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Drawing request of Soundwave for @pirateninja1854 (sorry if I got the wrong one!


I’d like to imagine Soundwave sitting out in the Serengeti after the loss of Ravage in mourning and all of a sudden this one elephant and her calf just saunters up to him and just stare at him for a moment in silence as they observe the sulking Decepticon.

And this elephant (being the pure creatures that they are) just suddenly KNOWS that he’s in mourning and just…goes up to try and console this big metal creature that’s been walking around with them for god knows how long by wrapping her trunk around him and oh god send h ELp ( TДT)

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ᴠᴍɪɴ #1 >> ᴘᴇᴛᴇʀᴘᴀɴ ᴀᴜ

It was the eve of Christmas when I first met him. But it wasn’t the last I saw of him. He took me away from loneliness, hands firm in mine as we flew through seas of pure moonlight. With his breath mingled in mine, we were one step closer to finding Neverland

Lost boys like me were finally free. And he was my home, as I was his. 

Essential Crystal List
This is by no means a complete list, just what I’ve got information on at the moment

I’ve included the gems (grouped by color) followed by their color variants (if no color variant is mentioned refer to category color) and keywords for their healing/magical uses.

Use this for what you want. It originally came up when I was discussing gemsonas with a friend but I’m also a stonecaster wiccan.
If you have any questions or want more information please just hit me up! :)

Black and Silver

·         Black Tourmaline
grounding, protecting, realigning

·         Obsidian [black, greenish black, grey or red-brown]
revealing, transforming, cleansing

·         Onyx [Black with white bands, occasionally just black]
calming, distancing, quieting

·         Magnetite (Lodestone when magnetized)
aligning, grounding, directing

·         Jet [black, dark brown]
stability, calm, perspective

·         Meteorite [light grey, green-grey or black]
perception, new horizons, awakening

·         Flint [blue-grey, grey or black]
repair, knowledge, confidence

·         Haematite [metallic grey-black or red]
energizing, empowering, grounding

·         Silver
easing, serenity, flow

·         Smoky Quartz [smoky brown to brown black]
potential, beginnings, stability

·         Tektite [various shades of green, brown, black]
containing, amalgamating, transforming 


·         Tiger`s Eye [brown, gold]
practicality, sociability, realism

·         Vesuvianite [brown, green, black-green, yellow {rarely blue, purple or               colorless}]
brightness, resolution, perspective

·         Halite [pink, brown, white, yellow, blue]
absorbing, protecting, stabilizing

·         Bronzite [brown, bronze-brown]
security, integration, relaxation

·         Staurolite [dark to light brown, yellow]
focusing, quietening, combining

·         Limonite [grey to brown, yellow-brown or black]
attuning, simplifying, de-cluttering 


·         Garnet [red-brown (Pyrope); red-purple or black-brown (Alamandine);                red-orange (Spessartine); red or green (Grossular); all colors                            (Andradite); dark green (Uvarovite)]
initiating, stimulating, fiery

·         Ruby
positive thinking, nourishing, steadying

·         Zincite [red, orange, acid green]
awakening, revelation, surprise, innovation

·         Iron Quartz [red-brown, orange]
gently energizing, restorative, condensing

·         Jasper [red, brown, yellow, green]
practical, grounding, repairing

·         Spinel [red or brown (rarely blue, green or colorless)]
initiating, focusing, cleansing


·         Carnelian [orange, red-orange]
releasing, repairing, warming

·         Sunstone [orange-brown-gold with gold flecks]
warmth, self-worth, happiness

·         Aragonite [orange, golden brown, yellow, white]
practicality, self-discipline, centering

·         Copper [orange, orange-red]
anti-inflammatory, smoothing, unifying

Gold and Yellow

·         Citrine Quartz [yellow, golden-brown or orange-brown]
warming, comforting, uplifting

·         Amber [gold, yellow, brown, sometimes green]
enlivening, stimulating, strengthening

·         Pyrite [light brass yellow with a dark tarnish]
activating, cleansing, sparking, clarifying

·         Gold
confidence, creativity, stability

·         Rutilated Quartz [clear with fine strands of yellow or orange-brown                   needle-like inclusions]
impelling,binding, restoring

