Marilyn Monroe photographed by Gene Kornman (1953) /                         Marilyn Monroe photographed by a fan in NYC (1955)                                  

One of the most iconic faces of pop culture knew precise makeup techniques: Quoting Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist, Allan Whitey Snyder: “Marilyn had makeup tricks that no one had or knew. Most of them she didn’t learn from me. She discovered it herself”. In fact, Marilyn did her own makeup for many occasions. Photographer Sam Shaw talked about one day while she was getting ready. “I asked her: ‘Marilyn, don’t you think that this makeup is a little too much?.’ 'Sam, you don’t understand’, she answered: ’This make-up is for my fans, those people waiting inside the movie houses, or outside on the street waiting in the crowd at an opening. They are the people the studios won’t let close to the theatre unless they pay to get in. When I arrive there I’ll turn to wave to them and they’ll see me and won’t be disappointed. My fans want me to be glamorous. I won’t disappoint them.’                                                                                                          

Skin: Marilyn liked her skin with a flawless finish, but yet glowy - you note in many picures that her cheeks, tip of the nose, and under brow area are glowing, she liked the effect that it gave, especially with the studio lights

Eyes: Marilyn expanded her eye crease by overdrawing it with brown eyeshadow. Her eyeliner was not too thin or huge, and it always gave the classic cat eye effect. She also drawn with brown pencil a line in the under eye area to fake a 'shadow’. She prefered individual fake lashes, applying them in a way to maintain the shape that she wanted for the eyes. She also arched her brows with eyebrow pencil.

Lips: By far, the most iconic part of Marilyn’s makeup are her lips. As you can see in her makeup free pictures, they were by far not as plump as they appeared to be. Marilyn always overdrawn her lips, (so did almost all the other female stars on that time period), but she had a especial trick - Marilyn used at least 4 different colors of red lipstick to create a 3D effect; the lighter shades on the center of her lips, and the darker ones on the edges. She applied vaseline to finalize the glossy and plump effect. Her beauty mark was not fake, in fact, you can slightly see it in the makeup free picture - but it’s not as noticeable because it was almost the same color of her skin, so she enhanced it with makeup.  

“One can never wakeup in the morning, wash the face and look like Marilyn Monroe. She knew every trick on the book to compose her look” Photographer (and Marilyn’s friend) Milton Greene

Breaking Things

Summary: Billy finds companionship in his next-door neighbor after she witnesses him being punched by his father.

Author’s Note: The things being broken are hearts. Just so you know. Just short of 4k words


Originally posted by kiwimidnight

A new family had moved in next door nearly a year earlier. The Hargroves. I suspected they were a blended family, judging by how the siblings got along. Max, a girl, couldn’t be older than 14. She rode her skateboard around the block all the time. She came off as polite, but spunky. Her mother was also very proper, quiet and reserved.

Billy was the oldest sibling, my age. He had a hot rod car and a bad attitude. Although, he played it up more than he cared to admit. When the family came over to introduce themselves, he offered me a modest smirk, shaking my hand.

Come to learn that this was how Billy treated everybody. When he was in front of his parents, anyway. Without the oversight of his father, he was a crude, callous boy. Despite his prickly personality, he managed to win over the hearts of every girl in the school. Turns out teenagers really value the important life skill of being able to do the longest keg stand in Hawkins history.

With the Hargrove’s arrival came a few new echoes in the neighborhood. A skateboard on the asphalt, the rumble of a car engine… and screaming.

Every day, at eight o’clock in the evening on the dot, the screaming started. Short, sporadic bursts of hollering came throughout the day and continued into the night. But eight o’clock was invariably the loudest. A male voice, occasionally two, could be heard rattling the walls of the Hargrove’s house. But the second voice always quieted, frequently punctuated with a bang. Occasionally accompanied by Billy staggering out to his car and speeding off down the road.

Tonight, at eight o’clock, the screaming started again. It could be heard from my kitchen window. I could see into the Hargrove’s kitchen from there. Nothing much exciting ever went on, other than the occasional appearance of Mrs. Hargrove doing the dishes.

But this time, I noticed Billy. Neil had him pinned up against the fridge, some of the magnets had bounced to the floor. His father stuck an accusing finger in his face, ultimately forcing his closed fist across Billy’s cheek.

Billy instinctively reached up, cupping his face where he had been struck. This was followed by a terse conversation, leading to Billy picking the magnets up off the floor before heading to the front door.

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The Eight Count To A Good Fucking {Yukhei Wong}

Prompt:  Can I request a jealous smut with Lucas from NCT. He gets jealous because Taeyong was trying to teach me the dance to Cherry Bomb?

Author: Tay

Pairing: Yukhei x Reader

Word Count: 3.644k

Warning: None, 

**It’s long asf for no reason, 

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Your Body Is My Wonderland (smut)


Requested: no (Fluff in the beginning) 

Word count: 4,224

Originally posted by loveviral

I was resting my back against Shawn’s broad chest, while his fingers were running through my wet newly washed hair. We were chilling in bed, watching movies after a long day for the both of us. We were sipping beers, celebrating this day finally coming to an end. It had kind of become a tradition by now. 

I was tucked tightly into a blanket, feeling Shawn place tender kisses on my neck once in a while. His arms were tightly shut around my body, making every inch of my skin feel tickly just by his faint yet loving touches.

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Hickeys (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where you wake up next to shawn after a hot night and he wakes you up with hickeys and morning sex ? (Obviously you gave him consent to wake you up like this before haha) ?

Word Count: 1,773


I felt the sunlight from the window burn into my skin. Whenever Shawn was the last one to go to bed, he always forgot shutting the curtains. It never woke him up when the room started to become light, but it always ended up pulling me out of my sleep.

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Perfect Distraction

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: idk like swearing and friendship issues? 

Word Count: 3110

Prompt: Please write one where like at the start of your too much pressure fic the reader is stressed and angry and dan tries to seduce her and it works i dont mind if theres much smut but can you make the seduction part sexy and slow building and stuff if that makes sense thank you!! _________________________

Four times. Four times this month your so called ‘best friend’ had let you down at the last minute because of a boy. A dickhead of a boy too. The first two times she had text to cancel on your dinner plans it had been a few hours before you’d agreed to meet, so you’d let it go. Though you weren’t happy. The third time, she text you to cancel as you were about to leave your apartment. Giving the poor excuse of not really feeling well enough to eat anything, and then posting an instagram of her cosied up to this guy with a pizza and ice cream. This time. This time really took the biscuit. You were actually at the restaurant when she called.

“Hello? Where are you?!” You whisper harshly, not wanting to disturb anyone else but wanting to her to know you were irritated at the fact she was 25 minutes late.

“Hi Y/N, look I’m really sorry but Kieron’s suprised me with a takeaway tonight, he’s just got here with the food a few minutes ago I had no idea he was coming over I promise I’m so sor-”

“So you aren’t coming?” You say bluntly, not needing the answer. “Are you kidding me?! You realise I’m already here don’t you?”

“Oh shit Y/N look I’ll make this up to you we can g-”

You pull your phone away from your ear and stab at the red bar with your thumb. Typical. Standing from the table, you hold down the hem of your dress and walk towards the door, trying to remember where the hell you saw the taxi’s parked. This was one time too many. You could feel people in the restaurant staring at you, as if you’d been stood up. Humiliated and angry, you shove open the door and pace towards the little black cabs.


