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in the regency au does tony ever feel like he's being forgotten (pre-kids)? like sometimes his alpha's are so busy helping run the kingdom that they don't really talk for weeks and tony doesn't have many friends and those he does have are also super busy, so tony feels kinds isolated and forgotten like he essentially was with obidiah? does tony just kinda accept the feeling with a resigned sigh, or does he talk to someone (sarah, or his alphas) about it?

I mean it’s not as if he hadn’t been expecting it? Only a year has passed since the war ended and both the Rogers kingdom and the Stark kingdom-now-absorbed are still recovering. There was a lot of work to be done before they married and somehow there’s even more work now because there’s unrest about Steve and Bucky marrying a Stark and unrest about Tony having been a political prisoner despite the fact that he was also a victim of the war and unrest about the countries merging because now the Rogers kingdom is so large how can they expect to defend it entirely??? There’s… a lot going on. Most of it things Tony can’t help with. But he knew that going into the marriage. He doesn’t remember what all his mother did to help with running a country but what he does remember is that his father did the lion’s share of the work.

Fortunately they don’t go for weeks without talking. At the end of the day, his alphas always stumble back to their bedroom, exhausted but unwilling to slip into bed without greeting Tony, pressing tired kisses to his lips and asking about his day even though they’re usually asleep before Tony finishes answering. Tony doesn’t mind. His alphas work very hard for their country and he’s very proud of that. (He actually finds it really attractive, how hard they work to make sure their people are taken care of.) So maybe he’s a little lonely, maybe he misses their intimate touches, but he can see his mates are tired. They need rest. So he tucks them under the sheets carefully so they stay warm and presses kisses to their foreheads and then crawls into bed between them. It’s okay. Especially since Steve and Bucky always gravitate toward him in sleep, curling around him and sometimes even waking up long enough to press sleepy kisses against whatever skin they can reach before dozing off again. Tony takes what he can get. It would be greedy to push for more. Besides, it’s their duties to take care of their country and his duty to support them. Tony has always been about duty and if his is to silently soldier on and support his husbands then he will do it.

(And it’s not like Steve and Bucky don’t feel awful about it, apologizing for not spending more time with him. They just–want to make sure the former Stark kingdom is doing well. They’d lost almost an entire generation of alphas and betas to the war. Many of their surviving soldiers were injured and crippled. They don’t want what the Starks had built to fall to ruin. While Sarah and Howard hadn’t really known each other, Sarah will admit that Howard was a brilliant (if slightly strange) man who generously shared his agricultural inventions with other countries so that no one would go hungry because of drought or flood or vermin infestation. The Starks weren’t bad people, and their subjects weren’t either. They’d be remiss to abandon them in a time of such great need. And with Tony hearing about how much money and time and effort they’re funneling into his former kingdom, how could he possibly be resentful? All he’s ever wanted was to take care of his people.)

Also Pepper may be busy (she has a lot of valuable information from traveling from her convent to the Rogers kingdom), but Rhodey definitely isn’t, and Tony is taking full advantage of having his best friend back by cuddling him aggressively. They don’t even need to be doing anything–just sitting together with Tony on Rhodey’s lap, clinging to him, whispering about all the good things that had happened to him since he was brought to the Rogers kingdom. Rhodey’s still pretty unimpressed by Steve and Bucky but he’ll admit he would have been unimpressed by any alpha up to and including Sam Wilson because he’s watched out for Tony ever since Tony was two and toddled out in the middle of a tense meeting between the Starks and the Williams to drape himself across Rhodey and say “You’re pretty.” Rhodey was only seven but he’d been fucking smitten with him ever since. There was a reason his parents had allowed him to come stay with the Starks and it was only partly because their friendship had eased tensions with Tony’s parents; the other part was that Rhodey, while a noble, was not high up on the line of succession and he’d have better prospects being the friend and playmate of an omega prince than he would at home. (And in all honesty, if the Starks couldn’t find a suitable match for their son, they probably would have chosen Rhodey.) When the war first broke out with the Rogers his parents had sent for him, but Rhodey had refused to leave Tony behind. His parents had respected that even if their returning letter saying so was tear-stained.

