if you’re embarrassed by the person you were 5 years ago, good. bc it means you’ve grown. you’ve educated yourself and expanded your horizons. given half the chance, I’d deck 2011 me right in the face . 














ah yes. i’ve been wanting to analyze the relationship between these loveable rascals for the longest time. let see what makes their bond so strong 

jungkook’s sun trine taehyung’s sun:
- virgos and capricorn are almost always partners in crime. being two earth signs, they have a lot of common ground and share similar interests and values. - this is a very stable pairing that will stay by each other’s side through thick and thin
- “an excellent aspect for a union because neither has to explain to the other about their goals and overall personality. they complement each other in basic ways. this aspect helps strengthen your relationship because there is an overall understanding and you support one another at the end of the day”
- “you feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. you stimulate, vitalize, motivate, and believe in each other in an overall sense”
- the most domestic couple

now let’s look at what taekook is known for: their antics. they’re always seen playing or sharing a laugh together. this childish fun between them is explained by their jupiter aspects:

jungkook’s jupiter trine taehyung’s moon:
- “you feel happy in each others’ presence and find that your joy is doubled. keeping a sense of adventure and continued learning alive is an important feature of your relationship”
- “you will feel happier, luckier, more daring and optimistic when your partner is around. you have compatible outlooks, an interest in expanding your horizons, and in trying new adventurous experiences”

jungkook’s jupiter conjunct taehyung’s venus
- “this union is likely to be completely successful. a couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other, intellectual understanding, similar tastes. there is a strong desire to make each other happy”
- “you enjoy each other’s company immensely and put each other in a happy mood. you make each other laugh and you feel very open, loose, and jovial around each other”

- they also have venus-mars and moon-pluto aspects which can indicate some intense power struggles 👀 one person always trying to dominate the other 👀 if u know what i mean 👀

Introduction: Hi! I’m Annie, I recently graduated as valedictorian of a class of almost 700, and I’m about to be a freshman at Johns Hopkins (go blue jays!!). High school was some of the best and worst moments of my life, and looking back, there are so many things that I wish I’d done and things that made me successful, so I wanted to share them! Of course, disclaimer, these tips may not apply to everyone!

(These tips generally apply to all classes, but if you have a specific subject you want tips on, I’ve taken these AP courses: european history, world history, us gov’t, macroeconomics, lang, lit, calc ab, chemistry, physics 1, physics c, environmental science, art: drawing, biology, human geography, chinese, and art history. Feel free to message me!)

College applications are a crapshoot- I can’t begin to tell you the number of incredible, brilliant people with extraordinary, international level achievements that got denied at top schools in favor of those lacking those accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean those who got in don’t have qualities that earned them a spot, it just speaks to the unpredictable nature of the college application process. When deans of admission at top schools openly say they could reject all admitted students and build the same exemplary class from the waitlist, or that they have enough qualified applicants to fill 3 or 4 classes with, there’s a certain amount of luck involved. Therefore I urge all rising seniors to go into this process realizing that the odds are not in your favor. I went into the process with too much blind hope, too confident in my ability to be that lucky 1 in 10 (or less) that would gain admission, and I was sorely disappointed. So that leads me to my next tip…

Don’t do things just for your college application- Those slim acceptance rates are the exact reason I urge you not to join things solely for how good they look on a college application. It seems counterintuitive; wouldn’t they give you a better chance of acceptance? However, my point is not to dissuade you from extracurriculars, but rather to commit to ones that genuinely make you happy. As I wrote above, the process is so competitive that even international achievements may mean rejection, so don’t waste your high school experience by dedicating so much time and effort to something that you feel obligated to do.

Try everything your freshman and sophomore year- My biggest regret is not joining clubs where my passions lie simply because I was too lazy or scared of things like public speaking my freshman year. It’s much more intimidating to join as upperclassmen, and you may not be able to participate at all the levels/in all the ways people who have dedicated 3-4 years can. Even if you don’t think its for you (like debate for me because of my fear of public speaking), I urge you to expand your horizons and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Many clubs give you great opportunities to build leadership, public speaking, etc. skills and to find your passions.

Know both sides of the flashcard- I learned this tip from my organic chemistry class, and I’d never though about how useful it is. For example, if you’re memorizing polyatomic ions, it’s extremely important that you know both the formula and the name, as either version may show up on the exam. Not doing this also makes the weaknesses in your memorization evident- whenever I study vocab, I tend to glance at the side with the term and only memorize the definition. This meant that when I was given only the definitions, I couldn’t remember the word they defined, because I was so used to being given the vocab word and responding with the definition. 

The first lecture of the unit is one of the most important for STEM classes- I know the beginning of the unit can often seem like the perfect time to tune out, as it goes over information you’ve previously learned or the easiest material of the topic, but it often forms the foundation for everything else in the unit. For example, the first lecture on a stoichiometry unit will probably teach you dimensional analysis, a skill integral to calculating molecular or empirical formulas, moles or grams of a substance, etc. 

Buy/sell books secondhand- Everyone knows how expensive college textbooks are, but between SAT and AP prep books, and books for English, high school books can cost quite a bit of money too. Unless they redesigned the exam recently, you absolutely don’t need the newest edition of the review book, so buy from upperclassmen and then sell it to underclassmen the following year.

Learn to self study- Unless you’re really lucky, you’re guaranteed to have a teacher who doesn’t teach, teaches badly, or whose teaching style just doesn’t work for you. Personally, I find that self learning, especially if I’m struggling because resources such as textbooks and online explanations, and videos seem to contradict, really helps me understand the topic throughly. In AP bio, my teacher had us create claymation videos on the processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis independently. It was incredibly frustrating and confusing because all the resources described the cycles in varying degrees of details, but I felt like I genuinely understood the topic, instead of having been spoon-fed the information and memorizing it. Obviously, this method isn’t very efficient for frequent use, but the key is to try to understand the material independently instead of going to the teacher the moment you hit a snag. 

Keep your backpack/binders/notebooks reasonably organized- When teachers ask for homework to be passed up and you have to dig through mountains of papers in your backpack, not only is that super stressful, but a lot of teachers won’t let you turn it in after they have already collected all the papers. I was definitely guilty of being lazy and just stuffing papers, once I got them, into my backpack instead of taking a few seconds to slide them into a binder, and as a result I got 0s on lots of homework because either I couldn’t find it at the time or because everything was so messy I didn’t remember there was homework. Try to have some sort of organization system going on or at least a homework folder, because those 0s add up and can be the difference between an 89 and 90. 

You’re gonna get senioritis, badly, and that’s ok- I’ve always been the type of person who did every homework assignment and was very focused on grades, so the idea that I would completely let myself ago seemed absurd to me. Don’t underestimate what senior year does to you. I can honestly count on one hand the econ worksheets that I actually turned in during senior year, and I made my first B in a grading period during the spring. I was very stressed about how awful my grades were, but unable to muster the energy to do anything about it. And you know what, it’s ok. It’s senior year, you can give yourself a break. Yes, your senior grades are still important for college applications, so don’t go from straight A’s to straight C’s, but for the most part, all the hard work is behind you. Do keep in mind that these habits may haunt you when you’re a college freshman. I haven’t started classes yet, but based on how little I studied for the math placement exam for my college, senioitis doesn’t magically end when you graduate, so don’t let it get completely out of control during the year. 

Learn how to do math without a calculator- If you take either of the AP Calculuses or the SAT, you need to master this skill because there are sections of the exams that are strictly non-calculator.  Beyond that, when you get to calculus, you’ll be introduced to complicated concepts, where not being able to multiply by hand will drag you down. 