Stabbing the key into your apartment door, you swing it open and throw your bag into the hall, making sure the door closes with a noticeably loud ‘bang’.


Your boyfriend Dan appears at the end of the hall, wearing his loose pajama bottoms and black jumper. His hair was fluffy and his face was adorably confused and a little in awe of your appearance. You’d dressed up tonight as you’d chosen to meet her in a fairly fancy restaurant. Turned out to be a wasted effort on her… maybe not him. Dan hadn’t seen you get ready or leave as he was at a meeting for Radio 1, and as far as he knew, you weren’t going to be back until late anyway.

“She cancelled again didn’t she.” You say, shoving your palm out in front of you in a gesture of annoyance as you kick away your heels.

“Oh..again?” He says, taking bare-footed slow steps towards you but not meeting your eyes. Instead they were travelling down your body.

“Yes, again, I’ve told you about all this Dan.” You say, pulling out your messy bun and letting your hair fall around your shoulders. “She’s met this fuckboy who I know is sleeping around with other girls but she’s totally in love with him and she won’t listen to a word I say about it. Every time we’ve tried to meet up she’s cancelled last minute for him, and THIS time I was actually sat at the fucking table!”

“Yeah?” He continues to make slow steps, his lips parted in a small smile.

“Yes! What are you smiling at?!” You ask, placing your hands on your hips.

“You look really hot.” He shrugs confidently, sliding both hands into his pajama pockets. You let your arms fall to your sides again, stare at his face and sigh. He never put his hands in his pockets and weirdly it made him look really attractive in that moment.

“So do you. Stop complimenting me whilst I’m mad. It’s not fair. I need you to let me complain about this situation okay?”

“I haven’t seen that dress before.” He replies, his eyes wandering down your body again as he takes another slow step towards you. He had the glimmer in his eyes you knew all too well.

“It’s new. Stop changing the subject.”

“I think you’re a better one.” His voice had dropped lower, like it always did when he was being flirty. He was now only a couple of feet away from you and he smelled beautiful. You take a breath and glance at his chest, before running your fingers through the top part of your hair, flicking it to the side.

“Are you listening to me? Did you miss the part where I said I was sat alone waiting for her?” You try not to smile at your boyfriend who you could see had bitten his bottom lip slightly.  "I want you to be mad at her with me. Stop looking at me like that.“ “I am mad at her, of course I am, I’m just more in love with you right now.” He says softly, reducing the gap between you to about an inch and gazing down at you with his dark brown eyes. He expands his chest ever so slightly and his soft lips move closer to yours. You see his arm move as he takes his hand out of his pocket and you feel his fingers graze the top of your hip.

“I’m not sure what you’re after Daniel” You lie, slowly pressing your body into his, “But I’m going to go and order a pizza, and they best have garlic bread too or else I’m going to be really mad.”

“You’re sexy when you’re mad too.” He mumbles, his eyes fixed on yours.

“Am I?” You ask, leaning your head up and touching the very edge of your lips to his, “Well, right now I just want food.” You lie again. Dan was rarely this flirty, and it was already making you feel all gooey but you knew you could drag this out. You lean back from him and you see his jaw clench and his temple move, a sure sign he was frustrated. You loved the jaw thing, and you doubted he knew that sometimes you wind him up just to see it. What could you say, frustrated Dan was hot Dan.

You brush past him and walk into the kitchen, knowing he would be watching you.

You flick you hair over to one shoulder and pull open the kitchen drawer stuffed full of takeaway menu’s and random papers you find lying around the house, normally the ones Dan has conveniently dropped or ignored, and search for anything with a pizza on it.

“Do you want anything? We could get two if there’s a deal.” You suggest, pulling out a handful and fanning them out in front of you. You hear him pad down the hall towards the doorway and you close the drawer and turn around to lean against the sideboard, still shuffling through the papers.

“Yeah, I could eat.” He replies.

You lift your head to see him leaning against the door frame, his hands back in his pockets and his hair fluffed up as if he’d just ran his fingers through it. He gazes at you as you with his dark eyes and his mouth curls at the edge as you unknowingly stare back. He was giving you little tiny butterflies and all he was doing was looking at you.

“Daniel.” You say.

“What?” He replies, his smile growing.

“Stop it.” You say sternly, biting the inside of your cheek to stop you from smiling back. He knew exactly what he was doing to you, and he knew it was working. You were still angry about the failed evening and you weren’t quite ready to let it go.

“I’m just standing here!” He laughs, grinning at you and shrugging his broad shoulders slightly in protest.

“I’m ringing Dominos. You want garlic bread too?” You grab his phone that’s lying next to the toaster and type in the number. You lift it up to your ear, listening to the rings and wait for the answer on the other end.

“I really like that dress.” He says, completely ignoring you again. He takes his hand out of his pocket and raises his thumb to his lips, gently biting down on the very top, staring at you. He walks further into the room and leans against the sideboard opposite you, so you turn away from him and face the cupboards, trying so desperately to concentrate on the phone call.

“Hi, yes, hello.” You blurt out when someone finally answers. “Can I place an order for delivery? Yeah its Y/N Y/L/N, the address should be there… Brilliant yeah that’s the one. Okay can I have a large pepperoni pizza with a crap ton of extra cheese please… yeah honestly just throw it on there don’t hold back.”

You hear Dan laugh quietly from behind you.

“And a large Texas barbecue pizza. Both with portions of garlic bread… Yeah that’s it. We’ll pay on delivery… Alright, thank you, bye.” You hit the red button and slide Dan’s phone back on to the side, finally turning round to face him. He was still watching you, his arms crossed against his chest and his head tilted slightly.

“She said delivery would be about twenty five minutes”


You let out a sigh and rub your temple, closing your eyes for a few seconds. “I’m going to have to ring her Dan. I don’t care if she’s with that twat, in fact I’m going to tell her exactly what I think of this whole thing.” You reach for his phone again when suddenly he closes the gap between you, his hand taking your wrist.

“Or maybe you ring her tomorrow, and we spend the next twenty five minutes doing something less depressing?” He suggests, moving in close to your face, gently kissing your forehead. You sigh again, this time it had a slightly different meaning.

“Like what?”, you ask, placing his phone down and grasping onto the bottom of his jumper. He moves his hands to your back and you feel him smile against your skin.

“I’ll show you.” He whispers. You breathe him in, trying to forget the stress of the evening, and you feel his hands wind round your waist. He tilts his head and parts his lips, brushing them against yours, and you exhale as he moves one hand to pull a strand of hair from your face. You can’t hold back any more, he’d been teasing you from the second you got home. To be fair, you’d been teasing him back. You force your lips against his, and your hands grip his hips, pushing his jumper up slightly with your fingers. He kisses you back strongly and you feel your stomach twist, not just because you were hungry.

Suddenly, his hands tighten on your waist and he effortlessly lifts you up onto the sideboard, standing between your thighs. You take your hands and wind them into his messy hair, pulling his head forwards as you lean back slightly, deepening your kiss. It had been a long time since you and Dan had been like this with each other, busy schedules and all that. You were going to enjoy these next twenty five minutes for all they were worth.

You take your hand from his hair and hold on to his wrist, which was still on your waist. Wanting him to hold you tighter. Instead, he slows his kisses, and you feel his fingers move to touch the end of your knee. He breathes heavy against your mouth, and his fingers glide round the side of your knee. Your heart is beating heavily in your chest, with excitement. Only 10 minutes ago it was beating heavily with anger. Dan could do amazing things to you.