( “You know, my mother’s kind of miffed that she wasn’t invited to the wedding,” Rhodey teases, and then regrets it as soon as it’s out of his mouth because Tony looks horrified and immediately pens a letter full of apologies and regrets for having not invited them. The letter he gets in return is full of question marks and then finally a terse ‘we’re coming to visit dear’ that sounds more threatening than anything. Tony’s terrified until Roberta Rhodes brushes past Tony, his confused husbands, his bewildered mother-in-law, and grabs Rhodey by the ear and starts berating him for making Tony think she was ever upset with him for not being invited to his wedding. “It’s nice to know some things never change,” Terrance Rhodes says fondly, then turns and pats Tony on the shoulder. “Hello, Anthony. It’s good to see you’re doing well.” Tony squeaks but it’s barely heard over Rhodey and Roberta bickering. Sarah likes them and welcomes the Rhodes to her castle at any time. It also helps relations with the Williams so she doesn’t see a downside at all.)

((Steve and Bucky get a little upset that Rhodey’s scent on Tony is stronger than theirs but his mother always frowns severely at them when they complain about it. She’s an omega, though; she wouldn’t understand, kind of like Tony doesn’t understand. Rhodey understands, though. Rhodey understands well.

They can tell, because Rhodey gives them smug smirks as he cuddles Tony while Steve and Bucky are too busy to spend time with him. For the first few months of their marriage, they loathe Rhodey.))

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Confident Seduction.

Requested by avengershavethetardis: Where the reader was a member of Kingsman and when they go to meet the Statesmen Agent Whiskey starts to try and “seduce” her but he then realizes that she just flirts right back and he seems kind of flustered around her but then develops feelings for her because of her confidence.
Pairing: Agent Whiskey x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Swearing, very mild sexual references.
Word Count: 1814

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Some thoughts on Hillary Clinton on The Graham Norton Show

The first thing to say is that it was a great interview - Hillary was relaxed, which was sort of amazing given the circumstances, but I think the second the audience saw the crutches, she had them in the palm of her hand. There had been a lot of “what the hell is going on?” during the day - kind of understandable given most arrived between 8am and 9am, and the interview was just over 4 hours late in starting - we’d been told nothing, just that she was delayed, and then word filtered out that she’d missed two other shows that morning, and some grumbling started, primarily a fear that she’d miss Norton too after waiting so long. But then she appeared, and it was so clear she was in discomfort and struggling to walk, and I think if the audience had been allowed to carry her to the sofa, they would have.

She’s very funny in the interview, although in general it’s pretty serious compared to the usual Norton content. Norton has a really easy going manner which sort of made the serious nature of what was being said probably easier for some expecting a more boisterous interview (the usual tone of the show) to digest, and there was a nice to and fro between them. For the most part here in the UK, she’s had sympathetic interviewers - and it was abundantly clear that Norton had read the book too - which helps a lot. She didn’t say anything that we’d not heard before during the book tour, but she seemed more casual saying it, more open. Maybe it was the painkillers for the fractured toe, or just the fact that rather like last night in the Southbank Centre, she knew from the word go that she had an audience entirely on her side - we weren’t former voters, we didn’t have any grievance, we were there because we liked her and wanted to hear her. She talked about desperately wanting to get out of going to the inauguration - which provided a delightfully funny moment when she said she “thought” the Bush seniors being in hospital was legit, and providing they don’t lose it during the edit, she says George W’s “that was some weird shit” quote about the Trump’s speech of doom and disaster. Also, she does the intro for the top of show, and bless, she had to scoot to the end of the sofa to record it because she couldn’t walk nor stand to do it.
It was a bravo performance, really. I mean, ultimately she could have messaged what had happened to her and the audience would have gone home admittedly disappointed but understanding, but she turned up - a trooper to the end - obviously in discomfort, having trouble walking, and she was magnificent. Open, funny, looked gorgeous, and once again reminding everyone what an utter loss to the world the election result last year was. This is a woman who keeps going, who gets things done, who battles on, regardless. That is an amazing thing.

The interview will air this Friday on BBC One, after the Ten O'Clock News, so usually around 10.35pm, and from what it sounded like her interview will be the first up. They’re recording the other guests on Thursday evening.

If anyone wants to ask my anything about today, or last night at the Southbank Centre, feel free, as I know I probably didn’t cover everything that well above.

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I was thinking over what you said about finding spaces not involved in culture wars. Is this really okay? During the past year when I tried bonding with strangers it turned out they're all anti-kink or aphobic or something. My ex bff called me a "freak" over kink discourse. So I decided I only need my few trusted friends. Others are hostile filth. But some said isolating myself is unhealthy. Is that true? I can't handle the heat, so I should stay out of the kitchen... But it's kind of lonely.

