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First things first. sorry for taking so long to update! This chapter came out longer than expected. I promise the next is going to be shorter.

Also thanks to @lunalocura for being my Beta! She is an amazing person who has been helping me a lot.

Gotta mention here @eloctromagnetic too for helping me with the akuma!

Summary: Chaos, besides its own natures, has a little order on it. Chaos, without order, leads to destruction itself. When the object holding the chaos of the world is damaged, maybe a little more than order is going to be needed to fix it. Abomination! AU


Chapter 3

“Alright. This is definitely not okay.”

“You think??!!”

Adrien was very close to losing his nerves. He tried to keep himself calm, walking quickly around his room with big and steps: screaming would only get him discovered by Nathalie or, even worse, by his father.

Plagg, on the other hand, was sitting relaxed on Adrien’s desk with a half-eaten piece of Camembert by his side. The amount of melting decreased after Plagg ate a bit, but the black substance continued to drip off the kwami.

“Kid, stop walking in circles, you are making me dizzy,” Plagg said with a lazy tone, taking a small bite off of the smelly cheese (which looked even creepier with Plagg’s new appearance).

“How can you be so calm about this?” Adrien directed a bewildered look towards his kwami. “First, you didn’t tell me about the ring being damaged after Shockwave’s attack and t-then the detransformation almost killed me and you!” He pointed an index finger towards the little god, “you were sleeping all day and now you are melting and you just don’t car-“

“Hey! I do care!” Plagg shouted. “Just because I don’t look worried doesn’t mean I don’t care about what is happening around,” leaving his food behind, he flew towards Adrien’s direction, stopping mere millimeters away the boy’s nose. “Especially,” he narrowed his eyes, which were more frightening than before, “if a chosen of mine is being hurt because of it,” he finished, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at a now ashamed Adrien.

“Sorry,” Adrien whispered. Being lectured by Plagg always reminded Adrien that no matter how lazy and cynic the kwami was, he was still a powerful being with 5000 years of experience.

Plagg only huffed.

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I feel like regarding Malec, the writers give us what we don't need (I.e. Randomly thrown in makeout sessions/kisses) but not what we actually need & ties in with the story like continuation of the sex scene, Magnus being with Alec right after he pulls him from the ledge... idk how to put it into words but I feel like there are a lot of gaps in the malec storyline and their parts seem to end so abruptly every time. It's like when I expect a soft malec scene after something intense, there's none.

You know, I absolutely agree with you, every single point. As much as I don’t want to be the person who keeps demanding for malec scenes in a show that’s not essentially centered around the two of them, I wish they won’t leave us hanging so much. I mean, yes sure, we get really cute scenes to establish that they’re moving towards a more comfortable relationship. But I really, really want more scenes of them having real talks about what transpired, be it the sex scene, warlock mark scene or the ledge scene, and where they will go from there. You put it perfectly; their scenes feel very truncated, and I totally agree with that last line. It’s like they find a reason to interrupt their exchange every time and it’s frustrating because you’re expecting a resolution but you’re left hanging. It was done exceptionally well in 2x01, and even though it stretched over, 2x03 and 2x04 worked too and 2x06, almost. I really wish they get back into this rhythm and I know 2x08 is gonna be intense and I love intense but yeah, I want them to resolve things properly.

“I liked it, by the way.” When the decapod looked at her with confusion, she clarified, “The song. You had asked if I liked the song. You actually have a nice voice. For a crab.” She winked and laughed a little to make sure he knew she was just joshing him with that last part, then went on, “I would’ve appreciated it more if I hadn’t been fearing for my life.”

Tamatoa blinked, certainly not expecting her to bring that up out of the blue. “Oh. Thank you.” Oh crap, he didn’t mean to say that. Did he have to compliment her back now? Is that how it works? “You were a lot smarter than I gave you credit for back then.” Ew. Trying to compliment people out loud felt weird. He’s officially forgotten how to interact with people.

Moana laughed under her breath once more, almost as shocked as he was to hear him praise her. “Thank you.” She replied, turning to the sea again. Once more they were quiet, but Moana’s smile seemed to turn into a frown after a moment.

“… Why do you feel like you need to try to be beautiful all the time?” She asked suddenly.

Tamatoa scoffed, almost as if he was shocked that she would say such a stupid thing. “Babe, I AM beautiful all the time.” He retorted, a sly smile appearing on his face for a second.

Moana chuckled a bit; she had wondered when she was going to see one of his normal, smug smiles again. On one hand she thought it was a good sign, but on the other, it unnerved her, bringing back memories of their fight with the crustacean a while back.