He continues to give you gentle kisses, and you feel his fingers graze up your leg, towards the top of your thigh. You roll your body into his, and he moves his lips from your mouth to your jawline, and then to your neck. Managing to find the tender spot instantly. His fingers push under the material of your dress and your body tingles in anticipation. His fingertips now so close to your crotch. You encourage him by wrapping your calf round the back of his thigh, pulling his own crotch closer to you. He was however still kissing your neck, and time was ticking.

“Dan,” you mumble against his hair. He pulls his head away and looks at you questioningly with his wide eyes, his lips still close to yours.

“Get a move on.” You open your mouth and bite hold of his bottom lip. Dan grins wickedly back at you, his eyes firey and his cheeks red. His hair unbelievably even more wild than before.

“As you wish.”

He grasps hold of your waist once more and holds on to you tightly, his lips crushing yours as he carries you through the kitchen door towards the lounge. You giggle at him as he almost walks you into the door frame, both of you not really concentrating on direction. You feel the sofa against the back of your legs and he lowers you down. You wiggle upwards and your hands grab at his jumper, desperate to remove it. Dan takes the material in his hands and pulls it over his head, lowering his bare chest back down towards you and resting on his elbows, either side of your head. Your hands run up his ribs and grip at his shoulder blades, his skin warm to touch. You run your hands back down his body as he continues to kiss you, his tongue against yours and small sighs escaping both your lips. You grab at his pajama bottoms and shove them with all the strength you can muster at that angle but they barely budge, so you push at his chest and sit up, with him kneeling over you. You feel his fingers pull at the zip on your dress and a cool breeze hits your back, contrasting with your heated skin. You yank down his pajama bottoms and twist your legs round to position yourself on your knees, so your face is right against his. He runs his hands over your shoulders, pulling your dress down and leaning his head back slightly to look at your increasingly revealed skin.

“You’re being gentle with this one.” You giggle, holding the back of his neck and placing your other hand on his rising and falling chest.

“I told you, I really like it.” He grins back, pulling it down your body. You let your arms fall and he pulls the sleeves down, the dress bunching round your bent knees.

You once again hold his neck and you move your mouth against his. That’s when you feel his fingers against your crotch. Small strokes at first that make your hips wiggle and you cant help but let out a small moan into his mouth. You feel him smile again and his fingers twist your underwear tightly, pulling them down over your hips to join your dress. He lowers you back down, hovering over you but never breaking contact between your chests.

You suddenly feel him grind himself into you, and your stomach knots and your back arches in pleasure. This is what it has been building up to. His bare hot skin against yours, soft and sensitive. You feel his hard length against you, as he runs his fingers up your ribs and under your back, where he unclasps your bra in a matter of seconds (he’d gotten good at this recently) and chucks it onto the floor. You take this time to wriggle your dress further down your body and over your ankles, kicking it away. You use your foot to push at Dan’s pajama bottoms too and breathe heavily against his mouth as you enjoy the few seconds of being fully naked with him, relishing every inch of his body against yours. You open your mouth and push your crotch up against his, creating the friction you were craving.

“Don’t go out with her again. Stay with me.” He whispers. You respond with a kiss.


He slowly pushes himself into you. A warm wave of pleasure rolls through your body and he tucks his head into your neck, letting out the sexiest groan you’ve ever heard. You roll your hips up to meet his rhythm and feel the heat build slowly and surely deep within your stomach. You wrap your legs around his bum and grip tightly onto his hair. Your moans grow louder with each minute that passes, as do his, until his rhythm changes to faster, deeper thrusts and the waves are now so powerful you almost forget to breathe. Your head tilts backwards and Dan’s teeth sink gently into the soft spot of your neck. His back and chest growing damp with sweat.

You both climax together, when you squeeze his hips with your thighs and bite down on his lip, as he thrusts into you one last time. You feel your thighs quiver and you wriggle beneath him, as he grips your hip with his hand and tries to control his own spasms. You let out a loud few sighs and softly kiss his neck as he breathes against your shoulder. You felt exhausted, but so happy, and had almost forgotten about the pizza when suddenly..


“Ah shit.” You hear Dan mumble against you. “They’re early.”

“Yeah,” you grin to yourself. “There’s no way that was 25 minutes.” Dan lifts his head up and opens his mouth wide in mock offense.

“In my defense, you did rush me.”

“Go get the pizza.” You giggle, kissing him passionately on the lips one last time, before planting a single gentle one on his nose.

He smiles down at you before lifting himself away and reaching for his pajama bottoms, shoving them on backwards and stumbling towards the door. You laugh after him, and sit up yourself, finding your knickers in the pile of clothes and sliding his jumper over your head. You feel your stomach grumble in hunger and realise how differently tonight would have gone if your 'best friend’ had actually showed up. In many ways you were still mad at her, but in many more you were glad of the way things had turned out. You were also glad you hadn’t spent the entire evening being grumpy about it. Mind you, that was all down to Dan. He was the most perfect distraction.


Hope you like this one! Didn’t want to make Dan too dominant because I feel like that’s a whole seperate fic ;) Let me know what you think/any advice. Thanks for reading! x

anonymous asked:

Help me with this scenario I have in my head. You wake up and feel shawn's boner. What does he do/happens

Warning: Smut

Originally posted by tattooed-freckles

I was brutally woken up when I suddenly felt Shawn’s heavy weight on me, pressing my back further into the soft mattress. It took me a second or two to open my eyes fully - but when I finally did - Shawn’s lusting, dark ones met me immediately.

He breathed heavily, before licking his rosy lips, not removing his dark stare from me. I didn’t know why, but suddenly, I felt my cheeks heat up. 

“Morning love” he hummed into my ear.

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Jack Skellington’s Jaw

I think one thing us TNBC fans tend to forget about the most is the fact that Jack does have a jaw. It’s there, it exists. His stitched smile makes it look like his face/skull is one complete mass, but it’s the opposite??? Like, the animators blended the scene where it comes back on his skull so smoothly we don’t even question it. It just…forms back into a circular shape.

It’s there. It’s square. It’s properly shaped, too, with his bottom teeth! Jack kinda’ looks like half a face without it. Does this mean that his jaw covers half of his head???? And, if so ,where are the indents??? There are none. His jaw is hidden until it comes off. It’s such an anomaly.

Jack without his jaw is…so intriguing to see. He looks so scary! Imagine that sucker coming at you instead of his usual goofball face. And how do his stitches form??? No way could they be indents of his teeth like in the concept art. I’m very much confused, but I am very much intrigued. We only got 3 seconds of him without his jaw, so I don’t know. I don’t know. Burton, you’re so crazy.

Not to mention that his face can be stretched/manipulated??? His teeth can go from a square shape to a triangle shape, and the amount can change anytime. There’s implication that he has a vestibule, too. But Jack Skellington simply can’t have cheeks - his mouth can expand to beside his eye sockets! Wha…what even is this? The stitches simply come around his mouth, yet they can disappear if he expands his lips enough????

This here, folks, is why Jack is the scariest in Halloween Town. He can change his features to look like something else if he wanted to. Imagine all the things you can do with a stretchy-yet-somehow-still-a-skull face! We really don’t know what Jack is capable of. He can be so much more scarier than any of us could fathom. He was just acting like such an adorable dork the whole movie, so we couldn’t really see his capabilities.