Keep old notes- Not only for finals, but some topics are very interdisciplinary, like biochemistry, so it’s very important that you have a working knowledge of both biology and chemistry. As you take advanced classes, such as for me, taking physics c after physics 1, it will be assumed that you have completely mastered the basics, and they will be skipped or referenced very quickly. It is very useful to look at notes on the basics, which provide the foundation for the advanced material you learn. 

Invest in a whiteboard- Whenever I was learning about processes or cycles, from the Krebs cycle to organic chemistry mechanisms, it was really useful to practice drawing the steps over and over again. Then when it came to the test, I could do a brain dump and draw out the information as a reference. 

Understand formulas instead of blindly memorizing- This basically has physics and calculus written all over it. In physics, you should be given formula charts during exams, and in any case, something like F=ma isn’t terribly hard to memorize. The problem comes when there are a multitude of formulas that are derived from one of the fundamental equations. Of course, deriving from scratch each time is incredibly tedious, but I want to dissuade you from simply memorizing it or storing it on your calculator, because that means you probably don’t understand the physics behind it. What makes physics so difficult and different from any other subject you’ve taken is that every problem will have a slightly different scenario that tests your understanding of the physics behind it. 

Use all the time given to you during tests- I know I hate looking back through my test because I just get so bored halfway through, but missing points because of silly mistakes is honestly the most frustrating thing ever when you had plenty of time to check. Depending on if I have time, I like to cover my original work and resolve the question. If checking answers is not your thing, try slowing now when you first see each question, and checking your work briefly each step. 

Form study groups- Talking about something, especially teaching it to someone, always helped me remember something so much better than reading it on paper. It’s also so important to have second interpretations of the information you’re studying to ensure that you don’t make a huge misconception.  

AP students: released/practice exams are your best friend- Obviously, they’re the best resources for studying for the AP exam, but they’re also a great tool for a hint at what your teacher’s tests may look like. AP teachers have access to tons of College Board material and will often use questions directly from old exams. 

If you start getting confused during a lecture- Many times this is because I didn’t pay attention during the very beginning, so I’m missing that important foundation I talked about in the previous tip. Of course, I typically wouldn’t recommend doing things other than listening to what is currently being taught, but in this case, I would just get more confused and it’s a waste of time. So I discretely go back to my previous notes and focus on understanding them. 

The most stressful part of schoolwork is just thinking about your assignments- There’s always specific period of time that threatens to kill me- a week where I had two competitions simultaneously, in cities 3 hours apart. When you’re taking 7 AP classes at the same time, just reading over your to-do list will make you want to cry. Even on a normal day, as I go to classes throughout the day and my list of homework gets longer and longer, it makes me so stressed to where I’m planning out how to finish everything and I’m no longer listening in class. It overwhelmed me so much that I just wanted to take a nap and avoid school. But every single time, stressing about the work I have is 1000x worse than sitting down and actually going through each task. I find that what had seemed impossible before was very doable, and many times I even finished early enough to relax before bed. Keep a positive mindset, don’t underestimate your abilities, and have the discipline to start working immediately on the hardest days, and you’ll be fine. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the workload that is able to be handled by one person can work for another, and things like mental illnesses are things I have no experience in, so this is definitely just something that worked for me and is not applicable to everyone. 

Best of luck with high school! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!

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aries sun - you’re enthusiastic and energetic, impulsive and sometimes brash. Natural leader, you don’t like to be a follower in the crowd.

aries moon - you rush into things without thinking them through, optimistic, happy. You don’t like manipulating people - you play it straight. You don’t sulk when you don’t get your way.

aries rising - you’re brash, optimistic, you don’t think things through. You’re independent, self relying, honest and fearless.

aries mid heaven - you’re full of confidence, a good organiser, you might be shy until you’re the center of attention and then you shine.

aries mars - very impulsive, gets angry really fast but then forgets about it, restless when you’re bored. you can be openly aggressive and probably quite accident prone. you’re not patient. you love competition.

aries venus - you’re really not very subtle, you flirt a lot. you’re impulsive, impatient and passionate. you fall fast. you like to be the group leader among your friends. not afraid to stand up for themselves.


taurus sun - you’re stubborn, you appreciate beauty. You like to be around pretty things and you have good taste in everything. You can be very blunt. You put extra time into how you look so you always look good. You’re reliable and capable, and you can be kind of possessive

taurus moon - you like to be happy, you’re strong willed. you’re very romantic

taurus rising - you’re steady and capable, careful and cautious. You’re comforting to be around. You can be a little possessive, you might view your partner as personal property. You like the good things in life - food, clothes, money. Because of this, you’re always well dressed

taurus midheaven - you’re persistant and like to be in charge. You’re stubborn and tough

taurus mars - easy going and calm, very focused on their goals. not very adaptable, but you’re reliable and dependable. you’re conventional and straightforward in relationships.

taurus venus - you don’t like drama, you’re cuddly and you’re attracted to someone who will provide a stable relationships. you have a strong sense of commitment.


gemini sun - you’re intellectual, and you have opinions. Lots. Some people might think you’re a little two faced sometimes, but you just change how you think and act a lot. You’re affectionate, kind and generous.

gemini moon - you’re fun and pleasant to spend time with. You’re witty and charming. You can also be moody and irritable. You’re very open minded, you’re loyal and loving.

gemini rising - you’re curious about everything, always looking for something to boost you socially. When you admire people, you might subconsciously mimic their movements. You’re a great multitasker. You don’t like schedules

gemini midheaven - you can multi task, and you do it well. You can focus on multiple things at once. You like diversity.

gemini mars - easily bored, can become unfocused easily. restless, you have a lot of energy. you’re imaginative and creative, never boring

gemini venus - natural flirt, witty, likes variety. not very sentimental, but bright and good natured. full of life and fun, knows all the gossip, charming


cancer sun - emotional, wants to be center of attention, upset when you don’t get your way. You want to feel secure in relationships.

cancer moon - you’re very emotional and want to be enter of attention. you want stability and security in a relationship and require people to give themselves fully to you. You get upset when things don’t go how you wanted and you probably think the world revolves around you

cancer rising - when you are center of attention, you love it. You are very emotional, and you like getting your way.

cancer mc - you’re quite a careful person, you want stability and security in relationships. You worry a lot, and you often get emotional.

cancer mars - can be v passive aggressive, they like to feel secure before they act on something. passionate and creative, can be very moody.

cancer venus - you want a committed, predictable relationship. you like to snuggle (aw). you find it easy to read people, and care for them according to that. you are very easily hurt. you look for friends/partners with a big heart.


leo sun - You have a huge ego and you like to be around people you love. You try to project an image of success but sometimes you feel really self-conscious. You like to be in charge. You are really bad at taking criticism, because it feels like a dig on you personally, not on whatever it is you’re doing. You like to be the center of attention, especially when its somewhere you’re comfortable and with people you actually like.

leo moon - you’re sociable, happy to be the spotlight in social situations where you’re in charge/comfortable, you like entertaining your friends in an environment you’re familiar in. You have a lot of integrity. If you get upset, you prefer to retire somewhere you won’t be bothered and have privacy. In relationships, you might get a little jealous, but you’ll never become possessive.

leo rising - you love being center of attention, and people are attracted to you. You have a magnetic personality, you’re creative and you speak your mind.

leo mc - you understand that persistence pays off, you are very generous. you can be very stubborn. You’re very dignified. You’re easily insulted and take everything personally.

leo mars - you want to be significant and give a lasting impression. you have a lot of physical energy, you’re playful. you are compassionate and have a good sense of humour.

