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Andrew Minyard is the Smartest Ever and I Need to Discuss It

  • So one night Andrew and Neil are both perching on Andrew’s desk which he has pushed by the window because they’re both blowing their smoke out through the screen 
  • It’s finals week and all of Neil’s books are scattered underneath where they are sitting 
  • Andrew is already done his finals because seniors take theirs early 
  • The seniors are celebrating senior week but Andrew much rather prefers staying in and pretending it’s a hardship helping Neil study even though he secretly doesn’t mind 
  • And after they’re done smoking, Andrew says something like “you sure have become a slob for a former runaway” and Neil just rolls his eyes and dramatically swipes all the papers and books from the desk into his backpack to shut Andrew up 
  • Not realizing that he accidentally swept some of Andrew’s papers from the desk 
  • Probably because they made out on the desk for about 45 minutes afterward
  • So the next day when Neil is trying to cram during his five minutes between exams he starts rummaging through his bag for his notes 
  • And instead finds a letter 
  • And he’s confused why he has a university official letter in his bag and starts reading it 
  • But then he notices it’s addressed to Andrew 
  • So he’s about to stop 
  • But TOO LATE because then he sees in bold letters 
  • “Congratulations on being this year’s Valedictorian" 
  • And Neil sucks in a breath so hard that he starts choking 
  • And now he has to fucking SIT THROUGH an entire FUCKING EXAM knowing this information 
  • I mean Neil knew Andrew was smart but he did not know he was this smart
  • That even when Andrew was hospitalized he was still doing his work and getting straight A's 
  • Cause Andrew has always gotten straight A's 
  • When he was in the foster system he probably used doing homework and studying and reading as an outlet 
  • And Neil spends at least half of his english exam wondering when in the world Andrew has time to study between Exy practices and Neil being a constant pain in his ass 
  • But then Neil starts to put some of the pieces together and thinks about all the times he was studying and Andrew would just be reading in the corner 
  • Or how Andrew never misses any of his classes for anything unless Neil says he needs him 
  • And now Neil feels guilty for any time that he pulled Andrew from class 
  • And Neil knows Andrew’s schedule by heart except it never really clicked that Andrew has been in 400 level classes since Neil has known him 
  • But Andrew never puts in effort!!! With anything!!! So it doesn’t make sense!!! Except it /does/ because Andrew only puts in effort if nobody is asking him to 
  • Nobody ever hounds Andrew about classes or his grades probably thinking it would be pointless to do so 
  • Except nobody apparently had to because Neil apparently has the smartest boyfriend in the world 
  • His dick might be half hard by the time he hands in his exam
  • I mean he basically pops a boner every time Andrew wears his glasses so it is #confirmed he has a huge kink for intelligence and intelligent looks
  • So Neil gets through his English exam and rushes back to his dorm 
  • That he shares with Andrew and Kevin 
  • And he barges in and is looking down at the paper saying "You’re valedictorian??!!??” 
  • And when he looks up he realizes it isn’t just Andrew in the room 
  • Neil is stunned into silence 
  • Andrew is perched in his regular spot 
  • And all of the rest of the foxes are scattered across the floor watching a movie together like literally ALL OF THEM like the past foxes too because they came to visit!!!! Because Neil only has one last exam tomorrow but also to sort of have an excuse to be there for the other foxes’ graduation
  • But now all eyes are on Andrew
  • And Andrew is looking at Neil with the most passive expression 
  • Nicky is the first to speak letting out a stunned “What the fuck" 
  • He earns a glare from Andrew
  • Kevin, Matt, and Aaron are looking between Neil and Andrew in complete shock 
  • Renee looks unsurprised but gives Andrew this small proud mom smile 
  • Kevin, Matt, and Aaron are literally giving themselves whiplash 
  • Dan and Allison are just sort of looking at Neil for further explanation since they know they won’t get any from Andrew 
  • But Neil doesn’t have any explanation 
  • And he’s short circuiting because everybody is there 
  • Also he feels like he just revealed one of Andrew’s big secrets or something 
  • But Andrew just slides off the desk and walks over to Neil 
  • And takes the paper out of Neil’s hands 
  • Whips out his lighter 
  • Sets the paper on fire 
  • Drops it in the bin 
  • And says "guess I’m not valedictorian anymore" 
  • Before retreating back to his perch like nothing happened
  • Forcing everybody to act like nothing happened like the little shit he is
  • Later on, Neil brings it up while hovering over his math textbook trying to memorize the last few equations and failing
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • Andrew ignores his question in favor of picking up a piece of paper and scribbling a bunch of numbers on it
  • “Solve this”
  • So Neil sighs, figuring he’s not going to get anywhere else tonight and solves the equation and hands it back to Andrew
  • But Andrew doesn’t take it, just raises an eyebrow and says “What did you get?”
  • And Neil reads out “286%” before realizing what it actually means.
The Freedom Writers

