB8 bright colors: orange and white. 

Of course, Poe was dressed very similarly in TFA too, but by seeing this picture you get the feeling that it was totally made on purpose so that the pilot and the droid would match. It’s a given that this has to do with the fact that not only they’re work partners, but will hopefully be seen together a lot more in TLJ than they were in TFA. What if this applies to the other ‘couples’ too? 


R2D2/Chewie: again, we can expect no romance between these two characters (lol). But we know they were both with Rey when she left for Ach-To and we know Rian asked to change the script so that R2D2 would go with Chewie and Rey, instead of BB8. This tells us that maybe our two old friends are going to have some important part in the next movie, or at least that they will be seen together in most of their scenes. Notice also that the backgrounds of both characters look very similar. Once again, certainly not a random choice that of pairing them up.

Why am I stressing this point? Because I’ve seen talks of Kylo Ren being only in a short part of the movie and that he and Rey would not interact much if not for a few scenes on Ach-To, supposedly. But this new leaks tell us that they studied the designs with a purpose and that they certainly did not match these pictures randomly. That’s why I believe that – given that Rey is the main character and that apparently it’s very important for the SW crew to show in every possible subtle way that she’s connected to a certain warlord – we will see not only a lot of Kylo, but also a lot of reylo interactions/parallels in TLJ.

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First of all, I just read practically all of your posts and it took me like 4 hours second of all, I have a request for Terushima, Kuroo, Bokuto, Tendou and Lev (separate and fem reader) where the first time they go inside her house they see whats practically a zoo there are so many animals and she acts like its totally normal. A little fluffy bonding with animals and their reaction to it please. (Scenario).

Lol! I thank you for spending so much time n my writing, darling! And hope that you were able to enjoy every minute of it!

This idea is so adorable! (Funny that I get to this right after @vambaer sent me pictures of her own personal mini zoo, lol!) But I hope that you enjoy!

Terushima knew that she had a lot of pets, it was one of the first things that he learned about her, so he had expected animals to be there when he walked through her front door. But the amount of animals that he had considered ‘a lot’ apparently hadn’t reached the limit at which her home was actually filled.

“Wow,” he couldn’t help but breath as he hurriedly closed the door behind him to keep a couple cats from taking the opportunity of running for the outside world. His eyes followed them as they stalked around his feet, one deciding they liked him quicker than the others had already began to rub itself against his leg.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” she offers, ignoring the shock that was evident on his face as she strolled door the hallway, followed closely by a dog that turned the corner.

He watched, eyes trailing over the floor looking for anything that might decide to pop out now that he had entered and added a change in environment to the home.  “No, but…” he stepped forward as well, a small smile touching at his lips when he turned to see the habitat with a tortoise lounging inside it, “but remind me how many pets you have again?”

“Three cats, two dogs, a tortoise, two parakeets, oh, and there’s Mr. Billy, she’s a goat,” she turned, a slight knowing smile on her face as she lifted her hands to perch them on her hips. She looked as though she dealt with this all the time. “Too overwhelming for you?”

Kuroo immediately straightened, a small laugh coming up through his lips, but he didn’t know how to place the sound. “No, just that ‘a lot’ to my family had been a couple dogs,” it was an honest answer. He remembered wanting to pick up a new puppy when they already had two pets at home and his mother had told they already had too many.

“Well, then come meet the family,” she gestured for him to keep up as she walked through the house, “because there’s also my hedgehog, the guinea pig family, and my iguana. And they’re all dying to meet you!”

This time when he laughed, he knew it was due to the feelings that began to flutter inside of his chest. She was endearing and the endless love that she had for these animals - and surely more was enough to keep him following after her.

The goat was his favorite, Bokuto decided as he stepped closer to the animal with a handful of hay, a small amount of anticipation in his being when Mr. Billy had snapped her teeth to obtain the food. After that, there was nothing getting the animal from his side. He laughed and brought his sparkling eyes up to her who watched from the gate.

“She’s sweet,” he commented as his gaze dropped to the goat again who was now nudging her nose against his hip, lips taking in the edge of his shirt that hung there. He scooted back, releasing the garment only for her to trot after him and attempt to catch it again.

Her laughter caught Bokuto’s ear as he continued to try and keep his shirt from being the next piece in this goat’s meal plan. “I think she’s just using you,” she joked, causing another bout of giggled to emerge from her, showing just how funny she thought her own comment was.