leo venus - you like to brag about your relationship and you demand a lot from your partner. you have high expectations of your partner but you can be very generous.


virgo sun - so you’re a organised person. You like order and planning your actions, but you can also work well in chaos as long as you have things that make you happy in there too.

virgo moon - you want happiness and security. You like doing little jobs like running errands, you find it relaxing. You love routine, you’re shy, and you love to stay busy.

virgo rising - you’re shy when you meet new people, and you’re nearly always reserved and quiet. You’re probably a picky eater. You adapt well to new situations. You like to keep busy. you’re a loyal and reliable friend.

virgo mc - Youre crazy analytical - you organise everything around you. You’re not subtle either, you come right out and say what needs to be said. You like to be very neat, but you can work well in chaotic environments as long as you have things that make you happy with you. You tend to over think things that you shouldve moved on from long ago.

virgo mars - you’re practical, sometimes a little bit scattered. you can be critical and sometimes stubborn, you’re not very aggressive though. you’re a perfectionist. you can be shy and humble.

virgo venus - not very flirtatious. you’re a good listener, you don’t like boastful people. you like to take your time before getting into a relationship. you want to feel useful, but you don’t like being taken advantage of.


libra sun - you like harmony, and want everything to be in balance all the time. youre sensitive to the needs of others. You always try to understand the other side in an argument, and don’t mind stepping down to compromise. You’re very social, you’re very stylish and people like you. You’re a little flirty by nature. You prefer to be in a relationship than single.

libra moon - you don’t like to be alone - you like having a partner. You flirt a lot - intentional or not. You always want to have your way, and you like to have other people supporting you and your goals. Your mood changes a lot though, you’re pretty unpredictable.

libra rising - you’re really charismatic. You attract people to you, and you don’t know what to do without your special someone by your side. You know how to dress well, you really like material goods and physical comforts. You’re very polite.

libra mc - you feel that if you can attain balance and harmony, you will be happy and successful. You’re a good team player. You’re self conscious of your social position. You present yourself well in a poised, elegant way

libra mars - you can be indecisive, but its because you like to weigh up pros and cons before you act. you’re very charming and you can sometimes be a little passive aggressive. you need a lot of motivation, you don’t like rude people.

libra venus - you’re idealistic, and a romantic. you fall in love easily, often for the wrong people or too soon


scorpio sun - you’re intense, self reliable, and full of emotions. you’re imaginative, loving and loyal

scorpio moon - you live for emotional intensity. You can see through people, right into their deepest feelings. You don’t like being criticised, and you can be very jealous.

scorpio rising - you’re someone you wouldn’t want to screw with,  you can be pretty intimidating and people either love you or hate you. You have crazy strong defence mechanisms, and this comes in handy for your strong drive to succeed.

scorpio mc - you’re self motivated, you know what you want and how you’re going to get it. You can be a little intimidating.

scorpio mars - you’re quiet and subtle but a formidable opponent. You have powerful emotions. You’re very passionate and sensual

scorpio venus - you’re intense and deep. you’re good at giving your full attention to your partner. you aren’t afraid of intimacy or commitment.


sagittarius sun - you’re smart and adventurous, but you speak your mind and can sometimes offend people. think before you speak next time.

sagittarius moon - you are a traveller, wanting to go to new places and expand your horizons. You want to be in charge, you hurt people sometimes when you speak your mind

sagittarius rising - youre enthusiastic, and you love a good adventure. You hate being still. You’re opinionated, and you like sharing your opinions. You like a little competition to prove your worth every now and then.

sagittarius midheaven - you like to be in control, you like to be in charge. You can be pretty blunt sometimes and upset people. You love adventure and want to travel and expand your horizons.

sagittarius mars - you’re not known for patience. you’re used to getting your own way, and you can be very persuasive.

sagittarius venus - you like to learn things all the time, you can be a little judgemental. you need space and freedom to be happy. you’re easygoing, you’re honest and blunt.


capricorn sun - practical, reliable, wants to work hard and not take shortcuts. likes material possessions and wants to be rich tbh

capricorn moon - you want to feel useful and productive. you like to get your own way. You don’t show your emotions, and people think you might be a little cold. You just don’t like showing them in public.

capricorn rising - You take everything seriously. Youre practical, responsible for as long as you can remember. You like material possessions. You work hard/have worked hard to get to where you are/where you want to be.

capricorn mc - you want to care for others, you’re confident and you know how to handle situations. You want to make a positive impact on the world. You’re practical and systematic. You have a strong sense of duty and dedication.

capricorn mars - you like to be in control, you’re determined and orderly. you’re responsible and reliable. you’re practical and you can come across as pessimistic sometimes.

capricorn venus - you like to impress people with your wit, you’re responsible and in control. you like to be alone, its hard for you to let down your guard. you want to help your friends succeed in life.


aquarius sun - you’re kind of an oddball, but somehow the weird works for you. You crave freedom and you think you’re better than everyone. You are rebellious when your freedom is challenged. You pretend you don’t have any emotions. you’re unique and a little bit nuts. You’re a humanitarian, you care more about the world than yourself/people you know.

aquarius moon - you’re observant. You have a pretty big ego, and you want to stand out for being unusual. You’re stubborn, but youre also kind and compassionate. You’re a humanitarian. You really hate criticism.

aquarius rising - youre friendly and likeable. Your humour is kinda weird and not many people get it. Your’e very unique and you like being in the spotlight.

aquarius mc - you like learning. you’re good at making plans and putting them into action. you fear humiliating yourself in public by looking stupid.

aquarius mars - you’re proud of your independence. you have a lot of ambition and energy, you value freedom. you stay faithful and you’re loyal unless you’re bored.

aquarius venus - you’re very open minded, you don’t like restrictions. you don’t display many feelings in public. you want your partner to be your friend more than just a lover. you don’t like clingy partners.


pisces sun - spiritual, compassionate, full of love. emotional and intellectual. tactful, charming, you’re not great at making decisions. you’re generous to those you love, you’re a huge romantic. you’re very creative, do well in the arts.

pisces moon - You’re emotional, and are good at sensing how others feel. You’re compassionate and full of love. Your sense of humour is silly. You’re sweet and soft hearted, genuinely care about everyone.

pisces rising - you’re unpredictable and can seem to change personalities on a day to day basis. You’re not too great at decision making, and you see the world through your own biased eyes. You don’t want to stand out too much. You really love animals, and probably want to have pets/already have a few.

pisces mc - People probably think you’re a little emotionally unstable, but you just have a lot of feelings. You are sensitive to other’s feelings, and you always want to help comfort people. You don’t take extreme sides on anything. You understand what you need and what you want.

pisces mars - you’re gentle and mild, go with the flow. you’re attracted to the arts, you play games to get what you want. you’re very sensitive to your environment.

pisces venus - dreamy and soft hearted, you want your partner to know that you love them unconditionally. you like romance and tenderness. you’re compassionate and sensitive, you can understand people and always forgive them.

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Appreciate OCs

Before I remake this blog, I got to get one thing off my chest. Appreciate and interact with original characters. Yeah, I know there are douchebag OCs who are overpowered or only want romantic ships, etc.. BUT DON’T LABEL THE MAJORITY BY THE MINORITY. Especially, if it’s a person you know who has a canon muse and is a nice mun. They aren’t going to change into a completely mean person just because they have an original character. 