“Okay, fair,” She snickered, subtly rolling her eyes. “but don’t you know that there’s more to a person than their appearance?”

The crab paused, thinking it over for a moment. Of course he knew that. But what good is “inner beauty”? It gets you nothing in the long run, especially in a place like Lalotai; there’s no reason to pursue such a pointless trait. “… You’re naïve if you think I should care about anything else but survival and appearance, babe.” He answered finally.

Screencap drawing of From_Drab_To_Fab’s There’s More Than One Way To Shine’. Being a sucker for redemption arcs, I fell in love with this fic and tried my darn best to give one of the scenes some justice (don’t know if I succeeded. I still need to work on drawing Tamatoa correctly). The characters are handled so perfectly and the pacing is incredibly realistic in regards to everyone’s behaviors and personalities. It’s definitely a story worth checking out.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Word Count: About 2400

Warnings: Swearing, FLUFF, some kid being a dick- harassment

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader decides the three of them need a break and takes the boys to a baseball game after a hunt. But the reader is in for a surprise when what she thought was going to be only a fun night with her two favorite boys, turns out to be more than she expects. The man she has loved for years decides he’s gathered the courage to tell her how he feels about her.

A/N: For @bkwrm523 ‘s 30 prompts challenge, I had a lot of fun writing this and was secretly glad that the deadline was March because it takes me absolutely forever to get a fic out. Anyways, my prompt was “I need more excuses to eat cheese”, not gonna lie, this one was a little daunting because I had no idea what to do with it! (I did change it a bit to nacho cheese so I hope that’s okay) Hope you enjoy!

“I need more excuses to eat nacho cheese,” You turned to see Dean shoveling a handful of chips into his mouth. “This stuff is like liquid gold.” He said, bits of food falling from his cheeks onto his New York Mets shirt you had bought a few minutes ago. You laughed.

Dean seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the Mets game you had convinced them to attend so far. The boys definitely deserved a break, the werewolf pack the three of you had followed to the big Apple had proved to be difficult.  Truth was, you weren’t some huge fan of baseball, but upon remembering a few games spent in the summer sun of the past, you decided it would be fun. The smell of hotdogs and the roaring of the crowd was exciting as a kid, even if you didn’t know what was going on in the game, it was still time well spent with your family.

“Can you at least act like an adult?” Sam chuckled on your other side, shifting in his seat to get a better view of his brother who had currently brought his shirt up to his face, licking the cheese that had made it may down the Mets logo. “Dude what else do you want me to do? I am not wasting perfectly good cheese!”

You threw back your head as you laughed once again and Dean smacked the bill of your backward baseball cap causing it to fly into your lap. “Hey shut up! You’re the one who dropped her ice cream on her seat and then ate what was salvageable!”

“But I didn’t lick it off the chair! And an ice cream here is like five bucks, I would’ve eaten it even if it fell on the ground.”

Dean was the one laughing now and Sam muttered something next to you about how many people use these seats, about how many germs you had ingested.

It was currently the top of the third inning, still pretty early in the game, and you could tell the boys were already enjoying themselves. This was such as great idea. The best part of the game wasn’t just the atmosphere of excitement but the fact you got to see the boys smile and have fun. You were sick of their ‘all work, no play’ attitude.

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A Little Too Real- Teaser

Summary: RealityTV!AU- You are a wardrobe supervisor for a popular TV network. The show regularly does a reality TV show like the bachelor and Bucky is the newest contestant. But as the competition goes in he realizes that he doesn’t like any of the girls…on the show anyway. 

Pairing: Bucky x Y/N (eventual)

Word Count: 1595

A/N: So this is something that I tried to work on last week but it was a new idea and I wanted to do some more planning before I released the first part. That being said I would love some feedback on this teaser and hopefully I will post some more for this soon. 

Warnings: None? (Google translations)

Tags: @fangirl1802

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When I interviewed for the job as Wardrobe Supervisor for the Network I was expecting to work with a lot of crazy people. But never did I think that I would, in a way, join them.

The network had just gotten out of a meeting for a newly concepted reality television show. It had easily been approved by all of the appropriate parties and before long we were at auditions for our leading man.

So far we had had two guys come in and all of them were your typical frat boy. Lived off of daddy’s money, was well built, had no real trouble with the ladies, and most likely wanted to do the show for attention. But the next man to come in was different. He had long black hair, was still well built, maybe more so than the last, had piercing blue eyes, and had a smile that could make a heart melt.