Become acquainted with the following consciousness expanders:
Alan Watts
Terrance Mckenna
Timothy Leary
Albert Hoffman
Ken Kesey
Tom Wolfe
Kurt Vonnegut
Charles Darwin
Henry David Thoreau
Walt Whitman
Robert Frost
Ernest Hemingway
Hermann Hesse
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Mark Twain
E.A. Poe
T.S. Eliot
C.S. Lewis
Franz Kafka
George Orwell
Aldous Huxley
Tom Robbins
William S. Burroughs
Jack Keuroac
Hunter S. Thompson
Carl Sagan
Robert A. Heinlein
Phillip K. Dick
H.G. Wells
Douglas Adams
Manly P. Hall
Buckmaster Fuller
Marcus Aurelius
Blaise Pascal
Jean-Paul Sartre
Albert Camus
William Blake
William Butler Yeats
Carl Jung
John Keats
Jules Verne
Albert Pike
Victor Hugo
Leo Tolstoy
Marcel Proust
Noam Chomsky
Howard Zinn
Bertrand Russel
Emma Goldman

et al.

Epic Korra Fanfic Plug Time!

I can’t believe i didn’t know about this story till now!! first chapter and i’m already hooked :D

I suppose it’s time to plug my Korrasami fic—but this time, with reader quotes!

Now… as for that last scene… I must admit that I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands, of korrasami fics, and by far, yours is the one with the most fidelity to each character’s personality. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing when writers write characters OOC, but it’s a wonderful thing to read the characters in their element, especially since we still don’t have comics… ugh, the wait is killing me! So this is a very nice breath of fresh air.

I love these characters! My fundamental goal is to continue the characters and world we love from the show as smoothly as possible, while getting to explore them deeply. I don’t have a 13 episode time-limit, so I can dwell and linger and explore all those many, many open threads the show left us!

And wow. That Korrasami ending was just wow. It was raw, touching and moving. Exactly what I look for in Korrasami fics. You’ve got yourself a fan.

Have to admit, I enjoy the gushing. Here’s more!

Ahhhhh! I love this! It has what I want from a Legend of Korra story! Korra/Asami, Korra *and* Asami being awesome together and apart, with their own storylines.

Our two leading gals are front and center, and they deserve nothing less! Their relationship hits the ground running—they have a lot of emotional baggage to catch each other up on. Still, they are very in love and very dorky and that’s just wonderful.

Admittedly, I read this chapter a few times. Or at least the korrasami parts, because I’m a huge sap. I know. Sue me. It’s your fault for writing fluff so damn well.

And apparently others agree! Not that it’s a fluff-centric fic… far from it.

Ugh. Why don’t you rip my heart out and throw it in a shredder, why don'cha?! All whining aside, one of the things I love the most about this story is that you’re taking the time to ask all the hard questions that were left open-ended when the show ended. In a way, that was good because–aaah ma guudness, look at all the lovely fanfics! But on the other hand, they were NAGGING questions, and not every fanfic has covered them! Jeesh! But we’re so lucky you decided to write this!

I’ve been writing for years, but never ventured into fanfic before. Korra is something special to me—in my personal life, certainly. But also, so few shows end so openly—the series resolved well, but there’s still so many questions up in the air!

(Plus, more than a few nagging little plot holes that are easily fixed by filling them with angst.)

Wow (as the little Asami’s would say) this is one of the best fanfics I’ve read in a while; I really like the way you are handling all of the arcs and base part of the story on plot holes left by te series. Something tells that the Avatarvetse is going through the a series of revolutions similar to those of the end of the 19th century + some more modern movements, I really like the parallels, specially with what is going on with the red lotus and fire nation.
I generally don’t like OCs in fanfics, but yours are really interesting, I specially like Nuktik. He has so many things to deal with! Can’t wait till Korra gets to the fire nation to Deal With everything, give the poor kid a break (and some more loving!). I’ll be waiting for the update, I bet it’s gonna be great (but take your time!)

