This is a video demo of new gesture control feature in the next update for Kinect for Windows expected on Monday.

Microsoft announced at Engadget Expand today that Kinect from Windows will be updated with gesture controls and 3D modelling - the latter having direct applications to the 3D printing world.

These two photos show off the real-time 3D modelling. Tim Stevens from Engadget poses in the first one and you see the rendering happening on the screen in the second photo.

You can follow along what is going on at Engadget Expand on my live blog here: http://www.screengeekblog.com/engadget-expand-live-blog-coverage

Photo & Video Credit: Sean Mayers - Screen Geek

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the day! The start of the 2-day inaugural Future Tech event hosted by Engadget called Expand begins Saturday March 16. 

I have to say that I am bombarded with many tech conferences in my line of work and this one literally spoke to me. Its so refreshing for this conference to be focusing on the future of tech and to push the conversation towards where we can be rather then were we are. I knew when I saw it online that I needed to be part of it….and here I am.

Be sure to visit us here at Screen Geek for our live blogging event. I will be live blogging for both days of the event to keep those of you at home in the loop as to what is going on here in SF. 

Visit http://www.screengeekblog.com/engadget-expand-live-blog-coverage for the live blog starting at 8:30AM PST or 11:30AM EST and spread the word.

If you want to know more about where 3D printing, the gaming industry and input control devices are at (and more)….we’ve got you covered.

I also have the amazing opportunity to interview many of the speakers here at the event, so if you have any burning questions Screen Geeks - shoot them my way to ask.

You can check out the full agenda for Engadget Expand here.

Photo courtesy of Engadget