I was thinking over what you said about finding spaces not involved in culture wars. Is this really okay?


So I decided I only need my few trusted friends. Others are hostile filth. 


Knowing people from a wide range of backgrounds, and being politically and socially involved, can be healthy or it can be unhealthy. When it means getting into constant fights over your own private life with people who are calling you a freak, it’s unhealthy, and prioritizing relationships with people who don’t treat you that way is a great idea. But I do have some worries about the ways you’re thinking of it here.

Most people are not hostile filth. It might be that most people cannot be a good friend to you. Most people you’ve interacted with have treated you poorly, and it is okay to decide that you don’t want to interact with them. But lots of people are trying, from the tiny corner of human experiences which they have seen and which they understand, to paint the lines in a way that makes for a good world full of human flourishing. They often suck at it. It’s okay to be annoyed at how much they suck at it; it’s okay to look out at the world and go ‘come on, you could try just the tiniest bit harder to understand me and then you wouldn’t be hurting me constantly and I am sick and tired of your best because your best sucks’.

I think ‘most people are not terrible, and most people are trying to be kind and good’ is sometimes an incredibly threatening thing to say. Some people have been taught that the only reason they can cut someone out of their life is because they are terrible. So saying ‘no, they aren’t terrible’ is saying ‘I deny your excuse for not having that person in your life’. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if someone is the greatest, most virtuous, most loving, most dedicated person in the universe, if being around them is not pleasant for you you get to stop doing it. Once you believe that, it is a lot less threatening to believe that most people are well-meaning and decent.

So I think you should feel more okay with not interacting with people and also less inclined to think of those people as hostile filth, and I sort of expect those to be related to each other.

And this also seems relevant to your feeling lonely and isolated. I think there is a world of difference between ‘spending time with these people makes me unhappy, and so I don’t want to do it’ and ‘these are bad people’. Feeling like everyone in the world except a few trusted friends is a bad person is absolutely going to be isolating! You can’t dare let your current relationships slip through your hands, because they’re the only people who aren’t terrible in an ocean of terrible! You can’t casually enjoy a non-political talk with a stranger, because they are terrible and might turn on you! That sounds exhausting!

The healthier way to think about this is ‘I get to decide whether interacting with someone is making me happy or making me sad. If it’s making me sad, I get to stop. I don’t have to put up with people who hurt me for the sake of ‘not isolating myself’. Correspondingly, I don’t have to cut someone out of my life for being ‘bad’ if interacting with them makes me happy. I can just decide who I want to spend time with, and deciding not to spend time with someone is not judging them unworthy or evil, it’s just noticing that I don’t like spending time with them.’

This is categorically always okay. It can still be isolating, if you notice that all of the people around you make you sad, and in that case I urge you to look for people who don’t, because it is definitely important to have people who you actually like interacting with. But I think it will be less isolating than ‘most people are bad and so either I interact with them anyway because it is virtuous or I avoid them and feel lonely’, because it takes the ‘badness’ and ‘virtuousness’ out of the question and lets you just ask yourself what you want

“I now realized that I did recall some things about the actual trip through the stone. Very minor things. I remembered  a sensation of physical struggle, as though I were caught in a current of some kind. Yes, I had deliberately fought against it, whatever it was. There were images in the current, too, I thought. Not pictures, exactly, more like incomplete thoughts. Some were terrifying and I had fought away from them as I…well, as I ‘passed.’ Had I fought toward others? I had some consciousness of fighting toward a surface of some kind. Had I actually chosen to come to this particular time because it offers some sort of haven from that whirling maelstrom?”

SO, I made the questionable mistake (or best decision ever?) to start re-reading Outlander. I haven’t read it since finishing MOBY two years ago, so I’m picking up on new Things, and you can expect a lot of word vomit over the next week.

As someone who is prone to all sorts of ridiculous theories, I realize half of the shit I’ll say is nonsense and has no basis in canon reality…But I did think this bit about Claire’s first passage was quite interesting. I mean, on the one hand: YES, CLAIRE, JAMIE IS UR HAVEN. But I’m more intrigued by these “terrifying” thoughts and images that she resisted. What were they—memories? Alternative futures? Pasts? And if she’d surrendered to them, where would they have taken her?! *fights urge to connect all vagaries with the mystery of Henry and Julia Beauchamp* Basically, what I’m wondering is: What other forces in the ~universe (aside from Jamie) could exert such a strong pull on her? EDIT: WHAT IF IT’S BREE?

