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I HATE seeing posts like “dont tell psychotic people that what theyre seeing is spirits” fuck u when my gf and friends are seeing orbs and glowing balls and beings and IK what it is im gonna fucking tell them. Just because yall are literally brainwashed by the psychology industry to believe that nothing youre seeingis real doesnt mean im gonna elt the people i love stay in that ignorance

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What do the fairies and the students think about the modern depiction of fairies? I can imagine quite a few students going to Elsewhere for Tinkerbell and being... Hurt. In more than one way.

Yeah the thing is if someone tells you point blank ‘we have fairies’ you’re all going to have a bad time for a lot of different reasons, misunderstandings being just the beginning. It’s usually pretty easy to avoid, though. Students typically learn of the Gentry through warnings and strange shadows and chills when the fog rolls in; if they ever reach a point where they can articulate their suspicions, they already know this isn’t a Tinkerbell kind of deal.

Regarding the Gentry - there are some creatures who everyone tries very hard not to show anything that could be insulting. Others think it’s pretty amusing. The Foxy Lady in recent years has taken up the habit of claiming to be the inspiration behind virtually every non-human character in every work of media, from Tinkerbell to the Predator. And then she laughs at her own joke for a long time, every time, in five voices.


PETER JÖBACK: So… I expected to maybe like him better than I did? Cause I like what he brings to the role, how he talks about it, I like so much *around* the actual interpretation and performance. But was kinda underwhelmed. Or, I liked his Phantom. Quite a bit, in fact. But I didn’t *love* his Phantom.

So, OK, his Swedish Phantom was definitely the most solid of the lot. He sounded more comfortable singing in his mother tongue, not forcing an accent, which made him less twangy. A very good thing. Also, he seemed to maybe have more leeway with the acting specifics, which made him add some discrete ad-lib-ing moments. And yet…

Though his Phantom was solid in so many ways, I still had the feeling of seeing more of a caricature? Like, more Phantom Manor than Phantom of the Opera. More how he thought the role should look than what the character is. Everything seemed just a *bit* exaggerated. And frankly, though he probably sung his heart out, I didn’t quite feel he had the voice to nail it. Like, he has the range, but not the booming quality. You can do elements of kitsch if you have the voice to justify it (Ian Jon Bourg, Scott Davies). But with a good voice with pop phrasing, you better keep the acting on the classy or classical side, so there is a balance. But he went for exaggerated hand gestures, lots of bent knees, and not fully justified moments, paired with a good voice with a pop approach.

All that said, I saw two slightly different performances from him. One Friday evening, where he clearly struggled voice wise, shifted way too much between chest voice and falsetto, and rather devastatingly missed the high note in «Down Once More». Also finished MOTN long before the orchestra. I was like «???». I remembered him as vocally much better. Turns out he is. That performance was either an off-night or just low energy. On the Saturday matinée he seemed more secure, with steadier voice, longer notes and also not missing any key notes. Was very happy to see him a second time and see that he handled the score fine.

I quite liked him in the Mirror Scene, the Phantom’s curse, as Red Death and in the Final Lair. Those were stand-out scenes for me. Those are also scenes where you expect the larger-than-life acting. His MOTN in the Saturday matinée was also quite nice, and he did a gorgeous «soooaaaar».

His Final Lair was definitely the most interesting one. He stumbled around stage with bent knees, was quite unpredictable, and displayed some fine acting. I also loved his added «NEEEEJ!!!», pronounced like a small, spoiled child experiencing someone taking his toys away. He did it three times; one after Christine throws the wedding veil at him, once right before letting Raoul loose of the magical lasso, and I can’t remember the third one. It was a good detail.

Yet, I stand by what I wrote above, about his Phantom feeling like a caricature at places, and that he has too much of a pop sound in his voice. Things I thought could be done differently. But all in all a solid Phantom, a good voice, and the sole reason this production came to be, probably. I was very happy to see him twice, to see how he might do stuff differently the second time, and to get a feeling of what his Phantom was all about. And it should be added that he had good chemistry with Emmi Christensson.

