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woah man, oh my godsdfgsdf; i’m beyond flattered and i’m so sorry for a late welcome, i just get so beHIND

but thank you so so so much for the follows and i really hope you all enjoy your stay here!!

Let’s play a tagging game!
Let’s play a tagging game!

Rule 1- Post the rules.

Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them!
Tagged by: g-taemin

My questions:

1) How long have you been a Kpopper?

11 years now~ so yeah… been pretty long since i’ve been a kpopper… before the time internet was the fad~ so you could imagine how i had suffered to watch those kpop videos and know the oppars and unnirs (i thank arirang tv for the supply of kpop vids)

2) Your Favorite Boy group? Favorite Girl group?

Fave boy group: DB5K~  

Fave girl group: no definite fave… but i like Brown eyed girls, 2ne1 and Girls Day

3) All time favorite song? And current Favorite song?

All time fave song is Kiseki by BoA (i knw its jpop but she’s korean… so…)

Current fave song:  Lala sweet- Where were now! (they are a K-indie band… i have the song on auto play in my bloggu~)

4) Zelo Vs. Zico 

Zico~ LOLzZz

5) How do you feel about Block B? Like love hate doesn’t matter?

I like there songs… love their swag… and I am amazed by their leader~ gahd he wrote the songs and composed music… chincha daebak… im not much of a fan of them but i do respect them! I’m kind of sad of the issue that they are facing right now… hope they’ll be strong and pull thru… they have a lot of potential to succeed in the industry… ( i ddnt get the second question… sorry!)

6) A k-pop star closes to your ideal type?

hahahaha ONEW~ 

7) Ultimate Boy Bias? Ultimate Girl bias?

Ultimate boy bias: Jaejoong

Ultimate girl bias: BoA (i knw she’s not in a girl group… but if were talking about girl singer i prefer  to like soloist or duets more than girl groups)

8) Exo Vs. B.A.P vs. Nu’est vs. BtoB

Exo and BtoB

9)  Favorite color? Why? 

Sky blue~ i feel serene looking at it and at peace… like how i look at the sky.. just laying in the grass or sitting in a chair… i’d stare at the sky all day long


Red- because its fierce… eye catching and you boldly stand out…. makes you feel sexy when you wear the red color

(hahahaha my faves really bash each other out)

10) Most visited website….beside tumblr. 

AFF… i honestly its like i live their… i could go on for hours reading fanfictions…

11) Strange habits you got?

i hit ppl… like i unconsciously hit them… not really hard hitting… like when i laugh or something like that… i dnt knw if its strange… but yeah… my friends would be creeped out because…i’d hit them out of nowhere for sumthing they said~ 

My questions:

1. Which k-pop idol would you marry?

2.Which country do you live in?

3.Why do you like korean music?

4.Favorite solo/duet singer

5. Know any good k-indie band that you can recommend to me?

6. How old are you? (if you dnt mind me asking… you can choose not to answer if you want)

7.Have you ever been to a fan sign or concert event by any k-idols?share your experience~


9.Have you ever wished you were part of the korean industry? and explain whats your reason…

10.Tell me any random fact about yourself

11. Ever had a dream about a k-idol… if you do please share!