ALSO, since I’ve already zoomed through Part One, I’ll just say that Claire reads so young and fresh and vivacious in a way that is unique to Outlander. By Dragonfly, she’s already so weathered. It brings me great pain.

One last thing: She wanted to adopt an orphan! Because she herself was an orphan! But Frank wouldn’t let her! Excuse me while I go die!

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When comparing the world of ESO and TES:V Skyrim, it seems as though nothing has advanced very much technologically. You would think that after nearly a thousand years there would be some significant advances in science and magic. Is this just an illusion due to the nature of game mechanics and what is relevant to the player, or has advancement really stagnated? What progress has been made? What could be holding it back? Or, if someone from the 2nd era went to the 4th era, what would amaze them?

It’s a whole hodgepodge of gameplay limitations, genre conventions, and probably a good sprinkling of people just not thinking about it.

A lot of it has to do with what we expect Elder Scrolls games to be. TES is seen by 99% of its current and potential players as a “medieval” fantasy universe, which involves all sorts of tropes and visual cues. If you were to turn back the tech to something resembling a fantasized antiquity or even the bronze age, it wouldn’t look like TES to most people. While many people would still buy it, others wouldn’t, and it’d lose its instant recognizability either way. This also gets more granular. For example, Riften burned down a few decades before Skyrim and was rebuilt from the ground up, yet ESO gives it essentially the same layout in order to make it familiar and innately welcoming to fans of Skyrim. It also swings the other way: while spaceships are totally canon, we’re not going to see them in a mainstream TES title because most people don’t associate spaceships with medieval fantasy. 

In terms of gameplay limitations, scaling the technology backwards or forwards is just more work. Introducing new or old weapons (like spears or crossbows or atlatls) involves creating new code, new models, new animations, and balancing and testing the whole thing. At the same time, taking away previously available technology to simulate an earlier time is going to lead to angry players. Creating a world that both feels like the world players know and authentically a thousand years in the past is a monumental endeavor of preproduction (creating something that’s fantasy but references previous stuff when needed is much, much easier). 

If we are to divorce the games from the lore, we definitely can see some technological change between time periods. Pelinal’s crusader-looking armor was called futuristic by his Nedic contemporaries, and the ancient Chimer mistook a Dwemer wearing heavy armor for a robot. The tech behind crossbows and levitation, both common in the late 3rd era, was lost by the 4th (in levitation’s case, it was due to being banned by the Mages Guild). Magic also likely has a big part to play: why invent mundane means when you’ve already got magical ones?

A common refrain is that technology was (generally) more advanced in Tamriel’s past than it is currently, and, between the wonders of the Dwemer and the fact that there used to be space travel, they’ve certainly got a point. Why the degradation? I’d attribute it to some combination of poor communication and storage of records (the constant wars and changing empires certainly don’t help) and the fact that advanced technology has a tendency to do awful stuff to your people by drawing the ire of the gods or just straight up destabilizing the fabric of reality. 

To finish off this already really long post, here’s a few links to threads on similar topics

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Para Choromatsu: ¿Te imaginas el que este embarazado sea Osomatsu? y no tu :v chan chan channnnn ¿Te gustaría cuidar de él si fuera así? :3 Bye 🌸

Choro: Si es un cadillo así como esta, el esperando un hijo nuestro lo hará 10 veces peor! En todo caso prefiero ser yo el que tenga el bebé! Sé que seré mucho más responsable y cuidadoso que el con algo tan delicado.

*Translating this one because I know a lot of people will enjoy it XD*

Choro: If he’s a pain in the ass as himself, him expecting our child will make him 10 times worse! In any case I’d prefer to have our baby, I know I’d be much more responsable and careful than him with something that delicate.

In all of the craziness that was Tyler fighting Saturday night I forgot to bring up that Hitch saying all of those amazing, and true, things about Devin Shore made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside but most of all proud. Devin deserves that praise and I love that in the midst of the off season acquisition hype, all stars, and expectations that someone sees what I see. What we all see. I love it more that Hitch wants the world for Devin because he works so hard. And I think it’s important that the little guy gets acknowledged, especially since he deserves it so much. A lot of people focus on the bigger guys so I’m sure it feels nice that his hard work is being seen and appreciated.

