It is amazing
some things change
while others are
the way in which your lungs
expand and collapse,
expand and collapse,
your heart
fills my soul.
You were so beautiful
when you walked out of my door
I wanted to invite you
back in
just to watch it again.
—  Michelle K., Expand and Collapse.

These are my black seagulls. There are many like them, but these five are mine. This was one of my first tattoos (and one of the most painful) and I share it with my talented friend @bunkerfish. We connected and created something that held value for both of us. Family. Freedom. Flight. A time of great expansion in our lives as both artists and human beings. Jessie told me “people are going to copy our gulls” when I started modeling, and she was right. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and accessible in today’s world- which is exciting, but can also undermine their power. Make them matter to you- sketch, doodle, draw, research, inquire, #explore. Create something you are proud to carry for the rest of your life. #preserve #creativity #tattoo #body #expand #thenow #model #photography #thankyou @rickdaynyc