But I should also bring up the big question: How the hell does Jack have a tongue??? It’s long, and it comes out of his larynx??? Or whatever the hell that black hole in the back of his throat is. It isn’t seen anywhere when he loses his jaw. It comes outside of his mouth, which means…he could probably do what the Mayor did at the end of the movie with that snowflake?

He’s terrifying, and I love him.

Holding You Back (Smut)

A/N: I’m in Prague this week with a friend and I set this to upload on it’s own so hopefully it works. A little trigger warning towards the end.
Requested to write a smut about the videos of the boys playing billiard in Glasgow and using some vibes from There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back too.

Word count: 5,323

“I swear he’s looking at you again” Ollie grinned, smiling at me widely. He put a couple of bottles with liquor back on their place, not taking his friendly eyes of me.

“Who?” I asked, grabbing two more glasses from the counter. I poured vodka in them both first, then some red bull before putting ice in both glasses.

“The tall, dark-haired guy” he said, nodding in the direction of the billiard tables in the other end of the bar.

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Summary: During a night of studying, it abruptly comes to an end when an unexpected stranger wakes up hungover on your couch. (College!AU)

Word Count: 1,795.

Prompt: “I don’t know you, so why the fuck are you hungover on my couch?”

A/N: First off, big thanks to @james-bionic-barnes for helping a sister out with some ideas. Much appreciated! Second, this is my entry for  @theassetseyeliner‘s writing challenge. Hope you guys enjoy!

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it wasn’t so bad

Originally posted by tomshollandss

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming // Soulmate AU

Warning(s)?: I don’t know why I made the reader so annoyed XD Sorry!

Word Count: 2538. This is long… just like my High School classes.

A/N: I have five other requests in my inbox, but I just decided to do this really quick because I thought this was a really cute idea!

Also, I don’t know who’s idea this is! If this is yours, please tell me and I will give you full credit!!

masterlist (x)  requests (x)

“Another one to mark down.” A gentle, yet annoyed, sigh escaped your lips as you placed the ink against the marked paper, slashing it down as you disgustingly observed the overly ecstatic couple.

Just moments ago the two didn’t even know the other one existed, but miraculously they said what was plastered on their wrist and now they were full on making out… right in front of the whole room filled with students trying to eat their lunch in peace.

Squirming uncomfortably, you instead focused on something else more interested. The ink developed in your skin.

Focusing on the neat lettering, you lightly brushed your fingers against your smooth skin that captivated the small little phrase that haunted your thoughts ever since you found about it when you were a child.

Those seven words “do you have a thing for superheroes?” burned in your mind throughout your childhood as you desperately tried to find the person you were destined to spend you whole life with; but no such luck.

Let’s just say there were way to many snakes/fakes that wanted to be part of the popular group of kids.

“Still nothing?” Liz’s voice rang through your ears as she stood across from you, a bright smile smeared on her face as she overlooked your displeased expression that was still glaring at that small little catchphrase planted on your skin.

Laughing slightly at your concentration on the words overcoming your life, she sat down across from you and observed your eyes which were scanning the words for the millionth time today.

“You seriously need to stop staring at thing.” Leaning up a tad bit, Liz grabbed a carrot from your tray of food and popped it in her mouth, her smile still plastered on her face.

“But it’s more entertaining than my life.” Glancing up at the overexcited female, you decided to focus your undivided attention on he but that didn’t last long as your eyes placed their rightful position on your ink stained skin. 

“See,” she motioned her second carrot at your wrist and your eyes that were currently glued to each other. “You can’t even keep your eyes off it for a second.” Popping the carrot in her mouth, she leaned against the table and observed your now defeated expression dancing over your face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Your voice was quiet and low as you pulled your sleeve all the way up, grabbing it in your hand before you focused your attention on the intrigued female.

“Yeah, sure.” Sarcasm rolled off her smiling mouth as she grabbed a strawberry from your tray that you paid no attention to.

“How about you?” Placing your elbows on the table, you put your head in your hands and cocked your head to the side, trying to push the conversation away from you as much as possible.

“What about me?” Focused on the strawberry, she took a small bite out of it and then focused her attention on you who had a light smile on your face.

Since your love life wasn’t going to well, might as well talk about her own.

“You know, the whole thing about Flash~.” Lightly singing his name, Liz was caught off guard as she couldn’t help but choke on the strawberry in her mouth, her face a pigmented red in embarrassment as she lightly chocked on the fruit.

Small little glances were pulled to the two of you, but it didn’t last long as they continued on with their boring conversations, but that didn’t matter compared to the glare your best friend was giving you.

Complete frustration developed in her eyes as she continued to cough, her fist lightly pounding her chest as she tried to breath normally once again.

“We-We agreed that we wouldn’t talk about that again.” Regaining her voice, she slowly cleared her throat before she erupted into a series of coughs, her eyes watering from the pressure which caused you to loosely conceal your laughter.

“It’s not funny.” Her voice crocked lightly due to the lack of air, but it was also stern and serious as she overlooked your bright red face trying to overcome the urge of bursting into laughter.

Just the mere sound of Flash’s name caused Liz to cringe internally and externally; even when the two were destined to be together.

Yup, you guessed it. The ‘queen’ of the school paired up with the ‘joker’ of the school – it was like a match made in Heaven.

“Y/N,” a gentle glare was shot towards your direction, but you continued to snicker at her denial towards the confident male. “Please, don’t start this again.” Sincerity filled her voice as she gave you a pleading look, hoping you wouldn’t bring up the horrid memory again.

What memory you may ask? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t entirely pleasant.

Pretty much Flash accidentally did something inappropriate to Liz and Liz, being the person she is, figured it was intentional so she completely ignored him which caused tension between the two.

And here we are now: Liz trying to avoid Peter so she didn’t smile at his awkward, yet hilarious jokes.

“Okay, okay.” Slightly avoiding her pleading expression, you awkwardly died down in your snicker and wiped away the tears that managed to fall from your ear ducts. 

You couldn’t help it, her reaction to you talking about Flash Thompson was hilarious and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I’m sorry.” Snickering lowly once again, your eyes glanced up at the disappointed female as she turned away from you, her arms crossed over her chest in a pouty manner as she waited for a sincere apology.

“Come on, lighten up a little bit.” Leaning forward, you tried to nudge her in the shoulder but she quickly pulled her shoulder back to avoid the contact between the two of you.

Groaning at her immaturity, you aggravatingly spoke a soft “You’re seriously mad at me?” whilst raising an eyebrow at the disappointed female.

Seeing no reaction from her, you slowly pulled your hand away and sat down in a heap, a rolling of your eyes seen across the table before you crossed your arms across your chest, mimicking Liz’s actions she displayed to you.

“You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” Your tone softened as you cocked your head to the side, your orbs piercing through her face as you tried to decipher what was going through her mind.

After a minute of just flat out staring and silence, you finally piped up a groan as you leaned your head against the wall of the cafeteria, your E/C clearly full of discomfort from the awkward silence between the two of you.

“Fine, be mad at me.” You shook your head and closed your journal in front of you, standing up before you placed your books in your backpack. 

“But just so you know,” you leaned close to her with an intimidating look in your eyes, before you glanced over her confused expression. “I’m not afraid to tell Flash where you are.” A smirk appeared on your lips as you watched her eyes expand at the ‘threat’ given to her.