So….did anyone besides me watch Sam in Electric Dreams last night??? OH MY GAWD HE WAS SO GOOD!!!!!! That man is beautiful. I was literally the heart eyes emoji every time he was on screen. 

Which wasn’t that much. He only had like 4 scenes, but he had a lot more screentime than I thought he would. Like every time I expected him to be done, he’d show up again. Which was nice. And spoiler alert, he played a good guy AND he didn’t die. *hallelujah chorus* I’m so happy to be wrong for once.

His character’s name was Chris….which let’s be honest, Sam doesn’t look like a “Chris” at all. Being a minor character, there is no development or backstory for this guy at all. He’s just there to basically be a bro and business partner to Terrence Howard’s character. That’s it. But he’s a badass as much as he is a smartass. And I love him…even if he’s got like no substance whatsoever. Pretty cool concept in the episode. I’ll probably have to watch it again because I was kinda distracted.

Sorry for gushing so much. It was just really great to see Sam acting on screen again. I’ve missed him so much. I really hope he’ll grace our screens with his pretty face and wonderful talent again soon. Preferably in something more substantial.

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I hope I’m not bothering you, cause I see you have a lot of anons, but I was following the discussion and I have a question now. Like, obviously you weren’t the only one expecting a gender neutral album being marketed quite differently. But why do you think he went the other way? Like why do you think he chose to do this instead of releasing songs that are more like if I could fly, for example? I really don’t get it.

First, I tend to think of the album as a whole. And there are really lovely gender neutral songs on it like Sweet Creature and Sign of the Times. I also think Harry went through a lot in the time he wrote the album, including losing Jay and Robin’s illness. Much of the album feels melancholy to me. I also think about that part of the BTA where he says (paraphrasing), “I wanted to see if I could write an album without people knowing everything about me.” I think it is an interesting challenge for an artist. 

I do think musically he wrote the album he wanted. It has the sound he wanted and it’s influenced by a lot of Harry’s favorite music. 

Look at the songs Harry was involved in for 1D: Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Stockholm Syndrome, Olivia, If I Could Fly, Perfect. He runs the gamut there. I don’t think this album is very far from the things he wrote for 1D.

So I guess I’m saying, I don’t know that he went the other way. I think it was our expectation more than anything.

RE: Recent support

Thank you to the people on my art blog making every day count for me - your lovely words really do keep my going, and I never expected really anyone to say anything in reference to my latest vent piece. I say that a lot, but I really do mean it.

Your collective existence as my followers brings me comfort - each one of you is a valuable living person. I mean, yeah there’s over 300 of you, but you’re all *someone* with your own thoughts and feelings and preferences and *life*!

Trust me when I say that I appreciate all of you, and I always notice my followers when I can. Nothing makes me feel more ecstatic than when I see you guys get excited about something I made c: and that’s the truth!

Criminal Minds AU (Or that Time when Tony Figured Stuff Out)

first of all i was expecting zero (0) notes on the criminal minds au thing i did but a lot of you seemed to want more???? lmao not sure how THAT started but I’m writing more about it. We’ll see if I can finish this, i’m bad at finishing things. (WARNING: talks about merder and whatnot) 

The murder happened in a suburb in Texas. Boring. Tony hates Texas after an unfortunate experience with Pepper leading him to some shop and then they almost got murdered by Stane (didn’t know it at the time, but Tony’s just glad he has a weakness for pastries). But they’re not even in any fun part of Texas where Tony can go to a bar and see someone do a terrible version of “Jolene” and imitate Dolly Parton. That would make his night. 

Natasha’s the one who is great at looking at the body with no hint of disgust even though it smells like a three-week old burrito but about ten times worse. “He wrapped her in a sheet,” Natasha says. 

“He cares about her, feels a little bit bad that he went and murdered her,” Sam mutters. “What else, Tash?” 

“If you call me that again you’re not going to be the only victim.” Sam backs off. “It looks like she was dragged from the road to here. She was meant to be found.” Tony looks around. There’s a building that’s not far from it. That could be useful. 

“How much do you wanna bet he has a truck?” Tony asks. 

“How do you figure that?” Sam questions. 