Rushing away, Bokuto reached to pull himself up and over the wooden fence, turning to see Mr. Billy staring at him from just beyond it. He cooed as he reached to scratch at the top of her head. “No way,” he insisted, leaning to knock his shoulder against her own, “she loves me too much for that.”

The rest of feeding time went by smoothly, Tendou was able to spend time with each of the animals, getting to know them one by one. It took most of the day, but it had been worth it to see her face brighten with each interaction he had. For her, these animals were her family, and he understood that him having some kind of connection with them meant something to her.

“I like them,” he commented as he gently held the three baby guinea pigs in a single palm, eyes taking in every detail of their little bodies with a smile stretching wide across his face. “All of them,” he turned to look at her as he spoke the words, emphasizing his adoration for every animal that resided in her home.

Her lips pulled wide across her face, eyes crinkling at the corners before he leaned to press a kiss to his cheek. “I would hug you, but I don’t want you to drop the babies.”

Huffing a laugh, Tendou reached to place the small rodents back inside their cage with their parents. Turning to face her, he opened his arms for her to move and press her body against his. He held her tightly against him, turning to press a simple kiss against her temple. He’d love anything for her.

“Better get in here before they take your spot,” Lev called from her place on the couch, one cat had already made himself comfortable on Lev’s lap and a dog was snuggled in between him and the armrest of the couch. He could see the other cats making their way across the living room floor towards where he was sitting.

As much as he enjoyed his time getting to know the animals, it was time for them to have their own time together. His gaze rose when he saw her rounding the couch to then seat herself down next to him, the two cats quickly making themselves at home around her - one on the back of the couch and the other curled at her side.

“Go ahead and start the movie,” she instructed as she got herself situated, tucking her legs in at her side and leaning her body against Lev’s. As he did as she said, he raised an arm to wrap around her, a smile touching this lips when she leaned her against against his shoulder.

“Thank you,” she spoke quietly without any further explanation, but he felt that he knew. He knew because he could feel the comfort and ease that filled the room as they settled in for the night. This was their family now; the large and mainly four legged family. And it was beautiful.

Laucy Thoughts - start to finish

Knowing Lauren and Lucy has dated and now no longer does is like watching a great movie with a sad ending. It’s like being satisfied knowing how great it was, how special it was, even if it didn’t end as much as you hope for - because you know it happens to people. Some couples don’t last, but that doesn’t mean what they have wasn’t real.

It was real, romantic even. But It has ended. It’s tragically beautiful.

(rant - a long ass post)

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The SLBP Lords As Children Part 1 of 4

So ever since I saw a picture of young Masamune, I have been wanting to make edits of them as little youngsters. This takes a lot longer than expected and these took about 6 hours to photoshop in total. I will be making more in the next few days, expect headcanons to be limited while this is ongoing.

Their Ages In The Edits:

Yukimura: 8 years old

Saizo: 7 years old

Kenshin: 4 years old

Shingen: 11 years old (I know he looks like crap compared to the others but I had a really hard time with him lol, he’s difficult)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything that was used to make these, I just pulled pictures off of google images and screenshots I have taken.

fandom-jumper01  asked:

Also after watching Mark's new video I'm still shook. Like dear god the voice distortion after the update on Googleplier got me so messed up so bad.

Dude same! I saw the pictures first (because internet lol) before the video- so I was so hyped up. And then Google being updated??? And three more!

Hope you’re alright now XD We’ll be expecting a lot of the egos now

anonymous asked:

Could I get some B, K, and X for Regis, Cor, and Titus? (If that's too many, sorry and you can drop whichever ones you don't want to do)


B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Regis likes his hands best. Plus, he can do a lot of naughty things with his hands ;) For his partner, he really likes breasts/chests. Playing with his partners nipples, especially pinching and twisting the erect buds are a guilty pleasure of his.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Insemination kink- what did you expect, he is a king after all xD

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Regis’ royal scepter (lol omg Berry, no) is long, and can reach places you’ve never even felt before. He’s fully shaven down there, and for good reason too- he likes it when his partners use their mouths on his balls to pleasure him. That will be his undoing.