“Hello, my name is James Barnes.”

“James, why don’t you have a seat, tell us a little about yourself.”

“Thank you.” He sat down in the chair pulling it closer to the table and more centered than it had been before. “I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and I speak both Russian and Romanian—”

“Ты говоришь по-русски?” (You speak Russian?) I asked. I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t trying to pull one over on us. He smiled and if I didn’t want to smile too…

“Обещаю. Если вы действительно хотите , чтобы проверить меня , мы можем пойти на кофе.” (Promise. If you really want to test me, we can go for coffee.)

“я доверяю тебе.” (I trust you.)

“Stii sa vorbesti romaneste?” (Do you speak Romanian?)

“I don’t speak Romanian, just Russian.” I replied.

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“I’m not an easy person to shop for. John knows I’m not a musician, so he never gave me instruments or anything like that. My all time favorite band is "Yes”. One time for my birthday, John gave me every single CD in the Yes catalog. It was this big bag of CDs. I loved it.

Another time (this was pretty funny), it was Christmas time. This was the year John released like 6 solo albums in six months. We worked a lot. A few days before Christmas, John asked me to find a nice Strat for him to give to his girlfriend for Christmas. Well, I found one. She loved it. Christmas came and went. I remember feeling selfish and a little resentful that he hadn’t given me anything (big baby). About two weeks later, I happened to look at my bank account. I was shocked to see A LOT more money in there than I expected. I called the accountant to see if a mistake had been made. She said John had given me a $10,000 Christmas bonus. Yes, I did feel like an A-hole.“
Dave Lee.

When The Past Comes Calling

It’s uh, been a while, I guess! I have half a dozen unfinished drafts sitting around, so while I desperately try to get something finished enjoy chapter 1 of my incredibly self-indulgent film noir detective Nico. ~2100 words of past NicoMaki and potentially future NicoMaki with a lot of stupid internal monologue that was fun to write.

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Sapphic Fall Out Boy Net Results!

I got a lot more submissions than expected so it was really hard to choose people!!! thanks to everyone who applied!!!


(if i got your name or your pronouns wrong, let me know and i’ll change it. I’m using the info from the typeform.)

@paxamdykes Sofia (mod) (she/her)

@pstumph Jaden ♡ (she/they)

@weekndz Zuzu ♡ (she/her)

@lesbianfob Rosa ♡ (she/they)

@futchfawn Maia ♡ (she/they)

@folieab00b Maddie ♡ (she/her)

@handyurley Andy ♡ (they/them)

@prettyinpunk Silvia ♡ (any pronouns)

@penguinstump Dani ♡ (she/her)

@guitargfs Jess ♡ (she/they)

@pmvstump Jasmin ♡ (she/they)

@caffeinecxld Lindsay ♡ (she/they)

@xheartxfingers Ava ♡ (she/her)

@lesnbian Halcyon ♡ (they/them)

@hipster-winchesters Morgan ♡ (they/them)

@feferidan Andrea ♡ (she/they)

@frictioninyourjeans Essie ♡ (she/he)

@plumptrick Anne ♡ (she/her)

@remember-me-for-sinturies Charlotte ♡ (she/her)

@truantwavevinyl Dallon ♡ (they/them)

@younqgod Lily ♡ (she/her)

Trigger tags: 

(if i missed any let me know!)

abuse, parent mention, band hate, gore, blood, knives, bruises, guns, blood in mouth, anxiety mentions, typophobia, discourse, drama, pete wentz discourse, patrick stump hate, 21p hate, mcr hate, panic! hate, ryden, ryan ross, body horror, self harm, statutory rape, and rape mentions

What to do:

-follow all the members

-track the tag #sapphicfobnet

-make a net intro

I’ll make the kik groupchat soon!! If you think that I forgot to add you to the chat just let me know!!

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Did you watch StartUp?

OMG, Yes! I had to find a way to watch it before it was released on Amaz*n video because no way would I’ve been waiting to watch it sometimes later.

I loved to see Martin playing such a role like Phil Rask. A BAMF, shady and more and more desperate character with a lot of facettes. That car scene???? Brilliant! And I would never criticize ‘too many sex scenes’ (like some critics said) - at least not Martin’s :) Goddammit - Martin was sex on legs in these scenes. 

The scene with Maddie in the bathtub? I can’t even describe in what a turmoil of emotion that sent me - they were both fantastic in that scene.

I am happy, that he had the opportunity to show so much more and different things, that casual viewers didn’t expect of him. We knew what he can do and it’s great, if the world learns that too.

