if you’re embarrassed by the person you were 5 years ago, good. bc it means you’ve grown. you’ve educated yourself and expanded your horizons. given half the chance, I’d deck 2011 me right in the face . 

Saturn House Transits Simplified

Saturn entered Sagittarius on Christmas Eve, 2014. Saturn has been in Sagittarius all throughout 2016, So here’s how it has been affecting YOU! Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 20th, 2017 and will stay there until March 24th, 2020.

Aries Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 9th house: Expanding your horizons by learning and exploring while staying sensible about it all. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 10th house: This will be the time to manifest your career goals! You’ll like being in charge of others.

Taurus Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 8th house: Feeling held back from experimenting sexually. Or perhaps you’re becoming more sexually indulgent, depending on how you handle Saturn personally. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 9th house: This is a good time to go back to college, you’ll be able to focus on studying very well and become competent in your chosen subject.

Gemini Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 7th house: The balance between your desire for a wild love life and being committed. Perhaps an open relationship would be good for you. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 8th house: You may feel a block from being able to experience intimacy. Facing your fears and inadequacies regarding sex.

Cancer Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 6th house: You’re enjoying your work more while honing effective productivity skills. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 7th house: You’ll be feeling cynical towards relationships.

Leo Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 5th house: Your children are acting wild and you’ve been learning to put restrictions on them. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 6th house: You’ll be getting important work done. You’ll possibly be having health difficulties, likely involving bones, teeth, hair, or skin.

Virgo Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 4th house: Your family is being pushy and you feel wanderlust yet not able to explore as much as you want. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 5th house: You’ll have less time to play and do creative pursuits as much as you wish. Perhaps having problems with fertility.

Libra Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 3rd house: Feisty speaker you! You’re combining speed with accuracy in academic pursuits. When Saturn is in Capricorn will be transiting your 4th house: You’ll feel less nurtured by your family than what you desire, they’ll be pointing out your faults, not so sympathetic. Home and family life will feel serious and harsh.

Scorpio Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 2nd house: You are expanding your skills that will earn you more money. Remind yourself to balance indulgence with ration. When Saturn is in Capricorn it will be transiting your 3rd house: You’ll be refining your communication abilities, becoming a wiser speaker.

Sagittarius Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 1st house: Your jubilant attitude has been dampened by the harsh realities that make you feel restricted. When Saturn is in Capricorn, it will be transiting your 2nd house: This will be the time to learn money discipline, prioritize needs over wants, and develop your skills of ration.

Capricorn Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 12th house: You’re soul searching, perhaps having an existential crisis. You can gain great wisdom during this time if you’re open to what the universe wants to teach you. You’re working thru your inner demons. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 1st house: You will be becoming more competent at mundane tasks. Others will perceive you as more mature now.

Aquarius Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 11th house: You’re expanding your circle of friends with people who matter, and cutting those who were previously toxic to you. When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 12thhouse: You’ll be facing your subconscious fears, finding stability as you navigate your psyche.

Pisces Rising: Saturn in Sagittarius has been transiting your 10th house: You can be an inspiring supervisor who motivates other people! When Saturn is in Capricorn transiting your 11th house: You’ll be realizing who your true friends are, or perhaps you’re being the lone goat on the mountain top because others have disappointed you. You’ll be cynical about how other people are idiots.

Bear in mind that the house system you use can make a difference in which houses Saturn will transit. This article doesn’t take into account if someone has interceptions, it’s meant to be a simplified lesson for those who are still beginners in astrology, like if you know your rising sign, but aren’t familiar with house cusps and such. When Saturn goes retrograde, it might go back into the previous house for you. If you’re a beginner and want to learn more, it is MUCH easier to have a live person SHOW you how birth charts work, I am available for lessons if anyone is interested.

