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Fuckboy!Kang Daniel

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“Here I thought I already had everything, but now I know what’s it like to wake up in the morning and experienced the best view.”

- That fuckboy who works out A LOT and just goes clubbing very often
- Works out a lot mainly because that’s how he chnnels his stress from school & lots of ppl find him way too attracting when he gyms so bonus points for that
- He won’t be the type to specifically approach a girl but will literally flirt/make out with any girl who approaches him first 
- his logic is that they are interested in him and knows what’s going to happen so he’s not responsible if they get their hearts break over him
- He’s the one everyone has their eyes on in the club, not just because he is drop dead gorgeous but he is one of the best dancers there 
- Honestly the only reason he goes clubbing is so he can win those dance battles and get extra $$$
-  & ofc get them ladies 
- You weren’t exactly a party person but you knew how to get loose during the ideal time 
- Seeing how you ended just finished your mid terms, you knew it was time to get loose and have fun
- What better way than to go to the club your cousin owns?
- You were dressed to kill and attracted everyone’s attention when you walked in with your friends
- You got yourself a drink to get yourself in the mood as you survey the environment
- You could see a lot of new faces and wow that cutie at the dance floor was totally your type
- But you knew from experience that boys like that were honestly the worst to be with as they did stomp on your feelings so you just dance with your friends, having the time of your life
- While Daniel was busy with his dance battle, he did notice you considering you were one of the only few girls who wasn’t just grinding at some strangers but actually pulling off some sick moves
- He would be absolutely lying to himself if he wasn’t physically attracted to you
- Before he could make his way to you, the owner of the club who is good friends with him drag Daniel to a corner, saying how he wanted to introduce his baby cousin to him who was a dance major like him but in a different college and thought you guys would get along rly well
- He was like ‘…… okay’ although all he wanted was to walk to you
- Little did he know, the owner’s ‘baby’ cousin was indeed you
- When he made eye contact with you, his palms were getting clammy
- It wasn’t that you were ‘different’, more like you look like you were having the worst time of your life talking to him
- To be fair, you were just testing Daniel since well he wasn’t your usual boy-next-door
- He was honestly freaking out cause it might sound crazy but he was really really attracted to your personality by the end of the night
- You were a lot smiley later on as you two talked about his cats and you brought up how you were actually working part time at a cat cafe and you seemed to be very carefree when you spoke to him
- You were just very open to him about your stuff and didn’t seem to actually try to flirt with him as you were more interested to know what was beneath him rather than making out with him 
- You two exchanged numbers as you left and Sungwoo being the little shit he was, would tease Daniel for having a love struck expression 
- Two days later, as you tied your apron to start your part time job, you notice how Daniel was waiting at the counter, getting ready to order a drink
- You did be surprised cause who did expect a boy like to actually remember where you work & what time was your shift
- He did spend the time playing with the cats in the cafe
- It did evoke such a fuzzy and warm feeling in your chest 
- You will probably bring him a complimentary cake on the way and he will thank you while petting a kitten
- You were just like wtf did the clubbing Daniel go????
- He will message you photos of the kitten even if you see them every day
- But those texts will soon turn into asking how was your day? To you sending videos of your dance practice 
 - Expect him to come by EVERY single time you were working
- At this point, you were just wondering how was he not broke from the constant coffee and cakes he did get from the cafe
- You decided to let him in for free cause he was attracting a lot of customers anyways  
- That was when he asked you instead of charging it for free, could you go on a date with him instead?
- ofc you said yes and it was a date of the zoo where he did make fun of how his friends resembles a certain animal and you did laugh at all his jokes
- That was when you realize you were super comfortable with him as more dates came by and although there wasn’t an official title, Daniel just didn’t see any point of looking at other girls when all he could think was making you mine
- When you guys are officially together, every girl basically stood 10m apart from Daniel
- nobody wanted to mess with you the cause no one wanted to be on the blacklist of the hottest club courtesy of your lovely cousin who was basically shipping you and Daniel 
- Expect a lot of workout dates and dance battle between you two and lots of cuddles with rooney and peter somehow squished in between

i used to be better, i used to be better, i used to be better

i was lucky enough to see The Great Comet on broadway last week (Oak’s second performance as Pierre)!! and now i’m reading war & peace so,,, here’s a pierre


Part II of this comic. Can’t tell how he survived. Classified information.

“Seriously though.You’re going to tell me, right?”
“First subject of our next romantic date.”

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BTS As Boyfriends (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

warning: large amounts of fluff ahead

Hyung Line version here


  • the hopeless romantic boyfriend
  • an actual prince charming
  • libra is ruled by the planet venus
  • venus is the goddess of love and beauty
  • so expect a sensual relationship with him
  • will charm ur pants off with sweet yet sexy words
  • loves to shower u in affection and praise
  • libras live to please their partners 
  • so he’d go the extra mile to make u happy
  • so flirtatious
  • winks and butt grabs
  • spoils u 
  • brings home a thousand gifts when he returns from overseas
  • “jagi this reminded me of u. and this..and this…and this”
  • takes u to expensive restaurants
  • shows up to ur doorstep with flowers and chocolates
  • at home spa dates where he decorates the room with roses, lights candles, and gives u a massage
  • is very sociable and will always have u by his side when going to events
  • introduces u to his 2568 friends
  • carefree and lighthearted
  • couple rings, bracelets, and necklaces
  • couple selfies
  • giggle fits between the both of u that last 20 minutes
  • knows exactly how to lift up ur mood
  • always makes time to facetime/call u when he’s away
  • libras like harmony and avoid conflict
  • so arguments are rare
  • an amazing listener
  • his scorpio venus makes him a bit possessive 
  • and also very passionate and intense
  • always holding ur hand or has an arm around ur waist
  • king of skinship

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  • the committed boyfriend

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Chanyeol + Instruments ♬     ♪  (requested by @queenhyo)

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In the original plan for the live action Scooby Doo movie, Velma and Daphne were going to have a romantic side plot. The movie itself was originally intended for an adult audience, but then Warner Bros decided that it should be more accessible to a “family” audience, so part of their editing involved getting rid of that romance. But in the final production of the film you can still see little bits that could have led up to a romance between the two. For example, at one point Velma tickles Daphne, and Velma also refers to Daphne dreamily as “the coolest girl at Coolsville high”. However at the end of the film Fred and Daphne kiss, and that relationship is so out of nowhere. It is built from nothing. If anything, the most developed heterosexual relationship was that between Fred and Velma because of the scenes where Velma shows jealousy of Fred choosing Daphne and of being overshadowed by Fred. But no, they choose to put Fred and Daphne together. We could have had canonically gay Velma and Daphne, but instead they give us another heterosexual relationship, and they don't even do that right.

Tony: Rhodey, I have a cheese fridge. An entire fridge for cheese. If that’s not a cry for help, I don’t know what is.
Rhodey: I literally watched you drink a diesel-banana smoothie this morning.
Tony: DUM-E is still learning the consumption differences between organic and in-organic matter.
Rhodey: DUM-E is like 30 years old.

Tony has a problem. Rhodey is there to stop him. Only somewhat successfully…

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Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

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Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)