As a person with quite a few original characters, lemme tell you: 

  • It takes time to get their personalities just right so they don’t come off as a mary sue/gary stu
  • If you have a female OC, good luck getting interactions because it’s 4x as hard for them [us]
  • It takes time to get a faceclaim that works just right OR if you draw your characters you will be forever in icon hell. 
  • And once you get that faceclaim. The manga/comic/anime caps can take DAYS if you are doing them by hand. Then you have to resize them, color them, put overlays on theM.
  • A LOT of times your faceclaim doesn’t have renders so you gotta do that yourself and design a flipping background for a container so you look “cool” because some reason you will be overlooked just because you don’t have it [WHICH SHOULD CHANGE!]
  • Backstory. Backstory. Backstory. It takes days of research to come up with this stuff and if you are building a world…holy guacamole. Some people draw maps, do languages, and even draw EVERYTHING. 


So. PLEASE. Respect original characters. Try interacting with them. If you’ve had a bad experience, I understand. But if it’s a person you’ve interacted with before [as in canon muses] then please try to interact with their OCs at least. Maybe expand your horizons after. Trust me there are so many fun OCs out there with the sweetest muns who deserve love and respect. 


An OC creator

Washington D.C. in 48 hours

From rooftop views of the White House to the best Indian food in the city, Garrett M. Graff, former editor of Washingtonian magazine, reveals how to spend 48 hours in the capital.

Day One

08:00 – Like a local

It’s hard to miss the power and grandeur of Washington, the centre of the city remains a political powerhouse and it permeates nearly every corner, but there’s also much more to the city than simply politics.

After landing at Washington Dulles International Airport and you’ve settled in, start your morning like the locals with coffee and breakfast at the Tryst Coffeehouse in funky Adams Morgan, before heading up to the National Zoo (Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, to give it its full name). It’s seen a dramatic renovation in recent years that has turned its 163 acres into a shining gem filled with great exhibits from elephants and pandas to American buffalo. Entry is free and it’s open 364 days a year.

Noon – Power lunch

Recharge with a casual pub-style lunch at Duke’s Grocery on 17th Street NW (have the Proper Burger) or indulge in the city’s best Indian food at the fine dining Rasika in Penn Quarter, where you might very well find yourself dining next to a Cabinet member. Don’t miss the palaak chaat – crispy flash-fried spinach – that’s one of the city’s most-requested dishes.

14:00 – Read all about it

Spend the afternoon at the Newseum, the towering interactive museum of news, where you can revisit the world’s most notable events, and lose yourself for hours watching old footage and breaking news coverage. The Washington D.C. Explorer pass offers a package admission to the Newseum and other top D.C. sights like the International Spy Museum.

17:00 – No reservations

Getting into many of Washington’s hottest restaurants has grown harder in recent years, with some of the most popular adopting no reservations policies that can lead to long lines. At Bad Saint, a 24-seat Filipino restaurant – named as the second best new restaurant in the USA by Bon Appetit magazine in 2016 – lines can begin as early as 17:30.

Not up for waiting? Plan ahead with a reservation at Tail Up Goat, a Michelin-starred restaurant featuring creative Mediterranean and Caribbean food by chef Jon Sybert – expand your drinking horizons at the bar by following the lead of sommelier Bill Jensen.

Day Two

08:00 – Morning rush

Breakfast at the Old Ebbitt Grill, one of the city’s oldest restaurants, usually packed with lobbyists and power players first thing in the morning before the tourist crowd sets in during the day. 

09:00 – Famous figures

Across the Potomac River, Arlington National Cemetery is best known for its stark and formal Changing of the Guard ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, honouring America’s war dead, but the 600-acre cemetery is home also to the graves of many famous figures like John F. Kennedy – marked with an eternal flame ­­– boxer Joe Lewis, and Pierre L’Enfant, the architect who designed Washington. Save your feet and jump on the Hop-On, Hop-Off trolley.

Noon – Fit for a First Lady 

Lunch on the Georgetown waterfront at Fiola Mare, the glimmering Italian seafood restaurant of chef Fabio Trabocchi – a favourite of Michelle Obama.

13:30 – Remember them

Spend the afternoon wandering ‘America’s Front Lawn’ on the National Mall, starting at the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Wall, then up to the sunken World War II memorial, where you can see the emotional visits of buses filled with veterans, and gaze up at the Washington Monument. [NB the monument is closed until spring 2019 but can still be looked at].

14:30 – A history lesson

Nearby, take in Washington’s hottest new attraction, the giant National Museum of African-American History and Culture, honouring the artistic contributions of African-Americans while also wrestling with the nation’s still-unfolding racial legacy of slavery and civil rights. Plan ahead – or wake up early – to score timed-entry tickets, but it’s well worth the effort.

17:00 – Treats and eats

Spend the evening wandering the environs of 14th Street NW, which has been the centre of Washington’s revitalization over the last decade. Window-shop at the boutique Salt and Sundry, Detroit-made watches and leather goods at the city’s flagship Shinola store, or vintage and antiques at Miss Pixie’s, a long-time 14th Street fixture. 

Once you’re hungry, the area has something for every palate: for the city’s swankiest French bistro, try Le Diplomate, where the breadbasket alone is worth the visit. 

Prefer Latin American? Try Tico for its hibiscus margaritas, tacos, and a delicious shredded cabbage salad. Or, on nearby 17th Street NW, get in line for mouth-burning, authentic Thai food at Little Serow [NB Little Serow is shut for summer 2017, reopening 7 September] from one of Washington’s top chefs, Johnny Monis (if it’s a weeknight, be in line by 17:00 or 17:30 for dinner, if it’s a weekend, try even earlier). Once your name’s on the list, have a drink around the corner at Hank’s Oyster Bar while you wait. 

Where to stay 

W Washington D.C. – head up to the cocktail bar for presidential views down on the neighbouring White House.

Washington Hilton is home to many of the city’s black tie galas, including the star-studded spring White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Hilton Garden Inn is a new hotel in the city’s West End, you’ll be just around the corner from where former President Barack Obama has set up his new office.

Plan your Washington trip now

Words by Garrett M. Graff, former editor of Washingtonian magazine 

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay

Venus in the 🏡

Venus in the 1st house :  Everything that appears in the first house is obvious to everyone. With Venus in rising, you are warm, sociable and beautiful, a quality that you also admire in others.

 Venus in the 2nd house : You have heard somewhere that love cannot be bought. But you can’t believe it. Money and things you can buy are important to you. Fortunately, you tend to earn money easily.

 Venus in the 3rd house : You like to chat, travel and collect information. Lover of literature, you express yourself eloquently, and your verbal skills attract others. You also have good interaction with your brothers and sisters. A good position for a writer or a speaker.

 Venus in the 4th house :  In the absence of other factors, this happy placement brings a happy childhood, a close relationship with your mother, a talent for decoration and a beautiful home.

 Venus in the 5th house : You attract love, you react to the arts in a profound way, and you are wonderful with children. It is a pleasure to take advantage of your company: you react positively to people and you make the most of life. You will never lack love.

 Venus in the 6th house : Work is essential to your happiness, as well as love. When one prospers, the same goes for the other. You meet potential candidates through your work, which also allows you to make friends and inspire affection. A job that allows you to realize yourself brings happiness, improves your health and makes you more attractive.

 Venus in the 7th house : Affectionate, kind and willing to compromise, you are the happiest of humans when you are married. This position brings an attractive selection of potential partners, and the ability to create an affectionate relationship. Business associations are also beneficial.

 Venus in the 8th house : Admit it, you are seducer, manipulative, obsessive, passionate, and generally under the domination of a storm unleashed of feelings. Your love life is probably a labyrinth of complications. Money tends to come to you, often through marriage or inheritance.

 Venus in the 9th house : Love enters your life by anything that expands your horizons, especially through travel, teaching, law and publishing, all of which are areas that suit you well.