EMMI CHRISTENSSON: WHAT. A. GEM!!!!!!! Gorgeous, soaring, clear, bell-like, strong voice. A nuanced and detailed portrayal. So beautiful on stage.

I saw her as Cosette in the Norwegian tour in 2014, and adored her voice. I’ve heard clips from her London run as Christine, and loved it. So obviously I was hyped to see her live in Stockholm. But she was WAY better than I imagined. She had moments of very nervous, distressed emotions - not quite on the level of Anna O’Byrne, but still distressed. Kinda hammering the palm of her hands over her ears in the WYWSHA intro is one example, desperately trying to kill the voices. She also looked so perfectly innocent on stage.

Standout scene for me was WYWSHA - the whole thing seemed so genuine and so in despair. Instead of going for «listen to the grandeur that is my voice», she took it down a notch, displaying Christine’s grief and solitude. It was really nice. A bit similar to Mia Karlsson in Copenhagen. TOM was also a thing of beauty. Such a gorgeous voice, so feather light and pleasant and yet with a strength, especially the upper notes. TOM was a scene I never wanted to end, in large because of her voice, but also because of Anton Zetterholm’s acting, and because of the GORGEOUS World Tour Elissa skirt. Baaah.

Also, the Swedish translation of «The tears I might have shed for your dark fate…» is one of my favourites out there, and was extremely well delivered by Emmi C: «Du kunde fått förståelse och stöd. Men nej - jag kunde se dig DÖD!» (you could have gotten understanding and support (from me). But no (now) I could (happily) see you DEAD). That’s strong words.

All in all, Emmi Christensson really is one of those ultimate Christines. I loved her portrayal, I adored her voice, I loved many of the details, and she totally looked the part. And she’s Swedish too. Can’t beat that combo.

ANTON ZETTERHOLM: Due to a very Copenhagen-esque directing in the Swedish revival, Anton Zetterholm did have moments where he reminded a bit of Tomas Ambt Kofod. And y’all know that will never be a bad thing, as Kofod is probably my all-time fave Raoul.

That’s however not to say that Anton Zetterholm was a blueprint. He had moments where I got the feeling he tried to imagine why Raoul reacted as he did. For example, a more unique detail was exactly HOW bored Anton’s Raoul seemed to be during TOM, tapping his fingers, looking around, mostly looking like he wanted to leave. When Mme Firmin looked through her binaculars, he seemed to get curious and borrow them from her, only to discover it’s CHRISTINE, and then he is on fire, leading up to his sung lines. The change from utterly bored to super exited was more pronunced than I’ve ever seen it before. Really, REALLY good acting. And also kinda justifying the Phantom’s raging «slave of fashion» - this Raoul isn’t really into music, he’s only into Christine. Though not because the rest of Paris is. Rather due to their childhood friendship.

He also had fine moments in «Little Lotte», where he perceived what Christine told him so innocently and so different from what she intended. He wasn’t brushing her off, but appearing to think she was talking allegorically, but then getting down to business - food, catching up over dinner, the joy of meeting his childhood friend again, the joy over her triumph and her success.

Last, but not least, he really REALLY fought that magical lasso in the Final Lair. I was about to write “like his life depended on it”, which I guess is quite suitable for the role of Raoul in that moment…

And on the shallow side: so cool to see a blonde Raoul. Costume design (and slightly Barton) coming alive!

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So I don’t know if most other people with bpd experience this / feel this way, but I’ve realised one of my main triggers for splitting or rage/intense emotions, etc is usually related to Expectation vs Disappointment

Example: I expect my partner to call. If it’s just in my head, and they haven’t made an external promise to call, then that’s one thing. If they can’t call in that case it might upset me, but it’d be no one’s fault but my own because it was all in my head.

