• I had this conversation with my younger cousin (a new K-pop fan) last night.
  • Cousin: I've heard you like Victoria from F(x). Who's your OTP?
  • Me: KaiToria
  • Cousin: Ahh... That's rare...
  • Me: Wait... There's KyuToria, ChangToria, KhunToria...
  • Cousin: Huh?
  • Me: HaeToria, HyukToria, MinToria, ZhouToria...
  • Me: KrisToria, WookToria, WonToria...
  • Me: YunToria, KeyToria...
  • Cousin: You do know that OTP stands for One True Pairing, right?
  • Me: All Toria pairings are TRUE for me (*_*)
  • Cousin: ...
  • Me: Should I list the 'slash' pairings as well?
  • Cousin: *walked away*
Give me some Toria-LOVE

It has been awhile since the last Kyutoria moment. I’ve been craving for it since the last Seoul Music Award appearance. 

Now with F(x) new album coming out, I’m excited to see Vic’s ‘Thanks To’ for her Kyuhyun-oppa. While she’s at it, hope she’ll throw us some ChangToria, ZhouToria and ExoToria.

Care Bears beam ~(^_*)~


OHMYGOSHHH😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Sorry for the spoilers but I couldn’t help it to those who don’t ship exotoria leave but how can you not?! There’s like legit KAITORIA, CHANTORIA, SETORIA, LUTORIA, TAOTORIA more of the other members but just a few. Like WOAHHHHH all these Vic moments<33333333 some reason this show must really ship kaitoria? Lol kai the referee, kai,on same team, give box to kai😏😍 OMGOSHH there need ps to be more show with Vic and exo like they get along so well EXOTORIA jjang~


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