The techno babble was a bit much for me. Besides Martin I loved especially Edi Gathegi as Ronald and Otmara Marrero as Izzy.

I am looking forward to how they continue Phil’s story. I am not sure, what way they can go at the last point we saw him. 

Thanks! That’s really interesting.

One thing I really like about the second game is that it does a good job of reinforcing the talent-as-a-burden motif that pervades the series. In DR1 and DR:AE it’s centered more on living up to expectations than how suffocating and limiting the talent system is (since Kuwata died early; one thing I like a lot about V3 is how it explores rejection of talent). While the expectations thing hits me harder on a personal level, I like that SDR2 has Nanami address the whole “are we really any more than our talent?” issue head on.

Your reasons also kind if resemble how I feel about DRT–not the ultimate message necessarily, but the fact that it goes SO far out into left field that I can’t not be intrigued by it.

Telling fans that an episode is centered around something they really love when in reality, that something only receives about 4 or 5 minutes of screen time is starting the path to distrust. I wish I could see my dash full of happy fans who are flailing and sobbing over the few Sanvers scenes we got tonight, and while there ARE a number of people doing that, I’m seeing a lot of discontent.

What happened to the Sanvers centric episode we were promised? Why did we just sit through an hour long pissing match between Man Hell and Mr. Mxyzptlk over Kara? Writers needs to stop hyping things up to be more than what they are because then fans get their hopes and expectations up and when the episode’s over, we’re left with hardly anything at all.

With that being said, the scenes with Alex and Maggie we got tonight were awesome and beautiful and I loved them. But it’s starting to get to the point where I don’t even want to watch Supergirl anymore when I could just as easily save myself the trouble and wait for someone to post the Sanvers scenes online right after the episode. The writers have made this ENTIRE season all about the forced relationship between Kara and Man Hell and have left room for practically nothing else and it’s just tiring to hope for more week after week when I know it won’t happen.

I'm proud of myself today because...

Today I received my math test results and I was super anxious because I’m not good at maths at all and the test was really hard. I actually got nearly double my score from last time, which made me so happy! My friends got more marks than me and normally that would bring me down but I still think I did really good so I’m not gonna let that bring me down! I was expecting a lot less of myself so that’s made me feel really good and given me a little bit of confidence for the rest of my results tomorrow and the rest of the week!

What were you proud of yourself for today?

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Binch you saw lion?? I've been meaning to watch more oscar nominated movies before the event but I haven't had the chance did you like it? Of the ones you've already seen which ones did you enjoy the most ? Sorry I'm so excited for the oscars and I haven't seen SHIT except la la land (which was yknow like a 4/5) so I'm a slut for other people's opinions atm before I get to make my own idk why

la la land was the first recent oscar nominated movie that i saw and i actually wasnt a huge fan of it at first because i think i went into it with too high of expectations, but after listening to the soundtrack several times i learned to appreciate it more for what it was. la la land and lion are two completely separate films so its like comparing apples and oranges but while i enjoyed both of them a lot, i think lion was more appealing to me. its odd because if i were to look at trailers of both movies without knowing anything about them, i definitely wouldve chosen la la land over lion. but lion was just? so incredible? the fact that it was based on a true story and that the main protagonist actually went through everything depicted in the film was just? mind blowing. and im really not one to get emotional during films at all but i couldnt control myself during lion. it was such a journey and it left me so emotionally vulnerable and i still have a headache from crying

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tbh I like Trevor a lot but no one will ever be more perfect for ian than Mickey

truuuee i really like trevor too but i can’t help but think back to when mandy and ian saw each other in season 6 and ian made it seem like he liked dating other people (caleb at least) but he expected that those relationships wouldn’t last long like they had with mickey and like i wanna yell at him that ‘there’s a reason for that stupid’ lol


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvHpwtccnRI) Sorry it’s a little later than normal guys, the computer crapped out mid-upload. Anyways, here is a BRAND NEW SERIES for you to check out!!! We had an unbelievable amount of fun playing this game so expect more for sure! Please let us know what you think though. Leave a comment on the video, leave a like, or even message the channel blog! Any and all feedback is welcome, it helps us a lot! As always, if you have any questions, comments or game suggestions, feel free to contact the channel blog or twitter page, or talk to @kbumblebee96, @yvonne9999, or @mystery-on-mars. Thank you so much for the support everybody and have a wonderful evening!

some trends in responses to my mega ask:

Childhood food is all over the place, no two repeat answers!

Fave outdoor setting got a lot of representation for grass, woods, and beaches!

