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The Eldrazi is still wrecking havoc outside of PAX Prime! Tomorrow we will enlist all of you to help us defeat them as part of the Battle for Zendikar experience. We’ll be periscoping the event for those who can’t be there in person, and the live coverage will begin at 7:30PM for the BFZ Preview Show. Expect TONS of reveals and lots of great surprises. 

hi guys! some of you may have noticed that i sometimes reblog drag race posts and I tried to not do it but u know, I’ve lost a bit of interest in youtube and only still follow a few of them (like tyler, dan, phil, troye) 

so from now on I’m both a youtubers and drag race blog! I know most of my followers follow me bc of youtubers so if you want to unfollow me thats totally okay <3

Bad Boy BTS- Shades of Grey- Hoseok (part 5)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Namjoon drove you to an apartment complex, and you wondered if this was his house. It looked fairly modern, and quite decent. You honestly had expected something a lot worse.

“This is where we live.” Said Hoseok with a smile, pointing to a floor you couldn’t quite see, as you climbed off his lap, out of the car.

“We?” You asked him, raising your eyebrows at him in surprise. He nodded.

“Yeah, we all live here, except Jungkook. He still lives with his parents.” He commented nonchalantly. You were surprised. So these guys didn’t live with their parents?

“Who is we? And most importantly, why don’t YOU live with your parents?” You asked him, poking his chest with your finger. He smiled like a fool at you, and you cocked your head to the side, a little lost as to why he was grinning like that.

“You are starting to nag like a girlfriend.” He laughed, cupping your face in his hands. “I like it. It suits you. I live here with Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin, Suga and Jin. Jungkook still lives at home. I don’t live with my parents because I got kicked out when they found out about my reputation, my grades, and the things I do. I haven’t talked to them since. They practically disowned me. So I live with Jin and Suga, who are in college. They took me in. I owe them a lot.” Hoseok told you, and although he tried to keep a straight face, you could tell he was hurting inside.

You didn’t really know what to say in a situation like that, so you limited yourself to hugging him close, resting your face in his chest, and letting him feel you near him.

“I’m so sorry your parents did that…” You whispered, unable to find better words. He smiled, holding you close. He knew it was an awkward confession, and he never usually told people why he was living there, or that he had to work on weekends to pay for his own things because he barely had a cent to his name, he never told people that he wanted out of the gang life, but he couldn’t because it was his main source of income and the only way he could feel better about himself anymore. But he trusted you, he trusted you with his life. He had dreamed about the day he could simply hold you in his arms for years, he had watched you from a distance, wondering how someone so perfect could exist, and hurting himself as he realized someone so amazing could never lay their eyes on someone as lowly as himself.

“It’s okay. I am happy now, this is home. Plus it was my fault, so really you should feel sorry for them. I was a terrible teen.” He laughed, wrapping his arms around you, and walking with you into the building.

“Did you see that? How long has it been since you’ve seen him smile like that?” Jimin asked Namjoon with a smile as he cocked his head over towards you and Hoseok. Namjoon chuckled.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile like that actually. He looks happy. Taehyung you might have to keep your hands off of this one. She means a lot to him.” Namjoon warned, looking at the younger boy who groaned, and rolled his eyes.

“He has talked about her ever since I can remember.” Jungkook pointed out, but as soon as you got closer, he shut his mouth again, and left his sentence unfinished. They all gave you a look you couldn’t quite understand, but you shrugged it off.

You walked into the elevator with the boys, feeling a little claustrophobic, since there were so many of them, and they all practically towered over you, but you managed to keep your cool, especially since you had Hoseok holding your hand.

When you walked into their apartment, you were pleasantly surprised. It looked neat, and clean… at least as neat and clean as an apartment that held 6 boys living in it could ever possibly be. You were expecting a lot more dirty clothing, and smelly dishes, and underwear all over the place.

“Oh you guys brought someone? You should have told me, I would have ordered more food.” You heard a sweet melodic voice speak from somewhere to your right. You turned to look at the source of the voice, and were stunned.

Right in front of you stood the most handsome man that walked the face of the Earth, with his tall, slender frame, his broad shoulders, his perfect face, and those gorgeous pouty lips. You were stunned, frozen on the spot.

“Hello there darling, do you have a name?” The handsome stranger asked you, as he walked up to you with a smug expression on his face. You felt Hoseok wrap an arm around you protectively and glare at the boy.

“She’s Y/N. MY girlfriend. Y/N, this is Jin, my friend. “ Hoseok introduced you both through gritted teeth, and you finally understood why he had never spoken about Jin before. He was simply the most beautiful human in the universe, and you were sure he was aware of that. Suddenly you were all startled by a loud noise, as a door opened and closed.

“What’s up people? Are we eating already? We have business to do soon! Oh… hey there pretty lady, what’s your name? Did you come to see me?” you saw another boy ask, with his hair tied up in a bandana, and his eyes lined with heavy black liner, as he held what looked to be a joint.

“Want a drag?” He asked, and you shook your head.

“She doesn’t smoke Suga.” Hoseok hissed at him. His protective instincts going wild.

“What? Really? Hoseok did you go for a good girl?” Suga laughed, his eyes becoming small slits, but you could see the redness in his sclera.