 Venus in the 10th house : Your career, ideally in the arts, matters a lot to you. People you meet through your work, including friends and partners, feel immediately attracted to you.

 Venus in the 11th house : Open minded, affectionate and willing to cooperate, you make sure people feel at ease. You are the center of your social circle, a natural leader, and devoted. You easily attract both friends and partners.

Venus in the 12th house : Very attentively listening to the feelings of others, you are a sensitive person who needs intimacy and tends to love the secret.

a rant on the writing community.

Since it was fanfiction writers’ appreciation day very recently, I feel like contributing to this in a different way, and aim my appreciation to a very particular group of writers. Now, keep in mind that I am in no way belittling anyone and that I support every single writer who works hard on this website. These are just thoughts I’ve had for a long time, and even though it has been talked about plenty of times before, I still feel the need to express my feelings when it comes to this topic in particular, which is heavily related to the writers’ community of tumblr in the kpop fandom. Not gonna lie, this is something I feel kinda salty about and it might get a bit long, so please bear with me :D

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some art tips from someone who isn't really qualified to give them:

-sketch with pens as much as you can

-dont be afraid to make mistakes and “ugly” art. youre learning.

-dont pressure yourself into making your own unique style. it will develop naturally as your skills do

-it’s ok if you are only are good at drawing one thing, expand your horizons as you see fit

-show your art to people, ask for advice. I know it’s scary but people are nicer than you think

-it doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist or a professional artist, your art is always valuable since you put time and care into it

part of fortune

While luck and wealth is associated with Jupiter, the Part of Fortune is an Arabic Part (a fixed, sensitive point) that is another important opulent part of the chart. I like to call the Part of Fortune the point of arbitrary luck. To find your Part of Fortune, go on astro.com > Additional Objects > Pars Fortunae.

In Aries, Mars wants you to take action, so prosperity shines upon you when you are independent, passionate, and bold. Such times allow wealth to find you.

In Taurus, Venus wants you to find pleasure and sensibility, so prosperity shines upon you when you are secure, stable (in terms of finance and in terms of materialistic wealth), and comfortable.

In Gemini, Mercury wants you to find flexibility, variety, and change, so prosperity shines upon you when you are learning and communicating; prosperity comes to you when you are mentally-stimulated.

In Cancer, the Moon wants you to be in touch with the purest essence of your emotions, so prosperity shines upon you when your feelings are being made an essential part of you. Emotional ties may also bring prosperity to you.

In Leo, the Sun wants you to make your presence known as you radiate warmth, so prosperity shines upon you when you are creative, confident, and lively. Prosperity comes to you when you follow your heart.

In Virgo, Mercury wants you to be aware of your surroundings, to live a healthy life, and to be of help to the world, so prosperity shines upon you when you are healthy, work-oriented, and conscious.

In Libra, Venus wants you to attain peace and strong relationships, so prosperity shines upon you when you are balanced, peaceful, and strongly and healthily involved in your relationships. Prosperity comes to you when amity is your strong suit.

In Scorpio, Pluto wants you to transform and to discover emotional profundity, so prosperity shines upon you when you are passionate, investigative, and strong. Prosperity finds you when you feel powerful.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter wants you to expand your horizons, so prosperity shines upon you when you are philosophical, spontaneous, optimistic, and adventurous. Seeking experience and knowledge will bring prosperity to you.

In Capricorn, Saturn wants you to succeed, so prosperity shines upon you when you are ambitious, goal-oriented, authoritative, and hard-working. Prosperity comes to you when you work hard to elevate successfully to the top, aiming to be respected and relied upon.

In Aquarius, Uranus wants you to break from all sorts of limitations, so prosperity shines upon you when you are emotionally-free, are distinctive, and are concerned with the world. Prosperity comes to you when you are YOU and when you aim to make a change.

In Pisces, Neptune wants you to get in touch with your spiritual self, so prosperity shines upon you when you are imaginative, creative, and empathetic. An optimum inner self awaits you at such expansions, and prosperity will follow.

In brief:

In the 1st house, prosperity is channeled through your sense of self.

In the 2nd house, prosperity is channeled through your sense of self-worth. Materialistic means and luxuries will be gained.

In the 3rd house, prosperity is channeled through your mind — be it the way you think, the way you communicate, the way you write, and/or the way you absorb information.

In the 4th house, with your upbringing comes tradition, and it is likely that traditional matters will be prosperous.

In the 5th house, prosperity is channeled through your artistry and hobbies; it is also channeled through romantic affairs.

In the 6th house, prosperity is channeled through your work, service, health, and animals.

In the 7th house, prosperity is channeled through your partnerships and marriage.

In the 8th house, prosperity is channeled through financial means of someone other than yourself (e.g. inheritance) and through taboo practices. It is also channeled through sex.

In the 9th house, prosperity is channeled through travel, philosophy, and foreign culture.

In the 10th house, prosperity is channeled through your career and reputation.

In the 11th house, prosperity is channeled through your friendships and through social circles.

In the 12th house, prosperity is channeled through your subconscious and through the expansion of your inner self.

pros and cons of the moon signs
  • aries pro: you're not a big sulker when you don't get your way, and you hate manipulating people. you're super passionate about the things you like!
  • aries con: you don't always look before you leap and you can tend to rush into things too fast
  • taurus pro: you appreciate beautiful things and you're so strong willed! you're a true romantic at heart
  • taurus con: you don't like to hear out the other side of the argument
  • gemini pro: you're so charming and open-minded, you're also a loyal and caring friend
  • gemini con: you can sometimes be quite moody and irritable
  • cancer pro: you love to love people, and you're always happy to help people in need!
  • cancer con: you might get so caught up in your own feelings that you become self absorbed
  • leo pro: you're sociable and charismatic, and a great natural entertainer!
  • leo con: you might have a little jealous streak, and when you're upset you may like to close yourself off from everyone
  • virgo pro: you always put in the extra mile in everything you do, no matter how big or small!
  • virgo con: you might be too critical of yourself
  • libra pro: you're very sociable and quite easy-going, you really love your family and your close friends and loved ones
  • libra con: your mood changes can be quite unpredictable, and you can get very upset when you don't get your way
  • scorpio pro: you can basically look into people's souls and see their true self, and you're a human lie detector
  • scorpio con: you may take criticism too personally, and you can get very jealous very easily
  • sagittarius pro: you love expanding your own horizons, and you love to learn and discover new things
  • sagittarius con: you speak your mind a lot, and sometimes this can hurt others
  • capricorn pro: you strive to be respected and you're always ready to help out and take responsibility for something
  • capricorn con: you might not take enough risks, and it can be very difficult to show people that you care about them
  • aquarius pro: you're kind and compassionate, also very optimistic and friendly
  • aquarius con: you can be so stubborn that you're unwilling to consider the other side of the argument, you don't take criticism too well
  • pisces pro: you genuinely care about everyone, and you have a great sense of humour
  • pisces con: you may sometimes let people walk all over you without realising it
Inexperienced MC falling in love for the first time

Sorry this took so long and thank you for liking my content. I wonder whether you’re still around…oh well, I hope you enjoy if you are! 