Revolutions? Isn’t this a Korrasami fic? Well, yes, it very much is, but the scope is way broader than our two favorite gals. They’re both major world leaders and the world is still in flux. The decisions Asami and Korra make will impact how all that turns out. No pressure!

As for original characters—there’s a few. Just as every season introduced a few new faces to the cast, to compliment the plot and expand the world. But if there’s anybody in the show you’re looking for, odds are that they’re in here. I think right now Tahno and Gommu are the only characters ‘of note’ that haven’t been included to some degree? Did you even remember who Gommu was?

I have to compliment to you, because you’re expanding this fiction to a lot of Avatar’s world we didn’t see, at least in Korra’s days. It seems kinda difficult to manage all this mess, but you’re doing it extremely well.

I’m honestly surprised myself how well I’m pulling some of it off! Come for the Korrasami fluff—and there’s a LOT of fluff, especially early—stay to watch me juggle.

As you can tell, I’m rather well… invested in your fic. It’s been a great ride so far and your writing is superb! Especially considering the many threads you are weaving. Yours is a thoroughly engaging tale and I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait for long—other than a brief hiatus during winter break, I’ve been updating this fic consistently every two weeks. I’ve got chapters pre-written nearly through the finale, and I know how this all ends… it is gonna be great. Also, lengthy.

The writing is so smooth and nearly flawless that it’s not a hard read, which is always a plus especially when reading fics. The characters behave so closely to canon that it just feels natural. Basically, things that are normally hard for fic writers to accomplish seem so effortless here, which is one of the main reasons I’ll keep reading. Also, the concept of guns in the avatar universe is a really interesting idea and I really want to see how that plays out and how Korra and Asami’s views will clash. I feel it’s a very good conflict to bring up and in some ways it might even end up as a commentary on how guns are treated in our world, I’ll just have to keep reading and see. Lovely chapter!

Of course I point out compliments to my writing, but… guns?

They’re not the central focus of the story—that’s the characters, and Korrasami in particular—but they are the aspect that sets it apart from other fics. It’s not exactly a spoiler—they get brought up in chapter 1—but I was way more interested in how the various characters react to them than the guns themselves. I love this world and I love it’s characters… but as a writer, I’m interested in action, and consequence. There’s not much more direct a metaphor for that than pulling a trigger.

The story is not pro-gun. The story is not anti-gun. The story is one in which guns exist… and the world has to figure out what that means.

Alright, let me just say that I am very upset right now. I have now caught up with this amazing, intense, well written, and complex story, and Korra STILL has not found out about the guns!!! Like seriously yo! I don’t even know why I want the drama that’s gonna happen as much as I do but I NEED IT! It probably has something to do with the fact that you write fluff so well that I’m positive the angst and drama that’s about to be unleashed is gonna be ASTOUNDING!!

Somebody gets it.

Oh. My. God.

Yaaasss!!! This chapter was amazing in every way. I’ve been waiting too long for the 'shit hits the fan’ chapter but it was definitely worth it.

The worst part there is… the shit had only begun to hit the fan.

I’m so madddddddd.
You’re so awesome though, why you do this?
Anyway, very much good luck to you in grad school (yikes!) And specially kudos to you for taking on this beast of a story as eloquently as you have in the midst of that (I myself barely hang).
But yeah. Update soon! (End this perpetually familiar agony!)

But as bad as things get in this story—and they do wind up getting pretty bad—that’s all a down-payment on the triumph I have planned for the end. How well can Asami and Korra weather this storm? Spoilers: I love them and would never leave them unhappy. But getting there…

That’s where the fun is.

You want mad? I’m mad!!

Not really. This is one of the best expansive fics around and I’m super stoked you keep updating it. All the different plot lines are well thought out even as they twist around each other and meet up.
Can’t wait for more!

So maybe give the fic a shot, guys! I promise, there’s so many threads being explored, at least a few will speak to you. All you have to do is click on these words right here, I even made it easy for you!

(Completely perfect cover picture courtesy of drakyx. Visit her tumblr for more excellent art!)

geekyzelda  asked:

1, 2, & 6 for fanfic author meme!

Thanks for sending me things from the fanfic author meme!!