B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Cor’s favourite body part on himself are his broad shoulders. He especially likes it when you cling to them while riding him like a champion. Cor’s favourite body part on his partner is their mouth. You soon find out that he has a bit of an obsession with kissing. Because he likes your mouth so much. He says you have “candy lips”.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

One of Cor’s kinks? Oral for sure. Oh… anal play. On himself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Cor is both thick and above average in length. His cock curves upwards when it’s at full mast and… he feels amazing when he’s inside you, he gets you right in your magic pleasure spot mmmm. Cor manscapes, because he believes it to be courteous to his partner.


B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Titus thinks his arms are charming in the way they are able to display his strength through his rippling muscles as he holds himself above you while hammering into your opening with very little trouble. On his partner, he likes soft, pliable thighs. He likes leaving his mark on your inner thighs… he doesn’t know why- it just turns him on immensely.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Daddy kink. Titus Drautos loves it when you call him daddy.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Titus does not have anything to be shy about- evidently so with the way he strips off just before doing the dirty with no real qualms. He’s HUGE. Girthy and lengthy, when you see his cock you know you’re about to have a satisfyingly good time. He’s not, like, so big that he will cause you intense pain, but he’s big enough to stretch and fill you to the point of being too delirious to coax him on during the main course of lovin’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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T'Challa X, Y, Z, A ♥️😊

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

God I wish I could add a gif or pic on mobile! No man could run around dressed like a cat and not he well endowed. Like come on. Lol. If his hands are any indication (and I believe that they are) you can expect quite a lot from our favorite King.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

High. T'Challa has to take care of his duties as King before he can do anything else, including you. So when you guys do have down time expect it to be hot and heavy at all times.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

I don’t think he would fall asleep too quickly. He’s used to being up for long hours at a time and he’s in great shape so he could definitely go at least a few rounds before needing a nap.

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

T'Challa isn’t very good at after care. He’ll clean you up and stuff but don’t expect a lot of pillow talk unless you’re in a very committed relationship. If you’re in a serious relationship he’d be more considerate but still don’t expect him to be that great about sharing his feelings unless you make him. If you sit him down and tell him that you need him to be more diligent with his aftercare he’d definitely make an effort though. He’s not an asshole.

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Can you make a "How to know if an ENTP likes you"?

When an ENTP likes you in general:

  • Seek contact. Always looking for something exciting, something new, it’s easy for ENTP to forget something along the way, and sometimes it’s people they leave behind unconciously. A good way to tell an ENTP likes you is seeing if they ask you to tag along, like inviting you to their world. A problem with ENTPs is that they are distant even if they don’t look like it, because despite being able to befriend a lot of people, they are slow to make deep connections. What my two ENTP friends do when they like you is initiating get-togethers, the more comfortable they are with you, the less people they ask to come when hanging out, until it’s the both of you alone.
  • Deep conversations. And by this I mean the kind of conversations in which they share their honest opinions about a topic. ENTPs like to debate and argue, but it’s not often that they share what they truly think, despite how opinionated they might look like. If they say something like “In my opinion”, “I believe” or “What I think”, implying not only facts, but also themselves, they are revealing something more personal and it’s a sign they trust you.
  • Share their feelings. Similar to above, but in a more direct way. If they speak about how they are feeling, tell you they are down, or how a certain thing made them feel (This doesn’t happen often, because or their Fe, so it’s a major indicator of trust), they understand you are a person they can rely on.
  • Touch. They like to feel the people they like close. Every ENTP I have met (especially female ENTPs, but male ENTPs too), unconciously got closer to friends, for example grabbing their arm or touching their shoulder while they were speaking. They also do it conciously, for example my ENTP friend would touch her friend’s face or randomly poke her.

When they like you romantically:

  • Sudden closeness. If the ENTP has decided they like you (and it might take some time because they are not the type to sit and ponder their feelings), they will waste no time and suddenly be all over you, trying to get your attention, inviting you to spend time with them, coming up with new activities for the both of you to do… Everything to get closer to you as fast as possible.
  • Listen. They listen to what you have to say like it’s the most interesting thing they could focus their attention on. They are probably trying to see if there is something more, something interesting for them in the way you think, something that draws them. This also means they will keep the conversation going as long as you keep interesting them, and show a big amount of enthusiasm. This also happens when they like you in general, but in this case it will be even more evident. Their eyes light up and they talk a lot and very fast in contrast to the nods and fake smiles they give to people they don’t like.
  • Eye contact. Important. They tend to look people they like in the eye-it’s their way of demonstrating their interest. They will also look at you a lot, especially when something happens. My ENTP friends said once that the facial expressions of a person are very important to her, so if you are for example laughing and they look at you for some moments, it’s a sign.
  • Gravitate towards you. As Extroverts, one of the best ways to tell if they like you is seeing if they choose you in a large group of people, for example in a room full of people (a party, a classroom). 
  • Serious attitude. As well as trying to get closer to you using their wit and humor, they will also be very attentive and helpful, more than what you would expect knowing they are ENTP. They will try to open up with you and share things they wouldn’t tell other people, and hope for you to do the same (But they must trust you a lot first).

