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What, in your opinion, is the true theme of Romeo & Juliet?

As I see it, good literature is good literature because it combines lots of themes that are enmeshed in ways that can’t easily be separated. I don’t think it’s possible to pick out one theme and say this is the one. That’s one of the reasons why something well written can be enjoyed in different ways by different kinds of people.

But what I think is important and significant about Romeo and Juliet (and I’ve said this many times before: have a look at my tags and you’ll see my general approach) is the way it depicts young people coming of age to find themselves in a toxic and violent society which they didn’t create but which rules and dictates their lives.

Shakespeare’s Verona shows a world of hatred that young men are assimilated into through masculine codes of honour and bravado. It’s a society violently divided for no better reason than that one house is ‘the enemy’ of another because of a feud that is never explained (which is important in itself because it shows that for the majority of people involved in the feud the reason doesn’t matter).

The love story is important because it highlights the toxicity and twistedness of Verona through the pure simplicity of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. It shows how something as natural as sexuality, teenage love and infatuation is made unacceptable because of unnatural and artificially created circumstances. It reveals the arbitrariness of the feud when something so simple can cross the supposed divide between the houses, making it obvious that the hatred is inherited rather than inherent.

So, for me, the significant aspects of Romeo and Juliet bring together many themes. It’s about love, to be sure, but it’s also about sex, social constraints and conformity, the lack of freedom, hatred, and maturity.

I’m really emotional bc I just thought about Klance holding hands for the first time and I’m truly not okay.

Just IMAGINE how strange and nerve wracking it would be.
I see Lance initiating it.

Like, Keith and Lance have finally cooled down their so-called “rivalry” and just flirt nonchalantly every now and again.
They go to dinner with the rest of team Voltron and Lance “accidentally” brushes his hand over Keith’s knee while giving him a side glance to see how he reacts. Keith’s face is a bit more red but other than that, he’s eating like normal.
Then, before second guessing anything, Lance reaches for his hand that’s laying gently over his lap.
Keith has just taken a drink of water, his eyes get a little wide but otherwise he’s perfectly calm.
He gives Lance’s hand a gentle squeeze and continues to hold it there while Pidge and Hunk flip out about the release of a new video game that they may have missed out on on Earth, Shiro and Allura talk battle strategy, and Uncle Coran is taking some weird but sweet smelling concoction out of the oven.

((I’ve thought about this for a day or two now. Let me liVE))

Those of you who follow @selfdeterminedsymbionts know that the Animorphs series was a Yeerk written propaganda piece. This is true, but what the HYPA doesn’t understand is that it’s also scarily accurate in a number of ways.

There’s a few things that the books got wrong. Such as the number of “Andalites” working against them, or the war ending. And of course, the idea that the team is just one group. We’ve fractured. Badly. So, the title is true now. I’m not an Animorph. I’m in one of the six or seven splinter groups. And if you’re wondering why I’ve stopped the denial, well one thing the books got wrong is that we threw the Pemalite crystal into the ocean. So I’m safe.

Enjoyable Breakfast - Kamunami

There was nothing unusual about two people having breakfast together. It was a common ritual that all people took part in, whether as a group or alone. However, each day Izuru noticed that Chiaki seemed happier than usual when she was eating breakfast with him.

There was nothing wrong with Chiaki being happy. He preferred seeing her contented rather than troubled, but there was a glow about her that let on more than just the usual satisfaction you get from playing video games or having a good breakfast.

It was no mystery that she enjoyed his cooking. The breakfast Izuru usually prepared was your traditional one with steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish, pickled vegetables and some side dishes. It usually didn’t change unless Chiaki requested something. There was no special ingredients or seasonings he used to enhance the flavor of the food. Although Chiaki liked Izuru’s cooking, he knew that food wouldn’t make her this happy.

If it wasn’t his cooking, then what? What could possibly put her in such an extremely good mood? He decided to ask her.


The reserved gamer across from him looked up from her food as she brought her chopsticks to her mouth. Her gentle pink eyes held such innocence that Izuru almost felt paralyzed when their eyes met. She was only looking at him, but lately he began feeling strange things whenever their eyes met. He didn’t know whether to like or dislike these emotions.

“Is something wrong?” Chiaki asked, wondering why he called her.  

Izuru came back into focus, assuring her he was fine and proceeded with his question.

“Has anything happened to you recently? Anything eventful?”

Chiaki pondered for a moment. “I don’t think so…”

“I see.” Izuru replied.

If nothing eventful had happened to her, then what else could be making her extremely happy?

Chiaki noticed that Izuru seemed bothered by something and was starting to worry.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”  

“It’s nothing. I apologize for disturbing you.”

Chiaki assured him that he didn’t and went back to her breakfast.

There was one answer that came to Izuru’s mind, however, he didn’t want to consider it a possibility. It was too simple and would’ve been an obvious answer.

“Nanami, do you find sharing breakfast with me enjoyable?”

Chiaki nodded, smiling. “I usually eat breakfast by myself or forget sometimes, so it’s nice to be able to eat together with a friend.”


