so the hunhan shippers are blaming our dearest baozi because hunhan is sinking.Okay,I'm a hunhan shipper (a hardcore shipper) but I don't blame xiumin nor other ships that includes sehun and luhan.They're not sinking okay.Like ... when you're going to hang out with someone,you'd pick someone who's same as your age right? I mean luhan's in his 22+ while sehun is still in his 19-20+.They have a long road to go,they're not sinking.Maybe it's because in mama era xiumin and luhan is close because they're in the same group.Don't get me wrong,exo is one.I mean like (wtf),just calm down and ship hunhan or just shut up.Pick or leave it,okay hunhan shippers.

well look at the bright side,kaisoo is blooming < 3

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idk i’m rly picky when it comes to ships so pls donut hate me? OTL

i rly dig kray, chenris, kaisoo, lukai, sekai, um um krishan idk that’s all i could think of atm

alsoo sestal, chanlli, kaistal, and that luna x lay ship i forgot the name orz oh andd krisberr

snsd x exo?? idk but huntae, krisfany and baektae is kinda working for me yesss

exopink is a no-no kbye