Now if they tell me beforehand “I promise I’ll call” or any kind of definite statement like “I’ll definitely do that” or “I’ll be able to x”, so my brain expects it to happen, then I have a lot more trouble if things don’t go as planned.

Going from excitement / anticipation to disappointment is one of the worst mood drops for me, especially considering my disappointment quickly turns into anger and rage or grief. And people making “promises” that give me these expectations only makes it worse. Because not only am I disappointed, but then I feel betrayed too. “They promised, so the fact that they aren’t doing Everything Possible to Make it Happen now means they don’t care”.

Promises and definite statements for the future don’t sit well with me, because I know what my reaction will be like if I expect it and then it doesn’t happen. I talked about it with my partner today, because they have the bad habit of making promises like “I’ll call tomorrow” or “we can do this” and then something falls through and even though it isn’t their fault necessarily, I still feel angry and betrayed. So we’re trying to work on it, where instead of promising or giving sure predictions, they’ll say they will “try to do” something or “if I’m able, I’ll do X” which I find lessens the extreme disappointment quite a bit.

I just wonder if a lot of other people with bpd find that this is a main issue ?

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Hi! Just discovered your adorable drabbles and they're like cherries, I can't stop. If you're still doing this, can I request #45, Lucien + anyone you think will fit better, I just want my fox boy happy? thanks a lot :D

That is the cutest compliment ever? I have written Lucien + Cassian because I need more gay in my life and #fandom wife reasons. I hope you like it! I really like making Lucien happy, so… if anyone wants more Lucien + anyone, I’m down for that.

Prompt: You look pretty hot in plaid


Lucien walked out of the bedroom, tugging on the hem of his shirt and frowning. “You’d think the Autumn Court could come up with something more original than this. Of all the things to force us to wear to this meeting. I expected apple cider and bonfires and pumpkin pie, but this is really pushing the limit. I had forgotten how prosaic they can be.”

“You look pretty hot in plaid,” Cassian said, shrugging. He took Lucien in from his seat, the heavy fabric of Lucien’s shirt doing nothing to conceal his broad shoulders that tapered to a narrow waist. Cassian was already thinking about the last time he had held those hips between his palms, and it wasn’t doing much to help him remain collected.

“Prosaic and plebeian,” Lucien continued. He was going to give in to what he knew would be Cassian’s insistence that he looked perfectly fine, better, even, but not quite yet. Not before he’d had his say about how annoyed he was that this inane tradition continued, even after Beron was no longer High Lord.

“Don’t be a snob,” Cassian said.

Lucien met Cassian in the middle of the room, hands now freed from the duty of pulling uncertainly on his clothing.

Cassian stood and strolled towards him. Reaching up, he adjusted the collar of Lucien’s shirt and then held it, pulling him closer.

“It’s a hard habit to kick. And I’m not being a snob. I just don’t like this shirt,” Lucien said.

“You know you look hot,” Cassian protested. He gave another small tug and Lucien had to balance on his toes to keep himself from falling into him.

“Really? I mean, it’s just-“ Lucien made an uncertain gesture towards his clothing.

“It’s very rugged. Very manly. I think I might not be able to help myself.” He cocked his head at Lucien, trademark grin mysteriously absent. “You remind me of a lumberjack. Making your living on the land, with nothing but your brute strength and wits to keep you alive.” His usual grin finally appeared, and the scowl that was threatening Lucien’s face was replaced with a reluctant smile.

“What are you going to do about it, then? Make up pretty stories about two lumberjacks in the woods and how they met and formed a lifelong attachment?” Lucien asked.

“Who said anything about two lumberjacks? Although, that’s not a bad idea…” Cassian leaned forward and their lips met.

“When do we go, then?” Lucien asked when they pulled apart.

“I think you misunderstood, dearest. I have no intention of living in the woods, even if the clothing is quite becoming. I do expect you to wear that more often, though.”