Before she could strangle you where you stood, you turned around and ran out of the cafeteria with a skip in your step and a victorious smile on your face which caused everyone to look at you confusingly.

Especially two sophomores staring at both you and Liz from across the room.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (28)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 28 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 5,270 (Maybe a little more or less)

Important note: I feel as though this is a really sensitive/ emotional part. So if you’re not good with these types of things it’s probably best you don’t read this? If you do- maybe get your tissues ready?
I apologise in advance I can already feel the amount of spelling mistakes that I’ve accidentally overlooked.

You heard the screaming again, but this time it was two people, making the noise much louder and scaring you beyond belief. You furrowed your brows together in worry. Not being able to take the suspense, you gently lifted yourself out of the bed; slowly and painfully making your way out of the room. You walked down the corridor, only to see a passed out and wet Yixing in Jongdae’s arms. He didn’t look conscious.

“Oh Goodness, Jongdae, what’s happening?” You panicked looking at Yixing’s pale body his hair stuck to his forehead. You couldn’t make out his pulse.

“I don’t fucking know! He was taking forever in the bathroom and I needed to piss so I kicked the door down and he was just submerged in the bathtub.” He laid Yixing down on the floor joining his fingers together and pressing his hands down onto his chest. You stared, but nothing was happening.

“Oh Christ no…He’s dead.” Your heart slowed and your throat constricted itself making it hard for you to breathe.

“No he’s not. He’s got a pulse, but it’s extremely weak.” Jongdae said, trying some CPR and pressing his hands onto Yixing’s chest again. Suddenly Yixing took a gasp of air, spluttering and coughing up water. You let out a huge breath you didn’t know that you were holding. Thank God he was alive.
Jongdae broke into a smile, hugging him tightly and rocking him back and forth in his arms.
“Yixing, what the fuck were you playing at. Why did you do that?”
You looked down at Yixing and felt bile rising to your throat; he hadn’t done this because of you, had he?

Jongdae looked up at you frowning.
“What’s happening in the kitchen?” He asked, still rocking Yixing back and forth.

You shrugged your shoulders, keeping your eyes trained on Yixing’s pale body, his chest rising and falling ever so lightly. If Jongdae had waited any longer, there is no way he would’ve made it.
“I don’t know I was trying to get some sleep, why?”

“Didn’t you hear the screaming? It was terrifying but I was busy dealing with him.” He looked down at Yixing’s near-lifeless body.

“That wasn’t you? I thought it was you.” Your eyes widened. You walked slowly down the corridor towards the kitchen. If the blood chilling scream didn’t come from him then who did it come from? You were getting closer to the kitchen and the sound of crying was getting louder. You were growing more concerned, what on earth was going on?

Initially upon entering the room, the first thing you had seen was Junmyeon crying, his face was red and he was shaking violently, his breathing was irregular if he carried on breathing the way he was he was going to pass out. You looked behind him, one of the windows were shattered. Then you turned your head to your left, that’s when your eyes expanded.
Baekhyun was standing there, body pressed against the kitchen counter; his white T-shirt was sprayed with a red liquid. He was looking down at his feet, eyes wide. You followed his gaze down towards the floor.

“OH MY GOD!” You screamed, forgetting about the pain in your abdomen. You bent down, into a pool of blood, soaking through your clothes and covering your hands. Kyungsoo was laying there, blood seeping out of his lower back, his lids were barely open and his eyes were rolling back into his head, his breathing was shaky and he was gasping for oxygen. He looked like a fish out of water.
He was dying.
“Oh my God, what happened?” Your speech was fast and you were finding it hard to breathe yourself.

“BAEKHYUN DO SOMETHING, FUCKING DO SOMETHING!” Junmyeon was screaming at Baekhyun. Tears were spilling down his cheeks; he was hyperventilating the shock of the situation proving to be all too much. You looked up at Baekhyun, who was still frozen in his spot, staring down at Kyungsoo who was still gasping for air.

“BAEKHYUN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STANDING THERE FOR!” Junmyeon shrieked, dropping to a heap on the floor.

“Don’t shout at him Junmyeon he’s in shock, you’re not helping.” You tried keeping your voice calm and assertive; this was already a tense situation it really didn’t help if you began shouting too. Rising slowly to your feet you raised your hands to Baekhyun’s face and cupped his cheeks with your palms stroking him lightly with your thumbs.
“Baekhyun I’m going to need you to listen to me okay?” You said keeping your voice a calm whisper. “You’re just in shock its okay, but I’m going to need you to help Kyungsoo out here. He’s in a bad way and he needs medical attention from you, I’m going to need you to help me piece him back together, can you do that for me lovely?” You continued rubbing circles into his cheeks to try and slowly ease him out of the shock. Baekhyun blinked twice quickly, a tear escaping his eye as he took in a sharp air of breath. He nodded quickly, ripping his eyes away from Kyungsoo’s body and looking at your face. You smiled at him reassuringly, removing your hands from his face, which was now stained with Kyungsoo’s blood.
“Good, that’s good. Thank you Baekhyun. Just take deep breaths in and out okay.” You needed help carrying Kyungsoo’s body to the Op room, you turned around to look at Junmyeon who was crying hysterically on the floor, he was in no fit state to help you. Just then Kris, Chanyeol and Sehun came running into the kitchen.

“Who’s screaming? What’s happ – CHRIST HELP ME!” Sehun screamed looking down at Kyungsoo’s body on the ground next to you and Baekhyun.

“Guys you need to take him to the Op room, fast!” You were crying now, unable to hold the shock in anymore. They didn’t need telling twice they hurriedly made their way over. Kris and Chanyeol carrying Kyungsoo out of the room, whilst Sehun carried Baekhyun over his shoulder out of the room too. You made your way over to the other side of the kitchen, sinking down beside Junmyeon and rocking him back and forth, you weren’t sure what was going on, all you could wonder to yourself was whether or not Kyungsoo would actually make it.

Two hours after the incident and successfully cleaning up Kyungsoo’s blood from the kitchen floor, you were sat in the board with everyone but Yixing, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo and Jongdae. Everyone was looking at Junmyeon with worry, he had come round now and he was more composed than he was in the kitchen but his body was dishevelled and he looked an absolute state.

“Where’s Jongdae?” You asked him.

“He’s keeping Baekhyun Company in the Op room.” His voice was shallow and his face was blank, staring at nothing in particular he let out a shaky sigh.

“Junmyeon, what happened?” Kris frowned, leaning forward in his seat and stretching his long arms out in front of him.

Junmyeon blinked slowly, at first you didn’t think he was prepared to answer, but then he began to speak in a low voice.

“Me and Baekhyun were just standing in the kitchen talking to each other. Kyungsoo came into the kitchen to get some tap water, so he went to walk past Baekhyun and then he just…got shot. I don’t even understand… how…” His face went blank. Maybe this was bit much for him you thought to yourself the image was still too fresh in his mind. You smiled softly in his direction.