Jupiter In The Houses

Jupiter In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: jovial, principled, strong morals and values
  • Negative Traits: oftentimes you stick your nose in other people’s business, you “fix” situations that weren’t even broken to begin with, territorial
  • Celebrities: Renée Zellweger, Kylie Minogue, William Shakespeare, Anthony Hopkins

Jupiter In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: studious, methodical, steady
  • Negative Traits: sometimes you forget to relax and unwind, your pride prevents you from asking for help, not very careful with finances (you may find yourself spending too much on impractical things)
  • Celebrities: Jerry Seinfeld, Dolly Parton, Ozzy Osbourne, Keri Hilson

Jupiter In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: you always see the bigger picture, sharing, you constantly expand your horizons 
  • Negative Traits: you feel directionless a lot of the time, you have difficulty living in the moment, you spread yourself too thin
  • Celebrities: Mark Hamill, Jack Black, Hilary Swank, Emily Dickinson

Jupiter In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: pleasant, amazing hosts, protective of your loved ones
  • Negative Traits: you may depend on others to create an upbeat outlook on life, not good at dealing with change, emotions are overwhelming
  • Celebrities: Liam Neeson, Cher, Miranda Kerr, Albert Camus

Jupiter In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: lucky, jolly, brave
  • Negative Traits: egotistical, you interfere with situations in an unhelpful way, tendency to misread others
  • Celebrities: Iggy Pop, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Wood, Lauren Bacall

Jupiter In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: productive, trustworthy, spiritual
  • Negative Traits: you think your way of handling things is superior to others’, unwilling to listen to suggestions, harshly serious
  • Celebrities: Queen Latifah, Chester Bennington, Léa Seydoux, Carlos Santana

Jupiter In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: accommodating, gracious, fair
  • Negative Traits: not objective when it comes to making your own decisions, not fond of taking the lead, disorganized
  • Celebrities: Ricky Martin, Sylvia Plath, Chelsea Handler, Tiger Woods

Jupiter In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: sphinx-like, talented, you research everything
  • Negative Traits: you reveal very little about yourself, obdurate, cynical
  • Celebrities: Daniel Day-Lewis, Nelly Furtado, Elijah Wood, Christine Teigen

Jupiter In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: earnest, insightful, open
  • Negative Traits: friends and family may feel abandoned by you, always on-the-go/busy, may gain a reputation as being pretentious
  • Celebrities: Brooke Shields, Tobey Maguire, Karen Carpenter, Andrew Garfield

Jupiter In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: winning, ethical, you go after anything you want
  • Negative Traits: bad attitude when you collaborate with other people, sometimes inconsiderate, tyrannical
  • Celebrities: Naomi Watts, Debbie Harry, Billy Corgan, Kurt Russell

Jupiter In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: cordial, tolerant, kooky
  • Negative Traits: difficult to pin down, jittery, things bore you rather quickly
  • Celebrities: Liam Payne, Sid Vicious, Amy Adams, Jamie Lee Curtis

Jupiter In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: meditative, altruistic, wholehearted
  • Negative Traits: intense fear of failure, lack of confidence, afraid of standing up to your problems
  • Celebrities: Usher, Diane Keaton, Zoë Saldaña, Gerard Way

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Gelphie waitress au? (Idk why it popped into my head but maybe???)

(idk if you mean just a waitress au or waitress the musical. if it’s the latter i’m sorry i don’t know it well enough but if it’s the former then congrats here ya go)

“I don’t know, Galinda.” Shenshen looked around the little cafe they had wandered into. “This place looks weird.”

“It is weird,” Galinda said. “That’s the point. Expand your horizons.”

“You said everything is locally grown?” Milla asked politely.

“Yep. Plus no Animal products or exploitation whatsoever. And it’s pay what you can. Anyone can get a meal, no matter what.”

“But we all know the real reason you wanted to come here,” said Pfannee, grinning. “So go on. Where is this waitress you have a crush on?”

“I don’t have a crush,” Galinda protested. “She’s just interesting, that’s all.”

The other three girls shared a look. Galinda huffed. “Whatever. Can we just order?”


“So what happens if you can’t pay the full price?” Milla asked once they ordered and sat down.

“You volunteer an hour,” said Galinda. “Washing dishes or cleaning tables or something.”

“I like it.” Pfannee turned a bit in her chair, taking in the decorations around them. “It’s cute.”

“Sure,” said Shenshen, “but what we’re really interested in is Galinda’s mystery waitress.”

“Will you hush?” Galinda pressed her palms to her cheeks, trying to hide her blush. “It’s not a big deal.”

“So who is she? You haven’t pointed her out.”

Galinda sighed. “You’ll know her when you see her.”


“Potato soup, two avocado sandwiches, and spinach tortellini?” Their plates were placed in front of them with remarkable ease. Galinda looked up and immediately flushed deeper. Around her, the other girls simply stared up at their waitress. “Can I get you anything else?”

“N-no, thank you,” Galinda managed. The girl wandered away, and the others immediately leaned in closer.