“Fine. But only if I get to pick out an outfit for you, as well. I’m thinking something along the lines of a fireman?”

Cassian ranked on Lucien’s shirt once more, bringing his lips to Lucien’s collarbone before answering.


For Day 1 of @juminzenweek : Secrets.


Jaehee blinks at her computer screen. She had thought Jumin would head back into his office, but he still stands in front of her desk. He’s been tapping his fingers against the desktop as if he has something to say, and Jaehee has been preparing herself for the woes of another inconveniently timed cat project. Zen is the last word she would expect to come out of Jumin’s mouth. 

Finally she looks up from her computer screen. “Zen?”

“He’s been acting… strange.” Jumin looks down at her. “Has he not?”

Zen has indeed been acting very strange. He’s been avoiding the messenger for quite some time now and when he does pop in he’s been quiet, distant. He’s been a lot more vehement when the topic of Jumin comes up. Disappears altogether when Jumin himself logs in. 

“Zen has…” Of course Jaehee has noticed every subtle change. She’s gone to lunch with him and Yoosung in the past week when Jumin, in a rare show of generosity, gave her the time to do so. Zen had looked tired. He had fidgeted in his chair, glancing around every few minutes as though he expected someone to show up uninvited. Someone like… Jumin, perhaps. “He’s been very distant lately.” 

No use in lying. Jumin has clearly noticed and is, oddly, bothered by it. 

“Mm.” Jumin’s noncommittal hum is more telling than any response. 

“Are you worried, Mr. Han?”

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i really wanna now what pink guy's relationship to chin chin is. what the hell was that "you disappointed me for the last time" thing about?

Ummm, in all fairness, I do believe that has something to do with how Pink Guy was under Chin Chin’s control or at least domain for the last year (our time). When Frank was banished, it was because he didn’t want to give up Pink Guy whom Chin Chin wanted. So perhaps Chin Chin was expecting more chromosomes from Pink in the time he had him and Pink didn’t deliver? I mean Pink put out a lot of songs in the time that Frank was gone but maybe they didn’t do as well as Chin Chin hoped they would?

It could also be that since the Lore seems to follow some common anime troupes; mysterious villain, powerful protag, lots of powerful friends, looming threats, epic fights. That it was another line taken straight from an anime. The whole fight was almost a cliche in a sense, the way Frank and Chin Chin interacted with each other was very good guy vs bad guy round 2. After the good guy has trained for a long time and now it’s a rematch against the bad guy who beat his ass thoroughly the last time they fought. 

But the relationship between Chin Chin and Pink Guy is nearly as complicated as the one between Frank and Pink Guy, not to mention the one between Frank and Chin Chin. There’s just so much we don’t know and it’s not because George doesn’t want us to, rather, it’s the method of storytelling he utilizes. It’s more of a ‘show don’t tell’ type of story where we don’t get big expositional dumps but instead get little bits and pieces, almost like an anthology. In fact, the only time I can remember a lot of lore being dropped at once was when we got the teaser trailer for the Fight and Frank did a narration for what was to come. 

Even then the most we learned was that Chin Chin has access to oracles who can see the future and is considered a God but that there are multiple Gods in the omniverse. In fifteen minutes of lore oriented exposition, we only learned that Chin Chin wasn’t a “God” but knew powerful candidates, had been harvesting chromosomes and that Lycra Lords can take the form of humans. Oh, also that Frank is considered a peace^lord by some and that a gun can break up any fight. 

Slight Rant (I just had to type this out, thanks in advance for reading) :-)

So I came across someone the other day, and that person said something that really irked me. They basically stated that very often, people who were abused go on to abuse other people. It’s a ‘pattern of behavior that continues and is often passed on’. 

Now, this person may have been trying to say that growing up in an environment where abuse was considered normal makes it harder - hell, a lot harder - to approach things from a more ‘balanced’ angle. It can slant and warp and twist your expectation of how things ‘are’, and so, it could - maybe - mean that without healing, and without treatment, the abuse continues.