“It’s okay Junmyeon you don’t have to –”

“We need to move from this house.” Junmyeon cut you off, he began shaking slightly again and he was speaking in a hysterical fashion. “Someone knows where we live, we have to leave and whoever it was wanted Baekhyun dead, they were aiming for him. If Kyungsoo hadn’t gotten in the way it would’ve gone straight through Baek’s chest.”
Everyone around the table was looking sceptically at each other and you didn’t know whether it was because you were all uncomfortable and anxious about Junmyeon’s suggestion to move house or whether it was because you were all disbelieving of one another and there really wasn’t anyone to trust in this house, you were hoping it wasn’t the latter but an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach was confirming your suspicions. Suddenly on impulse you spoke up, setting the suspicion train on its track.

“Who are you Tao and how comes you just showed up all of a sudden? You come here tonight and then all of a sudden disaster strikes.”

Tao looked at you with wide eyes, laughing in disbelief.

“What?! Are you being serious, I saved you, you idiot. If it wasn’t for you running around at night time on your own, then Red wouldn’t have captured you and I wouldn’t have had to come here in the first place. And I work for Genesis, I’m in the same position as Jongin and Kris here. I’m undercover. I had to let the boys believe I was missing because it was the best way to stay undercover, besides it was never confirmed I was dead, I just disappeared off the radar, it was their fault for thinking that way so –hey you know what, why am I explaining myself to you, who the fuck are you anyway? You’re not one of us what gives you the right to start questioning my position.” He looked at you up and down with repulsion.

Jongin nodded, “He’s telling the truth, me and Kris can vouch for him.” He nodded at Kris and turned back to look at you again.

“Not being funny or anything Jongin, but you three are the shadiest characters in the house right now. We still can’t believe any of you, what with you being the Tell-tale and Kris and Tao resurrecting from the dead, so I think I speak on behalf of all us when I say that nobody believes any type of shit that comes out of your mouth.” Sehun growled, looking at the three men in disgust.

“Oh so now we’re the fucking culprits? Well I’m ‘not being funny’ Sehun, but I find it strange how you don’t suspect your ‘boyfriend’ for being a phony when he disappeared into the night not telling us where he went, Hmm? Or are you just covering up for Minseok’s ass?” Jongin smirked smugly at Sehun, crossing his arms over his chest, causing Sehun to look at Minseok in an anxious way, it was true he still couldn’t confirm where exactly Minseok had been going to at midnight.

“I can vouch for him; I know it’s not Minseok.” You shot Jongin a look of contempt, why was he trying to blame it on Minseok. Even in your unconscious mind you were supporting Minseok after he had made you feel so horrible, what was wrong with you.

“Of course you’d vouch for him, the two of you are screwing each other, so why wouldn’t you?” Kris scoffed, turning his head in your direction, anger visible in his eyes.

“Would you all just stop fucking arguing! This is not going to help Kyungsoo out!” Chanyeol banged his fists down on the table, staring around the table at all of you in disgust and disbelief. “I’m ashamed of you all, especially you.” He pointed his finger at your face. “You think we really need to start second guessing each other at a time like this?”
You all hung your heads in guilt, pointing fingers at each other at this point in time was so low, so petty and it wasn’t getting Kyungsoo anywhere, because as you were all arguing about it in the board room the fact remained that he had still been shot and as you were all blaming each other in your seats the fact remained that none of you knew whether or not he was struggling to hold on and surviving, or slowly letting go and dying. And to be honest none of you had the heart to go down and check, because you were all scared to discover the version of the truth that you didn’t want to accept.
“Now, I’m going to go to the office and check whether there are any houses nearby that we can evacuate to. I suggest you all pull your shit together and start helping to fix this situation. And Junmyeon take it easy for the rest of the night okay?” Chanyeol pushed his fringe out of his face in frustration and left the room.
You all sat there in silence not talking for a while before you spoke up, focusing your attention on Tao.

“So you’re Red’s son too?” You raised your brow

“No. But I am Kris’ brother. Mum’s side.” You nodded your head, turning it slowly to see how Junmyeon was doing and to be fair he hadn’t improved.

“What the fuck? Why is everyone related? Don’t tell me Luhan was related to you guys as well.” Sehun said.

“No. Luhan was related to no one, he was just a prick.”

Sehun and Minseok frowned at Kris’ statement

“Oi. Careful, yeah? That’s still a touchy subject.” Minseok hissed, still not fully over the brunt of it all.


You sighed heavily slowly standing up from your seat it was always one thing after another in this house, there was never a moment of emotional rest for anyone and it was all still so new to you, it was becoming increasingly hard to adjust, this had by far been the hardest two months of your life. You walked behind Junmyeon tapping him lightly on the shoulder, signalling that it was time for him to go to bed, he really needed to rest, tonight had been too much for him to deal with. He followed you slowly out of the board room, no more than an empty shell and it was at this point you realised just how vulnerable and childlike that these men could be. It was as though they would temporarily regress back to their 15 year old selves and you came to notice that this was probably due to the fact that they had to grow up before their time, to defend themselves and protect those dear to them. They had learned from a tender age to hate, to attack and to kill, they didn’t have enough time to really be their young selves and it bugged you immensely. It explained the tantrums, the arguments, the breakdowns, everything. Taking Junmyeon by the hand you led him into his bedroom. It was the first time you had been in here. It was really quite plain, the walls were a cream colour, but they were covered in pictures of what you assumed were his family, you guided him over to his bed, waiting for him to sit down. You rubbed his hand gently and began to back away towards the door.

“He’s going to die isn’t he?”

You stopped in your tracks, swallowing hard you weren’t sure how to reply to this, because honestly Kyungsoo didn’t look as though he had much of a chance. Finally after several seconds you turned around to face Junmyeon.

“I trust that Baekhyun will do all he can to help Kyungsoo survive this.” You smiled softly

“You didn’t answer my question.” He sniffed, tears were pooling in his eyes again. “Why can’t I look after my men properly Y/N? Why do I keep fucking up every chance I get?” The tears were streaming down his face now and splashing onto his bed sheets.

“No Junmyeon. This is not your fault, don’t you dare blame this all on yourself. You’re a great man and a great leader; you’ve been doing this for what, 8 to 10 years now? Excuse me I don’t know the specifics, but you’ve managed to keep everyone alive since then. With the exclusion of Luhan, but Jongin killed him intentionally because he was the bad apple or the bunch. You’re amazing Junmyeon, honestly you are.”

He scoffed. “Well one’s dying now though. He’s probably dead as we speak.”

“Don’t say that Junmyeon, we don’t know what’s going to happen yet. We just need to stay hopeful okay. Please try and get some sleep.” You switched the light off and quickly walked out of his room. You took a deep breath out and all of a sudden felt a sharp pain in your abdomen. You had forgotten that you had been shot too. You were tired and needed sleep so decided to retire to your room for the night and start again as fresh as you could tomorrow.

You woke up the next day realising it was quite late; you looked at the clock in your room. It was already 12 midday. Slowly getting up and out of your bed, you began reliving the scenes of last night in your head. You closed your eyes as tightly as you could in an attempt rid yourself of the images, you were hungry and needed breakfast. Walking down the corridor you heard noises and clattering,there boxes and cases piled up along the corridors, confused you carried on down the corridor until you bumped into Chanyeol.

“Chan, what’s going on?” You stared around the corridor slightly baffled.