1. What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?

My first fic (aside from a continuation of the Lord of the Rings the brother and I started when I was like ten and didn’t know that fanfiction was a thing, aha) was Tinker Bell , a oneshot for Danny Phantom that I wrote back in 2011

I actually reread it not too long ago and it’s not bad. I mean it’s also not /great/ but it doesn’t makes me cringe or anything, which is a really nice feeling! ^^

2. What’s your most recent fic and how far do you think you’ve come?

The last thing I posted was The Abyss Stares Back , a long oneshot for Gundam 00 that I’m very proud of!

I think I’ve come a very long way since I first started writing fanfiction. For one thing, I’d been on a creative hiatus for… a long time before @dpsg1 introduced me to fandom and fanfiction so I was super rusty getting back into the swing of writing. But fanfiction gave me a lot of ideas to play with, made me want to write again, and surrounded me with a built in network of really inspiring authors who gave great feedback and I’ve just had so much fun experimenting and getting better at the whole writing thing over the years
And back when I started, I definitely would not have believed anyone who would have told me that I’d be able to finish a single scene that believably stretched to 7k (in present tense, no less!), so, yeah, progress!!

6. Is there any fic that makes you super embarrassed to reread and remember you wrote that?

Nope. I am willing to sit and edit a fic for years before I post, which I think has helped reduce embarrassment due to quality issues. And all of the weird stuff I’ve written was meant to be cracky anyway so……

Chad Fox

The lacrosse team’s newest goaltender, Chad Fox, is upset. Sure, Chad knew that sport teams were generally close minded, but this is Samwell. He had read all those encouraging pamphlets, assuring that Samwell was the most LGBTQA+ campus in the US. Their saying “1 in 4, maybe more” was displayed proudly on Samwell’s official website. So when he realized that he would have to hide his sexuality from his team??? Yeah… upset was putting it lightly. The worst part though? The cute Latino boy that went along with their homophobic comments.

To expand on this:

“Fictional” deities are only the deities of their world.

If you call on “Percy Jackson” Zeus, he is the Zeus of the Percy Jackson world, not ours. He will not accidentally come if you mean to call on this world’s Hellenistic Pantheon Zeus (and vice versa). The intents for both are different.

It’s the same for any deity and their “fictional” counterparts, though I hate calling them fictional because they’re real lol.

Just different versions with different domains.


Ladies of the MCU + TV Tropes - Canon Foreigner

When an established existing medium ventures into the Expanded Universe, writers will often rely heavily on familiar characters and past storylines from the official canon to ensure that fans of the original material are happy. Unlike the original canon, however, an “expanded universe” adaptation also gives the writers freedom to introduce new, “never before seen” characters, as the production staff enjoys their newfound liberation from whatever codes and limitations ruled the original work.

Often, these new characters will be added to fill a particular need in the new story, and add some degree of novelty to attract readers/watchers. Frequently, they’ll also fill some gap in the current cast, such as adding a female character to an all-male cast, or imposing some other element of diversity, be it racial, geographic, or simply personality. This can spark new conflicts and adventures that wouldn’t otherwise occur under the limitations of the “conventional” cast and series format — one of the main points of “expanded universe” fiction to begin with.

Depending on how well the character fits into the adaptation or how much the fans like the character, Canon Foreigners can either be much beloved or much hated, and if popular enough, may be Ret Canoned into the official canon where they are known as Canon Immigrants.


We’re Broken: Part 1/??? || Taehyung [Angst]

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Two years have passed since Taehyung and you have spoken. Between the two of you, your lives have changed completely. You went off to college and Taehyung left your hometown to live his dream of being an idol. But is that what he really wanted? 

A/N: Hello! This is a new account of text edits for BTS. I hope to expand and write fiction, reactions, etc. in the future. But for now, I’m sticking with text edits. I’m an amateur so I don’t know how these will turn out but I hope to post one everyday. So please send in your request so I can officially start this account up! Above is the start of a series that I created over the weekend. I’ve already written part 2 & 3. I don’t know how far I plan to take this, depends on the feedback I guess

P.S. (Y/N), was originally a high school student. For those of you who were confused about the pop quiz message. It will be fixed in the next part along with my date placement XD

i need more friends in my life to read jacqueline carey’s kushiel’s legacy series. or i need anyone to read those books. i hardly know anyone who does, and they’re so wonderful and such a rarity for fantasy fiction.