Okay. I see that situation is a possibility - I think.

But I’ll be honest - whenever someone uses their bad history to justify their own jackassery - that really pisses me off.

I’m talking crazy red eyes of wrath here - full-fledged, armies-will-die, Bloodwrath pissed. (That’s a ‘Redwall’ reference for you readers out there - good book, fun series - check it out sometime).

But back to the point I was trying to make - 

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SO i’ve been in the naruto fandom for about 5 months now, and when i joined i 100% expected this fandom to be basically dead and to be the only one really invested in the year 2017 dfgjdk but y'all proved me WRONG!! 

i’ve made a lot of friends, bonded even more w old friends over it, improved my art w it, gotten back into writing b/c of it.. its been good!! and before joining this fandom this blog had about 120 followers, but now i’m about to break 1,000 !! so, thanks everyone!! believe it :)

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What do you mean things didn't go as expected? Besides the 12 year olds running onto the grounds

well that was one of the biggest things. i know they had a ceremony planned and they would’ve played a bit more if those wankers hadn’t rushed the pitch. also apparently someone almost punched josh or smth??? idk how true this is i just saw a post about it but i’m not sure what happened there.
anyways the vibe seemed different this year compared to last year. i think there was just a lot of pressure and so much to live up to. last year was just like a beta run but this was supposed to one-up that and idk i could tell josh and simon particularly were v stressed and nervous about it all going to plan.
for me personally as well i could tell a lot of things weren’t managed well. the staff were absolute shite (simon was apparently yelling at the paramedics to hurry when joel dislocated his shoulder and they were just casually strolling along like wtf???) and the security were terrible as well …. plus joe and elliot were just really bad commentators. i just think they need more help organising such large scale events. like i’m probably being overly critical here bc i’ve done a few event management courses and internships, but idk things could’ve gone a bit better …. i know how much effort they all put into it, it just sucks that the outcome wasn’t as good as i (and many others) had hoped.

Here’s your photo I promised, though as you can see I was not in much a creative mood ‘>> 

Again thank you all so much for 700 followers, I really never expected to be here but I wouldn’t be here without the content a lot of you show me!! You guy’s are the reason this blog exists and I love meeting you all! Feel free to talk more and asks are always open!! <3 Here’s to another milestone and thank you all for making it all worth it!!

It’s honestly been pretty healing to re-read the books of the Tanakh through a Jewish perspective, because now I know there’s a lot more than just the English words on the page. I know that my [future] people have been discussing this and arguing about it and trying to work out compassionate ways of reading it for centuries before me. I know that my questions are okay – more than; they’re expected and necessary – and instead of being upset by passages that used to trouble me, I’ve found myself determined to understand these texts in a positive, life-affirming way.

I remember feeling like there just had to be historical context or something to help the Old Testament make sense; I now think it was my meant-to-be-Jewish spirit reacting to what is, essentially, the Tanakh severed from its roots, as dead as flowers in a vase. Now I realize I was feeling the absence of the Talmud and commentaries, which are how a text like the Torah can survive and thrive and grow with us, even now, in the modern era.

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i just wish liam could like... stop... lmao he was my second fave from 1d but he's been doing the MOST during this promo tour

i used to have a love/hate relationship with liam when the band was a thing tbh but i’ve been really put off by him lately, i honestly hope his album doesn’t sound like that single he released cause that’s a lot of potential wasted 

Picture Drabbles ~ Crowley

Requested by @emmagan

“I brought food!”

Sam looked up wearily from the table with a grin as Dean walked downstairs, a bag in hand, the smell of a hat meal soon filling the bunker.  “About time.”

“What do you expect when the queue is a mile long?” Dean said, sitting down and sliding a burger over to Sam.  “Trust me, there was a lot of shouting.”

Sam pauses.  “You were yelling at people?”

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