“I found a hidden location, we’re moving. It’s not too far from here, which isn’t ideal, but it’s the best I could do for now. We need to get out of here.” You nodded your head slowly, so you were all packing to move.
He stood there for a while, staring at you awkwardly you stared at him back shifting uncomfortably in your position.
“Umm. Y/N….about before… I was wondering…I don’t know I guess this whole Kyungsoo situation is intense; maybe we could just put that kind of thing on hold for now?” You couldn’t nod your head faster in agreement, for now it was best to put this whole ‘status of relationship’ situation to the side, you all had enough on your plate. He bowed at you quickly and disappeared into the board.

You were just about to turn around back to your room to begin packing your clothes, when you saw a tired looking Jongdae approaching you from the basement staircase.

“It’s Kyungsoo, he’s alive!” He put his best effort into shouting, despite how drained he looked. Without wasting another second, you ran past him and down the spiralling staircase into the Op room, you were so unbelievably happy that you couldn’t contain yourself and you weren’t even sure why, but here you were at the foot of Kyungsoo bed, staring down at his pale body. You were joined shortly by 9 other men, including Yixing who was now fully awake and conscious. Nobody in this room could stop smiling apart from Baekhyun and Jongdae.

“Baekhyun, you saved him. You should be so happy right now, what’s wrong.” You smiled in his direction, trying to work out why he looked so glum.

“I know he’s alive. I’m grateful for that. But…” He paused, looking at Kyungsoo’s still body. His breathing barely existent.

“But what?” You asked impatiently, shouldn’t he be rejoicing? Kyungsoo was alive, he was going to see another day.

“The bullet…it shattered his spine…he’s paralysed.”

You stared at Baekhyun confused; you couldn’t register what he was saying.

“What do you mean he’s paralysed?”

“I mean, Kyungsoo will never walk again.”

Your mouth dropped open, and the room went silent, your temporary moment of happiness was stolen away from you in a matter of seconds. Kyungsoo, one of the best fighters on the front line in this unit, was never going to be able to walk again. You looked at him, mouth still agape. He looked so peaceful right now, little did he know the next time that he awoke he wouldn’t be able to walk again.
Poor Kyungsoo.

You slowly filed out of the room, making your way up the spiraling staircase, you couldn’t comprehend Kyungsoo being wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life, the concept didn’t suit him. Not that it suited anyone, but it just definitely did not suit Kyungsoo. You sighed heavily making your way back to your room and you began folding your clothes and packing things that you wanted to take with you.

“The Lorries are outside! We need to start loading!” You heard Chanyeol’s voice shouting through your open bedroom door.

It took you hours to finally move your stuff into this new place; it was also in an abandoned area like the previous house. To be honest you had no idea where Chanyeol had found it and what dirty work he may have done to acquire it, but it was fully functioning. It was smaller than the last house and it had stairs. This made you slightly worried, since now you needed more space and no stairs because of Kyungsoo’s condition, but you were just glad that you at least had somewhere safer to live now. You had all set about trying to unpack the most important things in the house, like the big pieces of furniture and appliances. You took one of the rooms upstairs closest to the bathroom, you were going to take the en suite room, but then decided it was better if Kyungsoo had it. You set about unpacking your things in your new room trying to adjust to the new space, when you had a light knocking on your door.

“Yes? Come in.” You called, turning around to face the door, Minseok was standing there looking at you through tired eyes.

“Hey, are you okay?” He asked, a concerned expression taking over his face. You felt slightly uncomfortable, you still hadn’t spoken to him properly since the day you heard him having sex with that woman and to be honest you weren’t very fond of him at the moment.

“I’m fine.” You mumbled turning your back to him, continuing to unpack your clothes from the cardboard boxes.

“Can we talk?”

“Now’s not really the right time Minseok. I’m busy.” You kept your back turned to him and continued placing your clothes into draws and hanging them up in the wardrobe next to your bed. He let out a heavy sigh.

“You’re right, maybe another time. Anyway, Junmyeon said Kyungsoo’s awake now, everyone’s in his room.”
This time you did turn around to look at Minseok, your eyes widening , you didn’t waste a second more in your room, instead you slipped past him and down the corridor and into Kyungsoo’s room, where everyone was, Minseok joining you shortly after. You hesitated for a while, looking at a wheelchair that was near the door. Whoever had retrieved this was quick in doing so, you assumed it was stolen. You pushed past the crowd of men until you were standing right in front of Kyungsoo, your breath was knocked out of you when you looked down at him. He was so pale; he looked so rough, nothing like the Kyungsoo that you were used to. You swallowed hard trying to keep your shock and sadness hidden, so you didn’t scare him.

“Kyungsoo, how are you feeling?” You asked him, you and the boys waiting apprehensively in silence for his reply.

“Considering I’ve just been shot, I’m doing surprisingly okay.” He raised an eyebrow looking at all of your forlorn faces. “Why is everyone so quiet, I’m alive, shouldn’t you be showering me with kisses?” He scoffed. He still didn’t know.
Poor Kyungsoo.

“Okay whatever suit yourselves.  Where are we?” He frowned looking around the unfamiliar room and back down to the crowd of individuals in front of him.

“We’re at a new house Kyungsoo; we had to leave the old one. Someone knew our location we assume that’s who…shot you.” Junmyeon said, stepping forward beside you, looking down sadly at him. Kyungsoo nodded his head, lifting the duvet up that was covering his body.

“Anyway I’m so damn hungry; I’m going to fix myself something to eat.” He said, shifting his body to the side of the bed

Junmyeon shook his head, fear settling into his face “Kyungsoo no! Don’t do –”

Kyungsoo shifted so far off the bed that he dropped onto the floor.

“Ouch shit” He laughed at himself, for being so clumsy. But then his smile disappeared. Turning into a frown. “What? –what? Why? I- I can’t get up?” He looked up at everyone, still looking at him sadly.
He laughed at himself sarcastically taking a deep breath and attempting to get up again. “Why? Why can’t I get up? What the fuck.” He was beginning to get frustrated now, twisting the upper half of his body frantically. “WHY WON’T I STAND?!”
The scene unfolding in front of you was becoming emotionally overbearing and you couldn’t help but cry, it was proving to be too much.

Junmyeon bent down slowly in front of Kyungsoo, tears pooling in his eyes.
“Soo. You can’t get up because you’ve no sensation in the bottom part of your body. The bullet went through the your spine and… you’re…you’re paralysed Kyungsoo. I am so sorry.” Silent tears were running down Junmyeon’s cheeks now and he was biting his lips anxiously.
Kyungsoo looked up at all of your faces desperately, looking for an alternative answer as to why he couldn’t stand but no one was saying anything.
“No…” He laughed again looking at Junmyeon, a disbelieving smile plastering his face. “Shut the fuck up Myeon, you’re not funny, that’s such a poor joke, you can do better than that.” He said trying to stand up again, but to no avail.
He began to panic again, moving his upper body erratically. Junmyeon held his hand down to him, so as to help carry him up. But Kyungsoo slapped it fiercely away.

“No! I’m not fucking paralysed I’m just weak. That’s all. I’m still weak! Baekhyun tell them! Tell them I’m just weak!” He shouted, his face was red now and he was crying hysterically, trying to breath through his persistent sobbing.

“Kyungsoo…you can’t stand up. You’re paralysed. I’m sorry” Baekhyun burst out crying and ran out of the room.

“NO! NO!” Kyungsoo screamed, slapping his legs and breathing heavily.