♛ it took you quite some time that the way your chest fluttered every time you spend time with Jumin wasn’t in fact a symptom of an upcoming heart attack but instead your bodies reaction to what is commonly known as having a crush. Not something you’d experienced before, which left you confused, uncertain and a nervous mess

♛ as you then find out, figuring out your feelings is actually the easiest part of the entire process, nothing compared to the horrible moment of trying to muster up your bravery and confess, let alone the sheer dread that overwhelms you once the words are out in the world and a second suddenly turns into a year while you wait for a response

♛ lucky for you, Jumin not only loves you back by some miracle, but he’s just as inexperienced as you, which makes the whole ordeal of a relationship a lot easier. The two take it extremely slow, since the smallest of gestures, such as holding hands, already have the kind of effect on you that most people experience while kissing or having sex

♛ you somehow feel your way through the relationship, slowly but happily working off all the milestones normal couples have. Your first date, where Jumin took you to a restaurant. Your first kiss a month later, when Jumin had taken you dancing and eventually your first time, a beautiful and tender night shared together in a small hotel in the heart of Paris

♛ each of these memories make you feel glad that you’d never had any experiences before, because it makes it so much more special to share all your first times with the same person. The same person who is just as solely devoted to you as you are to them. The same person you know you are going to marry


☼ falling in love with Saeyoung is a rather overwhelming experience and not all of it is positive. For one he doesn’t make it easy on you, pushing you away and refusing to admit to his feelings for you when you were already struggling with your own. It also didn’t help that once you’d finally admitted to your feelings, the cheerful Seven you’d fallen in love with was promptly replaced by Saeyoung

☼ luckily the two of you eventually worked it out and found your way into each others hearts. Once Saeyoung let you in, he was one of the most loving people you’d ever encountered, eager to prove himself to you and show you his appreciation each and every single day. It made falling in love with Saeyoung even easier than falling in love with Seven had been

☼ in fact, you fall in love with all his sides. The silly Seven, the hardworking Luciel and the mature and loving Saeyoung. Having such a complicated boyfriend as your first relationship wasn’t always easy, but it guaranteed for surprise and adventure. You figured your relationship was rather unconventional, but why settle for boring mediocrity when you can have daily excitement

☼ however mentioned excitement and adventure did not extend to the bedroom for a very long time, something you were honestly rather glad for. Saeyoung was a very godly young man which resulted in him insisting that you wait until marriage. Part of you was glad for the extra time this bought you, the other was nervous that the more time passed, the higher the expectations would be

☼ as it turned out, your worries were completely unfounded. Both of you were nervous on your wedding night, but things simply fell into place. You’d expected having sex with Saeyoung to be somewhat childish but instead it felt like coming home


☀ whenever people talked about falling in love, they described it like a lightning striking; quick, surprising and overwhelming. Never having experienced such a thing made you nervous – it didn’t sound like a particularly nice sensation – as well as doubt if you even could. That is until Saeran came alone and lucky for you, your falling in love was much more like easing into cold water

☀ you didn’t even actually notice that you were falling in love with the guy until Saeran asked you out and before even thinking about it the word yes fell from your lips, like your body had been preparing to say that ver word for a long time. It then occurred to you, as he happily smile at your response, that you did feel a little giddier around him than the other guys. Huh?

☀ never having dated before – let alone kissed or been intimate with a man – meant that you had to heavily rely on Saeran to guide you through the relationship. You really had no idea what to expect from it and frankly everything you knew about it came from cheesy romance movies and what you hoped were over exaggerated anime versions of romance

☀ as it turned out, nothing could have prepared you for dating Saeran anyway; no book, anime or movie. Well, a porno movie possibly, but even that couldn’t really compete with how Saeran loved. That boy knew what he wanted and he took it and not just sexually, although it was a big part of it. Saeran wasn’t a fan of waiting and after your first night together, neither were you

☀ Saeran is the type of man that loves all consumingly. He expects you to be all his, body and soul and funnily enough, you want that too. One look into his eyes makes your knees week and when he makes your body his at night, it makes you forget not only that you’d never had any such experiences, but even entertaining the thought of being with someone else is quickly forgotten


📷 the more you got to know Jihyun beyond the facade that was V, the more you’d pitied the poor man. A dead mother and a distant father, an abusive, literally crazy ex-fiancée, an emotionally constipated best friend, a worsening eye sight threatening to take the last positive outlet away from him and of course an entire group of people who couldn’t be any more different from one another relying on him

📷 of course you tried to help the poor guy, convincing him to get his eyes treated, let go of the crazy bitch who’d willingly blinded him by getting him to let the police handle her as well as somehow rekindling his relationship with both Jumin as well as his father. Only when everything was done did you notice that you didn’t want to let go of him. You actually wanted to be with him. Oh!

📷 slipping from a friendship into a relationship is surprisingly easy and comfortable with Jihyun, mainly because both of you had taken your time to really figure your feelings out. Once you finally did get together, however, it was the most organic thing ever. It felt like you’d been dating for years, without any awkwardness or hesitation

📷 of course the intimate things are a little more complicated. While you’re spiritually connected, there are a couple of barriers physically. Jihyun is scarred from Rika and you are nervous about not comparing to her. You work through it together, patiently getting to know one another’s body so thoroughly both your worries disappear the second he slides into you for the first time

📷 the best thing about dating Jihyun, however, is that despite being in a committed relationship you feel more free than ever. Both of you give the other enough space as well as inspiration to explore themselves. It isn’t always picture perfect, of course, but you learn from one another, expand your horizons and by working through the hard times actually grow as people as well as a couple

Which House(s) has Saturn in Sagittarius Transited in Your Chart? How has Saturn been affecting your Life?

Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 20th, 2017 and will stay there until March 24th, 2020. Saturn has been in Sagittarius since December 24th, 2014, went retrograde back into Scorpio throughout the middle of 2015, then back thru Sagittarius until the end of 2017.

When Saturn goes retrograde, we feel like we want to be productive, but situations just aren’t manifesting. We are being held back. April 2017-August 2017, Saturn will be retrograde in Sagittarius, from 27 degrees down to 21 degrees. So if you have planets in your natal chart at those degrees, transiting Saturn will make an aspect and you can predict what you will be going thru during that time. Saturn was retrograde in the teen degrees from mid April the middle of August 2016. For example, my natal Jupiter is 14 degrees Virgo, so at the beginning of 2016, Saturn was moving direct in Sagittarius, squaring my Jupiter, then went retrograde to continually hurt my Jupiter. If you want me to show you an example of how Saturn has been treating YOUR planets, you can ask me to give you a lesson.

Depending on what degrees your house cusps are, Saturn in Sagittarius might have entered two of your houses, even three of your houses if you have Sagittarius on two house cusps in your chart. Bear in mind that whether you use Koch, Campanus, or Placidus, you will get different double signs and different intercepted signs. If you live at a very northern latitude it is possible to have the same sign on three house cusps, therefore, Saturn might transit four of your houses in one sign.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 1st house: Your jubilant attitude has been dampened by the harsh realities that make you feel restricted. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 2nd house: Now is the time to learn money discipline, prioritize needs over wants, and develop your skills of ration.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 2nd house: You are expanding your skills that will earn you more money. Remind yourself to balance indulgence with ration. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 3rd house: You are refining your communication abilities, becoming a wiser speaker.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 3rd house: Feisty speaker you! You’re combining speed with accuracy in academic pursuits. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 4th house: You aren’t feeling nurtured by your family, they’re pointing out your faults.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 4th house: Your family is being pushy and you feel wanderlust yet not able to explore as much as you want. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 5th house: You’re not able to play and do creative pursuits as much as you wish. Perhaps having problems with fertility.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 5th house: Your children are acting wild and you’ve been learning to put restrictions on them. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 6th house: You’re getting important work done. You’re possibly having health difficulties, likely involving bones, teeth, hair, or skin.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 6th house: You’re enjoying your work more while honing effective productivity skills. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 7th house: Feeling cynical towards relationships.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 7th house: The balance between your desire for a wild love life and being committed. Perhaps an open relationship would be good for you. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 8th house: Feeling a block from being able to experience intimacy. Facing your fears and inadequacies regarding sex.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 8th house: Feeling held back from experimenting sexually. Or perhaps you’re becoming more sexually indulgent, depending on how you handle Saturn personally. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 9th house: This is a good time to go back to college, you’ll be able to focus on studying very well and become competent in your chosen subject.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 9th house: Expanding your horizons by learning and exploring while staying sensible about it all. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 10th house: Now’s the time to manifest your career goals! You like being in charge of others.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 10th house: You can be an inspiring supervisor who motivates other people! AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 11th house: You’re realizing who your true friends are, or perhaps you’re being the lone goat on the mountain top because others have disappointed you. You’re cynical about how other people are idiots.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 11th house: You’re expanding your circle of friends with people who matter, and cutting those who were previously toxic to you. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 12thhouse: You’re facing your subconscious fears, finding stability as you navigate your psyche.