  • well written female characters are all over the place in this, with two of the three trilogies being narrated by women who are canon bisexual.
  • the books are a blend of character study, intricate plots full of mystery and drama, and grand epics (angels are the main ‘fantasy’ force in this series, but dragons and faeries are also minor players).
  • clever use of history altered for fantastic uses. it takes place mostly in fictional alternate europe, but other books expand to this series’ version of russia, china, india, mexico, and africa (!).
  • a large cast of characters from different backgrounds, cultures, creeds, ethnicities, and languages – because of that, the author did a shitton of research.

that being said, there are a few things in the series that require a content warning:

  • the series is often given the erotica sub-genre, which i feel is a bit of a mistake. sex does feature strongly in the series, but with plot reasons and without some kind of throwaway, randomly titillating feel to it.
  • it features bdsm, or Dominant/submissive relationships.
  • while i said there’s no gratuitous violence against women and children, there ARE scenes of abuse/abusive characters, and one of the major plot points in the last book of the first trilogy involves saving a child from slavery/sexual abuse. the text makes a point to always condemn the characters and these acts, and (in my mind) is careful to emphasize healing and recovery after the fact.

i consider myself incredibly sensitive to content featuring sexual abuse and related traumas, and i have honestly never felt unsettled, disappointed, or even remotely triggered by its content.

like, if you’re bummed out by how fucking dog garbage shitty game of thrones is and you’re dragon age trash like me, PICK UP THESE BOOKS.

a few more details below the link, but nothing spoilery. if you’re already convinced, pleeeeeeeease look these books up and give them a chance. they’re easy reads and incredibly engrossing. you’ll find it hard to pull yourself away.

if you’re still not convinced but you want to see more details about the books, read on.

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Prompt: Reader is always nervous about talking and so finds comfort in the presence of the usually silent Winter Soldier

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Reader

As cliché as it might be, you knew, deep down, that it had started with your parents. They were hard working; their careers constantly taking their time away from you. Whenever you were actually together they only gave an occasional non-committal “uh huh” or “that’s nice sweetie”. You also knew that they worked hard to give you the life they wanted you to have but sometimes you found yourself wishing to have less toys and more interest. 

Then in school you were not a loud kid. The other children would talk over you and interrupt you whenever you tried to talk. Eventually you learnt it was just better to stay quiet. 

As unaccustomed to talking as you were it soon became your main source of anxiety. Whenever you did talk the situation was always the same. Your voice was quiet and quick, stammering and tongue twisting. Your heart beat erratically and your cheeks burned in embarrassment. The same thoughts would whirl round your head: am I saying the right thing? Do they even care? Oh god why did I say that?

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Do you ever just miss Expanded Universe Luke Skywalker?

I mean, really. That boy was beaten to high hell by every author. Brainwashing? Concussion? Axe to the leg? Gangrene? (LOOKING AT YOU Children of the Jedi). YEAH LET’S BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF LUKE. LET’S TAKE AWAY THE FORCE AND HAVE HIM SHOT AND PARALYZED AND BLEEDING EVERYWHERE. oh no he’s been captured! oh no, he used too much force and he’s exhausted and now dying! 

annnnnd then. You have Luke banging a girl at every port. “Hehe I’m a shy farmboy.” NO YOU’RE NOT YOU WERE JUST GETTING OVER THE ‘LOVE OF YOUR LIFE’ FROM THE LAST PLANET FIVE MINUTES AGO. And you gotta love that one where it did the ‘fade to black’ kinda chapter ending. THEY ARE HAVING SEX. I’m looking at my books and I see at least six girls. Mara, honey, kick his ass. 

I miss him. The dumb fuck. 

Mara Jade Fanfic Exchange Prompts and Claims!

Alright kids, I finally got my act together and am moving forth with this fanfic exchange or prompt-fillaganza!

We only got a few people who offered up prompts, so perhaps instead of a 1:1 exchange, I want to treat this more like a prompt-filling fanfic. Pick and choose whichever prompts interest you! However, PM me or reblog this post making your claim on said prompt, though if someone takes the prompt you want, write it anyway! The more stories, the better!

Please make claims on your prompt by Thursday, June 30, 2016!

To make this more plausible, here are some parameters: Final due date for finish fics will be August 1, 2016. Publish on Tumblr, AO3, or FF.net; send @operaticspacetrash a private message indicating where it is posted, and I will link it in a master list. Aim for approximately 1,000 words so that there is a complete story by the due date.

Check out the prompts below the cut. If you have any more prompts you’d like to add, send them asap, and I will add them to the list!