Seas or stars had a LOT of people struggling to pick one over the other. 

Last musical had very brief answers.

Number of pets revealed that most people have had far more pets than I almost everyone else had well over 10 pets by now. 

Relatable art had really great responses, everyone has a slightly different idea of what art meant, and so the answers were really unique!

Heat sink/generator revealed that heat generators are way more common than heat sinks. 

Interesting language saw more variety than I expected, seeing mentions not only of the romance languages but also russian, korean, japanese, and several mentions for ASL!

Favourite pastime had a fitting answer, for a lot of people it was just “chill”

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How would the Allies + Romano and Spain react to their Friend coming out as a Transgender Male?

(I actually wrote a lot more than intended for this, and you can thank Nirvana songs for it, because it turns out I work 10x better while listening to Nirvana)

America: He isn’t really majorly taken aback, but he wouldn’t necessarily have expected it. He’d probably overact like he is shocked, just because that’s how he is in life, but really he’d take it all on board quite smoothly. He’s a generally curious guy, so of course he’d be filled with questions, but if the friend appeared to be struggling enough with getting everything out, he’d try to restrain himself from pushing too much. He’d definitely be very supportive, as would all nations. He’s not the best at retaining information though, so he might be a little confused for a while, but he’d try his best to be as helpful and understanding to his friend as he possibly can be.

England: He’d be pretty serious about everything, listening to everything his friend has to say, and taking it all on board as calmly as he can so as not to make his friend anxious or anything about how he feels about it. He might need a moment to register it, and he’ll probably just be trying to put together things in his head and be trying to think of if there were any “signs” of this or anything. Nothing would really change at all except some awkward tension as he tries to change the information embedded in his mind to suit the new reality.

France: He’d be a little dramatic, but really only because he thought he’d have noticed at least something before his friend told him. He’d try to tone his energy and reaction down as much as possible, but he is naturally a loud and passionate person that expresses things in a loud and passionate way, so it might take a minute or two for him to compose himself fully. He’d probably be curious about some minor details, a little like America, but he’d only ask things if he knew his friend would be comfortable. He’d adjust and take everything in as fast as he possibly could, and be there to help them and support them in any way he can.

Russia: He’d listen in an oddly calm and understanding manner. The reality is, inside, he’s taking quite a long time to register. He’d listen and here his friend out, but he probably won’t really react until maybe the next day, when he’s had some thinking time and time to gain a decent understanding through some light research into the topic of gender identity. Despite his research, he might still have some little questions, but he’d not ask unless the situation seems okay. He’d really not treat his friend any differently than he originally did, he’d more or less just try to take it in, accept it, and move on.

China: He’ll pretty much react as loudly as France, and at first it’s just a shock thing, because that’s not the kind of thing you’re ready to here your friend tell you, and then his loudness will change to be about how surprised he is that he couldn’t pick up any signs of it before. He’ll calm down and act in a more serious manner after maybe 10 minutes of surprised statements, and let his friend dive into as much details as they please, and he’ll be there to listen and support them as much as they need and for as long as they need. He’s really just happy to know.

Spain: He’ll be really damn happy that his friend told him, mostly. At first, he’d be a little clueless, and he might need to brush up on his knowledge, but he’s definitely willing to learn, and he’ll learn fast. Even if he doesn’t know much, he’ll be trying his damn hardest to understand anyway. The only real issue he might have is adjusting to using his friend’s correct pronouns right away, due to habit of using different ones for so long, and it’s likely he’d beat himself up about it when he does fuck them up, but he’d be putting in maximum effort.

S. Italy: He’d take it a lot more calmly on the exterior than you’d expect, but the truth is he’s just joining up some dots in his head and putting together the facts before he really starts reacting. He’d keep himself as relaxed as possible as his friend tells him about everything, but he’s pretty much buzzing inside, with questions and confusion. Like Russia, he might take a day to actually take it all to heart. He’d also be a little awkward with questions, and unsure how to come out and just ask his friend things. You can bet your ass he’d do a shit ton of internet research though. He might not be great with emotional support stuff, but he’d try his hardest to get better at it anyway, no matter how awkward he sometimes appears with it.

In my apparent quest to play the latest and greatest games of 2013, I also started playing Bioshock Infinite yesterday. I’m only a few hours in, so my impressions are probably subject to change. I also have somehow mostly managed to avoid being spoiled (aside from an awareness that Some People Liked It A Lot and It Really Didn’t Work For Some People), so no spoilers until I’m done, please. Thoughts thus far below the cut, if people care…

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