“She’s green?”

“Is it natural? Did she die it?”

“Her hair is so pretty.”

“Galinda, are you breathing?”

“Shut up.” Galinda scowled at them. “You’re making a scene.”

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Pfannee. “She’s cute. Weird, but cute.”

“Like this place,” Milla added.

“Her name is Elphaba,” Shenshen said. They all looked at her. “What? Waitresses wear name tags.”

“You should ask her out,” Milla said.


“Yes!” Pfannee said, sitting up straight. “Why not? You know her name.”

“That’s not basis for asking someone out,” Galinda protested.

“No, but thinking they’re cute is.” Shenshen kicked her gently under the table. “Go on. She’s right over there. Do it.”

Galinda glanced across the cafe, where Elphaba sat sorting silverware.

Milla reached over and plucked a fry from her plate, widening her eyes innocently when Galinda gave her a look. “What?”

Galinda rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I’m not asking her out.”

“Do you want to?” asked Shenshen.


“Then it’s decided.” Milla pulled Galinda’s entire basket of food away from her. “No lunch until you ask your cute waitress crush on a date.”

Pfannee giggled and nudged Galinda, encouraging her to stand up from her seat.

“I hate all of you,” she hissed, but she took a breath and straightened her blouse and walked timidly across the room.

Elphaba didn’t notice her until she was right in front of the table, but when she did see her she put down her stack of spoons.

“Can I help you?”

“I, um…” Galinda forced herself not to glance back at her friends, who she could feel watching her. “I was wondering if…”

“You come in here a lot,” Elphaba said. She looked like she was going to add more, but she didn’t. Her cheeks turned a slightly darker green. 

“I like it here.” Galinda bit her lip. “Listen, I wanted to know…I mean, I was…”

Elphaba tilted her head as she trailed off. “What’s your name?”

“Galinda. Do you want to get coffee sometime?” She let out a breath, her shoulders relaxing a little. Elphaba continued to look curiously up at her.

“Are you asking me out?” 


“I don’t drink coffee.”

“Do you go out with girls?”

Elphaba smirked a little. “When nice ones ask me out.”

“So…?” Galinda shifted her weight. Elphaba pulled a pen from her pocket and snatched a napkin from the dispenser on the table.

“My number,” she said, sliding it across the table. She looked over Galinda’s shoulder. “Your friends just got really excited.”

Galinda pressed her palm to her forehead. “Of course they did.” She still refused to look. “So, if not coffee…?”

“Lunch sometime?” Elphaba wrinkled her nose. “Somewhere that’s not here. I eat here too often.”

Galinda beamed, folding the napkin carefully. “That sounds great.”

An introduction to witchcraft

Witchcraft 101
I was asked to make a post about some basic information for beginners. This post covers a lot of information to start you off on. :)
I suggest you pick out a topic and start there by studying it and practicing it, and don’t forget that it’s your journey and you decide what you believe to be most important and don’t have tunnel vision ; feel free to expand your horizons. Some subjects: Symbols, Animal magic, History, Sacred geometry , Herb magic, Crystal magic, Spells, Potions, Amulets/charms/talismans, Animal spirits, Deities , Elemental magic, Esoteric, Angle magic, Numerology, Poison path , Hexes, Alchemy
Some wonderful authors
Scott Cunningham
Gerna dunwitch
Eileen holland
Judika illes
I do have a list of great beginner books that I suggest . :)
Candlelight spells -dunwitch
Spells for the solitary witch -Holland
Mrs Bs guide to household witchery -Kris Bradley
The way of the green witch -Murphy-Hiscock
Book of Witchery -Dugan
Cunninghams book of shadows -Cunningham
Practical Protection Magic -Dugan
Pure magic -Illes

Some tips
1. Do your own research.
2. Don’t be afraid to read about ‘taboo’ topics.
3. Libraries are great places (if you can’t find a book your looking for , you can get one shipped from another library for free).
4. Their are many magical subjects to study.
5. You don’t need any tools.
6. You can work magic in the kitchen with everyday ingredients.
7. You can write your own spells.
8. Don’t do anything your not comfortable doing.
10. Don’t forget to Take notes (book of shadows)
A book of shadows is a book that one uses to wright about there experiences, there path, and anything they feel is important to add.
Some info for your Book of Shadows (BOS) and you can put anything you’d like in it. :) few subjects you can go over in the book:
lunar calendar
Info about Your deities
Tool info
Symbolic info
A bio
Book protection spell
Recipes Notes from your craft
You can wright about anything in your book as each book is individual to the owner who wrights it. You can also have many BoSs and it’s ok to keep your old ones. :)