·         Topaz [orange, yellow, pink, white, blue, grey, green, brown, clear]
assuredness, confidence, relaxation 

·         Calcite [comes in all colors as well as in colorless varieties]
soothing, calming. cooling

·         Mookaite [marbled red and yellow]
safety, practical solutions, smoothing

·         Heliodor [yellow, lemon-yellow, sometimes with a blueish tinge]
refreshing, restoring, clearing, quietening

·         Sulphur [bright yellow, yellow-brown]
cleansing. detoxifying, enlivening

Light Green

·         Peridot [green, yellow-green]
cleansing, freshening, invigorating 

·         Chrysoprase [apple to emerald green]
serenity, harmony, calm

·         Prase (Actinolite Quartz) [medium green to dark green]
support, integration, forces of nature

·         Prehnite [yellow-green, clear]
softening, alleviating, reassuring 


·         Aventurine [green with metallic flecks. Rarely red-brown, blue]
balance, tranquility, stability

·         Emerald [bright green]
calming, cleansing, harmonizing

·         Bloodstone [green with red, brown, or yellow markings]
courage, strength, support, stimulation

·         Chlorite [pale and dark green to black]
opening, sensitizing, revealing

·         Dioptase [deep blue-green]
stimulating, nourishing, expanding

·         Diopside [black, dark green or green (occasionally colorless, yellow or             blue)]
revelation, growth, renewal

·         Epidote [pistachio green, green, brown or black]
gathering, strengthening, practical

·         Jade [green, white, grey, bluish]
belonging, stability, instinct

·         Sphene [yellow-green, green-brown, brown-red]
clarifying, aligning, exploring

·         Serpentine [shades of green, yellow, brown and red]
comforting, flowing, enlightening 

·         Malachite [green with dark green or black concentric bands]
balancing, soothing, detoxifying, absorbent 

·         Moldavite [translucent green, brown-green]
transforming, expanding, amplifying

·         Moss Agate [clear with green and brown inclusions]
feeling of space, optimism, opening 


·         Turquoise [turquoise, turquoise-green, light blue]
strengthens, protects, enhances

·         Aquamarine [almost colorless, pale blue, turquoise]
cooling, clarifying, soothing, lightening 

·         Amazonite [pale turquoise to deep mid-green, with lighter striations]
stimulation, communication, memory

·         Chrysocolla [green and turquoise to light mid-blue]
absorbing, communication, relaxing

·         Larimar [light turquoise, light blue, white]
far horizons, equanimity, acceptance

·         Smithsonite [pink, blue, green, green-blue, grey]
blending, combining, smoothing

Light Blue

·         Blue Lace Agate [bands of blue, white, and grey]
gently cooling, nurturing, comforting

·         Celestite [clear, grey-blue or sky blue]
ethereal, revealing, blissful, uplifting  

·         Blue Quartz [dense mid-blue, grey-blue, lavender-blue]
protection, contentment, communication

·         Angelite [light blue, white, grey, violet]
steadiness, coolness, attentiveness 

·         Apatite [blue, yellow or green]
structure, flexibility, strength

·         Tanzanite [strong blue with pleochroism of red, blue and brown]
enlivening, transmutating, expanding

Dark Blue

·         Sodalite [usually blue with white veining]
meditation, contact, peace

·         Sapphire [blue or violet-blue; many other colors including black, green,             yellow]
protection, understanding, power

·         Lapis Lazuli [deep blues with white and gold flecks]
truth, memory, awareness

·         Azurite [blue to dark blue]
deep release, old memory, integration

·         Dumortierite [light blue to dark blue to violet, usually with dark speckles           and pink and brown areas]
understanding, conciliation, equilibrium

·         Kyanite [usually blue to blue-black, sometimes streaked; also white,                 grey or green]
connecting, friction-less flow, release

·         Preseli Bluestone [blue-grey, blue-green with inclusions]
clarifying, grounding, timeless


·         Amethyst
integration, spiritual calm, healing

·         Fluorite [purple, blue, green, yellow, clear]
coordination, innovation, inspiration

·         Sugilite [pink, lilac, purple]
integration, sensitivity, spiritual confidence