“I think she actually is a bad girl deep down… I just think we need to get her to loosen up a little, right babe? You’ll have a drink with us tonight, right?” You heard Taehyung’s voice purr at you, as he attempted to grab your hand, but Hoseok forcefully pushed it away.

“She will do what she wants. And if you so much as touch her Taehyung, you better pray Namjoon is there to pick your pieces up.” Hoseok growled, making Suga laugh.

“You better listen to him V, I’ve never seen him like this before. And we’ve known each other for quite a while now, right Hobi?” Suga laughed again, walking up to your now boyfriend, and giving him an awkward hug.

“Don’t call me that.” Hoseok hissed, looking at you, hoping his image hadn’t been shattered and ruined permanently.

You looked around at the 7 men, and wondered, what the hell had you just gotten yourself into?

okay so more DD whining

the thing that really gets me with wright is that apollo is vulnerable and traumatised and when he takes a leave of absence to find clay’s killer and says “what if you and I are looking for different forms of justice?” (paraphrasing a little), wright doesn’t even argue

trucy tries to stop apollo leaving and wright just says ‘no, let him be wrong’.

like how much of a colossal dick do you have to be say something like that? to let someone that fandom and canon insists he’s apparently supposed to respect and care for walk out of his life to make a terrible mistake? apollo’s gone through a lot over the past few days, emotional and physical trauma, and wright put him through a lot of trouble when they first met, but it’s apollo suffers for it

knight-of-tuxedo replied to your post “requestapalooza 2k15”

For the love of all that’s precious do NOT watch the French dub! Love yourself! I want able to make it through even one episode! Yes, it’s that bad! You can thank me later!

Okay this only makes me want to watch it more

charmfan​ replied to your post “requestapalooza 2k15”

I think you should watch Utena! I think you’ll love analyzing/insulting this show.

Insulting things is what I do best!

foxtrotandfruitpunch replied to your post “requestapalooza 2k15”

PGSM, Utena, or especially bad English dub episodes!

What? The dub had bad episodes?

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If I say Crystal enough times will it happen

Yeah. Kind of like Beetlejuice.

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(Bangs fists on desk) SERAMYU! SERAMYU!!!

but how can I ever do justice to your unparalled blogging experience of the musicals

Also I read this in the voice of J Jonah Jameson


College tour day!

First we visited Northwestern which was amazing. I usually like older, darker looking schools, but this light-stone and concrete oasis amazed me with its beauty! It was larger (both in population and physicality) than I expected, which reminded me a lot of Cornell (which I loved by the way). The people seem to be exactly my kind of people, a good mix of nerdy, quirky, and preppy. I’m also a total sucker for the quarter system.

The University of Chicago was also amazing. It was absolutely gorgeous and seems to have immense resources for undergraduates despite being a predominantly graduate-oriented university. Its accessibility for students who need aid is amazing from grants for art supplies to fee waivers for applications for everyone who applies for aid. However, I don’t think it’s for me nor do I think that I can get in. It is however, an incredible institution that I would highly recommend for students with an incredibly high admissions profile.

If you guys have any questions about more logistics feel free to message me at any time with any questions!

I just topped up the queue for my personal/multi-fandom blog becpunzel. If you want to know more about me or what I’m into beyond books, feel free to follow and chat with me there. Expect lots of Disney, Pixar, Christopher Nolan movies, Chuck, Zachary Levi, Florence + the Machine, dogs, etc. It’s really a random mess of whatever I feel like reblogging and I’ll post non-bookish edits/picspams there too. :)

This is so funny when you think about how 3+ years ago, thebooker started out as exactly what becpunzel is now. Disney, books and randomness.

About the lack of Kabu.

So, as like 95% you know, my phone took its final fall on Wednesday. With it went my main camera.
I had an iPhone 5c- I think it was about 2?? I don’t remember. I’ve had it for what feels like ages. It’s had been really buggy for three-ish months and it just gave up I suppose. The camera, I thought, was fairly quality. Not professional, but, I liked more pictures I took than I disliked. It worked, and uploading was easy.
Now I’m working of my iPad. Which isn’t terrible, but I am smol- with even more smol hands. Typing is really annoying and Kabuki does NOT like it is his face.
I have my stand in phone, which is an iPhone 4 with a cringe-worthy camera. So don’t expect a whole lot. :\
My new phone was due to arrive in 2-4 business days, but they lost the order, and now I have to wait until (what sounds like) September 28th for a new phone.
Kill me.
I’m not 100% on the details and neither is fucking AT&T which pisses me off beyond belief.
How my Wednesday went:
-went to school
-visited a middle school and remembered why I hated 6-8th grade
-dropped my phone (killing it)
-got sick
-took a nap (that’s how fuckin sick I was.)
-woke up and went to AT&T
-picked out a new phone with rockin fuckin camera
-waited about 30-40 minutes
-“we don’t have it and neither does anyone in a 100 mile radius”
-to best buy
-“you have to get a new cell plan”
-“cell guy is on lunch” (it was fucking 6 pm)
-works on homework I do not understand
-feeds Kabu at like 8
-orders phone
-goes to sleep
My week has been force feeding me shit. So. Sorry it’s flowing out on here. :(