To the anon who sent the nice words, thank you very very much. Hope they are helpful, and thanks for asking :)


What now? Feel free to give up, if you wish.

One more connecticon post–I don’t think this Guts has a tumblr but he had a really fun photo idea (even if it required a lot of balance on my part)…thanks to @bythe-outsider for taking the pictures!!

You taught me the courage of stars

Before you left

Voltron Week is here! Here’s a space princess for today’s theme, Space/Travel (leaning way more towards space oops)

Many thanks to @raberbagirl for helping me come up with ideas, I loved the thought of Allura and a star cloak! As expected, I went overboard with the stars :P

Harvey update from here in Austin

Well I think the worst up here was that the famous Franklin BBQ caught fire and will be closed indefinitely because the entire top floor is just gone. But the one cook there (this was at like 4am and theres only like 1 cook working on the meat at that time) is safe so that’s good.

Just lots of rain here, I think about 3 inches at this point. Winds are pretty intense but nothing I haven’t been in before. Again, north Austin, and where I work in the hill country, are pretty safe from the worst of the flooding. I’ll be headed to work today, though don’t expect many customers lol.

Also want to try and find somewhere I can volunteer tomorrow, or something. Austin is one of the cities that evacuees were taken from Rockport, the city that was hit the hardest and where most of those terrible pictures are from. I don’t think there are many reports, but they were under mandatory evacuation so I have high hopes that human cost is very low.

Remember Texans, turn around don’t drown! Stay off the roads this weekend, and stay dry. <3

I strongly believe Taemin is pregnant

And here is my pictorial evidence:

First: He  has put on some weight recently (mostly on his face and stomach) and this is one of many signs of pregnancy. 

Second: In recent pictures, he looks a little moody and touches his stomach a lot.  He probably has morning sickness. 

Third: a few days ago we caught Onew on camera rubbing Taem’s tummy very happily. 

My conclusion: Taemin is expecting Onew’s baby. And we all know how this happened ;) 

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But i have a lot of rough drafts in my docs, so I’ll only put some of the drafts here lol. srsly, i have too many ideas and i just never attend to them rip

Forget Me Not

pairing: Lu Han X reader

genre: fluff, angst (what do you expect)

summary: This story follows Lu Han, a charming young adult in his early twenties, who happens to be gifted with a perfect memory originating from the hyperthymestic syndrome; he remembers events from his early childhood up to now perfectly, having the capability to recall everything in detail from his fourth year of age. Now picture a woman of only a year younger than him, suffering the direct opposite, prosopagnosia; she is unable to remember faces and draw connections between an event or experience and a person’s face, if she doesn’t see it everyday. When these two memory worlds collide, Lu Han soon has to face that his supposed gift might as well be a curse for him. 


“No, I wasn’t looking either! Really, don’t apologise, uh, yeah,” you stammered with heated cheeks. You were embarrassed, no, embarrassed was an understatement. Curse your luck, the street was completely fine, and right before you were walking just as usual, maybe bumped into some oversized dude—although it was his fault for not walking straight, you swore—, but still, everything was fine. Of course, as a result now, you ran straight into a stranger man and if you walked faster and wore those boots with the high heels, you might have landed on your butt and couldn’t have kept the balance. What happened? You could have sworn somewhere, someone called your name, and you just stared anywhere but up front. It was a mistake, and now you caused that nice looking man to drop his phone. It was a relief when it wasn’t damaged, but you felt bad nevertheless.

  “Lu Han.” Your ears perked up and you blinked with a confused look on your face.


 “You seemed to struggle with addressing me, so I told you my name. It’s Lu Han,” he reasoned and repeated. Your lips parted for a solid second, then you closed them—God, you must have looked like a fish—and nodded.