·         Charoite [violet-purple with white, pink and gold]
calm perspective, flexibility, awareness 

·         Ioite [violet, violet-blue, brown or blue-grey]
clear thinking, decision-making, empathy

·         Purpurite [dark violet to dark red]
contentment, acceptance, focus, calm


·         Rose Quartz [pink, rose, peach, violet-pink]
love, emotion, release

·         Kunzite [pink, lilac-pink]
love, support, understanding, peace

·         Lepidolite [pink, violet, grey]
fulfillment, security, instinct

·         Morganite
release, simplification, love

·         Rhodonite [pink to dark pink with black or brown areas]
resonance, passion, motivation, communication

·         Rhodocrosite [pink, reddish brown, grey]
self-confidence, ease, empowerment

·         Thulite [pink, red-pink, grey]
exploration, self-assurance, motivation


·         Moonstone [pearly white, cream, yellow, blue]
emotional balance, release, empathy, femininity

·         Zeolite [white,, grey-white, yellow, red]
cooperation, variety, innovation

·         Milky Quartz
diffusing, soothing, relaxing

·         Selenite [white, clear (occasionally yellow, brown, red, blue)]
expansion, release, cooling

·         Tourmaline Quartz [white or cloudy with black linear inclusions]
protecting, grounding, strengthening

·         Clear Quartz [transparent, white]
brightening, organizing, amplifying

·         Apophyllite [clear, white, grey, green, pink]
nature, clarity, transcendence 

·         Danburite [colorless, occasionally gold or pink]
brightness, transformation, intuition

·         Diamond [colorless but also blue, green, pink, yellow]
brilliance, alignment, connectivity

·         Ulexite [clear, white]
communication, clarity, visions

·         Zircon [clear, most colors]
revealing, transforming, regulating 


·         Labradorite [grey with iridescence of green, yellow, orange and                       peacock blue]
openness, flexibility, protection

·         Chalcopyrite [brassy yellow (unweathered), blues, pinks, reds, yellows             (weathered)]
protective, cleansing, stimulating 

·         Opal [all colors]
[too many variations]

·         Tourmaline [all colors]
[too many variations]

·         Coral [red, white, pink, gold, blue, black]
community, strength, connectivity

·         Pearl [white, pink, brown, black, blue, green]
sensitivity, tolerance, alignment 

·         Pietersite [black-blue with gold-brown flecks]
stirring, clearing, anchoring 

·         Unakite [pink and green]
perspective, balance, self-worth

cade-barricade  asked:

Hey! I've got a question about Transformers heights. Are there any official (or about that) numbers for IDW universe? For example, for Megatron, members of DJD, Soundwave, Rewind, etc... Thank you!

Nothing official! The subject came up during the MTMTE panel at the British convention TFNation last year, and @markerguru001 explained that he had relative heights for the characters (Roller, Megatron, Tarn are the “big” ones and about the same, the small ‘bots like Rewind, Swerve, Tailgate, were described as being “at about crotch level” on bigger ‘bots, etc) but no specific numbers. We’ve tagged him into this post, perhaps he can expand!

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Is Zootopia dead yet?

Zootopia is far from dead. In fact, the movie “Zootopia” was just the start. Disney created a rich, vibrant city full of interesting characters, storylines, and ideas. And ideas don’t just die. They form a foundation that others build on. Whether it be the corporate entity of Disney, or simply the content creators scattered all over the world and throughout the web, Zootopia’s ideas, characters, and concepts are constantly being built upon, expanded, or transformed into something new and interesting. There are countless examples of this, from @rem289 ‘s “Black Jack,” to @kulkum ‘s (and Weaver’s) “Sunderance,” to @monoflax ‘s “Nirlock,” and even to Disney’s belated expansion after the unexpected success of the movie! Other highlights include a staggering, almost unbelievable number of fanfics, a plethora of talented fan artists ( @andyourteeth @quirky-middle-child @thewinterbunny @nick-and-judy-daily to name a few), and, one of my personal favorites, the truly impressive number of Disney AUs created by @trashasaurusrex @judylavernehopps and a few others. So no. I do not believe Zootopia to be dead just yet.


