These are my black seagulls. There are many like them, but these five are mine. This was one of my first tattoos (and one of the most painful) and I share it with my talented friend @bunkerfish. We connected and created something that held value for both of us. Family. Freedom. Flight. A time of great expansion in our lives as both artists and human beings. Jessie told me “people are going to copy our gulls” when I started modeling, and she was right. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and accessible in today’s world- which is exciting, but can also undermine their power. Make them matter to you- sketch, doodle, draw, research, inquire, #explore. Create something you are proud to carry for the rest of your life. #preserve #creativity #tattoo #body #expand #thenow #model #photography #thankyou @rickdaynyc

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