 “My name is _______,” you said quickly, Lu Han took a second to get a hang of your name, but nodded. 

Maybe there is

pairing: Chanyeol X reader

genre: fluff, smut

summary: Chanyeol forgets to tell his parents that you and him are over, and so they invite you over for dinner; somehow your ex manages to make you agree…atop of that he also manages to make old feelings well up.


“Say, Chanyeol, do your parents still think we are dating?” you bring the question finally over your lips, and you can only hear a gulp as an answer at first.
“We broke up not too long ago, and I wasn’t talking much to them.”
“Park Chanyeol, I’ve known you for over seven years, and we dated for three years of those—you visit your parents every second weekend, so don’t try lying to me.” He sighs.
“My parents like you a lot. They were talking so much about you, and were so happy that we were a couple, I didn’t dare telling them the breaking news. Whatever it is they sent you, you can keep it or give it away…just, don’t tell them about our break-up, I want to do it myself when I feel like there is the right moment,” when you don’t comment, he adds a desperate “please”. 


pairing: Kai X reader

genre: fluff, angst

summary: Kim Jongin had to reply to your messages on Instagram within 3 weeks…


“Can’t you at least…try it?”

“What for? It won’t do shit in the end anyway. C’mon, Soorim, it takes a miracle to help me out even when that damn doctor says that chances are good, they were good last time and still I’m here, dying. For real, chances are higher that Kim Jongin answers me on Instagram,” you joked, but suddenly your blood froze in your veins—Soorim stopped crying. Usually that would mean that you can live in peace and relief, this time however, you knew it was the total opposite. You confirmed your assumption when she spoke again:

“Send him one.” Your eyes widened. What?

“Excuse me?”

the rest remain secrets….for now. But I have some mx drafts, too. And still my old BTS drafts + all the requests for the special (fml i have to work on them)

I’m tagging: @yeolology @floofyeol @soobadnoonecanstopher and @soowritings

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I'm glad to know about your phobia because with the It remake coming, I am super excited about it, and probably going to be posting a lot about it. So which tags would you like me to use? So you can black list them

Oh honey I won’t be a big wimp about It, I promise, I really appreciate it though lol… I just get real worked up talking about clowns haha. I do expect a lot of gifs and pictures to come around between that movie & AHS coming up- and I’ll just scroll really really fast past them lmao. 

It’s one of those things I’ve had a problem with my whole life and everyone thinks it’s hilarious for some reason so I’d have friends very purposefully put clown images on my myspace or facebook, or even not tell me there will be a clown somewhere we plan on going etc. That happened once and I kid you not, I was a grown adult blubbering like a baby as soon as that poor man walked into the room- I actually felt bad for the guy dressed as The Clown because he FREAKED OUT when I became a crying mess.

You post all the things you want, I’ll be okay.
You just won’t find me ‘liking’ or ‘reblogging’ any of them hahaha.

Funny Meg Fact: I’m fairly certain I’ve seen every movie Tim Curry has ever been in… because he’s brilliant… but I’ve never, ever even seen the full trailer for the original “It” and I’ve only seen the trailer for the remake on accident… and I love Stephen King, lol.

hello, loves, i’m imogen!! (not my name, but i like it) in the next four days, i’ll be a high school freshman in a new country. i’ve been following the studyblr community for a while now, and i decided that this is the perfect time to start my own! =)

about me

  • i’m originally from kenya, and over the summer, i moved to the united states. any tips on how to this place works are greatly appreciated lol
  • english nerd alert! expect a lot of pictures of books and quotes. i also love learning languages, reading (especially fantasy) and music.
  • slytherin babe 
  • fluent in english and semi-fluent in swahili. i’m also (aiming) learning korean, french, and spanish (and possibly asl), so this might end up being half langblr

why did i start in the studyblr community??

  • i’m starting high school soon and in addition to being terrified, i think this will help me be motivated
  • i think the studyblr community will help with that
  • those notes! damn!
  • to be more organized

what should you guys expect??

  • a lot of reblogged notes, quotes, and tips
  • language things
  • inspirational things
  • study aesthetics
  • perhaps some original stuff


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thanks for reading! if you’re a studyblr, please like/reblog so i can follow you. and if you ever want to talk, message me instantly