“Because a.) this is Texas, every guy has one, and b.) I think I found some tire treads.” He points to some marks in the mud. “He’s good, but not that good.” Natasha snaps a picture. “I’ll send it to Bruce, see if he can make anything out of it.” 

Tony doesn’t get to interview anyone. This is generally a good idea, because Tony tends to push people until they hit him or threaten that he’s gonna be the victim after all this is over. What. Ever. Tony’s just here for a good time, not a long time. 

In the mean time, he gets to see Bucky interview someone. He also realizes that Bucky should probably wear his hair up if he wants to stop batting it away from his face like the murder-cat he is. 

The someone that Bucky is interviewing is the girl’s boyfriend. Tony doesn’t trust him, but judging by the way he’s looking at Bucky’s jawline, he probably wasn’t about to murder his girlfriend just because he hasn’t really acknowledged his sexuality publicly. So Tony lets him slide. That leaves about twenty other people that could probably be the killer. Actually no, make that nineteen. The mom didn’t count, she made them cookies. Serial killers don’t make cookies. 

He hangs out with Natasha as she’s mapping out evidence.” 

“Why are you still working with the FBI?” She asks him. 

“Why haven’t you been called in for questioning when you look like you could murder someone?” He counters. 

“Because I’m good at what I do,” Natasha says with a shrug. “Murder isn’t my thing, solving it is. Now, you didn’t answer my question, Stark. Why are you still working with the FBI?” 

“They need me, and I’d rather not be hidden away by the CIA,” Tony says with a shrug. “Besides, it’s not like I can engineer an iron suit and fight crime in the streets.” 

“Could it even be iron?” Natasha remarks, smirking. “Seems a bit heavy.” 

“Mm, good point. Titanium alloy, then.” He looks at the pictures that the victim posted on social media. “Wait, let me see those.” Tony analyzes it. Four are around the same location. Someone’s house, probably her best friend. Tony feels bad for her; it would suck to lose Rhodey. 

But he can see body language in every group picture. There’s one girl that’s never fit. “Who’s this?” Natasha glances at the picture. 

“Lucy. We ruled her out, she fainted at the sight of the picture.” 

“People can act convincingly, Romanov. You of all people should be familiar with that. Bring her in again.” Natasha shrugs. 

“Whatever you want, then.” Tony keeps looking at the picture. Her body language suggests that she’s uncomfortable with the victim. Why would there be at least five pictures with her if she was uncomfortable? 

Bucky cannot believe that they had to take the consultant. Not that he’s complaining. Tony has a weird sense of humor, but he has a cute butt, so that makes up for it. (Just kidding Bucky thinks he’s hilarious but he has a “brooding and mysterious” persona to keep up with.) Tony Stark is famous because he’s smart, he’s quick-witted, and he solved a murder in ten minutes once. (True story.) 

Tony Stark was one of those people that Bucky noticed. Whether it was because Tony bought slidey-socks to mess around the office with, or Maria was talking about how he sent her at least five memes about paperwork, you just knew who he was. 

Bucky noticed things. So he noticed him. And Tony was pretty cute. Bucky just didn’t know how to talk to people. Natasha said he had a Murder Face, which was not cute. It couldn’t even be helped with a teddy bear sweater. 

So this was going to be interesting. 

Unfinished Business

Okay so I’ve been talking about a ghost fic in a couple of posts so here it is. I couldn’t decide on what scene of Zeno’s life to write about so I’ve scene skipped some.This is a lot longer than what I expected it to be so I’m going to split it into multiple parts. So enjoy. 

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oh you do ship in hetalia? 8D awesome, i was under the impression for some reason you didn't ship anything

Ahah yes I do have ships! Although I can see how you got that impression, since I don’t post a whole lot about it. , I don’t think shipping  as in “endgame shipping” is really /that/ important in Hetalia overall since I feel like the nations’ to relationships is probably different and more flexible than human ones, in that there’s not really an expectation that commitments will be lasting or particularly monogamous, and that there’s probably a difference between “state” marriage-style alliances and private relationships between each other, and/or with humans.