Prior to the announcement and release of the Real Grade Gundam Unicorn (”RG Unicorn”), I’d often shoot down people’s comments and hopes that Bandai would produce the said gunpla kit. Having built the Master Grade Unicorn (”MG version”) a few years back, the MG version was finicky in its transformation especially around the knee and ankle area. Due to its slightly elongated proportion and weak joints, the MG version wasn’t capable of many dynamic poses in its destroy mode form. Given this past experience, I was almost certain that it would be impossible to engineer an even smaller 1/144 scale, fully transformable Gundam Unicorn - but I was proven completely wrong.

Design: 10/10

Some of you might not agree with me on this since matters of design are largely subjective. That said, I will admit that the Unicorn Gundam is my all time favourite mobile suit from the Gundam franchise. The proportion of the RG Unicorn is true to the anime and close to that of the Perfect Grade version (”PG version”). It doesn’t have awkward, longish legs like the MG version. Also, in true Real Grade fashion, the armour comes with both white, and some off-white parts, even though the mobile suit itself is supposed to be almost entirely white. There are tonnes of decals as usual, which is up to the individual to decide how many to use, to give it a more “realistic” look. There are also lots of panel lining opportunities, in positions almost identical to the ones found on the PG version. If there was just something I had to nitpick, it’s the use of gold foil stickers for the V-fin. Use of the default gold foil stickers hides those line details that are found on the surface.

Articulation: 9/10

One of the main weakness of the MG Unicorn is the relatively limited range of motion found at the knee joint. There were hardly any issues on the PG version, and also, you’ll be able to get close to a 180 degree bend on the knees of this RG version. Most of the other joints do bend fairly well without any loose pieces coming off. Perhaps instead of focusing on the strengths, I should highlight a few of the weaknesses, so as to explain why I docked a point for the articulation. The rotation around the head and ankle areas are rather limited. Consequently, these limitations do reduce the variety of dynamic poses that can be done with this kit.

Stability and transformation: 10/10

This aspect of the RG Unicorn has truly taken me by surprise and has far exceeded my expectations. Loose joints? Armour parts falling off? Balance issues? While these issues had plagued the Real Grade Sinanju (a beautiful but unfortunate kit) a year ago, thankfully, none of those problems were present with the RG Unicorn. This time, Bandai did not re-use an earlier Real Grade frame from a previous kit (which is something they’ve done on numerous occasions before), but instead redesigned the frame entirely for this 1/144 scale. The result is a wonderfully solid kit where the shoulder and elbow joints are strong enough to hold up its weapon accessories without being a victim of gravity. While the transformation from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode is not free from difficulty, it is MILES easier than the PG or MG versions. Take for example, the part where the knees pop out, the connection between the white armour and the red psychoframe connects easily and unlike the MG version, it does not fall off. Expanding / transforming the forearms and upper torso is also A LOT easier on the RG than both the MG and PG versions. You’d have to try them to really understand the difference. Transforming the head, while easy, is also a little different here. Instead of flipping the outer mask downwards to reveal the typical Gundam face, both sides of the face are built on the same little “cylinder” facing opposite directions and are rotated depending on the mode you choose to display it in.

Although we are given 3 options for the horns/v-fins (fixed open, closed, and foldable), I’d recommend the foldable option without hesitation. I was really impressed by how the closed V-fin (foldable) is able to fold neatly into the unicorn mode without any gap or misalignment. In comparison, even though the PG Unicorn’s V-fin has magnets meant to hold them securely, the gap is still clearly visible.

Whether it is in destroy mode, or unicorn mode, fiddling around with the kit does not leave me feeling as if I was about to cause some parts to fall off or break. I’m really not sure how Banai did it this time, but the engineers have finally worked their magic. This might be the best Real Grade kit that I’ve built so far.

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what's your opinion on fanfiction?

I’m all for it. 

I think it’s deeply formative for people to be able to interact with works of art and literature so actively, not only through the act of writing but, thanks to new platforms, of sharing their work and receiving feedback on it. It’s an homage to beloved writers and their characters (adaptations have been expanding on secondary characters or transforming protagonists for centuries, and the fanfiction way is one of the most entertaining and diverse available), an exercise in style, a democratisation of writing, publishing, and reviewing, and an exponential expansion of the dialogue created between texts, cultures—that dialogue that pervades any written works, intertextuality.