“Huh?” Chiaki was confused.

“Why do you find it enjoyable? Breakfast is just another meal. You could eat it with anyone.”

“I suppose that’s true, but…” A faint blush rose to Chiaki’s cheeks. “You aren’t just anyone, Kamukura-kun.”

Then what was he? What was he to her?

Chiaki spoke again. “Eating like this reminds me of my parents. When I was little, we used to have breakfast together.”

“What happened?” Izuru asked.

“Well, their jobs keep them very busy, so I hardly see them, but they do call on my birthday and other holidays and send me cards.”

Izuru thought that must have been lonely. He couldn’t relate as he didn’t remember his own parents. He could’ve located them if he wanted to, but he didn’t care, just as his parents didn’t care about his life that could’ve ended during the experiments he had gone through. The only people he thought of as family was his brother, Hajime and Chiaki in some ways.



Izuru paused for a moment, but then resumed. “Would you like to have dinner with me?”

Chiaki was surprised by the sudden request. It almost sounded like he was asking her on a date. She felt a bit relieved yet also slightly disappointed. Relieved in that she wouldn’t have to worry about making the right choices to further raise his flags and disappointed in that she would miss out on a potential event scene. However, she nodded, smiling at him.

“I’d like that.”

Although it didn’t show on his face, inside Izuru felt happy that Chiaki accepted. He was already mentally deciding what he should prepare, but he figured she would be happy with anything. She wasn’t picky when it came to food.

There were many other rituals that Izuru had not experienced with Chiaki. He wondered if he would come to find them enjoyable as well.

A/N: Been a while since I wrote something that wasn’t a script fic. A lot of people headcanon Chiaki as having rich parents who are distant. Not sure what my headcanon for her parents would be, though I would probably go with that they weren’t around a lot. Not because they didn’t love her, but they were extremely busy all the time. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Harry Potter Headcanon

Even after settling into an adult life in the Wizarding World, Harry checked in on what was happening in the muggle world. He would read the news about what was going on in the world and he even ended up getting a smart phone a while after they became popular.

As the years went on, Harry noticed more and more of the muggle born students at Hogwarts were looking for ways to get internet at Hogwarts. Now it was against the rules for Professor Potter to assist them in their schemes but, that didn’t stop him from dropping hints in class or leaving books open to the right spells.

Once some of the students begun to get wifi working, it spread quickly through the whole school. Beginning with the muggle born students and it didn’t take long for the rest to pick it up.

At first most professors were annoyed with students trying to sneak iPhones into class but, most came around to the muggle technology when Harry set them up with an emailing system making it easier to share lesson plans and cat videos.


my gift for luhan’s 27th birthday 🎂💘 it is small in comparison to all of the things he has given to me but it’s all i can do 💖

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Whats your favourite line from your own writings? I'm curious because sometimes I look back at a sentence I've written and think "damn, where did you come from?"

That happens to me too! Always in hindsight, though, because everything I am currently writing is garbage in my eyes, no matter how good it might be. XD

This one’s going to take a little bit of explaining. It comes from a short story I wrote about my character Dimitri last year:

If someone had asked him for his opinion on the meaning of life, he’d have told them it was love, then laughed until he cried.

Dimitri has the supernatural gift of seeing people’s soulmates. But he’s a genius and a pretty rational guy, so he spends his entire life in denial about what he sees. His parents, who are soulmates, end up divorced after all, and everywhere he goes he sees people stuck with the wrong people, so it must be bullshit. He himself goes from bad relationship to bad relationship, and he pushes his soulmate away from him because he’s a mess on two feet and can’t take one step without hurting another human being.

So he’s twenty-nine years old when he discovers that, wouldn’t you know it, his soulmate can see soulmates, too. And like him, she has also become cynical and unhappy… and it’s mostly his fault.

So Dimitri is forced to acknowledge that his ability is real, and he looks back on all the broken relationships in his life, and how they made him into the miserable wretch he is, and comes to the conclusion that love must be the meaning of life. Because when love goes south, so does everything else.

…yeah. I wrote that line last semester and cried a lot. :D

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Now that HotJ is done (เฒฅ๏นเฒฅ) what else cooking?

HOTJ will be sorely missed TT~~TT

But AH, a perfect opportunity for another update post! I’m currently in the midst of a couple things, which are all at varying stages of completion…

  • First up will be the next part of Survive the Wasteland! I’m gonna throw caution to the winds here and say I hope to have that out this week!!! 
  • KINKTOBER WILL BE COMING TO AO3 THIS WEEKEND (it’ll be in trickles, but I do have something of a plan in place for the chaos)
  • I’m partway through writing that Reverse Hunger fic, but it got out of hand
  • @reallycorking and I are planning and proceeding with our next story! Yay! That’s maybe looking like it’ll hit sometime this summer~
  • There is another long fic looming on the distant horizon, but it’s got quite a ways to go, yet
  • As always, I desperately want to update all my AUs/stories waiting in the wings; the trick is finding the time within the larger projects…