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EXO - Lay (simple)

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EXP Edition and foreigners in kpop...

I find it so ridiculous that people are giving so much shit to exp edition. Now I’m not a fan of this group, I don’t think I’ll ever be tbh they are just not my style but I don’t understand the unnecessary hate? If you dislike something so much why not just ignore it instead of going out of your way to insult them?

People are making the dumbest excuses to hate on them: they’re white, they didn’t train long enough like other idols who had a long and difficult training period and they have no talent. Well in my opinion, they are talented, they were pretty stable live and have good vocals, about their training period, y’all don’t know for sure how long they trained and does it matter? there’s idols that debut after 6 months of training and it doesn’t mean they didn’t work as hard.

Now when Alex of rania debuted, the reactions were quite different, I myself was so happy to have a black girl representing us in kpop but it’s annoying seeing the double standard. Somehow ppl think that hating on whites make you woke? bullshit. Alex can’t speak korean, doesn’t even try to sing in korean, didn’t have a trainee period and was just put with the group but y’all had nothing to say about that.


Rövarekulan - Velvia 100 exp* by Magnus Joensson
Via Flickr:
I will definitely return to this forrest for my image of October and try to catch some of the swirls there at Rövarekulans nature reserve =) Hasselblad 500c/m – Zeiss Distagon 50mm CF FLE f/22 @ 25 sec – Fuji Velvia 100 exp 2007. Polarizer. Rövarekulan 2016.10.19

EXP.... REALLY and “Alien Concept”

The Interview

Interview with “EXP” members
As a member of such a unique boy band setting, what do you guys think of this project and how do you envision pop music could exist in the art world? (an excerpted conversation between the IMMABB team and EXP band members)

Frankie: I certainly believe that pop music can exist in the fine art world when it’s presented in that form. Today most music is released on the radio and on TV and very rarely, if ever, is it introduced in an art exhibition or museum. When you give the fine arts world a chance to look at pop music as a fine art, they can see it in a more literal art form.

David: I would place this project on movie screens around a museum. No sound needed.

Bora: Why no sound?

David: I want people to guess what we are doing and why we are doing it, and silence allows the people who are viewing us to use their own imagination and form their own opinion.

Koki: I like this project because we are not Korean boys, it presents the contrast of cultural differences in a pleasing package.

Sime: It would be an interesting concept to non-Koreans because we are talking about Korean culture here, but not a lot of people understand it. For instance, when we talked to Yoahn (Han), he was saying there are so many small things that surprise people. It also must be interesting for you guys to see how we are taking up that culture.

Samantha: That is how different cultures communicate with each other.

Karin: Or don’t communicate with each other.

Hunter: Boy bands are so manufactured and machine-made. It would be very interesting to do what ‘N Sync had (that whole no strings attached thing). We have strings attached to us at certain points, and they show that a lot of these are forced or made, an idea of what should be.

Koki: Not only manufactured, boy bands are also imagining “a perfect version of male,” somehow we are like figurines. We should make a line of action figures.


Tarion: What if we are these figurines in the center that have strings attached to us, and when people come in there are these different buttons they could press, and we will learn 3 or 4 songs to do when they press the buttons. You know like Power Rangers when they all morph together, they become this huge machine, but they are different parts of that machine. So we are separate, but we come together.

Hunter: Or we could put six samples of our semen, and people need to taste them and guess which belongs to whom. (Laughter)

Bora: That could actually be a good art piece.

Bora: “ I wanted to see what would happen if I made American boys into K-pop performers, by teaching them how to sing in Korean and act like Korean boys, and complicate this flow/appropriation even more, since I’m in New York, where so many talents are just one online recruitment ad away.”

anonymous asked:

About EXP, I'm not a fan at all. (I know this is going to come out harsh but) Their mv, at least the one last year I haven't wanted to watch anything else, looked and sounded like a parody of kpop. Like the vocals were alright but the rap was literally the same sentence repeated over and over. Most of it was in English but somehow sounded kind of like an awkward translation from another language. And that's just about their music. I'm sure they are nice guys but I don't see them doing well.

I like BgA better than EXP…
-Admin Kookfairy

Exo: aquarium (3/6)

Minseok: look look this qute fish there looks just like chanyeol

Baekhyun: *shoves minseok to the side* move i wanna see

Baekhyun: …

Baekhyun: …

Baekhyun: it is chanyeol