I haven’t read or written any fanfiction in ages, but I still look upon it with a lot of admiration and tenderness. I also think it’s a rich and fascinating field for research—I’m not against looking into it at one point if I ever become an academic. I mean, I’m a sucker for literary interpretation and literary adaptations and appropriations, anyway. 

Levels of Lou Reed fans

Level 1- You liked the Velvet Underground and while you wanted to explore Lou’s solo work, you really haven’t expanded upon anything beyond Transformer. “Perfect Day” is your favorite song or wait no maybe its “Satellite of Love.” You constantly joke about the unholy trinity. You hang on to every half-assed recollection that Mick Rock can offer up. Oh and Lou definitely had a crush on Bowie you just know it.

Level 2- Berlin is your fave album. “It’s his masterpiece that the critics never understood” you proclaim, despite the fact its generally regarded by most today as his best album. You see yourself superior to those who like Transformer. Lou plods across the stage wearing ill-fitting leather which of course, he subsequently rips but you don’t care. The pudgy, sweaty, makeup smeared Lou of this era has stolen your heart.

Level 3- You’re such an edge lord that you were born wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, whilst Metal Machine Music wailed in the background. So long to the chubby Dr Frank-n-Furter reject, Lou has transformed into the bleached speed queen he was always destined to be. Like Lou, you may have even briefly bleached your hair for a second. The only person that could possibly outwit and out bitch Lou was none other than Lester Bangs. You constantly praise Lou’s snarky rude responses to interviewers even though he basically just ripped off Andy Warhol. Don’t forget to buy your black nail polish. 

Level 4- Coney Island Baby is your favorite album. Like Lou, you lament having wanting to play football for the coach even though your uncoordinated nonathletic self would have gotten your ass handed to you. You actively search across the internet looking for any clues as to whatever happened to Rachel. You may possibly know the lyrics to “Street Hassle” but we all know “Disco Mystic” is the true masterpiece. Hey remember when Lou punched Bowie for having the balls to tell him to clean himself up?

Level 5- The era of the “average guy straight as a whistle” Lou. The recently reformed, rehabbed, remarried Lou is ready to appeal to the MTV generation and has a handful of poppy songs that detail the monotonous trivial plights of everyday life, because hey he’s an average guy. No longer the bitchy speed queen of yesteryear, 80s Lou can be summed by one quote “hey, don’t settle for walkin”

Level 6- Unlike those in Level 5 you despise 80s Lou and welcome his return to form with his “New York” album. You worship at the holiness that is his mullet and cry while listening to “Songs for Drella.” 

Level 7- You totally excuse Lou’s part in the failed Velvet Underground reunion and blame his wife. But hey, Lou sending a fax to John telling him to go fuck himself will always be gold. You actually listened to his 90′s albums…Harry’s Circumcision anyone?? (bonus points if you actually bought the albums and willingly listened to them more than once)

Level 8- A rat terrier named Lolabelle is your idol and is far cooler than Lou will ever be. You try your best not to cringe when looking at the album cover for Ecstasy and silently chastise Lou for “the Raven.”

Level 9- You listen to Hudson River Wind Meditations everyday as you practice your tai chi

Level 10- Lulu anyone??????

Hitchhiking Space Fae, Part 4: The Warcry Mix

Part 4: The “Warcry Mix”

I’d just about given up on life, when I heard a distant humming growing louder. I turned to face where the sound was coming from, only to then dive back to the ground, as a group of Terrans riding hover-bikes blasted over me. Four of them passed over me, before coming to a halt a few meters away. I looked up through tear-filled eyes, as the leader stared at me from the glowing eye slits of her mask.

The Terran leading the group lowered her hood, and her mask retracted, revealing the starfield-wreathed face of Maxx. “Xandra? What are you doing here?”

I was too scared to answer. The larger of the figures turned to Maxx, “One of yours?” a gruff, feminine voice asked.

“Cargo Officer on the ship I’m taking.” She responded, dismounting her bike and approaching me. “Are you ok?”

“How…how can I be…? I’m on Terra…I’m as good as dead…” I choked, tears still streaming down my face.