You couldn’t bear to watch him suffering on the floor anymore. Kris had walked over to carry him back onto the bed, but by this time you had excused yourself from the room, standing outside and leaning against the wall you began to gasp desperately for air. You could still hear Kyungsoo screaming in denial in the room, he wouldn’t accept it, he didn’t want to accept it. But it was true and you had to live with the effects of what came with his new physical state.

The next two weeks were the absolute worst; Kyungsoo’s state had divided everyone in the house apart and it had also made him distance himself from everyone. Baekhyun and Chanyeol had become Kyungsoo’s main carers, they helped him bathe, get up and down the stairs and do everything that he was no longer capable of doing. All the while Kyungsoo would complain; “I don’t need help!” “I can do it by myself!”. The poor man was still in denial and it broke your heart to see it every day, but his mood was really taking the energy out of the rest of the house. It caused people to argue; in particular Baekhyun and Chanyeol and it caused Kyungsoo to slip away into his own little space. You were scared to say the least, you were scared that Kyungsoo was becoming depressed and the worst part was that he would speak to nobody about it. You tried visiting his room multiple times only to have him furiously shout at you to “fuck off!” He would still try and do things for himself that he couldn’t do which would only make him angrier when he failed and when one of the others boys had to come and help him out.
It was becoming too much for you to handle until one night when you finally made your mind up to do something that you knew nobody else would approve of.

Kyungsoo was in his room, as usual he didn’t want to be with the rest of you, he was still in denial and locking himself away from the rest of the household. You and the rest of the boys were watching a film in the living room, attempting to wind down from another stressful day. You began to feel chilly so you were making your way to your room to get a blanket, when you saw Kyungsoo at the top of the staircase sitting in his wheelchair staring down in irritation.

“Kyungsoo what are you doing?” You breathed, staring up at him in worry.

“I’m hungry.” He replied back bluntly, still looking down the length of the stairs.

“Okay, wait there. I’ll get one of the boys to come and get you.”

“No! I don’t need help I can do it myself.” He hissed at you, shifting himself forward in his chair, by moving his upper body.

“Kyungsoo, no don’t! You can’t seriously –” But you were cut off when he moved his body forwards, instead of standing though, he tumbled down the length of the stairs landing at your feet crying in pain.

“Oh God Kyungsoo!” you cried, bending down and shifting him over off of his face, once again forgetting all about your abdominal pain. He was crying hysterically now.

“I could do it! I could’ve done it if you weren’t watching. Get off me! Get off me!”

 Your hand felt wet, you were so confused. Looking down at your hand, and then at Kyungsoo your eyes opened wide in shock and realisation. There was a dark patch on Kyungsoo’s trousers which kept on spreading. You smelt your hand briefly just to double check and confirm it was what you thought it was.

He had wet himself.

“Y/N!” He cried, his face red, he looked so vulnerable and it was breaking you slowly. “Y/N! I’m so embarrassed! I’m so embarrassed! Why didn’t the bullet kill me instead. I can’t live like this. I can’t live with myself Y/N!”

“Kyungsoo, don’t say that it’s not your fault. There’s no need to be embarrassed, you just weren’t able to feel it, okay? I’ll help to clean you up.”

“No! No…please. You can’t see…I don’t want you to touch…” He covered his face with his hands continuing to cry.

“It’s okay Kyungsoo. I’ll go and get Kris to help out okay.” You ran a comforting hand through his hair and disappeared to the living to summon Kris. Kyungsoo had humiliated himself in front of you and you knew he would never live this moment down, your heart was aching because you knew that there was nothing you could do to help him.

Hours later when you were sure everyone had gone to sleep, you rummaged around the house searching frantically for Junmyeon’s phone, and eventually you had found it in a draw in what was now your new board room. You searched through his phone speaking to yourself aloud, scrolling down impatiently.

“Please be here, please be here” You begged. Rejoicing when you found it. You dialled the number waiting for the line to be picked up.

“Hello? Hi, you don’t know me, well you do but…listen this is an emergency. I know. I know. If you’d just listen. Please it’s really urgent if I forward you the address then you’ll come? You have to, please. You know I wouldn’t even bother calling you if it wasn’t urgent, I wouldn’t dream of it. Thank you.” You hung up the phone and jumping when you saw Junmyeon standing behind you, his face was consumed with rage.

“So it’s you? You’re the one who made our location known! Are you working for Red Y/N!?”

You knitted your brows together. “What? No!” Your body was shaking.

“So who the fuck did you just make a call to?!”

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I submitted a student a while back, the one with gold in her eyes whose family joked that she wasn't human. She's back! (I am sorry for taking liberties, it's just that I love this whole thing.)

They watch her in horror.

She does not wear iron (Her mother’s stories and beliefs were right, it seems. Iron hurts her in a way she does not want to explain.) and the rules her sister taught her all seem to cause her more trouble than it’s worth. Salt damages her hands, makes her bleed and sore, and so she goes without.

She does not carry the protections that the others do and seeing someone so easily disregard the safety measures makes them nervous. She walks in places they are terrified of, alone and unharmed, and no one wants to question why. The gold in her eyes flashes in the darkness and she carries a book in her arms. Pages and pages of drawings, of things seen in her dreams and a world she knows more intimately than her own.

(Her mother still writes her letters, but they treat her as if she never held any power over her.)

(It would seem that the jokes were truths and never something to be laughed at.)

Her golden rings, worn in her eyes, expand until the blue is all but gone. The effect is striking and some believe her to have been replaced but she is the same as she ever was. There was no replacement for her, no sweet words luring her off into Their world.

Her world.

She is stuck between the two and being as odd as she is does her no favors. Too much humanity in her spirit to be right as a Them, too much Other to belong to humans. Trapped in between, this is where she belongs.

(One day, far into the future, she will be faculty and no one will ever tear her from Elsewhere. This is her home now, and she will remain.)

One girl watches her, eyes pinned on her hands as she draws, and she sighs. An audience is not what she wanted. Everyone chooses how to react to her, of course, but she wishes that some would choose to ignore, like everyone else.

The girl approaches her and she looks up, meeting eyes similar to her own, cat pupils and orange. “You have a wonderful talent,” the girl says softly. She recognizes her now, realizes that she looks like someone who isn’t there anymore.

One of Them, one who wanted to be in the world for a while.

“You praise my talents,” she says quietly. Never say Thank You, the rules echo in her head. She wonders if the rules apply to someone who has always belonged.

Both of them grin, two sets of teeth too sharp for humans.

They are never seen apart again.

(Stories will be told of them, to be sure, but they will always be phrased as, ‘Did you meet the professor’s wife yet?’)



Requested: Please do some daddy Shawn.

A/N: I don’t know why I try writing fluffy things, because they’re awful most times. I also changed the lyrics of LOFP a little, sorry.

Word count: 2,066

A faint noise rang in my ears, but not nearly loud enough to pulled me out of my heavy sleep. Only seconds later, I felt the faint squeezes on my arms. When I finally managed to open them, the room was too dark for me to see anything properly.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, feeling just how sore they were. I blinked a few times, before finally being able to see shadows in the dark bedroom.

“Daddy, daddy” she cried again, forcing down my gaze.

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L’Uomo Vouge (Smut)


A/N: Requested. Hope this is okay. 

Word count: 2,053

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“Dude, there’s legit one saying she wants to lick your face while riding you” I laughed, pointing at my computer screen.

Shawn was standing beside the bed shaking his head lightly. He leaned forward, planting both his palms on each side of my body, leaning further down to me.

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