**tools you do not need to be used but make casting easer and this is not a complete list, as different paths have there own lists.
THE CHALICE the chalice is often made of silver, tho it can be made of any material. It is associated with water, and feminine energies.
THE CAULDRON A tool of fire, often used to burn offerings , fire magic, or mixing potions. Many use cast iron cauldrons as cooking vessels.
DOWSING RODS A divination tool often used to find lost objects or find underground water for well making.
MAGICAL JOURNAL A magical journal often called a book of shadows due to pop culture , often used to keep a log of magical experiences, practices and recipes. Many believe the power of the written word, I personally believe that there’s more power in writing down it all by hand. You can use you book any way you want and name it what you want. It’s supposed to be personal and over the years you may have a series of books written by you.
THE WAND A can be made with a verity of materials as well, many use certain woods and crystals while others use copper. They have masculine energies and considered tools of fire/ air. They are used to direct magical energies. WILLOW: lunar magic OAK: fire magic APPLE: love magic To name a few woods and magical uses. 
THE ATHAME A double sided blade that is never to be used to cut any physical surface. The Athame is usually considered to be a tool of air/fire. Used to direct energy , it is masculine 
THE BESOM A broomstick it combines both masculine and feminine energies, used to “sweep away unwanted energies” never to be used for mundane but only for the magical, or else you risk loosing any magical power stores in it. 
THE SMOKE FAN Used to move magical energies in a space, a tool of air as it can be used in combination with sage for a cleansing ritual.

Prior to consecration I rub the wand with fresh lavender ,eucalyptus or mint leaves. 
When I consecrate my tools I hold the tool (wand) in my hand and visualize it absorbing my energies, then I purify the tool( wand) from its old energies with the elements , I choose to use the smoke method. While I smoke cleanse the wand I usually say aloud a blessing of the elements. 
A list of tools and ingredients that you may be interested in.

BASIL (Ocimum Basilicum) Planet: Mars Element: Fire Deities: Krishna , Vishnu Basic powers: purification,protection, exorcism, love
CAMOMILE (Anthemis Nobilis) Planet: Sun Element: Water Part used: Flowers Basic powers: Prosperity, meditation, money, induces sleep when burned
CATNIP( Nepeta Cataria) Planet: Venus Element: Water Deity: Bast Part used: leaf Basic power: love, animal connection, relaxation
HONEYSUCKLE (Lonicera Caprifolium) Planet: Jupiter Element: earth Part used: flowers Basic powers: prosperity, clairvoyance
LAVENDER(Lavendula Officinal) Planet: mercury Element: Air Part used: flowers Basic powers: love, protection, purification
MUGWORT( Artemisa Vulgaris) Planet: Venus Element: Air Deities: Artemis, Diana Part used: herb Basic powers: protection, clairvoyance
THYME ( Thymus Vulgaris) : Venus Element: Air Part used: Herb Basic powers: clairvoyance, purification
YARROW(Achillea Millefolium) Planet: Venus Element: water Part used: flowers Basic powers: love, clairvoyance, exercisum
Via:Scott Cunningham
Almond oil Planet:mercury Element:air Powers: love, prosperity, wisdom
Bergamot oil Planet:mercury Element:air Powers: prosperity, protection
Eucalyptus oil Planet:moon Element:water Powers: cleansing, healing, Protection
Frankincense oil Planet:sun Element:fire Powers:Peace, protection,exorcism, spirituality
Jasmine oil Planet:moon Element:water Powers: love, sexuality, goddess
Lavender oil Planet:Venus Element:water Powers: cleansing, purification, relaxation, healing
Patchouli oil Planet:Saturn Element:earth Powers: love, healing, passion
Sandalwood oil Planet:Venus Element:water Powers: dreams, divination, enhancing psychic abilities
Via Phyllis curott , Scott Cunningham