Saturn in Sagittarius transiting your 12th house: You’re soul searching, perhaps having an existential crisis. You can gain great wisdom during this time if you’re open to what the universe wants to teach you. You’re working thru your inner demons. AND

Saturn in Capricorn transiting your 1st house: You are becoming more competent at mundane tasks. Others perceive you as more mature now.

Bear in mind that when Saturn was in Scorpio, he would have had a hurtful effect on whichever house(s) in your chart that contain Scorpio. As you can see, the sign a planet is in when it enters a house of yours makes a radical difference on how you feel it. Saturn isn’t happy in Scorpio, but Capricorn is Saturn’s domicile.

If you need help knowing how to tell which houses Saturn transited and when, I am available for readings OR classes. Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer. AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/readings AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/samplreading2


☊ Karmic Lessons | Old Habits ☋

Ever feel like you’re being gravitated to a certain destiny or purpose? Notice behaviours so deeply ingrained but can’t remember consciously developing them? Ever had recurring themes in your “deja vu” moments? Check your natal chart’s nodes! You might have planets aspecting them.

The North Node and South Node are two important opposing points in astrology (known as Ketu and Rahu respectively in Vedic Astrology). The North Node represents your soul’s legacy whereas the South Node represents its inheritance. The North Node points out the weaknesses you need to overcome and consequently the qualities you need to develop so you can guide yourself to ultimate enlightenment and fulfill your purpose. The South Node hints at the traits, skills and abilities you’ve already accumulated in your past life/lives - i.e. what your soul inherited. While the sign placement should not be dismissed, conjunctions and oppositions to this axis can greatly ‘colour’ or alter the lessons to be learned. With South Node conjunctions people become very attached/dependent on the qualities given by the conjunct planet. The NN/SN axis is thus considered very karmic - what you’ve previously learnt is directly proportional to the most important lessons you NEED to learn at this point. If you don’t believe in the concepts of past lives, it can also be argued that the South Node represents deeply embedded habits often formed very early in the childhood. If you’re interested in a more detailed post on childhood indicators in astrology go to @jupiteronic and track the blog so you’re alerted when I post it!

Sun conjunct NN/opposite SN: Your self-expression may be more easily accepted by others in your life, in fact most likely actively encouraged. Developing your leadership potential, creativity and achieving your soul’s purpose will be a path filled with luck and relative ease. Just learn to be more reliant on your self for this rather than societal mores of how you should express yourself.

Sun opposite NN/conjunct SN: You may find your plans and goals thwarted by circumstances or societal values. However gifted you are at capturing attention and being true to yourself, your self-expression may be met with karmic obstacles and oppositions. Don’t let this hold you back. Learn from it. Beware of a tendency to hog the spotlight.

Moon conjunct NN/opposite SN: Your inner values are in tune with prevailing social trends and ideals, supporting your popularity and generosity with people. These qualities make it so that you can easily take advantage of these social trends and even become a spokesperson/public supporter of them. Be careful not to get too swept up in fads and learn to develop autonomy.

Moon opposite NN/conjunct SN: There is a tendency to feel alienated by others’ lack of cooperation and support, and you may feel that you have bad timing. As a result you isolate yourself further as a defense mechanism and create a perpetual cycle where you feel lonely and negative all the time. You must learn to stop being so defensive and develop a backbone. Learn to be more malleable in adverse situations. Not everyone is out to get you or take advantage of your vulnerability.

Mercury conjunct NN/opposite SN: You are likely popular, expressive and a good communicator. For this reason you can be very useful in making ideas become accepted and agreed on by the masses with your manner of communicating. However, your line of thinking is often in line with the status quo/ isn’t too controversial and in fact usually accepted, so be careful of getting swept up in popular ways of thinking that discourage progress. While endearingly inquisitive, you must learn to develop a more independent mind free of the input of others and social norms.

Mercury opposite NN/conjunct SN: Circumstances in your life have caused you to feel frustration because you think your ideas are unsupported. Oftentimes your ideas are met with criticisms or opposition that you fear inhibit your intellectual capabilities. Don’t allow this to hold you back. Your ideas may be too behind or, more often, too ahead of the times to be fully accepted. Realise that you are not alone in your way of thinking. Go out, expand your horizons, seek like-minded people. Be open to criticism instead of shutting down out of frustration at feeling misunderstood.

Venus conjunct NN/opposite SN: Likeable and diplomatic, you are likely to have success in relationships or business partnerships. You are likely socially prominent and will benefit greatly from friends/partners. You may form relationships with those who have power, resources or who can further elevate your social status. Be aware of an ability to be deceptively charming for your own gain.

Venus opposite NN/conjunct SN: You may have difficulties or obstacles when it comes to expressing affection due to major circumstances in your past life/early childhood, but you care deeply and have a great love for your family/friends/partners and the world. You have a sincere appreciation for beauty and the arts and likely have some form of artistic talent. Your way of expressing yourself socially and how you display affection, however, may invite conflict and tension from others. Your soul’s lesson is to learn to balance your love for peace with some initiative. Don’t become lazy and complicit.

Mars conjunct NN/opposite SN:The way you take action is often in line with/agreeable with those around you and your timing is in step, as such they help you fulfill your soul’s legacy of acting on your passions, desires and beliefs. Be careful not to let the way you do things be too influenced by social mores as there is a tendency to let others decide which beliefs are “meant” to be acted upon instead of instinctively acting on your own.

Mars opposite NN/conjunct SN: There is a tendency to find yourself on the disagreeing side of things with this placement. You may find that you arouse a lot of opposition in others because of this, feeling alienated in your values as a result. You might find yourself almost pre-disposed to acting on your own/making your own decisions in group settings, upsetting the group dynamic with the way you do things. You must learn to be less defensive - not everyone is out to get you or fight you, and you must stop using this as an excuse to be aggressively self-involved and inconsiderate of others’ values. To fulfill your soul’s purpose, channel your tendency to be defensive of your beliefs/self into more constructive channels.

Jupiter conjunct NN/opposite SN: Attempts at expansion of the self or mind will be encouraged and accepted. This is a placement associated with karmic luck. Your generosity and optimism will aid you well and bring you good fortune. There is a tendency to take things for granted here. You may attain popularity very easily or achieve success so fast that you fail to properly value it. Another key issue this placement has to watch out for is the tendency to overdo things. Don’t overindulge, don’t be overly generous. Learn moderation.

Jupiter opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major life circumstances may have forced you to put much significance on social/educational/religious expansion and rely too much on optimism. You must learn to pace yourself and develop a more grounded, realistic outlook or your larger-than-life ambitions will be shot down by societal times as they often conflict with the times. Your ambitions and ideals are noble and grand, but beware of a tendency to lose yourself in the big picture.