THAT BEING SAID: My fave ships would probably be

-AmeChu - My life, my love but ahh I Love how it can be both intense and competitive re: the tumultuous history and money dynamic BUT–it can also be really cute especially due to cultural exchange <3 an underrated rarepair with lots to explore

-GerIta - A Classic since the beginning, the “learning to understand each other despite cultural differences” is especially adorable, especially in the World Stars strips. Due to the long history and modern day cultural interactions it can range from more serious to more silly, and I think they just have a great dynamic as characters apart from being nations

-RomeChu - asdfkj im weak for the China long-distance empire relationships! even if it’s a bit of a stretch its interesting to see how things might have worked out

-PruAme (rip my eternally unfinished multichapter fic) young Alfred in the revolutionary war w/ a crush on Gilbert is something I’m always !!!! for

IggyChu - ok this one is weird bc hashtag problematic and tbh  I do feel iffy about ….most depictions I’ve seen but something about 1790s Meeting of Arrogant Empires before Everything Went Bad that I’m super fascinated with

Honorable mentions to PruHun, Prumano, SpAus, FrUk, LietPoland a whole lot of other ones that are neat but I’m not super invested in! I have some NOTPs but it’s not really set in stone, it’s really has a lot to do more with how people decide to portray stuff : D

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On the topic of anxiety medication: the medication helps regulate the hormones in your brain. I feel the medication wouldn’t silence Virgil or harm him, quite the opposite. I think they would help him think more rationally and listen more to Logic. The anxiety and nervousness would still be there and the problems he brings up found need to be addressed, but I feel he would listen more to reason and concede when logic dictates that the problems doesn’t require a massive upset of emotions.

Ohh, so you think maybe they would work on Virgil like they would be expected to work on a non-side/regular person experiencing anxiety? Helping to combat some of the overly anxious thoughts which are clouding judgement? That makes a lot of sense, though I can see why people make it angsty, since it’s hard to judge how much of Virgil’s character is excessive anxiety and how much is just regular worry/anxiety…

…I’m not sure if that made sense, sorry! it’s quite late here so I’m not quite awake/alert at the moment. 

But yeah, thank you for explaining a bit how the meds work! I’ve never taken medication for my own anxiety so I honestly have no clue, and I always appreciate learning more about things I’m a bit clueless about <3 

fabas-waifu  asked:

What I LOVE about your Guzma is how your artwork isn't just nice to look at. You've made me laugh and feel a little pang in my heart with your more serious pieces as well. Your Guzma is just so genuinely human with how he still has a lot of flaws but is still a good person under all that. I always get excited when I see you on my dash. Thank you so much your wonderful artwork and ideas!


I wasn’t expecting to get anything for that honestly ahaha and this was such a lovely surprise to see in my inbox! I’m really glad you feel that way. I honestly try to make him as human as possible because that’s one of the things I loved about him in the games. He has this big personality, but you tell there’s a lotta person under there. There’s a lot going on with him and it’s honestly one of the things that draws me to him. He’s complicated and flawed, but he’s still good somewhere in there. THANKS SO MUCH!!

and thank you for the kind comments about my artwork! Honestly I’ve been feeling a little self conscious about it lately so knowing that you appreciate it really means a lot! I’m so blessed! Thank you again!!!

I know…I chose this

I know

I chose this path

So many would say I don’t deserve to cry

I dont get to feel bad

But I do

And when I hug my son I remind myself

The alternative would mean not seeing him for days at a time

If I didn’t choose this

I’d be going through even more hell

Being with a narcissist is so damn hard

Going without basic care and respect

Your on your own and have to assume so

While at the same time

Being always mindful of their wants and needs

It’s a lot like caring for a toddler

Although I know toddlers with more concern and empathy for others

If you find yourself in a stressful situation

Where your scared or dealing with something really difficult

And I mean a hard situation

Expect more adversity because a narcissist will not care about helping you in any way

Just add on another layer of hurt and stress to an already difficult situation

But hey I don’t get to complain

I chose this remember?

It should hurt less being called a bitch

For standing up for myself

It’s ok that door slammed in my face because you can’t be bothered to hold it open after you walk through it

Choosing this lesser of the evils shouldn’t be painful

Because I chose it…

And don t be stupid enough to think he will think of you

Or consider your feelings

Even the smallest of things

Do not make the assumption he will think of you

And if he happens to be sure to make a huge deal of it

So he feels good about himself

Do not cry in front of him

Or you will get the biggest laugh and mockery of all

He will tell you your pathetic and unstable

If he does something wrong or loses something

It’s always your fault


Somehow it always comes back to you

All of this makes what is peaceful and beautiful that much more special

But dont cry

because you chose it

You picked him