NOTE: Bolded prompts have been claimed!

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The way this video game trailer pans down through the levels of the building is really interesting. The spilt acid on the floor of the first level shows how one action on the top layer can seep all the way down through to the bottom layer - interesting comparison to High Rise floors. 

A key theme in the book is the fact that each level in the building only cares about themselves, not knowing what is going below you is an apparent theme in this trailer also. 


Carry On follows Simon; a clumsly choosen one, a sort of parody of all YA chosen ones before him, who has seemingly accepted his fate, his endgame, which he knows will be fighting the insidious humdrum, a mysterious villian who sucks magic from the atmosphere and creates wizarding blank spots. Baz is just Baz, a arrogant rich boy who has a lot more on his mind then you might think. They happen to be roomates. This doesn’t mean they like each other. At all.

Or maybe they do, because when Baz doesn’t turn up to the start of their 8th year at Watford Simon finds himself floundering without anyone to be constantly watching and arguing with.

In Fangirl Cath is obssessed with Simon Snow and after reading Carry On I can see why! Give me the Carry On t-shirts, the fanfiction- the Simon and Baz posters! TAKE MY MONEY!

Carry On is a book by Rainbow Rowell, author of books Eleanor and Park and Landline, that expands on the fictional world of Simon Snow seen in Fangirl as Cath’s, our relatable narrator, most overwhealming obssession.

Do you have to read to Fangirl before Carry On? NO!

(though you should read Fangirl, it is amazing)

In Fangirl Carry On is the name given to the fanfiction Cath is writing for popular children’s books and movies Simon Snow. It follows how Cath believes the story should end, with school enemies Simon and Baz falling in love with each other.

It is made obvious to us in Fangirl Simon Snow is written as a place holder for what wel all know is supposedly Harry Potter. The characters are exaggerated version’s of their Harry Potter counterparts, with almost the same storylines for all the books that have been published so far. Simon and Baz where the characters we better know as Harry and Draco.

Does this mean that Carry On is a copy of Harry Potter? NO!

Rainbow Rowell has decidedly distanced herself from Harry Potter in this rendition of Carry On, dropping the Simon Snow title and making the plotline vastly different from the original. I wouldn’t say that this is in anyway the same at all, the only thing that was the same where the feelings it envoked- SO MUCH NOSTALGIA it was overwhealming. It was like reading a Harry Potter books for the first time, the rollarcoaster of emotions and not knowing how it all will end- it was BRILLIANT.

Resons you should read Carry On:

  • It’s got an amazing story
  • It has LGBT+ characters, and not just gay guys either
  • It’s racially diverse, main character Penelope is canonically explitly mentioned from an Indian family
  • Simon is just so cute
  • so is Baz, but he will probaby bite you if you told him that
  • It has an amazing cover
  • It has an amazing jacketless cover in the hardpack edition, so pretty
  • It will take you back to the days of Harry Potter
  • (addresses the problem of evil dumbledore more then Harry Potter ever did)
  • Is written by Rainbow Rowell

What more do you need?

Overall this break into fantasy by Rowell might have been caused by a persistent muse but I hope it happens again, Rowell’s mix of contemporary well rounded characters that have strong enough story lines to carry a book blended well with the fantasy elements we are familiar with to make a book that seem way longer then its pages and will stay with me for a long time yet.

I’m giving this book 5 ice creams.

And yes. I cried.

Fic: In Merry Measure

Title: In Merry Measure
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When the holidays roll around in Storybrooke and Belle finds herself growing homesick, she sets up a Santa’s Grotto in the Library as a distraction. When Christmas Eve rolls around and her Santa bails, someone else has to fill that red coat.

A/N: my RSS gift for @a-desperate-melodiful-soul who prompted ‘she couldn’t believe it’. I was honestly afraid I wouldn’t complete this on time, but here it is at nearly 15k words! Hope you enjoy the fluffy Christmassy goodness dearie!!


Mr Gold hated Christmas.

He prided himself on it, in fact: he hated the bright lights, he hated the music, and he hated the implicit command to be cheery.

This was mostly because his ex-wife had left him on Christmas Eve, and his son had his own family now and always celebrated with his wife’s foster mother and sisters. He couldn’t blame him: Ingrid and her daughters had a deep love for the season. Gold had seen pictures on Facebook of a beautiful home in the woods bedecked with tinsel, snowflakes and baubles, and a huge fir tree covered in lights. 

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