Saturn conjunct NN/opposite SN: Your levelheaded wisdom and competent resourcefulness will allow you to achieve your goals without much opposition. You have a good sense of timing which will help you gain respect from authority and go places. Be careful not to conform too much to unnecessary or illogical societal values out of a desire to stay on top.

Saturn opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major circumstances in your past life/early childhood may have caused you to develop a restricted, cynical worldview. Your judgemental, overly traditional, sour outlook will inspire much opposition in others.

Uranus conjunct NN/opposite SN: You’re highly in tune with social changes and are likely to benefit from them. Be careful not to get too caught up in how you’re benefitting from them that you lose sight of your personal values.

Uranus opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major circumstances may have caused you to be an advocate of change and revolutionary inclinations. Your ideas are often too ahead of the times. However, these ideas are often not met well by the people in your life and you often feel that any progress you make is set back by societal values or things out of your control. Beware of a tendency to be fanatic/erratic in your persuasion, it will hinder you and hold you back. Focus on developing a more tolerant worldview and perhaps you’ll get the change you’re so hell-bent on contributing to. You don’t have to be the extremist rebel just because you think no one else wants to play that part. Bursts of energy and bolts of revolutionary ideas that come out of seemingly nowhere are common with this placement.

Neptune conjunct NN/opposite SN: You have larger-than-life goals that are often noble and spiritual. Beware of a tendency to get swept up in social fads and go with the flow in unhealthy contexts. You must learn autonomy and lucidity while seeking the spiritual evolvement you crave.

Neptune opposite NN/conjunct SN: There is a tendency to have unrealistic ideals or beliefs that arouse opposition from society or others. Major circumstances in the past life/early childhood may have caused you to rely on escapism or spirituality in adverse situations - be careful not to get too swept up in your dreams and fantasies as they are unproductive and will cause you strife.

Pluto conjunct NN/opposite SN: You are intuitive enough to understand how social trends are formed and how you can contribute to their transformation. You’ll learn resourcefulness as a result of this intuition, but be careful not to let these endless manipulations of social values drastically change you or trap you.

Pluto opposite NN/conjunct SN: Major circumstances in your past life/early childhood may have caused you to become resourceful, self-reliant and distrustful of authority. You likely question prevailing societal values and remain unaffected by trends. This may ignite much opposition in others and resentment within you. Your desire for transformations, deep thinking and intensity clashes with current social mores. Stop letting opposition to your ideas isolate you.

*While not as potent as conjunctions and oppositions, sextiles and trines can still be considered. The soul’s purpose is more easily reached with these aspects, infused with the qualities of the aspecting planet. With a square aspect, the planet’s values is in constant conflict with the soul’s purpose/need for spiritual evolvement.

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Jupiter In The Houses

Jupiter In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: jovial, principled, strong morals and values
  • Negative Traits: oftentimes you stick your nose in other people’s business, you “fix” situations that weren’t even broken to begin with, territorial
  • Celebrities: Renée Zellweger, Kylie Minogue, William Shakespeare, Anthony Hopkins

Jupiter In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: studious, methodical, steady
  • Negative Traits: sometimes you forget to relax and unwind, your pride prevents you from asking for help, not very careful with finances (you may find yourself spending too much on impractical things)
  • Celebrities: Jerry Seinfeld, Dolly Parton, Ozzy Osbourne, Keri Hilson

Jupiter In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: you always see the bigger picture, sharing, you constantly expand your horizons 
  • Negative Traits: you feel directionless a lot of the time, you have difficulty living in the moment, you spread yourself too thin
  • Celebrities: Mark Hamill, Jack Black, Hilary Swank, Emily Dickinson

Jupiter In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: pleasant, amazing hosts, protective of your loved ones
  • Negative Traits: you may depend on others to create an upbeat outlook on life, not good at dealing with change, emotions are overwhelming
  • Celebrities: Liam Neeson, Cher, Miranda Kerr, Albert Camus

Jupiter In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: lucky, jolly, brave
  • Negative Traits: egotistical, you interfere with situations in an unhelpful way, tendency to misread others
  • Celebrities: Iggy Pop, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Wood, Lauren Bacall

Jupiter In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: productive, trustworthy, spiritual
  • Negative Traits: you think your way of handling things is superior to others’, unwilling to listen to suggestions, harshly serious
  • Celebrities: Queen Latifah, Chester Bennington, Léa Seydoux, Carlos Santana

Jupiter In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: accommodating, gracious, fair
  • Negative Traits: not objective when it comes to making your own decisions, not fond of taking the lead, disorganized
  • Celebrities: Ricky Martin, Sylvia Plath, Chelsea Handler, Tiger Woods

Jupiter In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: sphinx-like, talented, you research everything
  • Negative Traits: you reveal very little about yourself, obdurate, cynical
  • Celebrities: Daniel Day-Lewis, Nelly Furtado, Elijah Wood, Christine Teigen

Jupiter In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: earnest, insightful, open
  • Negative Traits: friends and family may feel abandoned by you, always on-the-go/busy, may gain a reputation as being pretentious
  • Celebrities: Brooke Shields, Tobey Maguire, Karen Carpenter, Andrew Garfield

Jupiter In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: winning, ethical, you go after anything you want
  • Negative Traits: bad attitude when you collaborate with other people, sometimes inconsiderate, tyrannical
  • Celebrities: Naomi Watts, Debbie Harry, Billy Corgan, Kurt Russell

Jupiter In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: cordial, tolerant, kooky
  • Negative Traits: difficult to pin down, jittery, things bore you rather quickly
  • Celebrities: Liam Payne, Sid Vicious, Amy Adams, Jamie Lee Curtis

Jupiter In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: meditative, altruistic, wholehearted
  • Negative Traits: intense fear of failure, lack of confidence, afraid of standing up to your problems
  • Celebrities: Usher, Diane Keaton, Zoë Saldaña, Gerard Way

Katherine Mcnamara by Anna Zhang for Pulse Spikes, Spring 2017

I love traveling and making memories with friends and family. If I’m going to invest time, money, and energy into something outside of work, the life long experience that travel provides is more than worth it. I think it’s so important to see as much of the world as possible. It informs your life and understanding of humanity and the global community as well as expands your horizons literally and figuratively. I think my bucket list consists entirely of travel destinations and career goals.

How to Develop your Personality

1. Work on becoming an exceptional listener. There’s nothing more attractive, and appealing, than someone who listens intently to you.

2. Keep reading, and seek to develop a wide range of interests. That makes it easier to talk to you, and to exchange ideas with you. You also come across as being a more interesting, balanced, and knowledgeable.

3. Work on developing your conversation skills. This is partly tied in with number 2. It’s about being able to make small talk and to share interesting bits of information with others. If you are shy, or you find this difficult, try to watch and learn from others who are strong in this area. Then, try copying and implementing some of the basic skills they use.

4. Don’t be afraid to have your own opinions. It’s good to know what you think about things as this provides a starting point for making conversation. (But be careful not to come across as rude, dominating, or to push your thoughts and views on other people!)

5. Get out and meet new people. This also helps develop our people skills as it forces us to interact with those who’re different from us. Doing that, will broaden and expand your horizons and make it easier to mix with lots of people.

6. Appreciate, enjoy and express your true self. You are special and unique – so discover who you are – and don’t try to copy, and be like, someone else.

7. Work on developing a positive and optimistic approach to life. There’s nothing worse than being with people who are critical, complaining, miserable and pessimistic. In contrast, a positive person lifts the mood of everyone. So smile, affirm others, and look for what is good.

8. Also, maintain a sense of humour, laugh often, and have fun. We all want someone who can brighten our way, and distract us from the hassles and problems of the day.