She sighed, sat down next to me, and wrapped her arms around me. I tensed, expecting harm, but when none came, I slowly relaxed.

“We will keep you safe. Don’t worry.” She whispered to me, slowly stroking me behind my ears. Strangely…I believed her. Her words just felt so…nice…

I began feeling strong enough to speak again, and asked, “How do we get out of here? I…I kinda need to get back to work…”

“Good question. Node, where’s the nearest Gate?” Maxx asked her group, helping me to my feet in the process.

A small girl wearing headphones brought up a holographic map, tweaked a few settings, then chirped, “65 miles north. Bad news, the quickest way is through Phantasm territory.”

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Form a relationship with these symbols to expand your consciousness.
They are sentient tools - they have feelings. 

They were ancient tools passed down from civilizations to civilizations. From the Sirians to the Yahyels then to others such as the Essassani.. and now to us! 

These shapes are specifically designed to allow the neurological circuitry in your brain to rewire itself; to be representative to each and every one of these symbolic shapes.
So that it may function in accord with the concept that is attendant to the shape. 
They will ultimately allow you to find your self and discover the truth to our Universe.

To have them assist you properly, you must do the following:

1. make flash cards of each symbol

2. Gaze (in a meditative state) for one minute at each shape for 15 minutes 

3. Do this 3 days in a row. For the first 3 days, do it one card at a time, in order. 

After the 3 days you may choose whichever order you wish or just meditate with which ever shape you think that may assist you. 

They are skeletal neurological X-Rays of nature spirit; commune with them and they will commune with you.


One of the people who contacted us after taking the @fansplaining​ Definitions Survey was @a-big-apple​. They wrote us an email, which we have permission to publish and respond to here, since we won’t be able to read it on air:

Hi Elizabeth and Flourish! (Imagine this greeting in a sing-song voice.)

I am a faithful listener, but this is the first time I’ve had a moment free while my thoughts about fannish things are fresh enough to write to you. I took your fanfiction definition survey and thoroughly enjoyed it, but by the end I still wasn’t sure I had solidified my own definition of what is and isn’t fanfiction. Now I am on a bus on my way to visit a dear friend who is also a fan, and I’m listening (belatedly) to episode 46 of Fansplaining, in which you talk about your answers to the survey questions. I have so many opinions related to defining fanfiction, and I wanted to share them with you!

Let me start by saying that my history with fanfiction is a fairly long one. I agree with the sentiment that many fans in their 30s and older didn’t know about or have access to fan communities, and that doesn’t make the stories they wrote in isolation not-fanfiction. I was one of those kids! I still have self-insert fics I wrote at the age of 8, the year the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie came out, in which I styled myself as their roommate/friend/nurse and cared for their wounds after battles with Shredder. The internet didn’t exist for me yet, and I was too young to connect with fans at conventions or through zines, but I was certainly writing fanfiction. Later on in the 90’s, I graduated to Gargoyles webrings (oh, those proud webring banners all the fan pages had!) and a cool project that maybe one or both of you remember in which Gargoyles fans organized themselves and wrote continuing “seasons” of the show in fanfiction and fanart form. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, but I thought everyone working on that was the absolute coolest kid in school.

I’m now 35, and have continued to write fanfiction in many corners of the internet, most recently on AO3 in the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom (bless that show, honestly). Just this week I had an encounter, largely pleasant, with a fellow fan who was reading through the entirety of my Fullmetal Alchemist fics on AO3 and leaving lovely comments as they went.  That was great, except for one comment that got my back up a little: they wondered why a particular (multi-chapter Big Bang) fic had only 8 kudos when it so clearly, in their opinion, deserved more. They posited that it might be because I had posted the whole story in one day, implying (I think) that if I had been more strategic and stretched it out over weeks, it might have gotten more attention.

I explained in my reply that it was actually quite an old story that had all the attention I could have wanted for it on Livejournal, back when the FMA fandom was still going strong, and that I put all of my old fics on AO3 in one big dump just for the sake of completion, and so that people who liked my stories could find more if they wanted to. It was a simple, one-and-done exchange of comments, but it stuck with me. I’ve noticed that in my corners of fandom (AO3 and tumblr) recently, there has been a big push for people to comment and leave kudos and show appreciation for fanfiction. I know you both have talked about that on your podcast before, and it’s become more and more a part of the Discourse ™ that I see online. I am all for positivity and showing appreciation, and getting comments and kudos on my work does make me smile, but the suggestion that I post stories in a certain way in order to rack up more kudos makes me so irrationally angry.