planet: sun, moon
Element: fire, water
Powers: protection ,healing,power, lactation
planet: Jupiter , Neptune 
Element: water 
Powers: dreams ,overcoming alcoholism ,health, healing ,psychic abilities ,peace ,love ,protection, happiness
planet: venus, Neptune 
Element: earth
Powers: protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck
planet: sun
Element: fire
money ,protection ,courage ,energy ,luck ,
planet: sun
Element: fire
Powers: protection,energy, health ,sexual energy
planet: moon 
Element: water
Powers: divination ,psychism, sleep ,gardening, protection, youth, dieting
planet: Mars, Saturn 
Element: fire
Powers: protection, defensive magic ,reducing sexual desires
planet: Saturn 
Element: fire
Powers: protection, luck
planet: Saturn 
Element: fire
Powers: protection, grounding ,divination ,peace
planet: Venus 
Element: earth
Powers: power, protection ,love ,peace, business success
planet: Saturn 
Element: earth 
Powers: protection, anti-nightmares, luck , definition ,health
Powers: mental powers, calming
planet: sun
Element: fire
Powers: protection, peace , eloquence, healing, courage
All purpose, unity, purity, cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, healing, innocence, rain, magick involving young children, truth, consecration, balancing the aura
Passion, vitality, strength, survival, fertility, courage, sexual potency, mercy, action, danger, war, fire element, conflict, sports, independence, assertiveness, competition
Communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, domestic harmony, organization, removing bad vibrations, sincerity, astral projection, water element
Masculine divinity, great fortune, abundance, prosperity, male energy, understanding, divination, fast luck, solar/sun energy, positive attitude, justice, health, attraction, luxury
Prosperity, abundance, money, physical & emotional healing, growth, luck, marriage, tree/plant magick, acceptance, weather, counteract envy/greed/jealousy
Wisdom, influence, spiritual power, contact with spirits, drive away evil, change luck, independence, government, break habit
Love, compassion, nurturing, femininity, friendship, romance, partnership, spiritual & emotional healing, protection of children, domestic harmony, self-improvement, maturity
Creativity, self-expression, intellectual matters, overcoming addiction, legal matters/justice, joy, business success, ambition, vitality, fun, action, opportunity, celebration, investments
House blessing, animal/pet magick, earth magick, concentration, material goods, stability, locating lost objects, earth element, real estate, construction, food, financial crisis
Grounding, wisdom, learning, protection, safety, reversing, uncrossing, unhexing, repelling black magick, banishing negativity, releasing, shapeshifting, defense, scrying, pride

— Casting circles
Using an athame draw a circle around your working area , and then invoke the elements and chosen deities ( optional) then proceed eith your magical workings. There are may ways of casting a circle, everybody does it there own way.
-Invocation of the Elements Via Cunningham’s book of shadows
Air,Fire,Water,Earth Elements of astral birth; I charge you now; attend to me!
In the circle, rightly cast, Safe from psychic curse and blast; I charge you now; attend to me!
From cave and desert, sea and hill By wand, blade cup, and pentacle I charge you now ; attend to me! This is my will, so mote it be!

-Dismissal of the elements Earth, Water ,fire and Air Elements both strong and fair, Return to your abodes now; Flee! This is my will, so mote it be!
Centering ritual
To be centered means it balanced physically spiritually and then all the set-top bodies as well this concept is a bit intangible most simply know the feeling when we reach it. to use stones to aid centering like those Used in meditation ,stimulate the mind and is recommended for spirituality clear fluorite is a good choice for this task, and restaurants are that are good for both sending and grounding hold the stone hearthstones while the meditate practice breathing exercises are use this out and like music or bells you can also gaze at the stones and practice centering this way in addition using prayer beads can help one become centered and focused.
Chant: Body mind and spirit now align center focus on this goal of mine subtile bodies balance to the core clear and strong I’m ready to explore

