expanding my brand

gravelily  asked:

Your dolls are lovely but isn't $200-$300 a doll a little (a lot) out of many parent's price range? Especially for an item that is going to be given to a child?

Each unique hand-styled doll takes a lot of time and effort on the part of my mum and myself. I charge for our time only. And we can only hand-style a limited number of dolls. However I am pleased to say I have plans to expand my Tree Change Dolls brand in the future to make my style of dolls more available and affordable to children everywhere. Stay tuned!

Amazing News!!! I found a store that wants to work with me!!!

I went into a small funky little boutique in the city today with one of my bags on my shoulder, and they seemed very interested in selling my work. They also offer to give a launch party, and other awesome promotional services. So if the crafty bastards fair doesn’t work out, I just found an amazing plan B. And even if it does work out, I still have a great plan B to sell my work through them after the fair. I think it’d be a great trial run, and an awesome opportunity for people to see my stuff in person. I’m really excited. 

I feel so good today. I got to see my lady via Skype yesterday, and seeing her face always lifts my spirits. ^^ And today at my job, we’ll be tie-dying t-shirts that I designed for the after school program’s art club!! I’m so excited–That means 100 kids will be running around with my artwork on them!! Speaking of art, I’m excited to make more of my own myself, gotta make more for my portfolio… I’m going to create an etsy store, and I’d like to stock it with brooches, buttons, small zines, hair clips, patches, and fun stickers! It’ll be a work in progress, getting it all stocked–but I’d love to take on the challenge of creating more of a variety for you all. A summer of creation it shall be…