My gut reaction is that I don’t need outside validation. I don’t WANT outside validation. I write fanfiction because I love to write, and because I am a fan, and because the act of exploring/expanding/fixing/reimagining/transforming existing works feels like a form of protest–against the patriarchy, against the media, against the literary canon, against everything that tells me the kinds of stories I like are lesser because they don’t follow writing rules, or because they’re kinky, or because they’re queer, or because they’re not published and professional. Seeking outside validation, even from other fans, feels at odds with that protest. I’ll take kudos gladly when they come, often a positive response to my stories makes me feel less alone and like we fans are all in this terrible world together! But in my heart I’m writing in the underground, and I don’t want to be told how to value my labors of love.

This is turning into a longer email than I intended, but I have FEELS. This all comes back to defining fanfiction because anything that comes from or is picked up and valued by The Establishment is not fanfiction to me. Once a fic has been touched by the hands of publishers, for instance, it is fundamentally changed. I love books, I’m a children’s bookseller, but publishing in America still has so many problems that have yet to be solved. Media in America (and other places too) just generally has so many problems. Fanfiction does too, because source material and societal norms propagate these problems, but at least fanfiction with problems is a rebellion. (Though Yuri!!! On Ice seems like a step in the right direction.)

If you’ve read all the way to this point, then wow! The teal deer is: fanfiction is protest. I’m looking forward to your next episode, as always! Thank you for all of your work, opinions, discussion, and for keeping it real in the face of a fucked up world.

What a rallying cry for fandom! Of course it’s not always revolutionary…of course there are problems with it…of course there’s a lot to work through when it comes to how fanfiction functions in the world, but reading this is a refreshing reminder of the fact that doing anything to take time out of the rat race can be radical.

Monofell: Dawn of the First Day

On the Sixth Day of Chara, Doodle gave to me…

Senseless ramblings,

Time. Running. Out.

Foreshadowed madness,
Theoretical scenarios,
Too many questions,
And a little spark of inspiration.

Day 6: …

Monofell belongs to @pc-doodle / @monofell-au

The Writer does not claim canonicity in any way. Enjoy!

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Superhero AU- The Meetup

So, this is another installment of my Voltron Superhero AU @browntiger15 and I have been poking at.

I wrote this installment for two reason.  One, writing another fic in this setting is what won first place in my 1000 follower special.  Two, today’s prompt at @ladiesofvoltron is Wonder Woman and since Allura is a ‘Wonder Woman’ kind of hero in this setting it seemed to fit.

Title: The Meetup

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Rating: G

Characters: Allura, Shay and Pidge (slight hinting of Allura/Keith, Pidge/Lance and Hunk/Shay in this)

Summary: When Allura attends a superhero meeting with Shay and Pidge, she was not expecting a debate to happen.

Archive of our Own

Allura always liked Shay’s house.  She loved how cozy and inviting it felt whenever she stepped inside.  She loved the view of the family garden just outside the the patio doors.  Most importantly though, Allura loved that she could be her true self here with no worries.

She entered the house and wasn’t surprised to see Shay’s grandmother baking in the kitchen.  “Allura, dear, hello,”  she greeted with a wave. “The girls are just in the living room having tea.”

“Thank you,” Allura greeted with a bow and proceeded to leave until she felt a hand on her arm.

“If you don’t mind, dear,” she asked as she pointed to the fridge.  “Would you mind lifting it for me?  I dropped my wooden spoon and the cat knocked it underneath.”  She placed her hands together.  “I would get it myself, but my old bones aren’t what they use to be and I hate to bother Shay at the moment.”

“Of course,” Allura said as she put her bag on the floor and went to the fridge.  “Ready?”  Shay’s grandmother nodded and in one swift motion, Allura picked it up.  She grunted under the weight, but she refused to let her knees buckle as Shay’s grandmother reached for the spoon.

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