-This can help create a sense of connectedness
To the sky spirit , rise with my voice Lift my eyes, see the sun, moon, and stars touch them all, mine and ours
Via Book of Crystal spells by Amber Grant
Circle of protection incense 
Designed to protect a person, home, or place of business from evil influence.
1 oz powdered sandalwood ½ oz powdered 5 finger grass ¼ oz. powdered frankincense ¼ oz grated orange peel ¼ tsp. saltpeter 1 dram of gardenia oil 2 dram tincture of benzoin 
1/8 Fl. Oz =1 dram ¼ Fl. Oz = 2 dram 
Tincture of benzoin 2 oz powdered benzoin 4 oz water 12 oz alcohol 
Keep this mix in a bottle for 2 weeks and shake daily, then strain the liquid for use. 
— Ray T. Malbrough
Grounding ritual
You’re well grounded you’re cleared of excess energy you’re probably connected so any excess energy flows to their lack of grounding during Ritual is Dangerous, there are symptoms and nervousness ,short temper, fatigue ,illness other symptoms may be exhausted at your immune system my weekend so that should does may include dizziness and unbalanced feeling ,being confused ,chakra balances and chakra energy disturbances in the aura or subtle bodies. 
Select stones to ground and think heavy especially talk Ors Load Stone Scalia and Hematite, bronze and Brett are less commonly used that are both heavy and also good choices aground. Dark Colors like black tourmaline, smoky quartz and Onyx can also be used. experiment, with everyone to fill which one works for you. hold the stone your hand cupping one palm over the other. Popular visualization for grounding it’s imagine yourself as a tree roots digging into the soil, you can also visualize yourself a stone.
Chant: To The ground I am bound see my roots reaching down to the weight of the stone one with earth, flesh and bone
Via The book of Chrystal spells by Ember Grant

-if you have any questions or concerns please send me an ask and we could talk. :) the-darkest-of-lights

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girl i need some help. so i am like, WAY too picky when it comes to dating, so much that i have NEVER dated anyone. i always fall for really intelligent, respectful, thoughtful guys but the only people who are ever into me are creepy misogynist neckbeards, who only care about my looks. which sucks bc i put a lot of work into my personality to be the best version of myself. how do i start attracting the type of people i want to be attracting? is that possible? or should i lower my standards?

never lower your standards because nobody benefits from that but shitty ass dudes that don’t deserve you. it’s good to have high standards, i encourage it actually.

maybe try just putting yourself out there more & expanding your horizons? sometimes you just gotta get out there and be a lil more social and just introduce yourself to guys that you like. 


What are the Songs in Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical Based On?

In order:

-Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray
-Why Can’t the English Teach Their Children How to Speak - My Fair Lady
-I’m Alive - Next to Normal
-Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid
-Under Attack - ABBA
-Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horrors
-Friends on the Other Side - The Princess and the Frog
-Nobody Loves You Like Me - Jonathan Coulton
-Mr. Cladwell - Urinetown
-Trouble - The Music Man
-If They Could See You - Cabaret
-A Spoonful of Sugar - Mary Poppins
-I Am Africa - The Book of Mormon
-Bombs for Throwing At You - Portal 2
-Want You Gone - Portal 2
-The Turret Opera - Portal 2
-Do You Hear the People Sing - Les Miserables

because he uses feathers plucked from his own wings, sanae rarely uses panthera cantus.pulling feathers is painful  &  generally the noise feathers that are tied to it are fight feathers. if he pulls too many of them, he’ll be grounded till the grow back  &  that alone takes a few weeks.

leo is male  &  exhibits his bold eccentric nature. though his body language  &  movements he’s known to be relentless in attack & refuses to hold back.

tigris is female  &  exhibits sanae’s calculative strategic side. shes able to wait out attack until she knows shes got an opening to strike; to where she will use her time wisely before drawing out exhaustion in her opponents.

in extremely rare occasions, sanae will commit to a fusion to mix the two into panthera liger. the form only last for a limited amount of time, like any fusion technique. because it’s used in rare occasions, it takes a large amount of his energy to sustain  he’s often exhausted by the end of the battle.


testing out different art styles is pretty essential to being an artist. you don’t have to be good at it. but sometimes trying to play jazz music when you’re a bluegrass player can help you understand a few things of your original style that you didn’t realize before. whether you’re an illustrator, a writer, a painter, a guitarist, an organist, or a sculptor, try new things and expand your horizons. <3 <3 <3

You will never find happiness or peace, if you keep looking at the place where you lost it, to begin with.
Move on, let go, expand your horizon. There’s so much more to see and feel!
Open your heart and soul to new possibilities and miracles can happen.

Alina, why haven’t you hooked up with Precious?  It’s Love Day.  Expand your horizons.  xD

….. actually I don’t know if she swings that way.  Her sister Lucy does.  xD

Can it, you.  :|

Oh look, it’s Blake.

…. I didn’t know he was in Business.  The more dashing Wolff sons went into Business for some reason.  Perhaps they realize they all work the suit.  xD

IKR?!  TIME!  Boom!  :D

…. congrats, I guess.

A new plate of salmon came out to menace everyone.  This bistro is so fun.  xD